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fairuzMorning 07:49
diwichi! what's the magic git command to figure if a commit is in the master-next branch of ubuntu-natty (and thus will be in the Natty final kernel), or if I have to ask for it explicitly on the kernel-team ML?08:37
smbdiwic, You know you just can look at that branch? git log origin/master-next08:38
smb(from a natty tree that is)08:39
diwicsmb, right, then I can pipe that to grep. Didn't think of that, thanks.08:39
smbdiwic, there would even be a --grep="bla" for git log08:40
RAOFI believe there's even a “git contains” somewhere... let me se.08:42
smbRAOF, You probably mean git describe --contains <sha1>08:42
RAOFsmb: I do indeed.08:43
smbThe downside there is that you need a sha1 on natty maybe still be able to be rebased makes it hard to know that08:44
smbActually master-next is never linear08:45
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smoserhey. i just opened bug 75235211:05
smoseris this expected behavior ?11:05
smoserit was not listed in the changelog.11:06
timhi. is it possible to build the linux-tools package with make-kpkg?11:41
smosersmb, you know anything about bug 752352 ?11:51
smb smoser Could be a security feature... I remember kees was asking about some file permissions recently12:19
smoserits not listed in changelog.12:19
smoserand the files are publically available on launchpad or apt repository12:19
smoserso just plain hiding their content isn't all that useful.12:20
smoserie, if i can't read it in /boot i can download the deb myself 12:20
smbWell, I am the wrong person to argue about that. ;) But it makes it harder for automated attacks I guess.12:22
smbSee "UBUNTU: [Config] packaging: adjust perms on vmlinuz as well"12:23
smbsmoser, Is that a real problem. At least for starting instances one needs to be root anyway...12:26
smosernot a problem for starting anything12:26
smoserbut caused my builds to break12:26
smoserthey assume that they can read contents of /boot 12:26
smoserto copy the kernels out12:26
smoserthey can very easily be root to do that, the scripts just be root as little as they have to12:27
smbsmoser, Doh! 12:27
smbsmoser, The reasoning from the patch is that exploits could get the location of kernel addresses from there. I agree that they can have locations prepared per kernel versions...12:29
smoserso that *is* intended behavior ?12:30
smbsmoser, It was a change that was requested by the security team, yes12:31
smoserand, by design not listed in the changelog12:31
smbIt should be in the changelog12:31
smbIt is at least referenced there in the file12:31
smblinux (2.6.38-8.40) natty; ...12:32
smb* [Config] packaging: adjust perms on vmlinuz as well12:32
smbI am ready to admit that this is not that obvious12:33
smoserah. sorry. i looked in the specific binary's config12:33
smoseroh, and it is there also...  i just looked at the top entry12:34
smosersorry for the spam12:34
smbno worries. There is a lot of text in the changelog at the end of a day12:34
smoserthank you smb 12:40
arandIt seems that the latest -8 kernel makes update-grub not create the subvol=@ entry (for btrfs), are there any changes which could be related to that?12:59
aakshayi have made small "hello" type driver.. now  i would like to start with desigining drivers for ubuntu. please suggest me how should i start?13:10
aakshaysconklin, i have read the book you suggested me and tried the basic examples. now please suggest me to start development with community. :)13:12
fairuzaakshay: which book? LDD?13:13
aakshayfairuz, yes..13:13
aakshayfairuz, it gave me the basic idea only.. how to go further ?... :)13:14
fairuzaakshay: for me the book is complete :D So what did you managed to do until now13:14
fairuzexternal module? 13:15
aakshayfairuz, i  designed the basic initialization module.  13:15
fairuzand what did you initialized?13:16
arandIs there any http acces to the git repos of ubuntu by the way?13:16
aakshayfairuz,  a simple function... :p13:16
aakshaywhich displayed some info like " entering the module" 13:16
aakshayfairuz, means very basic.. :D13:17
fairuzaakshay: So have you tried to do some communication between user space and kernel space?13:17
aakshayfairuz, nah.. not yet :(13:17
fairuzaakshay: so i think you better try that first13:17
aakshayshould i go for that now?13:17
aakshayok :)13:17
