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Andre_Gondimgodbyk-feynman, are you there20:43
godbyk-feynmanAndre_Gondim: Yep.20:49
=== godbyk-feynman is now known as godbyk
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, you you check if lucid-e1 po file is ok20:50
godbykFor which language?20:51
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, pt-BR20:51
godbykDo you want me to check the one that's in the lucid-e1 repository or download the latest from Launchpad and check that?20:52
Infosoftgodbyk: You seem busy today :) P.S. Don't forget to check your Gmail.20:55
godbykInfosoft: Everyone's ganging up on me today. :-)20:56
godbykInfosoft: I got your .po file. I'll check it soon.20:56
Andre_Gondimbrb godbyk20:56
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, check this file http://ubuntuone.com/p/lVT/20:58
godbykAndre_Gondim: Okay. One moment.21:03
godbykAndre_Gondim: There are a few bugs in it.21:04
godbykHere are some of them:21:05
godbykIn the panel glossary entry, you've translated 'description=' to 'descrição='. This shouldn't be translated.21:06
godbykYou have \Idots (capital I) instead of \ldots (lowercase L) in a few places.21:06
godbykFor the string containing the following: "Arquivos temporários são salvos na pasta /tmp por padrão", you need to move the } at the end of the first sentence.  Everything should be inside the \marginnote{ ... } command.21:08
godbykYou have \dropdrown instead of \dropdown in a few places.  (Leave out the second r.)21:09
godbykFind the string "textttnovodiretorio}" and change it to "texttt{novodiretorio}".  (The first { was missing.)21:10
godbykThe string "\chaplink{{chaplink:gerenciamento de software}" should be "\chaplink{ch:software-management}".21:11
godbykFind "\button[OK}" and replace it with "\button{OK}".  (The opening { was mistyped as [.)21:11
godbykFind the string "Preferências \the Atalhos" and replace \the with \then.21:12
godbykI think it got stuck in a loop at this point because it's reporting the same few errors again.  So once you've got those fixed, I can run it again and see if there are any other errirs.21:13
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, how do I check it myself?21:26
godbykIf you place the pt_BR.po file in the po/ subdirectory, you can run 'make ubuntu-manual-pt_BR.pdf'.21:26
godbykIt will try to compile the document.21:26
godbykThen you can look at the ubuntu-manual-pt_BR.log file.  File all the lines that begin with ! and those will be the errors.21:26
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, yeah, but how do you know where are the problems21:26
godbykThe log file can be a little difficult to read sometimes as there is a lot of stuff in there.  But searching for lines that begin with ! will tell you what the error message is and give you the text of the line that contains the error.21:27
godbykOccasionally the error will be in a different place than it tells you, but generally it'll point you in the right direction.21:27
Andre_Gondimhmmmmm nice21:30
Infosoftgodbyk, don't forget me :) It's 23:28 in local time21:30
godbykInfosoft: I haven't.  I tried compiling with your .po file and it gave all sorts of errors.  But the errors had to do with the polyglossia package. I'm installing all the latest TeX Live updates right now to see if that fixes it.21:30
godbykIf it doesn't, I'll have to look into it more closely to see what's going on.  I think that I'm using a newer polyglossia package than we were using back then and they've changed the format.21:30
InfosoftYou can always ask komsas for help :) He knows how to compile this troublesome PDF21:32
InfosoftI think you can remember him21:32
godbykYep, I remember komsas. :)21:32
godbykOkay, the updates just finished installing. Let me try to compile your PDF again.21:33
godbykOkay, it seems that the gloss-lithuanian.ldf file that I had in the repository was for an older version of the polyglossia package.21:34
godbykSince they now include that code in the polyglossia package itself, I'll just rename that file to get it out of the way.21:34
InfosoftBut there are some translations in this file.21:37
godbykIn the gloss-lithuanian.ldf file?21:37
InfosoftYes, for example \def\refname{Literatūra}%  (Literatūra - Literature)21:38
Infosoftkomsas has translated it21:39
godbykInfosoft: I know.  I submitted that file to the author of the polyglossia package and the author has included that file upstream.21:39
godbykSo the new polyglossia package has that file built-in now.21:39
godbykHow do you translate 'e.g.' to Lithuanian?21:40
godbyk"e.g." in English means "for example".21:40
godbykActually, it looks like the only place it's being used in your manual is in the (English) Creative Commons license text.21:41
InfosoftI replaced them manualy21:41
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, may you check it again http://ubuntuone.com/p/lVt/ ?21:44
godbykAndre_Gondim: Sure.21:45
Infosoftgodbyk: I've remembered that we weren't able to find place where we could translate word "Glossary" which is used in bookmarks21:46
godbykInfosoft: What does the LTPlius package do?  (You guys added that.  It looks like it's conflicting with the polyglossia package.)21:47
godbykInfosoft: Where does Glossary appear untranslated in the manual?21:47
InfosoftIn PDF bookmarks list21:47
InfosoftLTPlius is for formatting (as far as I remember)21:48
