snap-l  Jay R. Wren (28 minutes ago from MetroTwit)00:21
snap-lI've bitched about google reader and loved bloglines, but the new bloglines is shit compared to the one from 5 yrs ago.00:21
DBOtoday I have important news00:27
DBOref counting, is hard00:27
DBOthat is all00:27
DBOoh also I have decided to kill myself should I ever be made to touch mutter code again00:27
snap-lWhere should we make funeral donations to?00:29
DBOmy mom00:30
DBOshe'll be devastated00:30
DBO(I hope the sober reality of that answer confirms just how much I hate mutter)00:31
DBOI swear I would rather screw a bucket of glass00:31
snap-lHello mutter... hello clutter00:31
snap-lHere I am, coding nutter00:32
snap-lCode is very draining00:32
snap-land I think I'd rather sit on IRC complainin'00:32
rick_h__geeze, from the "I'm going to pretend I never saw this" mailbox: http://yro.slashdot.org/story/11/04/07/0212222/France-Outlaws-Hashed-Passwords12:07
snap-lrick_h__: Wow, that's cosmically stupid13:59
snap-lThe password is useless outside of the site13:59
snap-lrick_h__: The summary is wrong14:01
rick_h__snap-l: so it right, the whole 'can't hash passwords' is wrong14:10
rick_h__but it still does say you need to supply passwords14:10
rick_h__and you'd think it'd at least need to be a reverseable hash14:10
tjagodaSymantec Endpoint Protection is so useless14:10
rick_h__sorry, stopped reading at that first word14:10
tjagodaAV software that eats a shit ton of resources14:11
tjagodayet somehow still lets viruses through14:11
tjagodaI also pay money for it14:13
tjagodathousands of dollars14:13
tjagodabrousch: What do you guys run?14:13
tjagodaFor AV software that is14:14
rick_h__well of course you'd need to license the logo so it appeared safe14:14
snap-lI really really hate systems that specify password length14:14
rick_h__snap-l: how long did it require?14:15
rick_h__I mean, I've never met one that was more than 814:15
snap-lSystem that I'm logging into says it needs to be 6-814:15
tjagodaWhat about systems that specify capital letters, numbers, and a specific number of special characters all at the same time? =p14:15
rick_h__oh, has a max14:15
rick_h__yea, that sucks14:15
snap-lrick_h__: Yeah, that's really dumb14:15
rick_h__it's more the ones that don't allow special characters tjagoda14:15
jjessei've used 12 as a min requirement before14:15
jjessemakes it a pain14:15
snap-lmeans they're doing something to keep the password14:15
rick_h__heh, time to go passphrase vs password14:16
tjagodaRick_h's password is "c0mandl!ne2"14:16
rick_h__snap-l: come on, just trying to save some db space14:16
rick_h__it's expensive you know, those extra bits/bytes14:16
snap-lrick_h__: It should be hashed14:16
rick_h__right, and encrypt only stores 8 chars anyway14:17
snap-lworst case, it shouldn't allow certain special characters because they might foobar the entry form, but that's it14:17
tjagodaI think we should intentionally build a system which combines all of our user frustrations14:17
tjagodapassword restrictoins14:17
tjagodaannoying confirmation windows14:17
tjagodapoor window focus management14:18
tjagodaincorrect tab ordering14:18
tjagodascary colors =P14:18
rick_h__and then host pron behind it so they're willing to do it all14:18
snap-land apparently it has a meaning for special character where special character isn't what I think special character means.14:19
rick_h__3 is very special14:19
rick_h__it's my favorite number!14:19
snap-lman, this system is just asking to be hacked14:20
rick_h__most are :/14:21
rick_h__greg-g: ping14:22
=== shortcircuit is now known as mikemol
greg-grick_h__: pong14:34
greg-gso, I haven't had time to write out responses yet, last two days were a bit crazy14:34
greg-gI'll do a bit this afternoon14:34
rick_h__greg-g: no prob at all, more for you than anything to get the gears going and all14:36
* greg-g nods14:39
snap-lI love it when telemarketers call, and get essentially pissed off when you interrupt them to tell them that you don't qualify for their service.14:54
