delachmm, changing compiz plugins seems to still crash it.00:02
ninjaiit does for me too00:03
ninjaithen it relaunches :P00:03
ninjaiwith the compiz plugin enabled00:03
ninjaiso weir00:03
jiohdiiceWM theme changes crash it too... but it lets docky work... so its some new fangled compositor00:03
delacyes, there's some kind of fallback mechanism there too00:03
h00kSo, pardon if this discussion has already happened  -are there sudden known issues with the nvidia driver?00:04
h00ksuddenly, it won't detect anything with HDMI out00:05
jiohdicould be, I am using nvidia00:05
h00kalso, when I switch wallpapers, my screen rapidly flickers00:05
h00kI dualscreen with another monitor attached to my  HDMI port, suddenly HDMI isn't working :(00:05
ninjaih00k, none experienced here00:06
ninjaih00k, i'm dual screen too, but using vga/dvi00:06
h00kI just removed the proprietary drivers, I'm goig to reboot and see what happens.00:06
ninjaih00k, I had to go into nvidia-settings and enable my second monitor00:06
GatunoRoxis somebody free enough to give me support without bothering you people?00:11
ninjaiyou are bothering me00:12
ninjaijust kidding00:12
ninjaiwhat do you need00:12
ninjaiig2g in like 10 mins00:12
GatunoRoxhere's the thing00:12
GatunoRoxI installed 11.04 on a 640GB USB HDD, withouth no internal drive to be sure grub wouldn't sneak into them00:13
magevideocan anyone help me get my sound detected as surround sound instead of stereo?  sound card alc660, motherboard m2v00:13
GatunoRoxyet when I try to boot on others computers I get black screen with type cursor flashing forever or Grub rescue00:14
h00kninjai: Yeah, that's where it *was* working, and I checked there, but when I go to 'detect,' it doesn't pick it up.00:14
=== chris_ is now known as Guest16268
h00kninjai: I've verified the monitor works00:14
h00kIn addition, I removed the nvidia driver, and now I can't get back to GDM ;)00:15
h00kIn addition, I removed the nvidia driver, and now I can't get back to GDM ;)00:15
ninjaih00k, reinstall the nvidia driver, drag around the monitor in nvidia-settings, sometimes they overlap :S00:15
ninjaii would suggest (if you didn't download the propreitary driver) you download the nvidia drive from their website using links00:16
ninjaiat the cli00:16
=== Guest16268 is now known as Chr|s
GatunoRoxninja1: any suggestion?00:17
ninjaiGatunoRox, I've never personally done a setup liek that, but I would suggest that (if the cmoputer supports it) you change the boot device using quickboot (usually an F key at boot)/bios to select booting from USB device.00:18
ninjaithat should od it00:18
ninjai*do it00:18
GatunoRoxI did00:18
GatunoRoxit gave the boot recovery, blanck screen00:19
GatunoRoxon the pc i used to install it boots fine00:19
roothorickapparently the Core 1 series wasn't 64bit. Gah! Now I have to download a different ISO.00:20
h00kninjai: for...testing purposes? (to grab it straight from nvidia and not the repos)00:20
delacoh, it seems gnome3 is officially released. I thought they would release nearer end of the month.00:22
jiohdianything special about gnome3?00:23
jiohdilighter or heavier?00:23
delacI heard it would be heavier. At least according to one review...00:24
h00kjiohdi: check it: http://www.gnome3.org/00:24
delacany good tutorials for installing?00:24
h00kSo, now that I've reinstalled nvidia-current, GDM doesn't come up yet.00:28
h00kI still am left with a flashing cursor. Do I need to dpkg-reconfigure anything other than xorg, gdm?00:29
yofeldid jockey create the xorg.conf properly?00:29
h00kI didn't use jockey, I had to do it from a netroot session00:30
yofelk, did you run nvidia-xconfig then?00:30
yofelor manually create xorg.conf? (those are pretty much the choices you have)00:31
h00kyofel: what package is nvidia-xconfig in, do you know?00:31
yofelthe driver package, so if you have nvidia-current installed nvidia-xconfig should be there00:32
h00knegative, ghostrider. trying something, standby.00:33
h00kI used low-graphics mode, created a new config based on my hardware automagically.00:33
h00kI don't remember offhand how to configure my own xorg anymore, I haven't had to for a few releases ;)00:33
yofelah, then you still need to set Driver "nvidia" though there00:34
h00kfailsafe, then jockey? Yeah...let me try.00:34
yofelwell, you can run jockey-text from cli too00:34
h00koh, i forget about that, too. Yeah00:35
h00kI forget my fu when stuff 'just works' ;)00:35
h00kyofel: jockey-text just said "Additional drivers" | newline | "Searching for available drivers..." and dropped me back to a prompt00:36
h00kas if there aren't any00:37
coz_ good day all00:39
h00kyofel: oho! removed existing xorg.confs, which apparently I had one.00:40
bjsnideryofel, he can do jockey-text -e xorg:nvidia_current00:42
h00kbjsnider: thanks, I managed to get it set through failsafeX, and jockey-gtk00:44
h00kexcept it still isn't detecting anything on my HDMI port00:45
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
bjsniderh00k, tell nvidia about that. remember, all of the shared libs and the kernel module come _pre-built_, we merely put them where they belong. if the code isn't working nvidia has to fix it00:46
h00kbjsnider: yeah, and this is something that just happend (yesterday)00:46
yofelhm, didn't know about -e yet00:46
h00kI didn't either, I didn't see a man page about jockey or jockey-text00:47
yofeldon't seem to have one, jockey-text --help tells you about it though00:48
h00kah, I guess I should have tried --help.00:48
h00koh well. I'll check out experimental support, not nvidia.00:48
bjsniderh00k, this is likely a xorg.conf option that you need to enable. check out the nvforums linux site00:50
h00kbjsnider: Probably, just interesting that I didn't have to futz with xorg to do this before.00:50
bjsniderbefore what?00:50
bjsniderbefore you upgraded to natty?00:51
h00kbjsnider: before...yesterday.00:51
h00kbjsnider: I've been on Natty since toolkit dropped.00:51
h00kbjsnider: I haven't had to futs with xorg manually in like...2 or 3 releases.00:51
h00kthat too ;)00:51
h00kfutz, mess, screw around, etc.00:51
h00kFresh install -> install nvidia driver -> open nvidia-settings, detect displays, set up dualscreen, quit00:52
bjsniderh00k, you should post a bug on launchpad against nvidia-current, and also on nvforums00:53
h00kbjsnider: yeah, I will.00:53
mns`will btrfs be the default fs in natty?00:58
digitalfizi hope not01:01
digitalfizit doesnt even have a fsck tool yet01:01
mns`hum, thanks01:02
psusiso umm... why are the non ppc daily-live images missing?01:05
yofelfailed to build maybe?01:05
yofelpsusi: here's the log if you want to look http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntu/natty/daily-live-20110406.1.log01:07
yofelhm, yeah, failed to build:01:10
yofelmv: cannot stat `/srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/scratch/ubuntu/daily-live/tmp/natty-amd64/CD1/casper/filesystem.kernel-generic': No such file or directory01:10
yofelmake: *** [/srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/scratch/ubuntu/daily-live/tmp/natty-amd64/bootable-stamp] Error 101:10
h00kbjsnider, yofel: nvidia driver success. Fix: Unplug HDMI cable. Plug in HDMI cable.01:16
h00k...which I had done.01:17
h00kAnyway, it's working.01:17
heslamhey guys. i think i've found a unity bug, and i was hoping to see if any of you guys could duplicate it before i file a bug report? just so i know i'm not going insane01:18
heslamokay, so the sidebar is set to dodge active window which works absolutely fine UNTIL you do something like this01:19
heslambring up firefox, maximised so the sidebar dodges firefox out of the way01:20
heslamthen start up nautilus, again, maximised01:20
heslamthen move your mouse to the top left of the screen so the unity bar appears, and quickly close nautilus BEFORE the unity bar can hide01:21
heslamyou should be left with firefox, maximised, with the unity side bar still in place - not dodging away, not seemingly recognising that firefox is now the "active" windnow01:21
heslameven clicking firefox doesn't cause the unity sidebar to get its act together01:22
digitalfizit still dodges for me01:22
bjsniderh00k, that's a highly technical process01:22
digitalfizi cant repo heslam :/01:23
blockyafter upgrading from 10.10, I login and get the wallpaper and the panel along the top, and a notification bubble that I have connected to wifi, but then everything freezes and all I can do is move the mouse01:24
heslamdigitalfiz: really? i'll take your word for it that you're getting it exactly right (closing nautilus before the bar can hide)... the other variable is that it has to be firefox that is "next in line" to appear, not say, your irc client (if i have irssi in the terminal as the next thing to show up, it works perfectly)01:24
blockyusing geforce 7300 mobile01:24
heslamdigitalfiz: i'll keep experimenting. the other possible problems is that i'm using a high DPI (150) as i'm running unity on my lowish res HD TV.01:25
heslamdigitalfiz: it causes some other problems with unity that i should probably bug report (the dash icons are lopsided and uncentred), so who knows what other problems it might be causing01:26
blockylogging in with ubuntu classic gives me top and bottom panels but same non-reponsive desktop, and ubuntu classic (no effects) loads up just fine01:27
blockyso I'm pretty sure compiz is involved with the issue01:27
digitalfizheslam, maybe01:27
blockyany suggestions?01:27
heslamhttp://img34.imageshack.us/f/lopsideddash.png/ <=== that's what happens with a large DPI01:29
heslamdigitalfiz: thanks for trying to reproduce my bug, though :)01:30
roothorickis it just me.... or did the install just poke the CD drive to spin it up because the download was almost finished?01:30
giant420anyone else having problems with update manager offering a partial upgrade for natty?01:33
heslamgiant420: it's told me that a few times01:33
giant420synaptic wants to remove ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-manager, and ubuntu-notifier.01:33
macoits generally a bad idea to accept a partial upgrade01:33
thiebaude!partial upgrade01:34
giant420thats why I havent done it! ;-)01:34
giant420i just dont know if its an issue with my system, or something on the server01:35
heslamhey guys. is the only way to make a new terminal window if you have one preexisting on another workspace without inadventently moving to that workspace (in order to reach file => new terminal) to search for it in the dash?01:37
heslamor is there a better way?01:37
heslamoh, FF lets you create a new window from the sidebar, but the terminal doesn't01:39
thiebaudei have 2d ubuntu 10.10 no nvidia drivers installed if i upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 will 11.04 still not install nvidia drivers for me?01:40
thiebaudein place upgrade01:40
thiebaudeunity 2d that is,lol01:41
roothorickallright, it didn't detect the wireless on this laptop. Where do I begin fixing this?01:41
geekahedron1heslam: ctrl-alt-t?01:41
roothorickoh hey, "Install Drivers"01:41
thiebaudeif i upgrade to 11.04 i did not want ubuntu to install the nvidia drivers01:41
bjsniderthiebaude, jockey only recommends the driver. it doesn't put a gun to your head and force you to use it01:42
thiebaudeok i did not know thanks01:42
heslamgeekahedron1: wouldn't that require the preexisting terminal window to be selected...meaning i'd be dragged away from my current workspace?01:42
thiebaudethe 11.04 installer installs nvidia during the install01:43
bjsniderthiebaude, plus you can very easily remove nvidia afterwards if you want01:43
thiebaudeon the live 11.04 cd01:43
geekahedron1heslam: to open a terminal window? ctrl-alt-t should work wherever01:43
thiebaudebjsnider, i tried that before a few time and it borked my 11.0401:43
heslamgeekahedron1: ah yeah, you're perfectly right - thanks :)01:44
roothorickI *know* this laptop has a wifi chip, but I only have one adapter, eth0. What's going on here?01:44
thiebaudebjsnider, do you suggest update-manager -d for the upgrade process?01:44
roothorickI'd know how to troubleshoot this on, say, Gentoo, but I want to learn ubuntu's hardware GUI stuff01:45
geekahedron1heslam: it's a global shortcut (keyboard shortcuts from the menu), unless the active application overloads the key01:45
thiebaudeim getting my 10.10 updates now :)01:45
bjsnidersure, it worked for me01:45
thiebaudecool, thanks :)01:45
bjsniderexcept it wiped my hdd and sent confidential info about me to the feds01:46
thiebaudeanother OS would do that, j/k,lol :)01:46
geekahedron1i am having all kinds of trouble getting the broadcom wireless drivers to work in natty...01:46
heslamgeekahedron1: is that a good idea? i mean i hate to be anal and everything but in terms of having an application overload a global shortcut seems to contradict the whole principle of least surprise type thing. maybe i complain too much :P01:46
