Riddellooki2day_: you can download individual packages from launchpad.net, that's not usually what you want00:06
ooki2day_Riddel: but i want to add ppa for natty at kpackagekit)00:08
ooki2day_maybe it's will available when natty will not beta?)))00:10
ooki2day_so, I was install gnash and now I can't wach video(((00:13
Hamragnash isnt that well-developed yet00:18
Hamrabeen there before, on paper, it sounds like a delightful solution, the end to all flash hassle. i do applaud their efforts, but alas, gnash is no where near ready to be THEE flash player on linux00:20
ooki2day_what is "THEE""? can't traslate)))00:23
Hamraa big "the" :P00:24
S74rk7hey everyone00:45
S74rk7anyone know what this means?00:45
S74rk7"Configuration file "/tmp/0997553718/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc" not writable. Please Contact your system administrator.00:45
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Hamradid you run any GUI program with sudo?00:46
ooki2day_make sudo00:46
Hamraand which program is making this sentence?00:46
S74rk7I get it at bootup00:47
S74rk7before I even get the login screen I think00:47
S74rk7I'm back sorry about that00:56
Hamraopen a terminal, and run this: ls -la /tmp/0997553718/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc00:59
Hamraand tell me what it says00:59
S74rk7ls: cannot access /tmp/0997553718/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc: No such file or directory01:01
S74rk7thats what I got back - sudo?01:01
S74rk7it says its a configuration file just01:02
S74rk7whats that meant to do... show whats accessing it or something?01:02
Hamrals -la /tmp/099755371801:03
Hamratry this ^^^01:03
S74rk7same thing01:05
S74rk7no such file or directory01:05
S74rk7hold on I'm gonna try browse to it01:05
KtannerWhat's the problem?01:05
HamraKtanner, he has a boot message about a non-existing file in a non-existing directory, being unwritable, it seems :S01:06
S74rk7"Configuration file "/tmp/0997553718/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc" not writable. Please Contact your system administrator.01:06
Hamrauhm... hold on... is /tmp itself writable?01:07
katsrcis there way to apply folder settings to Dolphin globally to affect all folders?01:07
Hamraor even readable for the matter01:07
S74rk7how do you get ubottu or whatever to show the paste address... you know for images etc?01:07
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:07
S74rk7oh got it :)01:07
Ktanneris it .ic_freeze or something along the lines of that? KDE wouldnt let me log in once because some file that didn't exist/the directory didn't exist and it couldn't recreate it. I used a console (ctr+alt+F8) and recreated a blank file of the name that it said, then it was able to log in again :)01:08
KtannerIt used to happen to me alot for some reason01:08
Hamrakatsrc: in dolphin, view, view properties, change setting, choose "all folders", apply01:09
KtannerAnyone here know anything about the ath5k driver and possibly Netgear routers?01:09
katsrcHamra: thanks01:09
Walzmy_does upgrading to the next version do anything other than change sources.list to the next set of repos?01:11
HamraWalzmy_: change the sources, which in turns forces the upgrading of all pakcages to the new repos01:15
Walzmy_Hamra: right. I was just wondering if it did anything else behind the scenes to make everything smooth01:16
Hamranope, that's about all of it :)01:17
* Walzmy_ nods01:17
Walzmy_I'm thinking I'm going to upgrade to 10.11 this evening to get ready for 11.04 later on01:18
S74rk7whens the next stable version released again?01:19
Walzmy_S74rk7:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule01:20
S74rk7thanking you01:22
KtannerCan some of you take a look at this? http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3116253.0 Thanks in advance if ya do01:29
Walzmy_Ktanner: I don't have netgear but I can't use wireless either01:35
Walzmy_Ktanner: it worked previous to 10.04, but not after I upgraded to 10.0401:36
KtannerKtanner: Exactly! Mine worked around that time too. Linux Mint 8 KDE worked/works perfectly with wifi, but anything newer based on ubuntu fails. It attempts too connect, then just gives up. No errors01:39
Walzmy_I was planing on upgrading to 10.11 this evening and to 11.04 next month, hoping that would fix it01:40
Walzmy_newer kernel and all01:41
navatwoHmm, so for some reason, I cannot log into my KDE session... It states my login is wrong. I changed the password using `passwd` from a tty, and it still won't log in. Any ideas?01:41
Ktannernavatwo: Does the splash screen just freeze up for no reason?01:42
navatwoIt says `login error`01:42
Ktannerwalzmy_: I'll try upgrading too. But so far no upgrade has helped me =/01:42
navatwologin failed*01:42
Walzmy_Ktanner: which version are you on now?01:43
Ktannernavatwo: try logging into the root account. If you haven't yet, give Root a password via a tty using the passwd command, e.g.: "sudo passwd root"01:43
Walzmy_navatwo: can you login via command and then startx?01:44
KtannerWalzmy_: I just installed Kubuntu 10.04 LTS today. I've used it before, and the latest Kubuntu 10.10. I don't use 10.10 though as I get X Configuration errors with KDE 4.5.4 and 4.6+01:44
navatwoKtanner: I set my new password via a root account01:44
navatwoWalzmy_: I will try01:44
navatwoWalzmy_: I stopped KDE and restarted x01:45
navatwoI have a black screen though..... with a mouse01:46
navatwono panel or anything01:46
Ktannernavatwo: Sounds like kdm didn't restart. Goto a tty, login as root, then type sudo kdm01:47
navatwoKtanner: nothing.01:48
navatwoand I can not connect to the internet on this desktop right now01:48
navatwono network card >.<01:48
KtannerI've heard something about a command called "kde_start" or "kde-start" but I'm not sure01:49
navatwoKtanner: kdeinit01:51
navatwoit doesnt do anything01:51
Ktannernavatwo: what version of KDE and Kubuntu is it?01:52
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navatwo10.10 and most recent kde Ktanner01:56
Ktanner Were you able to log in before? Or is this a fresh install?01:57
navatwoyes, no01:57
KtannerDid you install any packages or update before this happened?01:58
navatwoI just re changed the password and it worked.. to log me in at least01:59
navatwonow the k session isn't loadming..01:59
navatwoIts hanging on the splash screen02:00
tertl3navatwo: why not use?02:00
navatwotertl3: I can't really change that at the moment..02:00
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navatwoNo network connection on the tower because my onboard network card decided it was done with its life.. >.>02:01
Ktannernavatwo: click the splash screen, sometimes if there's a hangup, it's because there's a message behind the splash screen. Clicking (usually) makes the splash screen go away02:01
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navatwoI want to update the computer but I'm waiting for a new ethernet card to get here..02:03
Walzmy_navatwo: sorry, i had to step awau02:03
Walzmy_navatwo: after login are you getting a black screen?02:03
navatwoWalzmy_: yes02:04
navatwoit just gave me an error\02:04
Walzmy_I had that happen one time when KDE was trying to use advanced graphics but I did not have the propritary driver installed02:04
navatwo"KDE is unable to start, No write access to '~/.ICEauthority'02:04
Ktanner^^^ Goto a tty, and search for that file in your Home folder somewhere! I remember this happeneing to me MANY times! use the chown command on it and switch ownership to you02:05
navatwoloaded fine now >.<02:09
Ktannergood :D02:10
KtannerI've had that issue since KDE 4.102:10
tertl3what issue?02:11
tertl3network manager?02:12
