karnig'night #ubuntuone !01:39
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ryeI can't help but point this out. Look at bug #690673 and the look back at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/ubuntuone-client/trunk/revision/934 now back at the bug. Yes, it is now in nightlies08:45
ubot4`Launchpad bug 690673 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Syncdaemon MUST move files to trash on removal (affects: 2) (heat: 38)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69067308:45
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faganbrb many updates09:21
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* fagan hates unity sometimes09:55
ryerodrigo_, pong09:56
ryerodrigo_, ping09:56
rodrigo_rye, pong09:57
ryerodrigo_, so, it looks like if there is e-addressbook-factory running already before main evolution process starts then couchdb can be contacted. Additionally no couchdb interaction is seen when other e-processes are running (e-calendar-factory, e-alarm-notifier).10:00
ryedoes not look like it is couch-related but clicking on the contact hangs screen redraw :(10:02
rodrigo_yeah, there are a lot of problems, given what people are adding to the bug10:02
rodrigo_1st the tokens not being in the keyring10:03
rodrigo_2nd the tokens being different in the keyring than in the .ini file10:03
rodrigo_and then all the evo-related ones10:03
rodrigo_also, someone reported a couchdb folder being created in $HOME, and I checked mine and indeed it's there10:04
rodrigo_I guess that's the cache API in e-d-s having changed10:04
* mandel hates when launchpad is in read-only mode....10:04
rodrigo_and needing a full path10:04
faganmandel: Can you have a look at my code I cant get it to work even though it seems ok10:04
mandelfagan: well, if you have a way to send it, yes, launchapd is on readonly10:05
faganmandel: I can email it10:05
faganoh or use u110:05
faganthat would be faster10:05
mandelyes, and +1 for using our own product :)10:06
rodrigo_rye, hmm, I've lost the evo-couchdb bug, do you have the #?10:07
faganmandel: http://ubuntuone.com/p/l9k/10:07
ryerodrigo_, i need to reboot, my compiz went crazy and I think i see some bug in evolution - it hangs the whole X server until killed when I click quickly on the contacts10:08
rodrigo_rye, ok10:09
mandelfagan: I'll be on it as soon as I do a tech pit stop10:13
faganmandel: its probably something dumb since im not really getting how the Qpainter stuff works yet10:14
faganbrb tea10:21
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* mandel back10:28
mandelfagan: the firs thing I would do is remove the need of the designer stuff, I have not looked at it, but you dont need it10:30
faganmandel: but I just didnt want to make a window :)10:30
faganok removing10:31
mandelfagan: no need, If you show the custom widget as the main widget, it will create the  windows frame around, so lets remove it some make the thing simpler10:32
mandelfagan: the paint is in the wrong location, take a look at the following: http://www.commandprompt.com/community/pyqt/x276510:33
ryerodrigo_, could you please have a look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/590140/ - that is the bt i get when I manage to click addressbook entries until the whole session hangs (no reaction to mouse click or keyboard, swtching to vt works)10:33
mandelfagan: that is a small example of a custom widget, the important part for you is the paintEvent10:33
faganah ok10:34
faganso I can get rid of the mouse events and work from there10:34
mandelfagan: sorry, bloody irc crashed, did you get my last sentece about the paintevent?10:34
mandelfagan: yes, that is, remove the mouse events and use that as a template10:34
faganyeah I got it10:34
mandelfagan: from that, you will start getting thing drawn, the next step would be to draw the correct thing, but that is a diff story :)10:35
mandelstep by step, right ?10:35
faganmandel: yeah I think I know what metods to use and all of that but just getting the start was the hard part10:36
mandelfagan: cool, then let me know if you have any other problems :)10:36
mandeloh my, kubuntu looks horrible!10:37
faganmandel: hah10:37
faganI like how kubuntu looks but hates the theme10:38
faganbut unity looks pretty good now so im happy using that10:38
fagan(all the crashes make me regret that)10:38
mandelyeah, unity looks way better, and I have no problem sin my ubuntu machine, boring dells for the win!10:39
faganmandel: msi wind is a little funny10:40
faganits new so I hope the issues get fixed soonish10:40
faganthe webcam doesnt work, if I plug it out of the mains it doesnt let me use the wireless10:40
faganthat kind of crap10:41
mandelfagan: do remember that we have the spring next week, so make sure that you have a working windows vm to work with set up so that we dont loose to much time setting up the env10:51
mandelI'd like to take as much advantage as possible form the sprint10:51
mandellisette: ping10:53
faganmandel: well for doing the interface and all that do I need Windows on it?10:53
* fagan removed windows from it because the way msi set it up was terribly annoying 10:53
mandelfagan: every branch will have to be tested on windows, so just having two vms will not be enough, and you will have to do reviews that are not just UI reviews10:54
faganmandel: ah ok ill grab windows xp or something and dual boot it10:54
mandelfagan: why not a vm?10:55
faganmandel: its an msi wind I dont think it can handle a vm10:55
faganmandel: 1.6ghz10:55
fagan(dual core)10:55
mandelfagan: dont you have something a little bit more powerful? is that you only laptop?10:56
faganmandel: the one I had before it was 1.7 ghz and 7 years old10:56
faganIm using a desktop for my main environment at home10:57