bjsnidernow they know all about my moonshining operation01:46
geekahedron1heslam: i mean, if ctrl-alt-t means something to the application you're using, that program will capture the keypress01:47
geekahedron1that's true of any shortcut01:47
heslamgeekahedron1: yeah, just seems like a weird idea to have something that should work everywhere not work in some places. i'm just nit picking beyond the scope of this channel :)01:48
hachrebjsnider: lol i randomly look into this chan01:49
hachrebjsnider: I saw your comment about erase hdd and feds01:49
hachrebjsnider: so i started reading it all ;P01:49
hachrebjsnider: took me a while to get that this was a joke lol01:49
geekahedron1heslam: basically, if the interrupt doesn't mean anything to the application, it will pass it on (or it could handle it *and* pass it on)01:50
geekahedron1that's how interrupts have to work, whether for keyboard shortcuts or mouse movements or whatever01:50
geekahedron1so, the third-party broadcom sta drivers for my wireless card were installed and enabled automatically, but they're not working01:55
geekahedron1uninstalled, reinstalled, updated, tried to get the b43 drivers recognized, nothing01:55
geekahedron1anyone had any luck with that?01:56
roothorickI don't get it. lspci shows a BCM4311, b43 is loaded and attached to it, no errors in syslog, but I only have eth0, no eth1 or wlan0. ifconfig -a only shows eth0 and lo. What do I try next?01:56
geekahedron1that's where i am01:57
wolterhm semi installing gnome 3 totally weirded up my system... http://i.imgur.com/prlyN.png01:57
geekahedron14311 also01:57
roothorickgeekahedron1: Dell?01:57
wolteri purged but I can't get back to normal, any help?01:57
roothorickI have a 640m01:57
wolteralso, how do I add my home folder to the launcher???01:57
roothorickprobably very closely related01:57
mrdebi have something importnat to add01:58
mrdebthe white window glitch in 1104 is due to hte nvidia driver bug01:59
wolterwhat white window glitch?01:59
mrdebwhen you maximize the window is blank01:59
roothoricktexture size limit glitch, right?01:59
mrdebwindow is white01:59
roothorickI remember wrestling with that on gentoo01:59
bjsnidermrdeb, what window?01:59
mrdebcause i upgrade driver to newest in lucid02:00
mrdebany window02:00
rwwon gentoo, that's because the window wasn't done compiling :302:00
bjsnideri'm not seeing that issue02:00
roothorickrww: oh shush02:00
bjsniderrww, ah, emerge humour02:01
mrdebgentoo at least has a good distro name02:01
bjsnidersounds like a type of sushi02:01
mrdeba sharp bird02:01
rwwsounds like a type of penguin02:01
mrdebit is a bird02:01
mrdebsurgical bird02:01
roothorickgentoo is an actual species of penguin IIRC02:02
Guest79753hey guys02:03
=== Guest79753 is now known as Chr|s
mrdebi will not remove nvidia to test it02:03
roothorickokay, what the hell is b43-pci-bridge?02:06
bjsnidersounds like a broadcom chipset driver02:06
roothorickwell, it is attached to my wireless card... but isn't producing a network device02:07
roothorickhow relevant is this to the beta? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:09
wolterhas anybody been able to add new launchers to unity?02:09
mu3enkdebase-workspace-bin: Depends: kdebase-workspace-data (= 4:4.6.2a-0ubuntu1) but 4:4.6.1-0ubuntu4 is to be installed02:16
mu3enkdebase-workspace-data 4:4.6.2a missing from repos?02:17
mu3encan be found here http://launchpadlibrarian.net/68493982/kdebase-workspace-data_4.6.2a-0ubuntu1_all.deb02:23
roothoricksigh. I see the wireless situation STILL hasn't been fixed...02:24
geekahedron1no luck here either02:24
heslamguys, when i submit a bug to launchpad02:27
roothorickI actually got my wireless to work, but it confuses the hell out of the network manager02:28
heslamwill it give me an option to upload png images directly to the site for my bug report? for screenshots etc.02:28
roothorickgeekahedron1: BCM4311, correct?02:28
heslamor should i include a link to the image hosted elsewhere?02:28
geekahedron1roothorick: yes, what did you have to do?02:28
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Chr|shey guys02:30
bob__631I tried 11.04 for a while, then wiped the disk and reinstalled 10.10 - I hate 11.0402:30
Chr|show do I uninstall gnome 3? it isn't working, unable to log in :(02:30
roothorickgeekahedron1: install firmware-b43-installer, then modprobe -r b44 b43 ssb wl, modprobe b43, modprobe b44 to get your wired ethernet back, rfkill unblock all, iwconfig wlan0 up. At this point your "Wi-Fi" light will come on and network manager will show nearby networks.02:30
roothorickgeekahedron1: write this down, because you'll probably have to do part of it again02:30
geekahedron1yeah, my intent was to save all my setup stuff in one place this time02:31
geekahedron1since there are always some kind of issues02:32
woltercan one have gnome3 installed but use unity instead of gnome-shell?02:32
Chr|swolter: im sure there is a way. Im not sure how to do it02:33
Daekdroomas far as I know, installing the gnome3 ppa breaks unity.02:33
Chr|sI am having issues getting gnome 3 to even work02:33
wolterChr|s, would i need to hack something to do it or do unity and gs work with the classic --replace principle?02:33
Chr|syeah it does, have to disable unity some how02:33
DaekdroomChr|s, I suppose the best way is installing the gnome3-session package and start using gnome shell.02:34
cryptkso, I have to say, I am personally not a fan of Unity02:34
DaekdroomI'm used to Unity already, but I have to say it has so much room for improvement02:36
roothorickgeekahedron1: found a simpler way. Just install firmware-b43-installer and reboot.02:38
cryptkexactly, with the right work, I could use it02:38
cryptkbut for now I will stay with my Ubuntu Classic session02:39
roothorickgeekahedron1: probably don't strictly HAVE to reboot but it's easier than doing all the module loading/unloading legwork02:39
Chr|sDaekdroom: where is this package located? im unable to do this through cli. Im not that experienced02:39
DaekdroomChr|s, it should be available if you use the gnome3 PPA02:40
Chr|sDaekdroom: I think I have it installed, just have unity running as well..because I can't even login to my system by using x02:43
Daekdroomthat is probably a GDM problem then.02:43
Chr|sI see02:43
Chr|sbeing like this, I am thinking I am going to have to reinstall the os because I can't seem to login02:44
wolterChr|s, what is your problem with logging in?02:46
DaekdroomChr|s, use sudo ppa-purge ppa:gnome3-team/gnome302:46
Chr|sok thanks brb02:47
Chr|sdoing it now02:47
lcbchris|, or... on console try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install02:48
lcbchris|, then sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm02:49
lcbyou need a restart afterwards02:50
wolterunity file search couldn't be any more useless...02:55
wolterand how do I get my home icon back to the launcher?02:56
DaekdroomI believe the answer to the later question is to reset the icons.02:56
DaekdroomIn a terminal, run unity --reset-icons02:56
drmorphiashas anyone had the issue with telepathy-buttery and telepathy-salut repetively crashing?02:58
=== TerminX_ is now known as TerminX
ninwaHas anybody gotten Guake to work in 11.04?03:01
drmorphiashow do i move a window that is stuck under the top panel?03:02
ninwaalt+left click on it and drag03:02
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ninwaHow do I exit Banshee (2.0)?03:12
Scottyhellooo folksss03:13
Scottyanyone try anf install Gnome3 today??03:14
ninwaScotty, according to what I've read it breaks Unity. I'm going to try it on my other machine sometime soon, but to me that sucks.03:15
Scottyayee lol, i've toasted my machgine lol03:15
Scottyi have a flashing login screen with no option to login lol, trying to figure out how to fix it03:15
ninwaHow do you like it?03:15
ninwaOh, hah.03:15
ninwaWhen I try it I'm just going to try it with Fedora 1503:16
torchieI have an nvidia 7150m and when I have compiz enabled random windows turn white on the inside03:16
torchieand upon waking the laptop from sleep the screen goes completely white except for the cursor and I have to restart03:16
torchie(hp dv6700, amd x64)03:17
Scottydid you try both NVidia drivers torchie?03:17
torchiei tried disabling copy to texture and it made no difference -- what else would usually be the cause?03:17
torchieI installed the proprietary ones through additional but am not sure how to switch to the free ones03:18
Chr|sCan't login still03:20
Chr|sI try to install the gnome shell and get this error..03:21
Chr|sIt is a dependency error03:21
rwwthen file a bug against the PPA that you're using.03:22
Chr|scant file a bug over my phone :(03:24
Scottyim getting a flashing login screen chris03:25
Chr|sI'm sorry03:26
Scottynoo idea what to do lol03:28
Chr|sWelcome to my world03:33
Chr|sOk I purged gnome 3 ppa03:33
Chr|sHow do I remove gnome 3 and have just unity? I need 5to get back to my desktop03:34
Chr|sYeah.. I did that but still see login for gnome 303:35
Scottysudp apt-get -f install ??03:36
wolterChr|s, I had the exact same problem03:36
wolterdo this03:36
Chr|sWhat am I doing? Lol03:38
wolter1. purge the gnome3 ppa (some packages will fail to get purged). | 2. Update your system and restart. | 3. Purge the ppa again, now it shouldn't fail. | 4. Update again and restart03:38
wolterhaving patience :)03:39
Chr|sI do03:39
wolterWhats up with the overlay scrollbars?03:39
Chr|sHmm I get this error "could not update ICEauthority file /home/user/.ICEauthority"03:46
Chr|sGet it when I try to login03:47
torchieadditional drivers says I need jockey for unity03:54
jiohdiChr|s, seems like something took your .iceauthority for itself... likely root.. did you try to change it back?03:59
geekahedron1i don't like the new unity at all, but how do you change it?03:59
jiohdigeekahedron1, change it to what?03:59
geekahedron1add things to the panel04:00
geekahedron1get a window list04:00
rwwI generally just rm .ICEauthority when it's causing problems ;P04:00
Chr|sJiohdi hmm not sure how04:00
jiohdigeekahedron1, too add I think you just drag something from an open listing04:00
jiohdiyou chose the all programs04:00
jiohdithen drag04:01
jiohdiChr|s, chown user /home/user/.ICEauthority04:01
geekahedron1oh ... i'm not talking about the sidebar launcher04:02
arandgeekahedron1: I don't think you can use a window list in unity, the sidebar replaces it04:02
jiohdiChr|s, chown +R user /home/user/.ICEauthority   [if its a folder]04:02
jiohdione of the defaults is a list for all programs04:02
jiohdiin unity04:03
geekahedron1but i want my cpu temperature displayed next to the clock04:03
geekahedron1or a taskbar-style window list04:03
geekahedron1or even a window list button04:03
jiohdilast I used unity it did not work well with others04:03
geekahedron1we have no interface options? what is this, apple04:03
arandgeekahedron1: Well, if when you click on the panel there is no add to panel option, I assume it won't be possible04:03
jiohdiits made for touch screens04:03
arandgeekahedron1: pretty much yea04:03
Chr|sHmm that command isn't working says invalis user04:04
jiohdiis user your user name? substitute your actual user name04:04
jiohdiyou have to do it as root04:04
jiohdiso add sudo to the beginning04:04
Chr|sShh that's it04:04
Chr|sAhh I mean04:05
arandAnd maybe do user:user as well to set both...04:05
geekahedron1well, huh04:05
Chr|sHrmm..says there is no such file04:05
wolterdoes anybody know how to manually edit the launchers in unity? I mean, like hack it under the hood04:09
drmorphiasya i would like to know where unitiy's configuration file is so i can see if there is a way to move it to the bottom of the screen.04:10
Chr|sEhh I dunno. Guess I'm going to have to reinstall the os04:12
jiohdiChr|s,  check out http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-desktop-74/iceauthority-error-in-ubuntu-8-10-a-681312/04:12
ScottyChris did you make sure you cap'd the ICEauthority04:14
Scottysudo gdm reset isnt working for me now04:14
noobWhen I change to compiz on ubuntu classic my x out buttons dissapear. help?04:15
Chr|sHell I just want unity back04:16
drmorphiasChr|s, whats wrong?04:16
jiohdiChr|s, if you can create a second user with full authority, you can delete the first one and it should fix the problem04:16
Chr|sIt has something to do with me trying to install gnome 3.04:17
=== cryptk|offline is now known as cryptk
Chr|sTrying to get back to unity04:17
drmorphiasChr|s, oh.04:17
jiohdiChr|s, should not effect the 2nd new user you create04:17
noobWhen I change to compiz on ubuntu classic my x out buttons dissapear. help?04:28
noobcan anybody help me?04:30
wolterdrmorphias, i don't think thats possible haha04:33
ScottyGnome 3 has ruined my lifef lol05:11
woltercomment of the day05:22
Scottyyah lol,05:22
Scottyhow do you backup linux drive in windows?05:22
rwwyou don't05:23
Scottyit's impossible?05:24
Scottyi tried calling the disk with explore2fs, but it's not showing up..05:24
