ScottK<poolie> riddell will be doing a rotation to bzr starting at uds00:15
ScottKRiddell: ^^^ So you've decided I guess?00:15
RiddellScottK: actually that's the first I'd heard I was accepted00:17
RiddellI was expecting an interview of some sort00:17
JontheEchidnaRiddell: your reputation speaks for itself ;-)00:42
Riddellmm, so any requests for bzr? :)00:43
Riddelltricky one that00:45
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
yofelless memory usage :P00:47
JontheEchidnathat would require a port away from python :P00:55
ScottKYou'll love the thought that Riddell will be totally pythonic when he comes back.00:56
RiddellI'm buying Python Cookbooks right now00:57
ScottKActually though Python is fast compared to other high level interpreted languages.00:57
ScottKRuby (at least 1.8) is totally bollocks slow incomparison.00:58
yofelwell, I don't really care if it uses more or less memory, but currently either bzr needs to get more efficient or the lp buildds need more memory...00:58
* yofel is off, good night01:01
Riddellnight yofel 01:01
valorieyoiks, no riddell next cycle!01:37
Riddellvalorie: you can order everyone about instead!01:49
* maco blinks01:50
macoScottK says "bollocks"?01:50
valorieif I knew what to do, I could do that!01:55
valorieI'm having fun doing that to the GSoC mentors and students01:55
valorieargh, is there no end to wiki-spam?01:57
valorieoff to pflag01:58
ScottKmaco: I've lived places where that was a normal thing to be saying, so I come by it honestly.02:18
Riddellgroovy, maverick upgrade worked for me, I'll copy packages over in the morning if nobody else does it first02:27
Riddellthere's probably some natty packages needing retries too02:27
c2tarunRiddell: ping03:32
c2tarunfor  testing kde4.6.2 how should I install it? simply kde-desktop from software center03:34
=== markey_ is now known as markey
c2taruncan anyone please tell me how can I update to kde 4.6.2 for testing?06:06
c2tarunanyone here?07:20
c2tarunRiddell: ping07:53
steveireseaLne: I haven't seen that.08:56
steveireIs it reproducible by just not opening kwallet until after starting kontact or so?08:56
seaLnesteveire: basically what is happening is that i'm logging in to kde, going off and doing something while it sstarts up by the time i come back and type the kwallet password for wifi kontact had already fully started09:18
bambeewhat does "Import of Translation Template" mean ? I did not do translations... 10:36
bambeewell, I maintain some packages... translation templates have been imported from these packages, I guess ?10:37
Riddelllaunchpad spam10:42
Riddelllongstanding bug that they never bother to fix10:42
Riddellforward the emails to launchpad develeopers if you want to play mean10:42
jussiRiddell: aww, you nasty person :P10:54
valoriewait, won't Riddell be getting those emails?10:54
RiddellI get hundreds of them, so far I've resisted the temptation to set up a procmail rule forwarding them to launchpad-devel@10:57
valoriebtw riddell, are you on the KDE-SOC-mentor list10:58
valorieand on melange?10:58
* valorie sees a volunteering of mentoring10:58
valorieah, you must be10:58
Riddellvalorie: yes10:59
Riddell"a volunteering of mentoring"?10:59
valoriebut melange isn't letting me assign mentors tonight10:59
valorieobviously since melange won't let me work, and I seem to have lost the power to speak English10:59
valorieI should go to bed10:59
valorieniters all10:59
Riddellsweet dreams11:00
Riddellfor asdf in kde4libs kdeaccessibility kdeadmin kdeartwork kdebase kdebase-runtime kdebase-workspace kdebindings kdeedu kdegames kdegraphics kdemultimedia kdenetwork kdepimlibs kdeplasma-addons kdesdk kdetoys kdeutils kdewebdev libqzeitgeist meta-kde oxygen-icons phonon; do copy-package.py -s maverick -p kubuntu-ninjas -b ${asdf} --to-suite=maverick --to-ppa=kubuntu-ppa --to-ppa-name=backports ; done11:09
Riddellthat'll keep it busy11:09
RiddellDarkwingDuck: docs freeze today!11:26
Riddellhow are they looking?11:26
apacheloggerNightrose: how many words are too many for a gsoc proposal?11:29
Nightroseapachelogger: we'll be reading more than 200 of them if last year is any indication11:29
Nightrosemake it bearable 11:30
debfxmeh, the "4.7\libraryPath=" in Trolltech.conf bug is really nasty :(11:30
apacheloggerNightrose: I could probably stay < 2k11:30
* apachelogger just likes to tell stories too much :S11:30
Riddelldebfx: I thought that should be fixed in 4.6.211:32
debfxRiddell: yes, not for Qt-only applications though11:32
debfxlike pinentry-qt11:32
Riddellbut if that line is set by kdelibs and it's fixed in KDE then it ought to be fixed by all, I'd think11:33
debfxI guess it's more a workaround than a fix11:35
debfxkdelibs just adds /usr/lib/kde4/plugins as a library path11:36
Riddellthat's the intended behaviour, so Qt apps can find the oxygen theme11:36
Riddellthat's what it always did in the past11:36
debfxwith that fix kde apps don't need the config option anymore11:37
debfxRiddell: it doesn't add it to the config file but updates the library paths for the running application11:38
Riddelldebfx: how does it do that without adding it to the config file?11:39
debfxRiddell: it probably calls QCoreApplication::addLibraryPath()11:41
