chrisccoulson_would anyone object if i took http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xdg/xdg-utils/commit/?id=6f49c05ceb2a1935d07c49c2e100b5cf3cdf5f26 to fix bug 670128 for natty?00:22
ubot4`Launchpad bug 670128 in xdg-utils (Fedora) (and 4 other projects) "gnome-open uses firefox while it's not the preferred browser (affects: 23) (dups: 6) (heat: 155)" [Unknown,Unknown] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67012800:22
chrisccoulson_the default browser check in chromium is pretty broken without this00:22
ScottKchrisccoulson_: Please fix that.00:22
ScottKIt's driving me nuts.00:23
chrisccoulson_ScottK - excellent, thanks00:23
ScottKbroken in KDE too00:23
ScottKMaverick worked, so it's a regression.00:23
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lamontthere will be a brief disturbance in the i386 virtual builder pool07:02
evI'd greatly appreciate someone having a look over bug 75237210:06
ubot4`Launchpad bug 752372 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "UI Freeze exception for upgrade clarification (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75237210:07
Riddellev: I think string freeze exceptions should be approved by the translators (as well as release team)11:13
evRiddell: I'd disagree as when we're this far along, any string freeze exception is likely to be to fix a critical bug, which is best evaluated by the release team.  But I'm not on the release team, so if you'd like me to ask permission on the translators mailing list, I shall.11:15
Riddellev: I'm going by KDE practice here but if they can't re-translate it in time then it makes it less understandable for non English speakers so it just makes the situation worse11:18
Riddellev: how about if I approve it from release team assuming you post to translators list and get no complaints by the end of the day?11:18
evworks for me, and an understandable point11:18
Riddellhmm, no CD images today11:22
davmor2Riddell: weren't any yesterday either if it makes you feel better?11:22
Riddellyes, errors in the logs but I can't work out exactly what11:24
evRiddell: mail to -translators sent and awaiting approval11:27
cjwatsonhuh, that's a bizarre set of CD build failures11:30
cjwatsonman hat livecd-rootfs geborken11:31
cjwatson2011-04-07 05:52:38 ERROR 403: Forbidden.11:32
davmor2cjwatson: there are no Ubuntu lives either11:32
cjwatsonI wouldn't expect this to be flavour-specific11:32
cjwatsonoh scheisse11:34
cjwatson-rw------- root/root      1368 2011-04-05 20:25 ./boot/vmcoreinfo-2.6.38-8-generic11:34
cjwatson-rw------- root/root   4523328 2011-04-05 20:23 ./boot/vmlinuz-2.6.38-8-generic11:34
cjwatson-rw------- root/root   2654256 2011-04-05 20:23 ./boot/System.map-2.6.38-8-generic11:34
cjwatsonsomebody broke the kernel packages11:34
cjwatsonvmcoreinfo and System.map were mode 0600 before, but vmlinuz being 0600 is new11:38
cjwatsonhmm, apparently deliberate11:39
cjwatson  [ Kees Cook ]11:39
cjwatson  * [Config] packaging: adjust perms on vmlinuz as well11:39
cjwatsonuploaded livecd-rootfs 1.166 with a workaround11:41
ogra_cjwatson, regarding bug 742430 ... we dont have even the initial bits for the new mx51 setup in debian-cd yet (so we cant u-boot based mx51 images yet), should the bug get a debian-cd task given we need to write all the bits from scratch first ?13:08
ubot4`Launchpad bug 742430 in linux-linaro-mx51 (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "FFe to start making mx51 images (affects: 1) (heat: 16)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74243013:08
cjwatsonogra_: why isn't the existing imx51 code enough?13:08
cjwatsonogra_: anyway, shouldn't have a debian-cd task, bugs on the debian-cd instance we use in production go on the ubuntu-cdimage project13:09
ogra_because its only written for babbage and totally redboot centric13:09
cjwatsonwell, I'm not going to be writing the code, so do whatever is convenient13:09
ogra_efika and friends use u-boot and a totally different setup to boot13:09
ogra_(also we didnt have preinstalled images at babbage times)13:09
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cjwatsonrebuilding Ubuntu and Kubuntu desktop CDs15:29
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dokocjwatson: do we remove the "development" in lsb_release before the beta?15:30
