halpbatmanis there an off topic channel?00:09
dotjoshSoooo... I'm sure I'm not the first person asking, but I can't find the info anywhere.  How do I upgrade to gnome 3 on my ubuntu 10.10 desktop?00:09
holsteinhalpbatman: #ubuntu-beginners-team00:13
halpbatmanholstein: thx00:13
holsteindotjosh: the only PPA ive seen is for natty00:13
holsteinbut i just found http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/install-vanilla-gnome-3-in-maverick/00:14
dotjoshand I was all excited to come home to install it00:16
holsteinsudo apt-add-repository ppa:ricotz/testing00:16
holsteinsudo apt-get update00:16
holsteinsudo apt-get upgrade00:16
holstein^ do that at your own risk though00:17
holsteindotjosh: ^00:17
dotjoshis that the final gnome 3 version?00:19
holsteinGNOME3 (included on 2011-03-23)00:19
holsteini mean, you can always DL and build it00:20
dotjoshI'm pretty new to linux...00:20
holsteindotjosh: actually00:21
holsteinthe link i gave you earlier00:21
holsteinthey are suggesting a different PPA00:21
holsteinsudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-desktop/gnome3-builds00:21
holsteindotjosh: i would start by reading that link00:21
holsteinthen maybe look for a live CD with gnome3 on it00:22
holsteintry that and see if you want to bother00:22
dotjoshanyone know if there will be an "Easy" way to upgrade at some point in the near future?00:27
holsteindotjosh: PPA would be the easy way00:28
holsteinyou wont see an upgrade00:28
holsteinin lucid or maverick00:28
holsteinprobably not natty either00:29
holsteinmaybe a backport*00:29
coz_ good day all00:40
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thewrathhello all!01:56
coz_good day all02:08
thewrathduanedesign or cprofitt you there?02:35
tehroflmaoercan someone help me with this unusually long boot time I'm having?05:11
UndiFineDtehroflmaoer, yes05:11
UndiFineDthere is a package in the repositories called bum (boot up manager)05:12
tehroflmaoeron startup, it hangs on a blinking cursor for at least three minutes before the splash screen loads05:12
tehroflmaoerhow do I check that?05:12
UndiFineDit is available through Ubuntu Software center and Synaptic05:13
holsteinUndiFineD: nice tip :)05:13
UndiFineDin those 3 minutes, servers are being started, some of which you may not even use / need05:13
tehroflmaoerI don't have it installed05:14
holsteintehroflmaoer: you can install it05:14
holsteinvia synaptic05:14
holsteinor the software center05:14
tehroflmaoerok I installed it and ran it, what should I do with this?05:15
UndiFineDit will tell you what services are running and others that are available05:16
UndiFineDby checking and unchecking you can change the way your system boots up05:17
UndiFineDit is installed in System -> Administration -> Boot-up Manager05:18
tehroflmaoerI don't think the problem is with the services, I haven't installed anything recently that would load at boot05:18
holsteintehroflmaoer: why do you say recently?05:19
holsteinis this a new thing?05:19
holsteinit used to boot fast05:19
holsteinand now it boots slow?05:19
tehroflmaoeryeah, it used to boot in <45 seconds05:19
holsteinwhat did you update?05:20
tehroflmaoerI didn't update anything05:20
tehroflmaoerI think it might be because I tried suspending, and I'm using a wubi install05:20
tehroflmaoerbut I've used suspend previously and had no troubles05:20
tehroflmaoerI'm not sure if suspend is still broken in wubi or not05:21
holsteintehroflmaoer: i would check for updates05:21
holsteinrun them05:21
holsteinand go from there05:21
tehroflmaoerok I'll do that now05:21
UndiFineDanother way to see what is keeping you from booting faster id bootchart, but that is demanding resources during boot itself too05:22
UndiFineDhere is an example of my system05:24
tehroflmaoerI guess I'll install that once I'm done upgrading05:26
tehroflmaoerit just started fine, I'm going to try another reboot to see if it will boot quickly again05:35
tehroflmaoerok well it seems fine now... I guess I just had to update05:40
tehroflmaoerthanks guys for your help05:40
UndiFineDany time tehroflmaoer05:50
AJH101hi does anyone know how to uninstall a game from the humble indie bundle - revenge of the titans?10:41
bioterrorworld of goo just needed to run10:43
AJH101bioterror: but how to i uninstall (please explain VERY SLOWLY!!! -) )?10:45
