poolielifeless, for my education, is there a second category of oopses for things like 404s00:24
poolielike "probably not our fault"00:25
lifelessI think at the moment that we do some second-pass filtering in the oops web UI00:27
lifelessThats wasted overhead though00:27
lifelessOOPS are fairly expensive to create00:27
lifelessso I plan to remove that00:27
pooliebtw hearty +1 to stopping launchpad-bugs backscatter00:27
poolieand i'm sure jam & co would agree too00:27
lifelessthe rule of thumb for oopses is:00:27
lifeless - if its logged we should do something about it00:28
lifeless - (corollary) if its something we cannot do anything about, we should not log it00:28
lifelesssinzui: thoughts on https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/744888/comments/4 ?00:33
_mup_Bug #744888: Muting bug 1 times out <bad-commit-12754> <story-better-bug-notification> <timeout> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/744888 >00:33
sinzuilifeless: I thought Snapshot was taught to always ignore collection fields00:35
lifelesssinzui: Thus I'm asking you :)00:36
sinzuiah, but bugs and questions want to snapshot for the last message I think. Maybe it was not done00:36
lifelessa collection snapshot could just record the tip message (for some apporpriate order)00:37
lifelessand the delta is 'messages newer than X'00:37
lifeless[e.g. see my batch navigator work]00:37
poolielifeless, i wonder if there needs to be a category like in bzr where we log a traceback but do not show it to the user00:39
poolieie we don't think it's a problem, but if it turns out that they think it's a problem, they still have the data00:39
lifelesspoolie: we have that [we use it for nearly-timedout-renders]00:39
lifelesspoolie: but I don't think an OOPS is appropriate for the case we're discussing00:40
lifelessoopses gather a lot of data to permit diagnostics and correction00:40
lifelessthis case is pretty clear - the nonce /has/ been used. Whatever went wrong was in the request before the one having trouble00:41
pooliei agree with avoiding the waste and being clear about what's actually a problem00:41
pooliethumper, thanks for fixing bug 37751900:41
_mup_Bug #377519: Stacked on location breaks if the stacked upon branch is renamed <branch-stacking> <lp-code> <qa-needstesting> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by thumper> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/377519 >00:41
poolieif that's going to be rolled out gradually, i would like to add a note on the bug saying that people won't immediately be able to verify it as fixed00:42
poolieor, they won't immediately see the problem go away00:42
poolieis that correct/ok?00:42
poolieanyhow, it was a one off00:42
thumperpoolie: it isn't fully fixed00:42
pooliei was just curious00:43
thumperpoolie: I forgot to put the --incr flag on the landing00:43
thumperyes feel free to add a comment00:43
lifelesspoolie: it won't be fixed fixed until we do something for existing branches00:43
lifelessI think communicating expectations to our users is a great idea00:43
lifelessI'd edit the summary at the top to describe whats going on00:43
pooliei really liked how you did that the other day00:43
pooliei forget which bug it was00:43
lifelessone reason to do this is that bug search only searches the subject and summary, not the comments.00:44
lifelessthis was a performance thing resulting from the way the fti was assembled way back; I haven't had time to review and examine how to enable searching in commenets00:44
lifelesswithout messing up performance00:45
wgrantwallyworld_: BTW, Unity distracted me from saying this on the call, but I have no problem with Windmill being back.00:45
wgrantwallyworld_: I want it to be back on by default, but it's simply too expensive if it fails.00:45
wallyworld_wgrant: np. i agree00:46
wgrantwallyworld_: So I will not hesitate to disable it upon the first spurious failure in buildbot.00:46
lifelesssinzui: ok so we faded out there00:50
lifelesssinzui: is my suggestion a) broken, b) sensible, c) we need to modify how snapshotting deals with collections ?00:50
lifelesssinzui: or d) none of the above00:51
sinzuilifeless: sorry. I very distracted. IAre we certain that is needed? was it cargo culted from old code?00:52
sinzuias for bug and questions looking at messages, I think that is lazy design. I believe there are two emitters of the modifications and they know if a message was appended00:53
lifelesssinzui: bug one has several thousand messages00:53
lifelesssinzui: I'm certain we either need to not snapshot it, or snapshot it much more efficiently00:54
lifelesssinzui: *and* I'm certain that what is snapshotted internally shouldn't match the API attributes for this object either, as the API has different needs vs in-appserver deltas.00:54
sinzuiSo the publisher emitting the event should be clear what message was added instead of letting the subscriber guess. I do not think snapshot should be working with deap data00:55
huwshimiwallyworld_: From about line 450: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~huwshimi/launchpad/private-objects-298152/view/head:/lib/lp/bugs/javascript/bugtask_index.js00:56
lifelesssinzui: ok, cool.00:56
lifelessso we doNotSnapshot it, see what breaks, fix the signal to contain the new message if needed00:56
lifelesswgrant: speaking of bugs.. 74484901:05
wgrantBug #74484901:06
_mup_Bug #744849: populate-archive.py unusably slow <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/744849 >01:06
lifelessman, that was the easiest critical fix ever.01:08
lifelesssearch for -de in a person picker01:11
huwshimiUm, what the failure? http://paste.ubuntu.com/590501/01:11
wgranthuwshimi: Aha, that has shown up on Jenkins before.01:12
wgranthuwshimi: Spurious, but I'd never seen it elsewhere. Thanks.01:12
lifelesstemp_dir - replace that with fixtures.TempDir01:12
lifelessmore robust implementation01:12
huwshimiShould I just lp-land it?01:14
wgranthuwshimi: If that was the only failure.01:14
huwshimiwgrant: It was, assuming the rest of the tests ran ok01:15
wgranthuwshimi: How many tests did it report?01:16
huwshimiwgrant: 1398801:18
wgranthuwshimi: That sounds right.01:22
wgrantLand it.01:22
huwshimiwgrant: Thanks maate01:26
thumperis this thing on?01:29
lifelessirc is01:30
_thumper_quassel still having problems with the sqlite file01:34
baclifeless: i got bit by the temp_dir issue too.  unfortunately the version of fixtures we're on atm does not have TempDir.  you see any problem in this change until we can update fixtures and use it?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/590522/02:06
lifelessbac: bin/py -m pydoc fixtures shows TempDir as being available02:10
lifelessbac: so I think its usable now02:10
lifelessbac: why do you say it isn't ?02:11
bacer, did that just happen?  let me update02:11
lifelessbac: no, TempDir is ancient02:11
baclifeless: b/c i looked in the egg and didn't see it02:11
lifelessbac: :!grep TempDir -r eggs/fixtures-0.3.5-py2.6.egg/02:12
lifelesseggs/fixtures-0.3.5-py2.6.egg/EGG-INFO/PKG-INFO:        TempDir02:12
baclifeless: argh, bitten by emacs file completion...02:12
lifelessbac: I don't mind if you fix temp_dir, but deleting code seems worth a little extra time02:13
lifelessit does need spelling very slightly differnetly (see the pydoc for TempDir)02:13
StevenKwgrant: Should I disable the windmill job on Jenkins?03:45
wgrantStevenK: Probably. But don't delete it... I suspect we might need it back soon.03:45
StevenKwgrant: Oh, sure, I was just going to disable it.03:46
