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BiosElementcanthus13: +500 to that03:01
canthus13BiosElement: Meh. We switched to a new CRM/provisioning/wipe-your-ass/wash-the-dishes system.  It's like downgrading to windows ME.03:04
BiosElementlol, wow03:04
* canthus13 wants his old AS/400-based tools back. :(03:04
BiosElementcanthus13: Sounds like the work I had to do helping someone 'upgrade' their site from WP to Joomla. *crys*03:04
canthus13BiosElement: This new system has found ways to break things that definitely weren't possible with the old software.03:04
BiosElementOh canthus13 you'll probably like this: http://thechangelog.com/post/4258932732/fool-js-april-1st-javascript-snippet#april03:05
canthus13...Like assigning Video service to a cable modem... Which then causes the provisioning server to go "WTF???" and "Fuck it."03:05
BiosElementhah wow03:05
canthus13BiosElement: I wish this was an april fool's joke. :(03:06
BiosElementcanthus13: Know how you feel dude. I'm now getting to explain to this idiot why they can't upgrade their site to joomla 1.6. >.> It's not pretty.03:06
canthus13Heh.  WP is easier to manage than joomla. :P03:06
canthus13easier to install, too.03:06
BiosElement(Reason they can't is the joomla project has, simply, incompetent management that don't understand wtf a version number is used for.)03:07
canthus13could be worse, I suppose... They could be asking for Drupal.03:08
BiosElementJoomla 1.6 is incompatible with 1.5...wtf? .5 are minor changes.03:08
BiosElementcanthus13: Drupal at least understands what version numbers are.03:08
BiosElementJoomla just runs a random number generator03:08
canthus13true.  But installing Drupal is a bit like installing LFS..03:08
BiosElementcanthus13: When was the last time you tried? And Drupal is not meant to be installed by non-techies.03:09
canthus13I can't imagine trying to 'upgrade' to Drupal from WP.03:09
BiosElementcanthus13: I have, on a regular basis actually. It's not that hard. >.>03:09
canthus13BiosElement: About 2 years ago. I suppose a lot may have changed since then.03:09
BiosElementA 'ton' has changed03:09
BiosElementAs in, I think at least two major version releases.03:09
canthus13I have enough issues with WP.. Mostly caused by lighttpd, though.03:09
BiosElementAt least it's not nginx >.>03:09
canthus13that and the fact that I don't have hte motivation to get to the bottom of the issues.03:09
BiosElementStill not sure why people keep talking about that03:09
* canthus13 thought nginx was fast and scaled really well.03:09
BiosElementPersonally, I wouldn't use a web server that has a memory leak that's been known for over 2 years. But that's just me.03:09
BiosElementA Web interface to manage server settings, what a concept. :P03:12
canthus13At some point I'm gonna switch back to Apache.03:13
canthus13I just haven't had the time to deal with the migration.03:13
BiosElementI'm a CLI guy as much as the next person, but with complex server setups, It's vastly easier to process with a GUI.03:13
canthus13BiosElement: For a lot of stuff, yes.03:14
Unit193Anyone use the WebUpd8 PPA? Anyone heard of it?07:06
Cheri703yeah, I got minitube from it (I think)07:06
Unit193How is it??07:06
Cheri703I don't know07:07
Cheri703that's the only thing I've gotten from it07:07
Unit193Thanks! adding...07:07
Derath-SrvrAnyone awake?\14:39
thafreak_Morning...er...afternoon ohio17:01
thafreak_canthus13: I might be setting up a honeypot network17:02
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thafreakI got my old openwrt router configured as basically a vlan switch...and my m0n0wall router also talks vlans...17:03
Derath-SrvrSup Freak17:03
Derath-SrvrNot much... I'll have a surprise for all the people that have been trying to exploit phpmyadmin on my box soon17:04
thafreakhaha...what's that17:04
Derath-Srvrmasked download to Fedora's dvd iso17:05
