oriaschris4585: how much stuff are yoiu trying to recover?00:01
chris4585orias, a few gbs00:02
chris4585actually probably more than a few00:03
chris4585orias, I pretty much want to recover everything in ~/00:07
oriasahhh lost ~?00:11
oriasyou can , but its going to be ugly as far as filenames00:11
oriasyou need to ensure that you recover drive A onto drive B, otherwise you risk overwritting data. make sure that the destination drive has plenty of room00:12
chris4585orias, somewhere during upgrading ubuntu, ~/ went missing00:13
chris4585short story, I should have backed up first00:14
oriaswas it on a spereate partition?00:21
oriasyoui should always out ~ on a different partition00:22
chris4585personally I don't like doing that00:23
oriasreally? saves alot of heart aches00:23
oriasespecially during upgrades or new installs00:24
oriasdecided on what you want to do?00:25
chris4585usually I do fresh installs, I just copy my files from my external hdd00:27
chris4585well I'm on the phone atm, but I'm going to look up some syntax or how to use it00:27
oriasphotorec is pretty easy, select the correct drive, then go through the options00:29
chris4585do you just run photorec and then get a menu?00:31
oriassudo photorec00:34
oriasthen select the right drive00:34
chris4585do I have to have it mounted?00:34
oriasthen choose "continue" when it asks about hidden partitions00:35
oriasthen EFI GPT >00:35
oriasthen whole disk> then filetype (ext3/4)00:36
oriasthen *imoortant* make sure you choose the right drive to put the recovered files in :)00:36
oriasthen hit "y" to start the process :)00:37
chris4585hrm okay00:38
orias_you want to00:38
orias_change the file types it looks for, unless you want to get *everything* back00:39
orias_srsly *everything* even little cache files and thumbnails 0.o00:39
chris4585I'm at the part where it says "Disk /dev/sda - 500 GB / 465 GiB (R0) - etc... Unknown.  Search?00:40
orias_do you want to get everything back? (takes a while)00:40
orias_or a more targeted approach?00:40
chris4585I want everything in a specific partition / folder00:41
orias_its going to scan for everything it can00:41
chris4585so Partition - Unknown ?00:41
chris4585and hit search?00:42
orias_you're at the first menu?00:42
orias_ahh the last menu00:42
orias_did you make sure to chose the correct destination?00:42
chris4585Search - Options - File Opt - Quit00:42
orias_if so then select search and the process will start00:42
orias_you can choose options to narrow your search00:43
chris4585orias_, when it asks for a drive, is that where it wants to search or... destination? its not very clear00:43
orias_but for now if you want choose search, then ext3/3xt4 for file type00:43
orias_first choice is source00:43
orias_ie what you want to look through00:44
orias_tell me when your done00:44
orias_with that00:44
chris4585ah okay00:44
orias_at the ext screen yet?00:44
orias_choose ext2/ext300:45
orias_new screen? with .00:45
orias_boot etc?00:45
chris4585its showing me ~/ on the livecd00:45
chris4585but yeah00:45
orias_choose ..00:45
orias_then go under media00:45
orias_and see if another drive is present00:45
orias_choose ..t all the files it finds.00:46
orias_choose wisely00:46
orias_this is where it will put all the files it finds.*00:47
orias_once you find your desired destination, press y to start the process00:47
=== orias_ is now known as orias
chris4585hrm okay00:49
oriashow goes it?00:49
chris4585I made a dir named RECOVERY on my external HDD, select that dir then hit y?00:50
oriasthen come back in 3 days00:50
chris4585interesting, so there's no way to narrow down what folder I want to recover?00:50
oriasonly thing you can use to narrow it down is file type00:50
chris4585ah okay, here goes nothing!00:50
orias jpeg mp3 txt00:50
oriasgood luck! you did choose the right destination right ?00:51
oriasjust making sure :)00:51
chris4585on the external hdd..00:51
chris4585orias, thanks for your help00:51
oriaswhat region of tn are you in?00:51
chris4585never done this before, hope I get what I want00:52
oriasyou'll get *everything*00:52
chris4585orias, well I moved 2.5yrs ago, but I lived in Kingston00:52
oriaswhere at now?00:52
chris4585orias, right now I'm in Fl, above Tampa00:52
chris4585orias, will it really take 3 days? lol00:53
oriasit depends on how big the drive is00:53
oriasit scans from start to finish :)00:53
chris4585partition itself is 367gbs, and it probably only has 20gbs or so on it00:54
oriasfigure about 15 minutes for 8 gigs00:54
orias11.5 hours/00:54
chris4585strange, it seems to be recovering files from my windows partition, is that normal?00:55
oriasit'll get *everything*00:56
chris4585ok, its a bit strange how it recovers with the odd filenames, anyway it will sort this in the directories they were in?00:56
oriasits like dumping out your desk into the bed of a truck00:59
oriasbut at least you get your stuff back :)00:59
cyberangerchris4585: sorry, that's what I get for stopping in the shop on a day off00:59