mandelbummer…. well, is not your fault I'll take a look on what we can do about it10:58
faganmandel: id say there would be some other computers lying around10:58
karnigood morning!10:58
faganmorning karni10:58
mandelfagan: I doubt it a lot10:58
faganbummer :)10:59
faganmandel: I couldnt really help it too much but the dual boot should help since I cant vm it11:00
faganit would do11:00
mandelfagan: I really dont want you to be constantly rebooting11:01
mandelfagan: I sort out something11:01
faganmandel: yeah ok11:01
faganmandel: in that example there is a bit that isnt defined and I cant find it anywhere its the bitBlt thing11:04
mandelfagan: well, that is just a detail of what they are drawing, you can ignore that11:05
mandelyou wont use that at all11:05
faganah ok11:05
rodrigo_rye, use 'thread apply all bt' instead of 'bt' to get the backtrace11:11
ryerodrigo_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/590160/11:17
ryerodrigo_, basically evolution is sitting in #0  0x00007f7ac76ae7c4 in __lll_lock_wait () and all other applications are also waiting for something11:18
ryebtw... hmmm11:18
rodrigo_rye, that's the main thread waiting for other threads to end, afaik11:19
rodrigo_so it seems some thread is not releasing the lock of some data11:19
rodrigo_because the other threads are waiting also11:19
ryerodrigo_, well, the whole desktop is frozen when i am clicking on the contact which has all possible fields filled in11:20
rodrigo_except fgor thread 8, which is 'polling'11:20
rodrigo_#5  0x00007f7abddfb373 in ?? () from /usr/lib/nvidia-current/libGL.so.111:20
rodrigo_hmm, we talked yesterday about a nvidia's GL problem, let me check11:21
rodrigo_<seb128> rodrigo_, the nvidia binary driver create quite some ram use for each process using gl11:22
rodrigo_ rodrigo_, which is basically every gtk application when cairo is built with gl11:22
rodrigo_rye, not sure, but your problem might be related to that, lots of memory leaked in cairo apps11:23
ryerodrigo_, ok, reproduced w/o the couchdb11:23
ryerodrigo_, just created the contact in local addressbook with all fields defined, clicked on it and BOOM11:23
rodrigo_rye, same backtrace?11:23
ryerodrigo_, well, not boom but some field is indeed causing the hang11:23
ryerodrigo_, yes, waiting on the lock11:24
rodrigo_hmm, ok11:24
ryein __lll_lock_wait ()11:24
ryerodrigo_, so that's not couchdb-evolution :)11:24
ryenow i need to find out which field causes that11:24
rodrigo_rye, see bug #72543411:25
ubot4`Launchpad bug 725434 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "Nvidia drivers lead to extra memory usage for each process using libGL (affects: 26) (heat: 154)" [Medium,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72543411:25
rodrigo_rye, did you find the evo-couchdb bug I lost?11:26
rodrigo_rye, the #?11:26
ryerodrigo_, well, extra memory is one thing and evolution hanging the whole UI when some contact field is defined look slike a different thing...11:27
ryerodrigo_, bug #673568 ?11:27
ubot4`Launchpad bug 673568 in evolution-couchdb (and 1 other project) "Error modifying contact, other error when saving contacts (affects: 42) (dups: 4) (heat: 206)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67356811:27
rodrigo_rye, not that one, the one about contacts not synced11:28
rodrigo_rye, out-of-memory conditions can hang the whole desktop11:28
rodrigo_rye, because of swapping11:28
ryerodrigo_, hm, contacts not synced? in lucid?11:29
rodrigo_rye, the one from jono11:29
ryerodrigo_, memory usage is ok, cpu is also ok, the whole UI hangs11:29
ryerodrigo_, bug #727370 ?11:30
ubot4`Launchpad bug 727370 in evolution-couchdb (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Contacts not syncing with my computer (affects: 20) (dups: 15) (heat: 164)" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72737011:30
ryerodrigo_, and by whole ui i mean the desktop, not evolution only11:31
rodrigo_rye, yes, that one, thanks11:31
ryeheh, clicking cancel on merge contact prompt in evolution hangs evolution...11:32
ryerodrigo_, this is LOL11:36
ryerodrigo_, if you set Yahoo IM info then evolution locks up the desktop11:36
rodrigo_rye, ok, let me try11:37
ryerodrigo_, switching to vt and killing evolution should release the desktop11:37
rodrigo_rye, not for me, it works ok11:38
ryerodrigo_, okay11:38
rodrigo_rye, so, I'd say it's related to the nvidia driver thing, what does top say?11:38
ryerodrigo_, no, try adding both AIM and Yahoo identifiers to the contact11:39
rodrigo_rye, ok11:39
rodrigo_rye, works ok, no hang11:40
ryerodrigo_, so you have a contact with name, aim and yahoo identifiers and it works fine, right?11:42
rodrigo_rye, yes11:42
ryewhy? :)11:42
ryerodrigo_, by works right i mean you can click on the contact entry, edit it and save and nothing hangs, is that correct?11:43
rodrigo_rye, yes, and then open it again, remove it11:44
mandelclarita: ping11:45
claritamandel - good day11:46
mandelclarita: morning!11:46
mandelclarita: I've got 2 questions for you, do you have a few minutes, it wont be long11:46
claritamandel: sure11:47
mandelclarita: first one: it there is an error during the registration, shall we allow the user to go back to the last page he visited in the wizard?11:48
mandelclarita: second one: any design available that I can take a loot at?11:48
mandelups, I meant look, not loot :P11:48
claritamandel: for the error - I think we should give an option to 'try again'11:49
claritamandel: within the error messaging - I still need to explore these (today) after our chat last week - for the designs I need to check with Lisette - did she ping you back?11:49
mandelclarita: no, that is why I opted for an diff root :)11:50
claritamandel: ahaaa - ok let me check11:50