thafreakI'm considering putting a box running damn vulnerable on my honepot network and allowing the internet to access it17:05
thafreakoh nice...17:05
Derath-Srvrwill call it database-backup.dat17:06
thafreakthat's a novel idea...17:06
thafreakso when some one tries to hit /phpmyadmin, you redirect or something?17:06
Derath-SrvrConsidering switching method on it to binary stream to take even longer...17:06
Derath-SrvrThey won't know what it is until they get through all 4.3G, and it's not on my network, so not eating my bandwidth17:06
thafreakI really need to look through my logs to see what the idiots are doing these days...17:06
thafreakNice...too bad it's not on like Libian network though17:07
Derath-Srvralthough one was smart... reversed ip on him... to privatedns17:07
thafreakwaste some dbag's bandwidth17:07
thafreakreally wish I had more time to screw with wannabe attackers...17:08
Derath-SrvrAnd getting to go to cols' ubuntu hour tonight17:08
Cheri703So...I got chosen for sponsorship to UDS-O in Budapest...I'm very surprised by this18:15
Derath-SrvrUDS? Dev Summit?18:15
Derath-SrvrCool! Congrats!18:15
Cheri703I applied for sponsorship as a "hey, what can it hurt? I'm not going to get chosen, but why not?" aaand I got chosen18:16
deejoeCheri703: congratulations!18:22
Cheri703thanks deejoe18:24
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* Derath-Srvr yawns20:56
Derath-Srvrwb, if you're even there21:44
Unit193Derath-Srvr: Board?21:46
Derath-Srvra little...21:46
Derath-Srvr13 min left of work, then on my way to panera...21:46
Derath-Srvrwondering if anyone else will be there aside from me and co-worker...21:47
Unit193I won't21:47
Unit193popman said he might be going21:47
* Derath-Srvr nudges gilbert21:47
Derath-SrvrHe should be there...21:47
Derath-SrvrUnless he's in dayton again21:48
Unit193Done any beta testing?21:54
Unit193or booting *ubuntu in VM?21:55
Derath-Srvrnot lately....21:57
Derath-Srvrbeen doing more vms with other things...21:57
paultagHello, World21:57
Derath-SrvrSup paultag21:59
Derath-SrvrWell, on my way to see if anyone shows for ubuntu hour columbus22:02
Unit193Hello paultag, nhandler22:06
Unit193Hello mathay22:09
Unit193<bonny> how can i install avg virus scanner on lx terminal22:11
paultagheyya Unit193, Cheri703 :)22:16
paultagDerath-Srvr: nada man, how are you?22:16
paultageating brb22:16
Cheri703paultag:  I pm'd you22:17
deejoewhat does brb taste like?22:17
mathayHey, Unit19322:23
mathayHow's it going?22:23
Unit193Well, will be having fun Monday!22:23
Unit193Cheri703: Tomorrow? late congrats btw22:23
Cheri703thanks :)22:24
Cheri703yeah, I'm planning on it22:24
Unit193deejoe: barbecue roast beef?22:24
Cheri703also, alden says to bring the processor :)22:24
Unit193I was planning on it (I hope I don't forget at the last second...)22:25
deejoeUnit193: dunno.  whatever paultag's having there22:25
Cheri703kk :)22:25
deejoebackscroll my good man22:26
deejoethat is, if you care to try to decipher what is at best a lame joke22:26
paultagha! jokes22:27
Unit193mathay: How are you doing?22:29
mathayUnit193: I'm doing alright. Trying to catch up on some news stories--putting off revising the first draft of a paper.22:30
Unit193Who here *doesn't* procrastinate?22:31
Derath-Srvranyone @ panera?23:01
Unit193Hello Derath-Srvr23:03
Derath-Srvrat cols ub hour... no idea if anyone else is here...23:04
Derath-Srvrhave contact info hamdy for spwelton?23:05
Unit193spwelton is also his gmail23:06
Derath-Srvrk thx23:07
Unit193That's what his LP said anyway....23:08
Unit193Wow, I'm currently in 13 channels on 2 networks (1 channel on the other network)23:10
Derath-Srvrgrrr... this is annoying23:24
Unit193Only person there?23:25
Derath-Srvrme and coworker23:42
Derath-Srvroh well23:47
* Derath-Srvr poofs23:47
Cheri703Derath-Srvr: we have ubuntu hours with just 2 people sometimes23:47
Cheri703it happens23:47

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