cjwatsondoko: just before final release (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseProcess)15:35
cjwatson("Make sure that /etc/issue, /etc/issue.net, and /etc/lsb-release are correct", release minus 3 days)15:36
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tremoluxcjwatson: hi Colin, we have a very minor color-change we'd like to make in the Software Center UI, possibly does not rise to the level of UI freeze exception but I wrote one nevertheless16:12
tremoluxcjwatson: it's bug 75362016:12
ubot4`Launchpad bug 753620 in software-center (Ubuntu) "UI freeze exception: Color change for review stars in details view and review dialog (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75362016:12
cjwatsontremolux: see my comment16:20
tremoluxcjwatson: thank you, yes, I will do that now16:21
NCommanderskaet: cjwatson: what is your stance on having an unsupported mx51 image released at this point? (I have been told the topic been discussed here, but I havent noticed it before)16:43
skaetNCommander, it was discussed with ScottK,  as a tech preview effectively.   It was on the signup sheet for a couple of months, but has been in question whether the configs could be built or not in time.   I haven't heard any updates this week from ScottK or ogra_ on it.16:45
cjwatsonI don't really have any stake in it either way16:46
NCommanderskaet: I'm highly object to any images being pushed at this point of the game. As there is a non-trivial amount of code that has to be written to add a support for a new subarch, I don't even see how we could sanely have anything resemblign a tested image16:48
ogra_skaet, given that we got a huge and ugly patchset from TI to fix  bug 746023 my resources appaear to be bound atm16:52
ubot4`Launchpad bug 746023 in alsa-lib (Ubuntu) "No sound on omap4 (affects: 2) (heat: 14)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74602316:52
ogra_NCommander, just taking the omap boot script and modifying it for the efika setup should be trivial16:53
ogra_they use ext2 for booting and mount the partition in /boot but otherwise they should be the same16:54
GrueMasterogra_: Problem is getting it tested.16:54
ogra_GrueMaster, not our issue16:54
ogra_thats why we have owners of images nowadays16:54
skaetNCommander,  I agree its getting a bit late,  its not on the manifest at this point,  and given ogra_ 's comments,  it doesn't seem likely.  ScottK is the one signed up for coordinating the testing on it - but if the images aren't ready at this point.   I'm wondering how much testing and recovery of bugs it will really have.16:55
ogra_note that its not a new image, its just a new subarch16:55
NCommanderogra_: it is a new image by defintion.16:55
ogra_ScottK already agreed on just taking our headless image16:55
ogra_so userspace is identical to all other images we provide16:56
ScottKI'm fine with just doing a headless image.16:56
ScottK(also here now).16:56
ogra_the only bit missing is the support for the mx51 subarch on the image builder16:56
GrueMasterIf it requires more than dropping a different kernel into the /boot, it is non-trivial.16:56
ScottKI was offline the last couple of days due to $WORK.16:56
ogra_GrueMaster, well, different kernel, different u-boot binary and other fs for the first partition, thats all16:57
GrueMasterIs the kernel in main?16:57
NCommanderScottK: while I would like to see efika support, and help get better community support in, I can't believe its sane to try and spin a completely new subarch less than three weeks from release16:57
ogra_it was approved by pitti for main16:57
ScottKNo, but for a preinstalled image, it shouldn't be.16:57
ScottK... shouldn't need to be.16:57
ogra_not sure who would do security support etc for it though16:58
ogra_but according to the bug pitti approved it16:58
GrueMasterMy suggestion based on ogra_'s change requirements would be to have the community download and modify our esixting images as a proof-of-concept.16:59
GrueMasterThen we can pick it up in O16:59
* ogra_ wouldnt mind implementing it (we did the same for omap in lucid) but wont have the time 17:00
GrueMasterLucid had 2 months before release.17:00
ogra_thats why i asked if NCommander would like to do it, if he doesnt thats fine and we have to live with it17:01