Scottyif you boot a live CD, can you accorss HD?05:25
Scottythere is my solution05:26
syedomarhi... can anyone link me a good guide for my rt73(wireless)05:29
syedomarlsmod: http://paste.ubuntu.com/590572/05:31
magn3tsFeature request for GNOME 3: Please waste mroe screen realestate on the window border and bulky GTK+05:36
magn3tsAnd please don't give me a way to configure it05:36
magn3tsand please remove more features that were once standard on the GNOME Desktop.05:36
magn3tsthen loudly gasp "why don't people want to use gnome shell" "why are people moving to unity, etc"05:37
Volkodavare people moving to unity ?05:37
magn3ts"we" people I guess.05:37
magn3tsThe last one was a stretch I'll grant.05:37
Volkodavanybody moved to unity ? maybe cell phone people05:38
digitalfizis there a safe way to remove ubuntu one?06:08
dini'm trying to upgrade to natty on my netbook but my ssd is only 4gb and doesn't have the space available to do so. can someone point me in the right direction?06:11
torchieinstalled the open source nvidia drivers06:11
torchieabsolutely wonderful06:11
torchiealt tab crash06:14
will_hey guys. i'm wanting to compose a bug report for the scrollbars but in order to do so i need to check how gedit performs WITHOUT the new overlay scrollbars06:22
will_does anyone know how to turn them off temporarily? or, failing that, can someone open up gedit and test it for me?06:22
will_i need to know if moving your mouse all the way to the right of the screen on a maximised gedit (with old scrollbars) lets you grab them by clicking as far right as you can06:23
akavliewill_, I'm on Ubuntu classic, just tested myself.06:24
akavlienot sure how the behavior was before, but on maximized gedit when the mouse is on the right edge of the screen, I cannot grab the scrollbar.06:25
dini'm trying to upgrade to natty on my netbook but my ssd is only 4gb and doesn't have the space available to do so. can someone point me in the right direction?06:25
will_akavlie: thanks for testing! that's an interesting result. i was hoping to use gedit as an example, but i know for a fact that firefox DOES behave that way06:25
will_make sure that gedit has enough text in it to warrant the scrollbar in the first place?06:26
akavlieyep, I did06:26
akavliescrollbar was present, but I couldn't grab it. Someone has not read fitt's law06:27
akavlienot that I ever maximize things, but...06:27
will_akavlie: yeah - that's the main reason i want to report a bug for the new overlay scrollbars. they don't let you the same thing06:27
will_akavlie: do you mind testing it in firefox too? i'm *always* throwing my mouse to the right of the screen as far as it can go and grabbing to move up and down with FF06:28
will_akavlie: i've got my old laptop running and installed gedit and you're right, it doesn't let you do what FF lets you do. interesting06:29
akavliewill_, yeah in Firefox I WAS able to grab.06:29
akavlienot sure what this has to do w/ a new overlay though.06:29
will_akavlie: it doesn't, not anymore :P i just thought it might.06:30
will_din: have you tried an ubuntu server install and building it up from there? not ideal but then you can pick and choose what you'd like06:31
dinnot yet. i'm going to try to free up the space first06:31
will_din: you could ditch the swap file, for one. if it has an SD card you could put your home directory on that, too...?06:32
dinyeah, i'm trying to work it out06:33
will_din: you can also mount your temp directory in RAM, depending on how much RAM you're willing to give up06:33
dinyou mean /tmp ??06:33
will_din: yeah06:33
will_din: also try getting rid of any localisation support that you don't need. bloody foreigners06:34
will_akavlie: thanks for following me on my goose chase. :) i'm going to keep hunting around for applications in the same vein, see if i can't find anything06:36
dini mounted it to a 250 external drive and the upgrade still complained.06:38
dinwill_: i mounted it to a 250 external drive and the upgrade still complained.06:39
will_din:do you want to install to the 250 gig external drive?06:41
dinwill_: no, i am saying that i mounted /tmp there.i06:41
akavliewill_, np06:41
will_din: unless you plan to have the external drive always connected...06:43
will_din: forgive me if i'm being ignorant but i'm pretty sure the installer wants 4 gigs to install the main OS in, not because it needs space for temporary file06:43
dini thought i could make space for the upgrade tool by mounting the /tmp directory and the /var/cache/apt/archives directory to that disk.06:44
dinwill_: neither worked so... here i am.06:45
will_din: when you say the installer complained, do you mean it stopped you from going ahead with the install or it just warned you?06:46
dinwill_: it stopped.06:46
dini will deal with it later. time to sleep.06:46
will_if you want more control than ubuntu lets you, you'll have to either experiment with more flexible distros06:46
will_or use ubuntu server and build it up from there, perhaps06:46
almoxarifeis it safe to upgrade to 11.04 from 10.10?06:47
dinwill_: thanks for the input. goodnight.06:47
will_din: night :)06:47
will_almoxarife: not on production machines06:48
will_sorry for such a generically rubbish answer :P06:49
almoxarifewill_: I get the point of the answer, are upgrades glitching as a majority or minority?06:49
will_almoxarife: i've not done any upgrading, just fresh installs. there's been some big architectural changes though what with unity and so on, so unless someone else more knowledgable decides to shut me up and give you a proper answer, you'll just have to infer from that06:51
almoxarifewill_: got it, thnks06:52
kreantosi wanted to ask, if 11.04 is stable enough to have it running on my developer machine?07:54
nit-witkreantos, not a anything other then a teast if it was me.08:09
vegahas 11.04 boot speed increased compared to maverick? maverick still has a lot of old init.d scripts, don't know about natty08:23
nit-witvega, seems about the same speed on my setup08:24
nuke_Hi... does anyone know how to get rid of Unity in 11.04 and switch back to regular Gnome?08:30
vegaisn't it choosable at login time?08:30
nuke_hmm I didn't notice...08:31
nuke_I'll check thanks08:31
ohsixoverlay scrollbars are neat, a bit hard to fish for with a mouse sometimes though, is there a simple way to disable it?09:01
delacSystemError InstallArchives() failed. Any remedy?09:29
obscurant1stthe panel on which the workspace, the minimized windows, etc used be there is gone now! :( what can i do?10:00
obscurant1stsomebody please?10:06
Chr|sobscurant1st:  patience10:06
Chr|sobscurant1st: you mean the left dock bar?10:06
Chr|sor you mean the bottom panel?10:06
obscurant1stChr|s, left dock bar is already gone, but anywat i dont need it!. my problem is the bottom one is gone10:07
Chr|sobscurant1st: actually you do need it10:07
Chr|sbecause there is no bottom bar10:07
Chr|sin 11.04 anyways10:07
obscurant1stChr|s, it was there! till yesterday! (10:07
Chr|sdon't know how? what version of ubuntu are you running?10:08
obscurant1stChr|s, actually i changed some setting in compiz settings and thebottom bar and the top bar came, but today the top bar is there. but not the bottom one, and btw this look is like the old ubuntu10:08
obscurant1stChr|s, its 11.04 only, yesterday nly i downloded the beta version10:09
obscurant1stone doubt , is the window manager is metacity in 11.04?10:10
obscurant1stbecause i remember doing metacity --replace once when some problem came for me!10:11
Chr|sobscurant1st: not sure exactly10:11
Chr|sjust try to undo what you did if you can remember10:11
obscurant1stChr|s, i dont have clue of what i did! I think i will have to reinstall if nothing works10:12
Chr|sobscurant1st: just open compiz and reset to defaul10:12
Chr|ssee what happens10:12
delacobscurant1st: are you on normal Ubuntu desktop or classic?10:12
obscurant1stdelac, what is classic and normal? i dont know i did a usual install of the beta image i downloaded!10:13
obscurant1stChr|s, i tried that, but after trying that do i have to restart the system to take effect?10:13
delacobscurant1st: you can select the desktop type in login screen10:14
Chr|sobscurant1st: you shouldn't have too, just log off and log back on10:14
delacobscurant1st: but you didnt even go to the login screen, I think?10:14
obscurant1stdelac, Chr|s ok, let me try logging in back! one moment!10:14
delacif he is on normal Ubuntu desktop, how on earth does he have bottom panel?10:15
Chr|ssaid he was messing with compiz10:16
Chr|snot sure exactly10:16
Chr|sI think he should take a screen shot so we can see for sure10:16
delaccompiz cant bring back the panel, as far as I know10:17
delacunless he killed the unity plugin10:17
delacthat might be it10:18
Chr|sI did earlier trying to get gnome 3 working10:18
Chr|sI had to do a reinstall10:18
delacI was going to try gnome310:18
delacbut there are some problems?10:18
delacyou say?10:19
Chr|sI must of did something wrong because I couldn't get it to load or anything,10:19
syn-ackYou do know that if you install Gnome3 you break unity, right?10:20
Chr|syeah, thats what I did10:20
Chr|sbroke it pretty good10:21
syn-ackYou know why that is, right?10:21
Chr|snot exactly no10:21
syn-ackBecause Unity is written with Gnome 2.x in mind and not necessarily Gnome3 in mind and therefore the libs that are replaced are ones in which unity depends on10:22
Chr|sahh i see10:22
Chr|swell some people got it goign10:23
Chr|snot sure the steps they took10:23
delacif you remove the PPA, can't you force synaptic to replace the packages with older ones?10:25
ohsixdelac: ppa-purge can do that for you though10:25
ohsixit does pinning for you & downgrades10:25
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syn-ackdelac, That's not always such a good idea because some of the packages may break your system on a downgrade.10:27
delacsyn-ack: how come? wouldn't that be eqiuvalent to just restoring the previous state?10:30
syn-ackBecause it doesn't remove the new applications' configs and they may be incompatible with the older version of the software.10:31
syn-ackdelac, If you want to downgrade, I suggest that you just reinstall because A it's the cleanest method and B it saves you a lot of headaches.10:32
ohsixsyn-ack: while not literally untrue; the packages that can do real damage generally aren't in ppas; and there is some consideration (albeit not a lot) for packages that can do just that10:32
delacsyn-ack: I thought purge would get rid of configs?10:32
syn-ackohsix, true, however in the case of Gnome3.... he's probably going to want to reinstall..10:32
delacyes, that is what I'm going to do10:33
syn-ackdelac, not ppa-purge.10:33
syn-ackwell, not always, let me put it like that.10:33
delacor even better, I'm going to make another usb-install just to test gnome310:33
syn-ackYou could do that too10:34
syn-ackor you could also do it in a VM10:34
delacsyn-ack: does virtualbox support 3d? because doesn't gnome3 require that?10:35
G00053so i upgraded from 10.10 and lost the bar on top , anyway to get it back ?10:36
G00053any - way *10:36
syn-ackdelac, Depends on your network card and both Gnome3 and Unity use compositing.10:36
syn-ackRather, your video card. Sorry10:37
syn-ackTalking about networking in another channel.10:37
ohsixsyn-ack: hm maybe, but nothing would break10:38
ohsixsyn-ack: all your other x sessions are still available too10:39
syn-ackG00053, upgraded from 10.10 to.... 11.04?10:40
G00053syn-ack, yeah at first everything , was black and each time i would scroll over a window or a selection that part of the screen would turn black10:41
G00053i thought maybe compiz was my problem so i re-installed it and now windows no longer go black but i have no bars10:41
delacG00053: sounds more like graphics card driver problems. you got nvidia?10:43
delacG00053: go to the login screen and select Ubuntu classic with no effects10:44
delacG00053: then at least you should get working desktop where you can start checking the drivers10:44
G00053amd - i reinstalled the proprietary drivers / catalyst no changes ...this was before i tried compiz...10:45
syn-ackG00053, Are you getting 3D acceleration at all?10:45
G00053let me be clear the bars were there before i killed compiz and reinstalled they were just in-accessable because i couldnt see the drop down menus...ect just the network power stuff worked on the right ...now they are totally missing10:46
G00053syn-ack , i'm not quite sure how to check10:47
syn-ackso it seems that Ubuntu removed glxgears10:48
syn-acklemme see if I can find the package it's supposed to be in10:48
G00053much appreciated10:48
syn-ackG00053, install mesa-utilities10:48
Paddy_NIHey what is the general consensus on Natty beta?10:49
syn-ackG00053, install mesa-utils rather10:49
syn-ackPaddy_NI, It's stablising its self quite nicely10:49
syn-ackG00053, let me know when you have it installs10:49