snap-lBank of America: Homeowner warranty. Sorry, I'm not a homeowner.14:55
_stink__i just make animal noises into the phone.14:55
rick_h__act like a 1yr old15:01
rick_h__pick up and start hitting buttons15:01
snap-lWell, I want to be respectful15:02
snap-land I don't want to waste her time, but dammit, be respectful of me trying to be respectful and curt.15:03
brouschtjagoda: i run a firewall that blocks all executable downloads, has a url filter, restricted user accounts for all users, and MS security essentials on the desktops15:11
brouschalso i make them use firefox15:11
brouschin the past i've used non-free avast and avg on the desktops15:12
brouschtjagoda: jjesse can help you with symantec. he's certified!15:13
tjagodaThink I might switch to ESET15:17
tjagodaThey make NOD3215:17
brouschthe firwall and restricted users i think are most effective15:18
brouschstuff very rarely reaches the antivirus15:18
brouschlast infections were adobe reader vulnerabilities15:19
tjagodanot even power users?15:19
tjagodaYou make them standard users?15:19
brouschi have 3 power users, the draftsmen15:19
brouschthe rest are standard users (winxp)15:19
snap-lAnyone got a non-AT&T phone that can send SMS to shortcodes?15:21
snap-l(and would be willing to test something for me? :) )15:22
ColonelPanic001I'm on t-mobile. I guess I can probably send to shortcodes. Never tried.15:23
snap-lSending PM15:23
ColonelPanic001No snap-l, I will not send you those kinds of pictures. I'm at work.15:31
ColonelPanic001Ask me later.15:31
snap-law man15:31
ColonelPanic001I'm impressed that you bothered to set up a shortcode and all just for that, though15:32
snap-lHey, that's how I roll15:32
* tjagoda loled15:33
tjagodaim on sprint and can test, snap-l15:33
jrwrenanyone run into a pkg bug recently with qudrapassel and /usr/share/gnome-games/quadrapassel/pixmaps/quadrapassel.svg ?15:34
tjagodaI see how ColonelPanic got to where he was going.15:35
snap-ltjagoda: Thanks. PM sent15:35
snap-lThough I suspect I already have my answer15:36
jrwrenstackoverflow could be the greatest thing to happen to software development since the internet.15:47
snap-ljrwren: hear hear15:49
snap-lI'm liking Unity15:50
snap-lDBO: You done good.15:50
snap-lI have to say, once I focused on what Unity got right, it's a much better experience.15:50
brouschsnap-l: agreed15:51
brouschi just wish that damn nvidia-96 bug would get fixed so  could use it one my real computers15:52
snap-lYeah, you need a fast machine to make it really pop15:52
brouschi need nvidia-96 on my work computer. the monitor is useless until the nvdiai drivers are installed15:53
brouschi killed my tablet's install trying to install the drivers from nvidia's web site15:54
brouschso i continue using osx all day and night15:54
rick_h__love it: http://www.itnews.com.au/News/253712,epsilon-breach-used-four-month-old-attack.aspx15:58
rick_h__just rely on stupid people, they're more widespread and powerful than any zero day exploit15:59
rick_h__and this is fun: http://engineering.twitter.com/2011/04/twitter-search-is-now-3x-faster_1656.html16:01
rick_h__"we made search 3x faster...by going java from ruby"16:02
brouschsnap-l: i actually started a draft blog post yesterday "what i like about unity"16:02
snap-lYeah, I think we need more of this16:02
rick_h__ok you two unity hippies16:03
brouschi have to ignore the fact that all of my screenshots come from my eeepc due to unity not working on the tablet or in virtual machines, and they have to be transferred by usb because the wifi driver is broken on eeepc :)16:04
tjagodahow is the quality of 11.04?16:05
tjagoda> or < 10.10?16:05
brouschi like it better than 10.1016:06
snap-l10.10 was pretty solid, and 11.04 is getting there16:06
wolfgerwhat a day, what a day...16:11
wolfgerserves me right for complaining about yesterday being boring16:11
brouschindeed. i've already been snippy to someone16:11
snap-lHow did we live before pip?16:14