debfxinteresting commit: https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdebase/kde-workspace/repository/revisions/da97a77fcd01892a7e2a1a4e8e71ab94b2ece32f11:46
debfx"Reuse old kconf_update script to now remove kde paths from libraryPath"11:46
Riddelldebfx: just tried it on a new user, I do get "4.7\libraryPath=" but qt only apps (mumble, qtconfig) come up with oxygen11:48
debfxRiddell: you need to run the apps like this: env -i DISPLAY=:0 HOME=$HOME mumble11:48
debfxotherwise they read the QT_PLUGIN_PATH env variable11:49
Riddellwhat's wrong with them doing that?11:49
debfxthe environment variable are stripped when doing dbus activation11:50
Riddellah, thus the pinentry issue11:51
debfxyes, not sure if that is dbus activation but maybe it resets the env anyway11:52
Riddelldebfx: well I guess we should ask dfaure why he removed the library paths11:53
debfxRiddell: https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdebase/kde-workspace/repository/revisions/9d7eb8f716873d2079039d336c8f9a21b2fae0fa11:54
debfxyou get the "4.7\libraryPath=" entry when creating a new user?11:55
debfxare the kconf_update scripts run for new users?11:56
Riddelldebfx: yes, log says..11:57
Riddell2011-04-07T11:42:50 Checking update-file '/usr/share/kde4/apps/kconf_update/krdb_libpathwipe.upd' for new updates11:57
Riddell2011-04-07T11:42:50 krdb_libpathwipe.upd: Found new update 'LibraryPathWipeOut'11:57
Riddell2011-04-07T11:42:50 krdb_libpathwipe.upd: Running script 'krdb_clearlibrarypath'11:57
Riddelldebfx: but why does adding that line cause it not to find the oxygen theme?11:59
debfxRiddell: it overrides the correct path from /etc/xdg/Trolltech.conf11:59
Riddelldebfx: so we need to fix that krdb_clearlibrarypath programme to just remove it if it's empty12:00
debfxRiddell: yes, that should work for most users12:05
debfxunless there are more entries in libraryPath12:05
Riddellexcept it still has the potential binary compatibility issue that made dfaure remove it in the first place12:07
debfxit depends on the library path order12:16
debfxit's not a problem if the path added by kdelibs takes precedence12:16
Riddelldebfx: fancy having a go at changing that script to remove the line?12:17
Artemis_FowlRiddell: I ran upon https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/74552412:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 745524 in Ubuntu "FFE: kcm-grub2 is a configuration module for grub2 that is integrated into KDE" [Undecided,New]12:19
Artemis_Fowlwill kcm-grub2 get packaged for natty?12:19
debfxRiddell: can do, but how do I make sure that the script is run again? rename it?12:21
Riddelldebfx: yes12:22
RiddellArtemis_Fowl: it's on revu now waiting on just such a FFe12:22
RiddellArtemis_Fowl: thanks for finding it :)12:22
Artemis_FowlRiddell: is there any grub2 gui spec page? I recall such a page existed for grub legacy (with features that the conf tool should have)12:26
RiddellI don't know12:27
apacheloggerNightrose: 1867 words too much?12:42
Nightroseapachelogger: heh - depends entirely what is in those 1867 words12:43
apacheloggerwell, mostly thoughts on implementation and motivation12:44
apacheloggerin fact former is using quite some bullet point lists, so I actually wonder how I got too that many words ^^12:44
apacheloggerNightrose: would it help if I make my KHC proposal <1k?12:44
apacheloggermotivation: [link to kde-devel mail] :P12:45
Nightrosethe main part of your proposal needs to be in melange though12:45
Nightrosealso images ftw12:45
c2tarunapachelogger: ping12:46
apacheloggerNightrose: what sort of images? of the implementation?12:46
apacheloggerdo you want an uml :P12:46
apacheloggerc2tarun: pong in 2 hours12:47
* apachelogger is almost out the door for class12:47
c2tarunapachelogger: sure :)12:47
Nightroseapachelogger: mock-ups, uml, whatever really12:47
Nightroseanything that helps with understanding your plan12:47
c2tarunmeanwhile can anyone please tell me how can I install kde4.6.2 on maverick for testing12:47
Riddellc2tarun: same way you install any software12:48
c2tarunRiddell: what? sudo apt-get install kde-desktop?12:48
Riddellinstall kde-full12:48
=== hunger_ is now known as hunger
c2tarunRiddell: dist-upgrade will upgrade me to natty?12:49
c2tarunRiddell: 12:50
Riddellthen what?12:51
c2tarunRiddell: what will dist-upgrade do? and kde 4.6.2 still not release installling kde-full will install it?12:52
Riddellman apt-get12:53
Riddellapt-cache show kde-full12:53
c2tarunRiddell: is there any other work left except testing?12:58
yofelRiddell: do we want kdevelop 4.2.2 in natty?12:59
Riddellyofel: yes I think so12:59
Riddellis that you volunteering? :)12:59
yofelif nobody else did anything yet, yes13:00
Riddellnobody did13:00
apacheloggerNightrose: nakkid pictures of me?13:33
* apachelogger should make a uml then13:33
apacheloggerand a mockup for khc13:33
c2tarunapachelogger: you remember that project about bringing phonon to android?13:36
apacheloggerc2tarun: yes13:36
c2tarunapachelogger: can you mentor it?13:36
apacheloggerI am not a mentor13:36
c2tarunapachelogger: ohh.... :/13:36
apacheloggerc2tarun: ask in #phonon maybe13:36
c2tarunapachelogger: for doing that do I need to have complete knowledge of phonon coding?13:37
