_mup_ensemble/expose-services r187 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com00:38
_mup_Initial draft of service unit setting as the means to describe what ports to be exposed00:38
SpamapSkapil_: interesting re the munin-node example...00:56
SpamapSkapil_: I have thought of things like this in the past... I think this is where we start stepping all over puppet and chef's toes. ;)00:57
SpamapSkapil_: I would call it a "machine formula" rather than a "service formula"00:59
SpamapSOR.. you just build this into formulas as a setting00:59
SpamapSensemble deploy mediawiki --extra-package=munin-node01:00
SpamapSkapil_: would love to sit down and think through how best to do it.01:00
_mup_ensemble/expose-services r188 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com01:37
_mup_Additional edits to remove obsolete text and describe the exposed flag and how it is set, removed, and watched01:37
kapil_SpamapS, we were having a talk regarding earlier about making machines like units, to enable something unrelated (exposing ports/service outputs), but there's a bit of mismatch mapping them over.01:43
kapil_the machine formulas map pretty well to this sort of thing though01:43
kapil_this being monitoring01:43
kapil_or enabling machine level policies managed by ensemble01:43
kapil_be it landscape or what have you01:43
kapil_ie. you could deploy landscape and relate to it machine01:43
kapil_but say you don't want all your machines managed by landscape..01:43
kapil_ a machine agent isn't really  a service unit, so some of the existing useablility breaks down.. if we want to implement machine formulas for machine policy, they'll probably be spelled a little differently.01:43
kapil_SpamapS, yeah.. it is very much overlapping with puppet and chef.01:43
_mup_ensemble/expose-services r189 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com01:44
_mup_Clarification of when the exposed hook runs01:44
_mup_ensemble/config-pipeline r183 committed by bcsaller@gmail.com07:46
_mup_updates based on niemeyers review07:46
niemeyerMorning all!13:51
niemeyerBandwidth is really bad to certain regions :-(14:31
niemeyerCan't access gmail.. :/15:19
niemeyerOk, can't access Google either, but Launchpad works fine.. how's that for a change? ;_)15:33
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niemeyer_Phew.. ok, reestablishing the ADSL connection seems to have helped15:49
hazmatSpamapS, how you liking sup?16:42
jimbakerhazmat, were you able to try running the wp example against trunk on ec2?16:43
hazmatjimbaker, i wasn't, my plate is overfull atm16:44
jimbakerhazmat, np16:44
hazmatjimbaker, do you think you could dig into it?16:44
jimbakerhazmat, sure16:45
jimbakerhazmat, actually i think it's quite simple - r180 of trunk changed the semantics of relation-get, but the examples were not updated at the time16:49
jimbakerok, that feels much better16:49
hazmatjimbaker, awesome, thanks for digging into it16:50
SpamapShazmat: I am *loving* sup16:51
hazmatSpamapS, out of curiosity what's your setup look like? 16:51
SpamapShazmat: I still have some 40,000 total emails that aren't moved out of my inbox.. but I drop that by 100 or so every day. ;)16:51
hazmatSpamapS, i've been trying to figure out if i should use procmail or imapfilter to pre label things16:51
SpamapShazmat: I have offlineimap pulling from my personal and canonical email accounts.16:52
SpamapShazmat: I have just 2 procmail rules to classify bugmail and srumail16:52
hazmatSpamapS, cool, how do you get procmail invoked on mail sync'd by offlineimap?16:53
SpamapShazmat: no I'm doing that on the server16:53
SpamapShazmat: specifically so that my iphone doesn't ever see bugmail or sru mail :)16:53
SpamapShazmat: so about "policy formulas" .. or "machine formulas" .. I was thinking how they'd work in the model.. and wouldn't it be cool if the service unit sort of married the policy formula and the main service formula into one that had all the relations from both?16:59
SpamapSit would still have to run the install/start/stop for both..17:00
SpamapSbut otherwise.. they'd work like one formula.    ensemble add-relation munin-master-service myblog:munin-node17:01
SpamapShazmat: and for added fun... 17:01
SpamapSensemble add-relation myblog:website myblog:munin-http-response-graph17:01
SpamapShazmat: that would probably be fairly tricky for you guys to work into the agent, but from a user standpoint, would make the most sense17:02
hazmatSpamapS, that almost looks like some sort of formula inheritance.. i guess its more of a containment thing in this context17:03