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ogra_lucid was also a lot more complex since we didnt have anything to derive the new subarch from17:01
GrueMasterlucid had members on our team with working hardware to fix with.17:02
NCommanderogra_: from what I've seen, the efria boards are different than the old imx51, and I can tell you from experience taht even though we have uboot support for omap/omap4/dove, its required quite a bit of tweaking across multiple board types. In addition, we also need changes to flash-kernel, libdebian-installer, livecd-rootfs, and the seeds17:03
ogra_NCommander, efika is very close to omap17:03
ogra_forget about babbage17:03
NCommanderany change to livecd-rootfs is by nature disruptive to all image builds. f-k chnages are disruptive to all armel images.17:03
ogra_there are no changes to livecd-rootfs17:03
GrueMasterclose only counts in horse shoes & hand grenades.17:03
ogra_the only thing you need to do is cp the omap post-boot script in debian-cd to mx51 and change a few lines17:04
GrueMasterBlaze is veryclose to panda, yet...17:04
ogra_and add a crontab entry17:04
ogra_GrueMaster, building blaze images would cost me 30min of work or even less17:04
ogra_i mean changuing the builder to create them17:05
* NCommander notes he would have issues with spinning blaze images because of how close to release we are17:05
ogra_mx51/efika will be a bit more and require a bit of going back and forth between coder and tester indeed17:05
NCommanderogra_: and you really think we could push it three weeks from release, with final freeze around the corner?17:06
ogra_as i said i was planning to do it this week, but neither i nor ScottK had time yet17:06
ogra_and with the sound patches ahead that are high prio i wont have time17:06
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slangasekcjwatson: pitti noted in bug #750585 that he would like your review as well before acking; do you think you'll have a chance to do so this week?20:02
ubot4`Launchpad bug 750585 in linux (Ubuntu) "[FFe] support for making linux-libc-dev coinstallable under multiarch (affects: 1) (heat: 14)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75058520:02
bdrunghi, can i update lintian from 2.5.0~rc1 to 2.5.0~rc2 without a FFe?20:21
ScottKbdrung: Assuming it's just bug fixes, yes.20:27
ScottKbdrung: Is it going to build this time?20:27
bdrungScottK: yes. i managed to win against pkgbinarymangler20:27
bdrungand it does it's job on my system for a few days20:28
bdrungScottK: sadly it fails again due to multiarch: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/68599356/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-i386.lintian_2.5.0~rc2ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz21:31
ScottKMaybe slangasek will save you then.21:31
bdrungslangasek: can you save me?21:32
bdrunglintian hates me :'(21:32
slangasekwell, it's not due to multiarch, it's due to some strangeness lintian is trying to do with a multiarch field21:34
slangasekhow did this work in a local build for you, or in Debian?21:34
bdrungslangasek: it did21:35
slangasekyes, but how21:35
slangasektrying to set Multi-Arch: bad is not allowed21:35
slangasekso how did this code pass for you locally with Ubuntu's dpkg?21:36
bdrunglet me digg out the local build log21:36
bdrungslangasek: strange. this particular tests fail the same way but the build continues21:39
slangasekcould it have to do with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=n?21:40
slangasekthe test itself is wrong anyway since dpkg-deb will refuse to build a package containing an invalid field, so that should be fixed21:40
bdrungslangasek: but i restricted the parallelism to 1 (to make the build log clearer)21:42
slangasekin the package itself?  Because the buildds don't21:42
bdrungyes, in d/rules: PAR_ARGS=-j 121:43
slangasekok, no clue then.  I recommend just fixing the test to drop the package using 'bad' out of debian/control.in, and emptying t/tests/fields-multi-arch/tags21:47
cjwatsonslangasek: OK, I'll have a look tomorrow when I'm more sober22:07
slangasekcjwatson: ok, cheers :)22:08
ScottKFYI, builders are currently FUBAR, but lamont is on the job.22:09
lamontinter-datacenter comms burp from the ISP --> pain22:11
lamontor whatever it was...  that'll teach me to go run an errand for my kids22:39

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