Paddy_NIsyn-ack: what about performance in general10:49
syn-ackIt's alright. no performance hit for me.10:49
delacyes, the desktop seems very responsive even on netbook10:51
Paddy_NII hear compiz crashes like crazy10:51
delacyes, compiz is bit unstable at the moment10:51
Paddy_NIyeah maverick with unity was terrible10:52
syn-ackG00053, now, open a terminal and type glxgears at the prompt10:52
G00053i see gears..10:52
syn-ackG00053, Watch the output to the xterminal and tell me what your frame rate is10:52
G00053~ 6010:53
delacyes, but this is big step forward. however, there are still some rough edges10:53
ohsixPaddy_NI: it did 20 days ago, "seems" better now, but i haven't been setting it up in 20 days :P10:53
syn-ackG00053, Which driver are you currently running?10:53
Paddy_NIhmm.. yeah I guess the devs are great at the last minute cramming10:53
Paddy_NII still don't get why banshee is to be default though10:54
syn-ackBecause that's what they chose?10:54
Paddy_NIthat is hardly a reason10:54
syn-ackPaddy_NI, Last time I checked you could change that.10:54
syn-ackPaddy_NI, That's all the reason they NEED to give. Because they can.10:55
Paddy_NIstill does not answer the question :)10:55
Paddy_NIstill makes no sense10:55
syn-ackpersonally, I like Banshee.10:55
Paddy_NImeh.. it's just another media player10:55
Paddy_NIalbeit written in an inferior language10:56
syn-ackI don't care if it's written in .Net or not. I think it's a good product.10:56
delacand I still have to use Foobar2000...10:56
syn-ackThere's nothing wrong with C#10:56
Paddy_NIits the language of the pseudo programmer10:56
syn-ackyou just don't like it because "The Big Bad Microsoft" made it10:56
Paddy_NInothing to do with it10:56
Paddy_NIwow.. you are making major assumptions10:57
Paddy_NII am going by the actually technical aspects10:57
syn-ackSo are you.10:57
Paddy_NImath does not lie10:57
syn-ackDepends on who's paying for the "technical aspects"10:58
Paddy_NIpeople who want to call themselves programmers but cannot code so they dumb down the languages10:58
Paddy_NIno thanks10:59
syn-ackYou could say the same about Python too10:59
Paddy_NIpython would have been a better choice10:59
syn-ackWhat's a "Real Man's Language" son. School me.10:59
syn-ackof course you'd say that.10:59
Paddy_NIyes as its true11:00
syn-ackI'm done with this stupid conversation.11:00
Paddy_NIalthough I have not tried a recent build11:00
Paddy_NIsyn-ack: you are quite angry sorry to flare you up11:00
syn-ackI'm not angry. Not in the least. I just don't buy that you've actually USED the language so therefore you don't have the right to judge it.11:01
Paddy_NIsyn-ack: another assumption11:01
Paddy_NIyour telepathic kung fu is mighty11:01
syn-ackStraight to point: It's a tool. All tools have their place regardless of how superior one is over another11:02
Paddy_NIyeah like a square tire :)11:02
syn-acksure sure.11:02
Paddy_NIsyn-ack: what is unity 3d created in... cairo?11:03
Paddy_NII know 2d is qt11:03
ikoniawhat ?11:03
syn-ackyes, cairo.11:03
ikoniaunity is made from QT ?11:03
Paddy_NIwell QML11:03
Paddy_NIikonia: the 2d variant11:04
syn-ackwait, clutter is Cario based.... yeah, I'm almost positive it is11:04
Paddy_NII wonder what they removed from the CD to fit the extra libs on11:04
syn-ackThe Gimp11:04
Paddy_NII wonder if shotwell works with appmenu yet11:05
syn-ackThere's something else that's not on the livecd anymore but I can't remember right now since it's very late11:05
syn-ackalright, one more smoke then bed.11:05
Paddy_NIsyn-ack: I always say that11:06
Paddy_NII cannot wait to see native speech recognition for linux11:07
Paddy_NIWould be nice if Shuttleworth just bought "Dragon Naturally Speaking"11:07
Paddy_NInot like he's short a few bob11:07
ikoniaI think there are more pressing matters to deal with beyond speech recognision11:08
Paddy_NIikonia: like the colour of the icons?11:08
Paddy_NIthe theme11:08
Paddy_NIchanging perfectly good music players11:09
Paddy_NIchoose something challenging for a change I say11:09
ikoniaI have my own views, try to provoke someone else11:09
Paddy_NIoh well I thought you would enlighten me with "more pressing matters"11:10
Paddy_NIikonia: not provoking mate11:10
ikoniaI suggest we return to 11.04 discussion as this channel was intended11:10
ikoniayou're certainly trying,11:10
Paddy_NIoh dear me11:10
ohsixikonia: could use your eyes on #ubuntu, there are shenanigans11:14
delacwhy does my aptd crash every time I try to report a problem?11:18
Paddy_NIdelac: aptd...? don't you mean apport?11:23
delacno, I'm pretty sure the error message says aptd11:25
bullgard4Why did Natty install an entry »postfix:x:121:« in my /etc/group?11:25
Paddy_NIdelac: which way are you reporting bugs?11:25
delacwell, it seems it borged my usb-stick installation for good11:25
delacit wont get even to the grub anymore11:26
delacPaddy_NI: I just let the automatic error reporting to do that. If it would do that without crashing, that is11:27
Paddy_NIdelac: what exactly did you do?11:27
Paddy_NIdelac: I'm downloading the beta at the moment.. might do the same thing and use a persistent usb installation11:28
delacPaddy_NI: I didnt actually do any installation, it's still really only live-usb, but as it is possible to add some persistent storage, it behaves much like actual installation.11:30
Paddy_NIdelac: well that is what I thought you where doing11:31
Paddy_NIdelac: I normally use a persistent linux mint usb11:31
Paddy_NIvery handy11:31
delacoh, it seems to be getting life back after few boot attempts...11:32
Paddy_NIare you sure the pen is fine?11:32
delacPaddy_NI: it's quite new, and other distros have been working fine11:33
Paddy_NIah okay... to be honest usb-creator has been faulty since maverick11:33
Paddy_NIunetbootin works just fine11:33
Paddy_NIpity about the interface11:34
* Paddy_NI cringes11:34
delacfor me usb-creator has worked fine every time I can remember11:35
Paddy_NIthere is a bug with isolinux and usb-creator on maverick11:35
delacanything serious?11:35
Paddy_NInothing that will break anything physically11:36
Paddy_NIjust wont boot11:36
Paddy_NIhappy days, migraine tablets kicking in11:37
ohsixwhat does it say?11:43
ohsixi've used usb-creator fine in natty, and maverick11:43
ohsixit's not really comparable to unetbootin11:44
delacany remedy for "SystemErro:InstallArchives() failed"? Trying to install Broadcom drivers for wlan with jockey.11:48
blarnI've just installed the beta1 and it says unity can't start. I'm using nouveau on nv50 which supports 3d and glxinfo shows direct rendering: yes11:48
ohsixblarn: it still might not support something compiz needs (and by extension, unity) to run, and falling back11:49
blarnlike what? does it work in nouveau at all?11:50
ohsixunfortunately i can't tell you exactly what it may be :\11:50
blarn*with nouveau11:50
ohsixit probably works with some devices using nouveau11:50
ohsixwhats the model number?11:51
blarnnv50 is best supported family according to the nouveau site11:51
blarnwith nvc011:51
blarngeforce 9500, g96 is the core11:52
ohsix9500, check11:52
zniavreblarn,  im using nouveau (on fx5500) unity works (almost well) with mesa dri -experimental11:55
koltrollGuys, how do I change settings for the menu?11:55
koltrollI don't want to go away all the time, I want to change its size, and maybe I want to move it.11:56
delackoltroll: you mean the Launcher on the left?11:56
koltrolldelac, yea!11:56
delackoltroll: you have compiz-config-settings-manager installed?11:57
koltrolldelac, donno. don't think so11:57
koltroll-I- haven't installed it atleast11:57
delackoltroll: either install it, or do you know how to use gconf?11:57
koltrolldelac, no11:57
ohsixinstall it :] it's fun to play with11:58
delackoltroll: install ccsm11:58
koltrollI thought a right-click would do it to get some settings.. heh.11:58
blarnzniavre, I'll try it, thanks11:58
ohsixalso the autohide options and stuff for unity are in there11:58
koltrollBut stuffs not supposed to be easy I guess :>11:58
koltrolldelac, I'll do that. Cheers11:58
Pantherahello there11:58
Pantheracan someone tell me if i will be able to use Gnome Shell in Ubuntu 11.04 ?11:59
Pantheracool ok11:59
ohsixand classic gnome, and any other x session bearing package you install11:59
Pantheraa ok12:00
zniavrebearing ?12:00
Pantherai just dislike the Unity Interface12:00
blarnzniavre, yes that ... "works"12:00
Pantheralast time i try it12:00
blarnwell its running anyway. thanks12:01
zniavreblarn, why do not use nvidia drivers?12:01
ohsixzniavre: "producing or yielding" an x session, in the package :]12:01
blarnI've got 10.10 installed too, I'm just trying this out, want to try nouveau12:01
ohsixnouveau ships this cycle, its worth using12:02
zniavreohsix,  ok12:02
ohsixplus it does dri & xrandr and lots of stuff the native driver doesn't12:02
blarnin Applications:  "Firefox ...b Browser" heh12:03
blarnSeems like "We" would have fit in ...'s space12:03
ohsixtime to look for or file new bugs, font/glyph stuff is a common corruption type bug12:03
adalalheya there, anyone here know how to refresh teh notification applet after changing gsettings?12:04
blarnwhere is settings? or places?12:07
zniavrean icon in left side launcher called "applications ' i guess12:08
pvh_sahey there, i'm planning to install 11.04 on a new laptop (since official release is around the corner). what would you recommend, putting beta1 on the machine, or a daily build?12:09
adalalpvh_sa: it would auto upgrade itself anyways.. so might as well go for the daily build.. to reduce initial upgrade times :P12:13
adalalonly barely however12:13
[4-tea-2]Anyone else experiencing Liferea crashes (segfaults) on natty?12:13
adalalAnyone here knows how to reload the Unity systray after changing keys in gsettings?12:14
blarncan x-org-edgers and gnome3 ppas be used together?12:16
ohsixblarn: i don't seewhy they would conflict12:18
pvh_sathanks adalal - where do i find a daily build for amd64 desktop?12:19
adalalpvh_sa: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ here u go12:20
adalalAnyone here knows to reload the unity systray after editing gsettings?12:23
pvh_sathanks adalal, but that only shows me the 'alternate install CD'12:25
adalalpvh_sa: sorry, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/dvd/20110405/12:27
adalaltry that12:27
pvh_saadalal, thanks - and for the CD, instead of the DVD?12:30
blarnwell I've hosed it already12:32
blarngnome3 is somehow half-installed12:32
adalalfor pvh_sa for some reason, i dont see a CD :S12:32
pvh_saadalal, maybe the build failed today or something...12:33
adalalpvh_sa: try searching on cdimage.ubuntu.com12:33
adalalpvh_sa: for any of the natty builds12:33
yofelpvh_sa: yes, the current builds fail, you'll have to wait12:37
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bullgard4Why did Natty install an entry »postfix:x:121:« in my /etc/group?13:05
ohsixbecause it is in one of the postints of a package, probably postfix13:06
ohsix"natty" doesn't do anything but give the release a cute name13:06
ohsixdpkg actually does that with package instruction13:06
bullgard4Your answer is false.13:07
bullgard4If it was correct, Maverick would have installed the same entry which is not the case.13:08
coz_ good day all13:09
GentAnyone here know of Natty is gonna ship with gnome3?13:11
ohsixbullgard4: did you install postfix on maverick? most people installed bsd-mailx when they had something that needed a mailer13:11
ohsixGent: i see a package for it, dunno if its final13:11
ohsixbullgard4: and all my replies were true13:11
LetoThe2ndarand: ping13:12
arandLetoThe2nd: pong13:12
LetoThe2ndarand: are there already news concerning the btrfs issue?13:12
arandLetoThe2nd: I've been digging a lot into that bug, and it seems VERY intermittent :/13:12
LetoThe2ndarand: observation here - yesterdays updates brought a new kernel and grub, so both dkms and update-grub were run. problem persisted.13:13
arandLetoThe2nd: Basically if I force reinstall the kernel, a couple of times, the filesystem *may* end up in a weird state where, which a subsequent btrfs-snapshot *may* resolve...13:14
LetoThe2ndarand: manually disabling /sbin/fsck.btrfs made the box at least boot again, though now of course i have no idea if the FS integrity is ok or not.13:14
arand..weird state where grub-probe can't detect that it is a btrfs..13:15
LetoThe2ndarand: you wanted to know something about waht grub dtected, right?13:15
ohsixis there a bug # for this somewhere?13:15
arandThis is mine https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/75250613:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 752506 in linux (Ubuntu) "new -8 kernel makes update-grub ignore writing subvol option for btrfs" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:16
arandIt's still very incomplete, due to the randomness of it...13:16
LetoThe2ndarand: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/590727/13:16
