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eagles0513875hey guys does ubuntu studio follow same release schedule as normal ubuntu line07:51
der_OnI'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'm using ubuntu studio 10.10, which I've upgraded from 10.04 with update manager and was just curious about rendering speed on my dual core laptop and just thought I check how much cores will show up under syste resources and it only shows one. Are there things I need to do, to make dual core work? I remember in 10.04 on another dual core laptop I was seeing both CPUs.08:51
eagles0513875der_On: shouldnt09:00
eagles0513875der_On: install htop and run htop from commandline u will see both cores09:00
der_Oneagles: Only one CPU column in htop09:19
der_OnI have an Intel Core i5-430M09:19
der_Onwhich is a dual core with hyperthreading09:19
der_OnI will check bios now.09:19
eagles0513875i5's arent hyper threaded09:24
eagles0513875i7s are09:24
eagles0513875i stand corrected they are09:25
der_Oncat /proc/cpuinfo shows me only one processor and only one core for it. :/09:27
der_Onwell lets see bios09:29
der_Onso back again. I've found out what the problem was. I had to enable acpi in grub to get all cores and hyperthreading10:06
der_Onhowever I'm dual-booting linux and I can only get it to work in one linux, not the other one10:07
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ineffHi everyone18:02
eagles0513875hi hi18:03
ineffI've a problem with PulseAudio and Jackd18:03
ineffI'd like IDJC together with skype, can anyone help me?18:03
ineffThe real problem seems to be redirecting pulseaudio output to jack18:05
ineffskype doesn't even see jack between output devices18:05
holsteinineff: let me suggest a few things18:15
holsteinthere is a pulse to jack bridge available in a PPA18:15
holsteinfrom falktx18:15
holsteinbut, sharing IDJC via skype is probably not ideal18:16
holsteini run an icecast server18:16
holsteinand use darkice to stream via JACK18:16
holsteinyou should feel free to email skype and let them know you use linux18:17
holsteinand would like to have JACK support18:17
ineffdoes it works with any jabber client?18:17
holsteinits not for that18:18
holsteinits for streaming to the internet from JACK18:18
holsteinalso, there is mumble18:18
holsteinmumble is crossplatform18:19
holsteinand the verion falktx maintains has JACK support18:19
holsteinthe issue is18:19
holsteinyou are trying to mix 2 things together18:19
holsteinthat usually do not get mixed together18:19
ineffi mean, i need to stream a call made via a jabber client, can darkice manage the thing?18:19
ineffis there any solution?18:20
holsteinthe 2 or 3 i mentioned should do it18:20
holsteinthe pulse-jack bridge18:20
holsteinOR mumble18:20
holsteinor just stream the music over an icecast server18:20
holsteinrun 2 machines18:20
holsteinone with skype and whatever else18:21
holsteinand line out of the JACK machine into it18:21
ineffi think there is a misuderstanding18:22
ineffi have to make a call during a live show on a webradio - i want the audience to hear it18:22
holsteinand you are married to skype then?18:25
holsteincant use mumble?18:25
ineffNo, I can use it.18:26
ineffbut how does it work?18:26
holsteinineff: let me send you to #opensourcemusicians18:26
holsteinwe run a podshow there18:26
holsteinand use all kinds of different tools18:26
holsteinlike the ones i mentioned18:26
holsteinwith mumble18:26
holsteinassuming you want JACK support18:26
holsteinyou need the verion from falktx's PPA18:26
holsteinmumble needs a server too18:27
holsteinand then the other person need the client as well18:27
holsteinand its cross platform and opensource :)18:27
holsteinthats option A18:27
holsteinif you want to use skype with JACK18:27
holsteinyou could use a seperate machine*18:28
holsteinthe new pulse-jack bridge18:28
holsteinthat falktx maintains in his PPA for kxstudio18:28
holsteinOR the older method that im not familiar with18:28
holsteinpulse-jack-sink i believe its called18:28
ineffok I'll try the pulse-jack bridge18:29
holsteinall of those options have been used and discussed at lenght in the #opensourcemusicians channel18:29
* holstein BBL...18:30
ineffOk I've added the repository of falktx, but it seems that there aren't maverik packages18:36
holsteinineff: what did you add?18:50
