LLStarkswill unity be gtk3 for oneiric?00:11
RAOFI'd presume so.00:18
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TheMusoThats assuming all the required theme support is there.00:37
coz_ good day all00:40
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carcaragood evening people01:20
LLStarksgnome-shell is just so absurdly polished.01:20
delacyou running it on natty?01:24
didrocksgood morning07:58
oSoMoNgood morning08:04
MacSloworning folks08:08
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kamstrupdidrocks: morning - so i'll merge the libunity branches from https://bugs.launchpad.net/libunity/+bug/747677 - so an ABI break is comming down the pipe today. I'll bump the soname of libunity08:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 747677 in Ubuntu One Control Panel "[FFE] Need API to set urgency from background process" [High,In progress]08:40
didrocksso so…08:42
didrocksplaces have to be rebuild08:42
didrocksand all libunity rdepends?08:42
didrockskamstrup: it's not only an API addition as there are some removals, isn't it?08:43
didrockskamstrup: Is the removal acked by the other bug for FFe?08:43
kamstrupdidrocks: Oh, I thought the removal was part of the FFE08:45
didrockskamstrup: I think it's another one08:45
kamstrupdidrocks: dbarth wrote in the FFE request "we're removing an API that only the U1 client was really using..."08:45
didrockskamstrup: can you just check? I saw pitti had concerns08:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 747311 in Unity Foundations "Launcher - Remove the capability for Launcher icons to be overlaid with emblems" [High,Confirmed]08:46
didrocksok, it's approved08:46
didrockscan you link the other bug?08:46
didrocksso, I have to rebuild every libunity rdepends :/08:46
kamstrupdidrocks: yeah - you should make sabdfl do it :-)08:47
didrockskamstrup: heh :)08:47
kamstrupdidrocks: both bugs are linked to the libunity ms for today08:47
didrocksbut you are kamstrup and you bump the soname! :)08:48
didrocksso, it makes my life a little easier!08:48
didrockskamstrup: excellent :)08:48
kamstrupdidrocks: i bump sonames like you eat peas!08:48
didrocksheh :-)08:48
kamstrupnot sure that's a good thing, byt wtf :-)08:48
* didrocks waits for libunity4208:48
didrockskamstrup: do you think you can make some release early?08:56
kamstrupdidrocks: I think so, maybe around 12 CET?08:56
didrockskamstrup: sound good08:56
kamstrupdidrocks: that gives me a little time to dogfood it - or I can do it earlier, but without dogfooding...08:57
didrockskamstrup: well, give it some test with the current unity first :)08:57
didrocksnormally, the signals should be ignored08:57
didrocksbut better to check ;)08:57
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Kaleodidrocks: do you know if the workspace switcher icon has changed this week?09:51
Kaleodidrocks: after an update I get the old pink one in Unity 2D now09:51
didrocksKaleo: yeah, same here09:52
Kaleodidrocks: same in Unity?09:52
didrocksKaleo: it's in the theme, check with sladen09:52
didrocksKaleo: right09:52
Kaleodidrocks: thanks for confirming09:52
didrocksyw :)09:52
Kaleodidrocks: do you know if you have a bug report? we have https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-2d/+bug/75145009:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 751450 in unity-2d "[launcher] icon for workspace switcher incorrect (back to old pink one)" [Critical,Confirmed]09:53
didrocksKaleo: we don't IIRC09:53
sladenKaleo: it got reverted from Humanity as it needs to go into unity-asset-pool/ubuntu-mono instead09:53
Kaleosladen: does that mean we will have to change the code?09:54
sladenKaleo: only https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/750471  which apparently isn't happening in all cases where an Icon is requested from Gtk+09:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 750471 in unity (Ubuntu) "Ensure Unity prioritises icon loading from Unity-icon-theme" [Undecided,New]09:56
Kaleosladen: do you also have a bug report regarding the upload to unity-asset-pool/ubuntu-mono ?09:57
Kaleosladen: also, do you know who is going to be in charge of fixing the bold fonts in qt apps introduced recently? #744812 #74186210:00
Kaleosladen: I replied to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-mono/+bug/752607 too10:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 752607 in ubuntu-mono (Ubuntu) "start-here SVG icons do not load in Qt applications" [Undecided,New]10:01
spikebbah, firefox doesn't use the overlay scrollbars10:07
sladenKaleo: Qt font is bug #741862 ;  Icon upload is bug #74564710:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 741862 in unity-2d "Default interface font is too bold in all Qt4 applications" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74186210:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 745647 in Ayatana Design "Feature Freeze Exception: corrected Unity icon assets" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74564710:15
Kaleosladen: thans10:16