claritamandel: can we aim to catch up at 4pm or so today on the error messaging?11:51
* fagan would like to listen in11:51
mandelclarita: sure11:51
claritamandel: will include fagan :-)11:51
mandelclarita: hmm, with 4 pm? London 4 pm?11:52
faganit would be 5PM UTC then11:52
faganor 3PM11:52
fagangod my timezones are all over the place :P11:53
faganyeah I added an hour instead of taking away hehe11:53
claritaBST = UTC - 111:54
claritafagan: this is your speaking/typing clock11:54
claritamandel fagan: OK I will ping you then to check you're free then Skype11:54
* fagan remembers the rule in this channel that you cant talk about any timezone but UTC otherwise there is punishment 11:55
mandelclarita: sure11:55
mandelfagan: that is why I have a clock in my desktop for each of the locations where people are working11:55
mandelis always easier to say 'your 5pm' :P11:56
faganmandel: thats handy11:56
* fagan misses the old ubuntu clock applet where you could do that 11:56
mandelfagan: there is a way to do that on unity, but I have no clue how :(11:57
ryerodrigo_, hm, are you using nvidia-based machine?12:00
ryerodrigo_, that poll() thread is interesting, it has nvidia's libgl in the stack trace12:00
faganmandel: well it would be easier just to make a little applet in the notification area that does that12:02
rodrigo_rye, yes, using nvidia driver12:03
rodrigo_rye, but I'm not fully up-to-date, are you?12:03
* fagan would do one but is way too lazy 12:03
ryerodrigo_, yes, i am fully up-to-date12:04
* fagan tries to find out about multi monitor support in unity 12:08
duanedesignmorning all12:25
faganduanedesign: morning12:26
duanedesignfagan: FWIW, I use a firefox add-on called FoxClocks for helping to keep track of everyones TZ12:26
faganduanedesign: I dont use firefox :P12:28
duanedesignthat won't work then :)12:29
* fagan thinks switching to AR time would be a good idea for this team :)12:30
ryefagan, multi monitor support in twin-view mode is ok12:34
faganrye: twin-view?12:35
ryefagan, which is basically extending the desktop, not separate displays per screen12:35
ryefagan, nvidia calls it twinview :)12:35
faganrye: im on nvidia12:35
ryefagan, with nouveau or nvidia drivers?12:35
fagannvidia ones12:35
faganah I had it on seperate x screens12:36
faganbrb restarting12:36
* popey uses unity with nvidia binary driver in twinview mode. works very nicely12:37
* mandel walking dog12:40
faganrye: have I ever told you I love you12:40
* fagan now has dual monitors 12:40
faganmandel: ping me when you get back13:22
faganstill cant get this working13:23
dobey_ralsina: donde es?13:44
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thisfredralsina: when you have time  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications/+merge/5581213:56
mandelfagan: ping14:00
faganmandel: pong14:00
* fagan pastebins14:00
mandelsorry for taking longer… the bloody firemen are in the building, no ide why14:01
dobeyalso, https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store/libu1-mp3-install/+merge/5647114:01
CardinalFangkarni, I can't test that branch here.  Grrr.  ant still doesn't build it.14:01
faganmandel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/590221/14:01
CardinalFangkarni, in looking it over, I didn't see anything wrong, though.14:01
mandelfagan: what is the problem?14:02
ralsinathisfred: sure14:02
faganmandel: I still cant get it to draw14:02
karniCardinalFang: you're freaking fast. they do build, beun-o and ivank-a have been testing it on their phones as well. but hell I'd like that ant to work..14:02
faganI dont think I understand how to do it yet and googling didnt help since there arent any good examples around14:03
karniCardinalFang: I've put much effort to write ListActivity as cleanly as possible and reviewed my work multiple times so that we could merge ASAP14:03
mandelfagan: yes, there are several issues in that code, let me get you a good example, give me a min or so14:04
faganmandel: cool14:05
mandelfagan: how good are you with c++? I mean, is an example in C++ good?14:05
faganmandel: im very good at C++14:06
karniCardinalFang: I'll be moving the U1F meta-sync core from getDelta to query (via REST, because query will deprecate), this means I will have to focus on some internal flesh now.. and make it fast.14:06
faganmandel: I can probably figure it out14:06
karnifast, as in: the deadline is very close14:06
mandelfagan: then take a look at the paintEvent of http://doc.qt.nokia.com/latest/widgets-shapedclock.html14:06
faganok cool14:06
faganill try to figure it out14:07
mandelfagan: that is a good example of how to deal with the painEvent, you can also try to do the same widget in pyQt if you want to see if you get it right14:07
ralsinahi mandel, fagan!14:15
ralsinamandel: I bet your dog climbed a tree and the firemen are rescuing it14:16
faganralsina: hey14:16
* fagan sucks at QPainter so much 14:16
mandelralsina: that would be good news, I thing it has to do with the fact that the yoga people burned soemthing...14:16
ralsinamandel: too much psychic energy. Yogis should always use fireproof mats.14:17
alecuthisfred, still running tests, but approved.14:17
mandelralsina: yes, they are weird, the have laughting sessions.. maybe is related14:18
ralsinamandel: what's today's exercise? I can lend a hand, probably14:18
faganralsina: QPainter14:18
fagan(im not getting it at all)14:19
ralsinafagan: let's go to #fagan_pyqt and tell me all about it ;-)14:20
karniCardinalFang: Has it been permission to merge to trunk or should I give you more time to review (you did it ultra fast, I was quite suprized!)14:24
CardinalFangkarni, I want to run it first while I read the code.14:25
