UBuxuBUhas anyone seen jackyalcine00:53
davidplease i need help05:30
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ooHey. Is there anyway to unlock the desktop? When moving a file to a specific area on the desktop it always moves back..08:48
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ooHey what's the easiest way to set up screen locking on lubuntu?22:11
szczuroo, open the ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml and add this lines in keybinds section.22:22
szczurfor example put these before <keybind key="A-Tab"> line22:22
szczurthis will make Ctrl+Alt+L work as screenlocker22:24
bioterrori would use super-l ;)22:24
szczurthen change C-A-l to W-l22:26
oothanks szczur, works a charm :D22:49
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ooI'm trying to mount a cd but i'm just getting location is unmountable, any suggestions?23:21
semitonesoo, why are you doing it manually?23:27
ooI insert the cd, it tries to load up and comes up with Location is unmountable23:28
semitonesweird -- take a look here, this guy seems to have the same problem23:30
ooYeah i cam accross that, no help really as no-one answered23:31
ooI can give you the output of mount if you like23:32
ooAlso, my home folder is encrypted with ecryptfs23:32
semitonesalright -- i think you could probaby ask in #ubuntu too -- more people will have a chance to see it there too.23:36
semitonesNothing is really coming to mind for me, unfortunately23:36
ooOk cheers, i'll ask :)23:39

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