evbug 725408 is getting odder by the minute, it seems10:25
evphew, partman crashed while resizing and I was worried there was an undiscovered bug here12:38
evfortunately it was just the OOM killer putting my in my place12:38
evI should probably have a look at memory usage in O though.  I'm sure we can trim some fat from ubiquity.12:38
cjwatsonreimplement in C </troll>12:48
evyou do realize you're only trolling yourself, being the original author and all12:51
cjwatsonnot quite original :)12:55
ogra_original required some spanish skills iirc :)12:58
evah yes12:59
evI forgot about them12:59
arandIs the default and intended behaviour in ubuntu to always mount the top-level of the btrfs, and use rootflags=subvol=@ to mount root for example?13:33
arand...or rather, have the top-level as the "default root" when it is mounted with no options?13:34
cjwatsonwell, ideally there would be a way to set @ as the default subvolume without making it hideously painful to mount other subvolumes, but AFAIK that isn't straightforward in btrfs at the moment13:38
cjwatsonon the whole I'd not recommend relying on any particular behaviour of mounting an Ubuntu btrfs installation with no options at the moment13:38
arandOk, there was a user which used a grub.cfg with no rootflags=subvol=@ option which claimed to be able to boot, and had not touched the set-default, so thus I was confused.13:40
cjwatsonthat's due to a grub2 bug13:42
cjwatsonit sometimes fails to parse the btrfs filesystem properly and so omits subvol=@13:42
cjwatsonI keep saying this in different bug reports but apparently there are enough of them that people don't notice13:42
arandYea, I've been trying to figure this out in Bug #752506 (this is basically the issue you are talking about right?)13:43
arandSo this is an issue in grub-probe, rather?13:45
cjwatsonthere's already a triaged bug for it somewhere13:46
cjwatsonbug 73214913:47
cjwatsonit's very likely the same thing, I'll get to it as soon as I can manage to reproduce it13:47
arandThe way I've been able to do it is basically repeatedly reinstalling the linux-image and linux-headers packages, but it is not by far a sure way to do it.13:52
cjwatsonok, thanks13:54
cjwatsonI don't need a 100% method, it's OK if it takes a while to tweak the filesystem into the right (wrong?) state13:55
mterryev, how ya doing?14:37
evmterry: pretty good, and yourself?14:38
mterryev, klattimer and I think we've got localized geonames results14:38
mterrytwo branches: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/ubuntu-geonames/search-alt/+merge/56647 and https://code.launchpad.net/~karl-qdh/ubuntu-geonames/with-charset/+merge/5675314:38
mterryfirst allows one to search over the altnames14:38
mterrysecond allows you to use funky characters14:38
mterrywe swiped it from a forum post14:38
mterryseems to allow results for chinese characters for example, though we don't know how accurate it is, since we don't speak chinese14:39
mterrybut we figured we can wait for bug reports...  :-/14:39
evodd, I just saw his merge request but yours hasn't come through yet14:39
evI'll have a look now14:40
evah, nevermind, there it is14:41
superm1ev, any idea what the default timeout is supposed to be on the geonames stuff in ubi-timezone?  it doesn't seem to be explicitly set14:47
evoo, yikes that's quite the oversight14:51
evfrom what I can tell reading the code there is no timeout14:51
evas that's determined by socket.setdefaulttimeout(), which has a default value of None, indicating no timeout.14:52
CIA-7netcfg: cjwatson * r1249 ubuntu/ (96release-dhcp-lease debian/changelog debian/netcfg.install):15:05
CIA-7netcfg: Move release-dhcp-lease finish-install script after unmounting15:05
CIA-7netcfg: filesystems, to avoid interfering with iSCSI.15:05
CIA-7netcfg: cjwatson * r1250 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.60ubuntu315:08
superm1ev, oh fun.  that explains my weirdness where I can't get out of hangs behind a proxy15:15
evsuperm1: not sure why I went with urllib2 in the first place, given that I presume asynchronous callbacks are available in gio for this sort of thing.15:24
evwith a timeout still set, of course15:24
evmterry: looks good, about to merge.15:43
mterryev, awesome.  hopefully we get some non-English feedback15:43
evwell I just tried Shanghai in Chinese and it worked fine, but indeed15:43
evoh interesting15:45
evI was actually trying without the branches merged by accident and the search worked (though returned English results)15:46
evno matter15:46
mterryev, well...  I'm surprised it matched the chinese15:52
mterryev, but you could get altname results before, but they would return the canonical English name, yah15:52
evwe should make unit tests for this.  Perhaps a fun thing for me to play with over the weekend if I find time.15:55
evmterry: does http://localhost/?query=上海 work for you?  Wondering if I just haven't recached something.16:02
mterryev, ('Shanghai - \xe4\xb8\x8a\xe6\xb5\xb7', 'Shanghai Shi', 'China', 121.45806, 31.22222)16:03
mterry('\xe4\xb8\x8a\xe6\xb5\xb7', 'Shanghai Shi', 'China', 121.45806, 31.22222)16:03
mterry('\xe4\xb8\x8a\xe6\xb5\xb7', 'Shanghai Shi', 'China', 121.45806, 31.22222)16:03
mterry('\xe4\xb8\x8a\xe6\xb5\xb7', 'Shanghai Shi', 'China', 121.45806, 31.22222)16:03
mterry('\xe4\xb8\x8a\xe6\xb5\xb7', 'Zhejiang Sheng', 'China', 121.05804, 29.32955)16:03
mterrywe should probably do something about those duplicate results.  they were there before this round of patches and I've dealt with it client-side16:03
mterrybut just seems inefficient16:03
evah, the problem was chrome16:08
evdoing it by hand in python worked fine16:08
evokay merging for reals now16:08
=== robbiew1 is now known as robbiew
evcontacting IS now16:16
evand done16:21
mterryev, something I realized...  the admin and country names aren't translated...   does the data provide that?16:45
superm1ev, asynchronous would be better for the whole page if possible.  there's a hang before the page starts when rdate is trying to contact ntp.ubuntu.com too17:54
CarlFKev: can you look over and maybe triage  bug 72871018:38
CarlFKhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/728710 "d-i apt-setup/local0/repository not working"18:38
CarlFKany clue how long it is?19:09
CarlFKwhops, wrong chan19:09
CIA-7rootskel: cjwatson * r630 ubuntu/ (9 files in 6 dirs): merge from Debian 1.9422:50
CIA-7rootskel: cjwatson * r631 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.94ubuntu122:53
CIA-7debian-installer: cjwatson * r1435 ubuntu/ (57 files in 2 dirs): Update help text translations from Launchpad.23:13
CIA-7debian-installer: cjwatson * r1436 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 20101020ubuntu2723:16
cjwatson(actually arranging to have that uploaded in two hours' time via at(1), in order to include the new rootskel)23:16

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