CardinalFangkarni, a first read looked good, but I don't understand every detail.14:26
karniCardinalFang: Aha. You don't have eclipse configured :<14:26
karniCardinalFang: Can I be of help to explain?14:26
* karni thinks cheap breakfast cereal are not that good -_-`14:27
CardinalFangkarni, yes.  Let me get a bug report out of someone first.  Be right back with you.14:27
CardinalFangkarni, 5 minutes.14:27
karniCardinalFang: Sure, thanks. ACK!14:27
* karni tests hilighting: karni14:29
ryeCardinalFang, do you have the latest build of Ubuntu One contacts?14:30
CardinalFangkarni, hilight!14:31
karniCardinalFang: works! thanks :)14:31
ryeCardinalFang, i am not able to fetch the item from the market due to it is being in an emulator14:35
CardinalFangrye, not sure, but this may be it:  http://sandbox.chad.org/u1c-9001.apk14:38
aleculucio_, facundobatista, verterok: q: after sending a share invitation thru the web, does syncdaemon have a valid volume_id for that share? I would guess it does not.14:55
alecu I'm working on bug #646059, and I need to return a volume id on the ShareCreated dbus signal, since the volume id is used later by nautilus to get at the share info14:55
ubot4`Launchpad bug 646059 in ubuntuone-client "Nautilus doesn't update emblems for shares (or, syncdaemon doesn't emit response at all for shares offered thru http) (affects: 1) (heat: 2)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64605914:55
facundobatistaalecu, no idea, would need to follow code14:56
verterokalecu: the sahre was accepted? or just offered via the web?14:58
alecuverterok, just offered14:58
verterokalecu: syncdaemon knows nothing about share offers14:58
CardinalFangrye, yes, I think that^ APK is the exact same as in the Market.14:58
alecuverterok, this is all to show the little hand holding the folder icon that signals that the directory was shared.14:58
verterokalecu: a share offer isn't even a share :/14:58
ryeCardinalFang, thanks, syncing!14:59
alecuverterok, but is it a "shared" ?14:59
verterokalecu: nope14:59
verterokit's nothing from syncdaemon POV14:59
verterokalecu: actually from the api server POV too15:00
alecuverterok, right. But I see that a marker is stored when a directory is shared thru the email15:00
verterokalecu: where?15:01
verterokalecu: I think that's only used for the protocol share creation case...where we have a response from the server15:02
verterokalecu: once upon a time, the only way to create a share was using the protocol...then the http share offer stuff was added15:03
verterokalecu: if the http code in aq fires an AQ_CREATE_SHARE_OK, you will end up with a Shared instance in the "shared" shelf15:05
verterokme thinks15:05
aleculet me check15:06
alecuverterok, the CreateShare command is passed a "marker" parameter15:06
alecuthisfred, the http code fires a different event15:06
* thisfred reads backlog15:06
alecu(a new one we added for zg)15:06
alecuverterok, so, that marker is also sent when we send the AQ_SHARE_INVITATION_SENT (http) instead of the AQ_CREATE_SHARE_OK (protocol)15:08
alecusorry thisfred15:08
alecuI meant verterok a few lines above.15:08
verterokalecu: so, you don't have a Shared instance in the "shared" shelf15:10
verterokalecu: which makes sense...as the share isn't actually there15:10
CardinalFangkarni, okay, a few problems sorted.15:12
karniCardinalFang: kk15:12
CardinalFangNow, back to ant build. ...15:12
karniCardinalFang: You courageous knight!15:13
karniCardinalFang: ee.. I was pretty sure I fixed that. You apply the library with $ android update project --path path/to/proj --library path/to/gd , not $ android update lib-project ..15:15
karniok, trunk has that fixed15:16
karni"package greendroid.app does not exist" -- ant has issues with GreenDroid15:19
ryenessita,  ping15:33
ryenessita, after installation of desktopcouch-ubuntuone via the control panel I am greeted with http://ubuntuone.com/p/lCT/15:34
nessitarye: right, I noticed that exact behaviour yesterday15:34
nessitarye: desktopcouch is failing with NoPairingRecord15:34
nessitarye: can you please file a bug for thisfred/CardinalFang to diagnose?15:35
ryenessita, i think that can be a left over from a previous installation, i see the old databases there and there was no successful replication15:36
karniCardinalFang: Cyril (author of GD) writes clearly in the README how to apply the lib with ADT plugin. I've gone to Android dev website and tried the command line way, but I can't make ant recognize the lib project properly :[15:36
ryehowever no pairing record...15:36
nessitarye: I don't think is related, the U1 plugin for DC is complaining about no pairing record15:37
karniCardinalFang: I do not, however, doubt your ant-jitsu. Never. :)15:37
CardinalFangrye, is this running nightlies?15:37
ryenessita, now it is even more interesting15:40
ryeCardinalFang, yes, the host is running nightlies, recently updated15:41
karniCardinalFang: on the other hand.. ant does say "Ordered libraries: [setup] /home/mike/src/android/ubuntuone/GreenDroid/GreenDroid" (on my computer)15:41
ryenessita, how do you like this layout - http://ubuntuone.com/p/lCa/15:42
nessitarye: I love it! :-D15:42
ryenessita, but wait!15:42
nessitarye: click on ALT having the focus on the control panel15:42
nessitawe do magic!15:43
ryenessita, http://ubuntuone.com/p/lCb/15:45
nessitarye: press ALT15:45
nessita(only ALT)15:45
ryenessita, but once I click Alt... it is all appears :)15:45
ryenessita, why alt :) ?15:45
nessitarye: there is some weird stuff going on with compiz, I would guess15:46
ralsinarye: we have no idea, but that's the magic key15:46
ryenessita, that's not a compiz thing15:46
ryenessita, that thing is running in a standard gnome15:46
nessitagtk, compiz, something15:46
ryenessita, moreover it is running over the network :)15:46