KtannerI've never understood it. And it if you look at that file, it's 0 bytes, and there's literally nothing in it. It's a completely blank file all the time and it can cause KDE not to work, lol02:12
Ktannertertl3: navatwo"KDE is unable to start, No write access to '~/.ICEauthority'02:12
tertl3oh, I never had that happen before?02:13
KtannerHe couldn't log in because of that. I've heard of it, so I'm glad I'm here :D02:13
tertl3whcih KDE version is currently in 10.04?02:15
KtannerI believe it's KDE 4.4.x tertl302:16
tertl3ok, thanks02:17
KtannerHowever they do release packages for later versions of KDE, such as 4.5.4 and 4.602:18
Walzmy_how can you get 4.6 in 10.04?02:19
Walzmy_If I could do that, I might not bother upgrading the entire version02:19
KtannerHere ya go: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.6.102:19
Walzmy_Ktanner: that's just for 10.10 users, not 10.0402:21
KtannerI noticed that. I think the reason for this is because 10.04 is meant to be a Long Term Release version. In other words, installing the latest desktop (as expected) may cause instability issues. So they don't want you installing something that may hurt the current system.02:22
S74rk7hey guys could knotifyrc be something to do with my "Message indicator" ... the little applet that keeps your chat clients etc listed under02:24
KtannerYou'll also notice that it's in the Kubuntu Backports repository. That repository is only for certain software such as KDE. In this way, they can help prevent Kubuntu 10.04 from accidentally updating packages that it may prove fatal to the system.02:24
KtannerWARNING: do NOT use software update while this repository is active. IT CAN SCREW UP EVERYTHING (I've done it lol)02:24
S74rk7I have setup a notification to light up when my name has been typed somewhere in irc... but I'm just noticing that its lighting solid green... and want seem to change02:25
KtannerS74rk7: Knotify is the message notification system so yes, the applet shows messages from knotify.02:25
Walzmy_Ktanner: yeah. I'm going to go ahead and do the updates, I didn't see any reason to get off of LTS before, but with 11.04 I think it's worth it02:26
S74rk7ahhh.. so how do I kill it and restart it in konsole?02:26
KtannerS74rk7: I can't remember the kill command for a terminal. Hit CTRL+Escape, look for Knotify and click End Process. Then hit ALT+F2 and simply type Knotify02:27
KtannerWalzmy: From the sounds of it, 11.04 is (possibly) an LTS release. I'm not sure though, I really haven't kept up with Kubuntu too much the past month02:28
KtannerWalzmy: Are planning on doing it through KPackageKit or an iso/disc?02:28
Walzmy_Ktanner: it's not and KPackageKit02:30
Walzmy_or possibly CLI, but some version of apt :)02:31
KtannerWalzmy_: May I recommend using a disc? lol I've had Kubuntu crash while using Kpackagekit update D:02:31
Walzmy_meh. ain'tskeert02:31
Walzmy_if it does lock up, I know how to fix it. Think I've done it once before02:33
KtannerWalzmy_: really? Any specific trick? I've had older versions of KDE lock up constantly (mainly 4.3)02:35
S74rk7Ktanner: I killed knotify4 in processes using "System Monitor" but it just seems to restart itself again anyway.... is that not odd...02:35
S74rk7what else is knotify tied into that would restart the service?02:35
Walzmy_it's part of the base system that tells you all your info. Its going to get restarted like that02:36
KtannerS74rk7: Considering it's a system service I'm not surprised :) You may be able to disable it in the System Preferences, under the Advanced tab, there should be a preference pane called Services02:36
Walzmy_Ktanner: I've got my 10.04 disk laying here. If I need to, I can reload it on my / partition02:36
KtannerOh, well, that's not much of a solution lol02:37
Ktannerit's more of what you are forced to do if it fails XD02:37
Walzmy_but I don't wanna download / burn a CD02:38
Walzmy_I'd love to not even have an optical drive, I'm about put off with the things02:38
S74rk7Ktanner: its cured the message indicator... its not a solid green anymore :)  thanks02:39
KtannerTrue, I'm starting to run out of DVD's, and I'd rather not waste CD's. Speaking of optical drive issues, It took me forever to get an Apple SuperDrive from my old PowerMac G4 that could read DVD's, and it was defective -_- At least they sent a new one that works now02:39
KtannerS74rk7: no problem :)02:39
S74rk7Ktanner: think you'd know anything about this... "Configuration file "/tmp/0997553718/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc" not writable. Please Contact your system administrator.02:40
S74rk7its what started this whole thing... been getting it at boot up..02:40
KtannerWell, try this, open a terminal and type "sudo chown yourusernamehere /tmp/0997553718/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc" without quotations02:41
navatwogrr.. using a netbook while my desktop sits beside me is just plain annoying.02:41
S74rk7the directory 09975553718/ doesnt even exsist in tmp... is there a log file or something I could go in and see what exactly is looking for it?02:43
Walzmy_S74rk7: the partition /tmp lives on is not full is it? Full hard drives will give Linux fits02:44
* Walzmy_ speaks from experience02:44
Ktanneroh woops, here try this then lol: "sudo chown yourusernamehere /Home/yourusernamehere/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc" without quotations02:44
S74rk7Walzmy_: no unfortunately... still 40some odd gb left...02:45
S74rk7I was hoping that was going to prove to be it...02:46
S74rk7Walzmy_:  thats a good one to remember though mate... "the partition /tmp lives on is not full is it? Full hard drives give Linux fits" thanks :)02:49
S74rk7check this out... :)  this is what I'm getting ... at boot up as well after that msg about knotifyrc ... http://imagebin.org/14694902:50
KtannerS74rk7: Just a fact: Both Linux and Mac OS X have an odd file system in which when a file is written to disk, it writes AWAY from other files so that if the file ever expands, it has room to do so (without getting fragmented like on Windows). The downside to this is it causes problems if you get under about 20% disk space02:50
S74rk7Ktanner: Nice.... starting to get the idea how EXT works now...02:51
S74rk7people were telling me how much EXT4 rocked as I was asking before how to defrag n all that...02:52
S74rk7said theres no need to under linux .. the EXT formating doesnt get fragmented...02:52
S74rk7I was always puzzled as to how it work but forgot to ever read up on it - thanks02:53
KtannerS74rk7: Wow, I've never seen that happen! Both those processes on mine are always at 0%. And yup, defragging is not an issue with EXT or HFS+ :) Apple and Linus Torvalds had the right idea. FAT and NTFS write every file one after the other, so lets say you made a text file. Windows will write it to the disc, then you download a picture, it well get written RIGHT up next to the txt file. Then, if you type into the text document and ma02:54
KtannerWindows is forced to write the new chunk of the file AFTER any file that's newer. That's what fragmenting is, and it slows the comp down because it has to find every single chunk of the file before it can open it02:54
S74rk7yeah I get the fragmentation thing - but like you said it looks like thats the way forward anyway with formats... makes sense :) thanks for the info02:57
S74rk7who came up with it all first?02:58
KtannerI'm pretty positive this is where I learned it: http://www.itworld.com/nls_unixfrag04092902:58
KtannerI would say Apple had the idea first02:58
S74rk7so are they mad at Linus now you think?02:59