holsteinineff: you also dont have to add the repo18:50
holsteinyou can just search in the repo for the .debs you want18:51
holsteinsince there are a *lot* of different packages in there18:51
ineffyes, but anyway18:51
holstein*i would suggest the latter18:51
holsteinineff: what did you add?18:51
holsteintheres a PPA for lucid18:51
holsteinwhich says *dericated18:51
ineffand could it work with maverik?18:51
holsteinand gives links to the new one18:51
* holstein looking18:52
holsteinineff: did you update yet?18:52
ineffI've seen that there're three versions: one for lucid, one for karmic and also one for natty18:52
ineffbut I couldn't find the version for maverick18:53
holsteinineff: maybe link me to the PPA you used?18:53
holsteinso i know which one you are talking about...18:53
ineffthis one18:54
holsteinsee https://launchpad.net/~kxstudio-team/+archive/ppa/18:55
ineffI'll see18:56
ineffthanks a lot :D18:56
holsteintheres instructions there about pulse-jack18:57
holsteinand falktx is on quite often18:57
ineffI see18:57
holsteinin #kxstudio or the other channel i mentioned18:57
holsteinor #ubuntustudio-devel18:57
ineffholstein, Thanks a lot!18:59
ineffI hope this could solve my problem18:59
ineffNow I've to run. Thanks again.19:00
holsteinineff: good luck :)19:01
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opticxis there anything normal ubuntu has that studio doesnt? or does this just have add ons?21:08
holsteinopticx: for all intents and purposes21:08
holsteinubuntustudio = ubuntu21:08
holsteinhas the same repos21:08
opticxthats what I thought21:08
holsteinif you take an ubuntu install21:08
holsteinand an ubuntustudio install21:09
holsteinthere are quite a few differences21:09
holsteinof course the theme-ing21:09
opticxim guessing with drivers?21:09
holsteinlook and feel21:09
holsteinopticx: not really21:09
holsteinwe have access to the same kernels21:09
holsteinand right now21:09
ailoMy favorite difference is that Ubuntu Studio uses less memory21:09
opticxthis is my first linux install21:09
holsteinubuntustudio comes with the same -generic kernel21:09
opticxok good21:10
ailoopticx, I recommend Lucid21:10
holsteintil natty21:10
holsteinthe normal ubuntustudio does not have the gnome network manager installed21:10
holsteinwhich can give wifi users a hard time21:10
holsteinailo: thats in natty though right?21:10
holsteinanyways.. there are other groups of software ubuntustudio has21:11
ailoholstein, wifi?21:11
holsteinailo: the gnome network manger21:11
opticxi was going to use ubuntu on my laptop anyway its just for dev21:11
holsteinopticx: for a laptop, i usually install normal ubuntu21:11
holsteinand add what i want21:11
holsteinIF you're not doing professional audio21:12
holsteinor video editing21:12
holsteinthere are a lot of packages that you are not going to take advantage of21:12
opticxim used to using steinberg and after effects - vegas21:12
holsteinopticx: lucid the the last long term support release21:12
holsteinubuntu 10.0421:12
opticxi may end up using a virtual machine until i get used to the linux tools21:12
ailoopticx, With Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 you'll find it's easier to tune it for audio21:13
opticxas opposed to maverick?21:13
opticxim going to keep using this until i upgrade my machine21:13
ailoopticx, Maverick works, but it's a little more work to get low latencies21:13
holsteinopticx: this = ?21:14
opticxall im really doing right now is web dev anyway21:14
opticxubuntu studio maverick21:14
holsteincool :)21:14
opticxim installed and like it21:14
ailoopticx, Natty is around the corner too, which will probably be pretty good for audio as well21:15
opticxi didnt install anything extra though i actually fat fingered the install at options21:15
opticxbut i assume i can add those things21:15
opticxit needs a confirmation of the add ons21:15
opticxcan i go back and add those?21:16
opticxwhen you install and it asks you to mark the packages you want21:16
ailoopticx, add ons?21:16
opticxi screwed that up21:16
ailoAll of the packages in Ubuntu Studio are available on a normal Ubuntu as well21:16
opticxim happy with it21:17
ailoYou find them using synaptic packager21:17
ailoSynaptic Package Manager21:17
opticxive had trouble with firefox21:17
opticxand with flash on chrome21:17
opticxim using windows version of ff on wine atm21:17