nessitarye: bug #75030915:46
ubot4`Launchpad bug 750309 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Services tab layout doesn't work right (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75030915:46
nessitarye: whoever is drawing the windows is not noticing some widgets15:46
ryenessita, in my unity session it was drawing at least something, now only blank bar below the file sync...15:47
nessitarye: I have no idea how to debug those weird rendering issues :-( we've had some here in the sprint as well15:48
ralsinarye: we may have a workaround though15:48
mandelnessita: ping15:52
nessitamandel: pong15:52
rye... aand http://ubuntuone.com/p/lCh/15:53
mandelnessita: one quick question about sso, when you are loading the image you show a nice spiral, where did you get that guy from?15:53
nessitamandel: is a gtk.Spinner, which allows to start it or stop it15:54
faganralsina: someone turned my router off a few times :/15:54
mandelnessita: bummer… I wanted something that nice :P15:54
mandelnessita: thx for the help :)15:55
nessitamandel: does QT have something like that?15:55
faganI just logged into windows since mandel and clarita and I are having a meeting on skype and my ubuntu doesnt actually work with skype :/15:55
mandelnessita: I'm looking hehe :)15:55
ryeBad Request on modifying the contact, latest natty with nightlies, couchdb restarted, e-addressbook-factory restarted :(...15:55
ryegoing even further away15:56
claritafagan: eek - what are the alternatives15:56
nessitarodrigo_: ^15:56
faganclarita: its cool im in window now so should be perfect15:56
rodrigo_rye, can you activate the debugging please?15:56
rodrigo_rye, export COUCHDB_DEBUG_MESSAGES=115:56
dobeygrr, gio is not working right with g_file_enumerate_children_async for me :(15:56
ralsinafagan: wasn'tme :-D15:57
rodrigo_rye, and then run e-addressbook-factory on the terminal, as before15:57
ryerodrigo_, are your packages in natty/main or nightlies? because nightlies do not override main now due to version15:57
rodrigo_rye, Bad Request means bad oauth tokens, btw15:57
ralsinamandel: you could use a label with a QMvie (an animated gif)15:57
rodrigo_rye, which packages?15:57
claritaok mandel fagan: ready for a call in 3?15:57
faganralsina: if I was on a VM it would be the same since it would inherit all the voice issues from the host OS15:57
dobeyrodrigo_: it shouldn't. if it does that's a bug15:57
faganclarita: im ready now :)15:57
ralsinafagan: yeah15:57
ryerodrigo_, Could not PUT document: \x98^15:58
mandelclarita: always read :)15:58
ralsinaI think I'll listen, if you don't mind!15:58
claritamandel fagan: ok, hold on to your hats15:58
rodrigo_rye, that's the error? and the whole output?15:58
rodrigo_dobey, it's a bug for sure :)15:58
mandelclarita: gime me 2 min to grab a coffee and the headphone :)15:58
rodrigo_dobey, but the Bad Request errors are usually because of wrong oauth tokens15:58
claritamandel: okey dokey15:59
dobeyrodrigo_: i mean invalid tokens should return HTTP 401 for oauth, 400 for some other errors with the request15:59
rodrigo_400 is not found, right?15:59
dobey400 is Bad Request15:59
dobey401 is Unauthorized15:59
dobey404 is Not Found15:59
karniCardinalFang: I'm giving up on ant.. moving on to next task. let me know if I can help clear up the review for you.15:59
ryerodrigo_, you will be pleased to know that my evolution addressbook now hangs the vm's session too16:00
ryeso it is not nvidia-driver specific16:00
faganmandel: answer :)16:00
rodrigo_rye, I'm not pleased16:00
rodrigo_rye, with the same hang in nvidia's libgl?16:01
ryerodrigo_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/590287/16:01
ryerodrigo_, oops wrong process :)16:02
ryerodrigo_, here's evolution one - http://paste.ubuntu.com/590288/16:03
rye#1  0xb71f10b9 in __lll_lock_wait () from /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.016:03
ryerodrigo_, killing evolution resumes session16:04
rodrigo_so yeah, some thread seems to be locking and not releasing the lock, and the main thread just waiting16:04
rodrigo_rye, do you have any remote mail/calendar/addressbook?16:04
ryerodrigo_, not there16:05
ryerodrigo_, but the question is - why does it block completely the session, i.e. panels, keyboard interaction etc?16:05
rodrigo_Thread 6 is 'polling', so I guess that's the one that is waiting for some input16:05
ryerodrigo_, to a casual user that would have looked as a locked-up machine16:05
rodrigo_rye, I'd say it's because of out-of-memory condition16:05
ryerodrigo_, no16:05
ryerodrigo_, i can ssh to that machine and it has plenty of ram still and i am running gdb there16:06
rodrigo_rye, ok, then what is it?16:07
ryerodrigo_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/590289/16:07
CardinalFangkarni, Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException at com.android.sdklib.internal.project.ProjectCreator.updateProject(ProjectCreator.java:551)   Woot!16:07
ryerodrigo_, can that be something like a shared lock on the resource that the whole gnome uses? something inside /usr/lib/libgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so.016:08
rodrigo_swapping = reading/writing to disk, so I guess it starts swapping?16:08
rodrigo_rye, anyway, what accounts do you have on that evolution install?16:08
ryerodrigo_, no, just re-ran free, the same numbers16:08
ryerodrigo_, no live accounts, only couchdb addressbook, but i was able to reproduce it on non-couchdb addressbook16:09
rodrigo_rye, and also, can you paste the whole e-a-f output as per your 'Could not PUT ...' problem?16:09
ryerodrigo_, i was able to get that only once, after that it locks up16:09
karniCardinalFang: :O16:09
karniCardinalFang: where was that thrown?16:10