KtannerHFS+ has been around since.. ohh, say, 1999?  Came out with OS X. And last I knew, Apple supports the OpenSource community so I think it's all good ;)03:00
S74rk7Ktanner: I'm gonna bookmark that link there on itworld.com - thanks looks interesting03:01
KtannerCool :) Now that I think about it, it's also entirely possible that this type of file system was created alongside the Unix OS. I'm not sure what Unix used to use03:01
S74rk7wow what happened there?03:01
KtannerYou noticed all the disconnects too? lol03:02
S74rk7yeah... are we boring ? lol03:02
Ktannerlol probably XD03:02
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:02
Ktanneroh jeez03:02
S74rk7steady...... don't.... move....03:03
Ktannerhuh, now there's a second FloodBot too..03:03
Ktannerthats creepy XD03:03
devslashcoreQuassel crashed03:03
S74rk7whats happening? lol03:03
S74rk7Ubottu said we should get popcorn and enjoy the show03:04
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:04
KtannerOkay I get it. Two servers disconnected from each other, therefore, we can't see them anymore. Apparently we're connected to the same server though :)03:05
pm2Hello - I'm trying to use Skype, and my microphone is part of my USB webcam.  I can hear audio output, but the mic doesn't seem to work.  When I go into options the only option for the microphone is PulseAudio Server.  Any ideas on how to fix this?03:05
James147pm2: check alsamixer and make sure the capture devices arnt muted03:06
S74rk7Ktanner: yeah were you reading the link ubottu posted :)03:06
Ktannerlol yup03:06
S74rk7me too03:06
KtannerJames147: Check Kmix, it has the mic channels as well03:06
KtannerS74rk7: It's always fun to learn crap like that :D03:07
pm2Would my USB webcam/mic show up as a sound device under alsa?03:07
S74rk7I'm really new to irc... I still get surprized by the bots03:07
S74rk7Ktanner: yeah definately :)03:07
KtannerS74rk7: lol as am i. The bots kinda creep me out. It's like space odyssey  2001 haha03:08
S74rk7Ktanner: I haven't watched all of that movie yet!03:09
S74rk7Ktanner: only got about half way through.... might put it on... know I got it around here somewhere lol03:09
KtannerS74rk7: in all honesty, I haven't seen any of it XD I just know about Hal lol03:09
Hamrathe bots here are very primitive... there are much smarter ones on other servers/channels03:09
S74rk7see thats the thing I'm still trying to get my head around... how to find and connect to other channels03:10
S74rk7I know the /join #channelname stuff etc...03:10
S74rk7but as far as finding new channels to join I'm goosed :)03:10
KtannerI'm still confused how to connect to IRC channels and servers. I'm using Opera right now and it connected when I clicked the link on Kubuntu.org :)03:11
S74rk7Ktanner: who is it in space odyssey again?  harrison ford?03:11
S74rk7Ktanner: Yeah Hal... that was his ship or something lol03:11
James147S74rk7: /list will list them ^^ but its quite server heavy and not recomended... there is a bwtter way but i cannot remember it :) generally I just guess the channel name of the topic i am intrested, they are normally named after the project they are for :)03:11
KtannerS74rk7: I believe so, I think I've heard that name mentioned along with that movie03:11
Hamrawell... more or less like websites... you dont just go randomely, you join a server/channel that you want to join03:11
Hamrayou enjoy a certain website, a certain program, a certain person... that thing has an IRC channel, they tell you the server/chanel, and you join them03:12
S74rk7Ktanner: theres clients you can use mate if you were interested ?03:12
James147Ktanner: you can connect to irc servers from an irc client (like quassel which installed by default in kubuntu) ^^ there are also various web clients about :)03:12
KtannerS74rk7: I'm using the IRC client built into Opera :) I tried using the KDE on Windows version of Konversation, but it asked for every single bit of info about the server and I gave up lol :d03:13
James147Ktanner: quassel is simpler to use and by default connects to the freenode irc server03:14
Ktannerit did have that but I just gave up X303:14
KtannerAnd Opera just asked my name, and nickname then opened up and here I am :D lol03:15
James147Ktanner: :) thats what quassel is ment to do though i dont know why it failed :S03:15
James147Ktanner: you say you where trying to run it on windows?03:16
S74rk7James147: yeah but the who server thing... so to search say for other channels do I not need to connect to the server first... before I run a search for channels?03:16
KtannerJames147: Yea, I have the KDE 4.4.5 on Windows. So I have some KDE apps that came with it03:17
S74rk7Ktanner: wow whats that mate?  KDE on windows?03:17
James147S74rk7: depends, you can connect to a server and list the channels... or you can search the internet for channels :) most projects/sites usually have an irc channel and will tell you (with the server they are on) on their web site03:17
Fritz1793hello! can you create a beowulf cluster out of just two computers running the same distro of linux?03:17
James147Ktanner: :) havent tryed that in a while, though it didnt work terribally well when i did :(03:17
Fritz1793we have a server and the switches, but i was wondering if the number of computers in the cluster are important03:18
KtannerS74rk7: You've never heard of it? They have versions of KDE for Mac OS X and Windows. The Windows one (if you want) can be the default shell instead of windows explorer03:18
KtannerS74rk7: So you'd have the Plasma Desktop instead :D03:18
S74rk7Ktanner: wooow...03:18
Hamrano idea what beowulf clusters are... :S03:19
S74rk7me neither?03:19
S74rk7Ktanner:  that sounds cool ...03:19
KtannerS74rk7: First time I tried it I was all "HOLY CRAP WHATS GOING ON"/ Because my desktop disappeared and all of a sudden KDE was sitting there!03:19
S74rk7I think I might install it on my girlfriends vista laptop and see what she does :D03:19
S74rk7kik = lol03:20
James147Fritz1793: I dont see why you wouldnt be able to ^^ normally the number of computer in a cluster dsnt matter03:20
KtannerS74rk7: http://windows.kde.org/03:20
Fritz1793james147: thanks I just thought maybe there might have been some odd number needed to create a cluster03:21
S74rk7James147: cool mate - thanks for the info on servers and channels on irc btw :)03:21
James147Fritz1793: from what i read on wikipedia it looks like you just need a server and any number of nodes :)03:22
S74rk7hey how come I cant seem to copy and paste text from from konversation or how do I go about saving part of the conversation on here?03:23
Fritz1793lol ok, i was looking at that too, but i wasn't sure if that was a convenient bit of info they left off03:23
KtannerS74rk7: Hm?03:23
James147S74rk7: you cant copy? I seem to be able to :S03:24
S74rk7people always post great info and commands n stuff and I always forgot to copy and paste it... not when I highlight the text I cant see the option to copy... plus theres nothing in the options...03:24
S74rk7ctrl+c work you think ?03:24
KtannerS74rk7: Well that's peculiar O.o03:25
Fritz1793ctrl+c works on my client (quassel)03:26
James147S74rk7: do you get a menu when you right click selected text?03:26
S74rk7yeah I got the menu...03:26
S74rk7couldnt see copy...03:26
S74rk7but control +C worked fine...03:27
Ktannerctrl+c works on the Opera irc as well03:27
S74rk7thanks though guys :)03:27
S74rk7Ktanner: What you make of opera?03:27
Fritz1793Opera has an IRC client?03:28
KtannerS74rk7: My fav cross-platform web browser :D Super fast, stable and packed with neato stffs03:28
KtannerAnd yup, it has an IRC client built in03:28
James147S74rk7:  http://imagebin.org/146959 ^^ i get that when i right clcik in konversation :S03:28
