ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1500 users, 4 overflows, 1504 limit))02:28
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ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, ruan said: !forget everything06:20
ray24rww = admin abuse06:44
ray24someone should strip him06:45
ray24of his admin status06:45
ray24this guy bans me everytime06:45
rwwoh damn, I was excited for a minute there06:45
ray24hey rww why dont u get a life06:45
ray24you're no one in real life06:45
ray24what;s your facebook06:45
ray24lemme see ur face06:45
ray24so i can laugh06:45
rww@random reply ignore06:45
rwwray24: I don't have a Facebook.06:46
ray24rww you will have karma06:46
ray24for banning me06:46
ray24i swear to god06:46
ray24i will rise06:46
ray24because im young06:46
rww!away > eamon|zzz06:46
ray24and im just handsome06:46
ray24rww you're probably 40 years old unemployed and bald06:46
* hypatia never would have guessed ray24 was young06:46
rwwzero out of three ain't bad06:46
bazhangray24, was there a point to this?06:46
ray24you fucke dme06:47
ray24im pissed06:47
rwwbazhang: no06:47
ray24you better compensate06:47
ray24you ban me after hacking me?06:47
bazhangIdleOne, around?06:47
ray24my computer was fucking hacked06:47
ray24I will take this shit to court if i have to06:47
ray24funny thing is, you dont have money06:48
ray24I have  power and money06:48
ray24and influence06:48
ray24you have nothing06:48
ray24all you have is a code that grants you permission to ban people06:48
ray24unorhodox practice mother fuckers06:48
rwwWe should meet up in SF some time. You seem like a really fun person to talk to.06:49
ray24you hacked my computer06:49
ray24you will be judged06:49
bazhangperhaps tonyyarusso is around06:49
ray24it was you.06:49
ray24i work for a big company unlike u06:49
ray24you sit in your basement and u hack random people06:49
* hypatia is judging ray24 /right now/06:49
* tonyyarusso is06:49
* tonyyarusso reads scrollback06:50
ray24rww = suspect06:50
ray24I know it was you06:50
ray24U fucked my computer files too I bet06:50
ray24anyywas fuck this. Hack someone else and leave my computer alone06:51
tonyyarussoWell that was easy.06:52
* tonyyarusso wishes when he joined IRC someone had told him to keep a tally of how many people said they were going to file a lawsuit06:52
* rww sues tonyyarusso for counting people06:53
IdleOneHow does  he /know/ it was you?07:01
IdleOneI'm curious...07:01
rwwIdleOne: presumably the hacker used a really cute font with little twirly bits when writing messages to him07:01
IdleOneThat would definitely be you07:02
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, Danielcg25 said: !lol is That's hilarious!07:31
rww!notreally-#ubuntu-offtopic > Danielcg2507:32
jussiem: is there something you need help with?07:34
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, Danielcg25 said: !Lilwayne is An annoying "person" who gets paid to scream gibberish into a microphone07:35
jussiem: please rejoin when you are active, as we have a no idling rule here (as Im sure you are aware)07:36
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jussi01evil, evil thing.07:40
Tm_Tsorry ):07:40
PiciI'm pretty sure that LarsTo aske the same thing yesterday.14:05
ikoniaPici: he did, it's in my logs14:07
ikoniahe also asked it in #ubuntu-offtopic too14:08
Piciikonia: I think he was answered as well.14:08
ikoniahe was very well14:08
ikoniayou answered him in #ubuntu, I answered him in #ubuntu-offtopic14:08
* jpds trolls.14:43
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:47
jpdspopey: You are now logged into British Telecom.14:49
gordYou have been charged 5p for this login14:52
topylihave a nice day!14:57
tsimpsonplus a 49p connection charge14:59
* popey presses 115:01
knomeHello, this is the British Telecom customer service. How may I help you?16:05
gordyou have been charged 5p for pressing 116:10
IdleOnewow, 60p for logging in and pressing 1. How much to speak to a human?16:45
Pici5p just for asking16:45
IdleOneGood morning :)16:46
knomeHey sir, are you there? The call is 1.60 pounds per minute, and you have been idling for 30 minutes now.17:16
IdleOneThat sounds a little scam'ish17:18
IdleOneso this call is up to 48 pounds17:21
IdleOneand I still haven't spoke to anybody17:21
PiciThats heavy.17:21
PiciIs there something wrong with the earth's gravitational pull in the future?17:22
mneptokPici: that's why i'm gaining weight!17:31
fujisanPricey are you here :(18:35