Kaleosladen: do you know who is going to be in charge of bug #741862 ?10:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 741862 in unity-2d "Default interface font is too bold in all Qt4 applications" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74186210:16
sladenKaleo: I don't have a solution.  The worst case is that if it's not fixed, we drop the Light and Medium weights from ttf-ubuntu-font-family until post release10:17
Kaleosladen: but are you in charge?10:17
sladenKaleo: since it's semi font-related, I fear so10:21
rdale_I have two email addresses associated with my launchpad account. i've recently subscribed to the ayatana-dev mailing list. i would like to be able to both post and receive mails from my codethink account. but it seems if i try and send from my codethink account, the mails bounce. if i send from the gmail account it works fine, but the mails go to the codethink one. does anyone know how to get launchpad to work with a specific mail10:23
rdale_address if you have more than one?10:23
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Kaleosladen: sorry about that, if I can help in any way, please let me know10:27
spikebthe dock really needs a show desktop button heh10:27
\shany plans on upgrading libappindicator from 0.2.x to 0.3 (before natty release)? or is 0.3 targeted for 11.10?10:39
\shfurthermore the python example  on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/ApplicationIndicators doesn't work on natty...actually it doesn't show the indicator-messages-new icon anymore, it worked on maverick..10:40
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kamstrupdidrocks: I think you already distropatched the updated assets into u-p-f right? There has been no changes since last week at least10:59
kamstruplast change was 24-03-201110:59
didrockskamstrup: I didn't distro-patch, I pushed that in trunk11:00
didrocksisn't it the right icon?11:01
didrocksI think sladen should have a new update11:01
didrocksbut the trunk should be the current icon, let me check11:01
didrockskamstrup: confirmed, icons are right :) (and I cherry-picked them in the packaging)11:02
kamstrupdidrocks: ok, seems it's just libunity and u-p-a today then11:16
didrockskamstrup: and so, rebuild u-p-f and all other rdepends :)11:17
kamstrupdidrocks: yeah, that'll be your headache, i'll be slacking off while you're at it :-D11:17
didrockskamstrup: you know how I can avoid that headache? :-)11:18
didrocks /quit11:18
didrocks ^ it's just easy on IRC! :)11:18
kamstrupi'll fetch coffee for you and give you a back rub11:18
didrocksheh :)11:19
kamstrupok, less talk, more tarball rolling11:19
didrocks$ apt-cache rdepends libunity3 | wc -l11:19
didrockshum, not fun!11:19
* kamstrup had no idea it was that many11:19
didrocks8 real libunity rdepends11:19
didrocks(one you removed dbgsym, -dev, gir-)11:19
didrocksseb128: do you want to play a fun game? :)11:20
seb128didrocks, not really? ;-)11:20
seb128didrocks, you should have notice I'm not a fun guy ;-)11:20
seb128didrocks, do you change soname and need rebuilds?11:20
didrocksseb128: come on! you always tell that you want to handle unity things as well :p11:20
kamstrupdidrocks: I guess you didn't count in the rdeps of gir1.2-unity-3.0?11:21
didrocksseb128: yeah, kamstrup is a good upstream :)11:21
didrockshe bumps soname!11:21
didrockskamstrup: yeah, for the 8 real ones11:21
seb128kamstrup, does the gir rdepends actually need an update?11:21
kamstrupnot sure11:21
kamstrupprobably not...11:21
didrockswell, it's generated by libunity anyway…11:22
kamstrupi mean, they could break at runtime, but rebuilding them wouldn't catch that unless they have some tests suites to catch a changing libunity11:22
didrocksyeah, anyway, it will be rebuilt with libunity11:22
didrockskamstrup: so libunity4, isn't it?11:23
* didrocks prepares rdepends meanwhile11:23
didrockskamstrup: what's the version? 4.0.011:25
didrocksor stil 3.8.4 to follow unity?11:25
kamstrupdidrocks: I stick to the Unity versioning scheme11:25
didrocksok :)11:25
kamstrupdidrocks: otherwise we'd also break the VAPI and GIR users etc11:25
kamstrup=> world collapses11:26
kamstrupdidrocks: https://launchpad.net/libunity/3.0/3.8.411:28
didrockskamstrup: thanks!11:29
didrockskamstrup: do you have a milestone with all the bugs? ;)11:30
kamstrupdidrocks: there are only the 3 bug fixes you see there11:30
kamstrupdidrocks: or do you mean all the Unity Foundations bugs?11:30
didrockskamstrup: ok, I shouldn't have asked, all is updated and cleaned, I don't have to dig myself :-)11:31
didrockskamstrup: bug #747677 is fix committed though?11:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 747677 in Ubuntu One Control Panel "[FFE] Need API to set urgency from background process" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74767711:32
didrockskamstrup: because the branch is set to ": Needs Fixing", ,so you didn't remove the API?11:32
kamstrupdidrocks: no the branch was merged as is11:34
didrockskamstrup: oh ok, missed that email then :)11:34
didrocksyeah, confirmed in the VCS11:34
kamstrupdidrocks: it's the unity branch, not the libunity branch, i marked as needsfixing11:34