Ktannerplus a multi protocol instant messenger, file sharing capabilites03:29
S74rk7Ktanner: I'm still a chromium user, and also konquerer (dude called Daskreech introduced me to it) its cool - but I dont use it often as it hasnt been updated in a while and I'm a bit worried about security03:29
Fritz1793never really knew that (irc bit). I did know that it functions quite well on windows 9803:29
S74rk7James147: ooohhh.. :S03:29
KtannerS74rk7: Konqueror gets updated alot, but the KHTML doesn't so it works horribly03:30
S74rk7James147: I guess I got another problem to add to the list... still haven't got much further with the last 2 from chatting here :)03:30
Hamrai use firefox, built from trunk source every month or so... love it03:30
KtannerThe IRC client's pretty cool. It highlights messages that mention your name and has smileys and stuff. Also a very simple/pleasing interface03:30
Hamraand konqueror might not seem to be getting updated, but it uses kparts that are updated, and has perfect security03:30
Fritz1793Ktanner: sort of like quassel then :D03:31
KtannerI gave up on firefox due to speed. Especially on Windows, it was slow to open and slowed down my system03:31
KtannerFritz1793: lol yup03:31
S74rk7Ktanner: I think I'm gonna go check out Opera's IRC client now :) lol03:31
James147Ktanner: konquror also has a webkit engin as of 4.5... or 4.6  i for get which :)03:31
James147S74rk7: which problems are you having?03:32
Hamrawell... yeah, it takes a bunch of resources... but you get it all back in functionality... unless you dont really need that functionality... :P03:32
KtannerJames147: Kwebkits been there longer than that :) But you haven't been able to make it the default engine until KDE 4.6. Plus, it's kinda glitchy as well :/03:34
KtannerI get more functionality from Opera ^^ Opera Unite and Opera Sync are very useful to me ^^03:34
Hamrawebkit has better rendering than khtml, but i find it slows down konquror too much03:35
S74rk7James147:  http://imagebin.org/146949 <--- these... ended an knotify and it restarted itself and seems to be behaving (although I haven't rebooted) the kded or whatever wont seem to die...03:35
KtannerHamra: that it does :(03:35
* James147 tends to use chromium :)03:35
James147S74rk7: which version of kde?03:35
Hamrathe general *feel* of konqueror itself is not very friendly, and the UI (especially the status bar) needs to be a lot more informative about what's happening during page loads03:36
KtannerHamra: Yea. It seems to still do what older browsers like IE6 and Safari 1 used to do. Where it'll shoot up to 100% then just choose random percents until it's done loading03:37
S74rk7James147: Platform Version 4.6.1 (4.6.1)03:37
S74rk7hold on...03:37
James147S74rk7: could you test a new profile and see if they suffer from the same problem03:37
Hamraanyway... time for me to go... have a good day/night03:37
S74rk7I was in messing with the Kubuntu backports ppa earlier... and just installed Amarok from there... mine was crashing and being annoying when I was trying to remove music from my ipod...03:38
S74rk7has it updated KDE?  What version comes out of the box on Kubuntu 10.10...03:38
KtannerKDE 4.603:38
James147S74rk7: it has, kubuntu comes with 4.5.X03:38
James147^^ 10.10 that is03:39
Ktannerhmph, coulda sworn it was 4.6. Then again, maybe I'm thinking of Linux Mint 10 KDE03:39
S74rk7Amarok was the only update I wanted to install from the backports ppa... then I turned the backports off again in my list of repos... why would it do that (update KDE) if I may ask?  :)03:39
S74rk7Ktanner: are you using windows or linux yourself mate?03:40
James147S74rk7: because amarok relays on kde libraries... which if you upgrade then you need to upgrade the rest of the kde libs03:40
James147kde apps ^^03:40
KtannerAs to my knowledge, the KDE backports are full of experimental beta things, so KPackageKit sees that the packages have slightly higher versions, and it wants to install them03:40
KtannerAt the moment, I'm on Windows Vista -_- But I love Linux and it's on a second partition03:41
S74rk7right... I should - so I was looking to just more or test up03:41
S74rk7sorry typo -- start again lol03:41
James147Ktanner: no, backports if full of stable software that hadent been relased when that version of kubuntu was released03:41
S74rk7I was looking to just use the backports to update amarok-nothing more - but I was playing with something I didnt understand enough lol03:42
S74rk7now I've killed more of my system..03:42
James147S74rk7: you canot update just amarok :) it will mostlkily pull the updated for the rest of kde...03:42
S74rk7so the fact that I've installed the newer version of KDE... and its got things like Knotify which wasnt updated - I've caused all these problems :)03:42
KtannerS74rk7: Ouch, trial and error :) I've killed..so..many..Linuxs... over... and over... and now I know how to prevent most of it!! :D03:42
James147S74rk7: create a new user and see if they ahve the same problem03:43
KtannerWell, honestly, updating just amarok is possible, so long as the package kde-full isn't installed03:43
James147Ktanner: same :) but at least I find them easier to fix now :D03:43
S74rk7Ktanner: me too mate - I'm on my ....3rd install of Kubuntu - other installs were Ubuntu... as well lol03:43
S74rk7ok I'll try this new user thing... out03:44
Ktanner3rd? I've gone through about 7 diff distros and I've broken/reinstalled each of them about 5 or 6 times XD03:44
* S74rk7 shakes his head at himself...03:44
S74rk7I'm a ejjit sometimes lol03:44
Ktannerlol, naaaahhhh, I just have more free time than you :D03:44
S74rk7see... I was thinking this... ahhh well... lets not be scared of doing things in linux.... cuz if you kill something... you can learn to fix it.... and thats how I'll learn the ways of the force with linux ;) lol03:45
KtannerLinux Mint 7 KDE was a great experience. Highly unstable in so many ways so I learned a lot. Probably not the greatest first impression of linux for me though03:45
KtannerYou should try it out ;)03:45
bmwAny word on how to update to KDE 4.6.2? Sorry if this has been in previous threads.03:45
S74rk7Linux Mint? hmmm03:46
S74rk7that the nice green looking distro03:46
Ktannerbmw: the packages should be in the backports I think http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.603:46
James147S74rk7: Ktanner: you may want to join #kubuntu-offtopic :)03:46
KtannerJames147: lol03:47
James147Ktanner: 4.6.1 is, not sure if 4.6.2 is in there quite yet03:47
S74rk7are we making too much noise?03:47
KtannerJames147: I'm not sure either, worth checking though :)03:47
James147bmw: ^^ though it should be anytime with in the next few days :) just keep looking for updates and you should have it03:47
bmwSeemed that 4.6.2 was supposed to be released by today03:48
bmwWill do. Thanks. Have a nice night/day.03:48
James147S74rk7: its best to keep this channel quite so that questions dont get drowned out :)03:48
Ktannerlol true03:49
S74rk7James147: ahhh understood amigo.. I'll behave now :)03:49
KtannerOkay so, the weird processes.. hmm..03:49
S74rk7I'm creating this new profile to try out03:49
KtannerAny chance it's because of too many apps running in the background? common issue on Windows haha03:50
James147Ktanner: no, its a bug in the two software packages ^^ have seen it before... sometimes caused by a bad config file03:50
KtannerJames147: possibly one of the config files in ./tmp?03:51
S74rk7James147: should I really go back and install all the updates from the backports then... I take it my problems are starting to looked like their rooting back to me having Amarok up-to-date for KDE4.6 and the rest isnt...03:51
