aadityakevin9286049: what color?00:06
kevin9286049aaditya: black.00:06
kevin9286049good question aaditya, not sure what i would do with a red one00:07
aadityaI'd use pepper spray on it and then watch it squirm.00:07
aaditya...before I start squirming myself.00:08
kevin9286049yeah, i wouldn't do that00:09
iheartubuntu1i cant believe nhaines got out of DMV so quick! nice job02:55
akkLast time I had to go to DMV, what worked best: check the waiting times at all the local DMVs and rush to the one with the shortest waiting time.02:58
akkIt's really helpful having that info online.02:58
iheartubuntu1i told them to go to another DMV too03:04
akkAppointments at the DMV often don't seem to save any time.03:04
akkThe appt line is shorter but sometimes they also call the numbers less often.03:05
akkBut they use that horrid system of random letters where it's impossible to estimate how much time is left. :(03:05
pleia2california's dmv is pretty horrible all around (at least the location in SF)03:06
akkIn SF you're not supposed to do car stuff anyway. :)03:07
nhainesakk: haha, that's what I did!  They released an Android app just a couple days ago.03:10
nhainesThe plan was to survey all the non-appointment times for all local DMVs and then rush to the northernmost one.  But the jokes on me, I went south 10 miles.  :(03:11
pleia2akk: even though I don't drive much, I needed a license03:12
pleia2states get cranky if I keep my PA license!03:13
nhainespleia2: state ID card>03:13
akkI was joking, pleia2, honest!03:13
akkAnd she'd need to go to the DMV even for an ID card.03:13
pleia2new jersey DMV is pretty awful too03:13
pleia2both would be better if they hired nice people (or didn't ruin people by making their jobs horrible?)03:16
nhainesakk: just to keep her PA driver's license, I mean.  :)03:16
nhainesEveryone wass actually super friendly at the DMV today.03:16
akkThat helps!03:17
akkThough I think friendliness and short lines tend to go together.03:17
akkThe super-crowded DMVs and post offices get customers grumpy about having waited so long, so they're rude to the staff, so the staff get grumpy too.03:17
pleia2they should have a greeter!03:18
akkew, I hate greeters03:18
akkDMV does usually have a greeter, though ... a "start here" person who gives you the appropriate line-waiting number/letter combo.03:19
pleia2well, instead there was a guy walking around yelling at people for being in the wrong lines and having the wrong forms, and refusing to tell anyone the right line or right form to use03:19
pleia2^^ the "start here" guy03:19
akkgreat! how helpful03:19
pleia2and I didn't bring a pen, I got yelled at for that too, they don't have pens03:19
akkHow evil of you not to know that! I bet you were deliberately trying to slow down their who operation, pleia2.03:20
pleia2that's me!03:21
iheartubuntu1ahhh... DMV.03:23
pleia2my speakers are unhappy when move the screen on my netbook :(03:29
pleia2the speaker wires in hinges are probably unwell03:29
akkaw, your netbook isn't that old!03:30
akkno fair03:30
pleia2almost 2.5 years, isn't that old in laptop years? :)03:30
akkWow, is it? I thought it was under a year.03:30
pleia2nah, got it for christmas in 200803:31
akkI'm not the person to ask, though, the person who's still using a mobile pentium laptop. :)03:31
pleia2yeah, my real laptop is a p3 (this is a netbook!)03:31
pleia2but the p3 is almost done, it can't do wifi anymore03:31
pleia2no built in wifi, and the pcmcia slots are toast03:31
akkd got his p3 laptop's pcmcia slot repaired a while back (but now he has a newer netbook).03:32
akkMy p3 still works, but I don't use it much 'cause I like the wider WXGA screen on the other laptop.03:33
nhainesWell, so much for nethack.  I managed to feed my pony and retame him but depsite the trapdoor getting me to level 3, the return to level 2 for my pony claimed my life.04:44
* pleia2 chuckles04:48
pleia2Flannel: Eureka has gone walkabout again!06:04
pleia2anyway, finally got around to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/TeamReports/11/March06:04
pleia2please add to it if I've missed anything :)06:05
pleia2and figured it was time to archive the 2010 meetings06:09
