aaronthso is unity coming to xubuntu ?00:02
ochosiaaronth: no00:05
aaronthoh thats good00:07
aaronthit would weight it more00:07
aaronthany news on ubuntu software center?00:10
ochosiaaronth: what exactly do you mean?00:12
aaronththe usc? or unity?00:20
ochosiaaronth: neither of those have anything to do with xubuntu directly, i'd recommend asking about them in #ubuntu00:23
aaronthwell the unity does if i is installed in xubuntu00:24
aaronth*it is00:24
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raonidHi all! Is there an easy way to run xubuntu from a USB drive?04:41
AnneNonimusWhy is my USB headset only detected half the time I boot?06:43
well_laid_lawnAnneNonimus:  try using a different usb port to see if it keeps happening07:09
AnneNonimusWell the thing is I can see the device using lsusb, but it doesn't register as an audio output source.07:10
well_laid_lawnhave you done anything to speed up the boot process?07:12
well_laid_lawnor is the device being  registered as being something else?07:13
AnneNonimusI haven't done anything to the boot process.07:29
AnneNonimusHow do I check if the device is being detected as something else?07:29
well_laid_lawndoes it show in the X log at /var/log/Xorg.0.log as something else? - it'll be listed near the end07:39
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well_laid_lawnX uses evdev to associate stuff so it might show in there07:42
ubdhi can i convert ubuntu server 10.04 to xubuntu?07:43
Unit193You should be able to do "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop"07:45
Unit193Might be easier and cleaner to reinstall07:45
well_laid_lawnthe server install and xfce can make a lighter operating system07:47
Unit193Then it wouldn't be xubuntu-desktop you need to install07:48
AnneNonimusThe headset does show up in the log.07:50
Unit193ubd: What are you looking to do? (sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends is yet another way of doing it...)07:51
AnneNonimusWell, after looking at the logs, it seems that the headset is being added as a keyboard.07:52
well_laid_lawnAnneNonimus:  there's not an entry in the log after that dregistering it?07:53
well_laid_lawnAnneNonimus:  you might need to check if the sound hardware needs something added in /etc/modules or similar07:54
well_laid_lawnwhat is the soundcard?07:54
AnneNonimusHow do I check?07:55
well_laid_lawnin a terminal   lspci | grep -i audio07:55
AnneNonimusAudio device: nVidia Corporation MCP51 High Definition Audio (rev a2)07:56
well_laid_lawniirc that'll use the intelhd driver07:56
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto07:56
well_laid_lawnthat link might have a clue07:57
ubdUnit193 thanks, could you tell me whats the difference of --no-install-recommends08:01
Unit193ubd: That won't install the "recommended" software, only what it needs to fun xfce well08:02
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asadeddinhey all15:20
asadeddinquick question. I am on ubuntu and i m trying to SSH into my fedora machine, the problem is that when i try it on both they say connection refused15:21
asadeddinthey're on the same router15:21
asadeddinany ideas?15:21
asadeddini know this isnt a xubuntu thing, but yeah... :/15:21
Thermiis the openssh server installed on the fedora machine?15:22
Thermiyou need the openssh server on a machine to be able to ssh into it15:23
asadeddindo u know the command? i m new to fedora. i dont know how to use YUM15:23
Thermime neither15:23
Thermii use ubuntu and debian :D15:23
Thermitry googling it :)15:23
asadeddinok i realized on my machine there isnt openssh server15:24
Sysiopenssh should be installed by default but you need to get it running15:50
Lord_Rahlxubuntu sudo apt-get install ssh - fedora I think it yum install openssh or yum search ssh15:51
knomeopenssh-server for the server15:51
knomeSysi, i don't think the server is installed by default15:53
asadeddingot it working btw15:56
asadeddini had to install it15:56
asadeddinthe server isnt installed by default15:56
asadeddinand then u have to swtich to su15:56
asadeddinand start the service15:56
asadeddinu cant start it on normal user permissions15:56
asadeddinbut now i m trying to vnc15:56
asadeddinany ideas?15:56
Sysiknome: in fedora it is, in xubuntu not15:58
Sysi(is for my F14 xfce spin)15:58
asadeddinSysi, i just had to install openssh server on fedora 1415:58
asadeddini dont know on LXDE it wasnt15:58
asadeddinopenssh is installed but not server as i saw15:59