didrockslike the "WARNING", can you make it red? :p11:34
didrocksoh right11:35
kamstrupdidrocks: <blink>WARNING</blink>11:35
didrocksheh, it has to come to "blink" at some point! :)11:35
kamstrupthat or marquee11:35
spikebmy mind's eye is going blind11:38
didrockskamstrup: app places? :)11:52
kamstrupdidrocks: there you go https://launchpad.net/unity-place-applications/trunk/0.2.4611:54
didrockskamstrup: excellent \o/11:54
didrockskamstrup: you screwed a merge btw, I have proof now! :)11:56
didrockskamstrup: see rev 200.1.1, that was trunk :)11:57
kamstrupdidrocks: huah?! how did that happen?!11:58
didrockskamstrup: I think you didn't bzr pull before merging :)11:58
kamstrupdidrocks: ah, maybe i forgot to pull beofre I merged11:58
kamstrupdidrocks: sorry dude11:58
didrockskamstrup: no worry ;)11:58
didrocksnice work on the url launch11:59
kamstrupdidrocks: i bet you worked many a sleepless night on 200.1.111:59
didrockskamstrup: yeah, it was days and days of tortures :-)12:00
kamstrupdidrocks: yeah, with Bilal's branch it was just a regex away12:00
kamstrupdidrocks: indeed!12:00
didrockskamstrup: all looks good, uploading and rebuilding rdepends! :)12:05
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adalalheya there, anyone knows how to add amsn to the new unity systray on natty?12:35
adalalheya there, anyone knows how to add amsn to the new unity systray on natty?12:49
spikebno clue here12:51
adalalit's a bit annoying, because I can't add amsn, or skype12:53
zniavreskype should be   non ?12:55
adalalit should be.. dont know why it isnt @S12:56
humphreybckazade: Nice!12:57
adalalgsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist ... ['JavaEmbeddedFrame', 'Mumble', 'Wine', 'Skype', 'hp-systray']12:57
coz_ good day all13:09
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klattimerdbarth: looks like me and mterry fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-geonames/+bug/72902214:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 729022 in Ubuntu Geonames "Locations in the settings are not localized" [Undecided,In progress]14:17
klattimerseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-geonames/+bug/729022 looks like we fixed :D14:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 729022 in Ubuntu Geonames "Locations in the settings are not localized" [Undecided,In progress]14:19
seb128klattimer, hey14:19
seb128way to go!14:19
klattimertough stuff, sphinx, sql and a lot of slow queries later14:20
seb128it needs a server rollout as well to be working?14:21
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seb128klattimer, nice work on the indicator btw ;-)14:35
klattimerit's been hard14:36
klattimerbut worth it I think14:36
klattimera grid menu layout would have made it better I think14:36
klattimerthe keyboard stuff is a real thorn it it14:37
klattimerin it14:37
vishzniavre: checkout bug 711561 now ;)14:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 711561 in unity (Ubuntu) "Compiz won't allow Desktop Cube plugin to load with unity" [Wishlist,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71156114:45
tedgkenvandine, indicator-application has only a one character change in trunk.  And I need to get some other things fixed in it.  Distro patch for today?14:57
kenvandineone character...haha14:58
tedgkenvandine, It changes the order of nm-applet.14:59
tedgkenvandine, Visually it's a big change :-)14:59
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kenvandinekamstrup, ping15:36
kamstrupkenvandine: pongo15:37
kenvandinehey, question about dee15:37
kenvandineso i know you can get_schema to get the types in an array15:37
kenvandinebut is there anyway to get more info about what is in those?15:37
kenvandinei am thinking about a way for clients to discover the schema and actual data15:38
kenvandinei assume right now we have to have maybe a separate model or interface that returns a list of what is in each field for a mapping15:38
kenvandineget_schema returns (s,s,s,u,s,s) i would love a get_schema_details that returned (name, message, url, time, stream, service)15:40
kenvandineand the owner of the model would set that with the schema15:40
kenvandinekamstrup, i did get gwibber-service to create a model for a stream last night, and made njpatel's StreamView widget display it in the new client :)15:42
kamstrupkenvandine: there's a bug on this if I understand you correct - basically support for "named" columns like traditional relational dbs15:43
kamstrupbecause that could also be used to implement some awesome ORM like features for Python and QML15:43
kenvandineso i can deal better with changing the schema without needing to change everything that subscribes to it15:43
kamstrupalternatively we implement this purely in Python on top of Dee as is15:44
kenvandineso all the client needs to know is it needs a name, account, message, url, and icon15:44
kamstrupalthough that's less cool15:44
kenvandineit subscribes to the model, and programatically figures out which columns is which15:44
kenvandinethat can't be hard to implement though?15:45
kamstrupnot really no15:45
kenvandineok, and it sounds useful right?15:46