kevin9286049i thought this was cute:  "squishy circuits" http://091labs.com/2011/04/ted-talk-squishy-circuits/16:20
iheartubuntui like the panel format too pleia217:01
pleia2as a panelist or attendee?17:05
* pleia2 gives Eureka a botsnack17:15
iheartubuntui did this in 1999 at a reggae conference up in san jose. worked quite well and no one was under any pressure really. very relaxed17:17
* iheartubuntu used to have natty dreadlocks (if u could believe)17:18
kevin9286049hey everybody.  iheartubuntu, how's the back doing?17:18
iheartubuntua little better today thanks17:18
iheartubuntudoing simple stretches17:18
kevin9286049right on17:18
iheartubuntuhot showers17:18
iheartubuntui was going to go to chiro yest, but i thought id wait till monday17:19
iheartubuntuif its still bad i'll go, but its getting better slowly.17:19
iheartubuntui notice when im in shape i never need him :)17:20
iheartubuntuwhen im out of shape, i always need him (but never go)17:20
kevin9286049i don't think i've ever been to one17:21
kevin9286049never been much of a fan17:21
iheartubuntuanother big quake in japan17:21
sn9how big?17:22
akkquite big :(17:22
sn9tsunami expected?17:22
akkI heard they cancelled the tsunami alert, but I'm not sure if that was a reliable source17:22
iheartubuntuthese numbers mean nothing to pleia2 :|17:23
iheartubuntuthe "tsunami" was 1 meter big17:23
iheartubuntuor 1 meter small17:23
iheartubuntuthankfully nothing like before17:23
iheartubuntui dont think ive ever experienced a 7.417:24
iheartubuntuand dont want to17:24
sn9how big was the northridge quake in '94?17:24
kevin9286049there was a 7.x in the 80s17:25
kevin9286049first earthquake i remember17:25
akkIn california? Where?17:25
sn9kevin9286049: 198917:25
iheartubuntuthe montebello one?17:25
kevin9286049sn9: sounds about right17:25
sn9loma prieta17:25
akkNo, 1989 was 6.9 (loma prieta)17:25
kevin9286049oh i think whittier17:25
iheartubuntuyah whittier17:25
iheartubuntui dont know if it was over 7.0 tho17:25
iheartubuntuwhittier was 198717:26
iheartubuntui was on top of that one at the epicenter. that was bad where i was17:26
kevin9286049hmmm weird17:26
sn9akk: the initial reports were 6.9, soon revised to 7.1, but that was on the richter, while the MMA scale said 7.0, later revised to 6.917:26
kevin9286049yeah, says 5.917:26
iheartubuntuthe ground buckled and the windows on my school flexed in and out like a soapy bubble17:26
kevin9286049for whittier that is17:26
iheartubuntuthen they broke17:26
akksn9: Went the other way here -- initial reports were 7.1, revised down to 6.9 a few days later.17:27
akkwhittier narrows in '87 was only 5.917:27
sn9akk: my memory is not THAT faulty17:27
pleia2iheartubuntu: I wouldn't say they "mean nothing to me" - I've watched lots of documentaries about earthquakes!17:28
akksn9: I was working in SF, got to see the bay bridge out the window ... I remember it pretty clearly. :)17:28
iheartubuntuwell :) in terms of being in a first big shaker17:28
akk(fortunately that building was on bedrock so we were fine, just lost power and had a long evening listening to someone's battery radio)17:28
iheartubuntuyou know all about them. i hope u never experience one. what i dont like is they just appear, you have no time to plan.17:29
sn9akk: the snarled traffic on sunset blvd from dead stoplights led people to get out of their cars and yell "6.9!!!"17:29
kevin9286049thanks for the link akk.  i'm starting to think more earthquakes occur in northern california than down here17:30
kevin9286049what about the earthquake simulator, been in plenty of those17:31
akksn9: You could tell at work who the native californians were -- we were leaning against the wall going "7.1." "Naw, just a 6.8." "C'mon, this has got to be at least 7.3."17:31
iheartubuntuLA is due for one a decent sized one. so northridge was the last one around here? thats been a while then17:31
akksn9: and everybody else was going "OMG! We're going to die!!"17:32
sn9akk: i didn't actually feel it, being in a moving vehicle on 280 coming back from venrock17:32
akkWe were on the fourth floor so we got some decent swaying. (I'm glad I wasn't in a skyscraper!)17:33