snap-lAt least, how did we live before pip install z3c.soap. ;)16:15
jrwrenanyone using tbird 3.1.9 ?16:15
snap-ljrwren: Nope. Using Evolution16:15
jrwreneasy_install z3c.soap? :)16:15
snap-lconsidering there's about a metric fuckton of dependencies16:16
snap-lsome of which need compilation from gcc. ;)16:16
jrwreni thought easy_intall handled that?16:16
snap-lalso, virtualenvs are awesome16:16
snap-lThey might have16:16
snap-lI'm just having developer glow16:17
jrwreni had that when someone answered my SO question :)16:18
snap-lI love planning meetings16:19
snap-lThey're so optimistic16:19
tjagodaI wonder if ESET will be cheaper than Symantec16:23
tjagodaTomorrow I will wonder if the sky is blue as well16:23
binbrainsnap-l: why z3c.soap?16:24
binbrainZSI layer is old old old16:25
snap-lBecause I wanted to test something with attachments16:25
snap-land suds doesn't support attachments16:25
snap-lif you have a better vector of attack, I'm all ears. ;)16:25
binbrainz3c.soap is SOAP server, not client like suds right?16:25
snap-lIt's looking that way16:25
binbrainsuds is it16:25
jrwreneset? symanetc? why not run security essentials?16:25
snap-lI'm feeling around in the dark, honestly16:25
binbrainthe other you want to take a look into is soaplib16:26
snap-lI'm also looking into SOAPpy16:26
binbrainSOAPpy is old16:26
snap-lYeah, I'm noticing that as well. ;)16:26
binbrainsoaplib and suds are the 2 most well maintained16:26
binbrainsoaplib is mostly server side, but does provide client, but not as good as suds16:27
snap-lAs long as one of them handles attachments, I'm golden16:27
snap-lI'm not looking for pretty, just functional16:27
snap-lsuds handles the other 99%. ;)16:28
binbraincan't use restful for this I'm assuming :)16:28
snap-lnot until the next release. :)16:28
wolfgerWow... When I wasn't using Identica, I talked trash about Identica being dead...16:30
wolfgerNow I'm using it again, and I see that it really is.16:30
wolfgerI think there's like a grand total of 5 people using it16:30
snap-lI'm not posting as much today. :)16:30
binbrainsnap-l: chirp chirp http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2774805/swa-soap-with-attachments-in-python16:31
snap-lalso a lot of folks have moved on16:31
snap-lbinbrain: There's another question with the same thing, and the pointers to ZSI16:31
binbrainsnap-l: but this might help https://fedorahosted.org/suds/ticket/35016:31
snap-lwolfger: There are people usingit, though16:32
wolfgerI think the "microblogging" fad has jumped the shark16:32
snap-lbinbrain: Looked into that, and can't make head nor tail about how to get it integrated.16:32
snap-lwolfger: Sort of, though a lot of folks have moved to facebook16:32
binbrainlet me take a look16:32
wolfgerFB is where it's at16:32
snap-lAnd it's where I'm decidedly not going to be.16:32
rick_h__crap, I feel so left out. Finished a custom project for another dept. Went live and never heard anything about it ever again16:33
wolfgerHow's that Diaspora working for you?16:33
rick_h__so today run into her and ask how that's going "Oh, they love it. They sent the VP a glowing email. He came by and congratulated the whole team"16:33
rick_h__ummm, I never heard anything and I wrote the whole damn project16:33
snap-lwolfger: I don't log into Diaspora16:33
wolfgerrick_h__: ouch16:33
brouschrick_h__: could this be due to you working from home?16:34
snap-lrick_h__: Heh, that's like the IT crowd episode16:34
rick_h__wolfger: yea, wtf16:34
smoserDBO, around ?16:34
rick_h__brousch: heh, maybe I guess. but I'm on the other side of the building16:34
smoserwonder if you can at least point me to someone16:34
rick_h__so I don't think it woudl matter16:34
smoseri'mk trying to use dbus-send to send a notify-osd message16:34
smoserbut failing16:34
rick_h__http://i.imgur.com/IXwMP.png awesome16:37
binbrainsnap-l: that looks patch seems like it should work, do you know how suds works?16:38
snap-lA little bit, but I'm not sure how the attachments are supposed to work16:39