cyberangerorias: thanks, that was more or less the method I had in mind myself01:01
cyberanger(I usually use mutiple methods, redundancy never hurt a geek01:01
cyberangerafter all)01:02
cyberangerorias: I did think it could be a little more selective, to at least a partition01:03
chris4585are there any methods that will retain file names?01:04
chris4585orias, recovery is complete o.O01:05
cyberangerchris4585: considering what happened, not really01:05
cyberangerthe headers are altered, possibiltiy of more than that too01:06
cyberangerfor the extra hassle, it's usually not worth it for mp3's or pictures01:06
chris4585it only recovered 511 mp3s, I expected about 2,50001:07
cyberangerbecuase the ID3 tags should have data in them (and a tool can read the tags and sort them) and pictures usually being random anyhow (DSC1000X and such)01:07
cyberangerhuh, odd01:07
cyberangerchris4585: is there still free space on the drive?01:08
chris4585cyberanger, there should be01:09
chris4585there we go... its getting more mp3s this time01:11
chris4585but that still doesn't save the id3 tags..01:11
cyberangerchris4585: really, no id3 tags01:12
cyberangerdid you have id3 tags before01:12
oriaswell its better than a total loss01:12
chris4585is there some sort of special option for that.. ?01:12
oriasdid you soecify any file types?01:13
chris4585mp3s and brute force01:13
cyberangernot sure why it has no id3 tags now01:14
chris4585well if I had them, I could simply rename the files01:15
cyberangerwell, this is progress though01:17
cyberangerorias: ever used foremost01:18
oriasheaded to the house... hope you find what you're looking for chris458501:36
chris4585orias, thanks for the help01:37
oriasi wonder how it turned out for Chris...02:38
cyberangerunusual for him to part channel02:43
cyberangerconnection perhaps02:43
chris4585cyberanger, I think I have some very good news03:20
oriashow'd it go?03:22
* orias is thinking about moving to Debian03:22
chris4585I found a dir in /home named .ecryptfs/chris/.Private and it seems to be ~43gbs03:22
chris4585so I don't think its deleted, just encrypted..03:22
chris4585not quite sure how to get it unencrypted though03:22
oriasencrypted home partition?03:22
chris4585its whatever ubiquity did to it...03:22
wrstglad you got it going chris458503:23
chris4585I'm very glad too... now to figure this encryption stuff out03:24
* wrst is reading the backlogs03:24
chris4585this is very frustrating03:36
chris4585I don't know how to get my data unencrypted03:37
cyberangerchris4585: ok, that's doable then03:40
cyberangershame on it not asking, but that really really makes sense03:40
cyberangerand you might just need to login to it to unlock it (it's supposed to be tied to that and scripted)03:41
cyberangerorias: again, thanks for being speedier than me03:41
oriaswe're all here to help, in any way we can :)03:41
cyberangerorias: and about moving to Debian, it's my job to suggest otherwise, but that's gotten harder for me to try lately03:42
wrstorias: why considerng moving to debian?03:42
oriasbeen thinking about crunchbang as well, but i dunno03:42
cyberangersince I've gotten more debian loyal than ubuntu now03:43
oriasI want to keep learning03:43
chris4585this is giving me a headache03:43
cyberangercrunchbang is nice, I've made my own build like it off ubuntu03:43
chris4585I've tried: ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase /home/.ecryptfs/ubuntu_user/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase03:43
chris4585but then it asks for a passphrase..03:43
cyberangeras has chris4585 (it's just openbox nitrogen conky & tint2 )03:43
oriasdidi you ever save the passphrase it generated during the orignal install?03:43
cyberangerorias: that assumes it did give it to him, which sounds highly unlikely03:44
chris4585orias, it was saved I believe03:44
cyberangerchris4585: did you try your username password there?03:44
cyberangeryour login account03:44
chris4585cyberanger, yeah no go03:45
* cyberanger hands chris4585 a glass of vodka, raises a toast to the perfect and sometimes elusive upgrade03:45
oriaswhich guide did you try to use?03:45
oriaswanna go through he second guide step by step?03:46
chris4585right now I'm looking at this http://www.theirishpenguin.com/2010/09/26/accessing-your-encrypted-home-directory-in-ubuntu/03:46
oriastry the one from ubuntu's help docs03:46
cyberangerchris4585: that one has better luck03:46
cyberangerchris4585: you'll need another step for that too03:48
cyberangerto get the mount passphrase03:48
chris4585give me a few minutes03:49
chris4585agh, today has just been a big headache03:49
cyberangerchris4585: this should NOT work anyhow /home/.ecryptfs/ubuntu_user/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase should NOT exist03:49
chris4585cyberanger, I took the steps to do it correctly on my system03:50
chris4585I'm getting off the livecd and booting up..03:50
chris4585this might have been my problem all along..03:51
cyberanger(just noticed though, that would explain ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase not working as expected)03:51
