ojwbhi chilts00:12
snailojwb: broadband still is a marketing promise...00:27
ajmitchsnail: we're more crippled by tiny data caps than by speed00:28
ajmitchhaving fibre to the home won't really change that00:28
ibeardsleealthough it has been a while since I hit my cap00:28
ibeardsleeat least a month ;)00:28
ajmitchI often hit the 20GB cap00:29
ojwbsnail: in NZ perhaps, this was talking about " the most connected parts of the most developed nations"00:29
snailit might change it the govt forces sane interconnect rules and exempts local traffic. I have a couple of curriculum-relevant terabytes of data I'd like to put in schools...00:30
ojwband I can certainly pull data from an in country mirror at a good rate00:30
ibeardsleeI find .au mirrors are regulary quicker than the .nz00:31
ojwbibeardslee: bandwidth terrorist!00:31
snailibeardslee: because there isn't sane .nz peering?00:31
ajmitchdepends on your ISP & who they're peering with00:31
ibeardsleebut then I just want to throw a big baseball bat at T/C and their peering00:31
ojwbah, they basically don't peer do they?00:32
ajmitch.au doesn't exactly have sane peering either, from what I know00:32
ajmitchit's interesting that you get slower speeds from mirror.ihug.co.nz00:34
ojwbping's not necessarily the best tool for such tests00:35
ajmitchis connecting to australia quicker than to ihug?00:35
ibeardsleein that case there, no00:35
ojwboh, then traceroute00:35
ajmitchno it's not, I'm more interested in actual download speeds00:35
ajmitchit's expected that citylink speeds would be bad since it's not going to the wellington server00:36
ojwbbut the same applies really - routers may not treat ICMP stuff the same way as "useful" traffic00:36
ibeardsleeI had used the speed test to compare(ish) as well00:36
ibeardsleeneed to find where I saved those results to00:36
ajmitchwget a large package from each mirror00:37
ibeardsleehmm true that might be a better solution00:37
mwhudsonalways best to measure what you actually care about and not some proxy for it :)00:37
ibeardsleewill redo the ping and mtr tests as well and update that this weekend .. maybe00:37
ojwbfor me, it's 55, 59 and 106 ms avg from traceroute00:38
ojwbso wellington's quickest, which is how life should be00:39
ajmitchheh, au.archive.ubuntu.com is a bit slower for me, it goes via an ipv6 tunnel to the US & then to australia00:39
ibeardsleeojwb: who is your isp?00:40
* ajmitch gets ~16ms with mtr to nz.archive.ubuntu.com00:40
ojwbI get 3 wxnz.net hops (which is xnet really) then ape.net.nz, then ubuntu.citilink00:41
ajmitchit's just the big players like telstraclear & telecom that have bad peering policies00:41
ojwband all but a few ms is the first hop, so it doesn't appear it goes to auckland and back00:42
ojwbthey are auckland based though I think00:42
ajmitchthe slowest hop for me is in fx networks from dunedin to wellington, it adds maybe 13ms :)00:42
ojwbgeolocation usually says auckland for me00:42
ojwbibeardslee: cheer up!00:46
* ojwb just saw your playlist...00:46
ibeardsleethe other day you would have seen a who bunch of Tom Waits00:47
ibeardsleeoften browse the shared music here at work .. find stuff worth listening to00:48
* ajmitch might take a big leap & upgrade to maverick this weekend00:49
ajmitchmaybe natty in a few weeks :)00:50
ibeardsleeI have a karmic -> lucid server upgrade to do this weekend00:51
ajmitchyou've got until the 30th before karmic goes EOL00:52
* ajmitch still has some lenny->squeeze upgrades to do on servers00:52
ibeardsleeyeah .. last time I tried I had to get RimuHosting to restore my backup image00:52
ajmitchwhat went wrong?00:52
ibeardsleenot sure .. just didn't come back up properly00:53
ibeardsleeI now have regularly nightly dumps of my databases and websites00:54
ibeardsleedon't have the automated rsync to my home server yet00:55
ajmitchit's useful00:57
ibeardsleeyeah .. just need to get my head around passphraseless keys and host allow/deny stuff00:58
* ajmitch might eventually get around to looking at ipv6 for servers01:01
ibeardsleefairly dependant on hosting providers for that01:01
ajmitchyeah, we have servers with webdrive, I know that they have ipv6 prefixes announced, so there's a good chance it'll be available01:01
ajmitchbut I still have to ask them :)01:02
ojwbpassphraseless keys aren't terribly complicated...01:02
ojwbslightly less so than keys with passphrases!01:02
ajmitchwith passphraseless keys, you generally want to restrict what can be used via authorised_keys01:03
ibeardsleeand restrict where they can come from01:03
ajmitchhttp://www.potaroo.net/tools/ipv4/ looks like it's a race to the bottom with APNIC01:04
* ajmitch guesses that it'll be several years yet before a majority of traffic would go via ipv6 in NZ01:05
ibeardsleewe are small enough that we should be able to just get it happening01:06
ibeardsleebut that requires ISPs to talk to and work with each other01:07
ibeardsleeprobably would have been able to happen 5-10 years ago01:08
ajmitchsmall enough but very dependent on overseas content - though the problem will more likely be in home equipment like crappy DSL modems :)01:08
ibeardsleeI wonder if the UFB project will require IPv601:09
ojwbmaking it a requirement would be a smart move01:09
ojwbor a non-dumb move01:09
ibeardsleeand require peering01:10
ajmitchit'd be nice, when I asked snap about ipv6 on dsl, they said that "There are several boundaries that need to be crossed throughout the chorus network."01:10
ojwbat least they didn't say "ipv what now?"01:10
ajmitchheh, they did say there was growing demand for it & that they were looking forward to it happening01:11
* ibeardslee is not sure if he can be bothered asking TelstraClear01:11
* ajmitch isn't overly hopeful of things changing soon01:14
kiwiLinuxHey there i'm in a bit of a dilemma, I'd like a copy of Ubuntu desktop, but I don't have net access at home and was wondering if anyone here would be kind enough to burn a copy to dvd and mail it to me, I will pay for the cost of the DVD+ p&p02:01
snailkiwiLinux:  where abouts are you physically?02:02
kiwiLinuxI was thinking about shippit, but it takes a while and I'm not if i'll be still at the same address when the DVD arrives02:03
kiwiLinuxArgh, look's like shippit has closed anyway :(02:05
ojwbyes, we were discussing that earlier...02:05
snailkiwiLinux: I'd offer to burn you one, but my record for burning media isn't too hot02:06
ojwbwhich version are you after?02:06
ojwbactually, I think I only have a CD image to hand02:06
kiwiLinuxJust Ubuntu-Desktop 10.1002:07
mwhudsoni'd be happy to burn it i guess but i don't seem to have any blank media02:10
mwhudsonkiwiLinux: 64 or 32 bit?02:10
kiwiLinuxLook's like this library network isn't so slow today, at this rate I'll have a copy in about 2 hours, so don't worry about it, thanks anyway02:10
kiwiLinux32 bit though02:11
mwhudsonok, cool :)02:11
ojwbnot bad for a library!02:11
kiwiLinuxYa lol02:11
kiwiLinux85 kB/s02:12
snailkiwiLinux: I'm in a library too, you're in greymouth public library?02:12
snailI work in the library at VUW doing stuff like http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/tei-Cyc05Cycl-t1-body1-d3-d26-d1.html02:13
kiwiLinuxNice, what a coincidence too lol02:14
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