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mhall119akgraner: I've used it twice tonight already04:00
mhall119I wish you could change the launcher shortcuts04:01
mhall119I set super+T to open a terminal a long time ago, now it's second nature04:01
mhall119I must have hopened the trash 3 times in less than an hour04:01
akgranerugh I am re-installing kubuntu in a vm for one install screen shot...grrrrr04:02
mhall119might be easier to just ask a kubuntu user to send you one04:04
akgranerI got it now thought it would have been easier...but I learned a lot :-)04:15
doctormomhall119: You can't set specific key-combos?04:18
mhall119doctormo: well, not that I've found, not for icons in the launcher04:18
mhall119i can change the size of the launcher icons, which was a pleasant surprise04:19
mhall119I think I might grow to like Unity04:20
mhall119gonna give Xubuntu 11.04 a try first though04:20
doctormomhall119: If I ever get a chance to use Unity, I'll let you know if I like it ;-)04:22
mhall119If you ever get a chance?04:24
doctormomhall119: Doesn't work on nvidia at the moment, never has on my machine. It's all very broken.04:24
mhall119even with proprietary drivers?04:24
* mhall119 loves his intel graphics04:25
doctormoWell, the nouvou driver shipped gets me to classic mode with no-theme (gnome gray). nouvou experimental 3D gets me to classic mode with the correct theme.04:25
doctormoThe propritary driver turns the computer into a lemon. The bios goes away and the screen stays black, the end.04:25
doctormoSystem76 machines are awesome! ;-)04:26
mhall119have you let it sit for a few minutes? It could be at the plymouth stage, which I think nvidia doesn't support yet04:26
mhall119my kid's desktop does that04:27
doctormoYes, it rested for an hour.04:27
mhall119well that's too bad, hopefully the driver situation improved before launch04:27
doctormoI hope so, otherwise it doesn't matter how awesome Unity is, it'll make a bunch of angry .04:28
mhall119I gotta say, once I got my Scale+Filter compiz plugins working according to my old key and screenbindings, I'm much happier with the lack of bottom panel04:28
dpmgood morning all07:33
nigelbhello ara08:17
aramorning nigelb08:17
dholbachgood morning08:44
nigelbhola dholbach08:44
nigelbw00t 4 more thursdays to the big day08:45
dholbachhi nigelb08:45
kim0Morning everyone09:30
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dakerkim0, http://twitter.com/ivanka/status/55567693960593408 :D11:33
kim0daker: also https://twitter.com/#!/omgubuntu/status/55573711717285888 Yaay :)11:37
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duanedesignmorning all12:24
duanedesignnigelb: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ParentalControls12:38
jcastroTechnoviking: hah, I can't believe the archives are so controversial13:58
Technovikingjcastro: I have come to the conculsion, in a large enough population, everything is drama:)14:16
jcastrowhy is there a poll?14:16
TechnovikingI have no idea14:16
jcastroTechnoviking: heh "the ubuntu community won't let me keep my freebsd howtos on their forum!"14:21
kim0jcastro: you have fbsd howtos :) ?14:24
jcastroTechnoviking: see, and you guys opened up that other OS forum too14:24
jcastrothat just encourages people to think it's ok to post junk14:25
jcastrokim0: I have an allergic reaction to BSD14:25
jcastroand any UNIX.14:25
kim0ah I see14:25
jcastrosolaris actually makes me physically sick14:25
kim0I mostly can't really stand other unices too, but respect them14:26
JFojcastro, heh14:26
jcastroit's hard to respect an OS that doesn't have a working backspace key14:26
kim0the weirdest unix I had to work with .. was SCO something .. remember "skunkware" whatever that means14:27
kim0I spent 6 hours to understand enough to dd its disk :)14:27
kim0modern solaris is not that bad though14:28
JanCI'm sure backspace works fine when it is configured correctly?  ☺14:30
kim0DEL was the backspace of the days right14:30
kim0An OS's legacy drags it to death14:31
JanCUNIX people were (and some still are) used to keyboards with some keys in different locations14:32
JanCthat's why you can still swap Caps Lock & Ctrl too  ;)14:32
jcastrotypical sun garbage. Lock down the hardware, but then don't set it up to be usable.14:33
jcastroit's like they half-assed being server side apple14:33
kim0great description :)14:33