arandLetoThe2nd: So it happened for you as well then? No rootflags=subvol=@13:17
LetoThe2ndarand: you're involved in the development or also just affected by it?13:17
arandLetoThe2nd: I have no involvement in development no, but I try to follow it a bit13:18
LetoThe2ndarand: i see.13:18
arandSince btrfs in theory is pure awesomeness :>13:18
ohsixarand: thanks13:19
ohsixtheories are great13:19
LetoThe2nddo you know if its ok to btrfsck / in use? or more like ext, where it's "don't touch it while its running"13:19
ohsixthey get disproven13:19
arandLetoThe2nd: No, it's an offline tool, you could do it from a liveCD13:20
birdthiefI just upgraded to Natty13:20
birdthiefand my touchpad no longer works13:20
syn-ackI'm sorry to hear that, birdthief.13:21
birdthiefsyn-ack: d'yknow anything I can do to fix it?13:21
arandLetoThe2nd: What kind of errors did you get with fsck.btrfs enabled? You weren't even able to bypass them using [I]13:21
ohsixbirdthief: paste the entire output of dmesg to a pastebin13:22
LetoThe2ndarand: hmkay, then i'll stick with at at least working system for now.13:22
delacbirdthief: does it work on login screen13:22
birdthiefdelac: no13:22
birdthiefdelac: Should I try one more time13:22
LetoThe2ndarand: yep, the box froze even with [I] and/or [C]13:22
syn-ackNo. You really haven't said anything other than "it don't work"13:22
ohsixbirdthief: and the output of lsinput13:22
delacbirdthief: well, anyway, open gconf13:22
birdthiefohsix: lsinput isn't installed.13:23
arandLetoThe2nd: Also, btrfsck is purely read-only, so even if it found anything it couldn't actually fix it, you are aware I guess..13:23
birdthiefshall I?13:23
ohsixbirdthief: make it so13:23
syn-ackalso, birdthief, does dmesg show the trac.... nm13:23
LetoThe2ndarand: i wasn't, thanks for the hint.13:23
syn-ackarand, is that only for the time being or is that how it's intended?13:24
arandLetoThe2nd: The btrfsck-proper is in the works, but...13:24
delacbirdthief: after you get to the gconf, check that /desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad/touchpad_enabled is set to true13:24
arandYea, it's the main task of the main dev atm, so hopefully it should come along... at some point...13:24
laura23_hi folk! do you know if it is possible to install gnome 3 into ubuntu 11.04 beta?13:24
laura23_and how? i tried addind the ppa, then dist-upgrading... but i got broken packages :S13:25
syn-acklaura23_, Possible, yes, advisable, no.13:25
laura23_and never could log into gnome 3 :S13:25
LetoThe2ndarand: ah yes. we'll see what happens on this box. at least its usually no productive system, ths issue is just a little irksome because i'm on the road ATM.13:25
birdthiefohsix: http://pastebin.com/46MDwcyA13:25
yofellaura23_: if the dependencies are broken feel free to contact the team13:25
arandLetoThe2nd: Have you been able to get the grub.cfg back with corrrect boot parameters? Is that which you posted your current cfg?13:26
LetoThe2ndarand: what i posted is the current.13:26
laura23_yofel i've tryed 3 times in a clean installation of natty beta13:26
ohsixbirdthief: hm lsinput sees an input device, now to just find out why it is being ignored13:27
arandAnd does it boot?13:27
LetoThe2ndarand: i'll be AFK soon again, not much time for further testing today. hopefully i can look into it more tomorrow, when i'm back at office.13:27
birdthiefok ohsix13:27
ohsixlaura23_: don't add the ppa then & try the one in the repo13:27
LetoThe2ndarand: it does boot, if the /sbin/fsck.btrfs link is disabled.13:27
laura23_so after adding the package and updating, i did sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (before doing sudo apt-get install gnome shell)13:27
laura23_i got a message saying something about gnome-icons-theme13:28
delacbirdthief: I recommend checking this first: open gconf and check that /desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad/touchpad_enabled is set to true13:28
arandLetoThe2nd: Hmm, ok, have you used set-default on your btrfs then?13:28
LetoThe2ndarand: nope.13:28
rwhittlecan i use the fonts.conf directory /etc/fonts.conf from natty and apply it to maverick ?13:29
LetoThe2ndarand: can you kind of take a mental note and ask me again tomorrow when i'm back?13:29
arandLetoThe2nd: If you just do a standard mount /dev/sda# /mnt   of your btrfs, what do you se?13:29
arandLetoThe2nd: Ok, sure :)13:29
arandLetoThe2nd: If you need to be off, I'll try to catch you then.13:30
LetoThe2ndarand: i'll ping you when i can spend a little more time on it :-)13:30
LetoThe2ndlast thing for today:13:30
LetoThe2ndjd@caladan:/boot/grub$ mount | grep sda813:30
LetoThe2nd/dev/sda8 on / type btrfs (rw)13:30
LetoThe2ndgone then... seeya.13:30
Volkodavanybody tried gnome 3 from ppa ? does it install ok ?13:45
bullgard4ohsix: On my Maverick computer the package »postfix« is installed although I did not install it by hand. '~$ which postfix; /usr/sbin/postfix'. The package »bsd-mailx« is installed as well.13:46
sagaciis a ppa even available yet13:46
marcusis there a reason why daily only contains ppc builds atm?13:46
Volkodavsagaci: https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3?field.series_filter=natty13:46
arandom26er: Are you using btrfs perchance?13:47
sagaciVolkodav, righteo13:47
om26erarand, yes / is on btrfs13:47
Picibullgard4: In some cases you can use aptitude's why argument to determine why something was installed. i.e: aptitude why postifx13:48
om26erarand, known bug?13:48
arandom26er: I saw that recently, hmm..13:48
Picibullgard4: of course, you'll need to spell the package name right. *postfix13:48
ohsixbullgard4: sounds like you have install recommends turned on, i didn't turn it off; but suggestions nevertheless aren't installed automatically, so bsd-mailx didn't pull in postfix13:49
arandom26er: What is your default subvolume, and do you have the rootflags=subvol=@ boot option in grub?13:50
syn-ackbullgard4, yep, because you installed something that required it as a dep and like Pici suggested use postfix to figure out why it was installed... I can probably figure out why though. LSB complacency13:50
PiciLots of packages suggest or reccomend 'postfix | mail-transport-agent' in order to mail out alerts or similar.13:50
syn-ackman, my 20 month old so rocks.13:51
=== rye is now known as rye1
om26erarand, default it default is didn't change anything, also rootflags=subvol=@ is not in grub13:55
arandom26er: Ubuntu always need that to boot btrfs as it is setup by default, so add that after the "ro" option in your grub entry and you should at least be able to boot.13:57
=== cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline
arandom26er: Then try "grub-probe /" and see if it sees it as btrfs or not.13:58
om26erarand, rootflags=subvol=@ workkkkeeeeed13:58
arandom26er: =)13:58
om26erarand, thanks so very much, you saved my day :)13:59
arandom26er: What does "grub-probe /" give you?13:59
=== CardinalFang is now known as Card1nalFang
om26erarand, cannot find a grub drive for /dev/sda214:00
om26ercheck your device map14:00
arandHmm, that was yet a different error....14:01
=== Card1nalFang is now known as CardinalFang
arandom26er: sudo?14:03
om26erarand, hmm, 'btrfs'14:03
arandom26er: Ok, then it should've managed to fix itself, run "sudo update-grub" and the rootflags option will be added again.14:04
om26erand update-grub fixed it soooper14:05
arandom26er: I'm betting you saw the same bug. Something (possibly a kernel upgrade) made grub-probe unable to see / as btrfs, and thus omits the btrfs-option from the grub.cfg14:06
om26eryes there was a kenel update14:06
arandom26er: And since it is seemingly transient, you'll have to mind anytime you or upgrades run update-grub..14:06
om26eri can manage that I guess14:06
arandor just remember the boot option to put in in case14:07
arandI'm happy I found that my bug was a dupe, feel less lonely now :)14:08
BluesKajHey folks14:14
coz_BluesKaj,  hey guy14:15
ActionParsniphey guys, in Gnome3 how can I change theme settings? I cannot find the changer anywhere. I found a command to change icon theme14:21
birdthiefdelac: It is set to enabled.14:23
strider24Hey, when can I expect the Gnome 3 build of Maverick?14:24
thiebaudeActionParsnip, you got a link how i can get gnome3 for 11.04? :)14:25
birdthiefohsix: My touchpad is enabled in gconf14:25
ActionParsnipthiebaude: https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome314:25
thiebaudethanks man14:25
ohsixbirdthief: was it disabled before? it's not just a gconf key; its an input device, then X looks at it and sees if it's ok, then uses it14:26
thiebaudewhen i install it do i get a choice at log in?14:26
ohsixbirdthief: run xinput list in a terminal, in X and see if it shows a pointing device14:26
birdthiefohsix: It wasn't disabled before14:26
AnubArackhai kids14:26
AnubArackoups wrong chat :(14:27
ActionParsnipthiebaude: i just get Ubuntu, Ubuntu no 3D, seems to upgrade Gnome rather than be a seperate option14:27
ohsixbirdthief: i didn't say anything about checking that, it's not something that will change between upgrades14:27
thiebaudecool, cos im just using unity 2d14:27
thiebaudei can just change that to ubuntu :)14:27
adittest message14:30
bullgard4Pici, syn-ack, ohsix Thank you for commenting and your help.14:34
lars__jemand da14:35
thiebaudeupdate manager wants to run a partial upgrade14:37
thiebaudeit did that when i added the gnome3 ppa :)14:37
arandHmm, well it may want to remove items due to dependency conflicts... But I'd be wary still.14:39
thiebaudethanks arand that article is good advice, i'll hold off on those14:40
arandUsing aptitude full-upgrade and examining what it wants to do with "aptitude why package" and "why-not" can be useful14:40
lars__I dont want to use unity.14:41
lars__what can i do14:41
thiebaudeuse classic gnome14:41
lars__yes but ubuntu 11.10 wont have it anymore14:41
Picilars__: Says who?14:42
lars__many articles14:42
arandWell the preferred is to have unity-2d for fallback for +2 I think, though I have no idea where the progress on that is.14:43
Picilars__: I'd wait until 11.10's UDS is over to make any definative remarks about that.14:44
arandAnd I wouldn't trust webupd8 for news, by the way.14:44
=== rye1 is now known as rye
lcblars__, on login dialog click on your user-name, type the password and check/select on the botom panel 'Ubuntu Classic'. You'll get what you want with an updated system, comparing with 10.1014:45
lars__i know :)14:46
lars__but i thought 11.10 doenst have it anymore14:46
lars__but okay i wait and seee :)14:46
lcblars__, keep doing the updates/upgrades until the final release. then try again unity.14:47
lcbit's better than rollback what you did.14:48
t0m_Hello, has anyone tested Natty with multiple monitors?14:48
t0m_lcb, is that to me?14:48
lcbt0m_,  if not working as you expect disable the proprietary drivers14:49
BluesKajI had to install gnome desktop in order to boot my old compaq into 11.04 . the upgrade in kde failed and directed me to remove kubuntu-desktop , due to brokemn packages. I then did so  and install ubuntu-desktop , booted to the dwsktop successfully and updated , then install kbuntu-desktop , which now boots successfully as well, what a mess .14:49
t0m_so i get two screens, however things like compiz are not launched on both screens14:50
t0m_metacity works on both, but compiz won't14:50
BluesKajdoes that make sense to anyone ?14:50
thiebaudei'll hold off on my gnome3 updates,lol14:50
=== lars__ is now known as LarsTorben
birdthiefohsix:  Apple Inc. Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpadid=10[slave  keyboard14:50
t0m_and all the applets die when they're on the second screen14:50
birdthiefcomes up14:50
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
ohsixbirdthief: hm i'm not sure what to do if they're both the same device14:51
* thiebaude im not touching anything on this computer haha14:51
birdthiefohsix: hmmmm14:51
lcbt0m_, did you use 'Monitors' or $gksudo gnome-display-properties' and configured it correctly?14:51
birdthiefohsix: My keyboard is working fine14:51
t0m_i've upgraded from maverick14:52
ohsixbirdthief: i gathered14:52
lcbt0m_, just now?14:52
birdthiefwell I could be using an external keyboard14:52
t0m_this morning14:52
t0m_I am using the proprietary nvidia driver and it has worked in all previous releases14:53
t0m_I'm just wondering if compiz has been modified to make it work with unity14:54
birdthiefohsix: I see someone installed libutouch-frame1 and got it working14:54
lcbt0m_, do alll updates/upgrades then run the recovery console (press shift after bios messages and before grub. then run clean, dpkg, grub and finally failsafeX. here select defaults.14:54
birdthiefbut it says mine is already in the latest version14:54
ohsixbirdthief: is it completely dead? have you tried gestures or multiple fingers14:55
t0m_lcb, okay,14:55
birdthiefohsix: It just stays.  THe click doesn't work either14:55