kamstrupit may require a protocol change though, if we wanna toss the names across the bus as well15:46
kenvandineyeah, so maybe for oneiric :)15:47
kamstrupalso we could consider an ABI break to have proper integration in the API instaed grafting it on15:47
kenvandinethen i'll plan for that in the client15:47
kenvandinethat would be nice too15:47
kenvandinenot sure how this would map to the other languages15:48
kenvandinebut perhaps a get_schema_map15:48
kenvandinethat returned something like a dictionary15:48
kenvandinei guess an array of arrays?15:49
kamstrupYeah, maybe typedef struct { gchar *column_name; GVariantType *column_type; } DeeColumnSpec;15:49
kenvandineand perhaps in the python overrides we could bolt on an object around that to make it super awesome15:49
kamstrupand then change set_schema() to take a DeeColumnSpec[]15:50
kamstrupbut dunno15:50
kenvandinewell glad you are already thinking about it15:50
kenvandineimo it is a must have feature15:50
kenvandineotherwise we need a way to version the models or something15:50
kamstruplots of options, i just wanna keep the API as simple and straight forward as possible :-) So maybe DeeColumnSpec is over the top...15:51
kenvandinekamstrup, do you have a road map of some sort for dee?15:51
kamstrupkenvandine: it's also becoming evident to me that linking models by row-offset with sections and groups is a bad idea15:51
kenvandineor is it all bugs in lp?15:51
kamstrupkenvandine: I just use dee bugs15:51
kenvandinewhy is that bad?15:52
kenvandinewait... linking models?15:52
kenvandinemaybe i didn't understand something there... how are they linked?15:53
kamstrupkenvandine: like in results_model we specify the group with an integer that is the row offset into the groups model15:53
kenvandineyeah, that will cause pain15:54
kamstrupkenvandine: one problem: Unity wants to select sections from the Dash homescreen. It does that by hardcoding section values for each place and then calling SetActiveSection(section) over dbus15:54
kamstrupbut if I now wanna re-sort my sections according to locale or something15:55
kamstrup==> madness ensues15:55
kamstrupso some sort of "primary key" concept would be handy15:55
kamstrupand use that for linking15:55
kenvandineso what unity does then is link all these models together based on off-sets?15:56
kenvandineand then down inside my lens i do something similar15:56
kamstrupreally it's exactly like arelational db15:56
kenvandineso it all bubbles up to your big one in unity15:56
kenvandinemakes total sense... i hadn't really thought about how it worked outside of my lens :)15:57
kenvandineyeah, so relying on a offset is going to paint us into a corner...15:57
kamstrupso in some sense dee, places, and unity hand code what a relational db usually gives you15:58
kamstrupso my plan was to push a little of that logic into dee15:58
kamstrupby introducing a PK concept of some sort15:58
kamstrupthe danger here is making the API to complex15:58
kamstrupi really really wanna KIS15:58
kenvandinethe nice thing though, in the case of unity, i really only have to worry about my little area15:59
kenvandineand you just consume that15:59
kenvandinewhich is very cool15:59
kamstrupyeah, you just implement the model in classic mvc15:59
kenvandinebut it probably needs to be a little more dynamic15:59
kenvandinelike the problem of sorting how you get results in the dash15:59
kenvandineyou do that in the order you know about the lenses right?16:00
kenvandineideally that should be more programmatic, based on learned behavior16:01
kenvandineso if i frequently choose launching an application from my search result...those should bubble up to the top16:02
kenvandinebut you couldn't do that as it is today, right?16:02
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om26erlamalex, Hi! what do i do with bugs with no retraced stacktrace plus not reproduce able?17:25
lamalexom26er, i usually just mark them invalid and tell the user why and to please report again if it happens17:26
lamalexom26er, what are you working on?17:29
om26erlamalex, NEW17:30
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om26erthere should be a stock reply for that17:31
lamalexom26er, what new queue are you doing?18:12
lamalexit doesn't seem like the numbers are going down fast enough for the two of us to both be working on it simultaneously18:12
lamalexdo you do upstream unity or source package?18:13
om26eri am doing upstream bugs lamalex18:13
om26erits going down18:13
om26erlamalex, so I generally leave the multi-monitor bugs as they are, should there be a tag for multi-monitor issues?18:18
lamalexom26er, we don't have one but i'm not opposed to using one18:18
lamalexhow about "multimonitor"18:19
om26eri was going for multi-m but yeah multimonitor would be fine18:19
lamalexyeah let's do the less ambiguous one18:20
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tedgkenvandine, indicator-application is my last there.19:35
nhainestedg: that's going to fix the stub menus, right?19:38
tedgnhaines, That's the indicator-appmenu and unity releases.  But, yes, today's release should fix those.19:39