brouschrick_h__: i have used h&r block online for years simply because it has worked with FF in linux when nothing else would16:39
snap-lbinbrain: If you have some hints, I'm all ears.16:39
rick_h__snap-l: looks like you just drop that in, pass it the soap method, a StringIO or open file handle, and run16:41
binbrainwith_soap_attachment(client.service.yourremoveattachmentmethod, (MIME encoded data,   MIME encoded type, Content-id))16:42
rick_h__args and kwargs are sent to the suds call16:42
snap-lHmmm, let me try that16:42
smoserDBO, above was to you.16:42
* DBO reads16:42
binbrainso client is the connect to the server16:42
snap-lright, I was doing it wrong.16:42
DBOsmoser, you cant with notify send16:43
binbraintry w/o MIME args first16:43
DBOits a flag you have to set (as far as I understand) when sending notifications16:43
smoseri can.16:43
DBOand notify-send doesn't do it16:43
snap-lI need to re-download it because I did a little patching. ;)16:43
smoseri want dbus-send. :)16:43
smoserDBO, i think i've found at least enough to get by this issue.16:43
DBOoh yeah, dbus-send works good :)16:44
DBOsmoser, if you poke tedg in #ayatana he can answer better than me16:46
DBOI rarely deal with notifications16:46
DBOmake that never...16:46
smoserfair enough16:46
wolfgersmoser: according to the sample on the man page http://linux.die.net/man/1/dbus-send there should not be a closing quote after your --dest?16:49
wolfgeralthough that really doesn't sound right16:49
smoserno, the error i'm getting is right16:49
smoserits saying it doesn't have a method with the signature i sent16:50
snap-lbinbrain: Yeah, I think I was really doing this wrong16:57
binbrainpastebin your code and the error16:58
snap-lbinbrain: Still working on it, but understanding it better. :)16:58
binbrainand check if your server is at least getting connections16:58
snap-lembarrasingly wrong. ;)16:58
* snap-l innocently whistles16:59
binbrainsnap-l: it work then?17:00
snap-lnot yet, but much closer.17:00
snap-lLet's just say that if I don't have it working in the next 10 minutes, I'll be shocked.17:00
rick_h__caption.... "3wks later"17:12
snap-lhar har17:13
snap-l  File "/home/craig/.virtualenvs/soaptest/lib/python2.6/site-packages/suds/soap_attachments.py", line 16, in with_soap_attachment17:15
snap-l    soap_method = suds_method.method17:15
snap-lAttributeError: 'Text' object has no attribute 'method'17:15
snap-lI'm not sure how to pass along the suds_method.method17:15
binbrainit just wants the method, not a called method17:16
binbrainthe text its parsing is probably the returned failed respnse from the server17:16
snap-lHow do I send both at the same time, though?17:16
binbrainlet me check17:16
rick_h__ http://paste.mitechie.com/show/Q0ZEuGgphKQSEwfBu3cf/17:16
rick_h__move the kwargs out and just pass the method, not the result of it17:17
rick_h__passing in the callable vs calling it17:17
binbrainsnap-l: can you just run "print client" after making the connection and pastebin it17:17
snap-lone sec.17:20
snap-lbtw: Thanks, rick_h__ and binbrain  for helping out. :)17:20
snap-lmuch appreciated. :)17:20
rick_h__python problems, addicting17:20
snap-l  File "/home/craig/.virtualenvs/soaptest/lib/python2.6/site-packages/suds/soap_attachments.py", line 34, in with_soap_attachment17:24
snap-l    boundary_id = 'uuid:%s' % uuid.uuid4()17:24
snap-lNameError: global name 'uuid' is not defined17:24
binbrainwhoa, Fedora's installer is awful17:24
snap-l(after trying rick_h__'s approach)17:24
binbrainsnap-l: print your client and pastebin17:25
snap-lbinbrain: one sec. ;)17:26
rick_h__snap-l: need to import uuid17:26
binbrainI think A) you need to bind the Type input to the method before you pass, or B) you need to pass your Type as an arg or kwarg17:26
snap-lrick_h__: I think the problem is it sin't getting the right number of arguments17:26
rick_h__no, global name uuid means you don't have the function imported17:27
snap-lrick_h__: Right, and it's getting called from here:17:27