James147Ktanner: normally one of the ones in ~/.kde hence the testing of a new user... it will create clean config files03:51
S74rk7anyway... new profile...03:52
James147S74rk7: yeah, upgrading is normally the best thing to do03:52
KtannerJames147: True.03:52
James147S74rk7: ^^ just sometimes you need to reset some settings :)03:52
Ktanneryup :) I use a cleaning tool called Onyx on OS X to clean config files every once in a while for that reason03:53
James147Ktanner: tools like that wont help ^^ its probally not the caches that are the problem, but stored settings... which those programs dont touch as they normally contain user data that should be preserved03:54
KtannerJames147: I know they won't help, I'm not sure if there's even a tool like that for Linux, possibly BleachBit. But it could the caches and you know it ;) lol03:54
James147Ktanner: there is sweeper for kde ^^ though it just clears caches and tmp files03:55
Ktanneroh that's right! I remember the Sweeper utility from Ubuntu gnome03:55
S74rk7ok so I got my new user profile created... can I do this by just switching users or would it be best to log off and back in the new profile?03:58
James147S74rk7: logout and back in ^^ will be harder to tell as the processes from this users will still be eeating resources :)03:59
KtannerIt would probably be best to log off and into it. That way  the system won't be bogged down03:59
S74rk7no probs thanks :)04:00
* S74rk7 I'll be back! ;)04:00
=== romulo is now known as melow
S74rk7I'm back04:25
S74rk7James147 + Ktanner:  yeah guys it was the same in a new user.... 100% cpu usage04:26
S74rk7and it wouldnt let me log back into my profile I'm using now04:26
S74rk7I had to reboot04:26
S74rk7and I got a new error :)04:26
S74rk7adding it to pastebin now04:26
Ktannerlol awesome04:29
S74rk7I know... eventful night huh04:29
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:30
S74rk7http://imagebin.org/146962 <--- apologies about the size... took the pic with my phone and emailed myself lol04:32
KtannerO.o did you have KDE selected as the session at the logon screen? I have no clue other than that lol04:33
S74rk7So you guys think just enabling the backports and updating everything is worth a shot then take it from there...04:34
S74rk7Ktanner: I dont know mate - how would I go about doing that and I could tell you if I was playing with something in there lol04:34
S74rk7O.o <--- what are these that people use... and O.O and OVO or something? they like smileys or something?04:35
KtannerI guess so at this point lol. And anyways, at the logon screen, there should be like, an arrow button or "menu" button. Check that, and it should be set to KDE04:35
James147S74rk7: you said you where messing with upgrading to kde 4.6 (or rather tring not to) what is the current state of the install?04:36
Ktannerand yea lol, they're smileys. O.o = something of this nature http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/199/6/1/My_id_by_JimmyXS.png04:36
Ktanner~yawn~ Well, I'm turnin in for the night haha, it's already 2 hours past when I was going to go to bed04:37
James147S74rk7: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_emoticons :)04:37
S74rk7James147: everything was pretty much out of the box... bar adding the qbitorrent ppa and maybe 1 or 2 more... but the updates I installed to date were ones that were suggested to me.. I only turned on the backports today to update Amarok... done so...then turned them back off...04:37
S74rk7I wasnt aware at the time I would be updating KDE also... I do now though :)04:38
James147S74rk7: I would suggest turning them back on, upgrading everything (at least all kde packages) and possibally making sure kubuntu-desktop is installed04:38
S74rk7Ktanner: liking the smileys pics lol04:39
S74rk7James147: how do I make sure kubuntu-desktop is installed?04:39
* James147 find that keeping everything upgraded to geather ... unless there is a problem is a spicific packages... is usually better then only trying to upgrade once package04:39
James147S74rk7: "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" :)04:39
James147S74rk7: or use a packagemanager to search for it04:40
S74rk7James147: no completely I see how its gonna cause problems upgrading one... I wasnt aware it was going to interfere with KDE updating amarok...04:40
S74rk7anyway... enabling backports now04:40
KlinkHow do i totally uninstall gnome and all the gnome software?04:41
S74rk7James147: installing kubuntu-desktop  :)04:41
James147!purekde  | Klink04:41
ubottuKlink: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »04:41
* S74rk7 shuffles his feet and stares at the ground...04:45
S74rk7if I was going to re-enable backports.... but say...04:46
S74rk7Kpackagekit didn't want to load...04:46
S74rk7you know... it kept crashing...04:46
S74rk7anyone know if I can just reinstall it?04:46
James147S74rk7: run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktoP"04:46
James147^^ that will upgrade all packages assuming the repo is enabled04:47
James147then install kubuntu-desktop if it is not already04:47
S74rk7I ran that command...said nothing was installed - upgraded etc...04:47
James147S74rk7: but yeah :) kde apps crashing could be because they are trying to load the wrong library version :)04:48
S74rk7remove n reinstall kpackagekit?04:49
James147what does kde4-config --version say?04:49
S74rk7turning on the backports from command line is what I'm gonna search for lol04:49
S74rk7James147: kde4-config doesnt display anything...04:50
S74rk7no output04:50
James147S74rk7: sudo add-apt-repositity ppa:kubuntu-ppa/ppa   should enable the repo04:50
S74rk7James147: thanks mate - doing the sudo apt-get update ... then sudo apt-get upgrade now...04:52
S74rk7123MB of updates to install04:53
S74rk7James147: thanks for the patience mate lol - its updating now04:54
* S74rk7 fingers crossed :)04:54
S74rk7James147: ok dude all the updates have finished... going now for a reboot lol05:02
S74rk7James147: no mate - still pretty much the same...05:09
S74rk7James147: dont worry about it mate - thanks for the help though... I'm gonna poke around here see if I can sort something out... but I think I smell a reinstall ...05:09
James147S74rk7: test  new profile again :)05:10
S74rk7James147: Will I use the last one I test last time - or create a new one and test it... will that recreate config files or something doing that?05:12
James147S74rk7: you can use the old one, butr I would delete the kde config files from it forst05:13
S74rk7where do I find them?05:13
S74rk7in the home folder or something... it a hidden file  - you know like .kde ?05:14
James147S74rk7: it will be at /home/TESTUSERNAME/.kde05:15
S74rk7hold up..05:15
S74rk7look at this05:15
S74rk7I got a little pop up saying theres updates still..05:16
James147best to upgrade fully :)05:16
S74rk7obviously I cant open it as kpackagekit is dead atm... but running sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade shows this...05:16
S74rk7The following packages have been kept back:05:16
S74rk7  kde-window-manager kdebase-workspace kdebase-workspace-bin kdebase-workspace-data kdebase-workspace-kgreet-plugins kdm kinfocenter ksysguard ksysguardd libkdecorations4 libkephal405:16
S74rk7  libkscreensaver5 libksgrd4 libksignalplotter4 libkwineffects1a libkworkspace4 libplasma-geolocation-interface4 libplasmaclock4b libplasmagenericshell4 libprocesscore4a libprocessui4a05:16
FloodBotK2S74rk7: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:16
S74rk7ok sorry about that05:17
James147hmm, can you pastebin the full error :)05:17
James147hmm, not sure why they are being held ^^05:18
S74rk7James147: dont worry about it mate - I'm starting to feel bad melting your head with this lol05:19
