ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.01:43
Picim4v: people are reporting some lag issues in #freenode :/01:45
m4vfreenode nor ubottu are being nice to me :(01:45
m4vPici: oh, I see.01:49
* m4v disables the away checker01:50
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Brian_Mi know this is a ubuntu forum but has anyone used ClearOS need help with setting screen resolution and refreash04:40
Brian_Mnot forum irc close enough lol04:41
rwwBrian_M: This channel's for dealing with problems in non-core Ubuntu channels. You're probably looking for #ubuntu, but they'd tell you that unofficial derivatives are offtopic for there and tell you to find a ClearOS channel.04:44
Brian_Mfigured as much just though someone would know how to help me edit this file or had experience with such and could talk in pm04:46
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Sr_ubuntuHello. How i can create one theme mouse from zero? GNOME.16:51
IdleOnemouse from zero?16:52
IdleOnewhat does that mean16:52
IdleOneoh a mouse theme16:52
Sr_ubuntua theme of mouse16:53
Sr_ubuntumm... I have created a .xcf with GImp, and i want save as "cursor X11" for use in a theme16:54
Sr_ubuntuyou can help me, please?16:54
IdleOneI am searching for info16:54
Sr_ubuntuty :)16:55
IdleOnethis forum post seems to have the informatin and links you will need to read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1440110  Hope this helps you. In the future #ubuntu is the support channel.16:57
Sr_ubuntui dont understand :(17:01
Sr_ubuntuwhat i have to do with my .xcf?17:01
IdleOneSr_ubuntu: I don't know, I linked you to a tutorial that I found. I have never done it myself.17:03
Sr_ubuntuu have an acc in ubuntu.es?17:03
Sr_ubuntui need register..17:03
Sr_ubuntuMM , THANKS17:05
Sr_ubuntumm, thanks*17:05
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vishanyone reading devel ML? so what happens with ari-tczew's cloak thats gone too?18:22
IdleOnevish: it will be18:23
IdleOneat some point I assume18:23
PiciIf he is no longer a member then he will no longer have a cloak.18:23
PiciI poked the IRCC with a link to the mail, so we'll need to wait for them to do their stuff.18:24
IdleOnemust of been some pretty serious infractions18:25
vishhmm, very odd that it had to come to this..18:25
vishsuch decisions(or their discussion) are not public?18:26
IdleOnewell the decision has been made public18:26
visherr, the decision was :p , but wondering about the discussion18:26
IdleOneI don't think the discussion is made public. but according to people involved it was long 1.5months of talking.18:27
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popeyvish: it is a tricky area19:07
popeyI don't believe every discussion should be public19:07
vishoh!  "<vish> :s" was more cause the 1.5m discussion could not resolve it19:08
* popey says no more19:09
IdleOnefrom reading some logs of -motu I suspect it was a very hard decision to take.19:09
IdleOneshame it had to end up like this19:09
AlanBellwe seem to have lost the bug bot in -accessibility, can we have one back please19:41
rwwAlanBell: ubot2?19:42
rwwlooks like it should be, but the wiki doesn't have -accessibility listed19:42
rwwoh well19:42
rwwjpds: CTCP PING19:42
AlanBellwe did have one, can't remember which it was though19:43
AlanBellit was ubot219:43
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Claudinuxhi all, today my connection was very unstable, so i don't know if you seen my request of cloak22:31
ClaudinuxI would like t have a cloak as ubuntu-member. This is my launchpad page https://launchpad.net/~claudio.arseni22:31
Claudinuxthanks in advance22:31
erUSULyou have to wait for someone of the council to notice the request ...22:32
erUSULnhandler: topyli jussi ping?22:33
nhandlererUSUL: You want to poke tsimpson instead of me ;)22:33
ClaudinuxerUSUL, I know, thanks :-)22:34
erUSULnhandler: sorry i never know which ones are the corrects.... you lot should define a factoid with the correct nicks XXDD22:34
tsimpsonnhandler: you want to activate that?22:35
nhandlererUSUL: Most of the time, it really won't matter/help. If we are around, we usually notice activity in this channel pretty quickly. If we are not, we read the logs when we return.22:35
erUSULnhandler: noted22:36
nhandlertsimpson, Claudinux: Is the dual cloak ok?22:36
nhandlerAnd ubuntu/member first ?22:37
tsimpsonClaudinux: how does ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.claudinux sound? or do you want something else?22:37
Claudinuxnhandler, tsimpson it's ok for me22:38
nhandlertsimpson: The cloak would actually be ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.claudinux, is that alright (and are you fine with that Claudinux )?22:40
tsimpsondual-cloaks, still confusing me22:41
nhandlerThey confuse a lot of people, which is why we prefer not doing them when possible22:41
Claudinuxnhandler, you can simply apply a "ubuntu/member/nickname"22:42
tsimpsonyay for simplicity22:42
Claudinuxok, so it's oj22:42
nhandlerClaudinux: I could do ubuntu/member/claudinux (and drop the pdpc cloak) or do ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.claudinux22:42
Claudinuxnhandler, ubuntu/member/claudinux is perfect22:42
nhandlerClaudinux: You are now cloaked22:43
Claudinuxnhandler, thank you very much :-)22:43
nhandlerClaudinux: You are welcome. Have a nice day.22:44

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