gmbDear gods, our mail notification system is utterly arcane.11:26
gmbI feel like reimplementing it in Haskell just to make it make sense.11:27
danilosheh, surprise-surprise11:32
danilosif you said something like "reimplementing it in brainfuck to make it make sense", *then* I'd be worried :)11:33
gary_posterbenji, hi.  I was just thinking about your proposed wording.  I don't feel fantastic, but better than I did yesterday afternoon anyway, so maybe my head is a bit clearer.  My concern is that we need to convey that we are not stopping *all* emails from the team subscription, but *your* emails from the team subscriptions.12:53
gary_poster"Stop emails from this subscription" does not convey this to me--it is ambiguous/confusing.  "Do not receive emails from this subscription" conveys the right message to me.12:53
gary_posterPerhaps your version could be adjusted to accommodate this concern.  "Stop your emails from this subscription" might be OK.12:53
benjiyeah, I had the same thought but figured context was enough to clarify; I'll add the "your" in there.12:55
gmbbenji, gary_poster: If we're at all unclear about fuzzy wording I usually find mrevell to be good sounding board.13:10
gary_postergmb, agreed.13:11
gary_posterbac, benji, danilos, gmb: please check over your kanban.  call soon.13:25
benjigary_poster: are comments on cards readily visible to you?13:27
gary_posterbenji, no.  if comments are important, maybe mention it in title ("see comments")13:28
benjithey're not at the moment, but it seemed like a good place to put micro status updates13:28
benjiit would be nice if there were a chronological log of board activity that one could read to see what's happened lately13:30
danilosgary_poster, my mic has stopped working as well (I did play with settings this morning, loaded/unloaded kernel modules, so this time, a reboot *should* help)13:30
* danilos goes for a reboot13:30
* gary_poster waiting for danilos, in case anyone is wondering13:32
gary_posterbenji, there's an email interface...there's also supposed to be an RSS interface but I can't get it working yet, after seconds of trying.  See the Options tab.13:32
benjigary_poster: oh, there is a log: http://launchpad.leankitkanban.com/Boards/History/1402861013:32
benjibut it doesn't seem to inlcude comments13:33
danilosgary_poster, ready13:35
bacsorry i'm muted and can't get it back13:37
bacgary_poster: ^^13:37
danilosI can hear you guys13:40
danilosgary_poster, ^13:40
danilosgary_poster, tests branch is getting up for review RSN, I'll be going on to descriptions stuff13:41
danilosgary_poster, it seems to be only volume related now :)13:41
danilosgary_poster, also, QA for "Add a subscriber" link is done, but that's obvious on the board I suppose, it also landed on both devel/db-devel which I assume you've seen as well :)13:42
danilosbyeeeee :)13:43
gary_posterdanilos, we never actually heard your voice13:45
gary_posteris that because when you turned your mic on and all our ears turned to jelly from the sound of the ocean you decided not to talk?13:45
gary_posteror because the mic is broken?13:46
danilosgary_poster, the "vumeter" in sound preferences seemed to pick it up correctly, but just the ocean was going the other way through skype I suppose :)13:46
gary_posteryeah, as far as we could tell :-)13:46
danilosgary_poster, ok, figured out the problem, the new headset mic has an on-off button that I left at off, skype test call sounds pretty good now13:55
gary_posterawesome danilos.  Is this the new-new more expensive headset, or the merely-new cheaper headset?13:56
danilosgary_poster, the cheaper one, I never heard back from the guys where I ordered the more expensive one (it's probably the usual Serbian thing: they list it on the web site, but never actually stock it)13:57
gary_posterbut good news that the cheaper one is working :-)13:57
danilosso, I'll probably have to drop by a few stores to pick one up13:57
danilosgary_poster, heh, well, it's still a combination, headphone out is not working yet (apparently, one has to set a custom option for snd-hda-intel module, but the first attempt didn't work so I gave up on that :)13:58
gary_poster...so you are still motivated to get a replacement.  gotcha. :-)13:59
gmbWow: OSError: Could not allocate memory14:27
gmbCould be something to do with the 22 librarian instances hanging around for no good reason.14:27
gary_postergmb, Skype whenever you are ready.14:31
gmbgary_poster: Sure. Just give me a sec...14:32
_mup_Bug #569369: package haveged 0.9-1 failed to install/upgrade: podproces instalovaný post-installation skript vrátil chybový status 1 <apport-package> <i386> <lucid> <pkg-auto-install-tester> <haveged (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <haveged (Debian):Unknown> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/569369 >15:10
bacbenji: didn't you do the work for bug 742490 already?15:11
_mup_Bug #742490: HTML is constructed using string concatenation in the structural subscription JS. <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by yellow> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/742490 >15:11
benjibac: yep, it had an ec2 land failure that I'm investigating today15:12
bacbenji: ok, i was just wondering as there is a card in the backlog15:14
benjibac: I wasn't aware of that one; I'll move it to the right place.15:15
danilosgary_poster, in our call, we can discuss next steps for the descriptions stuff15:22
gary_posteryay! :-)15:22
danilosgary_poster, ready when you are (if it's the call time)15:32
gary_posterit is, was finishing email 1 sec15:32
gary_posterbenji, you won't be able to land your branch as you list it16:29
gary_posterlp:~gary/launchpad/muteteamsub-ui is on db-devel16:29
gary_posterand you want to land on devel16:29
gary_postermaybe you already handled that16:29
gary_posterI didn't read the cover letter, sorry16:29
benjiyeah, I figured that out; I think I can retarget to devel relatively easily16:29
gary_posterI'm not sure what your plan is, but plans that I would come up with would probably require me to merge with db-devel to resolve conflicts16:30