jcastrowalled garbage heap14:34
czajkowskiit's possibly a bit scarey how tidying away a ton of cables and putting cable ties on them is relaxing14:34
jcastro(sorry if I offend any solaris users out there, it brings out the worst in me)14:34
jcastroor as I like to say, the BEST in me!14:35
PiciI'd use solaris over OpenVMS any day.14:38
vishdoes anyone else notice that maps.u.c only shows *one* server in the US initially and only on zooming-in, it lights up with a lot of US servers?14:42
JanCPici: isn't OpenVMS the securest OS though?  ;)14:44
Technovikingjcastro: people were posting it Other OS questions anyways14:48
jcastrowhich is why the forums are unfocused14:48
jcastroand they turn into a rabble rabble like on southpark14:48
JFovish, I think it is doing that for each country on the max resolution14:54
JFoif you zoom to any of them then it expands to show specifics14:54
JFoI think14:54
* JFo has closed it now14:54
vishyea, for India too it showed something like 3 and on zooming in it showed more..14:54
JFobut in my brief twiddling of it14:54
Technovikingjcastro: this is a web forums and this surprises you how?:)14:56
jcastroI just want it to suck less14:57
jcastroinstead of "oh you can fix that driver by installing this manually." "oh that broke" "Try Arch!"14:58
JFoyeah, those are my favorite</sarcasm>14:58
jcastroI'll bet 90% of those are bad for users.14:59
jcastrowe need a purge! (that goes for the wiki too)14:59
czajkowskiI know14:59
Technovikingjcastro: then encourge more Ubuntu Developer/Rock Stars to come by, instead of turning their nose up at it15:00
vishoh bah! 16,991 replies on the conky thread.. is it of any use that way?! ;p15:00
JFoit is like a bug with 400 comments15:01
jcastroTechnoviking: developers turn their nose at it because a) no one listens15:01
JFoif that helps the analogy :)15:01
jcastrob) abuse is tolerated15:01
jcastroand c) the signal to noise ratio is too low15:01
Technovikingvish: don't you dish the conky thread:)15:01
vishJFo: haha! but those bugs are awesome rants.. ;)15:02
vishTechnoviking: maybe its best to break it up like the monthly screenshots threads..15:02
JFovish, not to a dev trying to understand the problem15:02
Technovikingjcastro: I could argue AskUbuntu is over moderated which has it own problems15:02
jcastrolike what?15:03
jcastrostaying too useful and ontopic?15:03
vishalright, break it up you two! ;p15:03
jcastrowe're not fighting, it's not like he uses solaris15:03
Technovikingone being that a new user maybe afraid to ask a question15:03
jcastroplus this isn't about AU, this is about the forums15:03
vishyea not a fight, but you two are always on about Ask / Forums … but fun to watch though ;)15:04
jcastroI am not15:05
jcastroI am on the forums more than you vishy!15:05
jcastroI just want them to stop sliding in quality15:05
jcastrobecause the vibe from the olden days is getting taken over15:05
jcastroanyway it's not mike's fault15:07
jcastrohe just got stuck being one of the babysitters15:07
jcastro"hey, most of the information here might be breaking people's computers and making work harder for ubuntu developers, but whew, at least that guy got to keep his FreeNAS howto from 2002 online."15:08
Technovikinglater all, off to work15:11
* czajkowski hugs jcastro 15:13
vishthe other day, i was wondering why people spend so much time arguing/counter-arguing on OMG + blogs and wasting time.. then i realised that Ubuntu is like Sports.. people like to talk , cheer and sometimes get into (bar)fights  ;p15:13
vishsports talk, we know how biased those can be ;)15:14
czajkowskiI stay off OMGUbutu it's trash15:14
vishheh yea, i guess Forums can go off-topic the same way..15:17
PiciAnd IRC...15:17
czajkowskiPici: at least on irc you can just go /ignore15:17
Piciczajkowski: Or close my eyes!15:18
jcastroI like OMG15:18
jcastrothat's just news15:18
popeyczajkowski: harsh!15:29
czajkowskipopey: tis ok I've not got you on /ignore15:31
JanCwell, OMG Ubuntu is news, and for marketing any news is good news  ;)15:31
doctormothanks jcastro for letting me know about UDS.15:34
* jcastro nods15:34
popeyindeed, thanks jcastro15:37
Ronnieping kim015:45
kim0Ronnie: hey15:45
Ronniekim0: i see your maps.ubuntu.com is getting attention15:46
Ronnieand i have a few questions/notes about it15:47
kim0Ronnie: well shoot15:47
