brycehRAOF, so what I've been thinking is the more bugs we can get sent upstream right now in this period between betas, the better00:36
brycehat the moment most of the software is relatively up to date enough that upstream will care, 00:36
brycehand its still early enough we can pull in patches if/when they become available00:36
RAOFAnd we've got time to do something about any fixes!00:37
brycehpast beta2, we're probably going to see diminishing returns00:37
brycehso after beta2 it makes sense to focus on key bugs and general testing00:37
brycehI'm not sure what we should or can do about the proprietary driver bugs00:39
RAOFNeither am I.00:39
brycehtime spent on them may not be as high a pay off as time spent on foss drivers, so focusing on the latter seems to make the most sense00:40
RAOFWell, I guess we can try to work out whether it's a packaging problem or not and fix those.00:40
RAOFI'm somewhat surprised we haven't seen more nouveau bugs, actually.00:40
brycehyeah me too00:40
brycehI think I've heard more people *say* they have nouveau troubles than we have bug reports00:41
brycehbut it's been such a quasi-supported driver for so long maybe they've become accustomed not to report stuff00:42
RAOFI'm somewhat suspicious, yeah.  Particularly with some of the newer nvidia cards; there's a possibly resolved bug upstream that causes the newer cards to hang quite frequently when accel is enabled, but we don't *seem* to be seeing many of those bugs.00:42
RAOFMaybe you're right; we've conditioned people to expect poor outcomes :/00:43
brycehit was the same with -ati long ago, I think things'll change, but the driver needs to get closer to par first probably00:44
RAOFAnd maybe not have the 3d in -experimental-no-really-don't-report-bugs.00:45
brycehfrom http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/Bugs it sounds like they accept 3d nouveau bugs now, filed against mesa, so that sounds promising00:45
RAOFYeah.  It's new and shiny and interesting.00:45
brycehmaybe it would be sensible to organize a nouveau 3d testing week next cycle or something00:46
RAOFIt would, yes.00:46
RAOFI suspect we'd find that most things work well, newer cards hang after a while, and some things just don't work.00:48
* bryceh nods00:48
brycehprobably what would give the most bang for the buck is some gpu hang debugging tools for nouveau00:49
brycehsince judging from other drm drivers that seems to be the primary bugbear with 3d00:50
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tjaalton_RAOF, bryceh_, Sarvatt: so what do we do with 1.10.1 when it arrives? there are a whole bunch of memleaks fixed, among others07:01
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tjaaltoni'd also like to push libx11 1.4.2 in natty, been using it for a couple of weeks without problems07:04
RAOFWhat does it fix?07:07
tjaalton"Additionally, Jamey Sharp has provided some fixes for Display lock handling07:08
tjaaltonthat caused some deadlocks when using xcb for transport (which was optional07:08
tjaaltonin 1.3.x and is required in 1.4.x), so this update is highly recomended to07:08
tjaaltonusers of multi-threaded Xlib applications.07:08
tjaaltonthere's bug 507602 which could be cured by that07:09
ubot4`tjaalton: Bug 507602 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/507602 is private07:09
tjaaltonhell it is07:09
tjaaltonbug 50706207:09
ubot4`Launchpad bug 507062 in libx11 (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "synaptic assert failure: synaptic: ../../src/xcb_io.c:385: _XAllocID: Assertion `ret != inval_id' failed. (affects: 388) (dups: 266) (heat: 2410)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50706207:09
RAOFSounds like a reasonably useful fix.07:10
tjaaltonrest are here http://www.spinics.net/lists/xorg/msg52211.html07:14
tjaaltondo we still need ffe's for bugfix-releases07:14
tjaaltonoh, so this could just go in? sweet07:15
tjaaltonif you are for it, of course :)07:15
tjaaltonthere's also 1.4.3 which only adds some define for sinhala07:15
RAOFI remember reading a lot of those patches; they looked trivially correct.07:16
RAOFDo you have test packages available?  I guess they're in alioth git?07:20
tjaaltonlet me check07:21
tjaaltonat least they are on my local trees07:21
tjaaltonhum, should be fine yes07:22
RAOFI'll give 'im a try, then.07:23
RAOFAs for 1.10.1, I guess that depends on how soon it's out.07:25
RAOFI haven't followed the patches flowing there quite so much.07:26
tjaaltonyeah, there's from last week, after that it got the memleak fixes from tiago07:26
tjaaltonI'll merge it locally and see if it fixes the menus on my savage07:26
bryceh_I'd like to get as many fixes in as possible between now and release.  Cherrypicking is great, if there are bugfix releases available which we're reasonably certain don't add regressions, those are good too07:29
tjaaltonthere are no regression fixes merged to the branch after .90107:30
tjaaltonnot that it means there couldn't be regressions, but07:31
bryceh_we've still got 3 weeks to go, plus sru's after that.  So there's time to fix things as long as we're attentive to bug reports coming in07:32
bryceh_I feel a lot more comfortable given that the bug queue has been kept under control.  We're not drowning in bug reports, so I feel we're going to be able to spot and respond to regressions that come up between now and release very quickly07:33