gary_posterI won't worry about it now, though, since you are aware of it :-)16:31
benjigary_poster: ok, my idea didn't work; it's a trainwreck; taking lunch now and I'll ask about other options afterward16:43
gary_posterbenji, ok :-)16:44
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
* gmb -> nipping to the post office. back shortly16:55
bachi benji, i was looking at bug 750568 you reported about the tags entry being to big.17:03
_mup_Bug #750568: Tags text box is very wide on the subscription add/edit overlay/ <story-better-bug-notification> <Bugzilla Launchpad Plugin:Invalid> <Launchpad itself:Confirmed for bac> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/750568 >17:03
bacbenji: i've looked at safari, ff on os x, and ff on ubuntu and i don't see anything obviously wrong17:03
bacdo you still see the problem or am i on the wrong track?17:04
benjibac: Firefox 4: http://i.imgur.com/1MBpV.png17:44
benjithat's on prod17:44
bacbenji, it must be FF4 on ubuntu -- a combination i haven't tried17:46
bacff4 on os x doesn't show the problem17:46
bacbut, heck17:46
baci'll bring in the size of the text box a bit17:46
benjibrowsers hate us17:47
baci've been reluctant to upgrade to ff4 since deryck said windmill has problems with it17:47
baci'll try on another machine17:47
benjigary_poster: if I elect to merge into lp:launchpad/db-devel I don't get any conflicts; is that an OK thing to do?18:11
gary_posterbenji, no18:11
gary_posterwell, I need to load context again, but I don't think so18:12
benjigary_poster: MP in question: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~benji/launchpad/add-edit-tests/+merge/5680618:12
gary_posterbenji, let's say "very much not ideal but acceptable in dire straits"18:12
gary_posterbut I don't think these are dire straits18:12
gary_posterhere's what I suggest18:13
gary_postermake a branch of just the parts of what I did that really should have landed on devel18:13
gary_postermerge that into devel.  Out of paranoia, I would suggest that you also merge into db-devel and land, because otherwise bzr might get confused.18:14
gary_postermake your branch dependeny on that other branch18:14
gary_posterland it18:14
gary_posteryou may need to get a patch of your branch and land it18:15
gary_posterignoring your current branch18:15
gary_posterI understand that's annoying but that's probably what I would do18:15
benjithat (the patch bit)  wouldn't be hard18:15
gary_posterIf I were to think that it was super annoying, what would I do...18:16
benjican you elaborate on what "merge that into devel" means?  Is that outside of the normal landing mechanism?18:16
gary_posterno, normal18:16
gary_postermy UI branch includes db patches18:16
gary_posterfrom a dependency18:17
benjioh; and since the same changes have been made to devel and db-devel when they're merged they'll combine happily (i.e., they won't conflict)18:17
gary_posterso you really can't land a branch that directly bases itself18:17
gmbgary_poster: Do you have time for a quick call about bug 424849?18:17
_mup_Bug #424849: Launchpad should batch attachment notification emails <lp-bugs> <story-better-bug-notification> <story-better-notification-sending> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by gmb> <apport (Ubuntu):Invalid> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/424849 >18:17
gary_postersure gmb.  1 sec18:17
benjiok; I'll start on generating a non-DB parts branch of lp:~gary/launchpad/muteteamsub-ui18:17
gary_posterbenji, not just non-DB but non-mute18:18
gary_posteryou only want the test refactoring bits18:18
benjiah, ok18:18
benjithat should make it easier18:18
gary_posterotherwise things would be nasty, I suspect18:18
benjithe test refactorings were quite good, by the way18:18
gary_postercool, thanks benji18:19
gary_postergmb, here18:19
gmbgary_poster: Cool. Skype?18:19
gary_posterSkype version of here18:19
gary_posteryeah :-)18:19
gmbgary_poster: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/3158618:33
_mup_Bug #31586: Malone comments are sent in email and forge the address of the person who filed them <email> <lp-bugs> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/31586 >18:33
gary_posterbac, ready on Skype whenever you are. no rush.19:31
bacgary_poster: dial at will19:31
benjigary_poster: do you want to review the "copy db-devel refactorings to devel" branch?  The code itself has been reviewed already of course, but I just want a double-check that it makes sense19:58
gary_postersure, benji.19:59
gary_posterwhere do I sign up? :-)19:59
benjiI've already verified that the patch that contains my new tests applies cleanly to the branch and they all pass.19:59
gary_posterbenji, line 96 does not look familiar (doesn't mean I think it's bad, just don't know what it does)...(still looking)20:01
* benji looks20:01
benjihmm, not there but in another place that line got duplicated somehow20:02
gary_posterline 154 seems to dupe the line before it20:03
gary_poster(154 of diff)20:03
gary_poster179 also20:04
gary_posterbenji ^^^ those three things.  other than that, looks good to me20:04
benjigary_poster: fixed and pushed20:04
gary_posterbenji, I approved in anticipation of the diff, which has not yet showed up :-)20:06
benjiso trusting20:06
bacgary_poster: the fix i landed for bug 751397 is an improvement but is not sufficient.20:21
_mup_Bug #751397: Structural subscription overlay sometimes rendering incorrectly on the page not as an overlay <qa-needstesting> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by bac> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/751397 >20:21
gary_posterbac, ...for another problem?20:22
bacgary_poster: it does no harm but isn't a complete solution.  i'd like to make it as qa-ok so that it does not have to be reverted and then fix it completely in a follow-up20:22
gary_posterbac, +120:22
gary_postermake a new bug, and make this bug address what you fixed, maybe?20:22
gary_posterbenji, finishing an email, with you in a sec21:02
bacgary_poster: i'm going to be offline for a while but will continue working the bug i just filed21:09
gary_postercool bac21:09
gary_posternight all22:37

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