lcbt0m_, i would try then configuring things on classic desktop. before jumping on unity14:56
t0m_lcb, has anyone seen this working? I prepared to believe it is an "upgrade" issue14:56
ohsixbirdthief: well there are lots of changes for multitouch but i've been mostly insulated from them as my touchpad isn't one14:56
lcbt0m_, there are several issues in need of attention, on same hardware that is happening14:56
birdthiefohsix: I don't even need multitouch14:57
t0m_lcb, i've created a new user and logged in14:57
t0m_still see the same fault14:57
birdthiefohsix: I just want to be able to use it without an external mouse14:57
delacbirdthief: trying some easy alternatives: does the taouchpad have enable/disable button like FN-F? or like HP laptops have specialized button for that?14:57
ohsixbirdthief: i understand, just saying i don't have more to offer14:57
t0m_there is no window manager running on the second screen with the "classic" mode, yet metacity (the classic, noeffects mode) does work14:57
t0m_however there are still issues with the indicator applets on the 0.1 screen14:57
lcbt0m_, reboted and did the dpkg packages fixing and the other things?14:57
birdthiefdelac: I've tried... AFAIK it wouldn't14:58
lcbyou are quick14:58
birdthiefohsix:  That's Ok.  Thanks for your effort and help!14:58
t0m_lcb, okay, i'll try that14:58
t0m_lcb, currently the natty machine is the only one i have on me so I'll try and check back later14:58
ohsixbirdthief: theres bound to be a test app for the multitouch stuff in there somewhere, chances are the touchpad is working, but the part that turns gestures/input from it into a mouse pointer isn't working14:59
delacbirdthief: well then, have you gone through your bios settings?15:00
birdthiefdelac: You mean my grub config?15:00
delacohsix: actually, there doesnt seem to be any touchpad device enabled on the laptop. at least I couldnt see any on the logs15:00
ohsixdelac: well the kernel sees it and x sees it, yet no input15:01
ohsixdelac: a lot has moved in the middle with multitouch15:01
ohsixmiddle being on top of x, doing gestures and them eventually getting into apps as input15:01
delacohsix: what device you think is the touchpad?15:02
ohsixhe posted the output of lsinput but i've lost the url in the shuffle15:03
delacbirdthief: the bios is the underlying software that resides between hardware and the os. To get there you must boot your laptop and push special button15:03
ohsixdelac: he's on a macbook15:03
ohsixhttp://pastebin.com/46MDwcyA device 7 / 915:04
delacohsix: they dont have bios?15:04
ohsixthey do, but they don't do anything like you're describing15:04
delacohsix: 7 is the external usb mouse and 9 is keyboard15:05
delacohsix: no 8?15:05
ohsixyou can see the name for 9 is truncated, and the output of xinput list can see the rest of it15:06
ohsixor at least displays it15:06
ohsixproblem is 9 doesn't have EV_REL or any of the other input types for mouse movement as far as i understand it15:07
ohsixdevice 6 has ev_abs15:08
ohsixi ignored it cuz i thought it was a broadcom wireless thing15:09
ohsixbut that is the touchpad15:09
thiebaudeim trying to watch a movie dvd on ubuntu 11.04, any advice ?15:09
delacohsix: me too, but it actually might be it15:09
ohsixthiebaude: run the script to install libdecss in libdvdread4 (dpkg -L libdvdread4, it's the .sh file)15:10
thiebaudethanks ohsix15:10
ohsixdelac: but that doesn't get us anywhere, the kernel knows about it15:10
ohsixi gotta run, bbl15:10
thiebaudei typed that command in the terminal, nothing happened15:11
delacohsix: it seems that older ubuntus have required a external ppa for it to work: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84004015:12
delacbirdthief: did you ever enable a external ppa to make the touchpad work?15:12
ohsixthiebaude: try sudo sh /usr/share/libdvdread4/install-css.sh15:13
ohsixdelac: yea, but it worked before for him; and the output of lsinput shows that the driver is there already15:13
delacohsix: oh, ok15:13
thiebaudeNo such file or directory15:13
ohsixarand: what were you doing with snapshots when you had your btrfs problem, is it possible that grub is confused about what origin it's actually supposed to be reading from?15:13
ohsixthiebaude: sudo sh /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh sorry15:14
thiebaudeok :)15:14
arandohsix: I'm not sure, grub-probe is invoked on the current mounted / and that shouldn't change... I really dont' know.15:15
delacohsix: but doesnt the repository get disabled on upgrade? maybe the drivers didnt get updated?15:16
ohsixdelac: thats assuming he installed one, and i dont see why he would, the driver has been in the kernel since 200815:16
delacohsix: well in that case...15:16
ohsixdelac: but the multitouch stuff in natty is new15:17
delacohsix: gues it's regression then. not much to do but report a bug and wait15:18
thiebaudeohsix, the quality of the movie is great :)15:18
birdthiefdelac: how would I enable the external ppa?15:18
delacbirdthief: you probably shouldn't, as the drivers are on the kernel already. but you could report a bug15:19
birdthiefthe bug has been reported15:20
birdthiefwhen I downgraded by Xserver, my computer wouldn't start15:20
ohsixdelac: i dunno if its a regression, since theres new features in the middle this time around, i'm using ambiguous language because i don't know personally how they fit together :[ but that's where to look, all the underlying things beside say there is an input device15:24
delacohsix: yes, the bug birdthief posted might be the culprit. cant really recommend anything but to wait for the patch15:27
saegehey, is there a way to show the unity start menu in 11.04 permanent, also when i have a maximized window?15:28
delacsaege: you mean the Launcher on the left?15:28
saegeyes, delac15:29
delacsaege: do you have compiz-config-settings-manager installed?15:29
ohsixdelac: that's for a synatpics device though15:29
ohsixbirdthief: do this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/utouch-frame/+bug/724051/comments/6 (evtest in particular)15:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 724051 in utouch-frame (Ubuntu) "upgrade to 1.3.99+git20110116.0e27ce3a-0ubuntu4 breaks touchpad " [High,Fix released]15:30
ohsixbut with event6 instead of event715:30
saegenot yet, delac15:31
saegedo i need it?15:31
delacsaege: do you know how to use gconf?15:31
ohsixdelac: those apple trackpads aren't pseudo multitouch either15:31
saegethink so, used it a few times, delac15:32
delacsaege: ok, then open the gconf-editor15:33
saegeits open15:33
ohsixbirdthief: there is a package to install a bunch of test programs for utouch that you can use to track down the problem15:34
ohsixbirdthief: oddly enough it's called "utouch"15:34
delacsaege: hang on...15:34
ohsixit installs a bunch of -tools and a -gesturetest program, that can be used to further narrow down the problem15:34
saegei'll be here, delac15:35
ohsixbirdthief: as i've not got one myself this is where i have to leave you :[ you might track down the utouch developers for more pointers, but now you have everything you need to know to locate which part the problem is in and report the bug15:35
ohsixhm or not, theres a way to emulate a device with a normal pointer in one of those packages; but still, no time to look until tomorrow15:36
mikehhbah - just updated Kubuntu 11.04 amd64 and it does not want to re-boot (in ubuntu 11.04 i386 now)15:36
delacsaege: go to apps/compiz-1/plugins/unityshell/screen0/options15:36
delacsaege: it's the launcher_hide_mode. i think you like the option number 015:37
saegeok, its the launcher_hide_mode = 0, right, delac?15:37
saegeyes :)15:37
michi_I've the problem that every now and then,when the screensaver is active, the password window doesn't pop up15:38
michi_killalling the screensaver doesn't help15:38
saegethank you, delac15:38
nemohm. gnome 3 looks a lot like unity15:38
nemoI wonder if it is as buggy15:38
nemoI don't know if I'll care for it either15:38
michi_any ideas?15:39
BluesKajnemo, i couldn't tell the diff on the webpages with screeenshots of gnome 3, but I just use gnome when I need to rescue my install ,when kde breaks15:41
nemoBluesKaj: I still have KDE installed on a couple of machines15:42
nemobuuuut, dunno, kinda lost my taste for it15:42
nemoI used it for years though15:42
BluesKajI know gnome is probly more mature due to the number of devs working on it but I prefer the kde "look"15:42
michi_btw, the laptop remains responsive - I can e.g. switch to a textconsole15:42
nemoof course, if these guys really piss me off, I might resort to it, or more likely XFCE415:42
michi_playing with gnome-screensaver-command doesn't help, too15:48
mikehhdunno - I generally prefer the KDE interface, and use a lot of KDE apps, not sure about unity15:49
thiebaudei just use classic gnome :)15:49
thiebaudei dont like too much clicking around, something simple,lol15:49
michi_but killing compiz15:50
mikehhexcept I am having quite a few problems with Kubuntu 11.04 at the moment - I've had to re-install quite a few times, updates seem to break it for me every so often - like now15:51
* thiebaude after 5 yrs of gnome-- i'm just use to it15:52
mikehhI keep trying both Kubuntu and ubuntu interfaces - like some aspects of each, but not all15:54
GOMIi got a problem , my machine keeps logging in . i think its my NVIDIA driver .  anybody knows how to FIX this ??15:57
GOMIat additional drivers under system -- administration   ,  i installed another one but it does not work15:57
GOMIit flashes sometimes then i need  to logging again15:58
GOMIanybody any ideas ??15:59
t0m_lcb, Hi, I'm back16:32
t0m_All is not well in the State of Compiz plus multiple monitors16:33
* AnubArack lol16:36
frybyehi - I have a resource normally available on a usb external hard drive by executing the "start.exe" - I can display the contents of the drive but when trying to get wine to run the start exe it dosent work - any tips.. (ps there is no room to put this large resource on the natty partition itself...)16:38
frybyeget fault report saying External exception in module ntdll or similar... (could not copy it unfortunatly.. always anoying..)16:41
digitalfizerm i got this weird report a problem16:43
digitalfizit said Banshee.exe closed unexpectedly is Banshee mono? not understanding the exe part16:44
ninjaithis is the buggiest beta I've ever tested of ubuntu.16:48
thiebaudethats true for me too, been testing them since 6.06 :)16:48
* genii-around thinks about the KDE3->KDE4 transitional period and shudders16:49
charlie-tcadigitalfiz: is that because this beta1 would normally be called alpha?16:50
* yofel used gnome during those times, kde 4.0 was a tech preview at best16:50
digitalfizcharlie-tca, huh?16:53
digitalfizninjai, i said the same thing16:54
charlie-tcaThey changed things a lot for this release, this would not yet be beta under the previous schedules16:54
frybyere- on a dual boot system I have a resource (now-) on a nfts partition which I am able to mount but via the natty gui do not seem to be able to change a start.exe to make it exectuable - any tips?16:55
frybyeexectuable via wine that is..16:55
jafajust got a kernel irq-related call-trace in the log... __report_bad_irq.clone.2+0x2b/0xa0 - is it of interest to post more details? (beta1)16:57
jafa"irq 16: nobody cared", "Disabling IRQ #16"16:58
jafamight have been due to unplugging a usb3.0 connected hdd17:00
=== meganerdca is now known as meganerd
ryeanybody experienced "The disc drive for / is not ready yet or not present" after the latest updates?17:12
thiebaudeanyway to get rid of the gnome3 ppa through the terminal?17:13
thiebaudeit borked my system,lol17:13
genii-aroundthiebaude: remove it's file from the directory /etc/apt/sources.list.d/17:14
thiebaudethanks genii-around17:14
ryethiebaude, the ppa entries are in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ but the packages - you will need to remove them manually17:14
thiebaudeok cool17:14
thiebaudewhat is the command to get into that directory from a terminal?17:16
mikehhrye: yeah I got that problem - re-installed :-{17:17
ryemikehh, hmmm, today?17:17
ryethiebaude, you may want to install (sudo apt-get install ppa-purge)17:18
thiebaudethanks rye i'll do that now, im in irissi now cos it messed up17:19
mikehhrye: yesterday - Kubuntu 11.04 amd64 refused to re-boot after an update today, Ubuntu i386 seems ok at the moment17:19
ryethiebaude, then sudo ppa-purge ppa:group_or_user/ppa_name (replacing the relevant vars for gnome 3 ppa) - it will revert the packages and remove ppa17:19
thiebaudeok great17:20
thiebaudeit did not work it said Failed to load session Ubuntu17:28
thiebaudeI would just insatll ubuntu from the 11.04 live cd but i dont want nvidia drivers automatically installed during installation17:32
thiebaudeinstall that is,lol17:32
thiebaudeim having no luck getting rid of a gnome3 ppa from the terminal17:47
