Andre_Gondimthere is one string that still showing but all package is translated, this is string is the translator credits, is it normal?05:41
arjunaraocHi can some one help on how to locate the package for string Retrieving file X of Y that is displayed during ubuntu install time06:35
dpmgood morning all07:34
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andrejzgood morning, you are early today, dpm :)07:45
dpmhey andrejz, good morning, yeah, lots of stuff to do :)07:46
andrejzi have an idea and would like your feedback on it. Keeping in mind that more and more teams are approaching 100%07:49
andrejzit might be a good idea to use popularity contest data to determine which other programs (non default) are used most ofren07:50
andrejzto ensure teams with close to 100% of default installation are focusing on the most relavant programs07:50
andrejzwhat do you think, dpm? could something like that be done in 11.10 cycle?07:51
dpmandrejz, it really is a good idea, I like it. I'd like to work on stats next cycle, so perhaps we can include that, or if you know someone that would want to work on it, that'd also be awesome07:53
andrejzyeah that would be cool. we could either somehow highlight these programs (especially programs, which are translatable in laucnhpad)07:54
andrejzor even include them in statistics (with a section Ubuntu extra)07:55
andrejzor extra programs of some sort07:55
andrejzi am willing to help up in discussing the specfications and such but my programing skills are rather limited, so i cannot help with that07:56
andrejzmaybe we could discuss about this at UDS ?07:58
dpmyeah, let's talk about this more in the next few days, while we plan the uds sessions07:58
andrejzanother thing, which me as a coordinator of a translation group would be very much pleased with is if we could get somet of the more problematic upstreams in launchpad08:03
dpmandrejz, which ones were you thinking of?08:05
andrejzin my experience two of the most criticall (both important and hard to deal with) are compiz and wine08:05
andrejzlots of people use these two programs08:05
andrejzcompiz has no working translation infrastructure, they couldn't direct me how to translate ccsm on #compiz-dev08:05
andrejzand wine is also very important and right now i am contact with one of the developers who is super busy and has no time for translations08:06
dpmandrejz, I know, we've talked about compiz before, they're willing to move to lp, but they're quite busy. I think after the release it should be easier to start this move. As per wine, I don't know much about it. Where is it hosted? Does it use gettext for translations?08:07
andrejzso  when sending .po files we need to wait for a month and a half for a reply08:07
andrejz@dpm: they just moved to gettext (po files) in december 2010 or so08:07
andrejzso theoretically they could move to lp08:08
andrejznote that it's not really necessary to move to lp (although it would be fantastic to have it). I would be very happy if could just easiyl find a .pot file  withough getting crazy sending email/browsing wiki) and then send the .po file and have it commited in a week or so08:09
dpmyeah, sounds sensible08:10
andrejzit's really frustrating when you need to waste so much additional time for a certian project08:12
andrejzif movement to launchpad is not possible, then we could think of some sort of upstream outreach program to assist08:12
andrejzwith this08:12
andrejzsorry, i am making short lines due to strange empathy bug in 11.04 (already reported) :)08:13
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trijntjeHi all, clutter suddenly shows new strings for natty in LP, but I've seen no request for a UI-freeze exception on the list19:54
trijntjeis there anybody who knows more about this? Clutter was fully translated to dutch but now shows 38 untranslated strings19:55

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