bcurtiswxi got sponsorship :) woot woot15:49
bcurtiswxthx, now I have to study up on how overseas travel is.. since this will be my first time16:12
macobring a book but make sure to sleep on the plane16:13
macoi recommend trying to force yourself to sleep on the plane at the time that would be bedtime in your target country16:13
maco(this worked well for me for barcelona. i went to sleep when it was like midnight or 1am spanish time so it shifted my clock)16:14
bcurtiswxmaco, how will my passport experience be at the airport.  Is it just hand them the passport and be on my way, or is there like 1 million questions?16:18
maco"why are you coming here?" "business" "ok"16:18
maco(valid answers are business or tourism)16:18
macothe worst part is waiting in line16:19
bcurtiswxdoes this all happen when i GET there?16:19
macopassport lines getting back into the US tend to be forever long16:19
macopassport lines getting into european countries seem to be a lot easier :P16:19
bcurtiswxso it'll be like any other day flying there, until i get there..16:20
macoat which point, just make sure you have your passport in your carry on!16:20
bcurtiswxwhat about me being English and others being... well.. whatever the native language in Hungary is16:21
macoenglish is the language of tourism16:21
macoall the airports ive been to in europe, they had everything in $native and english16:21
maco(and thatd be hungarian, which is, btw, one of the hardest languages there is. 17 cases iirc, so ya know...3x as hard as latin)16:22
maco(and unrelated to practically every other language)16:22
bcurtiswxlol, OK16:22
macoits "language family" consists of it, finnish, and estonian16:23
macoso i think they're used to foreigners being totally clueless16:23
maco(whereas i think the italians are used to americans like me who smash spanish into being workable)16:24
bcurtiswxwhat about getting to the Hotel? and getting my keys and such for the Hotel... will i need to fight non-english people at the counter?16:24
bcurtiswxoh and phones, what should I get?16:25
macopeople will be listing their flight info on the ubuntu wiki. you'll probably want to share a cab with another ubuntu person. if you can say the hotel name, you're fine16:25
macoi usually consider a week in europe to be an excuse to avoid phones :P16:26
bcurtiswxwell, emergencies?16:26
macoa GSM phone will work, but if you use your american SIM itll be expensive. you can get prepaid SIMs there16:26
macoive never bothered16:26
macoi have Verizon, so my phone's CDMA and can't work in europe, period16:27
bcurtiswxyes, i have VZ too16:27
macoverizon will allow you to rent an international phone16:27
macoi remember my dad did that when we went to europe for two weeks16:27
bcurtiswxim assuming a tracphone would be cheaper than that tho16:28
macoguess my attitude is:  if i have an emergency in europe, what the hell are my american friends going to do about it? and i dont have #s to call here, so...??16:28
macoas far as just keeping in touch with your fiance... skype/IM16:29
bcurtiswxyeah, im guessing the hotel will have free internet for the Ubuntu people16:30
macooh i guess you should know that the emergency phone number for (afaik) everywhere not-USA is 999 (not 911)16:30
macoyep, thats always part of the deal16:30
bcurtiswxwill the room i stay in have that? or should I only expect it in the conference area?16:31
bcurtiswxlike the US hotels do16:31
macooooh wait nope. in the EU it's 11216:31
maconot sure about in rooms. hotel lobby tends to have free wifi negotiated for our week16:31
macoi *think* in dallas it was free-in-lobby and also free-in-room-outside-of-9-to-5 to keep people from going back to their room during sessions16:32
bcurtiswxmaco, thx.  Do I need to get some hungarian currency?17:45
macoaustria uses euro, so i imagine hungary does too17:45
bcurtiswxwhat meals (if any) are provided?17:46
macobreakfast if you wake up early enough and lunch17:47
macoafterward you can submit a reimbursement request for taxis + dinner17:47
macothey'll tell you what the per diem is17:47
macoyou need receipts for taxi to/from hotel17:47
macothe per diem (to cover dinner, possibly public transit to/from restaurant) is honour-system17:47
macoi think it was $27/day in orlando17:48
bcurtiswxthat you won't make it pricey... yeah.. i know how that is17:48
macoso you could claim $27 each day whether youd spent it or not, which...ya know...17:48
bcurtiswxwhy not...17:49
bcurtiswxi always do when i travel domestically17:49
macoi actually didnt fill in reimbursement forms for any of the UDSes i went to17:49
macoi figured i wouldve eaten dinner regardless17:49
* bcurtiswx wonders how many euros i'd need18:01
macoi tookd 250€ when i went to barcelona18:07
macoit was Travelex's smallest number that you could get and be able to return leftovers with no fees18:08
macoi used most of it, though i still have a small stash of euros in my drawer18:08
macowait thats not right18:08
macoi took $250-worth of euro18:08
macoso like 200€18:09
bcurtiswxlol, OK18:13
macoat the time that was probably more like 150€18:14
macoyay exchange rates18:14
bcurtiswxwho's the most fun to hang out with?18:18
macoi usually hang out with the kubuntu team18:19
macoi tried hanging out with the kernel team the first time i went to uds, but... i get a bit much of a "little girl, go away" vibe from someone on there, and many of them are a bit crass...18:20
bcurtiswxI'd say I'd hang out with the Desktop Team, but im sure that won't happen18:20
bcurtiswxat least I've talked with om26er abotu hanging out18:22

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