superflyyo sakhi07:44
linuxboyyo superfly and sakhi 07:45
superflysup linuxboy07:45
sakhiyo linuxboy 07:54
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nuvolariwhat happened?08:17
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Kiloslo superfly hows ya and the family. winter is close hey?10:43
Kilosmorning everyone else10:44
superflyheya Kilos10:44
superflyyes, it's pretty cold in the evenings now10:44
Kilossaw an interesting thing in synaptic 'sugarplum' looks like it fights spam not just blocks it10:45
Kilosbut i dont get any so was just interesting10:45
superflyKilos: it's a tool for sysadmins10:48
Kiloshi Morganvd 11:00
Morganvdhi Kilos 11:24
MorganvdMaaz_: coffee on12:41
* Maaz_ flips the salt-timer12:41
Maaz_Coffee's ready for Morganvd!12:45
nuvolaricontingency mangement...12:45
MorganvdMaaz_: thanks12:45
Maaz_Morganvd: Okay :-)12:45
Kiloswell done Morganvd 12:46
KilosMaaz_, wat eet ons 12:48
Maaz_Rys vleis en aartapels12:48
KilosMaaz_, wat eet ons vanaand12:48
Maaz_Enigiets met pap en sous Kilos Ek is gelukig met mikro organismes van die internet12:48
KilosMaaz_, whats for lunch12:49
Maaz_Hmm Kilos . Methinks Kentucky and coleslaw would go down well12:49
KilosMaaz_, drop your tail12:50
Maaz_Kilos: Excuse me?12:50
KilosMaaz_, /nick12:51
Maaz_Kilos: What?12:51
Kilosum 12:51
nuvolarirys, vleis en aartapels... boere kos. Ek verlang huistoe nou.12:51
Kilosi give up12:51
Morganvdthanks Kilos 12:54
Morganvdwhy the _12:54
MorganvdMaaz_: /nick Maaz12:55
Maaz_Morganvd: Huh?12:55
Kiloshe musta got disconnected and came back before his timeout12:55
MorganvdMaaz_, /nick Maaz12:55
Maaz_Morganvd: Huh?12:55
Kilosi think one needs to know the correct command and his bosses password12:55
MorganvdMaaz_: login12:56
Maaz_Morganvd: Sorry...12:56
MorganvdMaaz_: n00b12:57
Maaz_Morganvd: Excuse me?12:57
Kiloscocooncrash, if you not to busy will you please fix maaz_12:58
Kilosjust a tail drop12:58
MorganvdMaaz_: /hop12:59
Maaz_Morganvd: Sorry...12:59
cocooncrashMaaz_: change nick to Maaz12:59
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Maazcocooncrash: Changing nick to Maaz12:59
Kilosthank you cocooncrash 12:59
Morganvdcan anyone do it12:59
MorganvdKilos: change nick to Madmax13:01
Kilosalready in use13:01
Kilosah mjaaz actually changed hosts13:02
Kilos  maaz not mjaaz13:02
MaazKilos: Huh?13:02
KilosMaaz, skuus man13:03
MaazMoenie huil nie Kilos Jou beurt is jou beurt13:03
KilosMaaz, weather in pretoria south africa13:05
MaazKilos: In Lanseria, South Africa at 2:00 PM SAST on April 06, 2011: 18°C; Humidity: 77%; Wind: North at 11 km/h; Conditions: Mostly Cloudy; Sunrise/set: 6:18 AM SAST/6:00 PM SAST; Moonrise/set: 8:38 AM SAST/7:36 PM SAST13:05
Kilosthought so. the idiot box just said its 20c13:06
Squirmwhere can I download a local release of Ubuntu 11.04 ?16:16
tumbleweedMaaz: ubuntu mirrors16:17
Maaztumbleweed: ubuntu mirrors are http://ubuntu.mirror.ac.za/, http://ubuntu.saix.net/, http://mirror.is.co.za/, http://ftp.wa.co.za/, http://ftp.leg.uct.ac.za/16:17
* acherv say hello @all16:22
nuvolario.O 11.04 is out?16:24
tumbleweednuvolari: end of the month16:24
nuvolarioh, :P16:25
nuvolariSquirm: why do you aske now already? 16:26
queerydid someone create a event for the pretoria release on the loco site yet?16:26
queerycan someone help me find the venue of the pretoria release party on google maps16:38
marcogqueery: what's the place called?16:42
queeryI just need to know if it's the west or east corner16:42
queerygot the spot on google maps: Nellmapius Drive and Van Ryneveld Avenue16:42
marcogoh, so not something i can help with i guess16:43
queeryneed the pretoria peeps to help16:44
drubinqueery: email the list ask them to add it16:45
queerybut im half way there16:45
queeryall i need is to know16:45
queeryleft 16:45
queeryor right16:45
queeryim guessing right16:45
queerytoo bad if its whong16:46
queeryits pretoria16:46
queerymaaz, announce The Pretoria Release party will be help at KAROO - Cattle and Land please RSVP at http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/864/detail/16:55
MaazHear ye, hear ye! The Pretoria Release party will be help at KAROO - Cattle and Land please RSVP at http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/864/detail/16:55
queerymaaz, announce on 30 April from 10am16:56
MaazHear ye, hear ye! on 30 April from 10am16:56
Squirmnuvolari: I asked because I might as well download 11.04, then download 10.10 now and then 11.04 after the release. so ill just update 11.04 after the release16:58
Squirmespecially if it takes 5 hours to download16:58
drubinnuvolari: is durban having a release party?16:58
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marcogdrubin: have you applied for cd's yet?17:00
drubinmarcog: not yet, I passed out last night17:01
marcogcan i help at all?17:02
drubinNope, I just need to fill in a tiny form this evening.17:02
marcogside-note: i see we're up to 23 yes and 26 maybe for release party :)17:02
drubini saw17:02
drubinand lots of people will come with out actually bothering to reply17:03
marcogwhat was the size of the last one?17:03
queerymy mom is one of the maybe's so  dont count them all17:04
marcogthere a bunch of maybes in there that if one or two come, ten will17:05
marcogthat i know of17:05
queeryoh ok cool17:05
Morganvdevening all18:55
Morganvdso how is everyone tonight19:04
drubinmarcog: done, and done.21:04
Morganvdhe drubin 21:05
marcogdrubin: :)21:05
Morganvdim a little lost with ibid bot21:05
marcogso where did you end up choosing to ship it to?21:05
Morganvdi cant figure out where to put the password for irc for bot toregister21:05
drubinI will make sure they land up in cpt as well21:06
marcogdrubin: work out with bob to get some sent to it challenge finals21:06
marcogand then they can distribute it there21:06
marcogthere are 9 universities meeting up21:06
marcogNWU, UP, Wits, UKZN, Rhodes, NMMU and the 3 cape universities21:07
drubinhaven't seen bob in years.. is he still around?21:09
marcogof course he is :) he's stil studying at stellies21:10
marcoghe's going to the finals21:10
marcogunfortunately that doesn't mean all that much, as he had a grand total of 0 competition21:17
Morganvdyay i got it21:17
Kilosnight all. sleep tight21:21

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