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ohsixis there a more useful explaination of the bug heat thing, i've reported a lot of bugs and they've never had any heat rating07:05
lifelesswhat explanation have you read ?07:12
ohsixone on a blog post and the wiki article after it was introduced07:22
ohsixit has to do with popularity or something, but i'm filing obvious bugs; not using stilted baby language to do it though D:07:23
lifelessheat goes up when a bug has more people saying it affects them, more duplicates, that sort of thing07:36
lifelessit goes down when the bug isn't changing07:36
ohsixmore duplicates makes sense, i was just thinking of popularity07:46
ohsixi should do more triage then, theres probably lots of reports for the same thing, worded differently07:47
lifelessohsix: be careful doing that08:09
ohsixwhen i do, i will :]08:09
lifelessohsix: many bugs look the same on the surface but aren't, and folk familiar with those packages will be unhappy at incorrect duplicate marking08:10
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micahgpedro_: is the hugday tomorrow or today?16:52
merHi, I want to report a bug in Natty, but I'm not sure what package to attach it to. I have a dual  monitor setup, and when I book up, this is what I see: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/_Fbh0NCspxAI/TZ3bTLWjNvI/AAAAAAAACUc/mHndqECZYK4/s1280/Screenshot.png16:53
pedro_micahg, we have one for update-manager tomorrow16:54
micahgpedro_: ah, ok16:54
pedro_kamusin is going to announce it shortly16:54
merso the inner part of the left wallpaper is a different resolution. If I do anything like move a window over that area or switch virtual desktops, it fixes itself16:55
merI'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone have any ideas of what might be causing this?16:56
charlie-tcaWe had unity hugday yesterday and have update-manager tomorrow? What happened to Thursdays?16:57
pedro_charlie-tca, my memory failed :-P16:58
charlie-tcaI see ;-)16:58
charlie-tcamine does that often16:58
pedro_charlie-tca, forgot to announce it yesterday evening to i thought it would be better to leave it to friday and not announce something the same day16:58
charlie-tcaThat is also a good thing.16:59
kamusinpedro_, is done! ;)17:09
pedro_kamusin, you rock17:14
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RedSingularityAnyone know where to report skype bugs?  Do they have their own tracker?23:14

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