karniCardinalFang: by ant?16:10
rodrigo_rye, can you test without the nvidia drivers?16:10
karniCardinalFang: Eclipse doesn't complain, I'm sure it's a valid project hahah16:11
ryerodrigo_, that's all I have from that session - http://paste.ubuntu.com/590292/16:11
CardinalFangkarni, by  androidsdk/tools/android16:11
rodrigo_rye, ugh16:11
ryerodrigo_, that's running inside a Xephyr16:11
karniCardinalFang: an NPE... ? that's a bug!16:11
ryerodrigo_, so no nvidia libs there16:12
rye... (and sluggish performance :) )16:12
karniCardinalFang: lol, I'm loving it. it's like.. 3rd Android/SDK bug we discovered while developing U1F16:12
rodrigo_rye, please use the env variable to get more debugging info16:13
rodrigo_rye, export COUCHDB_DEBUG_MESSAGES=116:13
ryerodrigo_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/590293/ - it is hanging now16:14
rodrigo_rye, that's useless without the extra debugging info you get with the env variable, so can you set it before running e-addressbook-factory, please?16:16
ryerodrigo_, i set it16:18
rodrigo_rye, before running e-addressbook-factory?16:18
rodrigo_on the same terminal?16:18
beunoralsina, ping16:18
beunoor alecu16:18
beunoor thisfred16:18
ralsinabeuno: pong16:18
beunoralsina, hi16:18
beunoI think I found a bug16:18
* ralsina is SHOCKED ;)16:19
alecuhi beuno16:19
beunoralsina, when you create a new udf16:19
beunowhen it finishes syncing16:19
beunoyou get a message in the messaging menu telling you that you have a new udf16:19
beunobut it's not really new, you just added it16:20
ralsinaYes, we shouldn't show that on the device where you created it16:20
beunoI think it has something to do with another bug I filed a few minutes ago16:20
beunothat the local client doesn't know the udfs it created16:20
beunoshould I file it?16:20
beunosomething nice to fix for natty16:20
beunomore karma for me!16:20
ryerodrigo_, yes, nothing different16:21
ralsinabeuno: apparently easy to fix16:22
ryerodrigo_, another thing is that in standard gnome I still can do Alt+Tab but other windows do not respond16:22
ryerodrigo_, so I see them but I can't click on anything16:22
ryerodrigo_, this is not couchdb-specifict, and not nvidia-specific16:22
beunoralsina, my favorite problems16:23
rodrigo_rye, that's weird, because it should show more debugging, like this -> http://pastebin.com/ZdnUpVML16:23
ralsinabeuno: if only all were like that... ok, we would be unemplyed ;-)16:23
beunoralsina, bug #75261616:23
ubot4`Launchpad bug 752616 in ubuntuone-client "Shouldn't get notified of udfs created locally in the messaging menu (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75261616:24
dobeywhy does gio hate me16:24
ralsinathisfred: assigned to you, #752616!16:25
dobeyrye: it sounds like something is grabbing your mouse16:25
rodrigo_rye, make sure you have killed e-addressbook-factory before running it on the command line16:25
ryerodrigo_, yes, exported the var, restarted e-addressbook-factory, got the fresh evolution instance, clicking on the contact with nick, aim and yahoo defined -> hangs16:28
dobeyrye: evolution hangs with mouse grabbed, which is why you can't click anywhere. you can switch to a VT and gdb attach to the pid and get a backtrace16:29
rodrigo_rye, ah, we disable the debug messages in the package!16:31
ryedobey, aha....16:31
rodrigo_rye, can you bzr get lp:~ubuntu-desktop/couchdb-glib/ubuntu and edit debian/rules to remove the --disable-debug-messages thing and rebuild that locally?16:33
rodrigo_rye, I'll submit a package fix now, if you want to wait for the package to show up16:33
ryerodrigo_, i need to run away now but once I return back i will give it a go, since it is reproducible on local addressbook too there is not much COUCHDB info16:35
ryerodrigo_, but I will try to reproduce that 400 error16:35
faganmy headset messes up my hair16:38
thisfredbeuno:  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/lp-752616/+merge/5659516:41
thisfredalso anyone else is welcome to review16:42
karniCardinalFang: Yet again I stumble on branching question -- I will be implemeing Query ActionQueueCommand, but this influences interactions with the FilesActivity.java -- should I branch trunk or yet-unmerged u1f-unified-list ?16:42
beunothisfred, that was fast. Argentina suits you.16:44
CardinalFangkarni, branch the earliest possible public branch that you can.16:44
karniCardinalFang: ACK16:44
CardinalFangbeuno, well, the food doesn't.16:44
thisfredbeuno: I don't disagree :)16:45
karniCardinalFang: you mean, latest? which is trunk?16:45
beunothisfred, +116:45
beunoCardinalFang, is he vegan?16:45
karniCardinalFang: Ok, I get it :)16:46
CardinalFangbeuno, no.  Just mortal.16:46
CardinalFangbeuno, just because a place has "sushi" on a sign outside, it doesn't mean it's safe to eat.16:47
ralsinaif you want safe food, why would you try raw sea fish in a place that is not near the ocean?16:50
karniSushi in Warsaw happens to be tasty, and it's really not that close to the ocean/sea.16:51
ralsinatasty != safe :-)16:51
* mandel refrains from making jokes a about tasty and fish……16:52
karniralsina: true, but I'm still alive ;D16:53
* ralsina looks the fish section in "10000 tasteless jokes", 3rd edition.16:53
CardinalFangkarni, got it to build.  Had to rip out the local build.xml "build" rule and its Lint magic though.16:54
karniCardinalFang: \o/ !16:55
karnitoo bad, though. I hoped to keep Lint16:55
ralsinalunch indeed!17:04
CardinalFangkarni, do you see flashing on scroll of the lists?17:05
CardinalFangkarni, I may have a fix for that.17:05
karniCardinalFang: I haven't noticed that..17:05
karniCardinalFang: Fix it if you can, sure17:06
* karni rechecks17:06
karniCardinalFang: rather smooth here. Android 2.1-update1, HTC Hero with ~330MHz cpu ^ ^17:07
