Fudgehi guys, anyone using tbird Version: 3.3~a4~hg20110404r7500+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~umd1~maverick00:38
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Milos_SDHow can I fix corrupted places.sqlite file?11:23
Milos_SDI can't even open it in sqlite browser11:23
Milos_SDit get's corrupted every time I close Firefox11:23
Milos_SDI use FIrefox 4 that is in Ubuntu 11.0411:23
fta2can't you even dump it in a shell? (with sqlite3)12:58
fta2"sqlite3 your.sqlite .dump"12:58
fta2oh, gone12:59
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chrisccoulson_fta2 - you there?15:16
ftachrisccoulson_, yep15:52
chrisccoulson_hi fta!15:55
chrisccoulson_i need to get the firefox-trunk nightlies working again now the version has changed to 4.215:55
chrisccoulson_so, i propose we just rename this to firefox-trunk now (rather than having firefox-4.0 or firefox-4.2)15:56
chrisccoulson_then we hopefully won't have to rename it again ;)15:57
chrisccoulson_(seeing as the version number is going to be changing quite frequently now)15:57
ftawill do that later today, i need to know which branch has been renamed, and to where15:57
chrisccoulson_fta - it's lp:~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-trunk.head15:58
chrisccoulson_(note, the branch name isn't changing - it's just the package name)15:58
chrisccoulson_firefox-4.0 => firefox-trunk15:58
chrisccoulson_they will match then ;)15:58
BUGabundofta: prefered applications, broken for chromium16:05
debfxchrisccoulson_: I've opened a merge proposal with a fix for bug #57277216:13
chrisccoulson_debfx, thanks. will take a look once i've sorted some menu issues out16:13
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ftachrisccoulson_, i assume i can drop the protection for the version now22:54
chrisccoulson_fta - yeah, that should be fine22:54
ftait's still mozilla-central ?22:54
chrisccoulson_fta - yeah, it's still mozilla-central23:03
ftashould be ok then. we'll see tomorrow23:03
chrisccoulson_fta - excellent, thanks23:06
ftajcastro, http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/chromium/stats/stats.html23:08
fta(still polling the daily)23:09
jcastroheh cool23:11
jcastrofta: does this happen to you? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bamf/+bug/744972/23:12
ftait never worked for me.23:15
ftabut i need to update my (old) webapps to have the new wm class23:15
jcastroyeah I had to redo mine23:17
jcastroand then it worked23:17
jcastrobut then bfiller pointed out the multiple app thing23:17
jcastrowhich I never ran into I guess23:17
ftajcastro, he says in the bug that he creates the webapps with chromium, so the wm class is wrong, it's still pending on the chromium side23:22
ftaunless i missed something23:22
jcastrofta: is the chromium in the archive updated?23:25
jcastroI thought it was fixed upstream?23:25
jcastrofta: oh, is it fixed in -dev but not in the archive?23:26
ftai don't think so; let me try with trunk23:26
jcastroI'm stepping out for food, if you could just mention it in the bug that would be awesome23:27
ftaBUGabundo, right, default browser regressed, but not sure it's ch or something else in ubuntu23:27
jcastrobefore I send trevino on a wild goose chase23:27
ftain trunk, so nada, still pending upstream23:28

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