apacheloggernot really13:38
apacheloggeryou will have to create a backend (plugin) that uses the android mm api13:38
apacheloggerso I would say that gluing c++ to the java api is the trickier bit here, doing a backend is not that difficult13:39
c2tarunapachelogger: sorry to say this, but I never used android and I dont know how to create a plugin :(13:39
c2tarunapachelogger: if you could guide me a bit, may be I can talk to some mentor then and get this project :/13:39
c2tarunapachelogger: ping13:41
apacheloggerc2tarun: that is what you would have the mentor for :P13:42
c2tarunapachelogger: do you think mentor will guide me for everthing :/ I think they are just mentors. but if it is something like that I'll surely propose this in #phonon :)13:43
apacheloggerc2tarun: they will not tell you *how* to do things :P13:44
apacheloggerbut they will guide you there13:44
c2tarunapachelogger: guidance will do :) I submitted a proposal but thought they didn't approved it :( may be the information I provided is not right. can you please propose it, please 13:47
=== sikon is now known as lucidfox
c2tarunapachelogger: ping13:53
Riddellrbelem: do you have packages of this updated plasma mobile you want in?13:53
apacheloggerc2tarun: propose what?13:56
apacheloggerwhy when where?13:56
c2tarunapachelogger: ok, I'll propose it :)13:56
debfxwhy is http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/ 403 forbidden? :o13:56
apacheloggerso you do not access it13:56
apacheloggerprobably broken13:57
debfxyeah but where can I complain about it?13:59
apacheloggerdebfx: cjwatson IIRC13:59
yofeldebfx: there is no build for today anyway14:00
apacheloggerall broken14:00
debfxoh right, the ubuntu images are broken too14:02
yofeldebfx: they all fail with the same error http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/kubuntu/natty/daily-live-20110407.log14:02
debfxyofel: hm yes, but shouldn't it keep the last working images?14:03
yofelit keeps the last 2 builds, problem: those are broken too14:03
yofelI don't know more than that14:04
yofelcolin is in #ubuntu-devel currently, he probably knows more14:04
Riddelldebfx: he's uploaded a fix for the image builds14:16
Riddellgroovy, 4.6.2 upgrade works for me14:26
Riddellshall I announce it?14:26
yofelI'm doing an update in my VM here right now, give me a few minutes14:32
RiddellI'm especially interested in having kdm tested so do check that14:33
Riddellrbelem: kdelibs patches merged and uploaded (with upstream approval), do let me know about that updated plasma mobile14:38
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
yofelRiddell: I got an akonadi migration window after session restart, works fine otherwise (in KVM)14:57
Riddellyofel: lovely thanks14:57
Riddelllet's announce!14:57
yofelhm wait14:57
yofelrekonq crashes now..14:58
yofelbut somewhere from libqtgui, so I'm not sure if it's from this updat14:59
Riddellyofel: rekonq working ok here15:04
Riddellhow's https://www-admin.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.6.2 ?15:05
Riddellshadeslayer: linphone no longer compiles and bug 597254 hasn't been approved so I fear we may have to drop kopete-gcall15:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 597254 in srtp (Ubuntu Natty) "[MIR] srtp" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59725415:20
* shadeslayer looks15:20
shadeslayerRiddell: okay, seems fair15:21
shadeslayerseeing how this isn't working out .. and the only future i see is telepathy replacing kopete 15:22
Riddellwe should cosy up to those telepathy-kde dudes next cycle15:23
shadeslayerRiddell: telepathy kde isn't production ready :(15:24
shadeslayeri've been fixing some stuff for them the past 2 weeks, you can initiate chats and stuff ... but it's still not utilizing all of it's potential15:24
Riddellany day now...15:25
shadeslayerRiddell: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/shadeslayer/115:25
shadeslayerthat's why i wrote that ^^15:25
=== doko_ is now known as doko
Riddellyofel: you merged c2tarun's kde-l10n change for 4.6.2, does that mean someone is building it?15:33
shadeslayerapachelogger: Here's why you should install GNOME 3 http://twitpic.com/4hvjya15:33
yofelRiddell: c2tarun said he wanted to do it15:33
yofelc2tarun: ping15:33
RiddellI tried gnome 3 earlier today, I quite liked it15:34
yofelshadeslayer: yep, the nepomuk failure windows at least have a big red X15:35
Riddellsome strangness like no maximise button, I couldn't work out what "Activities" ment any more than I can in Plasma and the curiously prominant accessibility panel (just how often do I want to switch to high contrast icons?)15:35
shadeslayerhaha :D15:35
kubotushadeslayer_ is listening to "Revolution" by Sonsofday [Autumn Heart] -- see http://www.last.fm/user/shadeslayer_ for more15:37
c2tarunyofel: u there?15:43
shadeslayeryofel: does our package script still work? the one which tells us how many downloads we've had15:43
yofelc2tarun: you can upload kde-l10n now if you have time15:44
yofelshadeslayer: should, it counts build-deps too though, so don't trust it too much15:44
c2tarunyofel: I always have time :) but alas that ec2 is closed :( Riddell can you please start an maverick ec215:44
