mjflickhi, i compiled bzr but i'm getting the following error when running it, "bzrlib._static_tuple_c.StaticTuple is not a type object"00:33
mjflickany ideas what's broken here?00:33
lifelesswhat python ?00:33
pooliekind of sounds like something's out of date with your python version00:36
spivHi folks.01:01
pooliehi there spiv01:27
poolielifeless, http://people.canonical.com/~mbp/kanban/canonical-bazaar-kanban.html02:29
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echo-areaspiv, vila: I'm sorry I was busy doing other things these days so I didn't follow up spiv's bug report and didn't work on the document improvement of types of conflicts yet.  I'm still busy now, but I'll return to this later.  Apologize.02:59
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AfCIs there no way to engineer out the "updating git map" step? It's going to take half an hour!03:59
AfCthen "fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly"04:02
AfCthen, we start again at 0/1973804:02
pooliejelmer would know best, and he's likely asleep?04:02
AfCbloody hell04:02
pooliefile a bug?04:02
AfCpoolie: I guess I've kinda got tired of hassling Jelmer with bugs about bzr-git04:02
mwhudsoni bet you haven't done it nearly as much as me04:03
AfCI never seem to be able to get it to work :(04:03
pooliei don't think he feels hassledh04:03
poolieand they do seem to get closed04:03
AfCpoolie: filed, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/75315504:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 753155 in Bazaar "bzr-git crashes when trying to update GTK" [Undecided,New]04:05
poolieok, SRUs here i come06:13
poolieOK, sru for bug 707075 proposed; let's see07:15
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/707075)07:16
lifelessthats no good07:17
lifeless2.5 seconds for me07:18
lifeless177 queries though07:18
lifelesswhich makes me sad07:18
vilalifeless: 197 queries/external actions issued in 4.01 seconds here07:55
vilahi all !07:55
vilapoolie: 2.1.4 is planned for next week, are you ok to wait a bit and use bug #707075 (come one ubot5, try better) to drive the 2.1.4 SRU ?07:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 707075 in bzr (Ubuntu Maverick) "[sru] lp-propose fails with a 404 error" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70707507:56
vilagood bot07:56
lifelessvila: thats interesting, I wonder why07:57
vilalifeless: 177 vs 197 you mean ? I was about to ask07:57
lifelesspossibly there is a memcache fragment in there we missed07:58
lifelessbut it should be disabled on BugTask:+index07:58
* spiv steps AFK.08:10
spivBack in a bit.08:10
* vila scratches head08:12
vilapoolie: how can I check that bzr has been uploaded to maverick-proposed ? It doesn't show up in synaptic...08:13
lifelessvila: become an ubuntu archive-admin08:16
lifelessvila: you might be able to see it in the maverick +queue page08:16
vilalifeless: the intent is to test it, I hope testing is open to non-admin people08:17
lifelessonce its accepted into -proposed, yes08:17
vilaoh, ok, that's probably the issue then08:17
maxbvila: ^08:20
vilamaxb: you rock ;)08:21
vila>-/ http://launchpadlibrarian.net/68515880/bzr_2.2.1-0ubuntu1_2.2.4-0ubuntu1.diff.gz mentions 2.2.2-dev in the generated C files08:22
vilamay be the generated content is correct but if it has been generated there but this seems really wrong08:24
vilait should be 2.2.3-dev according to my local workflow08:25
vilaerr, no, 2.2.4-dev of course08:25
vilaok, false alarm08:27
vilait's a local glitch, I rely on make there *but* rename the directories after releases, so the path mentioned is the one that was current the last time the file has been generated08:28
vilaI should probably add 'make clean; make' somewhere to avoid this08:29
vilaon the other hand, full paths should be used only when building locally for debug purposes, relative paths should be used otherwise,08:30
vilaespecially for releases so that the above diff will stop containing the spurious comment changes08:31
vilaI thought we had a bug for that but all I can find is bug #336933 which is only tangentially related08:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 336933 in Bazaar "version control the pyrex output files" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33693308:33
maxbvila: I would like that. I suppose we need to either fix pyrexc or apply sed08:38
vilamaxb: yup, I vaguely remember looking at that loong ago but don't remember ever finding a solution (didn't try sed though)08:41
vilabut injecting sed between generation and compilation in build_extension may be tricky08:41
fullermdI recall doing a bunch of sed'ery in my (unsuccessful) attempt to figure out why they were blowing up a couple years back.08:41
vilaand Cython may proceed differently, but anyway, it may be worth another try08:43