Ronniei see to 'apply' for it, its just visiting the /hit link15:48
kim0let me find that blog post15:48
kim0Ronnie: http://foss-boss.blogspot.com/2010/08/ubuntu-server-10041-virtual-release.html15:48
Ronniei think thats dangerous (the link is already posted on some sites), and this will be visited by searchengine crawlers, and i have clicked it myself15:49
kim0Ronnie: well it isn't exactly new anymore .. as you can see it was for 10.04.1 server release in 2010 .. Ivanka just breathed some more life in it ;)15:50
kim0however if you want to modify the way it works .. that'd be lovely15:50
kim0the source is waiting for ya :)15:51
Ronniealso a while ago i've written a jquery-maps plugin (for loco directory), which made it very easy to show makers on a map (especially icw django)15:51
kim0Ronnie: We can have a relaunch of that app with Natty server .. what do you think :)15:51
Ronniei even had bigger plans, for maps.ubuntu.com. dont know if the plans will come true...15:51
kim0Ronnie: Here's the current code https://code.launchpad.net/~kim0/mapuntu/trunk15:52
Ronniecreate a map, and an API, and map all sorts of information on it. Like persons who are using ubuntu, planned events, servers,15:52
kim0that actually sounds nice!15:52
kim0Ronnie: and can we have that nice bubbley effect that the mozilla folks did to firefox4 release15:53
Ronniebut i need some more hands to create such items. Do you want to help with it?15:53
Ronniei see you already have some good ideas15:53
Ronnieare comfortable in django and maps15:53
kim0well not really in either .. it was a good fight hehe15:54
kim0but yeah sure .. we can play15:54
kim0Ronnie: if you'll work on that, I'm sure to help you15:54
Ronnieoke, great15:54
kim0Rock n roll15:54
Ronnieill see if i can write some spec for my ideas15:54
kim0Ronnie: my email is kim0@ubuntu.com just in case I'm not here15:55
kim0Ronnie: Let's target a quick relaunch for natty15:55
Ronniei hope we can make that15:55
kim0and afterwards see what can be done on a larger scale ..15:55
kim0sounds like a plan ?15:55
Ronniewhen im online, you can find me at #ubuntu-locoteams15:56
jcastrokim0: did you do the maps thing?15:57
kim0jcastro: yep15:57
jcastrovery awesome15:58
kim0jcastro: it was about the first thing I did :)15:58
jcastroI was just adding mine earlier today15:58
jcastrothe logo was close to my place too15:58
jcastrobut not too close15:58
jcastrowhich is nice. :)15:58
kim0the free Geo DB is not too accurate15:58
kim0if we can convince them to give us the commercial one .. it'd be closer15:58
dholbachkim0, jcastro, dpm: 1m?15:59
kim0no jono today16:00
dholbach"we did the team call already, bye"16:00
jcastrono bacon today?16:00
jcastrook, let's get back to work then16:00
* kim0 scratches head16:00
dpmdholbach, yeah, all set, apart that we're leaderless apparently16:01
dholbachwe can have the call without him and complain about him16:01
jcastrook, count me in16:01
dpmwhat, like what we do every day?16:01
kim0evil boys mowaahahahaa16:02
* czajkowski just had a brain fart :D 16:03
dholbachis anyone going to text Jono? :)16:09
dakerdholbach, when natty will be released ?16:09
macodholbach: why does he need to be texted?16:09
kim0daker: Apr 28th16:10
dholbachdaker, according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule on 16:10
dholbachApril 28th16:10
dholbachmaco, because we have a team call in -10 minutes16:10
kim0beat you16:10
kim0Would anyone know of a way to customize Ubuntu live CD, by booting it, doing whatever changes needed, then somehow zipping the result into an iso ?!16:24
kim0I kind of remember reading that, but google is denying16:24
duanedesigni think their is a wiki page about that....16:25
* duanedesign goes to see16:26
kim0The info I could find on the wiki, were about modifying dead files16:26
duanedesignwas that https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization16:27
duanedesignkim0: here is one that is a little newer https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationMaverick16:32
JanCyou can unpack the image on the iso and run/change things in a chroot16:32
kim0duanedesign: thanks16:33
kim0JanC: Can I start X that way16:33
JanCwell, in most cases you have an X server running already then, but you can run X clients16:34
JanCI think the wiki page explains it somewhere16:34
JanCin theory it should be possible to do something from the live CD too, I guess16:37
