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MasterUbuntuHave just joined the testing team, is there anything urgent to look at first?10:24
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jibelpatrickmw, with a small fix and the polkit configuration change usersadmin test passed17:26
patrickmwjibel, nice!17:30
patrickmwjibel, can you check if the environment you ran the tests on has shotwell installed?17:30
patrickmwjibel, or that it launches ok17:30
jibelyes shotwell is installed.17:31
jibeldoes the test works in your env ?17:31
patrickmwjibel, on my laptop and my vm. I have one test failure, but I'm working on it.  Looks like the app changed17:32
jibelwell %U doesn't exists17:32
jibelpatrickmw, what's the %U in launcher_args for ?17:33
patrickmwjibel, remember the original spreadsheet from the rally? well it was designated as %U17:34
patrickmwjibel, didn't know better at the time :)17:35
patrickmwjibel, but it still passes for me17:37
jibelpatrickmw, yeah because there was a bug in mago with command arguments :-) it is fixed in bzr17:38
jibelpatrickmw, 7 tests 1 skip \o/  test fixed, you rock man ;-)17:39
patrickmwjibel, that test that failed for me passed.  had to slow ldtp down a bit17:40
jibelpatrickmw, if we could find a reliable way to sync ldtp and the application that would fix many tests17:41
patrickmwjilbel, I use a lot of waittill.... methods17:41
patrickmwjibel, that's made a big diff in my tests17:42
patrickmwjibel, but don't use shotwell tests as example.  chromium would be better (its more recent)17:44
jibelpatrickmw, that's what I use too. My main problem today is with ubiquity where the widget have an atkname explicitly set and all the pages and proceed buttons have the same name.17:44
patrickmwjibel, shotwell was, "learn as I go"17:44
jibelbut that's a different problem17:44
jibelpatrickmw, sure, that's why shotwell passes and chromium fails ;-P17:44
patrickmwjibel, I have encountered that with software center17:44
patrickmwjibel, where do I set the global ldtp run speed setting?17:47
jibelpatrickmw, I don't know if there's any such setting in ldtp17:47
patrickmwjibel, there is. I thought there was a way to change it through mago17:48
patrickmwjibel, I will add this :)17:48
patrickmwjibel, I will check with nagappan to be sure.17:49
jibelpatrickmw, no it's semi-hardcoded for the start and close of the application to ensure that even when waittillexists returns the application is really there17:49
jibelmuch better 83% success http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/desktop-testing/natty/index.20110407.html17:50
jibelnow update-manager.17:51
patrickmwjibel, chomium test has the %U arg too!17:55
patrickmwjibel, that was on the list too.  what was that arg supposed to do?17:56
jibelpatrickmw, pass.17:56
jibelpatrickmw, this arg is used when the application is launcher with the help of a desktop file17:58
patrickmwjibel, thank you17:58
patrickmwjibel, you said that users-admin passed?17:59
jibelpatrickmw, yup. I removed the last argument of the last call to doesrowexists with seems to have been removed from ldtp.18:00
jibelpatrickmw, the documentation needs an update obviously18:00
patrickmwjibel... what what what??18:00
patrickmwjibel, oh18:01
patrickmwjibel. that's been fixed.  I had to reinstalled ldtp18:01
jibelpatrickmw, doesrowexist ('<window name>', '<table name>', '<string to be matched>'[, <partial match = False>]) there's no partial match18:02
patrickmwjibel, correct18:02
patrickmwjibel, but nagappan fixed it :)18:02
jibelCool, but the version is not in natty18:02
patrickmwjibel, version of what? ldtp?18:03
patrickmwjibel, well ,then how did I get it?18:03
patrickmwjibel, the fix that is18:03
jibelpatrickmw, I don't know, latest version in natty is ldtp |    2.1.0-118:04
patrickmwjibel, i will check what I'm running18:04
jibelpatrickmw, and it's what the test env uses, it updates the system every day before the run then restarts18:04
jibelapt-cache policy ldtp18:04
patrickmwjibel, yeah that's what I have ;/18:06