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OmegaHas anyone been getting a freeze lately when maximising a window?20:01
OmegaIt happened twice today.20:02
kamusinwhich package should I mark as affected/assign for issues related to global menu? Thanks20:17
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tedgkamusin, Depends on the issue :-)20:18
kamusintedg, there is an option with banshee that doesn't work in global menu, however it works fine with classic desktop20:20
om26erstar thingy?20:20
tedgkamusin, That's probably dbusmenu20:20
kamusinom26er, ;)20:20
kamusinyes it is,  rating songs with global menu just don't go20:21
om26erbug 626808 could be related20:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 626808 in appmenu-gtk (Ubuntu) "empathy smiley list looks different with appmenu" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62680820:22
om26ergrid is not supported in appmenu it seems20:22
kamusinthank you om26er , you got the clue :P20:24
* om26er unassigns bratsche as assignee20:25
om26erand the trick is assign it to yourself and then unassign, #launchpad20:27
Dartis there a way to sort software center apps rating wise?20:28
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joshuahooveranyone running dual monitors with the nvidia binary driver and not able to move windows from the main screen (where the launcher is) to the other? i try to move windows to the second screen and they "stick/snap" to the side so you can show windows side-by-side21:10
joshuahooverkind of makes having dual monitors pointless ;)21:12
Dartafter todays unity update, bfb is behaving in strange way...clicking it brings dash but it doesn't go away when i click on bfb again.....21:30
Dartis this a feature?21:30
kenvandineDart, i am seeing the same thing21:36
Dartkenvandine, oh its a bug?21:37
kenvandinei think so21:37
kenvandineplease file it21:37
Dartall right..doing it now21:37
DBOgoes away immediately here21:43
Darti just filed this Bug #75404421:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 754044 in unity "After unity 3.8.4 update, clicking on bfb triggers the dash menu but nothing happens when we click again on bfb" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75404421:48
kenvandineDBO, goes away for me on ESC21:58
zniavregood evening21:58
kenvandinebut not clicking on the bfb21:58
DBOoh I see21:59
DBOwhat about clicking off?21:59
DBOlike anywhere else on the screen21:59
kenvandinethat works21:59
zniavrei do not know if its the good place , but it seems compiz grid get something wrong since last update > no color21:59
OmegaI've had two freezes today when I tried to maximise a window.21:59
OmegaI'm afraid of clicking that button.21:59
zniavreOmega that s true   :o)22:01
zniavrejust tried just relog22:01
OmegaHave you had that too?22:01
OmegaAlright, I'll report but I don't have a crash (it just freezes)22:02
zniavreif you got good english you must fil a report22:02
OmegaI don't think that should stop anyone, if we can understand you, it's good enough!22:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 754063 in unity "System freezes when maximize button is clicked" [Undecided,New]22:06
OmegaCan you confirm it zniavre?22:06
zniavrei clicked on affected bug22:07
zniavrehey that s strange it does not freeze now22:07
DBOOmega, use gdb to get a backtrace from the point of the freeze22:08
OmegaSadly, I have never used gdb before ):22:09
DaekdroomWhy won't autohide hide my launcher? :(22:10
DBODaekdroom, use a Qt app recently?22:11
zniavreDBO,  i used gdb gedit but it froze before the gdb output do you know if i can find the debug output in my comp now?22:13
DBOzniavre, ah you need to gdb up compiz, not gedit22:14
DBOand you should run it from a TTY22:14
zniavreho ok22:14
DaekdroomDBO, all the time :P22:15
DBODaekdroom, its stuck out because Qt is a bastard toolkit22:17
OmegaDBO: Can you set an appropriate importance to the bug pretty please? :)22:17
DBOI fixed that in the next release22:17
DBOOmega, what bug?22:17
DBOlink me?22:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 754063 in unity "System freezes when maximize button is clicked" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:17
OmegaAlso, I marked it as confirmed after zniavre said it also affected him.22:18
DaekdroomDBO, I see, is there a bug report about qt apps losing appmenu support every time unity is restarted?22:18
DBODaekdroom, thats Qt being herpa-derpa22:18
DBOthose guys have then tendancy to assume nothing ever goes wrong22:18
DBOwhich I find amusing22:18
zniavreDBO sorry im not able to export gdb compiz from tty122:18
DBOzniavre, (gdb) set logging file /tmp/logfile22:19
DBOzniavre, (gdb) set logging on22:19
DBOthen get the br22:19
DBOand it will pop up in that file22:19
OmegaMy first critical bug, it seemed just days ago all my bugs were duplicates, I grew up so fast.22:21
zniavreProgram exited with code 01.  :o(  something wrong (must be myself )22:22
DBOzniavre, break on _exit22:23
DBOthen try agian22:23
DBOalso in TTY you need to do22:23
DBOexport DISPLAY=:022:23