dpmok, calling it a day, see you all on Friday!16:38
czajkowskijcastro: is jono off today ?17:20
jcastroyeah I think so17:20
jonoczajkowski, I will be in a bit17:21
jonoCollab Summit17:21
czajkowskijono: so no call today?17:21
jonoczajkowski, unfortunately not17:21
czajkowskino worries17:21
jonolets do it next week17:21
akgranerone of these days I want to attend Collab Summit (insert me stamping my foot here)17:23
jcastroI'm not cool enough to be invited17:23
jonoakgraner, it's really not that interesting17:23
jonoI only go because it is local17:23
jonojcastro, anyone can go, you just ask for an invite17:24
akgranerjcastro, you are already cool without collab summit (follow that with the sound of Pete calling me cheesy)17:26
jcastroakgraner: I don't need foundations to tell me I'm cool17:27
jcastrois this the one where they have panels on "the linux desktop"17:28
akgranerdunno - here's this year's schedule :-) http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/collaboration-summit/schedule17:32
akgraneroh speaking of desktops...GNOME 3.0 looks sharp...17:32
akgranerjcastro, check this video out which btw is debuting at Collab Summit - "Story of Linux"  http://bit.ly/gaY0Zp17:34
jcastrooh I've seen these before17:35
Ronniekim0: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/mapuntu/API17:35
kim0Ronnie: interesting stuff17:37
Ronniebetter markup now ^17:38
Ronnieim not sure about the content, should we allow remote content (iframe) and should we allow HTML ?17:39
Ronniewhat about links17:39
Technovikingpopey: ping17:40
popeyTechnoviking: pong17:40
Technovikingpopey: have you tried the natty beta CD for Mac? going to try to get natty working on my MPB again17:41
popeyor yes17:42
popeyyes, definitely, no17:42
popeyI have natty and lucid on my mbp17:42
kim0Ronnie: Throw what you have on that page .. and I'll check it out once back .. need to go out in a few mins. Also an intro section with high level goals would help17:42
Ronnieill do kim017:43
TechnovikingGoing to try to tri-boot it :)17:43
popeyi am tri-booting mine17:43
popeyI chucked a 1TB disk in it17:43
dholbachhave a great evening everyone - see you tomorrow17:43
Technovikingdholbach: night17:43
popeyhave fun dholbach17:43
Technovikingparty like you rolled 18/99:)17:43
dholbachbye Technoviking, bye popey17:44
JFogoodnight dholbach17:44
dholbachbye JFo17:44
Technovikingwell.. waiting for crap and fan to meet17:46
jcastrohey JFo18:04
jcastroJFo: is the bass part of the touring package?18:04
jcastrobecause I have to put my basses in storage for a year18:04
jcastroso maybe I should drop it off with the graners on my way to florida if the team needs a bass18:04
akgranerjcastro, we can hang on to it for ya18:17
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JFojcastro, yessir18:23
JFoodd that xchat didn't notify me that I was pinged18:23
JFodude, I will store your bass for you if you like18:24
JFowon't cost you anything18:24
akgraneryeah when I upgraded xchat doesn't blink at me anymore...18:25
JFoodd though, it was working a bit ago18:27
JFoor so I thought18:27
akgranerwow I haven't updated in a couple days...lots of updates it seems18:42
doctormoHey akgraner18:49
* doctormo hugs akgraner for no reason18:50
akgranerdoctormo, aww thanks!18:51
IdleOneNot sure where to ask this but can someone point me to Ubuntu countdown timer/banner for 11.04?19:01
vishIdleOne: not yet selected, should be ready by this week19:05
IdleOnevish thank you19:05
PiciIdleOne: Presumably it will be here when its done: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/countdown19:05
IdleOnethanks again19:06
nigelbjcastro: poke?19:36
nigelbmind a PM?19:36
cjohnstonSay no jcastro !19:38
tsimpsonso um, anyone on the CC available for a quick chat? :)20:23
Technovikingtsimpson: hello?20:42
Technovikingtsimpson: what is up?20:42
tsimpsonTechnoviking: hey, mind if I /msg?20:42
Technovikingtsimpson: not at all20:43
pleia2tsimpson: oops, just followed up in PM with maco20:44
pleia2(probably the same thing)20:44
macopleia2: i pasted what you said to him20:44
macoyes it is20:44
pleia2thanks :)20:44
macoalso to geser, who also agrees20:45
tsimpsonjust like waiting for a bus...20:45
macotsimpson: they all show up at once?20:45
tsimpsonmaco: yep, then you start dropping your change all around you20:45