* snap-l pastes the whole module: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/284/17:29
rick_h__snap-l: right, so where is the "import uuid" line?17:29
binbrainsnap-l: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/QxX4aZ5hMH6F2m4OS0xq/17:30
snap-lbinbrain: client: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/286/17:31
snap-lbinbrain: Will try that17:31
rick_h__bah, this looks wrong. soap_client = suds_method.clientclass(kwargs) should be *kwargs I would think17:34
smoserso, some follow up on my question above to DBO17:41
snap-lsomehow attachment_data isn't getting passed right17:41
snap-lI think that's the big problem17:41
snap-lchanged it to a list, and it's still running down the len=1 path17:41
smosershort answer 'dbus-send' can't send a variant in a dictionary17:41
binbrainsnap-l: I messed up the kwargs passing, http://paste.mitechie.com/show/VHK0YjC72LirJk126S8Y/17:41
smoserand the page i referred to has a different notify-osd than ours.17:41
binbrainjust tac them on to the end17:41
smoserbut that gist has a script that does it.17:42
snap-lbinbrain: Yeah, that's what rick_h__ posted. :)17:43
rick_h__snap-l: you can tyr to change it to a list []17:44
rick_h__but a tuple reports the len() just like a list() so don't get that17:44
rick_h__snap-l: did you add the import?17:45
snap-lchecking what's being passed to attachment_data17:45
snap-lThat's the key17:45
rick_h__because the file still gets compiled into a pyc before run and if that throws the exception you're chasing the wrong error17:46
snap-lyeah, somehow it's passing [<bound method MIMEImage.as_string of <email.mime.image.MIMEImage instance at 0x2e844d0>>, '1', '<bound method MIMEImage.get_content_type of <email.mime.image.MIMEImage instance at 0x2e844d0>>']17:46
snap-loh, fucking idiot17:47
rick_h__how many python geeks does it take to diff methods from method calls17:47
rick_h__so how's that 10min looking? :)17:48
snap-lsuds.transport.TransportError: Internal Server Error17:52
snap-lNow we're cooking. :)17:52
snap-lThanks again, binbrain and rick_h__17:55
snap-lAnyone know what HUD_ARM_SERVICE_URL should be set to?17:56
snap-l(line 75)17:56
snap-lhttps://fedorahosted.org/suds/attachment/ticket/350/soap_attachments.py (line 72)17:57
snap-lI've set it to the ?wsdl url that I'm using, and am getting the Internal Server error18:01
binbrainI don't think it wants the WSDL there18:04
binbrainI think that's already known when you create your client18:04
binbrainI'm not sure, but I can tell you that its a URL :)18:04
snap-llet me try something a little smaller18:05
binbrainum, that suds.transport.send method it that it calls at the bottom does 1 thing, raises a not implemented18:06
binbrainhopefully that's just because its trunk18:06
binbrainI can't imagine the patch would only work in the developers imagination18:07
greg-grick_h__: / snap-l : what time do you think you'll be getting into A2?18:30
rick_h__greg-g: aiming at 5pm18:30
greg-gcoolio, just checking18:31
wolfgerWho the what now? Something going on in A2 tonight?18:32
rick_h__python user group meeting18:33
snap-lJust meeting up w/ greg-g as well18:33
rick_h__we can't wait to hear the juicy details about his trip18:33
rick_h__and how brousch is going to have to be the new group master/slave driver18:33
snap-lI get shotgun18:34
snap-l Hah, I think I figured out what "HUD ARM" means:18:36
rick_h__hmmm, can I upload a 1.3gb file to S3 before I leave work today? that is the question...18:37
rick_h__ugh crappy net speeds here in the office18:37
rick_h__snap-l: curse you! I just read soap docs, ugh18:38
* rick_h__ goes to wash out his eyes18:38
wolfgerwhat, we're losing the guidance of greg-g???18:38
brouschsnap-l: you can drive if you want to. i like the group's center on the east side (more active members over there), and i'm working on like half a dozen groups and events already ;) although ubuntu-mi isn't really a big time sink18:38
wolfgersay April Fools\18:38
brouschhe said he would hang out in this channel if he moves on to better places18:39
