* AlanBell tickles Pici with ubot2 and -accessibility08:30
AlanBellor is it jpds?08:30
jussiAlanBell: jpds iirc08:34
AlanBellubot2 does not seem to be on the network at the moment08:35
jussiAlanBell: I can give you a bot temporarily08:38
jussiubottu: join #ubuntu-accessability08:38
jussiubottu: join #ubuntu-accessibility08:39
AlanBellthanks jussi09:10
matataHello there!10:23
matataI've created #ubuntu-ae for upcoming EmiratesTeam! do I need any approval?10:23
matataerUSUL, from?10:24
erUSULwait until someone from the IRC council notices you10:24
erUSULthis is low traffic channel. be patient and good luck :)10:25
matataerUSUL, Thank you :-)10:25
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nigelbare our bots dead?12:29
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.12:29
topylimatata: please have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/CreatingChannels12:29
topylithat has all you need to take care of. make sure to give access to the irc council, and giving access to freenode staff is a good idea too12:31
matatatopyli, I did all the steps in that page!12:32
topylimatata: in fact the council likes to have ownership (F) so as to handle ownership changes in the distant future when we, the present, are dead and gone12:32
topyli(assuming there will still be a council, with ownership to your channel)12:32
topylimatata: if you did what the page says, you have a channel and everything's ok12:34
matatatopyli, I did this: "/MSG ChanServ FLAGS #ChannelName UbuntuIrcCouncil +votiA"12:34
topylimatata: that's enough for our work, thanks12:36
matatatopyli, thank you :-)12:37
topylii'm a bit poor on the technical side, if the council members who understand these things request for more, we'll ask :)12:37
matatatopyli, fair enough :-)12:38
topyli(the idea is that ownership is better placed to the council than to an individual)12:39
topylioh and good luck and lots of love to your team!12:40
matatatopyli, thank you :-)12:40
matataI'm trying now to find how to add UbuntuIrcCouncil as founder !12:41
topylii'm not sure. i should probably do some studying. i think there's a +f and a +F but i don't know which is required :)12:42
matatapopey, here?12:53
popeymatata: yes12:58
matatapopey, I want to add UbuntuIrcCouncil to the new Emirates Loco channel #ubuntu-ae as a founder12:59
popeyI am not on the irc council, so don't actually know what's the right thing here13:00
tsimpsonthe council don't require being the "owner" of a channel, but we do suggest +f13:01
tsimpson+votiA is usually good enough, but +f gives us a bit more access if we need it13:02
ubot4`In #ubuntu-irc, tsimpson said: +votiA is usually good enough, but +f gives us a bit more access if we need it13:02
matatatsimpson, thank you13:03
tsimpsonmatata: if you haven't see this already: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamHowto#Becoming%20an%20Approved%20Team13:08
matatatsimpson, thank you! we still in the early steps :-)13:10
nhandlermatata: But really, if you have more than one founder set on the channel, that helps ensure your team can continue to manage the channel on their own (and one user disappearing doesn't prevent that). +votiA allows members of the council to help out if no OPs are around and your channel is having issues. Additional flags are not required, but can make our lives a bit easier. If we do need full access in the channel for ...13:42
nhandler... some reason, we can always get it (it just requires a bit of extra work)13:42
matatanhandler, I did this: "/MSG ChanServ FLAGS #ubuntu-ae  UbuntuIrcCouncil +votiAf"13:44
nhandlermatata: That is more than sufficient. But you might also want to give another member of the Ubuntu-ae team founder access (the same level of access you have) if there is someone else you all trust. That way, if you go MIA for some reason, your team can still function13:45
matatanhandler, with the same flags:  +votiAf ?13:45
nhandlermatata: You might want to consider +votsriRfA (and possibly even +F if you really trust them). Basically, it would allow you to share the IRC duties of the channel completely13:47
nhandlerBut like I said, this is just a suggestion and not required13:48
matatanhandler, ok, thank you very much :-)13:48
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