StevenKwgrant: Your hate of Windmill is showing. :-)03:46
wgrantI don't hate it.03:46
wgrantI just don't trust that it isn't go to break again.03:47
wgrantAnd breakage is really really bad.03:47
wgrantSo, the tests that we currently implement through Windmill are necessary.03:47
wgrantThey catch real breakage.03:47
wgrantBut they are slow and unreliable.03:47
StevenKRARGH, the package cloner is creating builds in the *parent*03:53
StevenKBad package cloner!03:53
lifelesswgrant: I'm really glad you hold that position now; its (I think) much more useful than the fire n brimstone one you had a few months back.04:01
wgrantlifeless: I have held this position for several months.04:02
StevenKOh, duh. The first createMissingBuilds call is *me*04:02
wgrantPerhaps the breakage had greater emphasis back then, but the breakage was also itself greater.04:02
lifelesswgrant: Well, 6 months back then :) - anyhow, I like the current attitude; I didn't mean to imply you had a particularly bad one in the past.04:04
jtvwgrant: how did publish-ftpmaster work out on dogfood yesterday?04:09
lifelesswgrant: sorry, bad news..04:16
lifelesswgrant: that bug still freaks out in prod04:16
thumperlifeless: is there a relatively simple way to see if a recent oops contains a particular string?04:18
lifelessyup, grep04:18
lifelessthey are all in the lpnet logs dir on asuksa04:18
lifelessa wildcard match will let you pass the directories you need to grep04:19
lifelessgrep -i string */2011-04-04 -r04:19
lifelessbbiab, shopping run for lynne04:19
thumperare they linked on devpad anywhere?04:20
lifelessI meant devpad04:26
lifelessasuka is staging04:26
lifeless<- 6am starts bad04:26
wgrantlifeless: Bah. Worked for me at least once :/04:27
wgrantjtv: I filed a few bugs.04:27
jtvwgrant: oh… anything serious?04:27
wgrantjtv: I enabled the run-parts stuff.04:27
wgrantjtv: Only one significant non-run-parts bug, IIRC.04:28
jtvwgrant: do you have a list somewhere?  I take it these are all things that need resolving before we can use the new script.04:28
wgrantI think #752279 is a somewhat bigger issue.04:30
_mup_Bug #752279: publish-distro.d scripts expect partner to have dists.new <derivation> <soyuz-publish> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/752279 >04:30
wgrantIt's not clear that the rsync is working.04:30
jtvwow that's taking long to load04:30
wgrantlifeless: :/ it just render in 8.1s for me on prod.04:30
wgrantWaiting for the OOPS to sync :(04:31
wgrantjtv: All of those bugs except 752279 have workarounds in the DF tree.04:32
wgrantFor 752279 there might be a debug print left in the script, since the logging doesn't seem to be working.04:33
wgrantI carefully published partner as well as lucid's non-release pockets yesterday, so we have an archive of reasonable size to work with.04:33
wgrantJust needs a bit of SQL to dirty them.04:33
jtvwgrant: partner is supposed to do the same dists.new dance as the primary archive.  If that's not working, I'd look for a path problem first.04:34
wgrantjtv: Yeah, I realised that after I filed the bug.04:34
wgrantjtv: The script currently crashes in a location that cannot be determined because the atexit crashes.04:35
jtvThere is no atexit.04:35
jtvUnless it's in the LaunchpadScript's lock-cleanup code or something, but that shouldn't matter.04:35
wgrantIf you give me a moment to retake my desktop from the dead grasp of Unity, I will get you the traceback.04:36
wgrantjtv: It's in the finally.04:37
wgrant13:35:47 < jtv> Unless it's in the LaunchpadScript's lock-cleanup code or something, but that shouldn't matter.04:38
wgrant13:36:09 < wgrant> If you give me a moment to retake my desktop from the dead grasp of Unity, I will get you the traceback.04:38
wgrant13:37:34 < wgrant> jtv: It's in the finally.04:38
wgrant13:37:37 < wgrant> http://librarian.dogfood.launchpad.net/57722542/7gpgHGXJT50D5VFRhqsoFWlJEla.txt04:38
jtvwgrant: thanks04:38
jtvwgrant: I was sort of expecting problems there.04:42
jtvThough I don't really see what "directory not empty" means in this case.04:42
wgrantjtv: I suspect it's renaming a directory on top of an existing one.04:42
wgrantmv works fine there; it just moves *into* it.04:43
wgrantrename won't do that.04:43
jtvThat's exactly the problem I was half-expecting.  :)04:43
jtvBasically, it uncovers a bug in the old script AFAICS04:43
wgrantIt won't fail.04:43
wgrantBut it will do something completely wrong.04:43
jtvQuestion is, is it okay to delete the directory that's in the way?04:44
wgrantPlease forgive me for pressing Ctrl+Alt, oh Unity.04:45
wgrantNo, it will have none of that.04:45
wgrantlifeless: Uhhh04:46
wgrantlifeless: Your OOPS.04:46
wgrantSQL time: 1381 ms04:46
wgrantNon-sql time: 11600 ms04:46
jtvwgrant: I'm on mumble but don't see you.04:47
wgrantjtv: Oh, that was me mumbling to indicate that I'm not sure.04:48
wgrantNot saying that we should talk about it... although maybe we should.04:48
wgrantlifeless: wampee, too. This looks fairly unideal.04:48
lifelesswgrant: you think contention ?04:49
thumperI wish we had the actual oops id in the filename instead of some other random shit04:49
lifelessthumper: next iteration will have a search engine04:49
thumperhaving to open the file to find the oops id is a PITA04:49
lifelessthumper: and no filenames04:49
wgrantlifeless: I don't know, but this is a pretty serious issue that warrants immediate investigation.04:50
wgrantI forget K's threading config, but it sounds big.04:50
lifelesswgrant: check lp-prod-configs04:50
wgrantI am.04:50
lifelesswgrant: 404:51
wgrantIs that 2 concurrent requests in hap?04:51
lifelessor perhaps 405:02
lifelesscheck the html dump mthaddon gave me earlier05:02
wgrantYes, but it had spaces in the name.05:02
wgrantAnd I can't be bothered typing all those backslashes.05:03
lifelesshave mine05:03
wallyworld_thumper: what app did you use to get your recent screen capture?05:09
thumperrecord my desktop05:10
thumperor something like that05:10
wgrantjtv: :(05:19
thumper\o/ another unicode bug bites the dust05:28
* StevenK wishes Storm supported INSERT INTO05:34
lifelessStevenK: add it05:36
lifelessI can give you some tips if you like05:36
lifelessok, trying for the shops again... bbiab05:37
StevenKWriting SQL via format string is beginning to wear thin05:37
StevenKAnd trying to add another column to copy sucks05:40
wgrantStevenK: How're you doing it?05:45
wgrantThe way I did it in PublishingSet.publishBinaries isn't *that* unmaintainable.05:45
wgrantBut it's certainly still not pretty.05:45
StevenKwgrant: I don't think I need it.05:45
StevenKThe test case is making my primary archives with requires_virtualized true05:46
StevenKWhich is probably wrong05:46
StevenKwgrant: Do you agree?05:47
wgrantStevenK: It's valid either way.05:48
wgrantI don't know what your problem is, though.05:48
wgrantVirt primary archives work fine most places I've tried, though.05:48
StevenKwgrant: This is for IDS, and IDS doesn't copy DAS.supports_virtualized05:49
wgrantStevenK: Ahh.05:50
wgrantThat's a bit awkward.05:50
StevenKSo if the archive is requires_virtualized, IDS can't create builds05:50
wgrantBut, er, why is IDS creating builds?05:50
wgrantI guess for failed ones from the previous series.05:50
wgrantIf IDS has a "rebuild copied sources" option, I will cry.05:50
StevenK... it does05:51
wgrantWhat the fuck?05:51
wgrantHow is that going to work?05:51
wgrantSomebody didn't think this through :P05:51
StevenKRead the code? It works05:51