chris4585:/ got a kernel panic03:51
chris4585cyberanger, well I figured that, thats why I'm trying from the install..03:51
chris4585but looks like I might have to chroot..03:51
cyberangerhow long till you get cable?03:51
chris4585cyberanger, about a week or so03:52
cyberangerouch, was thinking if you could run live, backup everything now, everything clear at least (vs encrypted) and then come back to this with a netinstall03:52
chris4585cyberanger, would chrooting into my borked up system possibly yield results with ecrypt?03:52
cyberangerjust nuke the issue03:53
chris4585the issue right now is I'm getting a kernel panic..03:53
cyberangerchroot from the live disc and try?03:54
chris4585lets find out..03:54
cyberangerdid ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase /home/user/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase not work?03:54
cyberanger(note that is a different filepath than what you put above)03:55
cyberangerorias: I have never seen ubuntu write that mountprase to stout03:56
cyberangerso one could write that down03:56
cyberangeridk if that's ubuntu dumbing down or a bug (I'll settle for both)03:57
oriasi remember the installer asking me to take note  of a long string, i sent it to myself to make sure03:58
chris4585I think my system is very borked04:02
chris4585apt-get: command not found04:02
cyberangerwell, the usual idea is to take the path of least resistance (aka KISS)04:05
cyberangerand I do agree, back up what you can, reinstall04:05
chris4585yes, this is becoming a bit of a hassle04:05
cyberangerjust a bit ;-)04:06
chris4585cyberanger, I have an idea, if the password is the same on a similar system could I copy the .ecryptfs dir to the similar system and try?04:06
cyberangerno, since the password should still be decrypting that file now04:07
cyberangerbut did you get the right file, /home/user/.encryptfs/wrapped-passphrase04:07
chris4585yes I have that file..04:08
cyberangercause before you ran the command differently, to a nonexistent path04:08
oriaskeep fighting the good fight :)04:08
cyberangerif ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase /home/username/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase doesn't work, sorta screwed04:09
cyberangeryour login password unlocks that, which has the mount password to unlock the rest04:10
cyberangera two step04:10
chris4585cyberanger, well I have the files, but they're on a borked system04:11
cyberangerand that's where this gets to be an issue, it's not system and files, and afaik, changing your password with a tool like passwd isn't enough in itself04:11
cyberangerwell, backing them up doesn't hurt04:12
cyberangerjust a matter of how borked they are, what they'll be good for04:12
chris4585I'll let you guys know if I get something going.. right now I'm going to install 10.10 on the same system to do some repairage05:01
chris4585I think I'm getting somewhere08:02
cyberangerchris4585: at three hours I'll let you tell me if that's good or bad08:05
chris4585cyberanger, lol well I think I have everything I need.. its a bit confusing though08:06
chris4585fallowing that guide, all I'm able to do is mount my .Private encrypted folder somewhere else, and its not un-encrypted then..08:06
chris4585I'm trying to figure this out08:06
cyberangerwell, we're here to help, just so long as you don't cut the blue wire, we'll be good08:07
chris4585cyberanger, it took 3hrs to install a fresh ubuntu on my desktop :P08:07
chris4585partitioning this drive takes a while08:08
chris4585it seems I'm not having an issue with the passphrases but its not decrypting anything :/08:11
cyberangerso you have your mount passphrase, used it to mount the encrypted folder, and nada08:13
chris4585yeah it mounts, but not decrypts..08:13
chris4585that is what appears to be happening08:14
cyberangerchris4585: chance there is nothing to decrypt08:21
cyberangernuked home, then created encrypted home08:21
cyberangeror copied home, created encrypted home, snafu goes here08:22
chris4585cyberanger, that doesn't explain the ~40gbs the .Private folder is showing08:23
chris4585darn, looks like I"m going to have to resize this partition..08:31
chris4585setting up the partitions will take all night, I might as well sleep08:38
wrstmorning Xpistos14:47
cyberangerwrst: might I ask a favor20:19
wrstsure cyberanger20:20
wrstwhat can i do for you?20:20
cyberangerI might not be at tommorow's meeting, celbrating a birthday a day late20:20
cyberangerif I'm not, and nobody gets the memo (email to the list, typing it now) let them know20:21
wrstok need me to send an email cyberanger?20:28
cyberangerno, just if your at the meeting, or anyone else that's briefed (which should be everyone on the list, you and our leaders seperate) and someone wonders, let them know20:30
cyberangerI'm getting us an adgenda for once20:30
* cyberanger hasn't been the best leader on matters of documentation20:30

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