karniCardinalFang: I will also reconsider making files as remote/local some another way than changing the list views backgrounds. Probably a drawable would be better, as fast scrolling can confuse android and it might happen it doesn't refresh the backgrounds fast enough (I have checked that, it's not U1F bug)17:08
CardinalFangkarni, hrm, okay.17:09
CardinalFangkarni, AFK, lunch.17:09
* mandel needs a bigger brain to fill his head17:21
* mandel walking dog17:52
thisfredralsina:  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/lp-752616/+merge/5659518:21
thisfredagain, when you have time18:21
ralsinathisfred: +118:24
dobeyralsina: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store/libu1-mp3-install/+merge/5647118:27
dobeyit even fixes 4 bugs! :)18:27
ralsinadobey: on it!18:30
alecuverterok, would it be right if I added the share.path to the following events? AQ_CREATE_SHARE_OK, AQ_SHARE_INVITATION_SENT and AQ_CREATE_SHARE_ERROR18:32
alecuverterok, (and to the corresponding dbus signals as well)18:33
nessitadobey: is this the cert we shipped? /etc/ssl/certs/Go_Daddy_Class_2_CA.pem18:50
dobeyyes, there are 2 files though, iirc18:50
dobeythey are both in ubuntuone-storage-protocol18:50
verterokalecu: not sure about AQ_SHARE_INVITATION_SENT...as we discussed earlier...that's not a share18:57
alecuverterok, I understood that, yes. But I wanted to use the path where the user right clicked... anyway, dobey pointed me at some other way.19:00
alecuthanks anyway!19:01
verterokalecu: adding the path to AQ_CREATE_SHARE_OK/ERROR makes no sense to me...AQ knows nothing about paths...that's VM job19:02
verterokalecu: you already have that info in VM_SHARE_CREATED|CREATE_ERROR19:02
alecuverterok, ok, let's forget about events.19:03
alecuverterok, what about adding it to the dbus signal dict?19:03
verterokit should be there too19:03
alecuverterok, not every time!19:04
verterokalecu: I see we are missing a push of VM_SHARE_CREATE_ERROR19:04
alecuverterok, look at handle_AQ_CREATE_SHARE_OK in ubuntuone/syncdaemon/interaction_interfaces.py19:04
alecuverterok, and the else that goes "share_dict.update(dict(volume_id=str(share_id)))"19:05
alecuverterok, in that case we won't have the path.19:05
alecuverterok, so I was thinking of adding the path both in that case and for AQ_SHARE_INVITATION_SENT19:06
verterokalecu: you should use VM_SHARE_CREATED|CREATE_ERROR19:06
verterokalecu: it's VM job to handle paths, not AQ19:06
verterokalecu: looks like a bug to me :)19:06
verterokalecu: I mean, VM not pushing VM_SHARe_CREATE_ERROR19:07
alecuverterok, I want this to work even when there is no share on the server yet.19:07
alecuoh, ok.19:07
alecuverterok, well, anyway, let's not worry about this right now. rodney suggested some other solution, doing it on the nautilus plugin, and I'll be looking into it.19:08
verterokalecu: yes, this should work with no share on the server19:08
alecuoh, ok.19:08
karninessita: where do you host some REST using source?19:19
nessitakarni: ubuntuone control panel, backend.py -> webclient.py19:22
nessitakarni: did I et your question right?19:22
karninessita: cool! is the branch lp:ubunutone-control-panel ?19:22
nessitaalmost: lp:ubuntuone-control-panel ;-)19:23
dobeyhttps://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-client/fix-724882/+merge/56629 por favor los banditos19:23
karninessita: hehe, thanks!19:23
karniYo! Anyone uses Dvorak layout here :)?19:39
thisfredCardinalFang: https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/desktopcouch/lp-673641/+merge/56634 is this correct, or was the missing break statement intentional? (Don't know if I need to ask you or aquarius, but either of you is welcome to review ;)19:49
CardinalFangkarni, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~cmiller/ubuntuone-android-files/ant-fixed-postgreendroid/+merge/5663719:52
karniCardinalFang: win!19:52
CardinalFangkarni, you'll need to move your ../GreenDroid to ../greendroid_src after that.19:52
karniCardinalFang: roger19:53
CardinalFangthisfred, yours is right.  I'm amazed anyone noticed.19:54
thisfredyeah me too :)19:55
karniCardinalFang: nearby_copy =D I like that!20:00
karniCardinalFang: Ant doesn't like the ł in my name (Michał). I shall remove it later for the sake of clean output.20:08
alecukarni, do you use Dvorak on your phone too?20:11
CardinalFangAh!  It forgot about the file encoding.  That's still legal.20:11
CardinalFangkarni, We need to set  something.file.encoding=UTF-8 .20:11
karnialecu: haha. I recently started to learn dvorak, and it's so awesome I wanted to share my joy here.20:12
karnialecu: So I'm not yet at stage of using it on my phone, but I might one day hah!20:12
karniCardinalFang: ok, then I'll let it be :)20:12
karnilooking at setup script20:13
alecukarni, a friend of mine swears by dvorak, so I have some respect for it. Never go the nerve to learn it myself, though.20:13
karnialecu: =D20:13
karniCardinalFang: GreenDroid won't build if target API is 120:14
karniwait.. it just did20:14
karnithat's interesting, GD hasn't been designed to be <=1.5 compatible20:14
karnithat might have changed20:14
* karni checks20:14
karniCardinalFang: android update project --path "${PROJECTROOT}" --library ../greendroid_src/GreenDroid --target 120:16
karnithis is a bit hardcore, we're not that compatible20:16
karniwe're at least 1.620:17
karniif not even 2.0.120:17
karniCardinalFang: we've been building for --target 6 until now20:17
karniI'll try 420:17
karniworks. /me tries 320:18
CardinalFangkarni, Ah yeah.  That's the id, not the SDK value.20:18
CardinalFangSo, totally local and dumb.20:18
karniit's API level20:19
karnino? http://developer.android.com/guide/appendix/api-levels.html20:19