wgrantI guess if you create the archive disabled and add external deps with a pre-bootstrapped archive you might get somewhere.05:52
wgrantBut, er, creating an empty archive with lots of builds isn't going to get you very far at all :)05:52
StevenKwgrant: I seem to recall Julian was against the idea of copying supports_virtualized, but I can't recall the reason05:53
wgrantStevenK: We don't normally want to support PPAs for a while after the series is initialised.05:54
StevenKwgrant: The idea is for "Scorched Earth rebuilds" with different compiler flags and such, but yes, it will need magic to happen05:54
StevenKSo I think I'll change the test harness to make sure Archive.requires_virtualized == False05:54
wgrantEvil magic with sources.list.d is lamont's plan, I believe.05:55
thumperfor those that love unicode06:16
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lifelessjtv: is today a loliday too ?06:24
jtvlifeless: not that I know, too06:24
jtvI mean, no06:25
lifelessI have a call scheduled with stub on thursdays06:25
lifelessif hes on leave I can naff off06:25
lifelessand you are lower latency than canonicaladmin06:25
jtvIt's always good for a human to hear that their unique usefulness lies in a slight latency advantage over computers for simple menial tasks.06:31
jtvKeeps us in our place.06:33
huwshimilifeless: There are some unofficial tags that need a cleanup/removal as well. For example 'post-3-ui-cleanup' should probably just be converted to UI now. Is there any reason I shouldn't just fix that one myself now?06:46
lifelessoh Facepalm: we have a cache of messages on bug, and we don't use it. --fail--06:46
lifelesshuwshimi: JFDI06:46
huwshimilifeless: Sure :)06:46
lifelessjtv: us humans are uppity creatures :)06:46
jtvyes… can't wait for skynet to take over06:47
jtvwgrant: I'm fixing the $ARCHIVEROOTS escaping problem.  I think the right way to do it would be a double-quoted, escaped string containing double-quoted, escaped strings: "\"directory1\" \"directory2-with-weird-\$\" \"directory\`3\`\""  It may affect quoting in the plugin scripts, though I think it'll be cleaner overall.06:51
huwshimilifeless: Is bug #438540 made invalid due to the substring search change made recently? Or was that relating to something else?06:52
_mup_Bug #438540: assigned to search doesn't do partial matches <lp-bugs> <post-3-ui-cleanup> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/438540 >06:52
wgrantjtv: Shell escaping makes me even more sad than JS escaping in classic HTML.06:53
jtvAnd that, I hope, is very sad indeed.06:53
jtvThe thing about JavaScript escaping is the false promise:06:53
lifelesshuwshimi: no, different search - thats the person picker06:54
jtvyou think you can escape JavaScript, but that's not what it means.06:54
lifelesshuwshimi: 'person *to assign to*06:54
lifelesshuwshimi: refresh the bug, I've clarified it06:54
huwshimilifeless: Ah right. Yeah I didn't read the description properly06:54
huwshimilifeless: Is our AJAX timeout set to 30 seconds?07:07
wgranthuwshimi: Server-side it's the same as everything else.07:08
lifelesshuwshimi: if you see a longer duration one of the following is true:07:09
lifeless - hit max concurrent http connections in your browser07:09
lifeless - poor network e.g. ssl reneg, lost packets, whatever07:10
lifeless - the request stopped doing all db activity before 11 seconds and just played with itself for the rest of the time07:10
lifelesshuwshimi: the first one is fairly common, I think.07:10
lifeless[not an exhaustive list, but roughly in terms of frequency/probability I think]07:10
huwshimiInteresting. Whenever I get an AJAX failure it always dies at 30 seconds. I wonder if that's being set by YUI? If so we should change that to match our 11 second timeout, right?07:11
lifelessnot unless we can guarantee:07:12
lifeless - never have more than N (unknown) concurrent ajax requests to the same host (even from other browser windows)07:12
lifeless - guarantee network conditions won't go quirky07:12
lifelesshuwshimi: 30 seconds is the default network SYN attempt timeout IIRC07:13
lifelesshuwshimi: so I think you have issues, perhaps the same as smpillaz, with your network path to LP07:13
lifelesshuwshimi: do you find bzr push very slow sometimes (> 15 seconds to get started)07:14
huwshimilifeless: I haven't noticed that07:14
lifelesswell, we need to find and fix this07:15
lifelessbut I don't think dropping an in browser timeout is sensible given the legitimate reasons it might queue in your browser.07:15
huwshimilifeless: If I have Launchpad open in a bunch of tabs is that where I might hit the max concurrent connections?07:15
lifelessor even on one tab07:16
lifelessbugtask:+index seems to do 8 separate ajax requests07:16
lifelesswhich will probably exceed your concurrency limit by some-N (I haven't checked chromium, but it could be as much as 6)07:16
=== lifeless changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: - | https://code.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+activereviews | qastaging down for a schema test, back soon
huwshimilifeless: So what I was doing was opening a bunch of bugs in separate tabs and then editing each one. I was timing about about 40% of the time (rough guess). What I just tried was opening one bug in a new tab and editing it, closing the tab and starting again. I had 3 tabs open max. The first two were fine, the third timed out.07:21
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jtvError: Couldn't find a distribution for 'zope.publisher==3.12.0'.07:24
jtvIs that caused by the aggressive cleanups people have been doing?  It's on a fresh db-devel branch, after rocketfuel-get/rocketfuel-setup/bzr pull/make clean07:25
huwshimiwgrant: Can you explain to me a bit more about bug #433342? I'm not sure where you're talking about.07:25
_mup_Bug #433342: 1em extra space on top of every page <lp-web> <post-3-ui-cleanup> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/433342 >07:26
wgrantjtv: I see a zope.publisher-3.12.0.zip in download-cache.07:26
jtvI don't.  Only zope.publisher-3.12.1.tar.gz.07:27
StevenKwgrant: Do you know anything about hello-partner in maverick's NEW queue on mawson?07:27
wgrantStevenK: No, I only published partner carefully, I didn't upload anything.07:27
wgrantI blame jtv and bigjools.07:27
StevenKwgrant: It's 16 weeks old!07:27
wgrantThat could be me, then.07:28
* jtv has an alibi07:28
wgrantI did do something around then.07:28
wgranthuwshimi: It seems to be fixed now.07:28
huwshimiwgrant: Sweet.07:28
StevenKChanged-By: William Grant <william.grant@canonical.com>07:29
* StevenK glares at wgrant 07:30
wgrantStevenK: Yeah, I didn't realise it was still there, so I thought it was more recent.07:30
StevenKDescription: hello-partner - The classic greeting -- proprietary edition07:30
wgrant16 weeks old... really?07:30
StevenKDoes it say "Hello, 640K is enough for anybody!" ?07:30
wgrantWhat's the date on it?07:30
StevenKDate: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 16:55:52 +110007:31
StevenKThat's from the .changes07:31
wgrantAh, so the week I started.07:31
* StevenK rejects it07:31
wgranthttps://code.launchpad.net/~lamont/launchpad/lp-buildd-78/+merge/56700 needs a review.07:43
wgrantAlready deployed on the machines that matter.07:43
wgrantIt redefines revolting, but it works!07:44
StevenKThat is *hideous*07:45
StevenKwgrant: DOne07:46
wgrantThankyou. I believe IS now owes us new eyes.07:47
spmIS or lamont personally?07:52
wgrantEither will do.07:52
