_mup_ensemble/expose-services r191 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com00:10
_mup_Further clarifications based on review points00:10
_mup_ensemble/expose-services r192 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com00:39
_mup_Added missing exposed key-value for ensemble status output00:39
_mup_ensemble/expose-services r193 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com00:44
_mup_Spell checked00:44
_mup_ensemble/expose-services r194 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com00:48
_mup_One last minor edit on what is output for ensemble status for showing a service is exposed00:48
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jimbakerniemeyer, glad to see the expose services spec has been approved. it was a good process16:02
niemeyerjimbaker: Indeed16:03
niemeyerjimbaker: Great spec16:03
jimbakerniemeyer, thanks!16:03
niemeyerLunch, biab16:08
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_mup_ensemble/expose-services r195 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com16:30
_mup_Minor reworking of how ensemble status displays exposed services and their corresponding opened ports16:30
_mup_ensemble/expose-services r196 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com16:31
_mup_Merged trunk16:31
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jimbakerhazmat, bcsaller - based on other conversations, i assume you're ok with merging my expose-services branch into trunk. if so, could you please explicitly approve the branch at https://code.launchpad.net/~jimbaker/ensemble/expose-services ? thanks16:50
hazmatjimbaker, i'm having a last look over it now16:51
jimbakerhazmat, sounds good16:52
hazmatjimbaker, +1.. one minor thing.. the ``exposed`` and ``unexposed`` hooks section doesn't have its __ covering the entire statement for valid rst output16:56
jimbaker hazmat, actually rst is fine with that (otherwise it would have been obvious earlier), but it's definitely sloppy. thanks for pointing that out16:58
hazmatjimbaker, cool, i've had it barf on me in those cases before, the spec contents looks good though16:59
_mup_ensemble/expose-services r197 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com16:59
_mup_Fixed section heading for exposed/unexposed hooks16:59
SpamapSexposed hooks?17:17
SpamapShave you guys gone and changed everything?17:17
jimbakerSpamapS, not too much :)17:18
jimbakerSpamapS, an exposed hook runs upon a service being exposed, so it's just a way for a formula to respond (if at all, now that hooks are optional)17:19
SpamapSis this the implementation of the "virtual formula" idea?17:20
jimbakerSpamapS, no17:20
* SpamapS has had *zero* time to look at anything you guys have done :-/17:20
jimbakerSpamapS, it's just supporting the ability for a service to expose it ports publicly. it's not ok for our machine instances to have an open firewall policy17:21
SpamapSSure it is. I think its very dangerous for ensemble to make decisions for formula writers.17:23
jimbakerat some point, it was leaning to have more support for formulas being able to do machine configuration, but we decided this was too big of a change - at least as it would have meant for this particular case17:23
SpamapSYou saw my idea for machine config right? Just merge formulas with policy formulas.17:24
jimbakerSpamapS, yes, i saw that. in comparison, this is a very narrow change17:24
SpamapSI'm fairly certain that people will hand-merge formulas in their environment to achieve the same thing17:24
jimbakerthe problem with the exposer service idea is that it would have allowed it to be in a relation with any service. this seemed to be too loose17:25
jimbakerbut other policy formulas might work out to be better17:26
SpamapSfirewall was one of the first things I thought of, and the idea of a standard relation thats always available of 'exposed' is quite cool to me17:27
jimbakeri agree with the general attractiveness. however, in general, it can be easier to reason about and implement systems without that quality. or potentially even use them. and i think that's the case here17:30
niemeyerSpamapS: The expose feature is pretty simple for the moment, purposefully.. it's just a way for the formula author to let Ensemble know of which port it would like to open for the external world to use17:32
SpamapSniemeyer: yeah thats cool. I'm concerned that ensemble is going to try and figure out how to implement firewalls tho.. 17:38
SpamapSIts like putting apparmor inside dpkg17:38
niemeyerSpamapS: Not implementing, but configuring.  We can't avoid that.17:38
niemeyerSpamapS: dpkg isn't great at configuring things so they can run out of the box.  That's one of the reasons why Ensemble exists at all.17:40
jimbakerbcsaller, please take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jimbaker/ensemble/expose-services if you're now +1 on this branch17:45
_mup_ensemble/trunk r186 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com18:06
_mup_merge expose-services [r=niemeyer,bcsaller,hazmat][f=736267]18:06
_mup_  18:06
_mup_Adds a specification and user guide on exposing services publicly.18:06
_mup_Introduces new ensemble commands ( ``ensemble expose``, ``ensemble18:06
_mup_unexpose``), hook commands (``open-port``, ``close-port``), hooks18:06
_mup_(``exposed``, ``unexposed``), and changes to ``ensemble status``,18:06
_mup_along with the supporting infrastructure for firewall configuration18:06
_mup_and management within ZK.18:06
kapil_natty lockup19:14
jimbakerkapil_, i got one of those so far19:14
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hazmatinteresting.. http://melor.github.com/poni/19:19
SpamapSniemeyer: right. I think Ensemble's job is to enable configuration. Not to do it.19:43
niemeyerSpamapS: That's exactly what we're doing.19:44
SpamapSI thought so.. but my fear was that it would be built in or something.19:45
SpamapSrather than just a default recommended formula that is easy to replace.19:45
niemeyerSpamapS: We're solving a real problem in a simple way so that we can move forward.  Any suggestions on how to do this in a different way with similar effort will be welcome.19:47
SpamapSniemeyer: I have no suggestions, and no time, so please pardon my interruption. :)19:50
niemeyerSpamapS: No problem.. I don't want to discourage you, but we've debated several approaches, faced problems in many of them, and opted for the current one with some ground.19:51
niemeyerSpamapS: It's fully documented in the specification which is http://j.mp/ensemble-docs 19:51
niemeyerSpamapS: Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome, but we need more concrete feedback to be able to act on it19:51
SpamapSYeah, I have some major platform stuff to tend to the next 10 days.. but I hope to get some time to play with Ubuntu around 4/1819:52
SpamapSs/Ubuntu/Ensemble/ ;)19:52
niemeyerSpamapS: Sweet19:52
niemeyerbcsaller, hazmat, jimbaker: Standup?19:59
hazmatniemeyer, sounds good20:02
jimbakerone moment - on phone20:02
jimbakerok, ready for standup20:05
hazmatbcsaller, ping20:06
hazmatspam can be so poetic20:07
jimbakergiven its origins, how it could not - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8huXkSaL7o ;)20:08
bcsallerstreet cleaning, had to move car20:08
niemeyerContinues to break for me.. :(20:27
_mup_ensemble/unit-state-with-formula r191 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com22:33
_mup_update parse_formula_id usage by state domain objects with new exception.22:33
* niemeyer steps out for some exercising22:50
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_mup_ensemble/trunk r187 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com23:56
_mup_Merge unit-state-with-formula [r=niemeyer][f=748312]23:56
_mup_Unit states now track their formula id, which can be get/set on a unit state. Also introduce a utility23:56
_mup_function for parsing/validating formula ids.23:56
_mup_ensemble/trunk-merge r182 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com23:58
_mup_merge trunk23:58

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