bioterrorhow did you install it?10:45
bioterrorlet's begin from there10:45
AJH101i used a .deb file to install10:46
AJH101but i cannot find it via the software centre10:46
bioterrordpkg -P package10:46
bioterroruse tabkey to complete it's name10:47
AJH101being blind10:47
AJH101looked again and it appears!10:47
AJH101thanks anyway!10:47
ThePunisher60hello everyone11:06
ThePunisher60i'm beginig with ubuntu11:06
ThePunisher60any advices for a poor beginner11:06
Puck`hi ThePunisher6011:07
Puck`yes, of course, use the system, and collect questions (:11:07
ThePunisher60and .. is there any tutorial on usual commands or some like that11:08
UndiFineDhello ThePunisher6011:14
UndiFineDyes, what king of manual would you like11:14
ThePunisher60hello undifined11:14
UndiFineDwhat kind11:14
ThePunisher60for beginnerz11:14
ThePunisher60you know .; with the usual commands an stuff11:14
UndiFineDthat last one is specific for commandline help11:16
ThePunisher60thnx undifined11:16
UndiFineDif you have any further questions, feel free to ask them here11:16
ThePunisher60thnx a lot bro11:17
coz_ good day all13:09
MrChrisDruifHai coz_13:12
coz_MrChrisDruif,  hey guy13:12
MrChrisDruifHow's it going?13:12
coz_MrChrisDruif,  its going about the same as yesterday :) although today one guy  told me to stop saying good day in all the channels13:14
MrChrisDruifYeah, better to do this in #ubuntu-beginners-team unless you've got a problem ofc :P13:15
coz_MrChrisDruif,  well I do support in a number of channels.. 12 channels on two servers... /amsg does the trick besides  copy and paste   and I only do it a couple times a day,, and not even everyday13:16
MrChrisDruifYeah :)13:17
celestialhi everyone can anyone tell me how to install cursors that arnt packed together like peice together my own sey i cant find info any where some have a .cur extention13:43
KlightHello all, anyone good with wpasupplicant, I've got it installed okay and even got a connection, however now my headless server crashes (hangs) on shut down or reboot. I'm very new at all this so I thought I'd ask.15:02
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Daniel0108I think I have problems with 11.04 :/17:39
Daniel0108wow, the new software center messed up my whole sources.list :P17:41
Daniel0108repogen ftw! :D17:50
MrChrisDruifHai Nevada_18:39
Nevada___I'm trying to install Ubuntu Netbook from USB flash drive (not USB stick) or from SanDisk. But it won't boot. Does someone has experience with that or can tell me where to find further help?18:40
holsteinNevada___: try formatting the stick18:41
holsteinand try using unetbootin to make the stick18:41
holsteincheck the md5 sum of the iso too18:41
holsteinand maybe think about trying the 11.04 version18:42
holsteinsince there will be no netbook remix anymore18:42
Nevada___well, it's not a stick, that's why I think it won't boot. So I should reformat the SanDisk?18:43
holsteinNevada___: thats what i would do18:43
holsteinstick or no18:43
xardas008i have a very strange problem. when booting into windows xp everything is normal, booting into ubuntu i have no keyboard/mouse18:44
holsteinafter checking the md5 sum*18:44
holsteinxardas008: is this a new development?18:44
xardas008since 5 minutes18:44
xardas008testet with ubuntu 10.10 normal and failsafe (failsafe tells me something about usb 1-4 read error) and even ubuntu 11.0418:44
Nevada___and I've got the download from here: http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook/get-ubuntu/download - isn't it up to date?18:44
xardas008netbook remix should be up to date18:45
holsteinNevada___: ?18:45
holsteinits about 2 weeks from being obsolete18:45
holsteinthe whole idea of a netbook remix18:45
xardas008booting into ubuntu 11.04 live iso everything is working, now i don't understand anything18:45
holsteinthe 10.10 netbook remix will be supported officially for a year18:45
holsteinbut, im suggesting to go ahead and move forward to 11.0418:46
xardas008holstein, not 18 month?18:46
holsteinxardas008: sure18:46
holsteinand we're 6 months into that18:46
xardas008ah ok18:46
holsteini gotta run...18:46
holsteingood luck guys18:46
Nevada___uh, thanks18:46
xardas00811.04 is still in beta, so if it's not as import to install now, you could maybe wait until 28th april18:49