fullermdLast I checked, cython just flat didn't work, so that's easy to ignore  ;)08:43
pooliehi spiv, vila, jam, jelmer08:59
jelmerhey poolie08:59
vilapoolie: hey08:59
pooliehi there09:00
poolieiirc we're going to a have a standup call now?09:00
spivpoolie: yes09:01
jamhi poolie, what method?09:02
* spiv is on mumble09:03
poolieit apparently wants to be reinitialized for natty09:04
jamapparently we upset vila09:04
vilapoolie, jam, jelmer, spiv : Gee, I lack caffeine: lp says 2011-*05*-12 and that's right unless someone insists about releasing 2.1.4 sooner, next month seems fine as far as SRUs are concerned09:19
pooliehi jelmer?09:21
jamvila: not a whole lot of stuff in the 2.1 series that I can see *needs* release09:21
jamThough it is nice if we are going to do a backport to actually get it out to users.09:22
vilajam: sure, but what we want is to get 2.1 updated for lucid which is LTS, so it's more about having the SRUs running (and we need to SRU 2.2 *before* 2.1 AIUI)09:22
pooliestill here?09:22
pooliejelmer, that's nice09:22
jamjelmer: want to finish up in IRC09:22
jamwe'll just talk about you behind your back09:22
jelmeryeah, that might be better, my mumble seems unreliable today09:22
pooliejelmer, you should send a mail about that great result09:22
jelmerjam: >-)09:22
vilajelmer: don't worry, I had to *reboot* myself ;)09:23
jelmerThis week I'd like to work on finishing the bzr-svn/bzr-hg/bzr-git releases and getting them and a newer bzr deployed on LP09:23
jelmeras well as getting the transport-segments patch finished09:23
pooliethat sounds good09:24
pooliespiv's talking about getting the twisted failure patch and workaround done09:24
pooliei'll send minutes too09:24
pooliewe could try using canonical asterisk conferencing next time09:25
poolieor skype09:25
pooliespiv: and the patch to upstream twisted?09:25
poolieoh, just briefly09:26
pooliebecause the kanban is working well i was thinking about changing what we do with bugs09:26
pooliespecifically actually using fix committed/fix released to remind us to make a release09:26
vilameh, for bzr itself you mean ?09:27
vilaWe stopped using fix committed to ease the RM work IIRC09:27
jamvila: and to avoid the "100 bug spam updates when a release is made"09:28
vilaand I thought Fix committed was going to be deprecated anyway09:28
vilajam: hmm, yeah, *I* wouldn't mind that if I wasn't the RM as a reminder of which fixes are about to be released09:29
jelmerit should be possible to do a trivial script that marks all bugs for a milestone as fix released09:30
vilaarf arf, headset delivered *just* after the online meeting, the irony :)09:31
jelmervila: :)09:31
vilajelmer: right, truth is I'm mainly using the milestone pages to see which bugs are fixed by which release and that will still work if we use Fix Committed so I'm not violently *against* using it (I always liked the distinction between committed and released myself though I used it to distinguish between: there are a fix in *a* branch and the fix has landed in the official branch)09:38
vilabut anyway, worth discussing on the list as poolie proposed09:39
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poolieo/ spiv11:54
jampoolie: does feed-pqm notice that Branch A is approved but its prerequisite B is not?11:58
jampoolie: I thought so, but just checking11:59
pooliewhat do you think it should do?12:00
pooliearguably lp should warn you about this12:00
jampoolie: warn/not show it as submittable/ something12:01
jamI'm reviewing Jelmer's stack, and the first I need to discuss a bit more, most of the follow ups are obviously ok12:02
jambut I don't want to mark them Approved, since it would want to be submitted12:02
jampoolie: speaking of which, I think you have 3-4 "approved but not landed" branches.12:02
jelmerjam: hi12:03
jamhey jelmer12:04
jamjelmer: questions are in https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr/knitpackrepo/+merge/5638312:04
poolieit is not all that great at showing the whole stack12:05
jampoolie: I realize it is a little bit tricky, since prerequisite branches are off-to-the-side, since you don't set a prerequisite merge-proposal12:06
jamwhich is where the "is this merged" is generally tracked12:06
askhl_Hi.  I have a bzr repository with multiple branches and tags, and would like to transfer this whole structure to a project in Launchpad.  How should this be done?12:07
jelmerjam: ah, thanks12:08
askhl_(One could conceivable create series for the different tags and manually push each tag/branch as appropriate.  Is this the smartest way or is there a better way?)12:08
jamaskhl_: generally you would create a new project on launchpad, then push up your primary development branch, mark it as such, then push up the rest12:08
askhl_jam: so the rest of the branches/tags are simply pushed individually?12:09
jamaskhl_: I'm not sure what you are doing with tags, but yes12:09