shadeslayeryofel: crashes when i enter my pass :S15:45
yofelshadeslayer: trace?15:45
rbelemRiddell, yup, i will upload it to revu15:45
shadeslayeryofel: http://paste.kde.org/913115:45
yofelshadeslayer: I would blame python-keyring15:45
c2tarunRiddell: pin15:45
yofelshadeslayer: I have gnome-keyring running here which is used instead for some reason and that works15:46
shadeslayerafaik i have that too15:47
Riddellc2tarun: ubuntu@ec2-50-17-162-192.compute-1.amazonaws.com15:51
c2tarunRiddell: thanks :)15:51
shadeslayeryofel: idk how reliable this is, but if it's true its awesome :  1207 :                          project-neon-automoc     maverick       i386    2+git20110217+r98-5~maverick115:55
yofelas I said, it counts build-dep downloads from the buildds too for some reason15:55
yofelat least some lp dev said so15:55
shadeslayerdoes that count the time where another package downloads something from the PPA to build itself?15:56
yofelseems so15:57
shadeslayerthat's no good15:57
Riddellhmm, kdewebdev-kde3 doesn't compile15:58
c2tarunyofel: I am still getting same error as yesterday, error:  Leaving you alone in the cold.16:01
yofelis that the same branch as yesterday or did you use a fresh checkout?16:01
c2tarunyofel: same branch16:01
yofeluse a fresh checkout16:01
Riddellc2tarun: you will need to have your private ssh keys on the build machine16:02
c2tarunRiddell: ok, I'll get them16:02
c2tarunyofel: my yesterday branch is merged, so its getting me to version ~maverick1~ppa2 is it fine?16:08
Riddellc2tarun: yes that's fine16:09
yofelc2tarun: hm? why did you create a new entry?16:09
Riddelloh right, no need for second changelog entry16:09
c2tarunyofel: that's why I was asking, should I create a new entry or just go with the previous one.16:10
yofelc2tarun: go with the previous one16:10
c2tarunyofel: with previous entry do I still have to push a new branch?16:12
yofeldon't commit anything, just use the branch as it is16:12
shadeslayeryofel: i think we should poke people about our DBus issues16:12
shadeslayersince we aren't getting anywhere16:13
yofelshadeslayer: can you take care of that? I'll take a look at the build failures later instead16:13
* c2tarun getting 200kb/s speed at an ec2 first time less than 10mb/s16:27
yofelblame svn I would say, I'm gone for a while, kdevelop 4.2.2 is in ninjas for natty in the meanwhile if someone wants to test it, I'll file the FFEs later16:38
Riddellyofel: thanks, it should be bugfix only so no FFe needed16:39
yofelhm, true for most I think, kdevelop and kdevplatform added 2 missing translations (ng and ru) but I haven't look at the full kdevelop-pg-qt changelog yet16:40
yofelthen again, kdevelop-php is the only package that actually uses it I think so that should be ok too16:42
Riddelladding translations is a good thing to do16:42
Riddellyofel: kdevelop uploaded17:11
Riddelldebfx: should your libraryPath kconf update script go upstream?17:13
debfxRiddell: I guess so17:36
debfxdo you know how other distros add the kde plugin path to qt?17:36
debfxaha, fedora just patches qt: http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/gitweb/?p=qt.git;a=blob;f=qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.0-beta2-kde4_plugins.patch;hb=HEAD17:38
c2tarunRiddell: ping17:47
c2tarunRiddell: I got disconnected from the ec2 machine while it was building, now when I reconnected how can I see the status?17:48
c2tarunyofel: ping18:01
sheytanwhat's the script to run on kde startup to have qtcurve gtk theme running?18:03
sheytani had to remove all my user settings, kubuntu started to run wired ;(18:03
apacheloggerNightrose: does a mockup have to be for me?18:30
Nightroseapachelogger: meaning?18:30
apacheloggersupposedly it supports the proposal to show where this is going18:30
apacheloggeri.e. for my phonon thing what a qml based phonon player could look like18:30
Nightrosethat sounds good18:31
apacheloggersheytan_: btw, where is the phonon site you promised? :/18:32
apacheloggershadeslayer: yes, gnome3 I have installed18:32
shadeslayerapachelogger: plz2introduce bugs in it18:32
apacheloggerno need18:32
apacheloggeractually I am using kde right now18:32
apacheloggerand it is wicked18:32
apacheloggersomething makes the system pretty much lag until death18:33
apacheloggerthe sad thing is that ksysguard does not report anything unusual18:34
apacheloggeryet one core is constanly ~100% load18:34
apacheloggerand all others are also far too busy 18:35
apacheloggerRiddell: thought: can we please add htop to seed18:35
apacheloggerhtop says X is eating my cpu18:37
apacheloggerI wonder why it is doing that18:37
apacheloggermy oh my, this is completely broken18:38
DarkwingDuckRiddell: ping18:40
sheytan_apachelogger hey, i'm reaaaaly busy these days. Don't even have time to make artwork for my job. But i will :)18:41
apacheloggersomething is making kded4 going wild18:42
apacheloggerlike really wild18:42
apacheloggerdoes things and I have no idea what it does18:43
apacheloggerrequired a killall -9 to get rid of it18:43
apacheloggerI also noticed it acting up on the netbook today18:43
apacheloggerbascially plasma would just freeze and not start in like forever because kded4 was being eaten by something18:43