zniavrebefore gdb thing ?22:24
lamalexunity --advanced-debug sets all that up for you22:24
lamalexand launches you into gdb22:24
=== jono_ is now known as jono
zniavreim sorry still unable22:27
lamalexzniavre, are you getting the same Program exited with code 01 error?22:28
DBOlamalex, REALLY!?!?22:31
DBOtahts AMAZING22:31
zniavrelamalex,  no wait 2sec im pasting the output22:31
lamalexDBO, yah it's great22:32
lamalexit's all didrocks22:32
lamalexof course22:32
DBOdidrocks, my personal hero22:32
lamalexzniavre, when it gets to that you have to type "bt"22:33
Omegahttp://www.jonobacon.org/2011/04/05/natty-in-the-final-stretch-a-retrospective/ has a nice picture of didrocks22:33
lamalexand it should give you the trace22:33
zniavreok let me try again22:33
DBOI am the first person with a Fix Committed on 3.8.622:34
DBOlet the points flow in!22:34
ftauhuh, the new unity/nux crashed. http://paste.ubuntu.com/590979/22:34
lamalexfreaking dbo22:34
ftaand bamfdaemon too22:34
lamalexi got distracted HELPING USERS22:34
lamalexUSERS WHO QUIT IRC22:34
Omegalamalex: It probably crashed for him again ):22:35
lamalexi dont actually even know what his problem is22:35
lamalexim just helping him get a trace since dbo was failing at it22:35
Omegalamalex: When you click the maximize button, a system freeze happens.22:35
zniavrethat is correct ?22:37
DBOlamalex, is the hover effect in the dash broken for you?22:39
lamalexdefine broken22:39
lamalexit's a glowing white22:39
lamalexi assumed that was intentional22:39
DBOI dont think so22:40
zniavrebtw it's difficult to exit the dash ...22:40
DBOthats been reported22:40
DBOgoing to look at it shortly22:40
zniavredoes the "bt" is helpfull ?22:41
DBOzniavre, no22:41
DBOsomething is still wrong with the BT you got22:41
DBOmaybe lamalex can help since I am clearly retarded :P22:42
zniavreif there is one it's me22:42
lamalexyeah, i have no idea why the bt looks liek that22:43
lamalexmy only guess is that something is hella messed up deeper than the unity level22:44
lamalexzniavre, so your whole desktop locks up whenever you maximize a window?22:44
DBOI work from a recliner22:46
DBOthat seems relevant right now22:46
zniavreyes mouse can move but no menus no clic is working on icons22:46
* lamalex works standing up22:47
lamalexin his underwear22:47
lamalexalthough fun fact right now i am wearing pants and sitting22:47
DBOi am wearing sweat pants22:48
DBOits not very classy22:48
DBObut functional22:48
lamalexzniavre, can you log into a classic session and see if it happens there?22:49
lamalexjust to rule out that it's something else broken in the stack22:49
lamalexDBO, do you ever use bzr lp-propose-merge22:49
zniavreyes of course wait a minute22:49
zniavrelamalex,  with or without compiz ?22:50
lamalexdo both?22:51
lamalexif you can22:51
lamalexDBO, review please https://code.launchpad.net/~alexlauni/unity/remove-on-uninstall-748107/+merge/5685122:51
DBOlamalex, wtf is that?22:51
DBOthat sounds amazing22:51
lamalexDBO, it proposes your branch for a review from the cli22:51
lamalexbzr lp-propose -R unity-team22:51
* DBO jumps for joy22:52
lamalexDBO, in that branch, each BamfLauncherIcon gets its own GFileMonitor- that should be ok right?22:52
lamalexi wasn't really sure about how much overhead that would bring22:52
DBOmaybe not the snappiest of ideas22:53
zniavreit looks to works with compiz and metacity22:53
DBOlamalex, looks smart to me22:53
DBOlamalex, did you test it?22:53
lamalexyah it works great22:54
lamalexi thought about putting a watch on the dir22:54
lamalexbut that doesn't help us for .desktop files not in /usr/share/applications22:54
lamalexit just seemed like the cleanest solution22:54
DBOand in the case of apps NOT in /usr/share/applications22:55
DBOshit can it22:55
lamalexshit can it?22:55
lamalexshit-can it?22:55
DBOlamalex, https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/unity.dnd-push-off-restore/+merge/5683722:55
zniavrei hope somebody else will help you better than me i m sorry22:56
DBOzniavre, its no problem22:56
DBOI will attempt to solve the issue regardless22:56
zniavreim unable to get a correct debug output22:56
zniavrethe compiz grid is working well in gnome session (not in unity , no colored background)22:57
DBOzniavre, does it work if you drag to the top?22:58
DBOI think I see the problem22:58
DBO(sam cant do math)22:58
zniavreit "grids" the window but the colored background is missing22:59
lamalexDBO, what does "pushed off" mean22:59
zniavrebefore was "aubergine/violet" it supposed to be orange now22:59
DBOpress your mouse against the left edge while doing DND over the launcher23:00
lamalexso what does this fix?23:00
lamalexi mean the code looks fine23:00
lamalexbut i don't know what it's supposed to be doing really23:01
zniavreDBO same behavior23:01
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
DBOzniavre, kay23:01
DBOlamalex, if you push against the left edge, the launcher should hide23:02
DBOlamalex, if you hover the BFB, it should show again23:02
lamalexpush a window?23:02
lamalexoh i see23:03
* DBO sighs23:03
DBOthere we go23:03
lamalexDBO, tested/working?23:04