ryethiebaude, did ppa-purge remove the installed applications?17:48
ryethiebaude, and ppa entry itself?17:48
thiebaudeyes i think it did then when i tried to log in it said failed to load session Ubuntu,rye17:48
ryehm, now I have even more fun, no mouse and keyboard reaction after restart17:48
ryethiebaude, try re-installing ubuntu-desktop meta-package17:49
thiebaudeok i try that thanks :)17:49
thiebaudeunable to locate meta-package and then it says ubuntu is already the newest version17:54
thiebaudewhat is a name of a terminal command to edit my sources.list?17:58
ikoniathiebaude: vi / nano / emacs17:59
thiebaudei'll tru nano, thanks ikonia17:59
digitalfizcan anyone help with this error im getting18:02
digitalfiztrying to update18:02
thiebaudei think im just going to lay out different dvd's and choose which OS i want to use geez18:03
nemodigitalfiz: well. I guess you could remove that package?18:04
nemodigitalfiz: perhaps they changed which package owned it and the update is not working out this order18:04
nemodigitalfiz: maybe it'd be fine after reinstall18:05
digitalfizremove quadrapassel?18:05
ryedigitalfiz, that's a widespread issue18:05
digitalfizits just a game i doubt id ever play it anyways haha18:05
thiebaudei think i will re-install 11.04 nad not mess with it no more18:07
digitalfiznemo, that worked thanks18:08
Tr3LoSI have a serious problem with 11.04, I updated before 1 hour and it crashed when finishing installing. Then I tried to open Home folder and nautilus crashed also. I restarted and it says: "he disk drive for / is not ready yet or not present Continue to wait; or Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery." I also cant recover or use previous Versions. Can any1 help me?18:09
ryeTr3LoS, i have the same issue18:11
Tr3LoSrye, Do you have a clue on what to do?18:12
ryeTr3LoS, you can get further than that by going to Manual recovery abd launching mountall, but after that the keyboard and mouse may not work, but ymmv18:12
Tr3LoSok I will try it, did it work for you rye?18:13
ryeTr3LoS, i am now using external keyoard18:14
thiebaudethanks guys for trying to help, i'll go ahead and re-install and bbl :) cheers18:15
ryedigitalfiz, an upgade for branding and quadraparsel has just arrived18:29
ryeok, my bug #753817, in case somebody experiences the same18:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 753817 in xorg (Ubuntu) "[natty] Internal laptop keyboard and touchpad does not work after upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75381718:30
senseThere was an update to udev for Natty today and now my system won't boot anymore because all udev's processes exit with status 1 during boot. Any idea how to work around this?18:32
ryesense, you can get further than that by going to Manual recovery abd launching mountall, but after that the keyboard and mouse may not work18:39
=== enli1 is now known as enli
senserye: Recovery mode has the same problem: at a certain moment it stops loading and just waits idly.18:39
ryesense, it worked for me so far but it is not really a solution, looks like udev breaks xorg too18:40
fisch246i have an issue where, when i update in natty my wireless card stops working18:40
ryebug #75381718:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 753817 in xorg (Ubuntu) "[natty] Internal laptop keyboard and touchpad does not work after upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75381718:41
fisch246well that's keyboard and touchpad...18:41
senserye: That bug doesn't apply here, I'm afraid. I don't even get to GDM. It seems that mounting the harddisks fails because all udev processes crash earlier already with exit status 1.18:42
senseThough it does prove that the recent udev upload wasn't a very good one.18:43
senseGuess I'll have to wait for the update and install that using a chroot.18:43
fisch246well anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this?18:43
fisch246btw my wireless shows up in ifconfig18:44
fisch246well it says "eth1" but it has always called it that, and worked fine18:45
fisch246i was suppose to be grabbing something to eat with someone right now >.<18:46
fisch246but no wifi = get nothing done today18:46
fisch246ethernet card still works18:47
ryesense, bug #75385318:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 753853 in udev (Ubuntu) "[natty] The disc drive for / is not ready yet or not present" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75385318:47
ryejust filed one18:47
senserye: Great, thank you. I'll look into that.18:47
fisch246i believe it's a broadcom card18:48
ryeok, need to go hopefully this is picked fast, otherwise we'll have a few bricked machines after upgrades roll out18:48
senserye: Yeah, I think they should pull it from the archives until it's fixed.18:49
Tr3LoSmountall didnt work18:50
fisch246i've even restarted several times, and it still won't find any networks18:50
fisch246basically i update... then i restart...18:50
fisch246this has happened twice now18:51
fisch246in about a week18:51
gordonjcpI was thinking about updating 11.0418:51
gordonjcpbut I haven't figured out how to kill grub2 yet18:51
nlsthznnot getting any sounds when being pinged in empathy or x-chat etc... any ideas why? (using natty of course) :)18:52
Tr3LoSanyone can help me? I restart after updating 11.04 beta (which crashed update-manager and nautilus and ....) and it says that / is not mounted or unavailable18:52
gordonjcppreviously whenever I updated 11.04 grub2 came along and blew away my bootloader18:52
sensenlsthzn: I believe there was an update to fix that today.18:52
gordonjcpin a rather rude Windows-like way18:52
senseTr3LoS: Look at bug #753853, it seems that this is going to be hard to fix.18:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 753853 in udev (Ubuntu) "[natty] The disc drive for / is not ready yet or not present" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75385318:52
senseto work around18:52
nlsthznsense: weird, fully updated as of a few minutes ago...18:52
fisch246well i guess i should file a bug report18:53
Tr3LoSthank you, I will check it out18:53
sensenlsthzn: Then maybe the update broke it.18:53
sensenlsthzn: What sound theme have you selected?18:53
nlsthznsense: haha... default18:53
fisch246mmk brb18:53
sensenlsthzn: Isn't that Ubuntu?18:53
nlsthznsense: think so18:54
nlsthznsense: yup, is ubuntu18:54
sensenlsthzn: Did you use to have sounds in Empathy before?18:54
nlsthznsense: I think so... must have cause it is only a pain at the moment :)18:54
sensenlsthzn: Just to make sure, you have checked the settings for sound alerts in Empathy?18:55
nlsthznsense: all looks well... but it is also the same in xchat18:56
nlsthznsense: no matter... will figure it out18:56
sensenlsthzn: ok, good luck!18:56
timingHi, my most recent kernel stalls my keyboard and mouse at gdm. I was able to reboot to an older kernel, running an update now. Is this a known issue?19:05
=== meganerdca is now known as meganerd
sensetiming: could be bug #75381719:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 753817 in xorg (Ubuntu) "[natty] Internal laptop keyboard and touchpad does not work after upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75381719:11
Tr3LoSso, if a fix come out for the boot problem which doest recognise / , what should I do to update?19:12
senseTr3LoS: Did you also have a crash during the update today because of branding-update? It seems that that crash may have screwed things up.19:13
Tr3LoSyup, it happened some hours ago19:14
senseTr3LoS: Not sure if there is an easy way to solve this. But maybe you could find a way to reinstall udev, that could help.19:16
Tr3LoSI dunno how to do that, I am novice in Ubuntu:/19:16
senseTr3LoS: It seems that this problem can be solved by using chroot from a live cd or live usb stick to run the dpkg --configure -a command, but you do need to know how to use that.19:17
timingsense: great thanks! can you see if it's fixed? I have text-only now19:17
timingO it's undecided,new. too bad19:17
sensetiming: Can you run commands? Try dpkg --configure -a or apt-get install -f19:18
Tr3LoSI used dpkg --configure-a, when I started in restore mode19:18
timingsense: i'm running aptitude update now from shell19:18
timingI'll reboot in a few minutes and report back here and at launchpad19:20
Tr3LoSsame here, I will try dpkg and apt-get install -f19:20
timingTr3LoS: you have the same issue?19:21
timingor are you talking about something else?19:21
Tr3LoSno, mine crashed from the update today and it doesnt boot19:21
nperryanyone running the gnome3 ppa stack?19:22
nperryI'm gettin rying to overwrite '/usr/lib/mutter/Meta-3.0.typelib', which is also in package gir1.2-mutter-2.91 3.0.0-0ubuntu1~build119:22
* yofel goes trying those gnome3 packages...19:28
yofelhm, doesn't gnome3 have a sane gtk theme or am I just doing something wrong?19:48
yofel(using the ppa)19:48
gordonjcpwhen I maximise a window the buttons move to the wrong side19:48
Daekdroomyofel, what do you mean?19:51
guntbert!controls | gordonjcp does that help?19:52
ubottugordonjcp does that help?: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/56419:52
yofelDaekdroom: well, is gnome-terminal seriously supposed to look like this? http://yofel.dyndns.org/pics/ext/gt.png19:52
DaekdroomNot at all19:53
DaekdroomBut what environment are you running? Unity? GNOME Shell?19:54
yofelgnome-shell from the ppa19:54
yofeljust to give it a shot19:54
DaekdroomTry installing gnome-tweak-tool19:54
Tr3LoShttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udev/+bug/753853/comments/12 can any1 explain me how to do this with a live CD?19:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 753853 in udev (Ubuntu) "[natty] The disc drive for / is not ready yet or not present" [Critical,Confirmed]19:58
gordonjcpguntbert: not especially19:59
gordonjcpguntbert: I moved them back, but I've obviously missed a setting somewhere19:59
DaekdroomAre you using unity?19:59
gordonjcpguntbert: it's one of the bugfixes I apply to every clean install of Ubuntu20:00
gordonjcpsince having the buttons on the left breaks stuff20:00
gordonjcpUbuntu needs to hire some designers and UX people20:00
DaekdroomThere is no way to move the window controls in the panel20:00
Picigordonjcp: they did20:00
gordonjcpPici: then they need to fire them, and hire some better ones20:00
Tr3LoScan some1 tell me how do run dpkg --configure -a under chroot?20:01
OmegaHas anyone been getting a freeze lately when maximising a window?20:01
OmegaIt happened twice today.20:02
guntbertgordonjcp: no idea about unity here  - sorry20:02
gordonjcpguntbert: fair enough20:03
gordonjcpdoes anyone actually use Ubuntu with the buttons on the wrong side?20:03
rhalffuhm question, is it correct that I cannot switch to a console with ctrl + alt + function key anymore in the beta version of ubuntu ? I'm booting straight into X and I don't get a login shell on the other consoles20:04
dinso i have natty installed, and am wondering how i add/remove icons to the unity compiz plugin bar on the left.20:05
dincan someone point me in the right direction here?20:05
Daekdroomdin, right click them20:05
trismdin: you can add new ones by dragging .desktop files to the panel20:05
trismdin: err, launcher20:05
dintrism: thanks.20:05
=== timblechmann is now known as tim
gordonjcpis there a way to make empathy take less space up?20:08
Omegarhalff: You should be able to switch to a TTY (I'm in one right now)20:08
gordonjcpI don't actually need a silly little speech bubble that takes twice as much space as the line of text it contains20:09
rhalffOmega, I think my install is just broken, will try again :-) or otherwise hardware is broken20:14
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
ryerhalff, same here, looks like vts are not runing getty20:25
ryeso many things broke today20:25
syn-ackGood thing I haven't updated yet today20:25
ninjaiman, i've updated a slew of stuff twice today20:26
dotted_does anyone else have issues with huawei e1752 3g modems disconnecting often in natty?20:26
Dartis there a way to sort software center apps rating wise?20:27
syn-ackhrm, I wonder if /etc/inittab still controls gettys in Ubuntu20:27
syn-ackanyone happen to know?20:27
ryesyn-ack, no20:28
ryesyn-ack, etc/init/tty1.conf20:28
syn-ackThat's a shame20:28
thiebaudewhat is overlay-scrollbar in 11.04?20:29
syn-ackrye that's basically been turned into an upstart job...20:30
ryei came with a good news!20:32
ryeso, the failure to boot is not related to udev changes, it is related to some package that pervented apt from installing the complete suite of udev libraries20:33
ryei now have the control of the keyboard and mouse20:33
ryesyn-ack, yes, upstart jobs for all the ttys20:33
ryeah, sense has already figured this out :)20:34
censorhi all20:51
censori'm trying to get Unity to work on natty a3 with gnome 3 from the gnome-team ppa20:51
censorbut my X always crashes...20:52