* apachelogger sends sheytan_ some cookies in the hopes of speeding up things18:44
sheytan_apachelogger a cup of coffee would be better :D18:45
apacheloggerkubotu: order coffee for sheytan_18:46
* kubotu slides coffee with milk down the bar to sheytan_.18:46
apacheloggerkubotu: could you not gather such things form context you dumb shiny thing18:46
sheytan_lol :D18:47
=== sheytan_ is now known as sheytan
sheytanapachelogger there's one more thing :D18:47
sheytanno sugar nor milk please :D18:47
yofelc2tarun: pong18:57
DarkwingDuckhas anyone seen Riddell 18:57
yofelhe pinged you earlier18:57
DarkwingDuckYeah, I know18:58
DarkwingDuckThat's why I was looking for him now18:58
c2tarunyofel: : I got disconnected from the ec2 machine while it was building, now when I reconnected how can I see the status?19:01
yofelno idea, the session probably died unless you used screen/byobu19:02
c2tarunyofel: ok, I'll start the build again19:02
yofelc2tarun: you can check first if it finished 19:02
yofelbefore you got disconnected I mean19:02
c2tarunyofel: when I was disconnected it was building, and it was far from getting complete.19:03
yofelthen restart it19:03
yofelmeaning start from the beginning...19:03
yofelmaybe run it in screen this time ^^19:04
c2tarunyofel: how?19:04
yofeljust run screen, that will open a new shell19:04
yofelwhen you get disconnected the session will stay and you can reconnect to it once you get a new connection19:05
c2tarunyofel: for screen I think I have to start two sessions on that ec2 one for screen and another for building?19:06
yofelno, you build inside screen19:06
yofeljust run screen, that will open a new shell and you build in there19:06
yofelI've gotten used to always use screen (or rather byobu, which is screen+addons) when I'm working over ssh19:07
c2tarunyofel: just in case, if I get disconnected how can I resume to that screen?19:08
yofelrun 'screen -R' should work19:10
yofelor -rd19:10
bambeeKDE 4.6.2 packaging is apparently done, there is something else to do ?19:12
yofelbambee: you can backport my kdevelop packages to maverick if you want19:12
bambeeyofel: sure, if you want :)19:12
yofelfeel free to, it's kdevplatform, kdevelop-pg-qt and kdevelop(-php(-docs)) 19:13
irssiloggerkubotu: order wayland19:24
* kubotu slides wayland down the bar to irssilogger19:24
irssiloggerkubotu: love ya19:24
jussiirssilogger: are you an impersonator? 19:25
irssiloggerI am an 19:26
irssiloggerword missing19:27
irssiloggerlet me take a guess19:27
irssiloggerplanet safed19:27
irssiloggerwayland is supreme19:27
irssiloggerwhereas X11 is ... well ... X1119:28
* yofel doesn't care about wayland19:30
yofelexcept, hm... if someone makes nouveau actually *work* there, that would be cool19:30
irssiloggerhmmm, make shitty x drivers work with wayland19:31
* yofel isntalls gnome3 ppa in the meanwhile19:31
irssiloggersuddenly the future does not seem as bright as I was lead to believe19:31
DarkwingDuckCan someone let Riddell know i'm looking if he shows up before I get back?19:31
* yofel was under the impression pinging people already did that ^^19:32
DarkwingDuckSometimes I hate my government19:33
yofelyou live in?19:33
yofelmy condolences :P19:33
DarkwingDuckI was in the US Navy for many years... I had a passport that was stamped "Official US Government Use"19:33
ScottKWhat now?19:34
DarkwingDuckBut, I was medically discharged before I served 10 years19:34
ScottK(not like there's a shortage of candidates)19:34
DarkwingDuckSo, now that I am out I cannot use my current passport 19:34
DarkwingDuckBut, when I tried to get a new one they are freaking out because I need a new19:35
DarkwingDuckSo, i wont have it in time for UDS19:35
ScottKDarkwingDuck: there are companies that you can pay for expedited service.19:35
ScottKThey basically walk everything through.19:35
DarkwingDuckI did... They flagged me19:35
DarkwingDuckBecasue I wasn't supposed to get a non-gov passport till I was out.19:36
bambeeeven with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="parallel=9" => sometimes pbuilder builds with parallel jobs and sometime it does not o_O19:36
DarkwingDuckBut, becasue I was removed from service before my time was up... no one notified the powers that be that my gov passport was null19:36
yofelI build with19:37
yofelexport MAKEFLAGS="-j4"19:37
yofelin pbuilderrc, works fine19:37
* DarkwingDuck goes back to final review of docs19:37
debfxbambee: the package needs to support parallel building19:37
ScottKDarkwingDuck: Did you surrender the official one?19:37
debfxe.g. by passing --parallel to dh19:38
yofelah right19:39
bambeeI am packaging kdevplatform19:39
yofel*that* built in parallel here at least19:40
debfxyofel: that's forcing parallel building with a hammer ;)19:40
yofelno idea how CDBS works though19:40
yofeldebfx: :P19:40
yofelnow let's see if gnome3 works...19:42
debfxbambee: this is what I have in my pbuilderrc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/590920/19:43
DarkwingDuckScottK: Yes. 19:46
DarkwingDuckScottK: It got put in a desk and thy found it when I get to tracking it down... They were like. "Oops, we forgot to send that in, sorry."19:47
DarkwingDuckOh yeah... so, I'll be attending UDS via IRC in May19:47
* apachelogger likes the gsoc website19:50