brouschso we can still annoy him all day with copyright questions18:39
greg-g:) always18:39
greg-gwolfger: I'm in the running for a position at the Wikimedia Foundation, nothing is anywhere near final yet, it is at best a 50/50 chance (probably less, honestly), but still. The possibility is out there.18:40
rick_h__greg-g: what license shuold I use on my lost dog flyer? I mean, I guess people can reproduce, but what if the story is turned into a movie and I'm left out of all the profits?18:40
brouschdamn, good question18:41
rick_h__I only waste greg-g's time with my best ones18:41
brouschno i'll be paranoid every time i post a memo18:41
greg-gwhich i could actually talk about for probably 5-10 minutes addressing all of the real and non-real implications18:41
jrwrenmy favorite is justifying my use of CC0 for code :)18:42
wolfgerrick_h__: Actually, I saw a very useful chart on DeviantArt last night that would answer that question for you.18:42
greg-gjrwren: I like it18:42
greg-gjrwren: and actually, there will be a blog post from CC0 about that shortly18:42
jrwrengreg-g: most people don't get it,a nd I have to explain it.18:42
rick_h__heh, +1 I saw that somewhere and went wtf?18:43
jrwrenremember "PUBLIC DOMAIN" software from the C64, Amiga era?18:43
greg-ghehe, yeah, it made the rounds, at first I was pissed it was so bad, then i got the jokes :)18:43
Blazeix_a friend sent me this a while back, is this the same chart from deviantart? http://cl.ly/5nAo18:44
rick_h__hah, nice18:46
greg-gyeah, that one Blazeix_18:46
wolfgerBlazeix_:  Nope, different18:46
greg-gwhich one are you guys talking about?18:46
wolfgerThe one I saw was just what type of CC to use18:46
greg-gfrom DoctorMO?18:46
* greg-g nods18:47
wolfgerthank you. I was trying to remember his name and failing18:47
jrwrenomg, this flowchart is great.18:47
jrwrenLOL @ peanut butter hula hoops18:48
rick_h__this is awesome, 20min into just uploading the data file for a map reduce job that runs 2min locally18:52
rick_h__well, 2:48 actually I guess18:52
snap-lThank you contacting Kobo Customer Care. We have tried loading the pdf supplied into an eReader, and we are seeing the same results. We're not entirely certain what may be causing the eReader to render the pdf incorrectly. Can you please try sideloading the pdf using iTunes and see if this is any better.19:37
snap-l*ca-click* *BOOOOM*19:37
snap-lAlso, they claim that PDFs aren't a standard, and that EPubs are19:42
snap-lwhich is horseshit19:43
snap-lsorry, that PDFs don't follow a standard, and EPUBs do19:43
snap-lEPUBS may be more stable because Adobe doesn't keep changing them to include Javascript and Flash, but PDFs follow standards.19:44
brouschquick vim question. how do i delete a whole line?19:46
snap-lDid someone kill shoutcast?19:48
snap-lseems like every station that I added in Banshee is broken19:48
jcastrounaltered CLASSIC mode19:51
snap-ljcastro: We're still rabble-rousing19:53
snap-lafter all, have you ever tried to blow out a flare?19:53
snap-lAnd now I get to escalate things to see what's happening.20:08
brouschi am considering buying this http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=19180 for $10020:11
brouschthere are supposedly a number of third party roms for it http://forum.archosfans.com/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=49646&hilit=a70hb20:12
snap-lSDL 1.3 is now released under the zlib license.20:15
brouschsnap-l: this is just for you: sign in a borders' window during closing sale http://cl.ly/5nVl20:24
snap-lYeah, I saw that20:27
snap-lAmazon is a restaurant next door to the Borders20:28
brouschthat is less funny20:35
krondorHmm, they're testing the door alarm system here right behind me.  Time to leave early?  I think so!21:22
windows_is the MUG site going to be updated before the meetings?22:15
Blazeix_waldo323 might know what's up with it22:18
waldo323windows_, it was supposed to be22:39

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