spmand what's so bad about that? looks downright elegant to me. nicely formatted over a few lines and everything!07:53
spmdamn. my nose just grew about 5 inches07:53
jtvspm: I'm sure Little Red Riding Hood's "grandmother" had a good one to explain that away, but I forget what it was.07:54
StevenKwgrant: It just failed?08:01
* wgrant disabled that test.08:02
wgrantStevenK: lucid_db_lp08:02
* StevenK found a bug in +initseries08:02
StevenKIf you don't select any packagesets it feeds packagesets=[""] to DistributionJob08:03
wgrantBah, qas is down.08:04
wgrantBad lifeless.08:04
lifelesswgrant: bad schema 200408:06
wgrantI hope PQM will accept a devel testfix for a db-devel failure.08:13
lifelessstub: hi08:25
stublifeless: yo08:25
lifelesswe're slated for a call I think08:25
lifelessyou coffeed up etc etc?08:26
stubYup. Coffeed up. Hungry but breakfast can wait :)08:26
lifelessk, let me plug mic in08:26
adeuringgood morning09:05
jtvhi adeuring09:06
adeuringhi jtv!09:07
StevenKO hai09:08
jtvhi bigjools09:08
bigjoolsthe decision to wear shorts this morning feels like a bad one right now09:08
jtvI'm not going to ask.09:09
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henningeMorning all ;)09:20
henningedanilos: Hi!09:20
mrevellGood morning09:20
daniloshi Henning, how's it going?09:20
henningedanilos: great, thanks ;)09:21
henningedanilos: This one is especially for you: ;-)09:21
henningedanilos: but I can ask allenap if you don't want to ...09:21
daniloshenninge, heh, yaaay :)09:23
daniloshenninge, it's actually quite a simple branch, r=me :)09:25
daniloshenninge, do take care of the lint issues if they are real, though :)09:26
henningedanilos: they are not09:29
henningeor at least I know there is a but for them09:29
henningedanilos: thank you09:29
daniloshenninge, heh, then fix the linter, come on :)))09:30
jamlifeless: One page that I'm noticing the performance of: "https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel": "80 queries/external actions issued in 9.83 seconds"10:05
jamI'm noticing it because I'm deleting old junk branches, and they all redirect to the main page.10:05
lifelessjam: yup10:07
jamdo you know which api that is? (Just so I can keep tabs on it, probably can't do much myself just yet)10:08
jamjust hit 10s this time10:08
jamso I'm very close to hard-timeout on it.10:08
lifelessjam: bug 74686610:08
_mup_Bug #746866: Person:+branches timeout: sometimes-slow bug-branch link query <timeout> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/746866 >10:08
jamlifeless: so I should link fewer of my branches to bugs then ? :)10:08
lifelessits fixable10:09
lifelessmost of these are10:09
lifelessjust noting that the problem is known10:09
jamlifeless: hence the :). But yeah, I'll follow that bug.10:09
lifelessthere is a 10x improvement in that bug waiting for coding and execution10:09
jamlifeless: from your comments, that was just an SQL query change, not a new index, etc?10:10
lifeless(reading my own comments here ... could be wrong :)10:10
jamlifeless: it looks like the original query finds all the teams you are part of, and then all of the bugs linked to those teams, ouch!10:13
lifelessjam:  4 /    4  Person:+branches - so 4 hard and 4 soft timeouts yetserday10:13
jamlifeless: sounds pretty low on the stack. and only really affecting heavy users10:14
lifelessjam: not quite; it finds all the branches you have access to via private team subscriptions, but only the bugs linked to your branches10:14
jamlifeless: http://paste.ubuntu.com/590646/10:15
jamthat sure looks like give me all bugs connected to teams I'm in10:15
lifelessit is10:15
jamI realize the Bug.id can be optimized by postgres10:15
lifelessnote that its in And()10:16
jamand inject it10:16
lifelessAND (Bug.private = FALSE OR ...)10:16
lifelessjam: oh right, uhm so that bit isn't usually an issue10:16
jamlifeless: sure, but it means the planner has to be really smart, vs your rewrite10:16
lifelessjam: right10:17
* thumper closed three critical bugs today with no code \\o/10:17
thumperthey have all been fixed in the interim10:17
thumperjust some work investigating to make sure10:17
jamis there a clean way to delete a branch procedurally? I'm looking to do perf testing where I push a new branch many times, and I'd rather just delete all of these right after they are created.10:37
jamRight now, I just go via the web api, and URL hack +delete and submit a lot10:37
lifelessthere is a web api to delete branches10:40
lifelessspivs new stuff will be in the next downtime deploy10:40
jamlifeless: https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html#branch only shows me "canBeDeleted" I don't see an actual Delete call10:42
lifelessjam: lp_delete()10:43
lifelessjam: file a bug on the apidoc not mentioning that DELETE method is supported on objects10:43
jambug #75333410:45
_mup_Bug #753334: apidoc doesn't mention DELETE methods <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/753334 >10:45
jamlifeless: just got a hard OOPS for code.lp.net/~jameinel10:48
lifelessstub: whats the next db patch #?10:54
lifelesswe really should fold https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+patches into +activereviews10:55
wgrantLet's not open up that can of worms again.10:55
lifelesswgrant: when was it ever open ?10:56
wgrantThere have long been thoughts about merging them by turning patches into branches.10:56
lifelessdifferent discussion10:57
lifelessa small incremental step would be to merge the reports with patches being a separate section10:58
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wgrantlifeless: Still around?11:07
wgrantlifeless: Do you know how to tell lazr.restful to rename a field in just 1.0 and beta?11:10
lifelessI imagine export it twice11:11
wgrantYou can do something like this:11:11
wgrant        ("1.0", dict(exported_as="datebuilt")),11:11
wgrantBut that renames it in 1.0 and later, not 1.0 and earlier.11:12
jtvwgrant, care to look at the quoting fix?  It was a bitch to get it just a little right, so I didn't go for fool-proof.  https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/launchpad/db-bug-752178/+merge/5671911:13
wgrantjtv: This also fixes the 10-sign-releases quoting bug.11:14
wgrantYou should link that as well.11:14
stublifeless: 2208-60-011:15
lifelesswgrant: so, you export renamed in beta and then renamed in devel11:15
lifelessstub: thanks11:15
wgrantlifeless: Yeah, but I think that's a bit backwards.11:15
wgrantlifeless: The field is really called date_finished, but in beta and 1.0 it should be called datebuilt.11:15
jtvwgrant: that's the GNUPGHOME one?  Bug 752179?  Then I'm not sure it does.11:15
_mup_Bug #752179: PublishFTPMaster runs hooks with a bad GNUPGHOME <derivation> <soyuz-publish> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/752179 >11:15
wgrantI think that's the common case.11:15
wgrantjtv: Not that one.11:15
wgrantMaybe I didn't file a bug for that one.11:16
wgrantBut there was a mismatched quote in it, which you've deleted.11:16
jtvwgrant: ah that one—no, didn't see an explicit bug for that one.11:16
wgrantIt was all a bit of hackery to get it to run, so I probably forgot it.11:17
jtvWell no matter now!11:17
wgrantShould $PATH really be quoted?11:20
jtvIdeally, yes.  What if there's a space in there?11:20
jtvIt's bad form, but not impossible.11:20
jtvI might have "~/Ubuntu One/bin" in my path, for instance.11:21
jtvWhat derived series do we have set up on dogfood at the moment?11:22
wgrantBut I don't think quotes are necessary to preserve that...11:22
