airurandohi moylan22:56
moylanall well?22:57
airurandosorry I missed you22:57
airurandochild going to sleep emergency i'm afraid.22:57
airurandoyeah apart from that22:57
airurandoand you22:57
moylanno worries.  kids are a handfull22:57
moylanwaiting eagerly for 11.04 :-)22:58
airurandowe tested the beta at global jam last saturday22:58
moylanwished i could make it but not an option at the mo.22:59
airurandono problem22:59
airurandowhere are you based?22:59
airurandowork in west dub23:00
moylandoesn't everybody (judging by traffic) :-D23:00
airurandomoylan, will you make the release party?23:01
moylangoing to try but but will have to see closer to the day.23:01
airurandoif so any preference on date or venue?23:01
moylani think it'll be the usual jimmy chungs all you can eat chinese followed by pub.  i'll skip the chinese and head to the pub.23:02
airurandogood stuff23:03
airurandoyeah jimmy chungs was the only preference expressed23:03
moylanit seems popular with the linux crowd.  nerds and junk food.  who knew? :-)23:04
airurandoindeed again23:05
moylanso what got you into linux?23:05
airurandolong scattered story23:06
airurandofirst up23:06
airurandomust confess23:06
airurandoI'm just a simple home user23:06
moylannothing wrong with that!23:07
airurandoback in 1999 I was working in the US and bored23:07
airurandodiscovered linux and barely got red hat 5.something up and running23:08
airurandoenjoyed it but didn't understand it23:08
moylansame as my self.  5.2 got it working but wasn't able to do much with it.23:08
moylanthen i distro hopped for a few years learning a little new each time.23:08
airurandoI came back home in 2000 and drifted away from linux23:09
airurandoonly came back to ubuntu in 200823:09
moylanin the end it was that i colonised my windows systems with open source software.  firefox, thunderbird, python, vim, cygwin.23:10
airurandomoylan: what is it you do?  I'm a microbiologist by trade.23:11
moylani'm a joat (jack of all trades).  program a little, tech support software and hardware a lot.  general dogsbody.23:11
airurandoglad you explained joat  :)23:12
airurandoare you central Dub?23:12
moylanwell i.t. is a weird job.  every position has a unique skillset.  mine just kept expanding.23:12
moylanlive in killiney at the mo.23:13
airurandobe good to see you at a Ubuntu hour or the Natty release party if you can make it/23:14
moylanhow did you get into microbiology?23:14
airurando1988 (I hear you gasp)23:15
airurandoNUIG or UCG as it was then called23:15
moylani'm 40.  not shocked.  :-)23:15
airurandohons degree in Microbiology in 199223:15
airurandoPh.D in Microbiology 1997 (again NUIG)23:16
airurando1998 post Doc in the US23:16
airurandoback home in 200o23:16
airurandomoylan 40. great same era23:17
moylanmany jobs in microbiology in ireland in these troubled times?23:17
airurandonot particularly but I'm ok at the mo.23:18
moylanjust that ireland is a fairly small pool tech wise.  microbiology seems (to an outsider at least) more suited to a richer larger country.23:19
airurandoah no23:21
airurandopharma sector is big here23:21
moylanbut i thought that was only production23:21
airurandomicrobiology is critical the many pharma types but particularly biopharma23:22
moylanand more on topic i'm guessing all the systems at work are windows?23:23
airurandoI even plucked up the courage to suggest OSS options to the IT department in the current climate.23:24
airurandobut I would not have done that in years gone by.23:25
moylanthe it department would be crazy to adopt oss.  they would put themselves out of a job.23:25
airurandosupport and implementation are key.23:26
moylanhave you ever watched yes minister?23:26
airurandowow.... curve ball!23:26
airurandobut yes23:26
moylanit's like sir humphrey discussing department budgets been the central purpose of the department.  a department that saves money will be given less money.  so that must NEVER happen.23:27
airurandoah now I see23:28
airurandobut that is not the case in the current climate23:29
moylanlikewise if there is less need for systems to be rebuilt and fixed then they will lay off the staff not needed.  microsoft depends on this.23:29
airurandoindeed but outsourcing IT needs is doing this anyway.23:30
moylanof course this gives an advantage to a startup that uses oss as they have less overheads to start with.23:30
airurandoget it as cheaply and compliant as possible is the new mantra I feel23:31
airurandoand this is good IMO23:31
moylanout sourcing i.t. is... a joke.  i've dealt with outsourced tech support and 99% of it is more expensive in the long run.23:31
moylanlanguage barriers, time delays, incompetence are par for the course.  no matter what is promised.23:32
airurandoagreed again!23:33
airurandogreat talking to you moylan23:33
moylantake care.23:34
airurandoreally hope to talk to you in person soon23:34
airurandomust dash23:34
airurandotake care23:34
airurandogood night23:34
infoturtlehow do all, anyone online?23:45
infoturtlehow do moylan23:46
moylannot to bad.  waiting for 11.04 with bated breath! :-)23:46
infoturtleha, I know, going be fun alright, gnome 3.0 came out yesterday so it'll be the 1st thing I change23:47
moylannot so sure about unity but will wait and see before passing judgement.23:48
infoturtledon't like it at all, it's all about gnome for me, love the look o it23:48
infoturtletheres a testing .iso for it I'm mad to try but internets on a download limit so I can't download load anything big here23:49
moylani don't like radical change in these things.  the devil you know and all that.  but i want to give it a go.23:49
moylanlarge iso?  isn't that why jobs were invented? :-D23:50
infoturtleno job :c spend all day working on a loss generating site and waiting for an app for collage to go through23:50
moylanah, sorry!  hope that goes ok for you.23:51
infoturtlewe'll see, it's all try and try again isn't it23:52
moylanand then 10 minutes when i get my breath back... sorry watching blackadder!23:52
infoturtlewhat you work at?23:52
infoturtleha, love blackadder!23:52
moylanoff work last year due to arthritis.  bloody annoying!23:52
moylanwho doesn't love blackadder!?  crazy!23:53
infoturtlenow thats a balls! sorry to hear23:53
moylanshit happens.  only my right hip so luckier than most with this disease.  but it makes standing, walking, sitting excrutiating23:54
infoturtleah, the main functions so!23:55
infoturtleI just popped on to see if I could get log in details for what ever site the UGJ pics went up on. was busy all week with a C# project but I've failed it so now have the time to put the pics of the Limerick one up23:56
moylanthink they were tweeted.  give me a few minutes and i'll have a rummage.23:57
infoturtlesweet, thanks23:57

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