matatahello there!07:54
matatawhen I've search for "loco" in the channels list, I didn't find #ubuntu-eg , I think it would be better if we add the "LoCo" word to the topic!07:55
matatathelinuxer, here?12:48
thelinuxermatata: yes, hi matata12:49
matatathelinuxer, hi12:49
thelinuxermatata: can i help u with anything ?12:49
matataI'm creating a new loco irc channel, and I can't find how to add UbuntuIrcCouncil to the founder12:49
thelinuxerfor which loco ?12:50
thelinuxerdid u try this channel #ubuntu-irc ?12:52
matatathelinuxer, yes, no answer till now12:52
thelinuxertry talking to pici or popey12:52
thelinuxerwell u can't do it without them12:52
thelinuxerthey have to assign the founder for the channel12:53
matatathelinuxer, thanks for the hint12:53
thelinuxerthat's at least what i know12:53
thelinuxeranyway lurk in the channel until someone answers12:53
matataI'm doing that!12:54
thelinuxeralso here is their mailing list  irc-council@lists.ubuntu.com12:54
thelinuxersend them an email, i don't think it's against any regulations12:54
matatathelinuxer, what do you think is the next step for LoCo team?12:54
thelinuxerwhat do u have until now ?12:55
matatathelinuxer, http://www.meetup.com/EmiratesLoCo/ page, monthly meetings and the irc channel12:55
thelinuxermeeting is very very important12:56
thelinuxerubuntu hour events is gr812:56
thelinuxerhere in my loco we are trying to focus on doing big events in colleges and such12:57
matatathelinuxer, you didn't recognize me! I'm Bassem JARKAS, we've met many times!12:59
thelinuxermatata: bassem! ya me3alem12:59
thelinuxertab3an fakrak bas i didn't know that matata is ur nickname12:59
matatathelinuxer, I've registered that nick 6 years ago, so I wont change it :-p13:00
thelinuxershoft rad popey13:01
thelinuxerana faker eno howa ely kan sa3edna13:01
thelinuxersawany let me check keda meen yenfa313:01
matatathelinuxer, ma by3afsh!!!13:01
thelinuxerlol 7ader wait13:01
thelinuxerbas y don't u make urself a founder  ?13:01
matatathelinuxer, i'm the founder, but I have to add the council to13:02
matatathelinuxer, you did that in this channel !13:02
thelinuxernot me13:02
thelinuxerthe channel was created long before i became admin13:03
matatathelinuxer, who created it?!!13:03
thelinuxernot sure wallahi, bas the team was abandoned for some time ya3ny until we took over it13:03
matatathelinuxer, so, what do you suggest for the next step?13:07
thelinuxerdo u have good team members ?13:17
thelinuxermatata: do u have reliable members ya3ny ?13:18
matatathelinuxer, till now there's about 4 of them!13:20
thelinuxermatata: do u have a facebook page or group ?13:24
thelinuxermatata: with 4 members u can do ubuntu hour events13:25
thelinuxerthey are micro events13:25
thelinuxerand usually 10-20 people attend13:25
thelinuxereven a single member can run a successful ubuntu hour event13:25
thelinuxersorry man gtg13:26
thelinuxerc u later isA13:26
=== matata is now known as bassem

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