wgrantjtv: deribuntu should have one, and maverick is derived from sid.11:22
wgrantjtv: Indeed, testing locally shows those quotes are not required.11:22
wgrantUnless you can show otherwise.11:22
jtvHmm… not required when you do PATH=$PATH:/foo but required when you do env PATH=$PATH:/foo11:24
wgrantAh, of course.11:24
wgrantBut if you're executing in a shell, do you really need the env?11:24
wgrantAnd if you're using subprocess, you can modify the env in the subprocess call.11:24
jtvwgrant: not sure tbh… not using subprocess though.11:24
jtvwgrant: according to `man sh`, "it is only field splitting or pathname expansion that can create multiple fields from a single word."  Question now is, when exactly does field splitting happen?  It does say "If a parameter expansion occurs inside double-quotes: […" Field splitting is not performed on the results of the expansion, […]."11:34
jtvIt also says "Field Splitting is performed on fields generated by [parameter expansion etc.] unless the IFS variable is null.11:36
lifelessstub: 10x performance win from cloning owner into bugmessage11:43
jtvCodd, are you listening?11:44
lifelessstub: hot case, and cold is estimated at 50% shorter11:44
stubSounds like a win. I'm not sure if other comment logs would benefit like questions - do they have the same usecase?11:44
lifelessstub: https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/launchpad/bug-421901/+merge/5672511:47
lifelessstub: possibly, I'm sure oops reports will tell us ;)11:47
lifelessstub: but questions are so fundamentally broken right now, I am inclined to tackle them separately11:48
stublifeless: wrong target branch11:55
stublifeless: Do we want to keep the column name 'owner'? Its always been a rather bogus name.11:57
lifelessstub: I think it would be mega confusing to mirror it under a different name11:57
deryckMorning, folks.11:57
stublifeless: We can also ignore the triggers if we want - that column never gets modified.11:57
lifelessstub: https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/launchpad/bug-421901/+merge/5672911:57
lifelessstub: person delete/merge will update the column11:57
stubIt will? Oh yeah, it will.11:58
lifelessstub: plus I figure we'll have a few of these so having 'correct' triggers we can point at to copy will be usefl11:58
stubToo many and we need to work out how to best split trusted.sql :)11:59
lifelessstub: any reason those functions can't be in the db patches ?11:59
stubWe use DB patches because we can't back out schema modifications. I like to keep the stuff we can back out outside of the db patches so we can make use of revision control.12:01
stubNo need to worry about getting patch numbers if you just want to change stuff in security.cfg, trusted.sql or comments.sql12:02
lifelessstub: was just thinking about the consequence of that though12:03
lifelesswhich is that we have to run it all every time12:03
stubYes, but it is fast.12:03
stubThe weirdness is we can't remove things from there sometimes due to how we build development databases (any function mentioned in the baseline dump needs to exist in trusted.sql or things fall over)12:05
lifelessstub: https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/launchpad/bug-421901/+merge/56729 - against db-devel12:08
lifelessstub: I'll do a garbo migrator tomorrow in a separate patch12:08
stublifeless: r=stub12:09
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jtvwgrant: afaict the dash and bash manuals contradict each other on the $PATH issue we discussed earlier.  Both seem to behave like the bash manual says, but I'm reluctant to leave out the quotes based on that.12:38
wgrantjtv: ... yay :/12:39
=== almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan
sorenjtv: Sorry, what part of dash's docs suggest that you need additional quoting?12:44
sorenI don't see it.12:45
jtvsoren: they say that field splitting occurs after parameter substitution, except when it happens in double quotes.12:45
* jtv looks up chapter & verse12:45
sorenHow does that relate to this?12:45
jtvWell isn't field splitting what would break if there was a space in the substituted value?12:46
jtvFOO=bar splat ls12:46
jtvFrom FOO=$GARGL ls12:46
sorenNot exatly.12:47
* soren tries to whip up an example12:49
sorenOk, now I have no idea what's going on anymore.12:50
=== mrevell is now known as mrevell-lunch
jtvsoren: glad we're in full agreement then :)12:51
jtvMind you, `FOO=$GARGLE ls` behaves differently from `env FOO=$GARGLE ls`12:52
jtv(in this regard)12:52
sorenWhen GARGLE is what?12:52
sorenSomething with a space in it?12:52
jtvFor instance,12:53
jtvUU="~/Ubuntu One"12:53
jtvPATH=$PATH:$UU/bin which my_personal_script12:53
jtv→ finds ~/Ubuntu One/bin/my_personal_script12:53
jtvUU="~/Ubuntu One"12:54
jtvenv PATH=$PATH:$UU/bin which my_personal_script12:54
sorenYeah, that won't work.12:54
jtvAnd I'm trying to build some kind of systematic notion of why that is, based on the manual.12:55
jtvFailing horribly, so far.12:55
sorenSo, when you do this:12:55
sorenFOO=bar cmd12:55
sorenYou're using a functionality in the shell to extend the environment of the cmd process with FOO=bar.12:55
sorenWhen you're using env, the shell doesn't know that what you're doing is essentially the same.12:56
jtvBut where does it say that these two expansions are different?12:56
soren...so it happily ends up calling this argv: ['env', 'PATH=~/Ubuntu', 'One/:<the rest of your path>', 'cmd']12:57
jtvYes, that part we know.  But where in the dash manual can I find where that difference comes from?12:57
sorenenv doesn't recognise "One/blahblah" as more stuff it needs to feed into the environment, but thinks it's the command to be run.12:57
sorenI still don't really see how this is related, though.12:57
sorenPATH is separated by colons.12:58
jtvBut may contain spaces.12:58
sorenYes, that's fine.12:58
jtvSpaces that I don't want to get expanded.12:58
jtvI think I found something:12:59
jtvLeading VAR=val words are "stripped off and assigned to the environment," as opposed to "expanded as described in the section called Expansions" as the rest of the command is.13:00
sorenThat's it.13:00
sorenWhere do you see that?13:00
jtvBut then where does it say that parameters in those VAR=val words are expanded at all?13:00
jtvThat's in man dash (1), under Simple Commands.13:00
sorenYeah, just found it.13:01
jtvI guess the difference is that the expansion of those parameters happens one parameter at a time.13:01
jtvAnd so somewhere in there it must say that no field splitting is done for those values.13:03
sorenIt would appear so, yes. There's no harm done in doing something this, though: PATH="~/Ubuntu One/bin:$PATH" foo13:03
jtvUnless there's quotes in $PATH, perhaps.13:04
jtvThis is all so maddening.13:04
sorenQuotes in $PATH should survive that.13:04
sorenIs this pertaining to an existing patch or is it still work-in-progress?13:06
jtvIt's pending review.13:06
jtvOr not, if I messed it up horribly.  :)13:06
jtvI probably don't need the "env" invocations.13:08
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sorenjtv: I think what you're doing (in terms of escaping and protecting against escaping) is sound. That said, it looks like your executeShell helper might benefit from being able to take an env dict so that you avoid these issues altogether.13:14
jtvI considered that, but I'm not sure if that will have any unexpected effects on pipes and such.13:15
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=== henninge- is now known as henninge