S74rk7James147: I'm still poking around here anyway trying find something to try05:19
James147^^ not really doing anything else :)05:19
S74rk7James147: sure?05:20
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S74rk7James147: check out the first reply on this thread ... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=228788 <--- think its worth a shot... I mean I've nearlly killed everything anyway.. lol05:22
James147S74rk7: ahh yeah, use dist-upgrade not upgrade :)05:22
S74rk7James147: ok here goes :)05:23
S74rk7here btw if you not doing anything ever checked out BURG?  it gives like a GUI for grub...05:23
James147S74rk7: i looked at it and it failed to compile on my computer... so i largly stop :)05:24
S74rk7James147: just in case you were interested :)    http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/install-and-configure-burg-in-ubuntu.html05:24
S74rk7James147: sensible...05:24
S74rk7James147: I was feeling brave and gave it a go... it works fine... some of the skins seem to show in italian or something though...05:25
S74rk7but its early days still lol05:25
* James147 goes to try again quickly ...05:26
S74rk7James147: lol05:26
S74rk7it is cool... looks far less intimidating I think05:27
S74rk7everyone phones me when they try to use my laptop .... they are all average windows users...facebook..youtube nothing too technical... when they turn it on and see grub .... lol - so BURG is cool... can't get anyway more obvious I think :)05:28
S74rk7James147: OK updates all finished... rebooting again.. back soon!05:29
S74rk7James147: well its definately improved dude :)05:42
James147S74rk7: thats good :)05:42
James147S74rk7: and other issues?05:42
S74rk7James147: no errors at startu05:43
S74rk7locked up...05:44
c2taruncan anyone please tell me how can I update to kde 4.6.2 for testing?06:06
James147c2tarun: I dont think that packages are ready yet ^^06:09
James147c2tarun: but they should be in the backports repo when they are06:09
doctorasPlease tell me how to do that in KPacageKit not render the blocked update06:21
James147S74rk7: welcome back :)06:33
James147S74rk7: so what happens when you boot now?06:34
S74rk7James147: sorry I forgot to mention... I'm using the opera in built irc client... and it would let me onto #kubuntu ... was trying for a few minutes but then remember you were on the #kde channel.. sorry mate got carried away there...06:34
S74rk7James147: lol06:34
James147no problem :)06:34
S74rk7James147: I've only been using irc for about a 3weeks maybe and I keep forgetting about the channel/topic aspec of things lol06:35
S74rk7James147: anyway - when I boot - all the error msgs are gone... but it is still booting with a solid 100%06:36
S74rk7James147: although its not the same processes...06:36
S74rk7Xorg is near the top... at 40-50% but the 2nd + 3rd highest user is at like 3-4% ....06:37
=== dustin_ is now known as folorn
S74rk7James147: its like the "System Monitor" applet is hiding the rest of them..06:38
James147S74rk7: never seen it hide things ^^06:39
S74rk7James147: I've noticed it hiding things for some time as I was always curios as to how to get a look at whats really going on...06:39
James147S74rk7: try running top in a terminal... or better yet install htop and run that :)06:40
S74rk7James147: you know like in Task Manager in windoze.... the option "show processes from all users" kind of alternative lol06:40
James147as far as i know System monitor does taht by default06:40
S74rk7so is that suspicious then would you say?  that kind of behavior?06:41
James147S74rk7: can you send a print screen of it06:41
S74rk7I'm going to need to boot back into Kubuntu - but when it bogs itself down and literally seems to freeze... do you suggest I just press "control+alt+F1" .. log in and then try "sudo restart kde" or "startx" to try get my desktop back?06:44
S74rk7pity I couldn't run irc from terminal06:45
James147S74rk7: press "alt+print screen+K" to restart  X06:46
James147S74rk7: and you can run irc from terminal ^^ using the irssi client :)06:46
S74rk7serious? :)06:47
James147S74rk7: yeah :)06:48
S74rk7ok now I'm getting excited...06:48
S74rk7is there anything that hasnt been done in linux?06:49
Koliais it me of the notification system of kde 4.6 is working bad?06:51
Koliait's overlapping all the time here06:51
Koliaand never resizing nicely06:51
James147Kolia: not noticing that here :S what happens if you try on a new user?06:52
* James147 finds most of the quirks in kde after upgrading come from an error when upgrading the confis :S06:53
KoliaJames147: ah right..06:53
Koliathat's bad for kde, it's killing the first impression each time06:53
KoliaI guess it's not easy to migrate the config file at each new release since it's always a mess :/06:54
James147Kolia: yeah :( i find its best to test a new user to see whats expected06:54
Kolianot very user friendly06:54
James147Kolia: unfortinatly ... and normally hard to test since it dosnt always happen but only for if you have some options enabled06:54
Koliaespecially because i don't know which settings to fix or remove, so I will end up erasing all, lose my settings and set it up again :S06:55
James147although later releases are getting better at it06:55
James147Kolia: i would start with ~/.kde/share/config/[knotify*|plasma*]06:56
Muaumerikonia brueder Pici brueder OLA06:57
KoliaJames147: thanks i was looking at this yeah06:57
Muaumerhola penguinz06:57
Muaumerda kde project is dead06:57
KoliaJames147: I also lost the button to minimize windows. related to kwin rc files you think?07:02
James147Kolia: System settings > workspace appearnce > Window Decoration > configure buttons ... should allow you to configure them07:03
KoliaJames147: yeah i just didn't expect the minimize button to disappear after upgrade. Wonder if it will appear in settings07:05
Kolialet's check07:05
KoliaJames147: resetting to defaults there made it. thanks again07:06
=== Muaumer is now known as JOOMLA_the_BEST
JOOMLA_the_BESTmy name is Mr. Gnome07:53
JOOMLA_the_BESTI will killah da KDE07:53
susundbergoh i though joomla was web publishing thingie07:54
JOOMLA_the_BESTyeah, not an fuckypengui unix like thing07:56
JOOMLA_the_BESTwundoz da best solutions for home computing07:57
JOOMLA_the_BESTthe most famous and bugless operation systems of da world07:58
susundbergMaybe if one can bear the fact that you cannot get the source code and pay $$$ for the corporation for the right of use the OS07:58
James147susundberg: please dont feed the troll07:58
James147!coc | JOOMLA_the_BEST07:59
ubottuJOOMLA_the_BEST: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .07:59
KoliaJOOMLA_the_BEST: just like Joomla is the best CMS? MOUHAHAHA07:59
howlymowlyhi poeple...  short question:   I am using a manual IP in my university network ..  everything works except that I always have to click on the connection in my network manager in the taskbar.  for some reason it just does not automatically connect to that network, although I have enabled "connect automatically"08:22
Daskreechhowlymowly: Never tried that with a static address but I would suspect that it would require some action to say apply. (in my head I don't know if that's actually reasonable)08:34
S74rk7James147:  Me again mate, cant do anything with that... just downloading Kubuntu 11.04 beta 1 I think it is...08:37
S74rk7gonna try from a livecd see if I can repair it from there08:37
folorndaskreech ya around dude?08:37
S74rk7Hi Daskreech!08:38
Daskreechhi S74rk708:41
rikvahi, I just activated the ppa backports to get the new KDE packages. Now every time I open a video file over SMB:// using VLC, KDE first copies the whole file to /tmp. This is not neccesary because VLC can stream over SMB. Is there a way to change this behaviour?09:48
