iheartubuntui will have to pick some up00:04
iheartubuntubarely making it today00:04
ryaxnbusing linux is so fun04:04
ryaxnbusing linux is california is funner :)04:04
sn9especially ubuntu04:06
MarkDudeWell even on a spaceship using Linux should be fun04:14
sn9especially ubuntu04:14
MarkDudeDont forget Puppy Linux- it barks when you start it up04:15
akkAnywhere you need to use a computer.04:15
MarkDudeThat is fun, IMO04:15
MarkDudeRuff ruff.04:15
* MarkDude is wondering if the person from Hawaii ever came back - my machine died- so I have no log of WHERE I was supposed to send them some SWAG04:18
kevin9286049a Hawaiian?  i talked to a Hawaiian at SCaLE wearing a superman shirt04:26
kevin9286049btw MarkDude how are you?04:26
kevin9286049i asked him if he was Hawaiian and he said "yeah".  then i said "i like your t-shirt" and he said "I *feel* like Superman" and i said "coooool."04:28
akkMarkDude: So is Fedora really naming their release Beefy Miracle? Tell me it's a late april fool's joke.04:28
sn9i think it's still being decided04:29
MarkDudegrantbow, I cant make it tomorrow,05:39
MarkDudeakk,  no it is very likely the name05:39
MarkDudevoting is happening now05:39
akkAnd there are people actually voting for it?05:40
* MarkDude likes that it REMOVES the #1 thing i hear Fedora folks complain about Ubuntu05:40
MarkDudethe names05:40
MarkDudethe whole 2 of the same letter05:40
MarkDudethis election removes any superiority Fedora may have felt :)05:40
MarkDudeUmm, have you seen my profile pic on facebook?05:41
* MarkDude has a Beefy Miracle shirt05:42
* akk wades through dozens of "Joe Smith answered 'What's your favorite pickle' with 'Kosher dill'" type entries to find Mark's05:43
akkSo the beefy miracle is a hot dog? Aren't those usually largely pork?05:43
akkI guess this must be an all-beef one.05:44
MarkDudeWell, Its more than a beef thing05:44
MarkDudeA vegetarian is partially behind the start, mizmo05:44
akkThis must be some cultural reference that I'm missing because I'm an old fart. :)05:45
akk(but googling on beefy miracle gets a fedora page as its first hit, so it's not much of a cultural phenom ...)05:46
pleia2akk: me too, but I can't use age as an excuse :)05:46
MarkDudeWell I made a tofu miracle05:46
MarkDudeit was an animated gif at first05:46
MarkDudethe story behind it was as a generic filler for unbranded Fedora CDs05:46
crashsystemsI may never complain about Mark Shuttleworth's release names again.05:47
pleia2crashsystems: hehe05:47
MarkDudecrashsystems, you hopefully see some of the beauty nehind the name05:47
akkYeah, Ubuntu's are bad but this is far worse.05:47
MarkDudeSo the mustard was animated going up the hotdog05:48
crashsystemsI'm seriously considering buying the Canon 7D. That or the 60D. I can't make up my mind.05:48
MarkDudehence the saying on the back of my shirt "The mustard indicates progress"05:48
* akk gets called inside to finish watching Fargo05:48
pleia2crashsystems: nice, my boyfriend is looking at the similarly speced nokias05:49
pleia2yes :)05:49
crashsystemsI won't ask him for advice then :D05:49
pleia2I'm more of a canon girl myself05:50
crashsystemsdo you have any opinion on 60d vs 7d?05:50
pleia2no, it's been a couple years since I've seriously looked05:50
MarkDudeHere are the pics form the Global Jam, as well as the Beefy Miracle shirt https://picasaweb.google.com/tuxwingsgroup/UbuntuGlobalJamSaxbysWC#559234970068677880207:18
MarkDudeAs well as Jono wearing the Natty Narwhal shirt07:18
MarkDudeAnd Dangerous G also07:18
pleia2added link to the wiki page07:28
MarkDudeSorry about that, I posted to FB then got busy with stuff07:33
kdubhola channel16:55
nhainesGood morning, jono.17:20
jonohey nhaines17:21
crashsystemsI wonder if some people think that framesets make sites more secure17:21
kduboh sure, when i say hello.... :D17:24
kdubcrashsystems: security through obscurity17:26
crashsystemsmore like security through insanity17:27
akkI think they just like the framed design (based on people I know who stubbornly cling to frame designs).17:30
iheartubuntui was put on the backup list for UDS!19:01
MarkDudeakk I just saw your Twitter message- hella funny19:07
akkThe war of the worlds one?19:09