sorenI think your current approach will hold more surprises in that regard.13:16
sorenFor instance, you're only extending the environment for the first command of your pipeline.13:17
soren(If you just naïvely prepend the "env FOO=bar" stuff that is)13:18
jtvThat's what I mean—I think my current approach exposes that more clearly.13:18
jtvNot too conveniently, mind you, but the interaction is visible where you create it.13:19
henningeHi deryck! ;)13:21
deryckHi henninge13:23
henningederyck: Do you have some time to chat about that javascript bug?13:24
deryckhenninge: sure.  give me 2 minutes to warm coffee and I'll meet you in mumble13:24
henningederyck: cool13:25
henningeI mean 'hot'13:25
henningebug 72472713:30
_mup_Bug #724727: Single-line inline editor causes page to shift when editing <easy> <javascript> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/724727 >13:30
henningederyck: ^13:30
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=== jcsackett changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: jcsackett | https://code.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+activereviews | qastaging down for a schema test, back soon
bigjoolsummm is ajax bug subscription broken?14:23
wgrantbigjools: I think it it may be for malone-alpha people.14:24
bigjoolswgrant: fyi https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-font-family/+bug/74481214:24
_mup_Bug #744812: FontConfig/Qt stack choke on Ubuntu Medium font meta-data (No medium in Inkscape and too bold in Qt apps) <kubuntu> <Ubuntu Font Family:Confirmed> <ubuntu-font-family-sources (Ubuntu):New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/744812 >14:24
wgrantThere's a bug for that.14:24
wgrantBug 75338714:25
_mup_Bug #753387: Can't subscribe to bug: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'get' of null <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/753387 >14:25
wgrantHave we really gained 10000 bugs in a week? :/14:26
wgrantWell, a bit over a week.14:26
bigjoolsrelease approacheth14:26
* bigjools apologises for blocking pqm with a config branch14:29
danilosjcsackett, hi, do you have time to review https://code.launchpad.net/~danilo/launchpad/add-subscription-link-tests/+merge/56765?14:29
jcsackettdanilos: sure.14:29
bigjoolsis anyone looking at the PQM db-devel conflict?14:29
bigjoolsrvba, did you look earlier?14:30
rvbabigjools: no14:30
danilosjcsackett, thanks14:30
jcsackettdanilos: i see conflicts.14:30
jcsackettis there a missing rev to be pushed up?14:30
danilosjcsackett, no, but they must be very recent since I merged a few hours ago, let me resolve them14:31
* bigjools fixes it14:31
jcsackettdanilos: dig.14:33
danilosjcsackett, resolved, now pushed as well, diff should be updated in a few minutes14:34
jcsackettdanilos: cool. i will reload and review in a few minutes then. :-)14:34
bigjoolsrvba: this was missed in your review I think, but don't forget to put classes in the __all__14:35
rvbabigjools: ok14:35
bigjoolsrvba: is the DistroSeriesMissingPackagesView in stable newer than the DistroSeriesMissingPackages in db-devel?14:36
rvbabigjools: DistroSeriesMissingPackages has been renamed  DistroSeriesMissingPackagesView14:36
bigjools(that's the one missing from __all__ BTW)14:36
bigjoolsok thanks14:36
danilosjcsackett, now should be fine :)14:38
jcsackettdanilos: yup, i'm reviewing now.14:39
jcsackettdanilos: do yui tests continue if they an assert fails, or does the test stop?14:54
danilosjcsackett, they stop, and I see your point :) I should make reverting stuff happen inside the tearDown or something of the like14:55
danilosjcsackett, (if that was the point you were getting to :)14:56
jcsackettdanilos: :-)14:56
jcsackettit was indeed.14:56
jcsackettdanilos: other than that, r=me.14:57
danilosjcsackett, thanks14:58
danilosjcsackett, fwiw, other test cases do not even bother restoring LP.* stuff, perhaps I shouldn't either14:59
jcsackettdanilos: yeah, i'm not sure it's a huge problem, actually. it's possible the monkey patching is only within test scope.14:59
* jcsackett does not know enough about javascript testing.15:00
danilosjcsackett, yeah, I am in the same boat, so I wanted to (well, provided all tests succeed :), be on the safe side15:00
jcsackettderyck: you around, oh javascript and YUI test guru?15:00
deryckjcsackett, doing a review.  Can I have 10 minutes and then chat?15:01
jcsackettderyck: sure, i can wait ten. just have a question when you're available about some testing stuff.15:03
jcsackettdanilos: i'm going to mark the reveiw as approved, and follow up with deryck for my own edification. i think you're probably fine. :-)15:03
deryckjcsackett, if chat, ask away here.  if voice, I'll ping when ready.15:03
danilosjcsackett, yeah, thanks15:04
* danilos is also reading up on http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/3/test/15:04
jcsackettderyck: chat. i was just wondering if when you patch a function for testing purposes (like replacing it with a function that just asserts it was called) is that only within test scope, or does it continue to be patched after the test suite finishes?15:04
jcsackettwe have many yui tests that do like namespace._some_function = somenewfunction and then don't revert it.15:04
jcsackett(well, maybe not many, but they exist. and it's pertinent to danilos branch that i'm looking at).15:05
deryckjcsackett, can you post review branch for me to see an example?15:05
jcsackettderyck ^15:06
jcsackettactaully, let me get you a smaller paste so you don't have to read through all of that.15:06
jcsackettderyck: http://paste.ubuntu.com/590785/15:07
jcsackettin that example, module._show_add_overlay gets altered to assert that it's called and gets the right data. there's code to revert it in this instance, but some tests don't do anything. i was wondering if the code to revert it was necessary.15:08
danilosjcsackett, oh, btw, that one is probably not the best example since I can just move the "reversion" to the top of the call so asserts won't stop it even15:09
danilos(though, that's a different topic)15:09
deryckjcsackett, yes, this is the right way to do it.  you can't be sure you have the right function later without doing this.15:10
jcsackettdanilos: fair. it was an example i had handy. :-)15:10
jcsackettderyck: dig. so instances where one doesn't see this is a bug.15:10
jcsackettthanks, deryck!15:10
jcsackettso, danilos, i would just move the revert back to the top, as you said, and then all is well. :-)15:10
jcsacketter, to the top, not back to the top.15:11
danilosjcsackett, heh, done15:12
danilosjcsackett, btw, thanks for the review! :)15:19
jcsackettdanilos: you're welcome. :-)15:20
rvbajcsackett: Hi! I'd appreciate a review of https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/launchpad/dds-missing-base-version-747202/+merge/5631115:31
jcsackettrvba: looking now.15:33
jcsackettrvba: i don't think you need "python: not(view.show_package_diffs_request_link) and context.base_version" in your template, because you updated "view.show_package_diffs_request_link" to include "context.base_version" as part of the check.15:47
jcsacketti think "not view/show_package_diffs_request_link" should be sufficient.15:48
rvbajcsackett: that's right15:48
jcsackettin fact, right now i don't think the current condition can ever be true.15:49
jcsackettbecause if context.base_version is true, "not(view.show...)" will be false.15:49
jcsackettprehaps i am misunderstanding somethign.15:50
rvbano, I think you're right ... I guess a test is missing then15:51
