Ahmuck_why 9:30 chat time?01:22
GreenbeanAnyone not idle?02:05
kwadrokeI'm not at the moment02:37
Ahmuck_i'm not idle, but having hard time staying connected this evening02:39
Ahmuck_i'm not idle, but having hard time staying connected this evening02:40
GreenbeanAm I now?03:05
Ahmuck_what's up03:06
GreenbeanAwesome. Trying to straighten out this Empathy client. Pidgin started flaking out on me.03:07
GreenbeanAnything interesting happening in the world of IRC?03:08
Ahmuck_what's going on with empathy?03:08
* Ahmuck_ just bored here03:08
GreenbeanZuckerschmuck did something to the Facebook client and now it's busted. You can get messages, but you can't post to chat unless you log onto the website. I guess you'd call that remote chat being broken. Again.03:10
r2d2rogershowdy guys03:10
Ahmuck_hi r2d2rogers03:10
r2d2rogerseither of you got into the time sink of minecraft yet?03:11
GreenbeanDamned creepers.03:11
r2d2rogersI'm just trying to find my way home in my single player world now03:12
GreenbeanDidn't build any beacons, huh?03:12
r2d2rogersyeah, but not nearly high enough03:13
Ahmuck_i built a computer, leading edge in 2003 to play games for gaming and have never played a game on it03:13
r2d2rogersI'm standing on the ceiling of my world trying to find the torches I places03:13
GreenbeanWell, you can still play 2003 games on it. Unreal Tournament 2004 is pretty flashy.03:14
Greenbean@r2d2rogers I believe in making roads and lighthouses. If I'm going to a new chunk, there's going to be a road.03:15
GreenbeanHas anybody managed to install AmigaOS 4.1?03:17
r2d2rogersGreenbean: I'll have to make sure I do that next time... right now I'm looking at a mcmap and trying to figure out landmarks03:18
GreenbeanHard learned lessons there I assure you.03:18
Greenbean"Let's see... I think I went this way by the rock that looks like a pregnant giraffe, and then the ocean with the sand islands and...... TSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssss! *K-BLOOEY!*03:20
Greenbean... shit."03:20
GreenbeanWell that's one way to get back home.03:20
Ahmuck_speaking of girrafs, sean the latest verizon commercial?03:22
Ahmuck_with the minii giraffe03:22
r2d2rogersmuscle building one?03:22
Ahmuck_i thought i'd sit down and see what all types of things were in it like last tiem03:23
zillahhi all03:26
r2d2rogershowdy zillah03:28
zillahhow's it going?03:28
r2d2rogersrandom commercials and minecraft with question about AmigaOS seem to be the topics tonight03:29
r2d2rogersnot too bad03:29
r2d2rogerstrying to find a job down here <G>03:29
zillahhaha, i was just about to load up minecraft :)03:29
r2d2rogersor arkansas would work too ;)03:29
zillahwhere are you at?03:29
r2d2rogersMonroe, LA03:29
r2d2rogerswould be nice to move back home though03:30
r2d2rogersMy grandmother would like that ;)03:30
Ahmuck_r2d2rogers: ur trying to find a job?03:31
r2d2rogerscomputer service business is tempting here but there are lots of them in this market03:33
r2d2rogersweb programming and database development are what I've been doing, but in a corporate setting03:34
r2d2rogerssys admin or some support jobs are what else I'm looking at03:34
zillahahmuck, what are you up to tonight?03:34
GreenbeanHeya zillah03:39
zillahhey man how's it going?03:39
GreenbeanI was about to load Minecraft too. Got a temple to finish03:40
zillahi'm been working on finding more diamonds :D03:42
Ahmuck__sorry, got knocked off03:42
Ahmuck__so ...?!03:42
GreenbeanThere's a .deb called InvGrid.03:42
Ahmuck__finding more diamonds?03:42
Ahmuck__zillah: just hanging out03:43
Ahmuck__resting from trip to AR03:43
Ahmuck__got lost in devil's den trying to cut across country03:43
Ahmuck__and brakes went03:43
GreenbeanHe can't buy a break, can he?03:43
zillahwhat's invgrid?03:44
GreenbeanInventory editor for Minecraft03:44
Ahmuck__ah yes, the new dairy queen commercial is interesting as well03:45
Ahmuck__hi DoubleB03:46
zillahwhat's the new dairy queen commercial?03:46
* Ahmuck__ was speaking of DirectTV comercial b4, not verizon03:46
zillahhey DoubleB03:46
DoubleBI have been out in the yard all afternoon i just came in. :D03:47
GreenbeanHey zillah, did I tell you about that dream I had where I falcon punched Lindsey in the crotch?03:48
zillahno Greenbean, i don't believe you have lol03:48
zillahyou guys should talk DoubleB into playing minecraft too  :P03:49
DoubleBdoes it run on Linux?03:50
GreenbeanYep. Even works with the open Java client03:50
GreenbeanI got flamed on over at Phoronix for saying I liked Minecraft better than that Oil Rush game coming out.03:51
GreenbeanWhat can I say, I don't like tower defense or RTS games. Even if the engine is really pretty.03:52
r2d2rogersI'm fairly new to minecraft but I'm it'03:53
r2d2rogersit's my top interest for games on my computer these days03:53
zillahi've been playing for the past week or so and i'm addicted lol03:53
GreenbeanI was flat told that I should buy Oil Rush anyway because I'd be "supporting Linux gaming" and I was some kind of unwashed turd for not doing so.03:53
GreenbeanI think I bought Minecraft a couple of months ago. Maybe three.03:54
zillahare any of you playing it on a server?03:58
GreenbeanNot me. I've got the server client, but I haven't set it up yet. Dan and Kevin are on it too.03:58
kwadrokeI've got a server running03:59
kwadrokeabout to log in03:59
Ahmuck__sorry, i'm beat.  going to take a nap /me thinks04:00
DoubleBun-washed turds shall haz no server!04:00
zillahi wish i wasn't too tired to play  :)04:02
GreenbeanBert and Fozzie bear have the same voice.04:02
r2d2rogerskwadroke: care to share the server address?04:15
kwadrokeI would, but it's the store's server.04:16
r2d2rogersyeha I04:16
r2d2rogersI'm waiting on a friend to get one up ...04:16
kwadrokewe give it out to people to play at the game store04:16
kwadrokeif it was just mine, I would04:16
r2d2rogersI know I'll need to get something running for my boys (8 & 6) to play on.04:16
r2d2rogersno worries04:17
r2d2rogerskwadroke: remind me where the store is?04:17
r2d2rogersthat's what I thought04:17
r2d2rogersguess I need to apply at Acxiom again ;)(04:18
zillahDoubleB: we need to set up a minecraft server at the store  :)04:18
zillahfor now i'm going to bed though, my eyes are burning04:18
zillahgood night all04:18
GreenbeanNight. I'm out too.04:18

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