MarkDudeThe Fedora name thing19:16
iheartubuntuare they putting in those dang digital meters?19:16
akkThey already did that, iheartubuntu :(19:17
iheartubuntulooks like a ton of people up in the bay area are protesting and getting those meters reversed or at least put on hold until more data comes out about them19:18
kevin9286049hey everybody19:19
akkYeah -- they've been fighting for a while, and a court case said tough nuts, but a different court case seems to have just reversed that.19:19
iheartubuntuhi kevin8675309 whats up19:20
akkI'm not worried about the radiation thing (which was what the latest court case was about) but I'm bothered by reports of wrong meter readings.19:20
iheartubuntui know our meter has read higher ever since it was replaced. not by much... couple dollars here, couple there. but we are home even less!19:21
kevin9286049where do i start iheartubuntu ?  i guess with the new blueray player my girlfriend got.  it has USB ports :)19:21
akkI could get behind the smartmeters if there was an easy way for me to read it myself and monitor it.19:22
iheartubuntuskype now has internet access on public networks (like airports, etc)19:22
iheartubuntuso u dont need to pay to use the airports wifi, u end up paying skype19:23
iheartubuntu(and probably the airport somehow thru skype)19:23
iheartubuntukev u have any stretches i can do to fix my back19:23
kevin9286049what's up with you iheartubuntu ?19:23
iheartubuntudown since sunday19:24
iheartubuntumy back is jacked up19:24
kevin9286049you could try out a few iheartubuntu.  but you'd best take it easy and work your way up to a stronger back19:24
kevin9286049what do you think is the problem iheartubuntu ?19:24
akkYoga is supposedly the best long-term solution for back problems (speaking as someone who keeps meaning to try yoga and never gets around to it).19:25
* kevin9286049 stands on his head until you go see cal19:25
kevin9286049i do "yoga" every day19:25
iheartubuntumowing the grass 3x19:26
kevin9286049just gotta' find movements and poses you enjoy, stick to it daily, and go from there19:26
iheartubuntuany good stretches to help the back now?19:26
kevin9286049you mowed the grass and got back pain iheartubuntu ?19:26
kevin9286049that is puzzling19:26
iheartubuntuyah :) it was so tall  i had to keep mowing and mowing19:26
kevin9286049i'm not sure, i could recommend a ton, but there is no silver bullet19:27
kevin9286049and you'd have to use good judgement when executing them (like, if it hurts bad, stop)19:27
kevin9286049downward dog, bridge, headstand...19:27
kevin9286049leg lifts may help19:27
iheartubuntuim thinking if i just keep moving, it will get better19:28
kevin9286049the standing forward bend also comes to mind19:28
kevin9286049i'd do the standing forward bend, see how that feels19:28
iheartubuntuwait are these kama sutra or yoga :)19:28
iheartubuntu(not like i can do either)19:28
kevin9286049don't get me started on kama sutra19:29
kevin9286049another one that might help are those "swimming" exercises.  lay on your stomach, arch back, hands up, and kick feet19:30
kevin9286049i'd also recommend some leg lifts, 3 sets19:30
iheartubuntuive done this cat pose19:31
iheartubuntudo u knw o what im talking about19:31
akkI do stomach crunches (when I remember and feel up to it) and it seems to help keep away back problems.19:31
kevin9286049oh yeah, that might19:31
iheartubuntuyou get down on all fours and then arch your back19:31
kevin9286049i prefer leg lifts, but they are probably quite similar19:31
iheartubuntui wonder if acupuncture would help19:31
kevin9286049yeah, i do that pose sometimes19:31
kevin9286049also "guru pranam"19:32
kevin9286049like "child's pose"19:32
kevin9286049i would be looking for prevention iheartubuntu19:32
kevin9286049only way that will happen is if you find a exercise routine and stick to it19:32
kevin928604915 min to 30 min a day makes a difference19:33
kevin9286049but the big mystery to me is, why did you mow your lawn 3x?19:33
kevin9286049once wasn't enough?19:33
iheartubuntuit was so tall19:36
iheartubuntui just havent had time19:36
iheartubuntuso i cut it tall19:36
iheartubuntuthen medium19:36
iheartubuntu then short19:36