_mup_ensemble/trunk r183 committed by bcsaller@gmail.com17:05
_mup_Merge config-specification [r=niemeyer,kapil] [f=736321]17:05
_mup_Outlines the direction of future Service Configuration work. This document defines how services define options, how to modify those settings and how formula authors interact with such a system.17:05
SpamapShazmat: I think this is going to come up rather quickly as people deploy ensemble17:06
SpamapShazmat: they'll do it by manually merging two formulas together.17:06
_mup_ensemble/trunk r184 committed by bcsaller@gmail.com17:12
_mup_Merge rename-amp [r=niemeyer] [f=746688]17:12
_mup_Rename AMP commands used to communicate between hook utilities and the unit agent. These commands used generic names like `get` and `set` which limited clarity when the set of commands expanded to include more than just relation oriented commands. This simple change renames get to relation_get allowing for easy inclusion of things like config_get in a future branch.17:12
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_mup_ensemble/trunk r185 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com18:18
_mup_merge optional-hooks [r=niemeyer]18:18
_mup_This change allows formulas to optionally implement any formula hooks instead18:18
_mup_of requiring all hooks to be implemented.18:18
_mup_ensemble/trunk-merge r181 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com18:19
_mup_merge trunk18:19
hazmatSpamapS, so the only real difference underlying the policy/machine formula is that they live outside of an lxc container, which is effectivley what we do now. That behavior could be19:06
hazmatpreserved via some formula type distinction, it might have some additional functional distinction later, but for now it would just be a distinction to whether a formula lived outse of a container. 19:06
hazmatFor service units liviing inside a container, when establishing a relation, the additional syntax could be used to apply a policy formula as a secondary/global relationlookup after the service unit formula relations19:06
hazmatare considered. 19:06
niemeyerhazmat: When you have a moment, would you mind to have a look at jimbaker's branch which is pending in the review queue?19:08
niemeyerhazmat: I had a look at it, but would appreciate a second look from you there19:08
hazmatniemeyer, sure19:11
hazmat the issue i see atm with this is that the service's formula authors needs to avoid associating persistent state in service data denoting between the relationship between the two unit instances, unless we're also willing to for ensemble to introduce a unit 2 machine container or a unit 2 unit relations, which is rather tight coupling19:11
hazmatniemeyer, jimbaker, bcsaller standup?19:28
niemeyerhazmat: Sounds good19:29
niemeyerhazmat: I'm up19:31
hazmatbcsaller, skype?19:32
jimbakersounds good, just made some hot chocolate here19:35
jimbakeruhoh, my natty laptop is unresponsive... need to reboot it19:36
jimbakerhazmat, are we having the standup?19:39
hazmatjimbaker, just waiting on ben to get a full house19:40
jimbakeri noticed no one liked my logical grouping of hooks being executed with respect to the event, although it might have helped if i had made an explicit comment19:40
hazmatjimbaker, hmm. true19:41
hazmatjimbaker, it is a logical grouping.. a comment would have made it more clear, and the grouping is removed latter in the branch stack isn't it?19:41
hazmatexcept for join/changed19:41
jimbakerfor departed, yes, but joined has the multiplicity as you mentioned19:41
hazmatjimbaker, i'm fine with that.. but you should note the event/change -> hook mapping19:42
jimbakerwhen i was working through it, the grouping was important to understand what was going on19:42
hazmatas a comment19:42
jimbakerhazmat, agreed, that would have been helpful19:42
jimbakerso i will add that in assuming niemeyer is ok with it19:42
niemeyerjimbaker: Clearly it didn't serve its purpose.. :-)19:43
hazmatjimbaker, niemeyer you guys up for doing a 3 way standup, i'll give the summary to bcsaller  latter.19:44
niemeyerhazmat: Yeah, let's do it19:44
bcsallersorry, just got back19:46
hazmatbcsaller, skype?19:46
hazmatniemeyer, any word on logging this channel?19:57
niemeyerubuntulo1: meet hazmat19:57
hazmatniemeyer, aweseome19:58
hazmatand logs http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/04/06/%23ubuntu-ensemble.txt19:58
_mup_ensemble/expose-services r190 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com21:47
_mup_Review edits21:47
* niemeyer steps out for the day23:08
=== niemeyer is now known as niemeyer_away

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