apacheloggeryou get a 100x100 text box to enter your project proposal19:50
apacheloggerit is like back in them good old days when we had screens of that size19:50
apacheloggerNightrose: can you skim through me proposal? 19:58
* apachelogger is very unsure :/19:58
=== zkriesse is now known as Guest99170
apacheloggerNightrose: http://socghop.appspot.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/apachelogger/119:59
c2tarunyofel: ping20:00
c2tarunyofel: I think that kdel10n build successfully.20:00
Nightroseapachelogger: ok - will have a look20:00
yofelc2tarun: do you have all source packages up to zh... or something like that?20:01
=== Guest99170 is now known as zkriesse_
=== zkriesse_ is now known as zkriesse
c2tarunyofel: http://pastebin.com/4BCSVKy120:02
c2tarunthese are all the source pacakges20:02
yofellooks right20:02
c2tarunyofel: what now?20:03
yofeldebsign all .changes files, then dput to ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports20:03
yofelthe ppa is almost full though, so you might not get everything uploaded right now until the janitor runs (hopefully only a few more hours)20:04
apacheloggeryofel: why debsign manually?20:04
c2tarunyofel: are you serious O_O20:04
c2tarunthere are approximately zillions changes files20:04
yofelapachelogger: how else?20:04
apacheloggeruse the l10n script?20:04
c2tarunI have to enter number of files X 4 time my key20:04
yofelapachelogger: which one? I didn't find out it could do that20:05
* apachelogger wrote the script, obvously it would meet the requirements :P20:05
yofelwasn't much of a problem for me since I have a gpg-agent anyway20:05
apacheloggerprobably not properly documented though20:05
c2tarunyofel: I have my ssh and gpg keys on that ec2, dont you think it was automatically signed?20:05
Nightroseapachelogger: i would put all the info at the top under one "info" or so heading20:06
DarkwingDuckOkay, one project left....20:06
yofelapachelogger: then tell c2tarun how to do it20:06
Nightrosethings like IM name don't need their own large heading20:06
c2tarunapachelogger: how can I do it?20:06
apacheloggeryofel: ah, nvm, jr apparently turned of signing for some reason20:07
apacheloggerwith a surprisingly useless commit message of course :P20:07
c2tarunapachelogger: what do you mean signing off ?20:07
yofelwell, if that makes the script run through without asking your the PW for every package it creates then I'm glad with the current state20:08
apacheloggerc2tarun: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kubuntu-dev-tools/kde-l10n-common-maverick/revision/79#debian/build-l10n.sh20:08
DarkwingDucknixternal: ping20:08
yofelif you still have to input your PW with that version for every package we win 020:09
apacheloggeryofel: you peopel dont have agents?20:09
yofelapachelogger: I do, c2tarun doesn't on ec220:09
apacheloggeryou are signing on ec2? :O20:09
* apachelogger blinks a bit20:09
* apachelogger blinks a bit more20:10
nixternalDarkwingDuck: pongers20:10
Nightroseapachelogger: beginning of other obligations section needs fixing20:10
c2tarunapachelogger: I got now what do you mean by turning of. and yup in case of no other option I have to sign on that ec2 :/20:10
c2tarunapachelogger: can you  suggest anything easier 20:10
apacheloggerNightrose: thx20:10
Nightroseapachelogger: the rest looks good to me - can't say anything about the tech side of course20:10
yofelc2tarun: you'll get some keyboard typing exercise20:10
apacheloggerwhy is beginning so long ^^20:10
apacheloggerNightrose: kthx *hugs*20:11
c2tarunyofel: yup.... ok. I'll let you know after signing20:11
apacheloggerc2tarun: signing on ec2 == having secret key on ec2?20:11
apacheloggerthat is about as good idea as sending your key via gmail20:12
c2tarunapachelogger: I dont think so.20:12
apacheloggeror print it and carry it around on your tshirt or somesuch ^^20:12
c2tarunapachelogger: 1. only I have access to that ec2  2. I can remote sign it.20:12
apacheloggeractually having your secret key on a tshirt is pretty safe as long as no one has a camera around ^^20:12
apacheloggerc2tarun: you are using a service20:13
c2tarunapachelogger: what service?20:13
apacheloggeryou are not the only one having access to a service provided t you20:13
apacheloggerremotesign ought to be fine though20:14
c2tarunapachelogger: I modified the authorised_key file and removed the other key, that was jr's20:14
apacheloggerRiddell: did you turn off signing because of ec2 stuff?20:14
apacheloggerif so I suppose a switch would be bettar20:14
apacheloggerkinda kills the mood if one needs to manually trigger the signing on a local l10n creation ^^20:14
apacheloggerc2tarun: is the hardwar in your basement20:15
apacheloggerif not then you are not the only one who has control20:15
apacheloggerin fact I would argue that you do not actuallly have control20:15
c2tarunRiddell: need help, accidentally removed ~/.ssh from ec220:18
DarkwingDucknixternal: ping20:22
c2tarunwhen will Riddell come back?20:22
yofelc2tarun: well, at least put your key back into .ssh/authorized_keys as long as you still have the connection up20:23
nixternalDarkwingDuck: pong20:23
c2tarunyofel: already did that20:23
apacheloggernixternal: ping20:23
