Chlorichey guys, evening all01:21
mhall119bbl, gonna go test Natty02:22
Chlorichey mhall, are you there?02:42
mhall119Chloric: I am now02:54
mhall119running Natty02:54
Chloricoh good02:54
mhall119what's up?02:54
Chloricand niiiice. i switched over to Elementary OS02:54
Chloricoh, i had a few questions02:55
mhall119how are you liking it?02:55
ChloricI'm loving eOS from even at its infancy02:55
Chloricbut yeah, i had a few question02:55
Chloricyour project, Qimo, do you receive any funding?02:57
mhall119we get donations from time to time02:57
Chloricoh ok, has Qimo been translated to many languages?02:57
mhall119it hasn't been much though02:57
mhall119Qimo picks up whatever translations Ubuntu has02:57
Chloricoh ok, so thats not an issue then02:58
ChloricI was considering using Qimo in my NGO initiative with your permission02:58
mhall119nope, we know that people have been using it, translated, all over the world02:58
mhall119you don't need permission, but we're happy to have it used anywhere02:59
Chloricoh ok, because its for a massive undertaking, and we're bringing your software to China for a massive workshop hosted by the Chinese government. Still give permission? xD03:00
mhall119I want kids in China to benefit as much as kids in the USA03:01
mhall119oddly, there is (or used to be) a city in China named "Qimo".03:01
Chloricoh ok, i wasnt sure it you wanted your name out there for government minders to see03:01
mhall119we get quite a bit of traffic to our website from China03:01
mhall119I don't plan on traveling to China any time soon, so I'm not concerned ;)03:02
Chloricoh ok, awesonme03:03
ChloricIs there any video demos of your OS?03:03
mhall119none that I've made, but there are some video reviews on YouTube03:04
Chlorichmmm ok, its for this workshop i'm hosting in Beijing03:06
mhall119you're hosting? cool03:31
Chloricyeah, my team and I03:40
DammitJim hey Chloric !03:40
Chlorichelloooooo =D03:41
DammitJimhey, tell me very simply... why do I want to make separate partitions manually?03:42
Chloricwell... the beauty or hassle?03:42
Chloricthe beauty of hassle03:43
Chlorici manually partition so that if something goes wrong, at least i know where it went wrong03:44
DammitJimwhy does everyone say something goes wrong03:44
Chloriccuz... im humam, so im bound to screw up03:45
Chloricalso, because im a social science student and my major is International Relations... not computers of any sort03:48
mhall119DammitJim: I like being able to do a clean install on a system partition, without it deleting all my personal files03:51
DammitJimcan one create partitions if using LVM?03:51
maxolase1squadAnyone know how many CDs we are likely to get?  I'd like to get my hands on a few.  They've always been popular items at our food coop.15:22
mhall119itnet7 can tell you how many we've gotten in the past15:26
mhall119though with shipit being discontinued, who knows if that'll change15:27
maxolase1squadI may break down and pay for a few.15:29
Sr_ubuntuHow i can create one theme mouse from zero? GNOME.16:49
DammitJimwhat are the recommended sizes for partitions nowadays?18:10
maxolasersquadDammitJim: There are no "recommended" partition sizes.  It's whatever you need.18:17
mhall119itnet7: ping20:05
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