rakshasaThan just install your ubuntu and select the right partition make sure you dont overwrite you windos00:01
rakshasaLeave some MB's unallocated space between the partitions00:02
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rakshasaHere is some info00:04
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ApOgEEhi all01:47
thewrathhey all!02:17
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xardas008what can be the reason for a file conflict in ubuntu one?08:16
xardas008and how can i avoid it in Ubuntu 10.1008:16
xardas008hello r4y08:49
r4yWhen Ubuntu 10.04 had come out I downloaded it and put it on CD08:49
r4yDo they change what they upload for downloaders to put on CD08:50
r4yyou know iso08:50
xardas008how do you mean that?08:50
r4yHow do I not mean that?08:50
r4yI am thinking how else I can say it08:51
r4yI should say something about what I am asking08:51
r4yI am not sure I can find the link I had read08:52
r4ythere was a bug in the iso cd I downloaded of lucid lynx08:52
r4ywhere when installing, when the menu pops up I can't just let it automatically go into the live session08:53
r4yI had to pick to go into the live session by pressing start08:53
r4ydon't ask me why but I remember it08:53
xardas008normaly ubuntu lets you decide if you want to install or go into live session08:54
r4yIt was a bug of some sort08:54
r4yI never had that problem before08:54
r4yI have burned Gutsy Gibbons, Hardy Heron, and that other one which I think was 9.0408:55
xardas008i never had any problems with the live image08:55
r4ythey didn't have any problem like the one I have with this CD I had burned08:55
r4yI am asking do they change the upload they feed people for each individual version?08:56
xardas008for lts maybe08:56
r4yThat's my thought as well08:56
r4yI don't know for sure either08:57
r4yWhat version are you running?, or are you?08:57
nit-witwould you iike a md5sum check link08:57
r4yNo, I know where to go08:58
r4yIt's easy to find08:58
r4ythank you though08:58
xardas008atm 11.0408:58
r4yIs 10.04 more stable?08:58
xardas008no it's a beta08:59
r4yDoes beta mean newest?, I never quite understood alpha and beta08:59
xardas008it means that it is a testing version09:00
xardas008not for productive work09:00
MrChrisDruifr4y: 10.04 "should" be more stable than 11.04B4 or even 10.10 as it's a LTS09:00
r4yO, OK09:00
r4ythank you both09:00
r4yWait, I was just on their website, I didn't see 10.10, although I have read that number of Ubuntu many times09:01
r4yI must have missed it somehow09:02
r4yI though 10.04 was Long term and 10.10 was not09:02
r4yI thought, not I though09:02
r4ywacks myself on the head09:03
r4ySo I am wrong, then?, If I am wrong then Ubuntu 10.04 and Ubuntu 10.10 is Long Term?09:04
r4yare long term, not is, wack09:04
xardas008only 10.04 is Long Term09:04
r4yis 11.04 also LT?09:04
r4yI what you just said09:04
MrChrisDruifr4y: Nope :)09:04
r4yOK I am sorry, thank you09:05
bioterror12.04 might be ;)09:05
r4ySo I should try Lucid again I guess09:05
bioterroras 08.04 -> 10.04 ->09:05
r4yWhen will that be out?09:05
r4yO, right09:05
xardas00812.04 in april 201209:05
MrChrisDruifbioterror: it should be 12.04 :)09:05
r4yI was just using 8.04 about a month and half ago09:06
MrChrisDruifLucid is out r4y09:06
r4yOne more year, but it will be in beta09:06
r4yOK, thank you guys09:06
r4yyou have helped me understand better09:06
MrChrisDruifIn beta?09:06
r4ynot 1009:06
r4ywhen it is out it will in beta for a while09:07
r4yversion 1209:07
bioterrorthose goes by the year09:07
bioterror12 means 201209:07
r4yI know 10.04 is out, I already have it on CD in this room which I burned some many months ago09:08
bioterror10.04 came year ago09:08
r4yeach number by year?09:09
r4yI don't know why I didn'e see it before09:09
r4yreally wacks09:09
r4ydouble ouch09:09
MrChrisDruifr4y: It took me some time to get that as well :)09:10
r4yI see the light, ha ha ha ha09:10
r4yty all so much, now I know what I am going to do and I understand some more better09:11
r4yI always learn something when I come here09:11
r4yTake care all, o/09:12
r4yBye MrChrisDruif, bioterror, xardas008, and nit-wit09:14
MrChrisDruifBya r4y :)09:14
bioterrorubuntu comes every 6 months09:14
bioterror04 and 1009:14
r4yevey 6 months09:14
r4yby number for number of the year09:15
xardas008and month09:15
r4y since 4?, right09:15
bioterrorlike 11.0409:15
bioterrorthat's how it will get version09:15
r4ySo they started with number 4?09:15