rvba(oups, sorry)15:51
jcsackettno worries. i do that all the time. :-P15:51
rvbajcsackett: I'll add another test for that15:52
jcsackettrvba: yeah, double check how that condition works, and put a test in place. i'm marking it as needs info for now, since the boolean logic there needs some investigation. ping me when the fix is up and i'll take another look. :-)15:53
rvbajcsackett: ok, thanks for the review15:53
jcsackettrvba: you're welcome. i look forwards to seeing the branch with those changes. :-)15:55
henningederyck: it's not a bug: http://paste.ubuntu.com/590807/16:03
deryckhenninge, ah, right, ok, then.  Thanks!16:05
rvbajcsackett: actually ... after checking it I think the test was right.16:11
rvbapython: not(view.show_package_diffs_request_link) and context.base_version => can be true16:11
deryckabentley, one down.  r=me with minor comment on style.16:11
rvbaformally because not(A and B)=Not A or not B16:11
rvbajcsackett: but I still have to add a test ;-)16:12
abentleyderyck: thanks.  I'll look into that.16:12
abentleyderyck: not surprising my brace style was inconsistent.  I've never used this style of braces 'till now.16:19
benjijcsackett: hi, I have a fresh MP for you: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~benji/launchpad/add-edit-tests/+merge/5678616:19
deryckabentley, no worries.16:19
jcsackettit keeps popping up.16:20
jcsackettbenji: i see many conflicts.16:20
benjijcsackett: darn, let me take a look16:20
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rvbajcsackett: just pushed my changes (added a test, moved up a small template fragment to be more consistent)16:27
jcsackettrvba: okay. i will take a look in a few moments. :-)16:28
rvbajcsackett: great.16:29
deryckabentley, second one is r=me.16:36
deryckabentley, we spent so much time on these in discussion earlier, the reviews are easy. :-)16:36
deryckI'm just taking my time to hopefully not miss anything.16:37
abentleyderyck: heh.16:37
abentleyderyck: Well, if you see better ways to do things, please let me know.16:37
deryckabentley, certainly, I will.16:38
abentleyderyck: I'll be interested to know if I got the inheritance right for FormErrorHandler.16:40
deryckabentley, in the final branch, right?16:41
abentleyderyck: right.16:41
deryckabentley, ok, I'll look closely at that16:41
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jcsackettrvba: r=me.16:59
rvbajcsackett: thanks a lot.17:00
jcsackettrvba: i did just see actually that there's a text conflict in the MP again. you'll need to fix that before landing, of course. :-)17:00
rvbajcsackett: sure. will do.17:00
bigjoolsummm I just somehow managed to make an input box in firefox when editing a wiki page think that the text is right-justified.  How would I fix that?17:08
maxbbigjools: Ctrl-Shift-X17:10
bigjoolsmaxb: how obvious...!  Thanks.17:10
=== choose is now known as leedsliam
deryckabentley, all done.  r=me.17:16
* deryck wipes brow from reviewing three js branches17:16
deryckabentley, the inheritance looks good for FormErrorHandler, too.17:16
abentleyderyck: cool.  Creating an instance of ErrorHandler in order to create a subclass of it just seems weird.17:18
deryckabentley, yeah, it is a bit weird actually.  but that's prototyped based objects for you. :-)17:18
deryckok, need a break now.  lunch!17:20
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
timrclifeless: sorry if my activity on the wiki the other day raised an eyebrow :) we're trying to clearly state our requirements moving forward w/ archive management in OEM and the Derivative Distributions work Launchpad is committed to do is something we're very interested in eventually using17:42
timrcwe don't have good documentation on what our requirements and use cases are, so that's what we're trying to codify (maybe the wrong word)17:43
=== matsubara-lunch is now known as matsubara
bigjoolstimrc: use cases would be awesome :)17:54
timrcbigjools: aye :)18:00
bigjoolsgood night all18:02
mrevellGood night all.18:03
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
lifelessgood morning20:14
lifelessis anyone on the db-devel conflict?20:15
lifelesstimrc: not at all, I thought it was great to see it captured20:15
lifelessanyone here witha windows machine ?20:43
abentleylifeless: sure.20:44
lifelessabentley: could you qa huw's patch to let IE make comments on bugs? Its on qastaging20:48
_mup_Bug #414747: No comment submit button on IE <bug-page> <ie> <javascript> <lp-bugs> <qa-needstesting> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by huwshimi> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/414747 >20:48
lifelessabentley: if you have ie 7 or 8, that is20:48
abentleylifeless: Okay, I'll see what I can do.20:50
lifelessabentley: thank you!20:50
abentleylifeless: I'm getting lots of timeout errors.20:57
jcsackettah, the joys of not realizing you're disconnected...21:00
abentleylifeless: qastaging is not usable due to timeouts.21:01
lifelessabentley: oh :( which bug ?21:04
abentleylifeless: bug 41474721:04
_mup_Bug #414747: No comment submit button on IE <bug-page> <ie> <javascript> <lp-bugs> <qa-needstesting> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by huwshimi> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/414747 >21:04
lifelessabentley: I meant which bug were you testing with on qastaging :)21:06
abentleylifeless: I don't understand.21:06
lifelessabentley: what url on qastaging timed out21:07
lifelessabentley: https://bugs.qastaging.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/414747 I just added a comment there successfully21:07
_mup_Bug #414747: No comment submit button on IE <bug-page> <ie> <javascript> <lp-bugs> <qa-needstesting> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by huwshimi> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/414747 >21:08
benjijcsackett: it took a while but I have a revamp of that ealier MP for you to look at if you have time: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~benji/launchpad/add-edit-tests-2/+merge/5683221:09
abentleylifeless: Oh, I thought it applied to code review comments, so I was testing with https://code.qastaging.launchpad.net/~james-w/launchpad/more-matchers/+merge/3205721:09
jcsackettbenji: happy to take a look at it now. :-)21:09
lifelessabentley: ah! it may, but it was filed against bug pages specifically21:09
lifelessjcsackett: hi21:10
abentleylifeless: worked.21:12
abentleylifeless: on bug 24006721:12
_mup_Bug #240067: Launchpad projects need wikis <feature> <lp-foundations> <ubuntu-platform> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/240067 >21:12
lifelessabentley: cool; what version of IE did you use? {so I can put it in the bug }21:13
abentleyIE 8.0.6001.1870221:13
lifelessthanks, appreciate this21:13
abentleylifeless: you're welcome.21:14
jcsackettlifeless: hello.21:16
lifelessjcsackett: hiya21:26
jcsacketthello again, lifeless. :-)21:26
lifelessjcsackett: wanted to reassure you I'm not going to mess with your spam stuff21:26
lifelessjcsackett: though we now have clear data that centralisation in the schema is a performance pessimisation21:26
jcsackettlifeless: which is a shame.21:26
lifelessjcsackett: well, schema != model21:26
jcsackettand i only really care about code fragmentation in the model.21:26
lifelessif we say, for instance 'a message belongs to one context only'21:26
lifelessthen we can serialise a few different ways with no /requirement/ for code duplication in python21:26
jcsacketti think that sounds just fine. :-)21:26