knomeSysi, well this ain't a fedora support channel ;)16:01
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asadeddinhey all. I need some help setting up VNC. I m getting this error trying to start up vncserver   Starting VNC server: 2:cmlserver                           [FAILED]17:07
xubuntu928salve a tutti!17:10
xubuntu928volevo solo chiedervi una cosa perchè ho appena installato xubuntu17:11
xubuntu928siccome ho xubuntu su un hd e win xp sull'altro mi chiedevo: all'avvio il grub mi visualizzerà la scelta di che sistema operativo avviare? nonostante siano su hd diversi..17:12
asadeddinoh mio dio17:13
asadeddinnon ci molto italian qui!17:13
charlie-tcaThis is an english channel17:13
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:13
asadeddinmi dispiace!17:14
paul__hello, what's the default screenshot program in xubuntu please (newish user here and can't figure out how to get that info from the applications panel)19:31
paul__thanks, so thats the command I'd need for a new panel launcher thingy?19:32
mark76Actually... Snap'd be a great name for a screenshooter app19:32
mark76You'll need to download it from the repos19:33
knomepaul__, xfce4-screenshooter, yes19:33
paul__trying to drag from applications menu to panel doesn't work as I'd hoped19:33
charlie-tcaTry right-clicking yher19:33
paul__I think i did19:33
Sysiright click → add new items should have screenshooter19:33
mark76Which Xfce do you have?19:33
charlie-tcathe panel and add it through the add to panel button19:33
paul__mark76, er not sure! charlie-tca yes I understand that bit thanks19:34
paul__thought i might just drag it from applications menu to panel19:35
paul__but can't lol19:35
mark76Which version of Xubuntu do you have?19:35
charlie-tcaThe app and the panel app are not quite the same thing. There are two items even though they do work the same19:35
paul__oh latest xubuntu and xfce 419:36
mark7610.10 or 11.04 Beta?19:36
paul__10.10 :D19:37
mark7610.10 has Xfce-4.6. Which doesn't support drag to panel19:37
mark76Drag to panel support has only been implemented in 4.819:38
Sysiaka. coming in natty19:38
paul__well that's good - it's what I'd expect to be able to do19:39
mark76There's a screenshooter plugin for the panel19:39
paul__ok i now have screenshot launcher with nice icon19:39
mark76Cool :)19:39
paul__i wanted it to use with Zim - the screenshot plugin for that program doesnt work too well19:40
paul__so, where is the application menu 'editor'? I sort of see where the menu list is stored (pretend to choose cutome menu o see location of default) but  I thought looking....19:42
paul__at that file might show me what commands are executed by each menu item and thereby find command for screenshot!19:43
mark76There isn't one19:43
charlie-tcaNo menu editor until natty releases19:43
paul__lol, even a text file with the menu commands in?19:43
charlie-tcaYou can find most of the menu information in the desktop files, though. It is in /usr/share/applications19:43
charlie-tcaright click them and select edit with...19:44
charlie-tcaor maybe open with...19:44
mark76You can't edit stuff in /usr/ unless you're root19:44
charlie-tcabut you can rread every file without being root19:45
mark76Well you can. You just can't save it19:45
charlie-tcaIf you want to know the information for a launcher you create, you do not need to edit the file, you only need to read it19:45
paul__got it thanks, now i see xfce4-screenshooter ;)19:46
paul__I've used regular ubuntu and debian a little and netbook a little less but xubuntu is mighty fine on my old thinkpad - makes my xp desktop feel like treacle19:47
mark76What does XP stand for anyway? eXcessively Plastic?19:50
paul__eXPunged now19:50
Sysiyour face when you try to use it19:50
ljsoftnethow do i fix skype webcam?, its to dark19:52
paul__thank you for the help - I'm off to play with my wiki :P19:52
differentSmokehello: I need to mount my windows partition but it does not appear listed in the terminal when I run the "mount" command. I'm in Xubuntu 10.04. What can i do?20:14
charlie-tcaApplications -> System -> Gigolo20:15
charlie-tcaMIght need samba too, I don't know20:15
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.20:15
differentSmokecharlie-tca: thanks man20:21
charlie-tcaYou are welcome20:21
FaravidHi, I already tried ubuntu forums, with no answers20:25
charlie-tcaPlease ask your question all in one line. All of us are volunteers and will attempt to answer if we know.20:26