c2tarunyofel: you know you are a life saver :)20:24
nixternalpong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong pong 20:24
* apachelogger hugs nixternal20:24
bambeedebfx: thanks20:25
bambeedebfx: it works just fine :)20:31
apacheloggernixternal: that reminds me a lot of saying hi by syning :P20:31
nixternalor a lot of copy and paste20:32
apacheloggerI guess20:32
apacheloggerkubotu: syn20:32
kubotuapachelogger: syn-ack20:32
apacheloggerkubotu: ack20:33
kubotuapachelogger: rst20:36
nixternalkubotu: fuq20:36
apacheloggerkubotu: rst your brainz20:36
apacheloggermeasuring code quality20:37
apacheloggercount the WTFs20:37
nixternalwith a ruler!20:37
apacheloggerWTFs/minute == bugs per 100 loc20:37
* apachelogger thinks there is truth to this20:38
apacheloggerin a way20:38
nixternalspeaking of code, i wonder when gcc will finally die and we will start using LLVM with clang20:41
bambeewell, gcc is like chuck norris... he cannot never die :P20:42
nixternalthat might have been true when gcc was a superior compiler. it is now being linked, literally, to the shittiness that is the Microsoft compiler20:42
nixternaland the work that Apple has been contributing to LLVM & Clang, though not open source, makes gcc look like it was from the 70s.20:43
nixternalOh wait, gcc is from the 70s, my bad20:43
apacheloggerit remains unknown why one would use llvm with clang20:43
c2tarunyofel: pheewww..... all are signed :)20:44
nixternalbecause it is superior, faster, cleaner, with way better error checking20:45
yofelc2tarun: good, now upload20:45
nixternali saw it used at a conference last week, pretty nice. plus if apple uses it, you know ubuntu will follow suit soon enough :p20:45
c2tarunyofel: upload to which ppa?20:45
apacheloggernixternal: where is the data20:46
bambeeLLVM has a openMP-like runtime ?20:46
macoi have a friend working at apple, i believe on llvm20:46
* apachelogger wants relevant data20:46
Riddelldebfx: patching Qt might be the best way20:46
apacheloggermy arse is also faster than gcc20:46
RiddellDarkwingDuck: you pinged?20:46
bambeeand a gprof-like tool ?20:46
apacheloggerdoesnt mean it is the better choice20:46
Riddellc2tarun: hi20:46
yofelc2tarun: the ppa is almost full, so lp will probably reject some uploads, re-upload them later once the janitor cleans up some space20:46
c2tarunRiddell: hi :) problem solve yofel helped 20:46
DarkwingDuckRiddell: aye, we will be a couples days behond on the docs, nixternal is fixing a couple things20:46
nixternalapachelogger: google :)20:47
Riddellc2tarun, yofel: which PPA are you uploading to?20:47
nixternaljust on the packaging, unless someone else wants to find out what happened in ksgmltools that broke our build and fix it :)20:47
c2tarunRiddell: ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports20:47
apacheloggernixternal: google does not provide relevant data to kubuntu20:47
c2tarunRiddell: should I upload?20:48
Riddellc2tarun: have you done a test build of one package?20:48
nixternalapachelogger: google + a little research, there, that should do it20:48
c2tarunRiddell: test build as if on pbuilder?20:48
nixternalnice, there is a gcc frontend for llvm20:48
Riddellc2tarun: pbuilder or on the ec2 machine20:49
c2tarunRiddell: it build fine on ec2 machine (I executed build script in debian folder)20:49
bambeeRiddell: we can directly upload to kubuntu-ppa/backport ? I have uploaded kdevelop to ninjas...20:49
bambee(in fact I am uploading it to ninjas)20:49
yofelbambee: I would rather upload those to ninjas first to test them20:50
yofelkde-l10n goes directly to backports20:50
bambeeyofel: I agree20:50
bambeeyofel: I was a bit confused, that's why I asked this question :)20:50
c2tarunyofel: on running those scripts I just got source pacakges, where are binary packages?20:50
yofelc2tarun: not built yet, the script makes only source packages20:51
Riddellyes kde-l10n to backports20:51
Riddellanything that needs testing to ninjas20:51
yofelas that's all you need for upload20:51
c2tarunyofel: but should I test it first? by buildin binary packages?20:51
yofelc2tarun: just build one as a test20:51
c2tarunyofel: how can I build binary package from source pacakge?20:52
* c2tarun I know how to do it on pbuilder but not directly20:52
yofelpbuilder? debuild? dpkg-buildpackage?20:52
c2tarunyofel: in case of debuild just debuild or debuild <name>.dsc20:53
yofelc2tarun: just go into the source and run dpkg-buildpackage20:53
yofelthat should hopefully not thouch the source package20:53
c2tarunyofel: http://paste.kde.org/9159/ I am getting this error20:56
* bambee is waiting for kdevplatform... (rhoo come on...!!!)20:57
yofelbambee: you can do kdevelop-pg-qt in the meanwhile20:58
bambeeoohh... really? ok thanks20:59
yofelc2tarun: err... no idea, I only built it in pbuilder - which worked...21:00
* c2tarun trying with pbuilder21:00
bambeepackaging devscript are awesome seriously... each of them are powerful and really well designed :)21:03
debfxRiddell: yes, but we need to make sure that the paths kdelibs injects and QT_PLUGIN_PATH take precedence21:10
c2tarunyofel: pbuilder worked :)21:15
c2tarunRiddell: tested its building properly :)21:15
c2tarunRiddell: should I upload it?21:15
