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JonathanDGood morning PA.09:06
InHisName'Nother good one, JonathanD10:41
jedijfssweeny: 28 congrats! keep going.13:10
ssweenyjedijf, that's the plan14:17
andurildont interrupt my star trek viewing15:09
InHisNameinterrupt interrupt15:11
andrewAnyone have any suggestions to help fix a problem a user is having: copy/pasting of text takes a long time (user has timed it to be 37 seconds to paste) [winxp]?15:55
andrewJonathanD: ^15:55
JonathanDno idea15:56
andurilin specific apps or all apps?15:57
andrewI know it happens when pasting from word to outlook15:57
JonathanDoffice-office pasting is "Special"15:57
andurilboth have support for pretty large clipboards its possible they're full15:57
andurilor too large15:57
JonathanDThey also have multi-stage clipboards that hold more than one thing.15:58
andreweven on older versions of office? (word = 97; outlook = 2003)15:59
andurilpretty sure 2003 does not sure about 9715:59
andurildoesnt outlook default to using word as its email composing engine? Check your settings and if so try disabling that16:00
andrewthat isn't set (probably because it requires a newer version of word)16:03
andurilfdisk. its your only hope16:04
andrewas in fix, or format16:04
andurilas a joke :) I have no idea honestly and havent used word 97 since...well...early 2000s16:05
andrewyeah, I'll have to check to see if it's limited to just that combination, or system wide16:05
andurilall updates/service packs for the various office software installed?16:08
waltmanandrew: My only guess is that they're out of memory and paging like crazy.16:08
waltmanI suppose a typical windows user response would be to defrag the hd, but I can't see how that would help much.16:10
andurilI'd say run ccleaner or the like and wipe out temp folders and and its clipboard cache16:11
waltmanclipboard cache?!16:12
waltmanso it's not a single thing?16:12
waltmanwacky windows.16:12
anduriloffice has its own clipboard which holds multiple "copies." by default the OS itself only has the most recent but Im sure there's probably a history or a cache of it16:13
ChinnoDogYou people are confused. lol16:15
andrewI'll check the page file, good idea16:15
ChinnoDogMost of the time the clipboard doesn't hold anything but a reference to the pasting program. The office clipboard is a mess though. Is it installed and active?16:15
andrewgranted, the solution to this problem would be to get $user to use Outlook's signature feature instead of copy pasting it in each time...16:16
waltmanI just did a short talk on the X11 clipboard for PLUG Central.  It's weird and nonintuitive, too.16:16
andrewdon't get me started on that clipboard16:17
waltmanFor starters, X doesn't really *have* a clipboard :)16:17
andrewdon't get me started on that copy/paste mess16:17
waltmanIt's actually kind of clever once you understand what's going on.16:17
andrewwhy can't I: 1)copy, 2) lock the screen; 3) unlock the screen; 4) paste ?16:17
waltmanlock with xscreensaver?16:18
waltmanthat's an excellent question16:18
waltmanprobably whatever's locking the screen is stealing the clipboard selection16:19
waltmanBut I don't recall ever wanting to paste after unlocking my screen.  Usually I'm pasting right after copying and the screen hasn't had time to lock.  And if it has locked, I've forgotten what I'd copied.16:21
* tychoish comes back from the abyss 16:23
andrewwaltman: I think I've read that it's cleared when the screen is locked to prevent it from getting pasted when the screen is locked16:25
waltmanThe only thing you could paste it into would be the password field of the unlock dialog box, no?16:27
waltmanIf so, it seems like it might be easier to just have that not respond to pastes.16:29
andrewagreed (don't forget the 'leave message' option)16:29
waltmanbeen a while since I've run xscreensaver...16:30
waltmanI wonder if I could expand my clipboard talk to 40-60 minutes...16:30
tychoishregisters in emacs = hours16:35
ChinnoDoggobble gobble21:33
* erstazi likes LXC (:21:51
MutantTurkeyGobble Gobble22:03
MutantTurkeygnome 3.0 released?22:04
ssweenyit is indeed22:10
MutantTurkeyI'm not sold yet, stuck on xfce 4.822:11
* ssweeny likes it for the most part22:12
ssweenyusing the ppa for it on natty is a bit frustrating, but i'll reserve final judgment until the final bits are in22:13
MutantTurkeybloat or not?22:16
ssweenynot really bloat22:16
ssweenymore like they haven't worked out all the kinks22:16
MutantTurkeydefine _not really_22:16
ssweenyand the interaction with my graphics driver seems to be problematic22:17
ssweenylike when i open a picture in eye of gnome my whole screen goes black22:17
ssweenyi'm fairly certain that's not by design22:17
ssweenyotherwise it's pretty fast22:18
ssweenyand i love the dynamic workspaces22:18
MutantTurkeytempted to try it out22:19
MutantTurkeywonder if Arch has it in [gnome-unstable] yet...22:20
ssweenyit should be hitting debian sometime soon22:24
ssweenylooking forward to that22:24
waltmanI'm not even sold on xfce :)23:10
jedijfwaltman: how long have you xfce'd?23:18
waltmanJust a few days, then I went back to windowmaker :)23:18
jedijflol.....6 weeks at least23:19
jedijfbe fair23:19
waltmanI'm addicted to dockapps :)23:20
waltmanand while I found a sort-of solution, it wasn't the same.23:20
waltmanIt just didn't seem like it was buying me much23:21
waltmananyhow, I'm running out to plug central.  I'll be back later.23:21

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