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NivexI know it's not recommended, but how much of a problem would it be to upgrade to current_release+2 by hand with apt?15:31
holsteinNivex: lol16:10
holsteinas long as reinstalling from scratch doesnt scare you in any way as a backup plan16:10
holsteini say go for it16:10
holsteinusually, i have my stuff backed up, and only do the verion upgrades as a test16:11
holsteinwhen they work, i usually still end up re-installing16:11
holsteininstalling from CD these days takes like 15 minutes16:11
holsteinupgrading.... that still takes a while16:12
holsteinsometimes 6 or 7 hours16:12
Nivexholstein: well the other option is go to n+1 then n+1+116:38
Nivextakes longer, but is safer16:38
holsteini find only safety in lucid ;)16:40
Nivexthat's what I'm still running on my laptop and netbook, but there are some improvements in the newer kernels that would be nice to have in those environments16:42
holsteinim testing some kernels for ubuntustudio16:42
holsteinin maverick and natty16:42
NivexI was going to upgrade to maverick but the annoying Alt modifier bug in vte that still isn't solved stopped me16:42
holsteini think we are really close to just having the -generic kernel do the job :)16:43
holsteinso far, theres no show stoppers for lucid for me16:43
holsteini have a very nice PPA for audio apps16:44
holsteini use*16:44
NivexI upgraded my media PC because I wanted the newer players, and the backports (specifically VLC) wanted to bring along a bunch of core stuff, so I figured I might as well16:44
Nivexhmm, looking back over the kernel stuff, the helpful stuff is in .37 and .38, which is why I'm looking at natty.  .37 gets SMP improvements on ext4 and .38 gets the process queueing "wonder patch"16:55
holsteinNivex: maybe before reinstalling or upgrading17:09
holsteinyou coule just try that kernel in lucid17:09
akgranerholstein, I've been using test drive this week and installing/updating and trying out various versions of 11.0417:21
holsteinakgraner: cool18:14
holsteini just updated my natty install last night18:14
holsteintesting a couple kernels for ubuntustudio with firewire18:14
holsteinakgraner: whaddaya think?18:15
akgraneroh cool18:16
akgranerI haven't tested ubuntustudio yet18:16
akgranerhowever I am about to snag GNOME 3.0 and check it out18:16
holsteinakgraner: we're just on gnome2 for now18:17
holsteintalking about maybe XFCE for 11.1018:17
holsteinno reason to test it really18:17
holsteinwe are also kicking around a live CD/DVD18:18
holsteinhopefully by 12.0418:18
akgranerGNOME 3.0 released today and from the screen shots I saw it's looking sweet18:18
akgranerplus I am digging Unity now...so what the heck18:18
holsteinunity is looking good18:21
holsteinits not for me though18:21
holsteinim not liking the launcher bar hiding right now18:21
holsteinbut, they got some time :)18:21
akgranerI think hiding is part of it though18:23
akgranerwhen not in use it goes away18:23
akgranerto keep the desktop clean18:23
holsteinbut, i thought it was a crash for a couple minutes18:24
holsteintil i figured out what to hover over18:24
holsteinand then, how exactly to hover over it to get it fully back18:24
holsteinnot very intuitive18:24
akgranerI was frustrated the first time I tried it in Alpha 2 I think18:55
akgranerso then I waited til Beta 1 and life is good now :-)18:55
holsteinwell, im running 10.04 on everything important18:56
holsteinso im not worried :)18:56
holsteinill figure something out by 12.0418:56
holsteinim really missing fluxbox these days18:56
holsteinit just took *so* long to get it all tweaked out the way i wanted it18:56
akgraner:-)  who is working on fluxbox these days19:07
akgranerpaultag I think19:07
holsteinakgraner: paultag is helping us with ubuntustudio right now :)21:06
NivexI thought OpenBox was the current incarnation of that line21:11
holsteinNivex: flux is still around21:13
holsteinive only used openbox with LXDE21:13
holsteinnot really the same thing21:13
NivexI miss WindowMaker from time to time21:13
_marx_hum, afterstep and fluxbox22:00
* _marx_ dl'd natty beta last night fixin' to do a vbox install now22:20
akgranerholstein, paultag is awesome!23:15

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