jamfor the branches12:09
askhl_jam: the tags correspond to stable versions.  I guess they're sort of like series12:09
askhl_jam: thanks for the help12:10
jamaskhl_: what are the branches then? My guess is you would just have a series branch that happens to have the individual release tags on it.12:12
jamI don't know if you need separate branches for each release tag.12:12
jams/need/need or want/12:12
spivjam: related bug I filed today: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/75318512:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 753185 in Launchpad itself "Merge proposals with prerequisites should also show if that prerequisite is merged (dup-of: 456418)" [Undecided,New]12:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 456418 in Launchpad itself "merge proposal status info should reflect status of prerequisite branch" [Medium,Triaged]12:15
askhl_Say, we have this repository.  And we would like to push the branches in this repository to LP.  But when attempting to do so, it complains that "location is a repository".  Apparently the subdirectories are not quite branches that can be pushed.  How do we proceed?12:26
spivaskhl_: push the branches, not the repository.12:26
* spiv -> dinner12:26
askhl_spiv: I'm in one of them (trunk) and running bzr push lp:<project>.  That's when it complains12:27
askhl_Strange.  The trunk is actually not reported to be a branch by bzr info, while the other branches are.  Maybe this is an error in svn2bzr (which has been used)?12:28
askhl_But we need trunk to be a branch (including revision history)...12:29
vilaaskhl_: directory has not the same meaning in bzr and svn, in bzr it's just a revision store, bzr deals with branches mainly12:33
vilaaskhl_: a branch can have multiple tags, each one associated with a specific revision12:33
vilaaskhl_: launchpad hosts only branches with some of them having aliases for convenience12:34
vilalp:bzr is a shortcut for the dev focus branch which is lp:~bzr-pqm/bzr/bzr.dev12:35
vilafor project branches, the url syntax is lp:~<user>/<project>/<branch>12:36
askhl_vila: thanks12:36
vilaso, if 'bzr push lp:<project>' fails, that's possibly because the dev focus is not correctly defined for <project>12:37
askhl_So right now the problem is that svn2bzr converted the trunk branch of svn to something which is not a branch in the bzr sense.  So we need to make a branch out of it (including entire revision history) and push it to LP.12:37
askhl_We managed to push one of the non-trunk svn tags (technically a branch) successfully, it's just that trunk itself is not a branch for some reason12:37
vilaaskhl_: well, you need a branch to start with, I'm pretty surprised that svn2bzr produced something that isn't one12:38
vilaaskhl_: if you do 'bzr info' in any directory, it should tell you what it thinks the directory contains12:38
vilaaskhl_: pastebin'ing the result may ease the dialog ;)12:39
askhl_vila: right, bzr info reports that it is a 'shared repository', whereas for the other branches it reports two lines, one stating that it is a shared repository (or part thereof), the other stating that it is a branch12:39
vilaright, so a shared repository is a repository used my multiple branches (a repository can also be private to a branch)12:40
fullermdA 'branches' run may be helpful.12:40
vilaso you did the first 'bzr info' at the repository level, the branches should be down the hierarchy starting there12:40
vilaha, of course, fullermd to the rescue ;)12:41
vilaaskhl_: try 'bzr branches' ^12:41
fullermdFrom the 'top level' of your conversion.12:41
askhl_Oh, there's the problem: svn2bzr has converted all the *subdirectories* of trunk into different branches12:42
fullermdjelmer: I haven't read your email yet, but just from the subject line I'm totally in favor of whatever it contains   :p12:42
vilaaskhl_: 'branches' is part of the bzrtools plugin (in case you got an Unknown command error)12:42
askhl_as revealed by svn branches12:43
askhl_That explains it then12:43
askhl_Thank you, vila  and fullermd12:44
* fullermd goes back to lurking until vila almost solves the next problem, then jumps in to take the credit 8-}12:45
vilafullermd: for once I didn't start with http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/MatthewFuller/SpotDocs/PiecesInBrief which may have been an error ;)12:46
vilaaskhl_: I'm not that familiar with svn myself, but from the various discussions here, people use bzr-svn more than svn2bzr, you may want to have a look at it12:48
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fullermdI should blow an afternoon sometime trying to see if bzr-svn can be sweet-talked into running over the BSD src repo, but I have a feeling I'd spend hours just trying to tell it the repo structure.12:49
fullermdThen more hours and several times my RAM waiting for it to figure out what to do...12:49