bryceh_so I'm not super worried if we pull in 1.10.1 and it has a regression or two, that it's going to be a huge deal.07:33
bryceh_but like raof says, sooner is better :-)07:33
tjaaltonso I'll prepare .901 in git07:33
tjaaltonand test it here07:33
bryceh_oh, also, I just noticed http://lwn.net/Articles/437018/ - has anyone pulled that fix in yet?07:34
tjaaltonthen it's closer to .1 once it's released07:34
tjaaltonsarvatt pulled it in x11-server-utils07:35
tjaaltonxrdb 1.0.9 that is, x11-s-u isn't released yet though07:35
tjaaltoni'll close bug 312756, it just messes up my mailbox08:21
ubot4`Launchpad bug 312756 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "MASTER: support graphics card hot switch (affects: 249) (dups: 2) (heat: 1350)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31275608:21
tjaaltonnice that the "hybrid graphics linux" -project uses that bug to gather dst information08:22
tjaaltonand not their own project bugs (there are none, of course)08:23
tjaaltonSarvatt, bryceh_: bug 752315 done apart from the uploads13:21
ubot4`Launchpad bug 752315 in x11-xserver-utils (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 5 other projects) "[SECURITY update] Sync x11-xserver-utils 7.6+2 (main) from Debian unstable (main) (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 18)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75231513:21
tjaaltonused the same bug for hardy/karmic/lucid/maverick13:22
tjaaltonand pushed ubuntu-{lucid,maverick} to git13:23
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SarvattRAOF: I went ahead and reverted the sandybridge speedup in git, never managed to get it working on just GT2 and not GT1 :(15:41
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tjaaltonmerged xserver from experimental16:28
jcristauhad to redo your xrdb updates?16:28
tjaaltonyeah they wanted the patch separate, not inline16:28
tjaaltonand fixed the changelog too16:29
jcristaui was too lazy to bother with quilt so i just edited the patch and git am'ed it16:29
tjaaltoni cherry-picked it, applied fine on every release :)16:30
tjaaltoni think16:30
tjaaltondidn't build-test them though16:30
jcristaujust had to s,xrdb.c,xrdb/&,g16:31
jcristaubecause of the bundle thing16:31
tjaaltonah right16:31
jcristauother than that, yeah, it applied without fuzz or anything :)16:35
jcristauyay for slow-moving sw16:35
tjaaltonyep :)16:38
jcristautjaalton: do you get to fix dapper as well?17:00
tjaaltonjcristau: hmm, I believe this falls under the 3y desktop support, but I'll confirm17:00
tjaaltonmdeslaur: ^17:01
tjaaltonha, lp lists it as supported17:02
tjaaltonso, yes17:02
jcristau6 months release cycles make for too many branches :)17:02
tjaaltoni'd favor 1y cadence, and then every other release would be LTS17:03
tjaaltonthere, I said it :)17:04
tjaaltonhmm doesn't apply17:06
tjaaltontwo hunks failed17:06
mdeslaurtjaalton, jcristau: this is the list for the current dapper supported packages: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/dapper-lts-server-supported.txt17:40
bryceh_tjaalton, thanks19:12
bjsniderricotz, is gnome 3 fully built in the ppa now or...?19:17
ricotzbjsnider, kind of -- it is still missing some stuff19:25
bjsniderdoes it actually work at this point?19:25
ricotzi am using for some weeks now19:26
ricotzbut you will loose the gnome2/unity session19:26
bjsnidergnome-shell works ok?19:26
ricotzso far it does19:27
ricotzbut it will be more stable with 3.2 ;)19:27
bjsnideris it playing well with the nvidia driver?19:30
ricotzyes, besides the message-tray-slowness19:30
bjsniderhow soon before the rest of the packages are in the ppa?19:32
ricotzi dont know, the desktop-team is quite busy with natty, and my time is limited too19:33
ricotzdo you miss something?19:33
ricotzi hope gdm will get in soon19:34
bjsnideri just want to test it after everything's in19:40
bjsniderprobably has a better chance of working19:40
ricotzbjsnider, you are not brave enough? ;)19:59
bjsniderricotz, unity is already more than unstable enough for me. i will not tempt fate any more.20:06
bjsniderat least it works fast with nvidia, when it isn't crashing20:07
ricotzi havent used unity yet -- i am obviously more a docky fan :P20:09
bjsniderwhy do you need docky if you have gnome-shell?20:10
ricotzbjsnider, i like to have dock20:20
ricotzi know there is a dock extension, but it dont have the features20:20
bjsniderricotz, is that what it looks like to you?20:26
ricotzbjsnider, yes20:43
cndbryceh_, help me out :)21:25
cndI can't find the release notes on the wiki anywhere21:26
cndneither google nor wiki searching help21:26
cnddo you remember where they are?21:26
bryceh_cnd, release notes are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/TechnicalOverview21:27
bryceh_probably ought to be linked to more prominently.  Wonder if we can update the topic here?21:28
cndbryceh_, they used to be at MaverickMeerkat/ReleaseNotes21:29
cndit's not so obvious anymore :)21:30
ScottKRAOF or Sarvatt: I've got this sandybridge laptop now.  It' mostly good, but there's some pretty bad screen corruption in some cases.  Any hope for this getting better?  Any thing I can help with on testing/bug filing?21:34

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