_Wallyany one use adrive?  www.adrive.com/plans00:20
tonyyarusso_Wally: Doubt it - I think most people would be using Dropbox or Ubuntu One.00:22
_WallyYa but it is 50 Gb free00:23
_Wallydon't get that with dropbox00:23
ColinHarringtonI pay for 50GB for Dropbox - It keeps versions too (with the packrat feature)- backed by Amazon S300:32
ColinHarringtontotally worth it IMO00:32
ColinHarringtonIts not a backup tool, its a collaboration tool00:32
ColinHarringtonWorks on OSX/Linux/Windowz, so thats a plus to working with folks00:33
ColinHarrington2GB free http://db.tt/Tkb8IFg  (You get another 250MB with this link)00:34
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tonyyarussoh00k: ROFLMAO at your election - about time somebody else took a turn at the recount wheel!06:10
tonyyarussoI sure hope you voted.  Otherwise I might have to hit you.06:12
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TakyojiIs Cisco's toolset (for their hardware products) Windows-only, or?23:12

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