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alexb1hello, I have a problem with the external microphone; I select line in as source in pavucontrol but it still uses the internal microphone10:47
bigbrovarwhats the irc channel for posting questions and getting support for kubuntu 11.0411:53
bigbrovar#kubuntu+1 ?11:54
=== Thorsten_ is now known as Guest62701
Peace-bigbrovar: ?12:19
Peace-bigbrovar: what's your question12:19
noaXesshey all12:23
noaXessif i enable a second display in nvidia-settings, the second display gets the master display.. all widgets, lists goes to the second monitor.. instead of leaving on the main monitor.. it'a notebook with a nvidia GT 240M, nvidia driver 290.19.0612:25
noaXessis that normal?12:25
Peace-noaXess: it's a 1 gig of memory?12:26
noaXessPeace-: puh...12:26
Peace-i know that newnvidia gets problems12:27
Peace-anyway have luck12:27
noaXessPeace-: so live with it?12:28
Peace-is it  a new nvidia card?12:28
Peace-lspci | grep -i vga12:28
noaXessno.. not really the GT 240M is even an older. think about one year old12:29
Peace-give me the output12:29
noaXessPeace-: of what?12:29
noaXesssorry.. havent seend :)12:30
noaXessPeace-: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT216 [GeForce GT 240M] (rev a2)12:30
Peace-noaXess: ok no sulutions12:32
Peace-dunno man12:32
Peace-noaXess: have you seen on the wiki ?12:32
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:33
noaXessit works to enable a second monitor... but then all my widget's and so on are then on the second :(..12:33
noaXessthe drivers works perfect.. it's just this thing.. but i can live with that ;)..12:33
Peace-i think12:33
Peace-it's a configuration12:33
Peace-duplicate instead to create a new destkop12:33
Peace-xrandr should help you12:34
Peace-noaXess: what if you run xrandr12:34
noaXessPeace-: if the external monitor is on?12:36
noaXessor use xrandr instead of nvidia-settings..12:37
Peace-noaXess: type xrandr in the shell12:37
Peace-what does it says12:37
noaXessPeace-: ok... wil try that..12:37
noaXessPeace-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/590705/ but at the moment the external isn't connects..12:38
noaXessconnteced ^12:38
Peace-noaXess: plug in the second monitor12:38
noaXessneed to try that later.. have a customer meeting/training..12:38
noaXessPeace-: will come back.. :) ..12:38
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ChrisBuchholzHello guys. Is there a theme for firefox 4 that makes it look better and fit in, than it does by default?13:31
Peace-ChrisBuchholz: oxygen13:32
Peace-ChrisBuchholz: open firefox13:32
Peace-search add ons13:32
factoryTalesHi guys : just upgraded to 10.10 and after which Amarok seems to crashing13:34
factoryTalesPhonon issue as it says13:34
ChrisBuchholzPeace-: not avialable for firefox 4: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/search/?q=oxygen&cat=all&x=0&y=013:35
Peace-ChrisBuchholz: thereis ... bah.. search on kdeapps13:37
Peace-i have used.13:37
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BluesKajHey folks14:14
bigjoolsRiddell: hey there - do you know about the ubuntu font problem in Qt apps? not sure where to file a bug for that14:20
tsimpsonbigbrovar: it's known14:20
* tsimpson finds the bug for you14:20
tsimpsonbigjools: ^14:21
bigjoolsyeah I guessed that was meant for me :)14:21
tsimpsonI'm getting lazier about tabbing...14:21
tsimpsonhere it is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/74481214:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 744812 in Ubuntu Font Family "FontConfig/Qt stack choke on Ubuntu Medium font meta-data (No medium in Inkscape and too bold in Qt apps)" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:22
bigjoolsgreat, thanks tsimpson14:22
Riddellthat's the one, seems like an issue in fontconfig14:23
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bigbrovartsimpson: what is known (am lost)15:04
tsimpsonbigbrovar: bad tab completion, sorry15:04
bigbrovarso I tried Kubuntu 11.04 beta and noticed I can not get blur to work on my laptop which uses Intel Arrandale graphic chip15:06
bigbrovarblur works very well on 10.10 and when I checked the kwin config to see if my card was blacklisted. I noticed it was not blacklisted. but blur does not work at all.15:07
bigbrovarI dont know if I should file a bug, but I guess I want to first confirm if its a know issue or not15:08
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Riddellbigbrovar: that X compositing is a bit of a lottery is alas well known15:10
Aloneaquick question, I am getting some black diamonds with ? marks on websites or sometimes in documents I download. It seems to be special symbols. What do I need to install so I can read these?15:16
bigbrovarRiddell: hmmm i dont even know if to file a bug or what to do.15:20
bigbrovarit would be hard filling a bug upstream cus kubuntu has not packaged kde 4.6.2 update last time I checked. maybe file one against Kubuntu on launchpad15:21
bigbrovarI was trying to see if anyone was experiencing same issue and even asked a question about it. compositing seems to work fine. just blur cant be enabled15:21
Riddellbigbrovar: if blur can't be enabled it means the X driver doesn't support it.  4.6.2 is out http://kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.6.215:23
bigbrovarRiddell: so I should file the bug against the X driver instead?15:25
Riddellbigbrovar: I expect they already know about it15:26
iElleHi :)15:28
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Aloneahow do I get an update to go away? the update for skype is incorrect. If I install it it still says the older version in the about. If I get the .deb directly from skype, it says the correct version, however kpackage keeps wanting to update it. How do tell it to not update this package like you would in windows update?15:58
James147Alonea: rather then ignoreing the problem how about fixing it? have you tried purging and reinstalling it?16:00
AloneaJames147: I got rid of it and got the .deb from skype themselves. Would rather use that version anyways. I could try purging it and trying the one in the repo again I guess to see if it installs the right one.16:01
AloneaJames147: You would think though that if you didn't want an update, for whatever reason, that you could not do the update and tell it not to keep reminding you.16:02
James147Alonea: you can in the commandline package manager (aptitutde at least) though not in kpackagekit16:03
AloneaJames147: I am not familiar with the new kpackage program, where did the purge option go?16:03
AloneaJames147: I really miss the old version16:04
James147Alonea: there isnt one in kpackagekit :( you can try muon ^^ its more advanced16:04
AloneaJames147: thanks. will try that one instead...I mean, I have to push a button now instead of it listing as a type...^_^16:05
tsimpsonwhere did you get the .deb from if not from skype?16:06
Aloneatsimpson: I got it from skype.com. the ubuntu repo has its own that is the same version with a -maverick at the end, but it had an older version when I went to about.16:07
AloneaJames147: can I uninstall KPackageIt safely or do I have to keep it?16:08
James147Alonea: I would think you can ^^ you cal always try... see what else is also removed and judge if you want to remove it16:09
AloneaJames147: will do. I was just wondering if OS upgrades was run through it or any of the package managers16:09
James147Alonea: you can do it though commandline and probally muon as well16:10
tsimpsonAlonea: did you file a bug for the package?16:11