kevin9286049back and front?19:37
iheartubuntuand i got a huge backyard19:37
iheartubuntui know, stupid19:37
kevin9286049if i had a place i would do the landscaping mullet style19:37
kevin9286049serious in the front19:37
kevin9286049party in the back19:37
iheartubuntuthats pretty much how i was doing it19:37
kevin9286049what happened?19:37
kevin9286049i don't have a yard19:37
kevin9286049even stupider19:37
* kevin9286049 smiles19:37
iheartubuntui think pulling the mower cord a bazillion times did me in19:38
kevin9286049interesting, an electric mower19:38
kevin9286049to start it up19:38
iheartubuntui used to do yoga too19:38
iheartubuntu20 pounds ago19:39
iheartubuntuthere was a great website... some gals did a video feed while doing yoga up in montana or something19:39
kevin9286049i used to eat hamburgers 20 lbs ago19:39
iheartubuntuthey started charging money so i stopped19:39
kevin9286049i bought a book19:39
kevin9286049i gave it to my brother19:39
kevin9286049now i do all kinds of weird stuff that isn't really "yoga" per se19:40
kevin9286049yoga can be quite boring19:40
kevin9286049painful too19:40
akkelectric mowers are great, no cord pulling or pollution19:40
akkit's sad that they're so hard to find19:41
akkOurs broke and we looked for a replacement, gave up and found a way to fix the old one (better anyway, I know).19:41
nhainesNot that puzzling.  Pushing can strain the lower back.19:41
nhainesOh, I'm off in backscroll land.  :(19:41
iheartubuntumaybe thats what did it then19:42
iheartubuntui ended up duct tapping my mower handle so i would not have to keep starting it up :)19:42
nhainesA very good stretch is to lay on your back and draw your knees into your chest.19:43
iheartubuntuand duct tape them19:44
iheartubuntui will try anything at this point19:44
iheartubuntuthanks kevin for tips19:44
nhainesOther than that, rest is good.  Sleeping flat on your back is best for your back at night.  Sleeping on your stomach is worst.19:45
kevin9286049eh, thank me if they work.  hope you feel better19:45
nhainesAnd if you must sleep on your side, put a pillow between your knees.19:45
iheartubuntukev.. i found the site i was talking about. http://www.yogatoday.com/19:46
iheartubuntubut they have some free videos posted often on their blog.. http://blog.yogatoday.com/19:47
kevin9286049iheartubuntu: http://images.google.com may be useful to look up images of poses19:47
kevin9286049nhaines, how are you?19:47
nhaineskevin9286049: feeling under the weather today.  Slept in an hour and woke up with a lot of phlegm.19:48
nhainesI'm doing better since then but I am a bit cold.19:49
kevin9286049nhaines: yeah, there's something going around.  my throat and nasal passages have been inflamed19:49
kevin9286049not too much mucous yet, hopefully this is the worst of it19:49
nhainesYeah, It's been all this week.  Not a ton of mucous but it's really viscous.19:49
kevin9286049i noticed the air is still pretty chilly, even when the sun is out19:50
kevin9286049i might consider wearing a handkerchief over my nose and mouth if 1. i had one and 2. it didn't make me look like a bandit19:50
nhaineskevin9286049: might not want to ride the trains.  :)19:51
kevin9286049i hear ya19:52
nhainesGrr, I think this beta CD I burned is bad and I just hosed my laptop.19:54
iheartubuntuthats no fun20:06
nhainesI'll give it one more try, then I'll have a coworker burn me a new CD.  At least I didn't have any important files.20:11
nhainesHmm, well, looks like that install worked... maybe asking to download and install updates broek it the first time.21:06
=== jamalta__ is now known as jamalta
iheartubuntukevin9286049 - this is like a wakeup call for me to get back to the gym :)22:54
kevin9286049iheartubuntu: the gym is your backyard, don't waste your $ or time on a gym22:55
kevin9286049unless you are meeting friends22:55
kevin9286049my $0.00000000022:55
akkWhatever works for you is the best exercise plans. I dislike gyms but they work for lots of people.22:59
iheartubuntui agree. i used to do a bunch of stuff! just got lazy23:02
pleia2I certainly don't feel like I'm wasting my money on my membership23:03
* kevin9286049 smiles23:03
iheartubuntuwell, i bought membership to my local gym last year.. i still have a few motnhs on it23:03