zniavrethank you answering/helping im sorry to gives you works on bug  good night23:04
DBOlamalex, yes23:04
DBOzniavre, never apologize for reporting bugs23:04
DBOwe owe you for doing it23:04
DBOyou're the best23:04
lamalexok lemme try real quick23:04
DBOI shall write a ballad in your honor23:05
lamalexallow me to fetch my lyre23:05
lamalexoh wow it's 623:06
lamalextime to watch buffy23:06
DBOthe vampire slayer?23:06
lamalexyeah dog23:06
lamalexbest show23:06
lamalexif you have netflix i highly recommend it23:07
lamalexit's probably on abc family still if you have cable23:07
lamalexDBO, +1 on that merge23:08
lamalexworks great23:08
lamalexi gave it the old 1, 2 and couldn't fake it out23:09
lamalexdnd on the trackpad is such a pain in the ass23:09
DBOyes it is23:10
DBOi was thinking we should have a dnd gesture23:10
DBOto make that shit easy23:10
DBOthen I was thinking we could have a brain/computer interface23:10
DBOperhaps using a hand as an intermediary to communicate intent23:10
DBOwe could have it hold a device with a laser on it23:10
DBOand the laser could track its motion on a 2D plane23:11
DBOby adding buttons we could further improve the productivity of this device23:11
DBOI call it "The Rat"23:11
OmegaI reported the bug and he gets the ballad );23:18
lamalexoh dbo you slay me23:18
OmegaDoes sam work on the grid plugin?23:18
DBOso blame him!23:19
OmegaHmm, I have quite a few bugs for him :P23:19
DBOwe all do23:19
DBOwe call it "sam bashing"23:19
DBOkeep in mind though23:19
DBOSam is 1223:19
DBOso in many countries its illegal to look at him funny23:19
OmegaMost of my bugs are maths bugs23:19
Omegathat I will look at23:19
OmegaLike the window sizes are calculated wrong23:20
lamalexDBO, only in western countries23:20
lamalexi'm pretty sure hungary is no-holds-bars23:20
lamalexhm speaking of hungary23:22
lamalexi wonder how much it costs to get from moscow to budapest23:22
DBOi dont know... why?23:22
lamalexi have a friend in moscow i want to see23:23
lamalexwho would probably visit budapest if it wasn't too expensive23:23
DBOlamalex, I guess you are right23:25
DBOthe white thing is on purpose23:25
DBOthats RETARDED23:25
lamalexit's too bright but i like the solid more than the hashed thing from before23:25
lamalexit's like ... blinding23:25
DBOmake me want to slay things23:25
lamalexmaybe it's to keep vampires from using ubuntu23:26
lamalexlooks too much like morning sun23:26
DBOim really surprised the OMG Ubuntu guys dont have out in here23:26
DBO"oh look, another potty mouthed unity developer"23:26
* lamalex has a very clean mouth23:26
lamalexexcept for like23:27
lamalexwhen i lick the toilet23:27
OmegaDBO: I think you're awesome because you have a sense of humor.23:27
lamalexhahahah http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/04/banshee-suckth-the-big-one-or-how-to-correctly-file-a-bug-and-stop-worrying/23:27
lamalexgreat title23:27
DBOIm sure abock loves that23:27
lamalexdnielson is a freaking rock star in the banshee world23:28
lamalexdude triages bugs as didrocks pace23:28
DBOhave you seen how much karma that little french bastard has?23:28
DBOhe has 11 times more karma than me23:28
lamalexhave you looked at pitti's karma?23:29
lamalexthey have bots that run on their account and do things23:29
lamalexlike didrock's unity script23:29
DaekdroomI have 78 karma. :D23:29
lamalexthey CHEAT23:29
DBOthats it23:29
DBOIm writing my cheat bot23:29
DBOpush branch, commit random data, delete branch23:29
OmegaDBO: share please23:30
DBOi will beat didrocks23:30
OmegaWe can become launchpad masters23:30
DBOI have already been directly threatened by a launchpad admin if I actually do this23:30
DBObut its too late23:30
DaekdroomI wonder if there's some rule against that23:30
DBOIm committed23:30
DBOits against the terms of service23:31
UndiFineDDaekdroom, its called bad karma23:31
DBOits called points23:31
DBOi love points23:32
lamalexhe does love points23:32
lamalexhe's not lying23:32
lamalexthe things i've seen DBO do for points23:32
lamalexgod i wish i could forget23:32
DBOI was young and I needed the gold pieces23:32
OmegaThis is all they say "We reserve the right to limit the access of individual users who make requests too often; and of applications that cause problems for Launchpad due to bugs, inefficiency, or malicious intent. "23:32
lamalexhahah didrocks and I are both beating you in unity specific karma23:34
lamalexsuck it23:34
lamalexand gord23:34
lamalexand neil23:34
lamalexyou're number 623:34
lamalexhow's it feel23:35
OmegaDBO: Can I mark all of these are fix released? https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/3.8.223:35
OmegaSo some just didn't make the milestone?23:35
lamalexthey probably need retargeted23:35
DBOmessing with our bugs is a big no-no23:35
* lamalex is the bugmaster23:35
lamalexalthough really didrocks is the bug master23:35
OmegaI wasn't messing ):23:35
OmegaI wanted to help23:36
DaekdroomI'm subscribed to a lot of bugs..23:36
DaekdroomMost of them do miss the milestone.23:36
Daekdroomand are retargeted23:36
