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Andre_Gondimhow do I download the screenshot made here http://flan.uguu.ca:5000/ump/10-0420:24
jenkins-5Andre_Gondim: I have to approve them first then I can download them and add them to the manual branch20:29
Andre_Gondimjenkins-5, may you check it now?20:29
jenkins-5just doing it :)20:30
Andre_GondimI need to show to my team to go on in lucid e220:30
jenkins-5which language?20:31
Andre_Gondimportuguese brazil20:32
InfosoftWho is responsible for updating Ubuntu-manual.org website and including new PDFs? godbyk doesn't respond...20:32
jenkins-5Andre_Gondim: did you take the screenshots with your system language set to pt?20:33
jenkins-5Infosoft: godbyk would be my first guess ut may be daker_20:34
Andre_Gondimjenkins-5, all ss took around a year ago20:34
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jenkinsAndre_Gondim: you will find all the ones you have taken so far in bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual-screenshots/pt_BR20:39
jenkinsthose are the only ones done in pt_BR20:39
jenkinsI had a brainwave that they wer probably done on the old server20:41

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