iheartubuntui dropped 20# to go to europe, then uhhh... i guess im still on vacation23:04
iheartubuntumy area is perfect for walking in the cool mornings... im near the mountains, etc, but my wife likes the gym. so pretty much whatever works23:04
iheartubuntuthe gym i like becuase u get into a groove23:05
kevin9286049i like the privacy of home.  you can't do crazy stuff at the gym23:05
kevin9286049well, i guess you *could*23:05
kevin9286049but it isn't advised23:05
kevin9286049it's just not very...free23:06
kevin9286049maybe it's just the gyms i've been to23:06
iheartubuntuthe one near me is pretty big... swimming pool, saunas, basketball, etc... like a ymca or something23:06
kevin9286049the beach!23:07
kevin9286049saunas and basketball...neat23:07
kevin9286049dart tag at the gym!23:07
kevin9286049laser tag at SCaLE was a pretty good work out23:07
iheartubuntuhow was that?23:07
iheartubuntuwas there enough room to do it?23:07
kevin9286049it was, i dunno, laser tag.  you have to let yourself be like a kid to enjoy it23:08
akkWish I could have done that -- such a fun idea for a conf.23:08
kevin9286049i felt kind of silly after the 1st round23:08
kevin9286049but i was generally silly the entire time i was there...soooo23:08
kevin9286049iheartubuntu: actually, all this exercise talk makes me want to go to the beach.  maybe we could have an ubuntu event somewhere23:15
kevin9286049like malibu or something23:15
akkA geeknic.23:15
kevin9286049"Geeknics, because Geeks don't pic."23:16
kevin9286049that made no sense23:17
* kevin9286049 goes back to perl, ashamed23:17
kdubsan diego23:18
kevin9286049i'm not really familiar with san diego beaches.  furthest i've been is tressles23:20
kevin9286049or laguna beach, i went diving there once23:20
kevin9286049but yeah, i doubt i'll go diving ever again23:20
kevin9286049well, just looked at a map.  1.  it's spelled trestles.  2.  laguna beach is more north it seems23:24
kevin9286049so back to perl.  random number generator.  and the array is by line.  i may have to hand code the array.23:25
* MarkDude had a volunteer typing up the list of folks in SoCal that wanted to have a geeknic, they decided typing was tooo hard23:25
MarkDudeSo I need to pick up the list and do it myself23:25
kevin9286049it wasn't me, was it?23:26
kdublaguna's way north23:27
kdubi think DarkwingDuck was talking about a SD geeknic with our local lug23:29
kevin9286049MarkDude: seriously, if you need help PM23:37
kevin9286049that sounds cool kdub23:38
kevin9286049rats, not help...a hand23:38
kevin9286049ug, i'm going to mess with this bot some more23:39
kevin9286049fail at english, fail at perl23:39
kevin9286049it's a fail fest!23:39
* kevin9286049 smiles23:39
MarkDudeWell someone stepped up asa volunteer, and it was too much for them to do. I respectfully thanked them for trying.23:39
kevin9286049did they forget?  or they literally said typing was too hard?23:40
kevin9286049MarkDude: ^23:40
MarkDudekevin9286049, my job is to match someone to what best fits them when they volunteer23:42
MarkDudeIf there is any fail, it lies with me23:42
* MarkDude guesses it was the responsibility part, but, that is sorta moot. Maybe they will step up later, maybe not23:43
kevin9286049i won't speculate further on your situation MarkDude.  but goodluck with your job23:47
MarkDudekevin9286049, no problem. A key insight to all of this might be that a few volunteers are looking for employment23:48
MarkDudeThe stress is most likely anything that is not directly finding work23:49
akkAlways a good thing to keep in mind in times like these.23:49
* MarkDude as a general rule would not give volunteers a bad time, its not like they are getting a check23:50
kevin9286049oh, absolutely.  searching for a job is a job in and of itself23:51
kevin9286049i still haven't gotten around to updating my resume today23:51
kevin9286049i think it isn't explicit enough23:51
MarkDudeWe are able to give them free coffee or other such perks, and soon hopefully be able to offset travel expenses.23:52
kevin9286049there is an ant crawling on me23:56
* kevin9286049 smiles23:56

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