fairuzaakshay: http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/articles/drivers_linux?page=0%2C313:17
fairuza good tutorial 13:17
fairuzaakshay: http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/articles/drivers_linux?page=0%2C0 this is the first page13:18
aakshayokiez.. i will do according to this tutorial13:18
aakshaybut to run these modules, do i need my own build kernel?.. ;p13:18
fairuzthis tutorial is for our of tree modules13:19
fairuzit means you just need the kernel source to build it13:19
fairuzno need to recompile your kernel 13:19
fairuz*out of tree13:19
aakshayfairuz, ok but please tell me something. i am designing all these codes in the kernel directory of my normaly ubuntu i am using13:20
aakshayi have not built any separate kernel13:20
fairuzno problem with that13:20
fairuzyou compile a module for a specific kernel13:21
aakshayfairuz, thankyou so much...13:21
fairuzif you are compiling using your currrent kernel, then it will run only on the current kernel13:21
aakshayokiez... but what specific kernel means here?  :-o13:21
fairuzthe kernel that you are using :D13:21
fairuztype uname -r in your terminal to see which kernel you are using13:21
aakshayfairuz, okiez... :p13:22
aakshayfairuz, thanks a lot.. can you please tell me how long will it take to complete with this tutorial? :p13:22
fairuzaakshay: 30 minutes ?13:22
fairuzor less13:23
aakshayohhhh!!!! .... :D13:23
aakshayfairuz, so let me try this to complete this in 30 minutes13:23
fairuzaakshay: ok, but you need more time to understand... dont just copy paste the code13:23
aakshayfairuz, yes..  thanks a lot... :)13:24
fairuzdo page 1 to page 7 of the tutorial13:24
fairuzaakshay: np13:24
aakshayfairuz, okiez.. let me start noe itself13:24
arandIt seems that the latest -8 kernel makes update-grub not create the subvol=@ entry (for btrfs), are there any changes which could be related to that? Also, is there any git http access so one could clone the repos and have a look? (I'm badly firewalled).13:49
tgardnerarand, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git13:49
arandHmm, I don't see any http links there, and using git clone http://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-natty.git fails...13:54
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fairuzarand: git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-natty.git14:01
arandfairuz: I am firewalled and can't use the git:// protocol (unless I go through tor, at 60K/s ...).14:02
ogasawaradiwic: bug 732445, looks like you mention the patch has landed upstream in the takashi's sound-2.6 tree, did you want it applied as pre-stable to natty?14:13
diwicogasawara, let me see14:14
ogasawaradiwic: if so, care to just send a quick email to the list14:15
diwicogasawara, ok, I want it in14:15
diwicogasawara, I think it's already in14:18
diwicogasawara, it's just that since Takashi chose a different solution he took away my buglink in the process14:19
ogasawaradiwic: ok cool14:19
diwicogasawara, if git log origin/master-next --grep 584c0c4c359 says it's in, it's in, right?14:20
ogasawaradiwic: yep, it's in14:20
ogasawaragit describe --contains 24449f05b663f1984ee6ecdba5a0d2ff2a1e046214:21
* ogasawara back in 2014:27
aakshay__fairuz, am back. :)15:00
aakshay__understood the coe15:00
fairuzaakshay__: make it worked then?15:00
aakshay__but while running , i am getting the error :(15:00
aakshay__"error: expected declaration specifiers or ‘...’ before ‘sizt_t’15:00
aakshay__fairuz, :(15:00
fairuzaakshay__: try to debug it :D it should give you the line number 15:01
aakshay__fairuz, its taking ssize_t  as  'sizt_t' 15:01
aakshay__yes its line 17 and 1815:01
fairuzaakshay__: check your code. You do copy paste from the site or write it on your own?15:01
aakshay__i took the same code but wrote myself.. 15:02
aakshay__fairuz, so that i will learn :p15:02
fairuzwhats on line 16 to 18?15:03
aakshay__please wait.. let me copy the code on pastebin.com15:03
aakshay__fairuz, its "http://paste.ubuntu.com/590256/"15:04
fairuzaakshay__: As i said before, take a good look at the code and you will find it15:05
fairuzyou miss spell something on line 17 and 1815:05
aakshay__oops!! .. let me check.. ;p15:05
aakshay__hehe.. :D.. such a silly mistake.. n took lot of time to get corrected.. :p.. thanks.. 15:06
aakshay__let me compile again.. :)15:06