xardas008or install the netbook remix18:49
michael_can anyone help me with mass storage devices and ubntu?18:49
xardas008michael_, maybe, depends on the problem you have18:49
Nevada___xardas008, so 10.10 would be fine, too? I'm a total beginner, and a little bit confused18:50
xardas008Nevada___, 10.10 is the current stable so would be the best choice for now18:50
michael_ok well the problem i have here is i have two flash drives. both made by the same company sandisk. they won't work unless there both plugged in. why is that?18:51
Nevada___okay, I'm formatting the Sandisk now.18:51
bioterror10.10 now and a month after release of 11.04 you can "do-release-upgrade -d"18:51
MrChrisDruifxardas008: Depends on if Nevada___ wants to stay with a version for a long time18:51
Nevada___Yes, I think I can upgrade18:51
MrChrisDruifThen might LTS be a good choice :)18:52
xardas008MrChrisDruif, yeah but installing a beta now wouldn't be good i think, even for a beginner18:52
MrChrisDruifEspecially, but indeed18:52
bioterrorno lts18:52
bioterrorit's old :D18:52
xardas008bioterror, old but stale18:52
MrChrisDruif10.04 is just a year old bioterror <_<"18:52
bioterrorand 10.10 is not stable?18:52
xardas008bioterror, i didn't say that18:53
MrChrisDruifSure, I'm not pulling that in question :P18:53
bioterrorI still think lts is more targetted to companies running ubuntus, as they dont have to upgrade that much them18:53
Nevada___gosh, unable to find the "format this" button in windows18:54
Nevada___ah, there it is ^^""18:54
xardas008could also be good for normal users who don't want to upgrade too often18:54
bioterrorbut for a normal average joe, current version is more comfortable18:54
Nevada___FAT32 should do it?18:54
xardas008for what Nevada___ ?18:54
xardas008do you want to create a usb live iso?18:55
Nevada___for nothing more than to install Ubuntu from it18:55
xardas008you can use the tool which is described on the download page of ubuntu18:55
xardas008and also format the drive with that tool18:55
Nevada___Is that something like Universal USB Installer?18:56
xardas008yeah this one18:56
gaurav_pawaskarHi guys...18:58
gaurav_pawaskarwhen i run dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot. it is deleting some of my source files18:58
gaurav_pawaskarneed help.. trying packaging 1st time :)18:59
gaurav_pawaskarand i get "dpkg-buildpackage: error: dpkg-source -b randy-1.0 gave error exit status 2"18:59
gaurav_pawaskaranything if I am missing?19:00
Nevada___So, formatting. For booting from Sandisk I have to change boot order in BIOS, right? I'm not sure about the device which is used when I put in the Sandisk. There's USB Key, USB CD, USB zip, USB LS120..... which of those should be on top?19:00
xardas008gaurav_pawaskar, can you post more of you're error message using pastebin?19:00
xardas008Nevada___, i think you need to test that, try booting with one of the options at the first place, maybe you put all before the internal hard drives than he will find the correct one on his own i think19:02
gaurav_pawaskarxardas008: http://paste.ubuntu.com/590903/19:02
Nevada___okay, I'm doing that19:03
gaurav_pawaskari have been following this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=5100319:03
Nevada___Antivir will block autorun.inf, when I use Universal USB Installer. Do I have to unblock it?19:06
xardas008it would be good to disable antivir for this procedure19:07
Nevada___ok, doing it again19:09
Nevada___it renamed the drive... convenient19:13
xardas008now you can stick it into the netbook and try it out19:13
Nevada___it's loading windows, although I put everything named "USB ..." in the booting order before HDD19:14
xardas008can you choose you're drive with a key like F11 or F12?19:15
xardas008or maybe you need to try some times until he finds the boot media19:15
Nevada___That I don't know, it's a Samsung. Trying it again19:15
Nevada___BIOS is saying in the line of every "USB ..." that there is none19:19
Nevada___oops, repeating19:20
Nevada___BIOS is saying in the line of every "USB ..." that there is none, n/a19:20
xardas008that's not good19:21
Nevada___I will try with various other drives I have here, I'm quite positive it will work in the end19:22
xardas008can be a possibility, on my desktop computer the front usb works not good too, sometimes it works, sometimes not19:24