censori'm using a nvidia gt220 with the 270.30 drivers20:52
censornot much i can see, as there's always this fullscreen overlay telling me i have to log out20:52
krosenvoldDid something just break badly with the latest updates ? I halt quite early in the boot process20:53
censorbut one thing i was able to see when trying "unity --reset" was that the unity-panel-service isn't running20:53
Daekdroomcensor, as far as I know, GNOME3 PPA breaks Unity.20:54
censoroh, alright20:54
censorgnome3 is nice enough for itself ;)20:54
censorguess i'll just sit this one out then20:54
censorcheers guys, keep it up! really looking forward to final =)20:55
genii-aroundSo many updates today21:04
ooki2day__help me, pls21:15
ooki2day__I was restart my system. and i get message about crash plasma21:15
ooki2day__each reloading I obtain the message about a crash21:15
LinuxFetusHey when I run the update manager I get the following error: http://pastebin.com/9WR38WNg I'm running Natty 32-bit.21:15
ooki2day__login is norm, kde load norm, but at enter to system, I got a message about crash21:16
ooki2day__no widgets. panels not start21:16
ooki2day__only willpaper21:16
ooki2day__and i can't run properities(when I try to click at right buttom in mause)21:16
ooki2day__this bug was appeared when I updated system21:16
ooki2day__kubuntu 11.0421:16
yofelooki2day__: can you press alt+f2, run plasma-desktop, and see if that still crashes?21:18
yofelLinuxFetus: delete the mentioned file and try again21:19
ooki2day__yofel: a got crash gagin(21:19
yofelooki2day__: can you get a backtrace?21:19
yofelfrom the developer information tab21:20
ooki2day__yofel: what is this?21:20
ooki2day__yofel: it's the cod?21:20
yofelooki2day__: a trace that shows what failed where, as plasma is a mix of the desktop and all the running applets21:20
yofelyou'll need the debugging symbols installed though21:20
ooki2day__yofel: 140 strings21:21
yofelcan you pastebin what it says?21:21
ooki2day__yofel: or you want this: Thread 1 (Thread 0xb60ac720 (LWP 2704)):21:21
ooki2day__[KCrash Handler]21:21
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:21
yofelooki2day__: all below that21:21
ooki2day__yofel:  write !paste and cod?21:22
yofelooki2day__: no, read what ubottu said21:23
LinuxFetusyofel, I did that one.  And it gave a similar error message for a different file, and another... I tried removing several but it keeps giving errors : http://pastebin.com/YpLsR17A21:26
yofelLinuxFetus: then just remove all files in the folder, apt-get will recreate them21:26
yofelooki2day__: thanks, looking21:27
ooki2day__yofel: waiting)21:27
=== irvie is now known as irv
ooki2day__#7 0x002e3b28 - it's string number and error?21:30
svudpkg-maintenance-helper: error: couln't identify the package21:30
svuwhat could that be?21:30
svutrying to upgrade from 101021:30
yofelooki2day__: well, the first number is the layer in the stack where the called function is currently, then the binary position number and then the actual function name that was called by the program21:31
yofelhm, can't get kdeµblog to crash here though...21:31
ooki2day__yofel: plasma can't get kdeublog?21:34
yofelooki2day__: do you have all updates installed? If yes you should file a bug21:34
yofelooki2day__: well, plasma crashes when showing the applet it seems21:34
=== irvay is now known as irv
ooki2day__yofel: I was installed all updates, but I can't get update from launchpad.net21:35
yofelwhat did launchpad say?21:36
ooki2day__404 not found21:36
ooki2day__yofel: I was update from archive.ubuntu.com21:37
yofelthen you have a source added that doesn't exist, remove it21:37
yofelor your package cache is out of date, refresh it21:37
ooki2day__I was refreshed at few minutes ago21:38
ooki2day__yofel: today updated system and was obtained the bug21:43
ooki2day__yofel: may be a can delete kdeublog and bug will fixed?21:45
yofelprobably, I'm not exactly sure how to do that though, probably edit one of the plasma settings files in ~/.kde/share/config21:46
ooki2day__where is .kde?21:49
yofelhome folder, that's what the tilde means21:49
ooki2day__can't find21:51
yofelooki2day__: folders with a dot are hidden by default, you'll have to edit the path manually in dolphin21:54
=== dgjones is now known as DJones
ooki2day__yofel: what file I need?21:57
=== meganerdca is now known as meganerd
ooki2day__yofel: plasma-desktop-appletsrc?21:58
yofelnot sure, It's been months since I edited something by hand there21:58
ooki2day__yofel: I can't find kdeublog in plasma-files22:03
searaymancan somone help me get mlb.tv to work in ubuntu?22:04
stefg!flash | searayman22:13
ubottusearayman: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash22:13
searaymanstefg: thnks but flash is installed....22:13
ceed^I'm having this really annoying problem that certain problems aren't opening in the Unity launcher. They show the first time I run them, but the next time they don't. Two examples are Opera and Xchat. Any ideas why this happens?22:14
stefgsearayman: as an european i have nothing to do with baseball :-) so what besides flash does that nedd ?22:15
searaymanstefg: no idea, i was reading things on how to gegt it to work in years past, but i have seen nothign for the 2011 season22:16
stefgsearayman: so what does not work? no video? no sound? no access?22:16
yofelooki2day__: could be called mircoblogging or so, I don't have the applet enabled here usualyl22:17
searaymanno video it just stuck loading....22:17
searaymanstefg: the video just never loads22:17
stefgsearayman: AFAICS they just use flash... so shouldn't be a big deal if e.g. youtube is working22:21
searaymanstefg: yea thats what I thought22:21
searaymanstefg: how do i replace firefox with firefox 4 on natty mayeb tht will help22:21
searaymanstefg: i downloaded and extracted but i dont know how to make a custom launcher in Natty22:21
stefgsearayman: i just watched the trailer inside my virtualbox natty install... do you have a 64-bit install?22:22
Logan_!ff4 | searayman22:23
ubottusearayman: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox22:23
searaymanstefg: nope....most videos on mlb.com work just cant load a game it just loads and loas22:23
searaymanstefg: could I have conflicting plugins?22:23
stefgsearayman: don't use tarballs ... firefox 4 is available from the mozillateam/firefox-stable ppa22:23
searaymanstefg: just tried and didnt work22:24
searaymanW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/mozillateam/firefox-stable/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found  E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?22:24
stefgsearayman: natty has ff4 ... so of course it's not in the pa22:25
searaymanstefg: reall i didnt think mine is runnign firefox 422:25
searaymanstefg: it does your right, i just dont see the icon for the new tab feature22:26
searaymantrying to wathc a game on ff4 stefg will see if it works it didnt work earlier though22:27
searaymanstefg: coudl i have liek the wrong version of flash?22:27
stefgsearayman: no...  i think it's just that they need some separate application for certain features quote: All MLB.TV features not available on all devices. Separate purchase of applicable MLB.com At Bat™ application may be required22:29
searaymanstefg: yea i pay for n ccoutn to watch the games22:29
stefgsearayman: it might be that hi-def content is problematic.... compiz, flash , betas and weak hardware (embedded video) don't go well together22:31
searaymanhow can i turn compiz off?22:31
searaymani can use unity without compiz right?22:32
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:32
stefgsearayman: there's some replacement , unity 2d22:32
searaymanstefg: how do i switch to unity 2d?22:33
stefgsearayman: frankly: i don't know... i only just installed natty in virtualbox. on lucid and maverick it's a tab in the appearances control applet, but i haven't found that in natty22:34
searaymank i am goign to logg out and see if its another session be back later22:34
searaymanthanks for your help thus far22:34
stefgsearayman: you could try metacity --replace in the cli .... but that might well crash the system22:35
=== meganerdca is now known as meganerd
Daekdroomsearayman, stefg, install the unity-2d package and select it at the login screen22:37
pwuertzhi, how do I get rid of this new behavior for application main-menus appearing in the top panel?22:42
Daekdroompwuertz, use classic gnome over unity.22:42
pwuertzDaekdroom, I do22:42
Daekdroomthen "unlock" the menu applet from the panel and remove it22:42
DaekdroomI'm not sure about the actual wording in the right-click menu, tho22:43
pwuertzDaekdroom, ah ok ^^22:43
pwuertzDaekdroom, I was afraid to loose the menus all together ^^22:43
Chipacahi all22:44
delacpwuertz: you can get them back to the panel by adding the panel item "indicator-appmenu"22:44
Chipacamy work notebook refuses to boot. help?22:45
pwuertzI don't know why canonical decided to do this.. but using this netbook desktop for regular desktops is a bad idea IMHO22:45
Chipacamore specifically22:45
Chipacax comes up, and freezes22:46
pwuertzif you got a large screen, you gain virtually no additional space from removing the menus.. but you have to travel a long way until you reach the menu on the top if your application is somewhere at the lower right22:46
Chipacarecovery mode freezes also22:47
Chipacainit=/bin/bash, also22:48
Daekdroompwuertz, personally I believe that non-maximized window menubars should go to the window title bar.22:48
DaekdroomLike Chrome's and Firefox's and Opera's and all that22:48
delacindeed that would be quite sensible22:49
pwuertzDaekdroom, this is basically why canonical has chosen unity over gnome3, right? the gnome-folk did not agree on moving the menubars to the panel22:50
DaekdroomIt goes way beyond that.22:50
DaekdroomOr atleast that's what they've been telling us.22:50
delacmost likely it's not a single thing. But I do hope they find common ground soon.22:52
pwuertzfrom the looks, there is not much of a difference between gnome3 and unity.. I did't try to use it that much though until changing back to gnome-classic ^^22:53
skyjumperbottom of gnome.org, "Hosted by Canonical"22:53
skyjumpercan't be too much bad blood22:54
* Crashbit installing archlinux ... please wait a moment22:55
ubuntu4shaneis it possible to upgrade to natty from maverick in the beta release?22:56
delacbut I would recommend trying live- cd or usb-stick before doing that. there are some critical bugs still around22:57
delacand read the release notes carefully22:57
pwuertzthe installer did not mention that booting from btrfs is still not possible22:58
ubuntu4shanedelac: I'm backing up before diving in, but need some serious bleeding edge ati drivers stuff, Radeon HD3100.22:59
delacwell, then you probably should try live-cd or usb beforehand23:01
delacif you are unsure about them working23:01
ubuntu4shanedelac: on the schedule I didn't see the RC release date, is that now called the beta2?23:05
ubuntu4shaneI always used to upgrade to the RC, and live with the errors,23:06
ubuntu4shanewhere do I find the release notes?23:06
Piciubuntu4shane: Looks like beta 2 is replacing the RC.23:07
ubuntu4shanethat is kind of what I figured.23:07
ubuntu4shanePici: you are in a lot of rooms. :)23:08
Chr|sPici: beta 2 is out?23:08
Chr|sahh nvm23:08
Piciubuntu4shane: About 60, most of them Ubuntu related.23:08
ubuntu4shanePici: right, because I usually only am in *buntu rooms, and run into you a lot.l23:09
Chr|s60 ubuntu channels? hmm23:09
macoim only on 20 ubuntu channels now23:09
ubuntu4shaneI don't ever do more than 3 or 423:10
DaekdroomI'm on 3 ubuntu channels.23:10
ubuntu4shanewow, we are moving from Rythmbox to Banshee?23:11
DaekdroomPersonally, I ditched both for Clementine :P23:11
delacFoobar2000 is what I use. Only player that has decent fade settings.23:13
DaekdroomI thought that was Windows-only23:13
delacever heard of Wine?23:14
DaekdroomEver heard of poor integration?23:14
delacactually, for some reason the Foobar seems to "integrate" best. At least it was easiest to get frequencies set appropriately.23:15
DaekdroomIntegrate to the desktop.23:16
DaekdroomInterface etc23:16
delacwhat I mean is, that it reproduces the frequencies correctly23:16
delacwell, that doesnt matter so much as the quality of music23:16
skyjumperyou can do a system-wide equalizer with 'pulseaudio-equalizer'23:17
delacno, not that kind of frequency setting23:17
delacit was some proble with resampling23:17
ubuntu4shaneahh, looking at the schedule, beta 2 won't be out for another week?  is that correct?23:18
charlie-tcaubuntu4shane: yes23:18
ubuntu4shanewith just a week away, it  is still tempting23:19
jedixHey, ubuntu 11.04 beta 1 has broken adobe flash sound in chromium, turning off gpu acceleration in the flash plugin fixes it.23:49
jedixis this just with nvidia binary blob drivers?23:49
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