aakshay__fairuz, yipii.. done!!15:07
fairuzaakshay__: When it says error at line 17, don't look at line 40..  =)15:07
aakshay__fairuz, :p... i looked at line 17 only.. :D... i was only lookin at ssize_t , not on required variable.. :D15:09
aakshay__fairuz, its done.. :).. and i understood it well.. please tell me what i can do further?15:15
fairuzaakshay__: you tried to insmod and rmmod your module? it worked?15:15
aakshay__i removed the modules15:15
aakshay__an checked them using the lsmod command15:15
fairuzaakshay__: you tried to communicate with your module from user space?15:16
aakshay__fairuz, dont know15:17
fairuzaakshay__: so you dont completed the tutorial -.-"15:18
aakshay__i entered the data. it was from the user space then its copied to kernel space to be accessed from /dev/memory15:18
aakshay__fairuz,  is this was not the concept?.. :)15:19
aakshay__fairuz, oh yes.. you are right.. the data in the tutorial is sent directly using the "echo" command 15:21
aakshay__there is no use of functions "copy_from_user" and so15:22
aakshay__fairuz, i have not done the "parallel port" part...15:25
aakshay__fairuz, how can we make use of the functions "copy_from_user" and others ?15:25
tgardnerbryceh_, no joy on bug #68638815:35
aakshay__fairuz, thanks for help.. :).. i have to leave. good bye.. . :)15:43
tgardnersmb, do you remember how to skip failing mounts at boot up? mountall is hanging 'cause /dev/md0p1 hasn't been enabled when /etc/fstab is read.15:45
smbtgardner, typing s15:46
smbthough it might work only with splash15:46
tgardnersmb, k, I'll go try that.15:46
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tgardnersmb, huh, it even tells you what to do, but you have to be able to see the console.15:54
smbtgardner, Sort of makes sense as you are usually in front of it to type the letter15:55
smbtgardner, This is where I start to like boards with integrated ipmi module. The only thing I have not yet got running is to get the java based graphical console over a tunnel when I am not in my home network. :)15:57
tgardnersmb, I suppose this emerald has that, but I'm just too lazy to get it working. I'll only have it for a limited time.15:58
smbtgardner, Too true. It was relative simple here as it got its own lan port. The only annoying part is that it only runs with sun-java installed (he graphical console)16:01
JFo<-lunch and a few errands16:19
bjfogasawara, these are probably already on your radar: http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/reports/regressions-proposed-report.html16:46
ogasawarabjf: thanks, I'll browse through em to just make sure there's no kittens dieing16:48
tgardnerogasawara, no pink kittens this time around? how about green?16:48
tgardneror is that dyeing ?16:49
tgardnerI can never remember16:49
ogasawaraheh, I can never remember either16:49
tgardnerogasawara, ooh! I fixed bug #747364. do I get brownie points ? I used the "Won't Fix" club.16:59
ogasawaratgardner: heh, I'll buy ya a beer in budapest17:00
tgardnerogasawara, big spender. it'll only cost you $1.8017:00
ogasawaratgardner: diapers are expensive these days, it's all I can afford :)17:01
tgardnerogasawara, go cloth17:01
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* smb tries not to think too much about the term brownie points now17:02
* tgardner thinks smb is a sick puppie17:02
bjfogasawara, i don't know if "fixing a bug" by marking it "won't fix" constitutes a beer, but maybe a 1.80 beer17:02
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tgardnerogasawara, how are your oneiric armel build issues coming?17:46
ogasawaratgardner: should be fixed, final build is just finishing up17:46
ogasawaratgardner: I pushed the bits to the repo17:46
tgardnerogasawara, cool17:46
ogasawaratgardner: am about to rebase to 2.6.39-rc217:46
tgardnerogasawara, which will introduce a whole new raft of issues :)17:47
tgardnerogasawara, don't forget to pick up master-next commits17:48
ogasawaratgardner: ack17:48
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kristian-aalborgjjohansen: ping18:22
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: pong18:25
kristian-aalborgI've been thinking.... the install I tested my custum kernels on is kind of a mess since I have experimented a lot18:26
jjohansenyeah that happens18:27