xardas008it's like playing poker19:24
Nevada___then wish me good luck ^^ I really don't want to have Windows on this netbook. I thank you for your help19:27
xardas008yeah windows + netbook = not good19:27
MrChrisDruifGood luck Nevada___19:33
Nevada___thanks ^^19:33
MrChrisDruifNevada___: If Ubuntu still feels sluggish on the netbook, you could also try Lubuntu which is based on LXDE. Much lighter then Gnome19:37
Nevada___Unfortunately I have no idea. It's my very first experience with Ubuntu19:39
Nevada___But if it uhm, feels sluggish on the netbook, I will definately see into another option :)19:39
xardas008Nevada___, did the netbook boot into the usb stick now?19:51
Nevada___I want to format the flash drive beforehand. So right now I'm still seeing through the files19:53
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Nevada___Does the Ubuntu installation keep Windows or can it also format the disk?20:04
bioterrordepends what you're doing20:05
bioterrorif you choose to install on whole disk, ofcourse it will be installed over windows20:05
Nevada___Ok, I will see that then20:08
Nevada___From other people I heard that they have an Ubuntu installation which is "unclean". What does that mean, clean and unclean installation?20:09
MrChrisDruifUnclean? Never heard of an unclean install20:11
Nevada___so they just confused a newby20:16
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xardas008maybe they played to much with their installation?20:18
Nevada___may be. They said it's slow because installation's not been clean20:18
MrChrisDruifI've had a slow Ubuntu after an upgrade20:19
Nevada___It's formatting now, and going to take a while20:34
Nevada___Well, that has been senseless. "Your USB drive won't be bootable"21:15
holsteinNevada___: whats the issue?21:16
Nevada___an error (1) occured while executing syslinux21:16
* holstein just getting back21:16
Nevada___welcome back21:16
holsteinNevada___: did you try making the "stick" with unetbootin21:16
Nevada___it's when I try to use Universal USB Installer on a freshly formatted USB flash drive / hard disk21:17
Nevada___it's okay, I guess, and won't work. The drive letter only shows up when I check "Show all drives (USE WITH CAUTION)"21:18
holsteinunetbootin will make you a bootable USB21:18
holsteindrive letter?21:18
holsteinOH yeah21:18
holsteinthat makes sense21:18
holsteinNevada___: make sure you are getting the right drive though21:19
holsteini always double check with gparted21:19
holsteinor sudo fdisk -l21:19
Nevada___yes, it's the right one. It's been renamed21:19
Nevada___Whatever, now I've got a formatted USB drive ^^ nice. I've got another one to try, it's my ipod21:19
Nevada___renamed to "Install Ubuntu Netbook"21:20
holsteinjust formatting the thing21:20
holsteinto fat3221:20
holsteinwith gparted21:20
holsteinthen, make the bootable media with unetbootin21:20
holsteinthat has worked for me on *lots* of USB devices21:21
holsteinusb drives21:21
Nevada___do you refer to my external USB drive hard disk thing or the ipod?21:21
MrChrisDruifFlood anyone? :P21:21
Nevada___For the external USB drive hard disk there's no option for FAT32, only NFTS21:21
holsteinNevada___: any21:21
holsteinNevada___: fat32 is what you need21:21
holsteini dont know what you are using to format21:22
holsteinbut you can DL a gparted live disc21:22
Nevada___there's only NTFS and exFAT to chose in the dropdown21:22
holsteinNevada___: what drop down?21:22
holsteinin windows?21:22
Nevada___yes, in the formatting menu21:22
holsteinuse *gparted*21:22
holsteinto format the drive21:22
holsteindont rename it21:23
holsteinjust go right to unetbootin21:23
holsteinor a live ubuntu disc21:23
holsteinand make the bootable media21:23
holsteinim fairly sure NTFS and exFAT will fail21:23
holsteinOR you could google 'how to format fat32 with my windows version'21:24
Nevada___gparted, 130mb download?21:24
holsteinNevada___: i use http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/21:26
holsteinhas gparted in there21:26
holsteinbut, yeah that sounds right21:26
holsteinNevada___: however21:26
holsteinif you cant make bootable media21:26
holsteinyou wont be able to use a gparted live CD21:26
holsteinNevada___: can you just burn a CD ?21:26
holsteinand do that?21:26