FaravidAnyone had problems with screen not waking up after monitor sleep (full sleep disabled)20:26
FaravidHDD ligh flashes so I think it's screen only problem20:26
charlie-tcaIt is probably video card related20:27
knomeFaravid, had some ~similar problems, disable monitor sleep.20:27
FaravidI've thought about it, this old laptop has Savage IX/MX video card, which drivers I've read is not developed anymore20:27
FaravidAlso hardware acceleration fails to work though it should work20:28
Faraviddisabling monitor sleep is a little bit bad solution since this is a laptop and I wish I could use it with battery power, disabling sleep functions isn't the number one solution20:29
FaravidCan I look for solution from logs? which log file contains information about monitor sleep and what I should look for?20:30
Faravidsigh, off to test with xorg.conf20:37
FaravidGot it to work somewhat, a while ago I created xorg.conf but afterwards I removed it, but now i realized from xorg log that xorg was still searching for it and said and error that config file is not present. Now I ran Xorg -configure and moved the new xorg.conf file to right folder20:47
FaravidIt works but Xfce desktop shuts down and I'm forced to log in with all the windows i previously had open were gone20:48
charlie-tcasave session, when you log out or shutdown20:48
FaravidI put monitor to sleep, I did not log out or shut down20:49
FaravidWhen i wake monitor I face Xfce login screen, after logging in all the windows are gone, that shouldn't be normal20:50
ichatquestion... :)  when i follow - this howto  http://geekyprojects.com/ubuntu/build-your-own-custom-ubuntu-livecd/ -  but not removing ubiquity -  will that render me an instaleble   custom xubuntu install?20:50
charlie-tcaubiquity is used by both ubuntu and xubuntu as the installer20:51
charlie-tcaFaravid: If you have not saved the session already, no matter how you get to the login screen, it starts with what is saved as the session.20:52
charlie-tcaThat is the correct behavior for Xfce.20:52
FaravidIs it possible to make it default to save the session before sleep or suspend?20:53
ichatthat means that if i leave that package, any other changes i make in this  ubuntu-customisation-kit     will be also  installed   -20:54
FaravidIt's pretty unpractical to open everything again if you just leave the computer alone for couple of minutes20:54
charlie-tcaFaravid: Applications -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Sessions and Startup, session tab20:55
charlie-tcaOne way is to logout, saving the session, then log back in. Then it should bring all the windows back each time20:55
FaravidOne moment, testing the auto save20:56
FaravidOk well, part of the problem solved, I had "lock screen" when laptop lid is closed, I disabled it and monitor woke up with everything intact21:05
Faravidbtw, screen saver config shouldn't right away initialize hard ware acceleration, in my case it causes Xfce to restart and I had to disable screen saver by terminal command21:22
Faravidoh btw, got to test the screen saver after I changed xorg config21:23
FaravidInstant crash21:24
mark76Instant Replay!21:25
* mark76 does Dan Hartman impersonation21:25
mark76Carry on21:26
FaravidCould this have something to do with the crash? syslog: "Apr  6 23:23:33 Wanhus gdm-session-worker[4032]: GLib-GObject-CRITICAL: g_value_get_boolean: assertion `G_VALUE_HOLDS_BOOLEAN (value)' failed"21:33
Faravidquestion, should i try to compile DRI myself to fix 3d acceleration? (with the instructions from this site: http://dri.freedesktop.org/wiki/Building)21:53
knomeFaravid, if you want to adventurous, but we can't really support that22:00
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Faravidso i should probably make an hdd image before trying that? ;)22:04
Faravidbtw, does building dri make it difficult to install updates or distro upgrades?22:05
knomeit might just break things22:05
Faravidok so i won't even try22:05
Faravidi have one possible solution though, i will try to install video card from never version of this laptop, bought one from ebay just for testing if it is possible to install it to this laptop =P22:07
knomegood luck!22:07
knomebbl ->22:07
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andaii can't select session at login23:26
andaii have to change the default session using "Login Settings" and logout every single time23:26
aaronth_where should I list a error about Xubuntu?23:52

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