patrickmwjibel, I have no clue how I got the fix.  I uninstalled then reinstalled as usual18:06
jibeldid you ever installed a version from git ?18:07
patrickmwjibe, I don't believe so. its been a while.  I just installed from apt-get18:08
jibelpatrickmw, can you look at baobab and arrange_by in nautilus18:12
jibelI'll skip ssh, webdav and ftp until I've a server properly setup18:13
patrickmwjibe, ok.  did you get the doesrowexist method to pass or are you removing the line?18:13
jibelpatrickmw, I just removed the 'partial match' argument and use the exact name of the user created by the test18:14
jibelpatrickmw, the assertion is still there18:15
jibeland valid18:15
patrickmwjibel, I didn't think that worked, because of the extra text after the newline18:15
jibelpatrickmw, it does work.18:16
patrickmwjibel, sweet!18:16
jibelpatrickmw, same problem for TestSoftwareCenter.test_custom_package_list18:17
patrickmwjibel, yeah, those methods work me me :)18:18
jibelpatrickmw, timeadmin will be quick, the application vanished, and replaced by indicator-datetime-preferences, needs a rewrite18:22
jibelI'll cleanup obsolete tests.18:23
jibelpatrickmw, i'm back in ~3 hours, I'll merge your fixes after dinner.18:25
patrickmwjibel ack18:25
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nagappanpatrickmw, jibel, in one of my system, I'm upgrading from 10.10 64-bit to 11.04 64-bit using update-manager -d20:29
nagappanpatrickmw, I get some error, unable to fix it - http://ldtp.freedesktop.org/user-doc/d3/de5/a00209.html20:29
nagappanpatrickmw, sorry20:30
nags_patrickmw, http://pastebin.com/JSEX1wen20:30
nagappanpatrickmw, any help20:30
nagappanpatrickmw, I have uninstalled openoffice before trying to upgrade20:30
nagappanpatrickmw, as I guess this might conflict with libreoffice20:31
patrickmwnagappan, looking now. unfortunately I haven't ran an upgrade in quite some time20:31
patrickmwnagappan, what happens after this is logged.  Does it just abruptly stop or do you get an error dialog?20:37
nags_patrickmw, I got this error message "An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade:20:38
nags_Can not mark 'ubuntu-desktop' for upgrade"20:38
jibelnagappan, can you please attach the files in /var/log/dist-upgrade somewhere especially apt.log20:39
nags_patrickmw, error diaog message http://pastebin.com/NJYsm7WQ20:39
nags_jibel, sure20:39
nags_jibel, apt.log http://pastebin.com/68NFv4am20:40
jibelnagappan, the package ubuntu-desktop is not installed maybe removed to install package from a ppa. The upgrade will be painful :-)20:40
nags_jibel, shall I install manually in that case ?20:41
* nags_ checking20:41
nags_jibel, its alread installed20:41
nags_jibel, ubuntu-desktop installed ;  install (was: install).  Optional20:41
nags_jibel, *** Opt metapack ubuntu-deskt 1.207       1.207       The Ubuntu desktop system20:42
jibelnags_, nevermind I read "run in 'desktop' mode, (because of pkg 'ubuntu-desktop')" but understand the other way :S20:43
nags_jibel, :-)20:44
jibelnags_, I think thats because there is an ongoing transition in unity/libnux and not all the packages are available20:45
jibelInvestigating (0) libnux-0.9-0 [ amd64 ] < none -> 0.9.40-0ubuntu1 > ( libs )20:45
jibelBroken libnux-0.9-0:amd64 Breaks on unity [ amd64 ] < none -> 3.8.2-0ubuntu1 > ( gnome ) (< 3.8.4)20:45
jibel  Considering unity:amd64 5 as a solution to libnux-0.9-0:amd64 120:46
jibel  Holding Back libnux-0.9-0:amd64 rather than change unity:amd6420:46
jibelwhich means that it tries to upgrade libnux to 0.9.40-0ubuntu120:46
jibelwhich requires unity 3.8.420:46
jibelbut only unity 3.8.2-0ubuntu1 is available20:46
jibelnags_, 3.8.4 has been published 2 hours ago only so maybe it's not available20:48
nags_jibel, ah ! okay20:49
nags_jibel, will try upgrading tomorrow then :-)20:49
nags_jibel, thanks20:49
jibelnags_, yeah, there are many fixes in this release and it is much more stable.20:50
nags_jibel, that's the reason I want to update my laptop ;-) but got struck, will try tomorrow20:53
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