lifelesswe may need to hack on or around storm, but thats a one time code21:26
lifelessjcsackett: separately, I've commented on the end of Bug:4541921:27
jcsackettas i said, i think there's ways to keep what i've done and do what you're suggesting (and anything that helps the bug pages is a win). i just wanted to peep up and make sure that was a consideration.21:27
lifelessjcsackett: you need to unlink that bug, so future landings won't trigger qa-needs for it21:27
jcsacketti saw your comment.21:27
lifelessjcsackett: cool21:27
lifelessjcsackett: related to that the db-stable qa report also had qa needed by you for your landing on db-stable21:27
lifelessjcsackett: I presume its the same patch?21:28
jcsackettlifeless: yeah, just retargeted to devel.21:30
lifelessjcsackett: (its now showing qa-untestable because I marked up the bug [which is shared] as untestable per your comment)21:30
flacostelifeless: i'm getting 503 trying access launchpad.net21:30
lifelessjcsackett: something you might like to do [I do this] is to just look at the two reports daily and search for jcs on the page.21:30
lifelessflacoste: the home page?21:30
flacostegot disconnect with the mumble server also21:30
flacostemight me connectivity to the data centre from here21:30
jcsackettthe part that was landed is actually qa-able, i just wasn't able to qa it because of machine problems until about 15 min ago. everything worked nicely.21:30
jcsackettwhich wasn't really a surprise, since it worked on the first non-deployed landing as well.21:30
lifelessblog.launchpad.net works (matters for the front page only of lp.net)21:30
lifelessflacoste: reprorudced21:30
lifelessits just the home page21:30
jcsackettbenji: r=me.21:32
benjijcsackett: thanks21:32
lifelessgary_poster: I have an unreasonable hunch that https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/754058 is due to subscription js changes22:04
_mup_Bug #754058: post bug filing notification is cleared by an ajax request a few seconds after page load <regression> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/754058 >22:04
gary_posterlifeless well :-P then :-)22:04
lifelessgary_poster: or due to the notification-via-ajax stuff wallyworld_ did22:04
gary_posterI don't have enough context yet22:04
gary_posterlemme read22:05
lifelessgary_poster: but I don't know which is more likely; I mention to you now so you know22:05
lifelessgary_poster: I'm also going to mention to wallyworld_.22:05
lifelessgary_poster: thanks!22:05
thumperneither bigjools nor deryck are around22:05
lifelessthumper: you need them ?22:06
thumperlifeless: I was wanting to talk to them, yes22:06
gary_posterlifeless: "post-filing note" means you file something and then you add a comment immediately after?22:06
lifelessgary_poster: no, the blue notification22:07
lifelessgary_poster: we have this thing where a project can set 'instructions to show people after they file a bug'22:07
lifelessit gets shown as a page notification22:07
lifelessactually the more I think about this22:08
lifelessthe more I think its wallyworld_'s thing having an unexpected interaction22:08
lifelessI think his code wipes the notification area rather than combining things, or something like that22:08
gary_posterlifeless, yeah, I duped and see what you mean now, and lots of interactiony things are possible, but we haven't touched that code AFAIK, or things near it22:09
gary_posterso, IOW, I'll leave it be unless directed otherwise, if that's alright22:10
lifelessgary_poster: totally fine22:10
gary_postercool.  thanks for heads up22:10
mwhudsonargh, why isn't lib/lp/services/command_spawner.py written using twisted?22:11
lifelessI'll talk to wallyworld_ today; if its not his stuff, will let you know monday22:11
mwhudsontwisted is good at this sort of thing :)22:11
lifelessgary_poster: is there anything I can do for you at the moment?22:12
gary_posterlifeless, thinking...your help on the bug 1 timeout was much appreciated btw22:13
_mup_Bug #1: Microsoft has a majority market share <iso-testing> <ubuntu> <Clubdistro:Confirmed> <Computer Science Ubuntu:Invalid by compscibuntu-bugs> <EasyPeasy Overview:Invalid by ramvi> <GNOME Screensaver:Won't Fix> <Ichthux:Invalid by raphink> <JAK LINUX:Invalid> <The Linux OS Project:In Progress> <metacity:In Progress> <OpenOffice:In Progress by lh-maviya> <Tabuntu:Invalid by tinarussell> <Tivion:Invalid by shakaran> <Tv-Player:New> <Ubuntu:I22:13
lifelessgary_poster: was happy to help22:13
gary_posterlifeless, I think we are OK in terms of high-level things.  Once I dig into #753000 more and determine if we need a new DB constraint I may look your or stub's way.  I can't think of any larger-size mysteries to point you at though.  Thank you for asking.22:15
_mup_Bug #753000: NotOneError caused by duplicate stuctural subscriptions <merge-deactivate> <oops> <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/753000 >22:15
lifelessgary_poster: kk22:15
thumperabentley: ping22:16
abentleythumper: pong22:16
thumperabentley: I was wanting to talk to you about some bzrlib stuff, but bigjools just got back to me, so I'll follow up in email, it is nothing urgent, just wikkid22:17
abentleythumper: cool.22:17
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=== jcsackett changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: - | https://code.launchpad.net/launchpad-projet/+activereviews | qastaging down for a schema test, back soon
lifelessflacoste: we should start reporting on regressions now22:35
lifelesswe've been tagging them for a month now, I think22:36
flacostelifeless: what do you have in mind?22:36
lifelessflacoste: a stat in the TL call, and a graph22:36
flacostelifeless: we already have a graph22:36
lifelessflacoste: then I'm interested in a little regular discussion about it22:36
flacostelifeless: as part of the critical bugs burndown, regressions have their own category22:37
flacostesame thing in the critical bugs fixed chart22:37
lifelessdo we have the ration (regression count in period / bugs filed in period)22:37
flacostelifeless: you mean, new regression filed / new bugs filed, no we don't have that22:38
flacostelifeless: i can work on that next week22:38
lifelessif you think its useful22:38
flacostei do22:39
lifelessI wonder22:39
lifelessregressions per landing would be interesting too22:39
flacostei actually think that a new bugs filed in last 24h with some details on categories would be helpful22:39
lifelessor landings per regression22:39
lifelessflacoste: a portlet like that rock22:39
wallyworld_lifeless: yes, that's my issue. i'll fix it22:39
lifelesswallyworld_: if you want to talk around the interactions, I'm available anytime22:40
wallyworld_lifeless: np. i know what's causing it.22:40
lifeless[whats causing it?]22:41
LPCIBotProject devel build #618: FAILURE in 5 hr 55 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/618/23:13
wallyworld_lifeless: https://code.launchpad.net/~wallyworld/launchpad/improper-notification-removal/+merge/5685523:36
wallyworld_lifeless: the cause was that it was expected that each new patch request would need to clear existing notifications23:36
wallyworld_so that old ones would not be left hanging around23:37
wallyworld_soory, i didn;t see your earlier question - was working on the fix23:37
lifelesswallyworld_: no worries23:41
wgrantAnybody looking at the conflict from 6 hours ago?23:58
thumperwgrant: I was just about to start23:59
thumperbut if you want to , it's all yours :)23:59

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