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leoquantau revoir08:33
dholbachgood morning08:44
Ronniegoede morgen09:04
leoquantverkeerde kanaal09:10
BigWhalewe're speaking local now? alright! Dobro Jutro. :)09:23
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effie_jayxdholbach: yo! o/11:00
dholbachhey effie_jayx :)11:42
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Ronniemorning mhall11915:31
mhall119hey Ronnie, what's up?15:31
Ronniejust found: http://maps.ubuntu.com/map/15:32
Ronniesearching for the creator of this15:32
dakerRonnie, it's me and kim015:33
Ronniedaker: great work15:33
Ronniedaker: did you considered using https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-django-foundations/map15:34
Ronnieand how are servers added to the map?15:34
dakerRonnie, no15:35
Ronnieit should have making the map very easy15:35
dakerit was released about 8 months ago ツ http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kim0/mapuntu/trunk/revision/2315:35
Ronnieoh, even before my plugin15:36
Ronniei think it should be great to map more items on that map, not only servers, but users, events, anything you can name15:37
Ronniedaker: how are the servers added on the map ?15:37
dakeron http://maps.ubuntu.com/ there is two links if you click "I use Ubuntu Server. Use my IP to mark my City" it will dispaly a markup for you15:39
dakerRonnie, ^15:40
Ronnieouch, daker: i think a lot of search engines will be marked on the map, and the /hit link is also posted on ubuntuusers15:40
Ronniei think there will be a lot of contamination15:41
dakerOh yes yes :s15:41
dakeri did develop it, i have just made the css and the layout15:42
Ronniedaker: is kim0 on irc, and do you know which channel ?15:44
dakeryes just join #ubuntu-community-team15:44
YoBoYI'm on that map, it's old ^^"15:51
JanCI also don't see an option to remove marks on that map  ;)16:00
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