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jwm123hello.  I have a basic question about where to put my videos so mythbuntu 10.10 actually finds them.  It's a new install.  Can anyone guide a little?06:14
Shadow__Xjwm123: there is a videos folder in your home folder06:14
jwm123yes, that was my first try06:15
jwm123didn't work06:15
Shadow__Xbut what do you mean that mythbuntu will actually find them06:15
Shadow__Xi believe you mean so that mythtv will find them06:15
jwm123Shadow, thanks, a better way to put it06:15
jwm123So when I'm in mythTV and I go to watch videos, it finds none06:16
Shadow__Xif you want mythtv to find videos so you can use mythvideo then you define where it looks under myth-setup06:16
jwm123out in the x-shell?06:16
Shadow__Xalso just to make sure you plan to record tv with your install right? Because if not there are better choices for just watching videos06:16
jwm123Shadow, I don't care about recording TV06:17
jwm123but the interface to mythTV is so simple, I can let my wife and kids use it06:17
Shadow__Xif thats the case then mythtv is not for you06:17
jwm123for my part I prefer VLC06:17
Shadow__Xif you do not plan to record tv then there are much easier options06:18
Shadow__Xfor example boxee or xbmc06:18
Shadow__Xthey are easier to setup as well06:18
Shadow__Xand do not need special installs06:18
jwm123I believe you, but I've done the install, it's running right beside me and I'd be interested in making it work06:18
Shadow__Xthen to setup the videos you need to run mythtv-setup06:19
Shadow__Xand define a video group within storage groups06:19
jwm123I actually did this already06:20
Shadow__Xthen when you are running mythfrontend you need to go to mythvideo press m and scan for changes06:21
jwm123ok -- gimme a second06:22
Shadow__Xyou can have 206:22
jwm123thanks.  I appreciate the help06:22
jwm123i'm booting it fresh06:22
Shadow__Xyou still need to scan for changes everytime you add new videos06:23
Shadow__Xand yw06:23
jwm123scan for changes seems to have worked.06:23
jwm123Thank you06:24
jwm123any advice on connecting to a networked drive or a usb drive?06:24
Shadow__Xyup but again if i were you i would take a look at boxee or xbmc its more inline with what you are looking for06:24
jwm123thanks.  I may do so06:24
Shadow__Xgood night06:25
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aelen_vWhat have to be stopped to suspend to RAM and what have to be started after wakeup in order to be able to watch TV again? There is something more than mythtv-backend only. Using 10.04.11:57
mycoDAaelen_v afaik it should only be mythfrontend12:05
mycoDAthere is a full acpi wakup system built into myth12:05
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] ACPI Wakeup - MythTV Official Wiki12:06
mycoDAyet to have the motivation to set it up, my backend is also my torrent client and NAQS12:06
aelen_vSuspend fails (->hard reboot) if I first don't stop backend. I also don't want to reboot as there: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/ACPI_Wakeup#S3_.28Suspend_to_RAM.2912:16
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] ACPI Wakeup - MythTV Official Wiki12:16
aelen_vAfter wakeup, I can manually start backend but frontend still fails to start.12:17
aelen_vThe reason is "Unable to connect to database!"12:22
aelen_vSo, how to cleanly disconnect from Mysql (and again reconnect)? That is the question I guess.12:24
mycoDAno idea dude - seems rather wrong to me and would guess mysql has crashed12:38
mycoDAwould suggest the guys on #mythtv-users would be more help - doesnt seem to be many here atm and i doubt it is a buntu specific matter12:38
aelen_vThanks. After all, several reruns showed it to be enough to stop only backend. The MySQL problem has not occured again. Now I'm to figure out, how to write a script to  run my "mythshutdown" when I'm idle (longer than display off). BTW, I'm using HP Compaq, which does not support /proc/acpi/alarm.14:55
mycoDAaelen_v you shouldnt need to stop the backend afaik16:59
qwebirc21912what is the best way to do a clean install on a machine that only has HDMI out? I get video mode not supported once the install starts18:58
jsheezythat HDMI question is actually mine... I just remembered I have a login19:07
rhpot1991jsheezy: temporarily hook up to a monitor19:08
rhpot1991then get ssh or vnc installed19:08
rhpot1991then you can remote in at will19:08
rhpot1991you may be able to ctrl+alt+f key to get to a prompt with hdmi hooked up as well19:08
jsheezythe problem is that the pc only has HDMI out, there is no vga out19:08
jsheezyi get the prompt now, is there something I can configure from here?19:10
rhpot1991oh sorry I misread, this is at install not after19:15
jsheezycorrect at install19:16
rhpot1991you should be able to alter the options when the keyboard icon comes up on install19:16
Zinn[help.ubuntu.com] BootOptions - Community Ubuntu Documentation19:16
jsheezyis there a "SAFE MODE" vga value to use when I am configuring this?20:11
Shadow__Xhey guys i am having an issue with high load being caused just by a file transfer21:15
Shadow__Xwhen transferring a file >5gb i have seen the load go upto about 621:16

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