bioterrorthey started with 5.0409:15
r4yWell, now it makes sense09:15
bioterrorsowwy, 4.10 was first ;)09:16
r4yaha, I see09:16
bioterror6.06 was exception09:16
r4ywell, close(spelling) enough for me09:16
r4y4 being in the middle of the year,09:17
r4yOK well take care and ty you all09:17
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xardas008i have a problem with ubuntu one, when i have a file conflict, i can't do what is described here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/FAQ/HowDoIResolveConflictFiles because the original file isn't visible anymore10:07
coz_ good day to all12:48
coz_s-fox,   hey13:02
s-foxHello. BIAB13:04
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kristian-aalborghi all18:19
kristian-aalborghere's a simple question for once18:19
kristian-aalborgI need to install an extra kernel18:19
kristian-aalborgjust as a security measure... what would I need? linux-image something something and?18:20
xardas008everything you need stands on this page18:21
holsteinkristian-aalborg: you can easily install the PAE kernel18:22
kristian-aalborgyo holstein18:22
holsteinsudo apt-get install linux-generic-pae18:22
holsteinthe problem is18:22
holsteinwhich ever is the newest18:23
holsteinwhich should be the normal -generic one18:23
holsteinwill the at the top of the list in grub18:23
holsteinand get booted18:23
holsteini just leave the last *good* kernel in place18:23
holsteinand use it if needed18:23
kristian-aalborgaptitude update reveals no new kernels18:30
kevin9286049i know there's a kernel ppa kristian-aalborg18:44
kristian-aalborgkevin9286049: been there and not going back ;)18:45
kevin9286049i was able to add 2.6.26, i did it through the kernel ppa18:46
kevin9286049good luck then18:46
ToastedeggI'm trying to install ubuntu onto my netbook. I'm at the final installation step (Who are you?) and after typing in all my information, with the download bar saying "Ready when you are..." the Forward button isn't becoming available.19:59
ToastedeggWhat am I doing wrong here?19:59
holsteinToastedegg: what installer?20:00
holsteinthe live installer for the 32bit 10.10?20:00
ToastedeggThe one available for the netbook from ubuntu.com.20:01
charlie-tcaToastedegg: make sure the username is not admin20:01
ToastedeggIt isn't.20:01
holsteinwhat version?20:01
ToastedeggEverything on the Who are you page has a green check.20:01
Duhzahow can i get mysql on my 64bit ubuntu desktop20:02
holsteinToastedegg: back button working?20:02
holsteinyou tried it?20:02
holsteinDuhza: check out http://blog.sudobits.com/2010/10/27/how-to-install-mysql-on-ubuntu-10-10/20:02
holsteinToastedegg: if it were me20:03
holsteini would DL the normal ubuntu20:03
holsteinand try that installer20:03
holsteinyou should be able to get past that though20:03
ToastedeggYeah, that's why I'm stumped about it.20:03
holsteinprobably just something fiddly with what you've entered20:03
ToastedeggI'll check the only step that might be giving it problems, and then try the normal ubuntu.20:05
ToastedeggAnd now the loader bar is stuck at "Getting the time from a network time server..." Joy.20:06
holsteinToastedegg: how did it run live?20:08
holsteinthe network?20:08
ToastedeggI thiink so. I'm not certain.20:08
holsteinwell, i wouldnt expect anything miraculous to happen20:08
holsteinit'll run the same as it did live20:08
holsteinif you didnt have network from the live CD20:09
holsteinyou wont have it now, or right after the install20:09
holsteini think its a great idea to use the live CD's as a tool20:09
holsteinto see how well the hardware supports linus20:09
ToastedeggAlright. It's a Toshiba netbook, so it shouldn't have too many problems.20:10
ToastedeggGuess I'll try the normal ubuntu.20:10
holsteinToastedegg: ?20:14
holsteindepends on the hardwar really20:15
holsteini wouldnt assume anything20:15
kevin9286049Toastedegg: you might consider searching launchpad.net and ubuntuforums.org for your netbook model20:15
kevin9286049Toshiba's are MS-centric.  I have a u305-s7448 notebook20:15
holsteinbut, we'll help you sort out wifi or whatever post-install too :)20:15
kristian-aalborghurm, I did everything here: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/23:48
kristian-aalborgthen I got the backup kernel I talked about...23:48
kristian-aalborgnow my changes have been undone?!23:49
kristian-aalborgthe config files look the same though23:50

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