Nevada___I want to install Ubunto onto my netbook, it doesn't have a CD drive21:26
holsteinNevada___: so the answer is no then?21:26
holsteinthats not an option?21:26
holsteinyou have no usb CD drives?21:26
Nevada___nope, none of them21:27
holsteinNevada___: is this windows 7?21:27
Nevada___Windows 7 here, Windows 7 starter on the netbook21:27
holsteini think you will have much more luck with fat32+unetbootin21:30
Nevada___I'm about to format... I just need to get the command right21:30
Nevada___"volume is too big for fat3221:31
Nevada___btw, booting from the Sandisk didn't work21:32
holsteinNevada___: ?21:32
holsteini dont know what 'the sandisk' is21:32
holsteinbut, you should be able to sort it out21:32
holsteini would try *not using the ipod21:32
holsteinhow big is the sandisk?21:33
holsteinUSB stick are really resonable now21:33
Nevada___I'm sorry. It's 4 GB21:34
Nevada___http://bilder.afterbuy.de/images/73956/sandisk_2gb_sd_card.jpg like that21:34
holsteinNevada___: 4gb's will be fine for fat3221:34
Nevada___yes, it's already fat3221:35
Nevada___It's not been recognized in BIOS as USB drive21:35
holsteinit = 'the sandisk' ?21:35
holsteinthe bios on ?21:35
holsteinthe netbook?21:35
holsteindoes it boot cards?21:35
Nevada___apparently not ? I don't know21:36
holsteinNevada___: google is your friend21:36
holsteingoogle " 'the exact model#' sd card boot"21:36
Nevada___there are no relevant results at all21:41
holsteinNevada___: whats the netbook?21:41
Nevada___Samsung n14521:41
holsteinif i were you21:43
holsteini would go buy a stick21:43
holsteinif you're anywhere near me, i'll give you one :)21:43
Nevada___Tomorrow I'll go get one from some friends21:44
holsteini think thats the deal21:44
Nevada___I've got sticks, but 500mb, and that's not enough21:44
holsteinfrom what i see21:44
holsteindoesnt boot SD cards21:44
holsteinand it doesnt have to21:44
holsteinNevada___: i would think 1 GB would be minimum21:44
holsteinthe iso's are usually CD sized21:45
Nevada___yes, I've seen that21:45
holsteinyou can do a netinstall in theory21:45
holsteinbut, its not trivial21:45
Nevada___Well then, Windows will last one day longer21:46
Nevada___Now I've got everything around me formatted, which is not bad21:47
holsteinNevada___: you can take the HD out21:47
holsteinto another machine21:47
Nevada___I can take the Harddisk out? No ^^ I cannot do that21:48
holsteinwell, you might not want to21:48
holsteinbut you can21:48
holsteinim just giving you options21:48
Nevada___yes, very eager :)21:49
Nevada___thanks for your help, then, and xardas008_, too21:50
holsteinsure :)21:50
holsteinNevada___: HEY21:50
Nevada___I'll try a bigger USB stick tomorrow. If nothing will work, I'll be back. Your support is nice21:50
holsteini have an SD card reader21:50
holsteinits a USB SDcard reader21:51
holsteini found it at the charity shop for like 50 cents21:51
holsteini think they are cheap new though21:51
holsteinthats another option21:51
xardas008_that's cheap yeah21:51
Nevada___mh, interesting. I may want to drop by the computer store tomorrow21:52
xardas008_my computer was near of been thrown out of the window today21:52
holsteinxardas008_: :/21:54
Nevada___but it didn't get thrown out21:54
kevin6888296i have an sd card reader21:55
kevin6888296it stopped working for some reason21:55
holsteinkevin6888296: did you try 'the 2inch drop' ?21:56
kevin6888296holstein: never21:56
xardas008_usb didn't work anymore21:56
xardas008_and i needed to boot into windows to get it work again21:56
xardas008_that's so anoying21:56
msp301kevin6888296: have you recently updated your kernel ??21:56
kevin6888296msp301: no21:57
msp301kevin6888296: hmm .. that's generally the 1st thing I think of, what OS are you running??21:58
holsteinxardas008_: i had one of those too21:59
kevin6888296ubuntu 10.10 msp30121:59
kevin6888296i already tried 5 different kernels21:59
holsteinsomeone in my LUG gave me a USB stick that was 'dead'21:59
kevin6888296from live iso21:59
holsteinand from an XP box today, i got it to format21:59
holsteinnow it seems good to go21:59
xardas008_holstein, problem occured after i changed something on my monitor settings, but the strange was that either ubuntu 10.10 nor 11.04 weren't able to boot anymore, only windows worked22:00