c2tarunyofel: I got this error while uploading :( this is the package inside which I executed dpkg-buildpackage21:23
bambeewtf ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/590959/ o_O21:23
bambeesome dependencies are not installable... and should not21:24
yofelrun pbuilder update and try again21:26
bambee(I use a maverick basetgz with kubuntu-ninjas-ppa in it)21:26
bambeeit's already updated21:26
yofeldo you have universe on?21:26
yofellibntrack-qt4-1 is in maverick/universe21:26
Riddellc2tarun: yes go ahead and upload to ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports21:26
c2tarunRiddell:  I got this error while uploading :( this is the package inside which I executed dpkg-buildpackage21:26
c2tarunChecksum doesn't match for /home/ubuntu/kdel10n/kde-l10n-common-maverick/build/kde-l10n-nl_4.6.2-0ubuntu1~maverick1~ppa1.dsc21:26
c2tarunRiddell: can you suggest something how can I fix this error21:30
Riddellc2tarun: you need to rebuild it as a source package21:31
c2tarunRiddell: what O_O the whole :( is there any way I can build just the one?21:31
c2tarunRiddell: how21:32
Riddellsame way you would with any package21:32
c2tarun Riddell yofel uploaded21:53
c2tarunyofel: is there anything else left?21:54
yofelnot that I know of right now21:55
* c2tarun going to bed now :/ nothing to do21:56
DaskreechHmm refreshed Planet KDE and it went backwards like 3 articles22:18
neversfeldeRiddell: ping22:20
Riddellneversfelde: hi23:07
neversfeldeRiddell: hi, this is probably something for a query?23:10
Riddellneversfelde: I'm not sure that's a question? :)23:12
ScottKRiddell: From looking at http://lamarque-lvs.blogspot.com/2011/03/plasma-nm-bugs-fixed.html I think we might want to consider updating networkmanagement again.23:14
RiddellScottK: yes it crossed my mind, but it's a risk since NM is so hard to test for the 100 different setups people might have23:15
ScottKTrue, but if it is a problem, we've got time to revert.23:16
ScottKIf we don't update we're shipping old code and upstream isn't happy about supporting us.23:16
RiddellScottK: sounds like you're volunteering :)23:21
ScottKNo.  Not particularly.23:21
ScottKI'm a bit wrapped up in some other stuff.23:21
Mamarokabout this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/75278923:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 752789 in amarok (Ubuntu) "Natty needs to bundle 2.4.1 or data loss occurs when network is down" [Undecided,New]23:28
Mamarokthat guy is totally exaggerating the data loss, it's not a file loss, only statistics in the database23:29
RiddellMamarok: it's also quite an unrealistic expectation given that 2.4.1 doesn't exist :)23:31
RiddellMamarok: we should probably politely close it23:31
Mamarokthat's what I told him23:31
Mamarokwe can't ship 2.4.1 with Natty, but he ca upgrade as soon as it is available23:31
Mamarokand it's not like it is a security failure, the bug is really not that bad, and only a minority of the users are affected anyway23:32
MamarokI linked to the correct bug now as it was linked to a duplicate instead of a fixed one upstream23:33
Mamarokbut I think we can't do much else23:33
Riddelltxwikinger: neversfelde needs you for your loco23:41
txwikingerhey Riddell23:45
Riddelltxwikinger: we want to check if you can fill in https://forms.canonical.com/lococd/23:46
Riddellsince you're still the admin for kubuntu-de.org23:46
txwikingerhmm.. I probably can for Ubuntu-ca23:47
BajK_One question: Since when does Kubuntu come with KDE4 only?23:47
txwikingerkubuntu-de.org is not an official LoCo23:47
macoi already answered that in #ubuntu23:47
txwikingerRiddell: I will try later... I have to run an election campaign here ;P23:47
BajK_right and now I am at the kubuntu developers channel where my request is more appropriate23:48
BajK_so since 8.10 WHY the hell does qmake even in NATTY link to qmake-qt3?! It took my an hour to figure out why qmake "was not found" -.-23:48
* txwikinger cannot even run due to not being a citizen yet23:48
BajK_when compiling KDE 423:48
Riddelltxwikinger: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/kubuntu-de.org says it is23:48
macobackwards compatibility, id imagine. its not as though qt3 is gone from the archive23:49
txwikingerIt does?23:49
BajK_txwikinger: yes it does23:49
RiddellBajK_: we should change that (it comes from debian who I saw were discussing it recently)23:49
Riddellit's an alternative, you can change it yourself locally23:49
txwikingerok.. I have to run.. will look later 23:49
BajK_I compiled KDE from trunk and half the modules failed due to "qmake qt was not found"23:50
BajK_then I did sudo rm /usr/bin/qmake && sudo ln -s /usr/bin/qmake-kde4 /usr/bin/qmake23:50
BajK_and now it runs fine23:50
BajK_Riddell: well if it comes from dewbian then I can understand this23:51
BajK_debian just recently dropped kde 3 support I think?23:51
Riddellthey're in the process23:51
BajK_ah ok that is why :)23:52
BajK_but no I know :)23:52
ScottKIf you have both Qt3 and Qt4 qmake installed, the Qt3 one has a higher priority.23:52
BajK_hm weird maybe the kde dependencies pulled something in from qt323:53
BajK_on my main production machine I have qt4 qmake only23:53
BajK_on dev I have both23:53

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