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c2tarunI was building kde4libs and I got this error http://pastebin.com/kGidy8LF, when I looked I found that on the location instead of backend there is folder name helper, file inside helper is kauth_helper_plugin.so can anyone please help :/03:18
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nigelbstgraber: congrats :)05:55
stgrabernigelb: thanks :)05:59
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dholbachgood morning08:44
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Kanohi, why has natty fully outdated va-drivers?10:55
Kanolike: vdpau-va-driver 0.6.3 -> deb exp 0.7.2-1 or xvba-va-driver 0.7.7 -> deb wheezy 0.7.8?10:56
Kanofor a new release it is old...10:56
Kanovdpau 26-Feb-2011, xvba 26-Feb-201110:57
RhondaBecause noone did a syncrequest for that11:04
RhondaAnd syncing from experimental isn't done automatically neither, someone needs to specificly request that.11:04
Kanoseems that u users dont care about it, well i dont use u ;)11:04
Kanoi just see the errors11:04
RhondaWhat errors?11:05
Kanono hybrid mode, outdated software11:06
RhondaPackaged software is always outdated by definition.11:06
RhondaAt some point the automatic import has to get stopped to be able to stabilize the thing.11:06
Kanowhats the option to boot into text mode...11:07
Kanomaybe single mode works11:07
directhexdebian import freeze was at the start of january, wasn't it?11:07
RhondaAnd from that point on someone (which would include e.g. you?) has to specificly request an update if they see the need for it.11:07
Kanoand why has single mode no effect? how to boot live into text mode?11:10
iuliandirecthex: Yes, it was.11:11
RhondaKano: Actually this is no support channel for that kind of questions. Please be adviced to use #ubuntu for such questions.11:54
KanoRhonda: xvba-va-driver is broken too, it depends on a not existing fglrx driver12:01
Kanoyou can use the time to update package + depend12:02
KanoRhonda: it is logical that this does not work with an automated import becasue your driver package is not called fglrx-driver12:25
RhondaKano: The package is in multiverse. I guess there should be some sort of description available somewhere how to generate the fglrx-driver package. That can't be put into the pool because of upstream licensing. Still, these aren't questions for here, please speak about them in #ubuntu12:43
KanoRhonda: the package is just called fglrx12:45
Kanofglrx-driver is the debian name12:45
Kanobut somehow your vlc does not work with it12:46
Kanoi dont get why u has lots of packages but all i test are broken12:47
RhondaFeel invited to write bugreports about these issues.12:47
sorenHave you filed bugs about this?12:47
Kanosoren: i wait till the bug is fixed i reported >1 y ago12:48
Kanountil then i do not report bugs12:48
sorenKano: Then that's why.12:48
sorenThen you don't get to complain.12:48
Kanoman, i dont use u, i test it from time to time to optimize my scripts12:49
RhondaKano: If you don't report the issues it's hard to know whether it's known and someone being able to take care of it.12:49
sorenKano: If this is how productive you're going to be about it, don't bother.12:49
Kanosoren: for example i reported missing hybrid mode > 1 y ago12:49
Kanosoren: the iso images are not hybrid just because of a missing isohybrid call12:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 524803 in Ubuntu CD Images "isolinux hybrid mode should be used - all other major distributions do so since last year" [Undecided,New]12:51
Kanodo you see how long this bug exists12:51
Kanonothing fixed12:51
Kanowhy should i report bugs when nobody cares about em?12:51
RhondaIsn't there some limitation with respect to certain hardware with hybird?12:51
sorenKano: If noone cares, why do you bother complaining on IRC? Why would we care more about it here?12:52
RhondaBecause actually it's different packages and different people tracking bugs for them?12:52
Kanoi do not intent to use launchpad for bugs anmore12:52
sorenI hardly think Launchpad is the problem. And IRC is a *dreadful* bug tracker.12:52
Kanotoo long response time, no fix12:53
RhondaRight. Because exaggerating from a single bugreport to the complete system is definitely proving a point.12:54
Kanothats not the only bug i reported12:54
Kanokernel patches i wanted to get removed took >1 year too12:54
Kanothats stupid response time12:54
sorenYou're (as always) being unreasonable.12:55
sorenI'm sure you're talking about the fakeraid sort of kernel patches, right?12:55
sorenBah, I can't be bothered wasting more time explaining this. *again*.12:55
RhondaKano: Because it might look like a simple thing to do for you, it might have deep impact on others, especially in central components.12:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 380138 in linux (Ubuntu) "Do NOT disable HPA by default -> leads to data loss" [Medium,Fix released]12:56
sorenRight, that on.e12:56
Kanodo yo see how long that bug was in the system12:56
Kano1 year 7 month12:57
sorenYou're being ridiculous.12:58
Kanono, i dont need a bug tracker when fixes take >1 y12:58
sorenIt wasn't just a matter of flicking a switch. There are upgrade scenarios to be considered.12:58
sorenHow do you spell /ignore again?12:59
Kanothat kernel patch had much more bad impact than good12:59
sorenOh, right, here it is:12:59
Kanoi know ppl which hds with hpa13:00
Kanomost of em have been to stupid to set the jumpers correctly but used em mirror inverted13:00
Kanothe others have got gigabyte boards. if you dont use raid thats maybe not that critical, but if you do, your raid will fail on soft reboot - you can not access it without dmraid on your live image anyway13:01
Kanobasically it is impossible to recommand anybody to use natty when you want to use xvba video accelleration. it just does not work13:34
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sheinHello, I'd like to be contributing but I am a little confused on the process.  Could I, for example, begin my following the package update recipe on some of the Debian RC bug fixes found here?  http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/17:53
lfaraoneshein: well, if they can be synced, then just file a sync request, otherwise merge the packages.17:55
micahgshein: keep in mind we're past feature freeze, so anything that's not bug fixes will need a freeze exception https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess17:56
lfaraonemicahg: if its on the rcbugs list they don't need FFes though :)17:56
micahglfaraone: not true17:56
micahglfaraone: the fix can be cherry picked sometimes17:57
lfaraonemicahg: I mean, the rcbugs themsleves do not need FFes, if there are other non-rcfixes, then sure.17:57
micahglfaraone: right, but someone doing new version merge/syncing should know about the freeze :)17:58
* bcurtiswx sees lfaraone is still away :P17:59
lfaraonebarry: sshhh17:59
lfaraone* bcurtiswx17:59
lfaraonebarry: oops.17:59
bcurtiswxtab complete fail, nice17:59
lfaraonebcurtiswx: today just isn't my day17:59
bcurtiswxas per -us-dc i can't say the same myself (shh)18:00
lfaraonehah. I didn't apply for sponsorship this year, I probably can't do UDS.18:01
sheinlfaraone: So if the ubuntu version of a package does not have the word ubuntu in it then it can be simply synced?  Is this something worth doing?18:09
macoyes it can18:09
macoand yes it is, though it depends where we are in the release cycle whether it's a good idea18:10
lfaraoneshein: correct. if we're in feature freeze, we can't include packages with new features unless a Feature Freeze exception is filed, so if a rcfix sync would include new features, its best to cherry-pick the fix instead.18:11
micahglfaraone: well, depending on the feature/package, a sync could still be allowed, you can request one with -e passed to requestsync18:17
sheinSo seeing as natty is past feature freeze, is there less to do in terms of MOTU?  How can I contribute currently?18:27
micahgshein: FTBFS fixes or rcbugs are good18:28
micahgshein: here's a list of recent rebuild failures: http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20110329-natty.html18:28
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