akkIt felt like it lasted a really long time -- everybody overestimated the duration afterward.17:33
pleia2they tell me the ground beneath my building may liquify17:33
akkpleia2: :(17:33
iheartubuntui was at home with some popcorn getting ready for the ballgame17:33
iheartubuntuare u in a newer building?17:34
pleia2iheartubuntu: yeah, built in 200417:34
iheartubuntuohh not bad17:34
akkLA's weird, hard to predict 'cause the quakes always seem to come on previously un-noticed faults instead of the big ones.17:34
akkIn the bay area it'll almost certainly be the San Andreas or the Hayward.17:34
sn9pleia2: yes, that part of town has some of the worst soil17:34
akk(though the Calaveras has been doing a lot of little quakes lately, but it's right next to the Hayward)17:35
pleia2they /say/ it's "fine" through a 7.0 and even worse than that it won't fall down (but may have unrepairable structural damage)17:35
akkNot falling down is good, The rest is the building owner's problem.17:36
kevin9286049/they/ say lots of things17:37
pleia2unfortunately we own, so we are partially building owners, we'd pretty much be sunk17:37
iheartubuntuliterally and...17:38
kevin9286049how many stories is your building pleia2 ?17:38
sn9it's tall.17:38
pleia2the HOA actually looked into earthquake insurance, but the deductable was $5 million and it was something like $50/mo extra in dues for each unit17:38
pleia2kevin9286049: 1617:38
sn9the CEA made earthquake insurance completely unattainable, whereas it was previously a nobrainer17:39
kevin9286049well, i guess you'd own like 1/160th of the plot if the building was totally destroyed17:39
kevin9286049that is still valuable realestate17:40
kevin9286049not sure how much it would cost to build a new building there though17:40
iheartubuntui dont think you own the land in america anymore. just the property on top of it17:40
kevin9286049i wonder if you saved $200,000 if that would be enough to cover the cost of rebuilding a single unit17:40
sn9kevin9286049: depends where17:40
sn9iheartubuntu: depends where17:41
pleia2yeah, our deed includes elevation (I joked that if we sink, do we get the unit above us? :D)17:41
kevin9286049you own a 3d cube in the sky17:41
iheartubuntusn9 - there is only one or two states now that allow full ownership. i think NH is one of them. i would have to double check17:41
kevin9286049i never thought of it that way before17:41
sn9iheartubuntu: also depends where in each state17:42
sn9most states have local ordinances that control it to a finer grain17:42
kevin9286049when i owned a condo, it was pretty much believed that if the condo was destroyed, that a new one would be built17:44
kevin9286049but i never checked the cc&rs or my deed to really check what land was mine17:44
kevin9286049well, that's not exactly true17:45
akkMy understanding (which may be wrong) is that the diff between a condo and a house/townhouse is that with a condo you don't own the land underneath, with the others you do.17:45
akkAnd surely with farms and things, the whole point is owning the land? So in what way do you not really own it?17:45
akkI know sometimes mineral and water rights are split out separately.17:45
kevin9286049it was all parceled out.  so i owned this unit, this garage space on the deed17:45
pleia2the decision of whether to rebuild here would be upon the owners, who would mostly be banks and things once we all declare bankruptcy :\17:45
kevin9286049well, if your unit is ont he bottom floor then i suppose you own that piece of the land17:46
kevin9286049if that's true, then it may be in the interest of "banks and things" for your building to collapse O_O17:46
kevin9286049i hope there aren't crony capitalists staring at buildings wishing they would collapse17:47
pleia2no, I don't think they actually want to own a pile of rubble when mortgages are defaulted on17:47
iheartubuntuwith eminent domain there is no such thing as true ownership in america anymore. a few states give you limited allodial titles17:48
kevin9286049as long as you're paying your mortgage, i suppose not pleia217:49
akkI'm trying to make sense of that wikipedia page but, well, kinda tl;dr if you're just trying to answer "in what way don't I own my backyard"?17:49