vilaaskhl_: also, launchpad can import from svn so you may wan to look there too, maybe it can do the work for you ;)12:50
askhl_vila: it seems that bzr-svn is useful for using bzr as a frontend to svn repos, whereas we are converting an svn repo to bzr permanently.  I think we'll figure it out now with bzr2svn, so things should be fine! (until we get more questions of course .))12:50
jelmeraskhl_: bzr-svn has a "bzr svn-import" command that has behaviour similar to svn2bzr12:50
jelmerfullermd: how weird is the repository layout?12:51
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vilajelmer: it uses CVS :-D12:51
fullermdFairly.  Ignoring stuff that's unnecessary for a generally-good-coverage import, there's still a fair spread of stuff to get...12:52
fullermdvila: ports is still CVS.  The master for src is in svn.12:53
jelmerjam: whoa, 77 entries in your sys.path?12:53
fullermdI think about trying ports again sometimes too, but I sober up real quick  :p12:53
jelmerjam: I heard people complain about a single additional entry in sys.path on Ubuntu12:53
jamjelmer: easy_install defaults to putting every installed software into a custom location12:54
jamso that you can have 2.4 and 2.5 installed, but pick which one is active12:54
jamhowever, Launchpadlib has *huge* dependencies12:54
jam(well, a very large dependency stack)12:55
jamwhich I don't want to manually install, but obviously has some severe negatives w/ easy_install12:55
jelmerjam: hey, it's nothing compared to Launchpad's dependency stack :-P12:55
jamjelmer: sure, but you can't easy_install Launchpad on Windows, either12:55
jelmerthat's probably for the best :)12:57
jelmerwhoa, we had *9* knit pack repository formats?13:22
maxbI count 7 _released_ ones13:27
vilajelmer: part of why bialix was talking about a zoo format :-}13:42
vilaerr, format zoo13:42
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dijeDoing a checkout to my home directory from a branch at ~/bzr_scm/dot, I get the following error:15:11
dijebzr: ERROR: Failed to rename /Users/phil/Library/Preferences to /Users/phil/.bzr/checkout/limbo/new-159/Preferences: [Errno 13] Permission denied15:11
dijeHow can I remediate this?15:11
dije(On Mac OS X 10.5.8, Titanium PowerBook G4)15:13
dijeAnybody here?15:14
jelmerdije: hi15:15
dijejelmer: hi15:15
jelmerdije: I'm here, but I'm not entirely sure what's going on there15:15
dijeNothing shows on a google search15:16
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achianghello, what is the preferred GUI bzr tool?16:54
achiangi guess it's just bzr-gtk?16:54
james_wqbzr is actually better these days I think16:55
james_wbzr-explorer provides a nice intergrated environment if you prefer that to the "bunch of tools" approach16:56
achiangjames_w: ok16:59
achiangjames_w: i need to do a rather complex operation16:59
achiangtrunk is A, merged in branch B; then had to revert B (bzr merge . --revision -2..-3); then A had more changes; then I added B back in; more changes, now i need to revert B again. :-/17:00
achiangjames_w: thanks for the tip on bzr explorer. i'm stumbling my way through this morass of my own making17:15
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LeoNerd"bzr revert" after shelve/unshelve thought it was safe to blow away my changes. It wasn't. Any chance I can get them back, or is that gone gone?18:07
james_wLeoNerd, there will be .~N~ files for each changed file18:08
james_wwhere N is a number >=1, use the last for each18:09
LeoNerdNo.. there aren't.18:09
james_wyou used --no-backup?18:09
LeoNerdNormally there are.. not immediately after shelve/unshelve18:09
LeoNerdrevert believes it's reverting after a merge, so doesn't bother to keep them18:09
LeoNerdFortunately I happen to have the diffs in my xterm scrollback buffer, so I can reapply. Problem is, it also reverted adding a new file, for which I dno't have the original content18:10
james_wwould you file a bug on the unshelve+revert thing18:14
james_wonce you are finished unpicking the fallout18:14
LeoNerdI thought there already was one18:14
james_woh, ok18:14
LeoNerdAtleast, I've known about it for like a year now.. seen mention of it. I was presuming debian was just behind the times in not giving me a fixed one18:14
LeoNerdWas wondering if anyone knows if the 'shelve'd content is stored somewhere after unshelve, that I could get at still18:14
james_wI don't know that it is18:15
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philsfI have a local versioned dir , and I want to set it up in a server. I didn't find in the site docs what is needed on the server side to use it remotely. Is a user account and ssh access enough?19:32
maxbphilsf: Yes. You can then simply use bzr+ssh://host/path/to/dir URLs in bzr commands19:47
