ftachrisccoulson_, did something change wrt the preferred apps?00:09
chrisccoulson_fta - not recently AFAIK, how come?00:10
ftachrisccoulson_, chromium is now complaining it's no longer the preferred browser here, confirmed by BUGabundo00:11
ftawas fine until yesterday00:11
chrisccoulson_fta - oh, i see that too00:13
chrisccoulson_oh, i saw it because i opened gnome-default-application-properties, and that tramples over the gconf settings00:16
chrisccoulson_gnome-default-application-properties writes the gio config to gconf, to keep everything in sync00:18
chrisccoulson_but chromium isn't using th gio settings00:18
chrisccoulson_it's using xdg-settings isn't it?00:18
ftaxdg-mime irrc00:19
chrisccoulson_fta - ok, i got release team ACK to backport the xdg-utils changes to fix this00:23
chrisccoulson_i'll do it tomorrow00:23
ftagood, even if i still don't understand what changed00:24
chrisccoulson_i'm not sure what's changed in the last few days, but it should never have started working really ;)00:26
fta$ xdg-settings check default-web-browser chromium-browser.desktop00:27
ftahm, just rebooted, i now have some artifacts from the widgets in chromium00:38
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ftachrisccoulson, ch trunk bumped Breakpad to r786, what was missing to have it working? i lost track :(11:57
Guest94759Hi, everyone! I want to compile firefox with DWARF2 debugging information. What shall I do to solve this problem? Must I modify the makefile?12:07
ftachrisccoulson, found the regression for the preferred browser in ch trunk: http://codereview.chromium.org/6793034  it's what you expected i guess12:38
chrisccoulsonfta - re, breakpad and chromium - kees has fixed all of the kernel bugs now, but chromium still isn't working :(12:39
chrisccoulsoni'm stuck atm, because i can't reproduce it in strace, which would really help12:40
chrisccoulsoni pinged evan, and strace only works if you run with --no-sandbox12:40
chrisccoulsonand of course, crash reporting works fine then ;)12:40
chrisccoulsonthe only way i'm going to be able to debug it is to do a build of chromium with some debug printfs in there so i can figure out exactly why it fails ;)12:41
chrisccoulsonfta - about xdg-utils, i'll update our version today which should hopefully fix the browser check issues12:43
chrisccoulsoni thought that had already been done, i'm not sure why it dropped off the radar :(12:43
ftachrisccoulson, maybe try a debug build. I have a knob in d/rules13:17
ftachrisccoulson, not sure why it failed last night, but i just respun the bot for ff-trunk and the upload worked this time20:15
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chrisccoulsonfta - thanks. i was going to ask you that too actually :)21:01
ftachrisccoulson, just read the TB minutes, are they really considering backing off unity as default??21:03
ftamicahg, hi, any update on the last chromium update?21:19
ftait's been a while now :P21:19
micahgugh, no, but it seems that the detect flag isn't good enough, I'll complete the testing today which should tell me if we're already affected or not21:21
chrisccoulsonm_conley_away, did bug 734837 fix your issue with the invisible entries in the menu bar?22:05
ftauh, the new compiz crashed22:26
ftait's been a while22:26
ftabamfdaemon too22:26
micahgchrisccoulson: someone on m.d.a.firefox is proposing rewriting Firefox in Java :)22:42
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m_conleychrisccoulson: ping23:02
chrisccoulsonhi m_conley23:02
m_conleychrisccoulson: hey!  I'm about to try out the globalmenu extension in TB.  I'll tell you how it goes. :)23:03
chrisccoulsonexcellent, thanks!23:03
m_conleychrisccoulson: I'm at the all-hands in Mountain View, and we're talking about the new release cycle, and how it affects TB23:03
m_conleychrisccoulson: can I assume you've heard about the new release cycle?23:03
chrisccoulsoncool, i'd be interested to know how that turns out23:03
chrisccoulsonyeah, i know about it for firefox, but i'm still unclear about how it's actually going to work23:03
m_conleychrisccoulson: see - http://mozilla.github.com/process-releases/draft/development_overview/23:04
m_conleychrisccoulson: how it affects TB, and Linux distros in currently being discussed here23:04
chrisccoulsonm_conley, will you test the globalmenu-extension provided in the archive, or do you build it yourself? i haven't actually pushed the fix to bzr yet, as the branch seems to have stopped working :(23:04
m_conleyer "is"23:04
m_conleychrisccoulson: hm - I was about to try the one in the archive23:04
chrisccoulsonthat's ok then :)23:05