kevin9286049well, you'd have to pay off your mortgage first anyway iheartubuntu17:49
pleia2kevin9286049: I suspect most people living here aren't wealthy enough to continue paying for a mortgage for a place they can no longer live in (we certainly aren't)17:49
kevin9286049it kind of makes me wonder exactly who gets shafted when a mortgage is defaulted on17:50
kevin9286049anyway, i just heard about this game:  http://springrts.com/wiki/Ubuntu_install17:52
kevin9286049i don't really have any projects to work on today17:52
kevin9286049i better go find some17:53
kevin9286049oh yeah, i'm following a house representative on twitter17:54
kevin9286049i couldn't find feinstein or boxer on twitter17:54
iheartubuntuive heard of that company before17:55
iheartubuntuthey make the game http://www.spring1944.org/17:55
iheartubuntubut i never did get it installed17:55
kevin9286049i haven't installed it either, i don't expect it to run very well on my hardware17:56
kevin9286049i wonder if it's multiplayer17:56
kevin9286049that would be cool17:56
iheartubuntu6.5 quake in mexico now17:56
kevin9286049an rts that runs natively on linux17:56
kevin9286049rolling earthquakes17:56
kevin9286049well, i was thinking that i think buildings in SF that are surrounded by other buildings are unlikely to fall down17:57
kevin9286049the only way that it would is with like dynamite placed in the right spot17:57
iheartubuntuk, lets not worry pleia2 too much!17:57
kevin9286049i said *unlikely*17:58
pleia2I'm not actually worried :)17:58
kevin9286049not likely17:58
kevin9286049she's working on her acting, bravo!17:58
kevin9286049i thought you were worried too17:58
kevin9286049i wonder if nancy pelosi is on twitter17:59
pleia2there are many things in life that can go wrong, can't do much about earthquakes, worrying wastes cycles17:59
kevin9286049indeed she is17:59
pleia2as far as things that can go wrong I think terminal illness and loss of health insurance is probably higher on the list18:00
kevin9286049worrying is inefficient thinking18:00
pleia2(I have a cousin the ICU because she couldn't afford to go to the doctor and let a flu turn into life-threatening pneumonia)18:00
* pleia2 does worry about her :(18:00
kevin9286049there really isn't much $ in preventive medicine18:01
kevin9286049i really don't worry much about people anymore18:01
kevin9286049i got tired of my concern being impotent18:01
akkPreventative medicine is too expensive for a lot of people.18:02
kevin9286049a lot of people have died in my family the last couple years18:02
kevin9286049starting in 2007 when my uncle died18:02
kevin9286049there are lots of ways things can be expensive.  time is one of them.18:03
pleia2hehe, michael paoli's hatred of vim is epic http://www.weak.org/pipermail/buug/2011-April/003751.html18:04
pleia2I do sympathize with the frustration that vi is aliased to vim in a lot of distros18:05
pleia2(I don't care for plain vi, but if I did I'd be annoyed)18:05
iheartubuntupreventive medicine is probably best... such as... going on a walk and doing some exercises so i dont have back problems18:05
akkIsn't it pretty much a superset? (I guess I should read the flame)18:06
iheartubuntumaybei  mean "care" and not medicine18:06
akk:q! always quits vim for me18:06
pleia2yeah, I've never had a problem either18:07
iheartubuntuhope she gets better pleia2 - is she stabilized now and doing better?18:08
pleia2iheartubuntu: it's still quite touch and go, a bunch of family members flew/drove to NY to be with her18:09
nhainesI've said it before, vi(m) has two modes: beep repeatedly and break everything.18:23
iheartubuntuthats good lyz18:28
MarkDudeawesome Comcastic install http://twitpic.com/4hz4qy#18:59
MarkDudeakk here is the earliest agreed upon start of the name. You can see that mr happy breakfast taco guy entered the fray also19:01
kevin9286049i finished installing this:  http://springrts.com/wiki/Ubuntu_install19:04
kevin9286049trying to log into a game now19:05
nhainesWhat type of game is it?19:06
kevin9286049i'm going to play with a touchpad19:08
nhainesI understand that.19:08
kevin9286049i'm doomed19:08
iheartubuntuis that the tank game?19:11