vishhaha! "Mark Shuttleworth has been in space but nobody is on more planets than Vuntz"21:08
sensevish: LOL21:11
jcastronigelb: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WeeklyQandA21:11
jcastronigelb: Can you add unity Q+A to the classroom stuff?21:11
* nigelb hugs jcastro 21:11
jcastrothis one will be popular. :)21:11
nigelbjcastro: yup, doing right now21:11
Pendulumjcastro: you're awesome :)21:12
nigelbjcastro: isn't that in a few ?21:12
nigelbjcastro: erm, do you mean 6th or 7th? :)21:14
jcastrowhatever day friday is21:14
nigelbbah, that's 8th :P21:15
nigelbwait, you mean thursday?21:15
jcastroI mean friday21:16
jcastrothe 8th21:16
jcastrooh dude, TODAY is the sixth21:16
jcastroi see what I did there21:16
mhall119Pendulum: congrats on the membership board position21:16
nigelbjcastro: Its 1:45 am, here on 7th. :P21:16
nigelbI hate timezones21:16
nigelbmhall119: I;m not sure if our official predictor should be on the board :p21:17
Pendulummhall119: thanks21:17
mhall119nigelb: official predictor?21:17
nigelbmhall119: yes, she's so far predicted most membership board outcomes correctly I belive :)21:17
nigelbPendulum: Congrats! I pinged you on the wrong channel yesterday.  I blame sleep :)21:18
mhall119btw, I initially read they as "official predator"21:18
mhall119and I thought "Gee, she always seemed so nice"21:18
Pendulumnigelb: I saw that21:18
nigelbmhall119: hahahaha21:18
nigelbPendulum: :)21:18
Pendulummhall119: well, I've been threatening the children at the daycare next door because they're being screamy and my neck and head are killing me this afternoon, but generally I am nice :P21:19
nigelbPendulum: Can I volunteer you for helper tomorrow?21:20
nigelbMy parents are in town and I'm hardly home till 12 am :|21:20
nigelbjcastro: Please confirm http://people.ubuntu.com/~nhandler/classroom.html21:22
maconigelb: clearly she shares a wavelength with the rest of us21:23
macoand understands the expectations well :P21:23
nigelbmaco: Yes!21:23
jcastronigelb: one sec21:24
nigelblol, at title of latest planet post21:24
jcastronigelb: ok it just needs to not clash with the release team meeting21:24
jcastrowhat calendar is that on?21:24
nigelbjcastro: learning events calender21:25
nigelbjcastro: you have access, you can move the time around21:25
macoIf you ever go to Bangalore, don't forget to try some extreme sports like taking a cab or crossing the road. Adrenaline rush guaranteed.21:26
nigelbHey, it aint that bad!21:26
nigelbI haev to comment :p21:26
mhall119maco: lol21:27
nigelbI mean, there are more adrenaline rush things like a bike ride <-- maco :p21:28
doctormonigelb: Why did the cow cross the road? To bring inner peace to Bangalore :-P21:29
nigelbI did have cows on the road today21:29
jcastronigelb: seems 30 minutes off from the fridge calendar21:31
jcastronigelb: oh no wait21:31
jcastrototally fine!21:31
nigelbjcastro: I wont be around tomorrow, but you can poke penny or lyz for help during the session.21:32
jcastrotoday is wednesday21:32
nigelbwell, for you.21:33
nigelbIts thursday for me already ;)21:33
doctormoI could have sworn it was a Friday for me.21:33
nigelbok, bedtime.  Night all.21:35
Pendulumdoes anyone have paultag's phone number and want to send him a text telling him that I say his being at the game better break the Red Sox's losing streak?23:03
AlanBellDM him on twitter, that would probably send a text23:04
nhandlerPendulum: I'll text him that for you23:06
Pendulumnhandler: awesome :)23:07
nhandlerPendulum: Sent23:07
jcastronhandler: can you also text "jcastro says your state sucks."23:08
nhandlerjcastro: Yeah23:10
Pendulumnhandler: I owe you one :)23:11
nhandlerjcastro: Sent23:11
akgranerjcastro, I can't remember is recordmydesktop the best/easiest way to do "howto" videos?23:35
JanCpff, this is so bad: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/04/how-to-add-quicklists-for-opera-in-unity/   :-(23:47
AlanBellakgraner: I used gtk-recordmydesktop and uploaded to blip.tv for the video on http://ubuntuaccessibility.wordpress.com/2011/04/06/meet-daniela/23:48
JanCtelling peopel to run nautilus & gedit as root when the *right* way to do that doesn't require any root privileges...23:48
akgranerAlanBell, thanks!  I have a series of "howtos" I have to do..do looking for an easy/professional way to get them done...23:49

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