CardinalFangkarni, is it API level or the ID of the installation?   android list target20:20
karniCardinalFang: fails for 3 already20:20
karni1 sec20:20
CardinalFangIn any case, that "1" is wrong.20:20
karniCardinalFang: that's correct, yes20:20
karnithat's what I meant. and 1 is wrong.20:21
karni3 is minimum, *but*20:21
karniGreenDroid has been specifically written for 1.6 and I don't want to risk 1.5 for time being20:21
CardinalFangkarni, Also, I think your encoding is fixed.20:21
karniI can look into this later, but let's go for 1.6+20:21
karniwhich is 420:21
* karni pull20:21
* karni pulls haha20:21
karniCardinalFang: yeah, so you'll need to set --target 420:23
karniit doesn't build, and won't build for target <=320:23
CardinalFangkarni:  Error: Target id '4' is not valid. Use 'android list targets' to get the target ids.20:24
CardinalFangI have only three SDK versions installed.20:24
karniumm... it did build for me o_O ;D20:24
karniDoes it build for you?20:24
CardinalFangThis number is a local convention.20:24
CardinalFangIt's the order you install versions.20:24
CardinalFangNot SDK version number.20:24
karniid: 4 or "android-4" Name: Android 1.620:24
CardinalFangFor you.20:24
karni↑ this is what we want. id == 420:24
karniIt's local? hah20:25
CardinalFangI have only 2.0.1, 2.1, and 2.2 installed.20:25
CardinalFangThose are 1, 2, 320:25
karniMakes sense, but I don't get it why it accepts id's instead of API levels :< That's sad.20:25
CardinalFangYes it's dumb.20:26
karniI think I have almost all of them installed.. (14)20:26
CardinalFangI just upgraded my old SDK r04 to r10, so I had to start fresh.20:26
karniOkey, so anyway. Will you, or should I, fix the README.txt for and users section?20:27
karniNo need to call: android update project [...]20:27
karnithe setup script does it for you20:27
CardinalFangkarni, I won't get to that today.20:27
karniCardinalFang: you did nice work with ant today!20:27
CardinalFangkarni, And the setup needs some grep and sed to get the ID out.20:27
karnihuh ;D since you love ant so much, can I leave it up to you and go for REST ?20:28
karniI'm very happy you fixed ant. Too bad there's no Lint, but now I can track if it throws something it (ant) doesn't like.20:29
CardinalFangkarni, Yep.  I'll take care of it in the next two days or so.20:29
karniCardinalFang: awesome! you probably didn't have time to go over the sections you didn't understand in the review, did you?20:30
=== m_conley` is now known as m_conley_away
karniCardinalFang: I'm a pain, I know ;)20:30
CardinalFangkarni, you're a pain.20:30
CardinalFangkarni, no, I didn't.20:31
CardinalFangkarni, Soon.  Sorry.20:31
karniCardinalFang: sure, I'll start elsewhere :)20:31
karniCardinalFang: I know I am. Thanks for ant!20:31
CardinalFangkarni, I have to get something done or ralsina will yell at me.20:31
karniCardinalFang: Tell him it was my fault ;)20:31
CardinalFangkarni, see you tomorrow.20:31
karnic u Chad, thanks again20:31
* ralsina looks seriously in CardinalFang's direction20:32
* CardinalFang cowers.20:32
karniralsina: look here!20:32
* karni waves20:32
karniralsina: wassss good? ;)20:32
ralsinahi karni! ;-)20:32
karniralsina: long time no see! ;)20:32
thisfredCardinalFang: is trapped in an argentinian sweatshop20:32
ralsinawe could start the air conditioner...20:32
CardinalFangI keep pushing on the exit door, but I don't know what "tire" means.20:33
karniralsina: or he could take a pain killer, and make me go away ;d20:33
karnireviews are such a pain when you have to bother one person :<20:34
ralsinaCardinalFang: you push to much, a car comes and runs you over. With its tires.20:34
karniralsina: wanna review some Java Android source xD ?20:34
ralsinaCardinalFang: it's ok if you promise to do it before friday noon20:34
karniCardinalFang: I'll remember your support if I make it to peer reviews! (I hope you won't remember me being PITA, though!)20:36
ralsinakarni: I can review it, but it's going to be "-1 java"  ;-)20:37
karniralsina: and so I expected x)20:37
karniralsina: if I could, I would really write this in Python (when I was consulting syncdaemon.py source, man... it's beautiful)20:38
thisfredralsina: pretty trivial review  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/desktopcouch/lp-673641/+merge/5663420:41
ralsinathisfred: got it20:43
* thisfred likes Las perras del infierno - Somos las perras http://tinysong.com/Feii20:48
thisfredralsina: another trivial one https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/desktopcouch/lp-599847/+merge/5664421:20
ralsinathisfred: strangely, it's not politically incorrect in spanish!21:20
ralsinathisfred: got it21:20
thisfredralsina: is that a 'needs fixing' ? ;)21:21
dobeyralsina: also https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/libubuntuone/rescan-library/+merge/56650 :)22:04
ralsinadobey: ok!22:04
thisfrednessita: ralsina: another trivial one  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/lp-752943/+merge/5665722:08
dobeyi got all kinds of branches22:08
thisfredCardinalFang: can you also +1 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/desktopcouch/lp-599847/+merge/56644 (one liner)22:09
dobeyi got so many branches, i made launchpad OOPS22:09
* thisfred reviews ^22:15
dobeyand need a second review on https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store/libu1-mp3-install/+merge/5647122:17
* thisfred reviews ^22:18
thisfreddobey: wanna do a second review for https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/lp-752943/+merge/56657 ?22:38
dobeybut you can review https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/libubuntuone/rescan-library/+merge/56650 too if you want :)22:48

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