iheartubuntuor just the engine for all of their games19:12
iheartubuntutheir star wars games looks nice http://www.imperialwinter.com/19:13
kevin9286049it's like a port of this game "total annihilation"19:16
iheartubuntukev... it looks like that install page is just the engine for all the games in their games section19:16
kevin9286049i'm not having much luck playing it though19:16
kevin9286049iheartubuntu: yeah, if you log in to a multiplayer game it downloads the game for you19:17
iheartubuntuhow big is the install19:17
kevin9286049i think like ~80MB iheartubuntu19:55
kevin9286049it doesn't run that well on my system though19:55
kevin9286049intel graphics are terrible for 3d19:55
kevin9286049which isn't exactly a secret19:55
kevin9286049i should stop chasing waterfalls19:55
kevin9286049i just watched a game though, was kind of interesting19:55
kevin9286049i see, the commercials on dailyshow are representative of the age demographic20:25
nhainesWoo, just cleared the first level in Nethack... even found a vault for the first time!20:30
iheartubuntunhaines - are you playing the original nethack or the 3D fork of it21:08
nhainesiheartubuntu: the original. The 3D fork wouldn't work so well over ssh on a vps with 64MB RAM and no X. :)21:09
nhainesFrom my Android phone at lunch. ;)21:10
iheartubuntuohhh :x21:10
iheartubuntuwow, a post on twitter about back pain and im getting "back pain" adverts now21:42
iheartubuntuim guessing its some twitter bot that picked up my keyword21:46
nhainesHmm, a partial upgrade of Unity....  looks like I shouldn't reboot at the moment.  ;)21:58
The_Letter_MAnyone familiar with connecting Dreamweaver to MySQL5.1; the SQL server in Linux and DW in Windows?22:22
=== jono_ is now known as jono
iheartubuntunot at all sorry. i can get dreamweaver to work in ubuntu, but every time there is a wine update it messes up my dreamweaver22:28
iheartubuntuso ive just stopped using it22:28
nhainesiheartubuntu: that's not what he asked.  :)22:28
iheartubuntui know :)22:30
The_Letter_MWhat I have is Ubuntu with the LAMP Stack and then Virtualbox running WinXP with Dreamweaver running on it.22:31
iheartubuntubut i stopped using it because if wine upgrades22:31
iheartubuntuso dreamweaver is in XP virtually22:31
The_Letter_MI got MySQL configured so that it accepts remote connections and made a user for the remote connection22:32
iheartubuntuand mysql works in linux22:32
The_Letter_Mbut when Dreamweaver tries to connect it gives me "an unidentified error has occurred"22:32
The_Letter_Myes MySQL is working fine22:33
The_Letter_Mthe person I am doing this for has a site using Joomla with mySQL running on it22:33
The_Letter_MI think DW is just retarded22:35
kevin6888296dreamweaver is connecting to mysql over the network then22:45
The_Letter_MAdobe has the worst forum search tool I have ever seen22:45
The_Letter_Mwell when I go to configure DW to connect to sql, it says "An Unidentified error has occurred"22:46
kevin6888296yeah, i got that earlier22:47
kevin6888296i'm assuming you already checked the web for the error22:47
The_Letter_Mand I can connect to the sql server using the mysql command on another machine22:47
The_Letter_MYeah. I've been googling all afternoon22:48
kevin6888296so you can connect to the mysql server from another machine over the network?22:48
kevin6888296you can try using google to search the adobe forums22:49
iheartubuntuthats what i was thinking. can you msql from within windows?, not using dreamweaver22:49
kevin6888296there's probably an app for that22:49
kevin6888296oh yeah, odbc should be able to connect to mysql22:50
iheartubuntuin the Windows Software Center? :)22:50
kevin6888296you mean Best Buy or Amazon?  :P22:50
iheartubuntuyou might need a student ID to buy something for windows. its a lot cheaper22:51
kevin6888296there was a free odbc connector i used awhile ago that was a windows program22:51
kevin6888296had a little sql window and everything22:51
The_Letter_MI can connect from another Linux box. I didn't try the ODBC stuff in Windows though22:51
iheartubuntucan i migrate the files back to ubuntu and the do mysql from ubuntu22:51
iheartubuntumight be easier then dealing with dreamweaver or windows22:51