holsteinim assuming its something to do with a corrupt proprietary format22:00
holsteinthat we just dont have access to repairing?22:00
holsteinxardas008_: OH, thats a little different than what i had22:00
xardas008_holstein, i came to the login screen (gdm) but no mouse or keyboard were working, booting in failsafe got my a message that usb 1-4 had read errors22:02
holsteinxardas008_: i remember now22:03
holsteini had to run out22:03
holsteinxardas008_: how did you sort it out?22:03
holsteinjust booting in windows for some reason?22:03
msp301kevin6888296: maybe you could try mounting it manually, someone else has resolved a similar problem here ... http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-8381.html22:03
xardas008_i bootet into everything available in my boot loader xD22:03
kevin6888296msp301: it doesn't show up in /dev22:04
holsteinxardas008_: odd22:04
holsteinwell, its cool now :)22:04
kevin6888296and it used to work msp30122:04
kevin6888296then stopped one day22:04
kevin6888296i mean, when it did work, it was flaky22:04
kevin6888296should have been a hint22:04
kevin6888296"if something works flaky, beware"22:04
msp301kevin6888296: what hardware are you using then?22:05
kevin6888296a toshiba u305-s7448 msp30122:06
msp301kevin6888296: I only had problems with SD card slots back in the days of Ubuntu 6.xx22:06
kevin6888296yes, do avoid this model :)22:06
kevin6888296what hardware are you using msp301 ?22:06
msp301kevin6888296: I'm using a Lenovo 3000 n500 .. it's closest I could afford to a real thinkpad :P22:07
kevin6888296ah, yeah, i doubt i'd have problems if i had a lenovo22:07
kevin6888296i didn't think about compatibility when i bought this toshiba22:07
msp301I've got a Toshiba Equium A100 as well, that used to not be supported .. but after time :)22:09
kevin6888296yeah, support has improved over time22:09
kevin6888296i wish i could fix the problems myself22:09
kevin6888296but some of the problems i suspect has caused hardware damage22:09
msp301kevin6888296: my last thought would be to run 'lshw' (as root) and check that your SD card reader is listed .. that might at least tell you that it hasn't burnt out or anything22:20
kevin6888296msp301: yeah it is22:21
msp301kevin6888296: It Lives!! :) .. sorry I couldn't be of more help to you :(22:22
kevin6888296no worries msp301.  i don't have very high expectations.22:23
kevin6888296really, prevention is probably optimal22:23
kevin6888296getting hardware that developers use is probably the key to reliability22:24
msp301kevin6888296: I'm a Dev and I can tell you, this is my 3rd laptop and the 1st to have the "out of the box" bonus .. 3rd time lucky :)22:27
kevin6888296msp301: is english your 1st language?22:28
msp301kevin6888296: yes22:28
kevin6888296i am guessing you are saying that the 3rd laptop was the only one that worked out of the box msp301 ?22:32
msp301kevin6888296: yes22:34
kevin6888296ah, probably because notebooks are new to be supported by linux22:34
kevin6888296acpi and all that22:34
msp301kevin6888296: yep, am glad it is too, allows me to code outdoors .. so I actually see sunlight once in a while lol :P22:39
kevin6888296i just think that toshiba's are like a MS baby now, since they are in the commercials22:41
bodhi_zazenNext time I purchase a new netbook or laptop I will strongly consider one with Linux pre-installed22:45
holsteinsystem76 FTW :)22:45
bodhi_zazenzareason FTW22:46
msp301Toshiba are in MS commericials now? .. even so, Toshiba make good computers, my Toshiba laptop has survived over 5 years, being used everyday :)22:46
kevin6888296beagleboards ftw22:46
kevin6888296what's that other company?  liquidware i think it is22:46
msp301Researching laptops instead FTW :p22:47
msp301goodnight :)22:49
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kevin6888296hmmm, can't help but feel that was a jab at me22:53
kevin6888296faith ftf22:54
xardas008_how can i make slim start after boot into ubuntu?22:56
xardas008_i just get a black screen with a blinking cursor22:56
xardas008_slim is the same as gdm22:57
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bodhi_zazenxardas008_: does slim eventually start properly ?23:10
bodhi_zazensounds more like a problem with your graphical drivers then slim / gdm23:10

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