bcurtiswxmaco, so how long to EU? when should I plan on taking off from the states?02:08
macobcurtiswx: hungary apparently does have their own currency02:08
macoi think it was 8 hours to italy, so probably 10?02:08
macocanonical will set you up with a travel agent though02:08
macoyou should be leaving some time that saturday02:09
macoand getting there some time sunda02:09
bcurtiswxThen leaving BUdapest saturday early afternoon would get us back in the states that night even if it's a 10 hour-ish flight02:14
bcurtiswxmaco, more ?'s for ya14:21
bcurtiswxmaco, what is the afterwards life like? do people just go back to their rooms, or is it like bar hop?14:21
macobar hop14:21
macogoing to bed before midnight is odd14:21
macowell its not all bars though :P i mean, hang out in the hallway and discuss stuff, go out to a restaurant...then comes the bar14:22
bcurtiswxdo they take american ID's for ID? or most european countries don't care?14:23
lfaraonemaco: if you or bcurtiswx don't mind being late to TOI this weekend, my school's putting on a production of the broadway musical "AIDA" on Saturday; I'd love if you'd be able to come. (I'm in tech)17:22
macomy parents are visiting this weekend17:25
lfaraonemaco: well, there's also a thursday and friday show at 7. <_<;17:25
macowhile i could probably convince them to go to TOI (they love it) i dont think theyd want to be with the nerds17:25
macoas in today? or next week?17:26
lfaraonemaco: today and tomorrow and this saturday.17:26
macocuz today = oh no, mom's coming over! clean! clean! clean!17:26
lfaraoneI'll miss TOI entirely, theatre has me from 12:30 til 23h.17:26
lfaraone(on saturday)17:27
lfaraonemaco: it looked clean enough when I was at your party.17:27
macoi got a boyfriend, and then time-spent-picking-up-after-myself went away17:27
macoalso i have lots of crafts projects stuff out17:27
lfaraonehaha, okay then. I'll just sob silently.17:28

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