godbykInfosoft: Ah, okay.  I think I added some code at one point to translate that for other translations. I'll look into it again.21:48
godbykLooking at the LTPlius package, it's trying to load the babel package which conflicts with the polyglossia package and the XeLaTeX program we're using.21:50
godbyk(polyglossia is like a newer replacement for babel.)21:50
godbykIt also looks like LTPlius is changing the formatting of the section headings.21:50
InfosoftOK, let's try it21:50
godbykInfosoft: I'll try to remove that package and see what breaks.21:51
godbykAndre_Gondim: Find \acronum{GRUB} and replace it with \acronym{GRUB}.21:52
godbykAndre_Gondim: That's the only error it tells me about now.21:52
godbykInfosoft: Removing that package fixed the errors I saw.21:54
godbykInfosoft: I'll email you the PDF that it generated.21:55
godbykInfosoft: I'll also talk to komsas about the LTPlius package and the other changes I made.21:55
InfosoftDo you know his e-mail?21:55
godbykI think so.  I'll check in just a moment.21:57
godbyk(It's still attaching the PDF.)21:57
InfosoftThe title page is in English. Everything seems OK except that there's no entry "terminal" in glossary22:02
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, may you check http://ubuntuone.com/p/lVt/ :P22:03
godbykInfosoft: I'm going to email thorwil to have him generate the title page and cover.  So there's no need to fret about that just yet.22:04
Andre_Gondimalmost finished it22:04
InfosoftIt's strange that Lithuanian cover ins't inserted automatically22:05
godbykInfosoft: Well, I usually generate a Lithuanian title page with a script, but then thorwil tidies it up.22:05
InfosoftIt should be somewhere among files from personan Git Hub22:05
godbykSome of the translated titles are too long and the font size needs to be reduced, for instance.22:05
godbykI didn't see anything in the titlepage/ directory for Lithianian.22:06
InfosoftWe'll have to ask komsas because I don't compile PDFs22:06
godbykInfosoft: Also, there's a glossary entry 'terminalas'. Did that show up in the PDF I sent you?22:07
InfosoftNope, this is missing22:07
godbykOkay.  I'll make sure it's in the final PDF.22:08
godbykIt may have needed to be run through 'make' an extra time or something.22:08
godbykAndre_Gondim: It says "Could not locate object" when I go to that URL.  Can you post it again (or email it to me)?22:10
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, http://ubuntuone.com/p/lWD/22:11
godbykAndre_Gondim: That one worked. Compiling now.22:12
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, I only have one problem22:12
godbykAndre_Gondim: ! Package glossaries Error: Glossary entry `conexão cabeada' has not been defined.22:13
godbykAndre_Gondim: Make sure that you don't translate the first thing after \newglossaryentry.22:13
Andre_Gondimmy manual isn't get titlepage-pt_BR.svg title page22:13
godbykAnd you shouldn't translate the stuff inside \gls{...}22:13
godbykAndre_Gondim: No worries.  I'll have thorwil create the title page.22:13
godbykAndre_Gondim: It looks like there's a line containing \gls{conexão cabeada}.  Change this to \gls{wired connection}.22:17
Andre_Gondimhttp://ubuntuone.com/p/lWG/ is there any problem?22:19
godbykNo errors reported.22:21
godbykLet me check for warnings.22:21
godbykCheck for anything like \chaplink{ch:linha de comando}.  The stuff inside \label{...} and \chaplink{...} shouldn't be translated.22:22
godbykAlso \seclink{sec:gerenciando janelas}22:22
godbykAnd \seclink{sec:organizando-fotos}22:23
godbykAnd \chaplink{ch:segurança}22:23
godbykAnd \chaplink{ch:gerenciamento de software}22:23
godbykAhd \chaplink{ch:gerenciamento-de-software}22:24
godbykAnd \chaplink{ch:instalação}22:24
godbykAnd I think that's all.22:24
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, http://ubuntuone.com/p/lWU/22:30
godbykTrying to download it.  Ubuntu One seems awfully slow.22:32
godbykThere it goes. Compiling now.22:33
godbykLooks like there is still a \chaplink{ch:gerenciamento-de-software}, a \seclink{sec:solução de problemas:obtendo-mais-ajuda}, and a \chaplink{ch:instalação}.22:35
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, http://ubuntuone.com/p/lWv/23:11
godbykAndre_Gondim: Looks like you got them all.23:12
godbykI'm not seeing any errors or warnings now.23:12
godbykWould you like me to send you the PDF to proofread?23:13
Andre_Gondimmake: ** [ubuntu-manual-pt_BR.pdf] Erro 123:15
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, I have some screenshot, how do I sent you? with quickshot?23:15
Andre_GondimI will upload the newest po file to launchpad23:15
godbykAndre_Gondim: If you take the screenshots using Quickshot then they'll get uploaded to the server automatically.23:15
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, no, some I took without quickshot23:17
godbykOh, I see.  I think it's best if you can take them using Quickshot.  That way they'll be the proper size, resolution, etc.23:18
godbykIf you can't take them with Quickshot, then I would recommend emailing the Quickshot developers to see how they'd like to handle that.23:18
Andre_Gondimgodbyk,other user get some with quickshot, may you do a temp pdf with all official file23:21
godbykI think I have to wait until all the screenshots are taken before I can download them from the Quickshot server.  I'm not sure, though.  (It's been a while.)23:30

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