kevin6888296maybe that's how dreamweaver wants you to do it, through odbc22:51
The_Letter_MDreamweaver seems to only support MySQL22:52
kevin6888296you should be able to test the connection to mysql from the odbc thingamabob in windows too22:52
kevin6888296that's hard to believe, but i don't have dreamweaver22:52
iheartubuntuif you dont weave dreams then you probably dont have dreamweaver22:54
* kevin6888296 laughs22:54
kevin6888296i haven't recalled a dream in like two days22:54
kevin6888296which is unusual for me22:54
iheartubuntuso you dont have total recall22:55
kevin6888296of my dreams?  no22:55
kevin6888296even when i do remember them i have to write them down22:55
kevin6888296actually, i should read my dream journal22:55
kevin6888296it can be an interesting read22:55
iheartubuntuthere is a great site.. dont know where i found it... where u can input your dreams into a database and it will collectively use the info to make predictions22:56
iheartubuntui found the dream archive site through there22:59
iheartubuntuhalf past human was designed by a guy who invented (for microsoft)  to predict the stock exchange22:59
iheartubuntuafter he left MS he started using his software to predict world events23:00
kdubi never remember my dreams23:00
akkI remember tiny snippets and moods, which usually dissolve within minutes no matter how hard I try to hold on.23:04
kevin6888296it takes work to recall dreams23:06
kevin6888296iheartubuntu: sounds like wacky 2012 stuff23:06
kevin6888296when i wake up and recall a dream, i try to connect a single word to the dream23:06
kevin6888296then i extrapolate from that single word23:07
kevin6888296it has worked in the past23:07
kevin6888296nuclear bombs, synchronicity between halfpasthuman.com and xkcd.com23:12
The_Letter_MI have returned23:15
The_Letter_MI wish selecting a color scheme for Xchat was more simple23:17
akkThe GTK theme part is easy, but setting the nick colors is insane.23:22
akk(well, gtk themes have issues too but at least they're fairly well known issues)23:23
The_Letter_MI just prefer a dark color scheme with a transparent background23:23
The_Letter_Mand so I have to change every color to look alright23:23
iheartubuntu"What I want from a restaurant website"... http://theoatmeal.com/comics/restaurant_website23:23
kevin6888296i used xchat, i used irssi, i used xchat, i used irssi, i used empathy, i use irssi23:24
kevin6888296do you use compiz The_Letter_M ?23:24
The_Letter_MI use Xfce instead of Gnome23:25
kevin6888296oh well23:26
iheartubuntuCat VS. The Internet.... http://theoatmeal.com/comics/cat_vs_internet23:26
kevin6888296btw iheartubuntu cool post on tuxgames.com23:26
The_Letter_MI'll probably leave Xfce for Unity when the final release is out later this month23:29
kevin6888296iheartubuntu: my cat used to lay on my lap >_<23:31
kevin6888296compiz has color inversion, i just use that at night23:32
The_Letter_MI tried Compiz with Gnome for a while on my lappy23:32
The_Letter_Mit seemed like a resource hog23:33
iheartubuntumy cat lays on my keyboard to get me to pet him. or starts pressing keys if he is pissed off23:33
The_Letter_Min Xfce I enable the built in window compositing and it runs smooth and I've never seen it get choppy23:33
kevin6888296type with right hand, pet with left hand23:35
kevin6888296don't pretend you can't one hand type >_>23:35
kevin6888296does it have color inversion?23:36
kevin6888296i used compiz by itself for awhile23:36
kevin6888296that was...interesting23:36
kevin6888296it would have been fine if there was a widget or something for nm-applet23:36
kevin6888296that's all i really needed a panel for23:37
kevin6888296oh, well, yeah it got kind of annoying tabbing through apps23:37
akknm can work without a panel now, though of course it's not as supported as the normal applet stuff.23:38
MarkDudeCreative commons the 25th at HP http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1505289361/efbnen23:46
kevin6888296oh, it wasn't about "not working"23:47
kevin6888296it just wasn't as nice without having the icon readily available, or even easy to pull up if necessary23:47

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