opticxthe linux version false starts21:18
ailoopticx, Open a terminal and do: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras ubuntu-restricted-addons21:18
ailoFlash is not installed by default but is available in the repo21:18
opticxive installed it21:18
ailoubuntu-restricted will add some non-free stuff like mp321:19
opticxunable to locate21:19
ailoopticx, And chrome is available as chromium-browser if you want to try that instead21:20
opticxthats what im using21:20
opticxactually i dont know that its not flash21:20
opticxlet me see what it is21:20
opticxbut anyway, very few problems21:21
ailoopticx, unable to locate? The two packages are: ubuntu-restricted-extras ubuntu-restricted-addons21:21
opticxthose addons couldnt be found though21:21
holsteinopticx: open whatever you are comfortalbe with21:21
holsteinsynaptic or whatever21:21
holsteinand search ubuntustudio21:21
opticxE: Unable to locate package unbuntu-restricted21:22
opticxim comfortable with terminal21:22
holsteinand you'll see the metapackages you missed at install21:22
holsteinopticx: OK21:22
holsteinsudo apt-cache search ubuntustudio21:22
holsteinand you'll see what is available :)21:22
ailoopticx, Sorry :P. ubuntu-restricted was not the package name, but the two I mentioned above21:22
opticxthats helps alot21:23
opticxnow i can install them21:23
holsteinfor example21:23
opticxwhen im ready i have to work some time today21:23
holsteinand ubuntustudio-audio-plugins21:23
holsteinthose are the ones i use21:23
holsteinjack ardour21:23
opticxive got the list21:23
holsteinand plugins21:23
opticxand found out how to search21:23
opticxi just dont know many commands21:23
holsteinsudo apt-get install whatever21:24
holsteinif you want21:24
opticxbut ive used ssh and learning git21:24
holsteinyou can also21:24
holsteinjust install what you want21:24
holsteinsudo apt-get install audacity21:24
holsteinsudo apt-get install ardour21:24
holsteinlike that21:24
holsteinand end up with just what you want21:24
opticxdo any adobe products work ?21:25
opticxim pretty in love with after effects21:25
holsteinopticx: email them and ask21:25
opticxgood one21:25
holsteini was told photoshop was working now21:25
holsteinbut i'll never know21:25
opticxim going to have to still use a vm with wun7 and xp for some stuff21:26
holstein*not that theres anything wrong with it21:26
opticxfor a while at least21:26
holsteinopticx: you and check winehq21:26
holsteinsee whats working in wine21:26
holsteinor really21:26
holsteinemail the vendors21:26
opticxyea im using wine for what i can21:26
holsteini think its good to get on the radar at least21:26
holsteinthat you are a professional not able to use their product21:26
opticxwhat ill do is get a list of stuff I cant use21:26
opticxand email them all at once21:27
holsteini get on little vendettas from time to time21:27
opticxi think any developer that uses a linux server should be using some form of it on their desktop21:27
opticxthats why i switched mainly, and im tired of windows21:28
holsteinwell, i say use the best tool for the job21:28
holsteinand if you're going to be online with the machine21:28
holsteinthat pretty much rules out windows21:28
opticxim not online21:28
holsteinand OSX has its own issue too21:28
holsteinbut, computers suck in general i say21:28
opticxbut connecting, being used to using it and how it works21:28
holsteini just find ubuntu/linux to be the best tool for me21:29
opticxit seams pretty lean to me21:29
opticxi can run windows for what i need on top21:29
holsteinfinding drivers and keeping up with anti-virus is a drag21:29
holsteinmost windows users dont do that21:29
holsteinthey just use a machine til it 'breaks'21:30
holsteinand get a new one21:30
holsteinand thats fine too i suppose21:30
opticxwell i better work21:30
holsteinopticx: o/21:30
holsteinsee you around :)21:30
opticxclients dont pay me to play with my linux machine21:30
opticxill be lurking21:31
holsteinopticx: sure21:31
holsteinhang as long as you like21:31
[snake]ho do I use the mixer in LMMS (the documentation is atrocious)23:12
[snake]wait... I was on the wrong(unofficial) documentation. The real documentation isn't that bad... I found what I needed already.23:16
[snake]I might be back someday.. cheers.23:16

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