DBODaekdroom, if a bug misses a milestone, it is much more likely to miss the next one23:36
DBOit has to do with the way we kind of self select the low hanging fruit23:36
lamalexthe criticals and the easy ones23:36
lamalexthe middle ones kind of get passed over23:36
* DBO checks his unread email count23:37
DBOsomeone send me 9 emails23:37
DBOthat I will of course not read23:37
DBOmake that 823:37
lamalexDBO, is this just your inbox?23:38
DBOno no23:38
DBOUNREAD emails23:38
DBOnot just my inbox23:38
lamalexhahah jesus23:38
DBOits my backlog23:38
lamalexi am around 90023:38
lamalexand i thought i was bad23:38
DaekdroomI'm never behind my emails.23:39
DBODaekdroom, yeah you know, emails I should have read but didn't23:39
DaekdroomWhenever I happen to be, I mark all as read.23:39
DBOthats cheating!23:39
DaekdroomI did that back when most of it was useless.23:39
DaekdroomNow that I subscribe to bugs and all that, I run gm-notify :323:39
DBOI cant possibly keep up23:39
DBOwhen I wake up my email client downloads 2000+ emails23:39
DBOand I go "uhhh... I'll work today..."23:40
DaekdroomWhere do they all come from?23:40
lamalexOmega, you can retarget to 3.6.6 if you want23:40
DBOlaunchpad mostly23:40
lamalexDBO, that's what filters are for23:40
DBOlamalex, they get filtered23:41
DBOI still get important emails23:41
Omegalamalex: 3._6_.6?23:43
lamalexi guess23:44
lamalexwhat is _23:44
Omega3.6.6 or 3.8.6?23:44
OmegaIt was for intonation23:44
DaekdroomIntonation over internet is like irony23:45
DaekdroomNever works23:45
lamalexDBO, 3.6.6 right?23:45
DaekdroomWe're in 3.8.423:46
DBOtarget for 3.8.623:46
lamalexoh right i forgot i went back in time23:46
DBO3.8.4 just went out the door23:46
OmegaSeems like I can't change milestone23:47
DBOnot surprised23:48
lamalexyeah i or didrocks or someone in unity bugs probably has to23:49
* lamalex will do it tomorrow23:49
lamalexim done with bug management for the day23:49
lamalexDBO, ok so continue here23:49
DBOcontinuing here23:49
lamalexi want to get that bug fixed so i can watch buffy23:49
DBOokay so here is basically how it works23:49
DBOthere are two parts to bamf, libbamf and bamfdaemon23:49
DBOwhen an application opens a window, bamfdaemon sees the window, tries to match it, and then exports an object on the bus for the window23:50
DBOif the window is a new application, it also exports an application object23:50
DBOlibbamf then sees these new things, and signals out that new objects are available23:50
DBO(clever I know)23:50
DBOLauncherController then sees the signals coming from bamf23:50
lamalexok so libbamf is a dbus wrapper lib?23:50
DBOit also allows you to create "favorites" wrappers23:51
DBOor wrappers for objects not currently running23:51
DBOit will match to those as well when tehy start up23:51
DBOLauncherController sees the signals, and wraps the BamfApplications into a BamfLauncherIcon23:51
DBOthen passes the BamfLauncherIcon to the LauncherModel23:51
DBOthe LauncherModel then signals to the Launcher than there is a new icon in the list23:52
DBOand Launcher renders that bithc23:52
lamalexthen there's a dance number and it ends with a kiss23:52
lamalexso i can write a little libbamf consuming client app + gdbus to figure out if bamf is the problem23:53
lamalexand if not then it's your stupid launcher23:54
lamalexare there libbamf api docs anywhere?23:54
DBOwhat problem?23:54
lamalexlibbamf-doc yay23:54
lamalexDBO, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/68877723:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 688777 in unity (Ubuntu) "After unpinning launcher icon, launcher icon not shown for next program start" [Medium,In progress]23:54
lamalexim pretty sure it's a launcher issue23:55
lamalexbut i could imagine some caching issue in bamf or something23:55
lamalexand ruling that out off the bat will save me time23:55
lamalexor find the issue23:55
lamalex.. either one23:55
DBOlamalex, I just fixed that23:55
DBOcheck out bamf trunk23:55
lamalexson of a bitch23:55
* DBO goes to claim his prize23:56
lamalexso it was in bamf?23:56
lamalexIT WAS ASSIGNED to ME23:56
lamalexTO MEEE23:56
DBOthere was a dupe23:56
DBOassigned to me23:56
lamalex:'( i'm telling neil23:56
lamalexhe's gonna be mad at u23:56
DBOalso it was a ref counting error23:56
lamalexyah that makes sense23:56
DBOcallign g_object_ref instead of g_object_ref_sink23:56
lamalexsee i probably could have learned a lot23:57
lamalexand you took that away from me23:57
DBOgo watch buffy23:57
lamalexcan you mark this dupe?23:57
DBOi marked it fixed23:57
DBOwant my karma23:57
lamalexyou get the same for marking it a dupe23:57
DBOalso a little bit of shameless stat padding never hurt23:57
lamalexit just pads our bug stats23:57
DBOI know23:57
DBOI like padding stats23:58
DBOdo you really think we fixed 80 bugs last week?23:58
DBOcloser to 6023:58
DBOand 20 dupes23:58
lamalexi'm ashamed23:59
lamalexoh thanks for taking me off of that bug23:59
DBOno problem!23:59
DBOI fixed it23:59
DBOI get the stat pad23:59
lamalexnow dbarth is going to KNOW that im worthless23:59
lamalexand im going to get fired23:59

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