fujisanthe dutch you guys know how they all went pvv now18:35
fujisanand now it happened in a dutch ubuntu channel they made racist remarks i rebelled against it and this JanC admin banned me18:36
fujisani am not sure what to do here go to the authorities or otherwise?18:37
fujisancan you guys do something?18:37
fujisani chatted there for years without many issues and now this happens18:37
Picifujisan: We don't handle international channel issues here. You can try to appeal in #ubuntu-irc or send a message to JanC18:37
fujisanoh ok18:37
fujisani will part now then18:37
PiciThat was almost too easy.18:38
IdleOnewhat is pvv?18:47
PiciI have no idea.18:47
ray24wasup you butt raping mongols20:14
ray24or shall i say mongolites20:15
Piciexcuse me?20:15
ray24you're excused20:15
IdleOneray24: Could you please not be so vulgar20:15
IdleOneWhat can we help you with?20:15
ray24Your contribution is sub par20:15
IdleOneAlright then, please part this channel if there is nothing you need from us.20:16
ray24Ubuntu ops has done nothing in bringing the community closer to the Ubuntu mission statement20:16
ray24There has been constant abuse and slanderous actions caused by the operators here20:16
ray24I'm taking legal actions20:16
ray24My computer was hacked by one of your moderators20:17
IdleOneif you have proof of this I suggest you email the IRCC (link to follow)20:17
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.20:17
ray24I don't need proof. I'm taking this laptop to the federal bureau.20:18
ray24I'm here giving you a friendly warning of the waves of tsunami that's coming your way20:18
IdleOnethank you for the warning.20:18
ray24act cocky now. you unpaid person.20:18
ray24Cool action bro20:20
LjLray24: if you have nothing further *ontopic* to add, leave.20:21
IdleOneray24: There is very little abuse I will tolerate from you. If you can't discuss your issue with us in this channel your next step is to contact the IRCC via email.20:21
ray24One thing I need20:21
ray24I need your personal information. I need your names20:21
ray24so i can contact my legal advisors20:21
LjL/whois LjL20:21
ray24facebook please.20:21
ray24Let me see who you are20:22
ray24you're messing with the wrong person. I'm connected to powerful lawyers20:22
LjLray24: leave.20:22
ray24i leavfe when i want20:22
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!20:22
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()20:22
macosomeone can't spell20:22
charlie-tca"powerful" lawyers better than the other kind?20:22
genii-aroundJust when I thought the whole day was going to be somewhat boring :)20:25
LjLhe's abusing me in private now, gonna be fun :)20:26
IdleOneLjL: does it involve things your mother should of thought you about what causes cancer?20:26
LjLIdleOne: it's less involved, but it does involve my mother20:27
IdleOneconsistent with the PM I got then20:27
* genii-around makes more coffee, hands out the mugs20:28
IdleOneFear Factor is a really gross show20:28
IdleOnesuggestions on when to remove the ban on ray24 for this channel?20:32
maconext blue moon?20:32
* maco runs20:32
IdleOneI will need to ask tony about moon phase20:33
genii-aroundHe was given the appeals link20:33
IdleOnegenii-around: he was20:33
IdleOnebut seems that keeping bans in here forever is not the best option20:33
LjLhow about we schedule to remove it in a month, then forget forever20:33
PiciThe Moon is Waxing Crescent (9% of Full)20:37
IdleOnePici: next blue moon should be in 9.743 million years?20:38
PiciIdleOne: sure, why not?20:38
IdleOnejust confirming20:38
Tm_TBlue moon over Kentucky?20:39
PiciIs ray24 supposed to be banned in #ubuntu?21:02
IdleOnenot sure if rww banned him there or not21:03
IdleOneI know I didn't21:03
Tm_Tnope, no bans in bantracker21:03
IdleOneas long has he isn't an issue...21:04
Tm_The is clearly trolling, but isn't an issue yet21:05
PiciTorbennn appears to be banned in +121:05
* Pici is going afk for a bit21:05
Tm_Tpankaj_sharma: hi, anything you need from us?21:06
pankaj_sharmaall mods here21:06
IdleOnePici: 38942 re Torbennn21:06
macopankaj_sharma: yup21:06
Torbennni can not join #ubuntu+121:06
PiciIdleOne: I'm afk ;), can you take a look at it?21:06
IdleOneyeah just saw that21:06
IdleOneTorbennn: let me take a look, one moment please21:07
tsimpsonpankaj_sharma: anything we can help you with?21:07
pankaj_sharmai think i should leave21:08
IdleOneTorbennn: won't be long21:10
Tm_TK'night all22:05

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