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philsfmaxb, so I can just rsync the whole dir, including .bzr/* to the destination?20:29
maxbIt would work, though it's not the nicest way20:30
maxbIs Bazaar installed on the serve?20:30
philsfnot yet20:30
maxbYou can use Bazaar using sftp://host/path/to/dir URLs without having bzr installed remotely, though the performance will not be as good as bzr+ssh20:31
philsfwhat's the polite way to transfer the whole branch, instead of rsyncing the whole thing?20:34
maxbbzr push remote-url-where-you-want-it20:37
philsfforgive my ignorance, what's the difference?20:39
* jelmer waves20:40
maxbNot a great deal, but: 1) pushing doesn't create a working tree on the server, and 2) your local branch remembers where you pushed it to for convenience when you want to push updates20:40
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philsfthanks, bye21:04
AfCHow hard would it be to have Bazaar insert a \n instead of clearing the terminal line when it's printing status messages?23:33
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jelmerAfC: with status messages, do you mean progress indication messages?23:34
AfCjelmer: yes?23:34
AfCThe stuff that spews out on teminal for 10ms then gets erased whenever you do anything23:35
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AfCjelmer: [are those "progress indication messages"?]23:36
jelmerI'm not sure which messages you mean, I haven't seen any messages from bzr get erased when I type stuff.23:37
jelmerAfC: can you give an example of the contents of one of those messages?23:37
AfCjelmer: "...Inserting stream..."23:37
jelmerah, those are indeed the progress indication messages23:38
jelmeradding a newline there will mean *a lot* of output though23:38
jelmerit's not a generic status message, it just tells you what bzr is working on; if something completes quickly enough it's not shown23:39
AfCI'd obviously want to nuance it that things that are just updating the 0/100 wouldn't trigger the \n, just a changed message23:39
jelmerAfC: I think you're just asking for more high-level output on what's actually been completed?23:40
AfCjelmer: I want to evaluate (subjectively) the impact of seeing more output from bzr when running things. We all know git "seems" faster, and I want to see whether that has to do with it looking like it's "doing more" per unit time / per unit message23:40
AfCjelmer: [but as an aside, having no idea what any of Bazaar's messages actually are makes it harder for all of us user types to communicate with the bzr hackers about "why it is doing ____"]23:41
AfCjelmer: [so I'd like to start seeing 'em]23:41
jelmerAfC: the related code is in bzrlib/uyi/text.py, see show_progress()23:42
AfChttp://bazaar-vcs.org/bzr/bzr.dev/ is permanently redirected to http+urllib://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-pqm/bzr/bzr.dev/23:44
AfCbzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(http+urllib://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-pqm/bzr/bzr.dev/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()23:44
AfCwhat the heck/23:44
AfC$ bzr pull23:44
AfCoh... it's a format 1.14 branch. Is bzr.dev 2a yet?23:44
AfCstill, that's some error message23:44
jelmeryeah, I'm pretty sure bzr.dev is 2a23:45
jelmerAfC: is this a checkout perhaps?23:45
AfCjelmer: yeah, I assume so23:45
AfCjelmer: I always do "read-only" checkouts (mirrors?) of upstream.23:45
AfCShouldn't I?23:45
jelmerAfC: you can, but you should in that case use "bzr up" to update23:46
jelmerAfC: you were trying to pull new changes into your local branch and its master branch, to which you have no write access23:46
jelmer(the error message about the master branch being readonly is more than weird, I admit)23:46
AfCjelmer: update vs pull sometimes being one thing and sometimes being another is probably THE thing I hate the most about bzr, :(23:46
AfCIn a branch, regardless of what type it is, it should be pull, or update. They shouldn't be the same sometimes.23:47
jelmerAfC: hopefully it's something that will be addressed in the 3.0 UI revamp23:47
AfCI hope we can clean this up in 3.023:47
AfCjelmer: tag you're it23:47
jelmerAfC: well, technically they are different things.. but I won't go there, I get your point.23:47
AfCjelmer: I know they're different things. That's why I'd rather they be 2 commands that you have to do23:48
AfCjelmer: the whole thing is founded in the idea that "people shouldn't have to do two steps" but look at the confusion that resulted.23:48
AfCjelmer: if pull and update are different and have side effects, then they're different.23:49
AfCMeanwhile, starting again,23:50
AfC$ bzr branch http+urllib://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-pqm/bzr/bzr.dev/23:50
AfCcan't give me an estimate of total size to be transfered? :(23:50

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