Aloneatsimpson: I am going to double check by purging it, redoing it through repo and see if its still bad. then hopefully filing a bug report isn't a huge hassle.16:13
tsimpsonhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/skype/+filebug is where you should file it16:14
Aloneaok, I think it installed correctly now. also, KpackageKit is gone and everything seems to be dandy16:25
kubuntuhelp please16:30
James147!ask | kubuntu16:30
ubottukubuntu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:30
kubuntui am new to irc this is my first time sorry thank you bye16:32
ThePunisher60hey all16:52
ThePunisher60i'm beginning with kubuntu and i'd like some help with begining16:53
ThePunisher60can you give me an advice o wich16:53
ThePunisher60tutorial i should read16:53
ThePunisher60okay thnx16:54
genii-aroundThePunisher60: Kubuntu also has a built-in help which is good reading. K-menu button..Applications...Help16:54
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peaceliveare you here18:30
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apparleguys when I type a web address in krunner, why is the page downloaded first and then launched it in browser19:03
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zeldaHi how can I add application icons to a panel?19:50
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DaskreechYou can drag them there19:54
zeldaDaskreech: No actually I am unable to drag them, they just dont move19:56
gomiboyzelda: remember to unlock widgets first, then right click on the app you want -> add to panel19:56
zeldaDaskreech: yes i fiugred that out now, basically i had to create a new launcher on the panel i wanted to create icons19:57
zeldaand do right click > add to panel as you told19:58
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Daskreechzelda: great :)20:03
lovesthethianoodim tryign to follow this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1570791 how do i figure out what port number i should use for my local port and the iphone port? in sudo iproxy <local port> <iPhone port>20:15
gomiboylovesthethianood: you can choose any <local port> you want (>1024 if non-root user), <iPhone port> should be 22 as he assumes you have installed openssh on the iphone20:19
lovesthethianoodgomiboy: i used 2222 22 for the local/iphone and then i followed the next step and i got this: r00t@PublicWifi:~/itunnel$ sudo ssh root@ -p 2222 -D 999920:23
lovesthethianood[sudo] password for r00t:20:23
lovesthethianoodssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host20:23
lovesthethianoodany idea what im doing wrong?20:23
gomiboywrong password? First it asks for sudo pwd (your user pwd) then it should ask for the iphone root pwd20:27
lovesthethianoodits not even aasking me for my password.20:27
gomiboy"[sudo] password for r00t:"20:28
lovesthethianood~/itunnel$ sudo ssh root@ -p 2222 -D 999920:30
lovesthethianoodssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host20:30
lovesthethianoodit asked me for it the first time but now its not asking at all20:30
lovesthethianoodthis is from the otehr window with itunnle running:waiting for connection20:32
lovesthethianoodaccepted connection, fd = 420:32
lovesthethianoodNumber of available devices == 120:32
lovesthethianoodRequesting connecion to device handle == 1 (serial: d1f1afa8bd1d66ab968edaae1f725d10c8220a28), port 2220:32
lovesthethianoodusbmuxd_connect: Connect failed, Error code=320:32
FloodBotK2lovesthethianood: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:32
lovesthethianoodError connecting to device!20:32
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gomiboylovesthethianood: seems a problem in openssh configuration on the iphone... but this isn't very kubuntu-related...20:37
lovesthethianoodThank you gomi,any suggestions for a iphone realted freenode room?20:38
drbobbDAE have problems using google earth on kubuntu?20:43
ooki2day__help me, pls20:53
ooki2day__I was restart my system. and i get message about crash plasma20:55
ooki2day__each reloading I obtain the message about a crash20:56
ooki2day__what can i do?20:56
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Daskreechooki2day__: Hi21:00
ooki2day__Daskreech: can u halp me?21:00
Daskreechooki2day__: what do you have when you login?21:00
ooki2day__Daskreech: login is norm, kde load norm, but at enter to system, I got a message about crash21:03
ooki2day__no widgets. panels not start21:04
ooki2day__only willpaper21:04
ooki2day__and i can't run properities(when I try to click at right buttom in mause)21:05
ooki2day__this bug was appeared when I updated system21:08
ooki2day__kubuntu 11.0421:09
Pici: Natty/11.04 is not yet released. Please join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion.21:09
ooki2day__not released, yes, but somebody using it, right?21:11
ooki2day__in what server #ubuntu+1?21:11
Piciooki2day__: This one21:15
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Daskreechooki2day__: ping21:56
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ooki2day__Daskreech: what?22:04
DaskreechJust checking if you get through in #kubuntu_122:04
Daskreech#ubuntu+1 I mean22:04
Daskreechooki2day__: Did you get a fix?22:08
ooki2day__Daskreech: no(((22:08
Daskreechooki2day__: Does alt+f2 bring down a box from the top?22:09
ooki2day__Daskreech: yes22:09
Daskreechooki2day__: type in konsole22:09
Daskreechpress enter22:09
Daskreechooki2day__: type in kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 5 && plasma-desktop22:11
ooki2day__Daskreech: what is sleep 5?22:12
Daskreecha command22:12
ooki2day__Daskreech: what she do?22:12
Daskreechit puts the command line to sleep (does nothing) for 5 seconds22:12
Daskreechyou can type man sleep if you want to see more about the command22:13
ooki2day__unnamed app(3690): "Application plasma-desktop could not be found using service org.kde.plasma-desktop and path /MainApplication."22:13
Daskreechooki2day__: alright type plasma-desktop22:14
ooki2day__bug again22:14
Daskreechooki2day__: went boom?22:15
Daskreechok try this22:15
Daskreechkillall plasma-desktop22:16
Daskreechthen mkdir -p  ~/bkup/plasma && mv ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* ~/bkup/plasma && plasma-desktop22:16
ooki2day__Daskreech: hm...it's run plasma at standart?22:19
Daskreechooki2day__: what's standart?22:19
Daskreechoh yes22:20
ooki2day__Daskreech: the initial configuration22:20
Daskreechit restores plasma to default22:20
Daskreechbut you have all your configs in ~/bkup/plasma so you can restore stuff if you like22:20
ooki2day__Daskreech: this message relates to the default plasma? X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 322:22
ooki2day__  Major opcode: 20 (X_GetProperty)22:22
ooki2day__  Resource id:  0x4e0001922:22
Daskreechooki2day__: plus it's not crashing anymore :D22:22
Daskreechooki2day__: where are you seeing that it can refer to many things22:22
ooki2day__Daskreech: thx) i waiting your help many time)))22:23
Daskreechmost of the time if you see me in here you can ping22:24
ooki2day__Daskreech: ok)22:24
DaskreechI'm up and down this week and next but I'll normally get back to you22:24
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ooki2day__Daskreech: thx once more, i'm going sleep)22:25
DaskreechSleep well :)22:25
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DaskreechBusy :)23:22
* Daskreech hugs valorie23:26
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valorie{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}} Daskreech23:28
* Daskreech sKipps off smiling23:29
valoriemy day is complete!23:29
DaskreechI feel like mine is23:29
* Daskreech snoozes23:36
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