chrisccoulsoni think we're mostly ok with the release process. what i'm totally unclear about is how releases are created from the different branches23:05
micahgm_conley: is there a place anywhere to vote for some type of LTS branch for linux distros/derivitives?23:05
m_conleymicahg: not as far as I can tell, no23:06
chrisccoulsonm_conley, have you had much feedback from other distros?23:07
m_conleychrisccoulson: not personally, no.  Other Mozilla folk may have23:07
m_conleymicahg: there might be infrastructure for that down the line23:08
m_conleyor something similar23:08
kbrosnanlong lived versions are not on the plan atm23:09
m_conleychrisccoulson: I'm sort of the Linux representative in this "new release cycle" meeting - but I don't think I have a total handle on what's at stake here.  I understand the LTS issue, but is there anything else I should be bringing up?23:10
chrisccoulsonthe LTS issue only really affects xulrunner, because we have to maintain a bunch of apps using it. but, from the POV of firefox and thunderbird, i think we can live without it ;)23:11
kbrosnanbut feedback from distros would be intresting as of right now going forward from 5 there are no plans to ship any dot updates23:11
micahgm_conley: well, major version bumps as opposed to point releases with bugfixes are harder in terms of QA for stable releases23:11
chrisccoulsonwe don't do crazy things like building FF-on-XR like other distro's do ;)23:12
micahgchrisccoulson: I'd prefer to limit it just to Firefox if possible23:12
micahgQA burden is higher for major version bumps23:12
chrisccoulsonmicahg, the QA stuff is exactly why we're running the full test-suite now ;)23:12
micahgchrisccoulson: for thunderbird as well?23:12
chrisccoulson(although, we currently don't do anything with the output of that, but we should be)23:13
chrisccoulsonmicahg - not yet. i wasn't going to start running that until we update to 3.323:13
chrisccoulsonkbrosnan, i think most of the questions i have really are just minor details, but affect my workflow quite a bit. i'll write them down at some point :)23:13
micahgkbrosnan: well, I'm currently considering dropping any xulrunner app that accesses insecure content from the repo since porting every 6 weeks in a stable release is out of the question23:14
kbrosnanmicahg: have a query or a wag to the number of packages effected?23:17
chrisccoulsonkbrosnan, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/Natty/Firefox4/XULRunner20Transition would be a good place to start23:17
chrisccoulson(note, that contains both mozjs and xpcom consumers, and we've already resolved the mozjs issue)23:18
chrisccoulsonwe provide a separate libmozjs package now, and i'm going to turn off --enable-shared-js in our xulrunner build at some point soon23:19
micahgkbrosnan: I think it's only about 10, maybe less at this point, I can get an official count later this evening23:19
micahgbut eclipse is on the list23:19
kbrosnanyeah they are a tough case23:20
m_conleychrisccoulson: ok, cool - let me know if you have any questions you want me to bring up. :)23:21
kbrosnansmedberg has said unless some community members/orgs have an intrest in gtkmozembed and other embedding tools that are in the process of being dropped from support23:22
chrisccoulsonm_conley, thanks!23:22
kbrosnanuggh that was a lot less clear than i thought23:22
chrisccoulsonm_conley, did you see http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/04/uds-p-planning-ubuntu-12-04-to-be-held-in-orlando-again/ btw?23:22
micahgkbrosnan:  we have 7 apps according to the wiki using that23:22
chrisccoulsonm_conley, if you can't make it to budapest ;)23:22
chrisccoulsonit would be nice to see some firefox guys at a UDS too ;)23:23
chrisccoulsonkbrosnan, micahg - we don't really have that much using gtkmozembed23:23
chrisccoulsonthe only things i can think of are:23:23
chrisccoulsonchmsee, which already has WIP webkit support23:23
m_conleychrisccoulson: i'm working on budapest.  :D  I'll let you know.23:24
chrisccoulsongnome-python-extras - which is deprecated now anyway, now we have PyGI, so that's going to disappear entirely next cycle anyway23:24
chrisccoulsonthat's all i can think of right now ;)23:24
micahgchrisccoulson: python-gtkmozembed was that stuff I was looking at, forgot about chmsee :)23:24
chrisccoulsonm_conley, awesome!23:24
chrisccoulsonmicahg - python-gtkmozembed is going to disappear next cycle23:24
chrisccoulsonit's dead ;)23:24
chrisccoulsonyeah, so just 2 things in the archive using gtkmozembed23:26
chrisccoulsoni'm really not all that concerned about that :)23:26

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