kristian-aalborgfun times indeed... but it may be a factor in my kernels messing up18:28
kristian-aalborgor anyway, that thought crossed my mind18:29
jjohansenyes that is possible18:29
JFooh hey jjohansen, you pinged me the other night but I just missed you when I responded. Do you still need me?18:29
jjohansengenerally we try to build inside a chroot to keep the environment consistent18:30
jjohansenJFo: hrmm, I can't remember why I pinged you, so you are in the clear :)18:30
JFooh good :-)18:30
jjohansenJFo: hrmm maybe it was for a bug nomination18:31
JFocould be18:31
JFoif you remember it I am happy to fix it18:31
JFoor rather approve it18:31
JFojjohansen, was it to add a linux(Ubuntu) task to this one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/linux/+bug/74441918:32
jjohansenJFo: actually it was Bug #74865618:33
* JFo looks18:34
JFojjohansen, done18:34
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jjohansenJFo: so Bug #744419 is not kernel related, we traced it down to eucalyptus18:35
jjohansenor at least that is the current working theory18:35
JFoah hah18:36
jjohansenkvm runs fine, and this is failing when we put in the maverick kernel18:36
JFowell, I added a kernel task just in case18:36
JFoif it isn't needed it is an easy thing to close18:36
JFojust don't want it to disappear18:36
jjohansenso for the moment lets mark the linux task invalid, and we can change it back if needed18:36
jjohansenJFo: arg no wait18:37
* jjohansen was looking at the wrong bug18:37
jjohansenJFo: that one is linux, its the rtl8192ce driver, traced that one down on the weekend18:37
JFoah, I just read your comment18:38
jjohansenit bugs 746751, that isn't the kernel18:38
jjohansenwe were chasing that on friday and the start of this week18:38
* jjohansen is getting confused by having too many bug tabs open in his browser18:39
JFoI know the feeling :-(18:39
jjohansenogasawara: just a heads up on this one too, bugs 746751 appears not to be kernel related at this time serge is chasing the eucalyptus path18:40
ogasawarajjohansen: cool, thanks18:43
jjohansenogasawara: did smb update you on bug 63448718:45
ogasawarajjohansen: he mentioned it the other day and I've been following his comments to the bug18:46
jjohansenogasawara: okay, great18:46
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bryceh_tgardner, yeah, although upstream had alluded to known issues with macbooks.  I wish Intel were a large enough company to employ more than one engineer in their QA department.18:53
tgardnerbryceh_, thats the only feedback so far. is the macbook a regression?18:57
bryceh_tgardner, upstreams exact words were "Those two patches have been reported by one user to have fixed the issue for18:59
bryceh_him, but I need a few more testers since they seem to foul up a MacBook (but18:59
bryceh_then there are more than one issue at play with MacBooks...)"18:59
bryceh_so, I would interpret it to mean that yes it is a regression on macbooks19:00
tgardnerbryceh_, gah, what a mess.19:00
bryceh_maybe if Intel can make some profits they can buy that guy a macbook to test19:02
bryceh_tgardner, anyway I'm thinking maybe we wait until there's something actually posted to drm-next.  These one off patches seem sketchy too often.19:03
tgardnerbryceh_, ack19:03
keessmoser: yeah, while the /boot perms obviously don't stop someone from just going and getting the deb themself, it does stop some "simple" attacks that will be dumbfounded by the lack of kernel symbols.19:04
keessmoser: it's crude and effective for a certain set of attacks, and does nothing to stop others. I felt it was worth it; sorry about the breakage it caused you!19:05
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smoseri really don't think it woudl stop an attack19:08
* tgardner --> lunch19:09
smoseri really can't imagine someone saying "oh bother, i can't read the kernel symbols for this kernel, i guess i wont' insert a root exploit today"19:09
smoser"i'd have to do a 'wget' in order to do it, and thats really just too much work"19:09
kristian-aalborgI'm going to install a backup kernel, I need linux-headers-xxx, linux-image-xxx... and anything more?19:18
* jjohansen -> lunch20:05
* ogasawara back on later21:56
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keesJFo: got a kernel regression for you... 73187823:27

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